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File: 1312.png (28 KB, 295x138)
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Last april, i went to magadan in the far east. people were still driving old cars, and the cans around them had a gradient design with cyrillic letters. I wanted to live here. but soon i had to return to my home in south korea. in there, tradition has been killed. my feeling at the time is that i want to send some mail with the charger to airport, university.
Flat design ruined my life, and annoying me until death. flat design based on pragmatism and materialism.everyone loves the old skeuomorphism, but it's crazy that flat design still exists today.
Flat Design. Flat Design. Flat Design. Flat Design. Flat Design. Flat Design. Flat Design. Flat Design.
its awful

graphic design peaked in the 2000s
"design based on pragmatism" - design should be based on pragmatism! If it works, it's good.

Not "everyone loves the old skeuomorphism". Flat design is particularly good for logos. It makes them easier to use in more contexts.

Flat design often works well in interfaces. Do you want the interface high on the visual hierarchy all the time? It's much better if it isn't prominent most of the time.
Prove that it doesn't exist.
Nobody said that it "doesn't exist", the truth is quite the opposite-

All graphic design or artwork that exists on a surface in which if any two points are chosen, a straight line joining them lies wholly in that surface is by definition "flat design".
Check out Honda's latest rebranding.
Yeah but now logo is backlit on the cars so it looks pretty dope.
File: IMG_6897.jpg (364 KB, 1290x385)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
Marketing switches their logos and packaging every few years so that creative directors can pretend to comply things. Take cola cans for example, they flip between gradients and then go to a clean design, then back to gradients. I guess people’s eyes get used to something and the culture as a whole shifts and the overall design language changes, like fashion.m, goes in circles.
unironicaly west world logo
damn 1990 Pepsi can is wild i like it tho
blue collar to fancier blue collar to white collar

anyway I feel like yeah the 95' one in your example makes the most sense because it can be translated into the 2000 style. Really a large company wants both or more types for different purposes.
File: IMG_8395.jpg (128 KB, 1904x1103)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
When design becomes flatter and flatter it’s an indicator culture losing its soul after an economic boom, as society departs from family and tradition in search of material perfection for fulfillment. So it does align with anon’s blue collar/white collar shift. If we start seeing more gradients and 3D pop that isn’t masked in irony, it could be a sign that we are on the upswing, both in the economy and culture. Maybe I’m grasping at straws here but I do feel something when looking at logo history.
File: Hugo-Boss-Logo-history.png (36 KB, 3840x1715)
36 KB
this and changing sans serif logotypes to non serif ones = criminal offense
shut the fuck up
Great contribution, fucking brown faggot.
File: Boss193837474.png (987 KB, 1290x1238)
987 KB
987 KB PNG
>Hugo Boss is trying to recast itself as cool. Gen Z cool.
Diversity hires going to work at corporate and couldn’t think outside of the Supreme font. So sleek.
From my experience normies are alergic to Serif.
This. This. This. This.
true it is

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