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File: IMG_3636.jpg (731 KB, 960x1197)
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How do you get this effect/feeling (the trashy Hello Kitty vibe) for images? Is there an online tool?
You would have to use apps like Polarr, PicsArt, or those aesthetic photo editing apps to achieve that effect.
My approach would be
>open this dumb hampter in a toy car image
>find some no background sparkle jpegs, sprinkle them around
>meme bottom text
>some exposure and etc filter fiddling
>finally deep fry it with some online tool since I don't how to degrade image quality otherwise
I'm kind of a noob though
>add bloom for that girly/dreamy look
>on gimp, downscale then export as jpg and crank down the quality
What are some good online tools to cook images? I just get stock images of food lol

I'd like to get lowfi graphics like you see on gen X punk shirts. Can't do it in Gimp really if treshhold doesn't do it.
Just scroll through a boomers facebook posts for inspiration
How does one do it?
>look at inspiration

a special kind of retard, no?
Looks like it was taken with a film camera. Look for an online tool that has filters that can emulate film effects, PicsArt has a ton of these if you grab a premium APK off some dodgy website. Not sure about PC platforms, there might be Lightroom presets if that's something you waste money on.
This is not good at all. You can use tiktok text and instagram filters to make this stuff.

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