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i haven't done any graphic design stuff in a while and i just finally got a laptop. i decided to throw together a desktop wallpaper for myself. very different from my usual style. any critiques on how to approach it differently?
i'm also wanting to find a cheap alternative to illustrator that would run well on my system if anyone is wanting to help me out with that. i'm getting sick of canva and i really don't wanna waste money on premium on there.
Inkscape is free. Affinity Designer if you want to pay a little money.
Either use Inkscape, though I always found it kind of sluggish, or download an old version of Illustrator. I'd favor the latter.
Adobe CS2 applications are fantastic for older systems, and you can really just google for keys. Yes, the software will be 20 years old and is much less convenient than modern versions, but it was once the industry standard, and time doesn't make it worse. The interface will also be less loaded, which is great if you're on a lower resolution display.
so i was taught with 2021-2023 versions of illustrator. will older versions be noticeably different with the aesthetics? my general vibe is kinda best summed up by my pic i attatched. (its an old school project lol)
I honestly have very little frame of reference when it comes to more modern software. I think if you've been trained on these modern versions, you might want to get at least CS4 or CS5. They're also easy to get your hands on, but do require a crack to get working. With CS2, a valid key is enough.
But I guess the style is achievable with any post-2000 version of Illustrator.

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