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File: 1726450h.jpg (97 KB, 500x709)
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Stories? Conquests? I know you heathens are into this shit, and I like story time. Any favorites?
Sorry if this is the wrong board...
File: 2000x2000.c.jpg (487 KB, 1500x844)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
Had a girlfriend in college who always insisted on wearing a condom. Once, it started chafing really bad, then all of a sudden it didn’t anymore and her pussy suddenly felt a lot better. Busted one of the fattest nuts of my life, then pulled out and saw that the condom was bunched up around my dick and hadn’t caught any of the cum. Kinda wish I realized it had happened before I came so I could’ve savored it that much more when I blasted in her. Had a pregnancy scare afterwards but nothing came of it.

I couldn’t really feel that it had ripped or anything, and in the heat of the moment it just kinda felt like I went from having kinda shitty sex to really fucking amazing sex.
Have you ever played around with condom shenanigans after that?
One of the first times my now wife and I fucked, she was riding me while I was sitting on a chair, wearing a condom. She started moving faster and faster and really getting into it. Damn it started to feel really good, I cum hard, which sets her off too. She dismounts and my load spills everywhere, the tip of the condom is completely split open.
We immediately go to the pharmacy to buy plan B, and its like a teen movie, the fucking pharmacist actually gets on the intercom and asks the whole store what the price of plan B is, then walks us to the cashier and again announces loudly that we are buying plan B. It was fucked up.
After that she got a copper IUD put in, which was even worse. She bled for 15 days of each month, also you can feel the plastic strings with the head of your dick.
Now, two kids later, I got a no-needle vasectomy and I gotta say, life is good.
>with my wife (gf at the time) a couple years ago
>she’s spending a weekend with me and it’s her birthday
>she wants unprotected birthday sex, but for me to pull out of course
>both have breeding fetishes (it got us into trouble later on)
>get a devious idea
>fucking hard, me on top pinning her to my mattress with her legs wrapped around my waist
>lean in and tell her I’m gonna cum
>she tells me to pull out
>I keep thrusting, making eye contact with her while holding her arms down
>can see the panic in her eyes as she keeps repeating “pull out pull out!”
>slam my cock deep inside her one last time as I explode
>look her in the eyes and say “happy birthday”
>she lays there breathing heavy for a moment, in disbelief
>grabs my face and shoves her tongue down my throat
>pulls back and tells me she can’t fucking believe I did that and that she wants more
I have other stories if y’all wanna hear them. Won’t be able to tell them right now but I’ll check back later
Another girlfriend was a Taiwanese chick that spoke really poor English. She refused to take the pill for reasons she could never quite articulate properly in English, so we agreed to always use condoms. Pretty quickly this morphed into only using condoms every once in awhile on the promise that I’d pull out. One time we were fucking bare and I told her that I always wanted to cum in her. Her reply was “oh, you so bad boy. Give all your baby to me, bad boy!”. That broken engrish and the baby making talk made me cum so hard it was like her pussy sucked my soul out through my dick like Shang Tsung.
My man, you knew the assignment
I love any stories you got!
Some of my high school friends were real sociopaths. Always pulling “pranks” that were just straight up malicious, like cutting a buddy’s brake cable, burning down derelict houses, killing small animals, shit like that. One time we were drinking with some girls at a party, and one of them went to the bathroom but was kinda drunk and forgot her purse. They immediately went digging through it and found some condoms, and began poking holes in the packages with a pin. All 3 of her condoms were riddled with holes. I don’t think she had sex with anyone that night, but she ended up pregnant about 6 months later and disappeared from school.
Alright cool here’s one from a few months after that
>me visiting her this time around
>since the birthday sex we have been fucking unprotected way more but pulling out each time
>no special occasion, but we have the house to ourselves so we get busy
>at some point she’s riding me cowgirl and we’re dirty talking about cream pies
>internally I say fuck it
>I tell her to ride me as hard and fast as she wants, and not to stop unless I safeword her
>I’m not gonna do it though
>she’s bouncing and gyrating and telling me how badly she wants a fat load in her cunt
>I’m getting close but trying my hardest not to give it away until it’s too late
>right at the last moment I grab her hips tight and explode
>her jaw drops and she just stares at me but isn’t upset
>rolls off of me to check out the nasty mess we just made
>I sidle up next to her and rub her off while telling her how fucking got it is to feel our juices mixing together
>she cums even harder than I had and we go shower
>Later she gave me a rash of shit for pulling that stunt but freely admits that it was fucking hot
Had the same experience with a friend (with benefits) of mine. In the couple she is the one that likes to fuck mindlessly while it's me more condom cautious: she already has two daughters and I don't want to get her pregnant and have to deal with all of them.
>She is riding me while I'm sitting on a chair, usually I keep an hand on the condom ring but she's going really strong
>Admittedly I usually make her orgasm with tongue but this time she seems to be going to climax on my dick
>She's rubbing her clit too so I don't want to spoil her pleasure
>I saw it coming (well, I felt it more than I saw it...): all of a sudden I feel I'm fucking the heaven itself
>I'm not used not to wear rubber so the change was evident
>She didn't notice and I focus on not nutting in her but it's going to happen, bare sex it's too much for me to handle indefinitely
>For a lucky coincidence she gets tired of riding me just 4-5 thrust before I loose it so we can have a chat on the matter: I lost the condom inside her and had to insert a couple of fingers to retrieve it from her belly
>I asked her if I could keep going bareback and she's ok with it
>Urge is vanished, we keep going at it for a bit more and than I came on her ass on doggy
Had another similar event with the same woman. Didn't mention that she's not on birth control for God knows why, I'd love so much to raw her but I keep trying new and different condoms so to have an incentive to actually wear them and not falling for going bareback. That time we were using a female condom: for those not familiar it's like a bag that goes inside the vagina and stay there (hopefully) during intercourse. Compared to a regular condom you don't have the tightening feeling on the dick so it's like some sort of fucking bare, of course you lack the mental feeling of it (and the vagoo2anus variation, if the girl is into it). But I like those female condoms and she likes them too, she thinks also her feeling is better.
Anyway, we fucked a lot in missionary because it was long time we didn't saw each other. When I got on my back in the middle of the bed she squat quickly over me and sat on my dick. Got once again the heaven around my dick feeling, I stopped her and a quick glance down there and had a visual confirmation of my dick that had slipped in beside the female condom. Got the dick inside the bag again and resumed the session until busting.
File: 20221210_04511866.jpg (952 KB, 2065x3035)
952 KB
952 KB JPG
My now married ex gf / current fwb after a night of unprotected sex. We did a roleplay glory hole fantasy and were extreamly drunk and horny. I creampied her pussy which you can see all dried up in this pic. This was me getting her ass ready for round 2.
It happened to me on accident once in college
>Maneuvering chubby girl to become fwb
>She finally comes over to have sex one night
>Had a difficult time cumming during sex at the time, due to nervousness and too much death-grip fapping
>Had only consistently cum with my ex who was ok with going bare
>Fucking chubby girl, condom on, enjoying it but realize I'm probably not going to cum
>Decide to change positions to doggy
>Start fucking her again
>It immediately feels so much better
>Fuck yes
>Start losing my inhibitions and self-consciousness that I had earlier
>Get into the mode where I'm just fucking without worrying, mentally liberated, physically it feels so much better
>Realize that I'm actually going to cum, get excited
>Glance down from her head/upper back to look at her pussy as I'm pounding her from behind, feels like I can only last another minute or two
>Realize I don't have a condom on my dick
>Instantly freak out, pull out of her, start apologizing
>Vibe killed, I get blue balls, she sleeps over but we never end up being fwbs
Too bad I was an anxious beta in my 20s, if I wasn't I probably could have just came with the condom on or said "fuck it" and kept going. Her being on BC was a lock, I was just too scared of STDs and pregnancy back then.
File: Enlight262.jpg (417 KB, 1242x1483)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
Bro that entire paragraph you just typed is completely fucked

I really hope you don't associate with them anymore
One I'm not proud of:
>meet this Brazilian prostitute, cute and nice 30ish blonde
>she's really into sex, even if it's a job. Not saying she comes from it but she loves being cuddled and I'm a gentle fucker anyway
>sex is better than all prostitutes and almost all regular girls
>she's not in a hurry, she's proposal, we go on without even know time exists
>we fuck on the sofa, on the table, on the floor, we stop for kissing and chatting, we resume the penetration all of a sudden because yes
>I'm not 17 anymore, the dick naturally tends to soften here and there and then go hard again
>the condom is on but it's the least of my thoughts
>we miss one more place to fuck: the bed. She places herself on it and bend for doggy with ass up
>this time I notice the condom hangs at half dick, still on but on the way to fall
>nevermind, one second later I'm fully inside her and start to slowly moving inside her
>I clearly feel the condom being pushed deep inside her and off my dick
>I was waiting just that, I start busting my week worth load inside her
>she feels the cum flowing (?) it and freaks a bit suddenly moving forward, my bare dick exits from her pussy
>I came half inside and half outside, my orgasm is partially ruined because I didn't expect she notice and then freaked
>she's not mad at me, she thinks it was an accident but she literally shakes in fear because she's not on birth control
>she promise to put the baby on my door if she get pregnant
>had to tell her she could go to pharmacy and buy the day after pill, she didn't even know it existed
>called her two days later, she says she took the pill.
>had sex with her a couple of other times than she disappeared
File: ExcitingTriflingArgali.jpg (348 KB, 1920x1080)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
This is what I'm not proud of:
>plan to go to a concert in another city with a bro, gf (now wife) doesn't like concerts, so stays at home
>we book the cheapest room we can find to spend the night somewhere, bro has to cancel last minute
>mad, but gf tells me to go anyway
>the concert sucks, leave early, meet a girl outside the venue, we talk a bit, share a cig, she agrees the concert sucks ass
>it gets late, say I'm leaving to get some sleep, she asks if I got a place to spare
>me, a mindless retard, says sure, because the room has one of those shitty retractable couches
>we go to the place, I go to the bathroom, when I come back she's sitting on the bed
>leaning on hands behind her, legs crossed, nothing but fishnets
>instant boner
>asks if I want to do it and if I have a condom
>yes & yes
>I get on top, she wraps herself around me like her life depends on it
>pussy feels completely different from gf, not as tight but not as deep
>have difficulty cumming from stress of cheating and the different feel, stay on the edge of orgasm for solid 10 minutes straight
>she says she wants it prone from behind, we change positions
>I plap against her ass, she pushes her hips back and forth, pretty much pulling out with every stroke
>feels absolutely amazing, bust one of the fattest loads in my life and we both collapse
>pull out, notice the condom's gone, panic that I nutted in a random chick and offer to buy her day after pill
>she just lays on the bed, pulls out the condom out of her pussy and says to not worry
>we sleep then leave in the morning, say I'm sorry and offer to buy her the pill again
>she says it's no big deal, we each go our way, never see her again
>go back home, gf ask me how was the concert, say it was shit
This was the second time in my life when a woman showed interest in me. Also, that's how learned to love fishnets and pronebone.
File: DSC0014.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x1200)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
>with my now-ex gf, neither of us was the risky type
>always used condoms, she didn't use hormones because they messed with her head too much
>late evening, lights off, chilling on the sofa, drinking wine and watching whatever on TV
>we start feeling each other out, sex is imminent
>we strip, mute the TV, put on the condom and get to it
>standing doggy with her on the sofa
>she fucks hard, feels even better than usual, think it's the wine
>slam deep one last time, she pushes her ass back
>moans like crazy, cum buckets
>bask in the afterglow while still inside her
>she suddenly pulls back and sits on the sofa
>checks pussy
>the condom slipped off
>we both freeze in shock
>this is the exact scenario we feared
>after a moment, looks me dead in the eyes and says "want to do it again?"
>most aroused I ever felt in my life
>immediately go for a round two in missionary, no condom, cum in her again
>take a break for an hour or so, she wants round three
>I sit on the sofa, she rides me from behind
>tired and starting to get sore, hard to cum
>speeds up and hits me with "come on baby, give me one more load"
>grab her by the hips and pull her ass down
>fill her for the third time in one night
>completely exhausted
>she gets day after pill the next day and all ends well
>Craigslist date with a hot young trap (18 or 19)
>shows up in a short skirt, high heels, and a chastity cage
>immediatly starts sucking me off
>puts a condom on me
>bends over the sofa and puts coconut oil on the asspussi
>I start fucking but it doesnt feel good i hate condoms
>plunge in deep, and all the way out
>pull out, remove condom, plunge deep
>now it feels good
>nut deep inside a hot young asshole
>yell that faggot to get outta my hotel room
Out of my memory, minor stories of condoms with pay girls "not proud of it" type too.
>20ish cute Russian blonde, shy and silent but I manage to have her chat a bit
>I don't have a huge penis but hate to have it squeezed by condom, always bring my bigger ones
>sex is normal, nothing to write Rocco Siffredi about but she has a very nice body, I'm horny and it's enough for today
>doggy, the damned doggy (this thread confirms). Time is running out, rail her for nutting
>clearly feel the condom have a breakage, also clearly feel the breakage is of a new and unexplored type
>whattodo.exe. Waste time on whattodo loop, the nut just happens
>oh, shi... exit from her, being young and coomer myself the cum dripping is minimal
>she notice, she doesn't give a fuck and goes to the bathroom
>I check the condom: it broke sideways on the right, and then slipped around my dick base
>she doesn't speak of it, me neither, pack my stuff and leave
The more things come to mind, the more I realize I was (and maybe am) a shitty customer.
Another one. Not proud andt definitely "shitty customer".
>another Russian blondie around 20yo, the ones I like the most: cute but not Stacies, they are (were) generally more friendly and playful.
>guess the position in which it happens the breakage
>yep, she's bent in doggy and don't notice anything
>me too, I just pull out for position change and notice the bare dick and the broke rubber
>whattodo was already superseded by long time
>no position change, reinsert the benis as it is and fuck her for a couple dozens of thrusts
>that's why the condom broke: her pussy is dry like my dignity
>not very pleasurable sensations wise, still pleasurable mentally
>pull out anyway and tell her, we go on in missionary with new condom, cum in her no problem
>afterwards she's worried a bit
>tell her I keep myself checked for HIV
>not tell her just two weeks before another Russian pay girl I met several times before let me fuck her raw (and whispered "you can cum inside, I take the pill" in my ear, which I did like a horny baboon), didn't had time to check myself
Shitty customer but I didn't got sick and so didn't my cute victim.
Last one, if my memory serves me right.
>new location, new girl with face hidden and slim body, me horny as fuck, obviously I go
>the girl open the door and closes it behind me, she's not the one on the pics, she's an ugly fatty, she also looks gypsy
>when in the bedroom another girl appears: slim, light blue flaming eyes, messy dressed and hairs but beautiful like Beauty in person, she looks gypsy too, the gypsy one that steal your heart (they do exists!)
>I'm sort of hypnotized by her, she's a dominatrix, she tells me what to do and I do it
>"beta before knowing what beta means"
>I'm on the bed, the fatty got herself naked and she's sucking my dick
>Beauty tells me that for 30 more I can have her too
>$ sudo offuckingcourse.sh
>she pulls her dress and jump on my mouth, she says "with just 30 you ain't got to fuck me"
>nevermind, her pussy must taste like pure joy!
>her pussy tastes piss mildly
>she quickly decide I had enough, disappears in another room
>I'm left alone with fatty and she noticed how Beauty was handling me
>she starts give me orders
>I look at her and think "you dun goofed and consequences will never be the same" years before it happened on YT
>I act submissive, she keeps giving orders, I act gentle, she gives orders, I start act funny stupid
>I fuck her in some position, I keep acting gentle but rail her like I have to get my dick out of her mouth
>"oww, it hurts, why you're doing it?!?", never ceases to give orders
>during sex I drip like a broken tap, my precum filled the tip of the condom and got into white foam
>change position, she notice, "you came, it's over!!!"
>no point in protest, she clearly don't want my intruder inside her anymore, goes in the bathroom
>I'm alone, think fast!
...to be continued
>the room is clearly the one in which they also sleep and not only work
>remove condom, "Condom Medal of Honor" award well deserved!
>see the pillows, lift the nearest one, cum on the sheets and cover the mess with pillow
>dress faster than speed of light
>she comes back from bathroom, sees me ready to leave, give me a glance like the dirtiest of the dirt, protest again because I treated like shit, I keep acting funny demented
>once the door closes I shot myself downstairs avoiding elevator and keep running outside their building, fearing a gypsy blade
>never saw them again, luckily
>shit, Beauty was pretty!
File: veronica.jpg (198 KB, 900x600)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
File: 70522243_092_7b7e.jpg (152 KB, 1280x853)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
very shit acting but scene is still worth it
File: 70522243_127_063a.jpg (233 KB, 1280x853)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
File: 70522243_175_cbe2.jpg (147 KB, 1280x853)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
obvious result
Tera Patrick had a scene in Wild Honey 2 with her then-boyfriend, Backy Jakic. He's wearing a condom and apparently the agreement was that he would keep it on.

Well, at one point he pulled out and it turns out the condom was all in shreds from the fierceness of their fucking. The cameraman even audibly laughs at the sight.

Backey doesn't care, he goes straight back to plowing Tera Patrick. They fuck in lots of different positions until he finally gives her a facial.

Tera didn't seem too bothered by it. I guess she was already intimate with him off the set anyway so this was not a big deal.
Once I had a gf and we had sex with rubber. We didn't live near each other so sex was once in a while with lots of fapping in between. Found an acquired fetish of cum swapping girls and girls swallowing cum from filled condom. First time me and gf reunite had a superhorny sex, when I came inside her and inside the condom I must have been still superhorny because I removed the rubber and brought it to her mouth to have her take it and swallow. I clearly remember having doing it without even thinking about it. I still live in the house where this thing happened and when I walk in that room her screams do still come to my mind! Apparently she wasn't into (my) cum swallowing that much...
Not exactly. The condom had to withstand a couple of positions and some deep pounding in doggy but it did its job until the end. Backey rips the condom by pulling the tip and cums the first time, while the cameramen laughs. Then he goes back to fuck Tera bareback until pulling out and coming the second time. Then he fucks Tera again and gives her a facial. And if I'm not wrong as a chilling time he puts again his dick inside her.
Very hot scene, thanks for pointing it out! As for the condom, weren't those the time when the studios had to use them for the HIV?
Friend wanted me to have sex with his gf, they insisted on condoms because she wasnt on bc.

We fuck, condom breaks and nobody notices, end up creampieing her.

Nothing happened, but everyone was freaking out since it was on a day she was supposedly ovulating as well.

I still fuck her sometimes, but she's on bc now since that incident.
>be on vacation
>meet a cute girl at the bar
>spend the evening together, we go along very good
>end up in her room, she asks if I have condoms
>only have one condom, the "just in case" one
>we have great sex, I finish by filling the rubber and throwing it off the bed
>get frisky again, she more than me
>she's really horny, we play a lot in the bed, she's evidently waiting for me to cover my dick and fuck her again
>start to play stoopid hoping she let me put it inside her uncovered
>she's literally drooling, there's no way I can skip fucking her
>get up from bed while still playing with her body
>localize the used condom on the floor
>grasp it with foot fingers
>pretend the need to go to bathroom
>walk clumsy into bathroom out of her sight
>grab the condom, empty it in the sink, wash it under the water
>wrap it in its original state, not even near it but bedroom is dark
>lube it with shampoo
>go back to bedroom hiding the condom in my hand, get her horny again
>wear the condom hoping for good
>the shampoo burns the urethra!
>proceed to fuck that horny beauty again
>cum inside her
>exit from her pussy, the very moment I pull the rubber to see if it's ok, it rips on the tip spilling cum on the bed
>in the talk after sex she says she likes me because I had condoms unlike other guys
>sleep together
>next morning we get frisky again, realize I have to tell her I'm out of condoms
>play sliding with my dick on her wet pussy
>she puts two finger on it and have it inside her uncovered like I'm her bf since years, cum very shortly inside her
>we keep fucking raw until end of vacation
>thank you brave condom!
File: 9fc052160534135.jpg (194 KB, 900x600)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
I probably jerked myself too much as a teen, my dick has problems with reduced sensitivity. I've never come from oral and I've only come once or twice in my life from somebody giving me a handjob.

This also means I can't come with vaginal sex if I'm wearing a condom. Sometimes this is a good thing, because it means I can keep going without stopping: fun for the woman but not great for me.

My third girlfriend was really easy to get aroused, and she liked me to grab her and penetrate her dry. Her pussy always got drooly after a few thrusts - it was really hot knowing her body wanted it all the time even if we hadn't done much preparation.

She was worried that I couldn't come, though.

Finally, one time in her place, she got horny and wanted to ride me, but we didn't have a condom. She rode me anyway, us sitting upright facing each other, for just a few minutes.

The feeling of her silky-smooth wet warm pussy was too much. I groaned "Babe I'm gonna cum" and she froze and then leapt off my dick. We both watched it in stupid fascination as it trembled in the air and then pulsed suddenly, jetting out gouts of spunk. She giggled and we agreed to go out and get her the morning-after pill just in case.

After that, we got less careful about condoms. It was like I finally realized what I'd been missing. Once, we had sex where the condom slipped off me entirely and got lost in her - it took her a couple of days to locate it and retrieve it. We had sex maybe a half dozen times where I just came inside her.

Near the end, I think she became baby-crazy and she wanted to have a kid with me. She would get this faraway dreamy look after I came, and she'd giggle to herself.

Luckily for me, she never got pregnant. I broke up with her after we realized I didn't want kids.

It's been 15 years and she's married with two kids now. I'm glad that she got what she wanted. She moved to another country.
There's a similar Bangbus scene, maybe I'll find it while this thread is still alive.
File: giselle.jpg (206 KB, 1920x1080)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
>lube it with shampoo
Damn dude be glad it just burned her urethra. I jerked off with shampoo as lube once in college and it literally turned my dick red and the skin started peeling like a sunburn. It was like that for a few days.
File: IMG.jpg (2.87 MB, 3088x4160)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
would consistently stealth this girl I used to fuck. I'd put lube inside the condom and it would be half off in a few minutes because her grip was so tight. would just give it a hand and it would either fall off inside her or I'd grab it and stealth her. always pretended to pull out, take it off, and cum on her, she would occasionally let me creampie her so I wanted to stay on her good side.
the last time we fucked she told me she had a breeding kink so I could come inside her but also told me she wasn't on birth control so I didn't creampie her, wish I had knocked her up and kept her desu
>in college with very little sexual experience
>condoms always a struggle to get on or they break
>petite Latina gf and I are going at it
>only two weeks ago I punched her V card but you'd never know it
>doggy, got her hair wrapped in one hand and I'm spanking her tight ass red with the other
>she's 2 generation, but giving me the Spanish dirty talk because we both know it's hotter than the hinges of hell
>Aye papi, que Rico, mas duro, que mi conchita
>with the moaning, her pussy creaming, and pushing her cheeks into me she could have been saying anything
>suddenly it starts feeling realllly good, exponentially better
>I've not got many notches so I figure we'll this is just it, she's incredible and I'm more turned on than ever before in my life
>don't have the experience to know what it also indicates
>doesn't take long before I bust so hard I see the faces of my ancestors
>she's like a vice and cumming too so I pump a load out like I'm trying to push my prostate out my dick
>catch our breath and I pull out and uh oh
>condom is now just a cock ring basically, thing must have just blown out completely and her grip pushed it all the way to my base
>Sure enough her caramel pussy starts oozing out an almost comical amount of cum
>panic sets in and I go to the pharmacy, grab a plan B
>she takes it as directed, but month later she's late
>as could have been expected her "fertile soil" racial trait combined with my "conquer the natives" biological instinct
>she's not nearly as Catholic as her family, but the abortion doesn't go well for her physically
>Our sex life never recovered really
>we did discover that the reason condoms were so extra awful for me was that I'm wider than average
>One size fits all is what you learn in health class, but comfort and durability suffer to the extreme when you are an outlier
>didn't help I was living in a Japantown at the time and the condoms I had were extra narrow and thin

Moral of the story is measure your dick and find your fit.
>bitch has a breeding kink
>thinks he actually stealthed her and not that she just let you do it
lmao even
the breeding kink came later, I think I was probably part of the start of it. But you could be right lol
>have this gf, the right mix of cute & funny
>shy but curious about sex
>never has initiative but let herself be driven in new sex territories
>always surprised by new flavors and pleasure, always ends in giggles and big smiles
>I love her and I take my freedom, I never ask when we are at it
>we are at it in the pussy with condom, she's not on birth control
>she's loving it, as always
>I realize for the first time she has another available hole, birth control no factor
>exit from her pussy, remove condom
>position my glans on her asshole, tell I love her, kiss her
>gently push my bare dick inside her ass
>she is surprised, smile is a bit strange, tho...
>I was quite pussy rookie and almost ass virgin
>her smile is now a weird grimace
>I also realize that lube should have been a factor
>lube isn't actually a factor, dick goes in and out good
>squishy feeling is strange but feeling is heavenly
>she doesn't say a word but I notice she noticed something about the situation
>blushes to the top of her hair
>I cum inside her but she now wants to disappear
>I remove my dick from her anus completely covered of her soft shit
>so much for the squishy feeling
>she's still want to disappear in shame
>I hug her and tell her I love more than ever
>this started our trip in anal sex
>with proper lube and condoms we both loved the trip
>we also explore our new scat kinky but I found out that I don't like too much shit in my sex
So the question is: how do I break it on purpose?
File: Madison-Wilde.jpg (1.01 MB, 1334x2000)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
To much talk and not enough images.
Met thunder thighs here off tinder and dumped a load in her on accident when the condom she stole from her brother split. I told her it didn't feel right when I put it on but she thought I was trying to get out of using it, had a good laugh after when we noticed it had expired 4 years earlier and had probably shrunk and dried up.
File: file.png (681 KB, 1280x720)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
Just happened Saturday with the same woman as >>2391188 and >>2391192. Latest batch of condoms I got are the type made of AT-10 resin, like the Pasante Unique (but another brand!). For those not familiar these are ultra thin condoms made of resin that is (said to be) more resistant than latex even if it seems to have a shopping bag on the dick. I had great experience with previous use of these condoms, never had a breakage even when the fun was in the back entrance. The main pro is that, IMO, they are the closest feeling to do it raw while doing it covered, to the point that when swapping from a resin one to a regular latex one the feeling was to having the dick numbed.
Well, Saturday I was at it with one on when we both felt the faint but distinctive sound of it breaking. I pulled out quick and put another one on and gone back to play cave explorer for another couple of position. Since I'm prone to condom ripping I pull out every once in while and this time in missionary I did only to see the damn resin condom failed again, this time silently, so who know for how long we were going at it raw. This time I lost myself because the best feeling I had in pronebone, just before the missionary when I found the breakage. It feel strange that the condom was already ripped, usually I do a check when changing position...
The net result has been that we kept going raw and she just asked not to be filled with cum because still not on bc. I had to stop so many time for not to cum in her that at a point I felt that my orgasm was already some what spoiled so game over, but of course I enjoyed fucking her raw.
Damn, I feel betrayed by this specific (and not available internationally) condoms even if half of me would like to go bareback on her every time...
On a work trip, get chatting to a cutie I'd noticed many times over the years but ignored otherwise because don't shit where you eat. That evening there's a big party, we keep talking, she asks for some advice about work stuff, I give her the best answers I can in my drunken ass state, realise I need to leave as I'm too far gone, say I'm gonna get a cab talk tomorrow. She's like oh I'll join I'm pretty done too. Makes a move on me in the cab. Back at the hotel I ask if she wants to come to my room, we start getting pretty steamy in there. Eat her out and finger her a bunch and go to fuck but realise I've got no condoms. Clothes back on, luckily hotel reception does at 1am, just two though. We fuck for an hour, neither of us can cum because too drunk, try to go to sleep, wake up to her making out with me ready for round two... Fuck again. On and off do this all night, the third time I say we're out of condoms and she says to fuck her anyway, she'll take plan B. Keep fucking for the rest of the night and most of the next morning, nutting in her multiple times. Best sex I'd had in years. Once the condom was gone she put so much effort in, clearly loved it. Kept hooking up with her secretly for a while but we broke it off feeling it was too risky, and the sex became robotic anyway after that initial passion was gone. And that's how I developed my love of Asian pussy.
She wouldn't do it without condoms after that, but we had a few times where they broke. Always unbothered by it. She liked it deep and hard, which tended to break them as I had a batch that were too small and I was shitty at getting them on too. She always asked me to cum in her anyway haha
Not much to tell.

Jack hammering girlfriend of 2 months. Had her knees up by her ears and was just driving my dick straight down in her. Knocking the wind out of her- clearly too rough for the condom.

Came like a fucking race horse, pulled out, and found the broken condom just hanging out around the base like a cock ring.

It was a pretty big load, would've been a very satisfying creampie if not for the panic. She'd been knocked up before, twice, and had two abortions.

We went in the morning to planned parenthood and circumvented that with some Plan B. Had some fun yelling at dipshit protestors.

Anyways, been married 11 years now. After two miscarriages we then had two kids, and I went and got a vasectomy.

Pretty much every unprotected load shot up my wife's cunt has taken root- she's a pretty fertile woman, I guess.
File: Polish_20240126_203913405.jpg (4.89 MB, 4096x5461)
4.89 MB
4.89 MB JPG
My wife fucks other guys sometimes, and she always made them wear a condom. One time, with a new guy she met, the condom broke and neither of them noticed until he pulled out. She texted me to buy her Plan B and I asked why. And then she texted me a pic of his massive load dripping out of her used pussy. It was so hot for us both, and now she rarely uses condoms and lets guy cum in her almost every time (but she's also more selective about who she fucks). Nothing hotter than sliding your dick into your wife's cum-filled pussy when she gets home, and when she says "I want you to cum in me, too." That "too" part sends me over the edge every time.
File: Git that outta here.webm (375 KB, 1280x720)
375 KB
Nothing can cim close to bareback and I can't cum wearing one and I've tried them all but I've yet to find one that can even come close to raw but I'm heard good things about the okamoto 00. and 00.4 condoms but we'll see..
File: IMG_7976.jpg (2.45 MB, 4032x3024)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
>meet Mexican girl on tinder
>big soft ass, huge titties, and a small waist
>start making out after dinner date and she starts grabbing my dick over my pants in the car
>tell her let’s get a hotel room (an hr away from home so don’t want to drive that far)
>get to hotel room
>she is insanely cock hungry but says she wont do anything unless I go down on her
>10/10 Latina so of course I eat her out like it’s the last supper
>she slams her thighs against my head and says it’s her turn
>whips my dick out and audibly gasps with a smile on her face
>instantly hardest I’ve ever been in my life
>receive the sloppiest blowjob
>tells me to put a condom on and fuck her brains out
>fucking her missionary then tells me she wants to ride
>flip over and she rides for a min
>tells me she NEEDS to feel me
>pulls my dick out of her, slides the condom off and winks at me
>tells me she wants to feel my “huge white cock”
Never into race play but holy shit that made me the hardest I’ve ever been
>slide back in her and we have the horniest, sweatiest sex I’ve ever experienced
>what felt like an hour of different positions later I’m finally about to bust
>she keeps complimenting how big my white dick is and she wants my cum all over her
>missionary and pull out
>shoot a bucket of cum completely covering her face and huge tits
>she leans up and sucks all the juices off my cock until it’s soft
>we shower together and fall asleep
>hook up for a couple of months but nothing beats that first time

One of the hottest things I’ve ever experienced, now that I look back at it I should have filled her up but oh well.
File: 4b1d33.jpg (5.55 MB, 3024x4032)
5.55 MB
5.55 MB JPG
My wife insisted she was going to use a condom, but then texted me this pic from the hotel. I was diamonds.
>Give a fuck about my job.
>Have to be talked into not putting in more hours.
>Friend talks me into going to a party.
>Meet a chick there.
>Go back to my place.
>Condom breaks.
>Chick acts surprisingly cool about it.
>Says she's sterile and actually prefers fucking bareback, she only uses condoms in case of STDs.
>Actually jokes that she'll hunt me down and cut off my balls if I gave her AIDS, but otherwise is down to keep fucking.
>Figure damage is already done so we do.
3 Years Later.
>No longer give a fuck about my job.
>Same friend suggests another party.
>Actually see the chick again.
>Learn she's married.
That's Nice.
>Has been for 8 years.
>They have one kid, a 2+ year old son.

I am 80%+ sure I'm the kid's actual biological father, and 50-50 she rigged the condom to break.
roid rage much?
Possibly, there are some parts of the scene where he fucks her like an animal.
>use fingernails to cut the tip open when 'squeezing the tip' with one hand while unrolling with the other
>use petroleum jelly for 'extra' lube
>use lube from wrapper to lube base of cock where condom is supposed to be snug (you'll need to fish it out after)
>fuck in doggy and use the finger on her clit to catch the base and unroll it (you'll need to fish it out later)
>leave a pack under your car seat through the summer
i would never recommend actually doing these things, though
You forgot to not recommend to put the condom in the freezer for some hours.
post more cuck.

Too scared to post her face?
I don't blame him if it was in the heat of the moment. Tera in her prime was a straight up sex goddess
File: 437480109_cover1280.jpg (196 KB, 1280x720)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
better leave it cropped
You look like you have a decent dick
File: 169862748888137411223.jpg (236 KB, 1080x1080)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
What's the sauce for this. I need it please
I used to sniff my roommates gf's socks and panties while I masturbate. One day, we were all drinking and they got blackout drunk and I couldn't resist anymore. I moved my roommate to his room and moved his GF to mine. I fucked her missionary style with her legs on my shoulders. I was sucking on her lips while thrusting in and out like a wild animal. I was going to pull out before I came, but I couldn't resist and slammed my cock all the way in as I filled her up. Then I fucked her throat and sniffed her feet before moving her to my roommates room. The next morning, I told my roommate they were being really loud last night (hinting that they were having sex) and I think she ended up taking a pill, but idk.
>her pussy sucked my soul out through my dick like Shang Tsung
File: DSC0147.jpg (1.22 MB, 1600x1200)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
That's the typical way lots of prostitutes put condoms on customers.
Here's a story from my Tinder days:

>match with this chick who says she'll host
>we start dirty texting
>she says she wants to feel me in the back of her throat
>I start edging before I head over
>I am barely through the front door before she starts taking off my belt while kissing me
>I'm getting sloppy head on her couch when she looks up and says, "Let's go to the bedroom"
>BJ continues there for a bit
>I sit up and tell her authoritatively that I'm going to fuck her
>she's surprised by this but not opposed
>I don a condom and put her in doggystyle position
>she says she doesn't like condoms
>neither do I
>she pulls it off me and puts my cock inside her
>I almost bust in seconds, had to pace myself
>right before I blow my load, she spins around and throats me
>I saw stars after that

We never talked afterwards but man, that's easily in my top five encounters
>college gf
>small dorm bed
>big tiddies
>condom sex
>finish in spoon position
>pass the fuck out
>wake up the next day still inside her
>pull out my soft dick
>condom was useless
>cum everywhere
Did this with my wife as well. Never on purpose, just happens during those early times.

Another story
>have kids
>we're both stretched thin, exhausted all the time
>busy with life and work
>no time for each other
>weeks pass with no sex
>I need this, hun
>she's adamant about not getting pregnant again
>birth control is poison
>pull out isn't considered safe
>condoms?? as a married couple???
>whatever, just let me smash
>feels good, intimacy again
>gonna come
>feels really good
>blast off a huge load
>feel really happy to come while in her
>pull out
>huge rip in the condom
>the largest load I've ever shot starts globbing out of her
>it's probably fine, what's your cycle?
>another kid
>she still hasn't forgiven me and swears I did it on purpose
It would have taken ninja reflexes to pull out on that, and it wasn't even on my mind. I was locked in. Oh well, love my kids.
based father
First girl I had sex with, she insisted on using condoms. No problem here, I put it on and we stared. Couldn't cum (late virgin, too used to hand) so we took a break and I found that condoms is broken. Took it off and didn't say anything, she didn't notice anything. I expected that it will scare me, but it didn't, it excited me instead. Went on round two with new condom and nothing ever broke. Had a few girls after her and they just didn't care about condoms or contraception in general, told me that "you're a man, it's for you to decide". Went raw without warning with last girl quite a few times. She liked that thanks to our mutual breeding fetish. At that point we already decided to get married at some point so pregnancy wouldn't be an issue. Still didn't get her pregnant until we got married.
oh god I have many stories, always hated condoms.
Im in a relationship right now and already tried to get her to get a IUD but her cervix is fucking curved and she needs to go under to even put it in because its that painful.. I will eventually leave her because I need it raw that much..

but back to my first no more condom story

>17 yo
>first love
>my first intimate times with a girl
>first time in my life parents go on vacation and leave me home alone because I got school
>first night she is already at my house
>I ask her do you want to have sex
>"are we together then"
>yes of course (what else would you say asking for sex)
>she says ok go get a condom
>remember i had condoms from a friend he gave me
>I look for them
>my mom literally took them (lecturing me later when I asked about it I shouldnt have sex so young because I will get someone pregnant, funny how throwing away the condoms doesnt)
>I will die a virgin
>check my brothers room
>remember he had this extra thin playboy he got somewhere and kept it for fun like a one package condom
>its there and not that old
>fuck for like two hours (which sounds insane but I guess the weed and love feelings just made it great but the condom made me not bust in 10 seconds)
>finally cum
>wow love and sex is cool

>wake up next morning
>no more condoms
>she doesnt know
>Think of a way to still have more sex but dont wanna tell her we are out so I start looking somewhere for a secret stash in the bathroom,
>tell her hm there should be somewhere here
>"you just can fuck me without and pull out before"
>absolute. diamonds.
>get in raw and fuck like crazy
>fetish unlocked
>crave nothing more than raw sex, even better if we were using a condom before
>pull out and cum on her stomach
>now gf scared to do that again afterwards
>forces me to use condom
>start not enjoying the sex
>teeny breakup
next up is condom break 1
Bit cringe looking back but sexual revelations that had to be studied by me where made that night
>First girl I went on a date with and my first like kisses and stuff, tried to link up with me again and I told her I have a gf now
Now that I reminisc she is even the first time I touched a pussy, asked her if she wants to have sex that night after our first kiss
(she was kinda a slut early on) but we were staying at her friends place and she was sleeping next to us on the floor lol, so she said no
back to story
>she tells me oh no problem you can bring her
>she always gives a sexual vibe from her, feel like girls want me finally
>invitation was some time ago, we broke up in between
>day of the party
>hug her
>"heyy were is ex anon"
>I was still crushed about it desu, she was hot and blonde and I never thought I could land her in my dreams, so when we broke up after 4 months I was feeling fucked up for the whole week
>Its loud and people are partying around us
>look at her and tell her "hey havent actually told anyone but we broke up a week ago, please dont tell anyone"
>she hugs me and says ohh im so sorry that sucks
>this is not a normal hug
>feel it in my whole being that she is giving me the vibe of "I want to fuck you tonight"
>get confidence
>try to be as smooth as I can
>feel like I lost my shyness and realize I need to make a move here
>flirt a bit, hang around, not too obvious
>she totally is in
>"hey anon do you guys have a place to stay tonight?"
>actually no clue how we get home
>"you can sleep at my place"
>that look on her face
>we get drunk asf
>head to her place
>we just start going at each other
>undress her
>pussy is 10/10
>she has a piercing middle of bottom lip, dark hair, big boobs
>my luck lately is insane
>she says she is not on bc
>this again
>I can pull out
>I think my dad has condoms somewhere (single dad and liberal girl type shit)
>condoms are fucking small, I hate condoms already
>have issues staying hard
>start licking her
>trying to show that Im still good at sex
>I clearly wasnt
>my dick is just trapped in this condom, try several, never get it to be really hard and she was hard to break in (knowing that in hindsight now, she couldve been such a good fuck. completely blew it, but you only ever hear "condoms are not too small" oh boy couldve saved myself a years long insecurity)
>have condom on, dick cant get fully erect
>hour passes we are just horny and trying to get it to work, pressure lifts when I lick her again and she is getting into it
>forget that im nervous
>holy shit im super hard all of a sudden
>got hard in that I condom I left on, created an airbubble
>get up and tell her im hard, try to push in
>she is super tight, I use more force and the condom goes *pop* and bursts
>im not even kidding
>couldnt comprehend at the time it was so weird to have happened
>all I know is I feel her pussy
>from all the edging and feeling her raw I instantly feel like im cumming HARD
>thrust 3 times and pull out and get over her and cum on her closed mouth of all places

>super awkward
>Im just thinking this person will not see me again ever

>she gets scared she got pregnant and tells a friend
>even more embarassing
>never get to fuck or touch that amazing pussy ever again

anons if I could turn back time, this place would be one of them

This point on I was hooked. I had raw pussy for 5 seconds and I just knew I want more. Took me more than a year to fuck another girl again, but raw this time.
wow i would absolutely hate if my wife did things with me that prostitutes do that would be terrible
I wrote this for /gif/ in response of a webm with a guy being blowed by a pussy dripping girl but probably this also belong here:

Had something similar happening to me. She was blowing me when I had the idea to look between her legs. She was a innie labia girl when not aroused but then she had her lower lips spreading in backlight with a shiny contour of wetness and a drop in the middle. In the next second she found herself feets pointing to the roof and my dick that couldn't go any deeper inside her. It was casual sex so condom should have be a factor but I realized it only after blowing the load inside her in a manner that can only be described as mindless. I fucked her literally without brain. After orgasm I also realized that that would probably end in front of a judge since she was staring me in disbelieve. I was still gently moving inside her and after three more push she just suddenly came with a shaking orgasm and all has ended with no drama. But later she gave me shit ever if she couldn't deny that was hot.
I break the condom. easy to do if you pull it hard enough at the tip. fuck them skin on skin.
after im like "oh no, condom broke".
worth the price of plan b
File: AmberAria.jpg (205 KB, 1620x1080)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Too bad it’s only like that in the picset.
My first time having sex, I messed up putting on the condom. We were at a festival in the UK, in my enthusiasm and in the dark I rolled the condom on backwards. It didn't role all the way down but I wasn't going to admit messing up and assumed it would be fine.

After giving her the best 5 minutes of her life I pulled out and the condom wasn't on anymore.

So I looked down into her pussy and it was still gaped open and wet and shiny in what little light there was. I put my finger inside her and pulled it out watching the cum drip out and down over her asshole and onto the sleeping bag.

I was horrified but she told me she was on the pill and I relaxed a bit.

18 year old me was ok with this and only a little scared of possible consequences. Funnily enough I never jerk off to it. My first girlfriend spend the rest of that weekend with my cum inside her, even when our friends hadn't realised we were dating.

I've cum in other women since and by far the highlights have been when she's been on all floors or bent over something.

The first time I remember cumming in her she was very drunk and emotional. She was on her back, crying and wrapped her legs around me. She thought I had a condom on but wasn't that bothered. The next time I sent her a message on the way to hers, telling her she was going to bend over on all fours and let me fill her up with cum. She obliged like a good little slut and I remember pulling out and watching it drip out. I felt a bit overwhelmed that time. In fact maybe that was the first time, I can't recall.
"by far the highlights have been with my wife" is what I meant to say.
Many such stories. I've told this story before to try and warn young virgins around here about the importance of getting a condom that fits.

Don't have a lot of experience before college and I'm a tall grower so from my perspective and limited experience I figure my dick is small to average at least it looks that way on me. Viet HS FWB ripped once but we thought that was because she was so small and we didn't know what we were doing. In college with a new GF and I just bought condoms from the nearest shop to my apartment, a Japanese grocery, fuckers are narrow I guess. We're going at it doggy and it's good, she's creaming and giving me the "mas duro que rico papi" so I start making that ass clap and suddenly the sensation kicks into overdrive. I figure hey it's just good, she's hot, she's talk hot, and duh it feels good. Probably seconds later I blow so hard I see the spirit realm, we catch our breath, I pull out...uh oh condom is just a thin band choking my base like a cockring. A load that I swear would fill a shot glass starts oozing out of her and I know we've blown it. We get a plan B that same night, but her "Fertile Soil" latina racial trait crossed with my "White Conqueror" ancestry and sure enough it took root. She's second generation so didn't have any Catholic hangups about abortion and that was that, but it was a nightmare period for the both of us. So moral of the story, measure your equipment and buy rubbers that match. It wasn't until years later I realized the reason I thought condoms were such bastards to put on and ripped so often was I have barely above average length but porn star girth...also explains never getting decent head but that's a different fight. So measure your dick and do some research, a better fitting condoms not only fails much much less but feels much much better.
Legit question: how do you guys meet these ladies?

I’ve been reading through this thread and with the exception of wives and hookers, it seems like you just meet these random people who happen to be DTF? How the hell does that happen?

Do you have to have like a sixth sense to tell who’s horny and who’s not?
How do you initiate: do you just ask flat out “wanna fuck?” Or is there some sort of esoteric game that you have to go through first?
How far do you have to lower your standards, if at all?

I genuinely want to know, for obvious reasons. I don’t get how this shit just sort of happens to some people.
When I lost my virginity, the girl got frustrated with the condom she put on me and yanked it off after a few minutes, the ones she'd brought were too small for me (most women tell me I'm pretty thick) so she couldnt get it all the way down my cock.
We fucked for a while missionary, long enough for her to orgasm hard (while leaving scratches all over my back with her fingernails), pushing out my cock mid-thrust.
We rolled over and she started riding me, I could feel her pussy juice roll down my balls as the rocked her hips. Few more minutes of this and I had to cum, blasted inside her while she kept grinding looking me dead in the eyes.
She slumped on top of me and we caught our breath, and when she got up she just said "you're supposed to tell me when you're going to cum"

I sorta said "okay" and we laughed it off. We fucked a bunch of times more that night, and again the next morning, don't know if she was just blowing smoke but she told me it was the best sex she'd had, and I felt like fucking Superman.
My current gf expressed a desire to get dped but didn't want another person in the mix, so we got a bad dragon squirter. She took the toy in her pussy and my raw dick in her ass, then after I was done, I refilled the squirter and made her take three more loads in both her pussy and ass before plugging her up with vibrators.

I spent the time getting hard again toying with her, telling her how hot she looked and playing with the vibration settings, gave her one last good hard assfucking, cleaned myself off, and snuggled with her while she got vibed in both holes. The slut loved it.
Literally just don't be ugly and/or an autismo
File: 1464987834.jpg (110 KB, 1100x783)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>GF now wife
>first time with each other
>moderate drinking earlier that night (22 years old)
>We do the normal sex progression from kissing to oral, fingering (her first orgasm from fingers), etc
>put in condom and start fucking missionary
>she cums two more times (not big we just match up)
>I did not cum. But I am exhausted
>sleep naked in her bed
>middle of the night she gets frisky in half sleep and half awake
>pulls me back on top of her
>no more condoms
>fuck again
>pull out and bust on her stomach
>both sleep
Next morning
>anon that was dangerous but felt good
>got a condom from roommate and we fuck again
We fuck a bunch more with condoms over the next couple months.
>start the sex process get naked grab a condom
>she takes it from me
>puts it back and we start bareback
>we were not drinking and I felt everything.
>warm, wet, tight,
>switch to doggy style.
>I can feel her cumming and I have to try so hard to pull back and barely hold on to not cum too soon and then pull out cumming all over her asshole.
>We used condoms on and off for years. Usually only during her most fertile.
>figure out we like anal after a few months
>finish with anal at least half the times. Used condom one time before taking it off and barebacking her ass.
>creampie her more and more for years

I still remember that first time she took the condom away from me and told me to pull out.
Don’t be creepy.
Get in shape.
Engage in small talk but let them do the talking
Be around but don’t pursue.
>Hi, Sarah nice to see you again
>Go somewhere close by but don’t don’t immediately talk
>After a bit of time find a reason to go near her
>talk again
>repeat until she seems excited to see you then ask her out
>I want to take you to X tomorrow night
>don’t say “do you want to go to” it’s weak
>you will either get a yes, no thank you, or almost even better a request to do it another specific time

But then again this was all before tinder which has utterly ruined dating. You are no longer competing with the local group of men. Like best guy in the bar that night. Now it’s some douche 15 miles away is also competing with you.
Where can I find more images like that? Asking for a friend.
That looks like something from old Tumblr.
This is good advice. Its like with cats, be nice but don't push, let them be. The short of it is don't act like you need them and let them be but always be kind and glad to see them if they come to you. If you're confident, funny, and kind(not eye roll gentleman bs) and treat them like normal people it opens up that space for them to know you at least like them as a person and they will approach and interact with you more. Once you notice they're coming to you more, start approaching them. You'll be able to tell if they want to be friends or more. Here's my favorite FWB beginnings:

>be me, late 20s at the time working in a call center for big financial
>new hire is Victoria secret tier gorgeous; the wavy hombre hair, pale, subtle make up, tall, thin but athletic healthy, and ass/legs out of this galaxy from running.
>don't approach her at all, her desk is near managers in one big room
>I've been there some time so I help with questions and get landed with investigate xyz for clients accounts when something goes wrong and I talk to manager to get approvals to fix a lot or co-workers go to manager for help and they call me over a lot
>Any time I interact with her I'm confident, helpful, and do not overstay my aid.
>FF a few weeks and she asks me out for drinks.
>She's in tight black jeans, a loose oversized dark grey tank top with a bralet peaking out the sides perfectly framing her petite breats, slight glitter and more make up but nothing crazy, no excessive foundation that doesn't match her neck for example.
>I could not keep my eyes off her and we eye fucked the whole time we drank. Talking to uhing each other's arms sitting closer and closer.
>She takes me back to her place after about an hour or so and immediately walks to her bed and jumps in.
>We're naked immediately, tongue fucking each other mouths
>I start eating her out she cums almost immediately. I've never tasted pussy so fucking good and I can't think rationally anymore.
>But then again this was all before tinder which has utterly ruined dating. You are no longer competing with the local group of men. Like best guy in the bar that night. Now it’s some douche 15 miles away is also competing with you.

Tinder made everything easier. You can simply invite girls to your room directly
Go ahead anon
Fucked a cute little native girl a bunch when I was 18/19. Took her virginity in the back of my car first time we met up outside of high school. She was probably 16 years old at the time. Eventually fucked her in the ass when she was baby sitting one night. Wore a condom when i started but it was a little small. Fuck it, whats the worse than can happen? Condom came off in her asshole. I could kinda tell but didnt wanna say anything so I nutted and spooked off. Wonder if she had to pick it out or if it just fell out during a bowel movement eventually...

She got fat after and works at the delimart near my new house. She always gives me extra ham/turkey when I go there.
>I sit up and she looks down at me and starts throating my dick. To this day I've yet to meet another woman with her skills
>after a minute or so she lays face down ass up and looks over her shoulder with the most obvious "fuck me eyes" I've ever seen
>I have moment where I consider going for a condom but it passes
>I slide in her raw and push her down prone bone and she's absolutely soaked. The heat from her pussy feels like it's going to melt my dick off.
>She just keeps cumming and moaning
>everywhere is soaked, she's so tight my mind goes almost blank
>Getting close myself I ask her where she wants me to cum
>She looks over her shoulder and lets out the only coherent word she's said the whole session
>And let me tell you I let loose a torrent in her pussy the likes I never have in my life
>we pass out
>next morning we wake up spooning
>I'm rock hard from morning wood
>without a word she grinds on me for a minute and spits on her hand reaches over, lube some up and guides me inside her
>we fuck sideways with me reaching around playing with her clit
>she lets out an "oooohh fuuuuuuuuck"
>we both cum after about 10 Minutes of this
>After clean up we're standing next to her dresser and I see her birth control punch out pill packet
>she goes to take it for today and I put my hand over it and stop her
>She looks up at me, despite the morning sun coming through the window her pupils are dilated
>"I don't think you need that when I'm over"
>She's frozen for a moment and I panic a bit. I've never said anything like that to anyone, let alone the first morning after. I have no idea what came over me.
>She bites her lip sets it down
>we fuck for a few months, work gets busy and we both get promoted into supervisor roles for the department (she had prior experience, was just new to the company). Call off fooling around, stay friends that talk regularly.
She never ended up getting pregnant by me. Best sex of my life.
What am I looking at?
I fucked a prostitute bareback a few weeks ago
why would you do that
Didn't think about the consequences
Were there any?
have had many such incidents but my memory of these things is shit. anyway here are some memorable ones

>losing virginity with girl I met playing wow that left her then boyfriend to come live with me in a room I rented in the town I was going to college in
>she is on her period
>don't know wtf i'm doing
>fucking her doggy when the condom breaks
>she's super horny and says fuck it
>nut inside her then go buy plan b

this this many years later.. doesn't really count but almost

>on trip to Japan
>make good money and decide to fuck an escort from tokyo hentai club (300-500hr)
>meet up with her at the "agency", she takes me to a love motel
>she is small, skinny, very good looking. quiet and gentle demeanor
>gives me the most sensual shower i've ever had
>we lay down on the bed and she starts giving me HANDS DOWN the best blowjob I have ever had. she sucked the soul out of me and it's one of my goals in life to get sucked off to that level again. nut like the first of the north star in her mouth and she swallos
>chill for a bit and make smalltalk, eventually get horny again
>she jerks me off, sucks me, she starts getting into position to fuck
>still no condom on
>in my head i'm thinking "should i make the move to put it on? isn't that her job?"
>she's prone on the bed and i'm behind her hard as a diamond drill bit
>consicience wins over and I ask her if she has a condom
>she stands up and gets one from her purse and we proceed business as usual

was she actually gonna let me rawdog her bros?
another one

>talking to a black chick i met on tinder or bumble or whatever
>it's my bday
>she proposes we do something special
>we got to a sex shop and buy some dice to variate positions etc, kinda dumb in retrospect
>we go to business, she has big natural tits that i can't get my mouth off of
>her pussy wetter than the everglades, she is ovulating as it's all clear and not white or opaque
>her smell driving me wild, made me feel like a wild stallion that had to nut inside her at all costs
>after my first nut inside the condom and some smalltalk start making moves again
>go to fuck her without one
>insanely horny and excited at the thought of nutting inside
>chicken out, cum all over her ass
>she "realizes" i didn't wear a condom, seems a bit disappointed... that i didn't cum inside??
>says her mom is a nurse and has a stash of plan b

in hindsight, based on some things she was saying before we metup, i'm pretty sure i was about to be baby-trapped
You cracked first.
Something else should have cracked first.
looks insecure
> First proper girlfriend, dating for about 7 months.
> At my home, started having sex, use condom as usual.
> Calculated in head that her periods should start next day or two.
> Told her that I want to cum inside of her.
> She's like "do as you like".
> Condom is off, feels great, cummed inside, she's like "aaahhhh!", enjoyed it.
> Talked to her, got answer "you're a man, so it's for you to decide".
> So we start doing it all the time outside of dangerous days.
> Her periods were late a few times, we were fine with pregnancy, but tests always negative.
Married her a year after.
And he wanted this why?
jewish probably
>Find a good hooker.
>Reasonable price
>Get there, eat her out a bit
>Gives some really good wet head
>Time for sex. She gets a condom
>It's a Magnum size. Most men are NOT that endowed. I say that might slip off
>She says "It's ok, i'm sure it will be fine"
>Fuck her. mish, then doggy and then she rides me.
>I explode inside her, a good few ropes.
>she lifts off and Magnum indeed slipped off
>She freaks out that i came my entire load inside her.
>Demands I give her more money to get medicine.
>I say I told her so and get dressed quickly, she starts to scream at me and I drive away.
>Was worried I'd catch something. Luckily nothing.
>went back a year later and she didn't remember me. She did bareback anal and asked if I wanted bare.
>Yeah declined and brought my own condoms.

good times. I wish I had more money to fuck whores more.
>Ate out a hooker
Could you taste the lube and STDs?
File: Asianlady.jpg (131 KB, 562x1000)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
I'll share my story.
>Be me
>19 year old who lived with his parents
>Forced to fly on a family holiday to Korea because my mum and sister were too obsessed with soap operas and cosmetics.
>After a week in a bar with my dad.
>A drunk office lady, 35-38 years old, tries to hit on my dad
>The old man's so drunk he's not thinking straight and doesn't react to her.
>She turns her attention to me, starts a conversation with me in broken English.
>She starts buying me alcohol
>I call a taxi for my dad.
>FFW I'm at her flat
>She's on top of me, her breasts in a lace bra pressing against my face, making it hard to breathe.
>Korean condom is clearly too small for me and it hurts my penis.
>I try to tell her it hurts, but the drunk bitch just shoves her nipple in my mouth.
>I feel the Korean rubber rip and my cock is in wet, experienced and hot heaven
>I bite her nipple and she squeezes hard
>Because I haven't been able to jerk off in over a week, I pour a big load inside her.
>After that, she cleans my cock with her tongue, ignoring the condom residue, and then just pats and cuddles me.
>I take that as permission to continue without rubbers.
>In between a couple of rounds, I walked around the flat and noticed both children's toys and men's things
>Suspicions start to creep into my head, but I'm too drunk to put the puzzle together.
>I wake up to someone shaking me.
>When I open my eyes, I see an angry Korean man
>I realise it's the husband
>The woman fell asleep on top of me, woke up and first thing she does is kiss me without noticing her husband.
>He starts screaming at her
>She jumps out of bed
>Notices she's leaking semen and there's a huge stain on the sheet.
>She's yelling at her husband and me at the same time.
>U foreigna boy, why stupid not put condom, Im pregnant now
>I just get dressed and walk away under their arguments.
>I get back to the hotel, my mother's yelling at me for being out all night
>I just have stupid smile
Baby making sex is the only sex worth having.

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