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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, gryphons, changelings, dragons, kirin, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

Previously on PTFG:

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Previous Thread:
>Suddenly sweeb
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but show accurate anon, every day is Hearth's Warming when you're Noelle Holiday!
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What is it with characters named Dave getting turned into Rainbow Dash
Other than Five Score, which Daves become Rainbow Dash?
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>Other than Five Score, which Daves become Rainbow Dash?
Who or what is that?
I wish to be the little pony
Is this the right place for that?
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That's the hope. You'll have to get in line though
Remember to join the cool alt server
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What even is that discord server in the OP?
How and why was it created?
Why does it have so many members?
I've read Zephyr's tale, it made me feel things.
What would you recommend as a second read?
What about slowly Sweeb?
Cuddly Doom, though i think chapter 2 might be down right now.
psssst hey kid.. take a look in the mirror
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Use ponebin.
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read sixpence if you want more pet stuff, it's very underrated
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https://ponepaste.org/9985 I did a Littlepip transformation thing.
Go Ask Littlepip When She's Two And A Half Feet Tall...
By Darkdemonlucifer for /ptfg/
(Contains drug use, painful transformation, and lesbians doing the straight sex)
Work. For Caelum it seemed to be a never ending cycle that piled atop him ceaselessly to the point that it threatened to crush him. He had one of those jobs where sat at home and punched numbers into a spreadsheet. For what and for where didn’t really matter, he had stopped caring about his work many years ago.

Unfortunately for him, he had long ago been caught up in a bad work contract where he got to work from home, and the moment he had finished his work load for the day, he could stop. This sounded like a fantastic deal until they piled the work up so high that it was impossible for him to get it all finished in just eight hours. Many days he had found himself working eleven hours or more, burning through coffee and energy drinks like he needed them to live and raising his blood pressure to dangerously high levels in his attempts to keep up with a seemingly never ending workload.

One of his friends had become increasingly worried about him and had given him a small pill bottle filled with drugs. Of course, Caelum wasn’t an idiot and wasn’t about to go taking drugs just to keep himself going. The days might have been blurring together and the future might be seeming to grow increasingly bleak, but that didn’t matter. He could keep going. One more paycheck, slowly saving his way towards a better future.

Day by day, he could do it, just like that Greek guy who pushed a rock up a hill.

Spreadsheet after spreadsheet, don’t think about it too hard, keep punching the numbers in, keep typing the words, copying, pasting, not making any meaningful difference in the world. At least he wasn’t trapped in an office cube, at least he had a job. At least he had a small flat all to himself-

He stared down at the microwave macaroni cheese in front of him, and for the first time in his life, he felt something give within him. All or nothing, pouring his heart into everything that he did. It wasn’t enough. It would never be enough.

It felt like something got twisted and broken up inside of him in that moment. It felt like some great hole had opened up in his chest and the walls were closing in. He stared towards the spreadsheet still boldly displayed on his screen, waiting for more numbers to be punched in, and the spreadsheet seemed to warp and shift as the walls closed in.

The noise that he made was somewhere between a gasp and a wheeze as he fell to the floor with a strange noise.

He couldn’t breath. His body was responding. He focused all his willpower inwards and tried to will himself to move, but his body wasn’t listening to him. Was he dying? Was he tumbling apart? Was this what a heart attack felt like?
He shuddered, curling his knees up in towards his chest as his thoughts raced like an out of control train, his entire world feeling like it was tumbling down around him like a house of cards or something else along those lines, even simple thoughts seemed to be beyond him, his thoughts becoming disjointed as his mind seemed to come apart.

And he could only helplessly watch as it happened, trapped in his own body like it was a burning funhouse filled with mirrors. He let out a soft cry, and then tears began to roll down his cheeks. Why was this happening?

He crawled his way towards his bed, which was just across from his office desk, and for once he was happy for the fact he lived in such a cramped apartment. His phone, stored under his pillow to prevent him from getting distracted while he was working. Every inch across the carpeted floor felt like he was dragging himself through a mile of broken glass.

His breathing? Erratic. His mind? Racing? His heart rate? Through the roof. This seemed to match the signs of a heart attack to him, and as he finally fetched his phone from beneath the pillow, he frantically punched in the emergency service number in.

Then he collapsed against the floor, and began to cry. He was scared, he had no idea what was happening and he was pretty sure that he was dying.

Thankfully, it took no less then ten minutes for the paramedics to turn up and tell him that he was having a panic attack. Even though his life wasn’t in danger, it had left him feeling incredibly drained. It was like all the hope had been taken right out of him and dragged all the strength from his muscles with it.

He was bedridden from it. He didn’t know how one could be bedridden from the effects of something affecting the mind, but here he was. It was as though he lacked the motivation to do anything.

His life was over. There was no way he would be able to keep up with work after this, and it was going to end up getting him fired and then he wouldn’t be able to keep up with rent and he’d be out on the street. He could call up sick, but what did he tell them? He had a panic attack and now he couldn’t work? That wasn’t going to cut it at all, it would just make him look like an even bigger idiot and get him fired even faster then he was already going to be fired.

As he nestled himself further into his sheets, Caelum stared at the small orange pill bottle on his desk. He had never been one for drugs, beyond caffinee, and he wasn’t even happy about using that. But… If a pill could solve all his problems, then… He was going to be homeless if he didn’t anyway, so there was no point in not.
Dragging himself to his feet, he slowly made his way over to the pill bottle and plucked it up, carrying tentatively back over to the bed as he firmly took a seat, flicking on his bedside lamp and tilting the orange bottle backwards to examine the pills within through the orange plastic. They were purple, although it was hard to tell with the orange hue. Pulling the cap off, he gently emptied one into the palm of his hand and examined it closely.

It was a small round purple pill about half the size of a grape. It felt slightly chalky in his hand. His friend had said that this would solve all his problems, but was that really true? And even if it was, was he really about to turn to drugs just to solve them?

With a heavy sigh, he placed the bottle, and the pill, back on his bedside cabinet and headed towards his kitchen. Everything besides the bathroom was part of one open plan living area, so it wasn’t much of a walk, and after he had downed a glass of admittedly terrible tap water, he was ready to go back to sleep.

Everything was just… One big blur. It was all so pointless. He was so exhausted that by the time his head touched the pillow he was already falling asleep. Hopefully in the morning everything would be better, hopefully in the morning he wouldn’t feel like shit anymore.

His sleep was dreamless, an endless black abyss that seemed to be going nowhere, and when he awoke, he felt just as tired as he had the day before. His alarm was blaring loudly next to him, waiting for him to smack it with his fist in an attempt to turn it off, but he barely had the strength for that, he was simply staring blankly up at the ceiling and dreading the day ahead.

No choice. His hand grabbed up the pill from his bedside table and dropped it into his mouth. It tasted dreadful, like he was eating chalk, and not good quality chalk either. For a moment he was worried that his friend was pranking him and he was going to find out later that this was some kind of laxative or it was going to give him a dreadful headache or do any number of other terrible things to him.

And then it hit. He didn’t know how the drug seemed to take effect so quickly, but one minute he was mindlessly chewing on something he was sure that was inedible, and the next the world came into focus. Colors seemed brighter, the weight from his muscles seemed to vanish and a fog cleared from his mind. Not only did he feel back to normal, he felt better then normal!

His mind was sharp, honed, and as he made his way to the kitchen, he realized that he was noticing everything. It was incredible, it was fantastic! Why had he never done this before?

Unfortunately, the first thing he noticed was that his flat was a tip. It looked like a nuclear bomb of mess had gone off and scattered his belongings everywhere. There were cooked microwave meal packets and plastic trays strewn about, there were empty cups of coffee, and the whole place smelled of sweat and dirt!
It was no way for him to live! Before he did anything, he had to tidy this place up, and that is exactly what he started doing, gathering all the packets and rubbish into a bin bag, slipping on trainers that he was acutely aware of on his feet, and then heading out of his flat. It was 8am, the sun had only just come up and he realized that his clothing was really starting to smell. He had worn the same clothing for three days in a row, so it made sense, but he was still shocked on just how dirty he had been living!

The birds, the sunlight from above, he was aware of it all, and all his troubles seemed so distant. Rubbish emptied, room hoovered, breakfast eaten, and then he sat at his desk and logged into his companies tracking platform.

Work seemed easier then it ever had in his life, spreadsheets, word documents, they all blurred together until he went to fetch the next load of work and- There wasn’t one. The sudden rumbling of his stomach tore his attention away from the screen, and he realized that he had finished work in five hours!

He’d never finished work before six hours before, and that was normally only because it was a slow day, yet today, he’d been so focused that it barely felt like he had worked at all. The colors were starting to become more dull, and his focus was starting to falter, so he took another one of the pills and noticed that this one seemed to have a hint of grape flavor to it.

The rest of the day was his. He could do whatever he wanted! And he wanted to play computer games. He fetched his phone and found it woefully low on battery, but it still had enough charge to send his friend a text.

‘Hey I have finished work early, come over to play computer games if you want!”

And then he disconnected his work monitor and hooked it up to his game console. He couldn’t remember the last time he had time to play video games on a work week. It was incredible! Why hadn’t he tried those drugs sooner?
There was a sudden sharp pain in his nose, and for a moment he was worried, before he remembered just how bad he smelled. Right, he should really have a shower before his friend turned up and try to get the apartment smelling less like the inside of a boot.

Another pill, and this time he got a warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach as he moved over to the bathroom, pulling the door open. It was the only closed plan part of his apartment, but it was by no means roomy.

There wasn’t any room for a bath, just a sink, mirror, toilet and a tiny glass cubical containing the shower unit. Hot water on, and as he stripped out of his clothing, he was acutely aware of just how grubby this room was. When he was out of the shower he would have to wash it.
Hot water hit him like a brick wall, snapping his focus to the present moment and just how tense he was, just how much tension was in his body. Just how long had he been carrying it? That tingling sensation had spread outwards from his stomach now and was moving outwards through his body, and it felt good.

He rubbed at his shoulder, feeling the knotted muscle, feeling the practical lumps beneath his skin, and he moved his hand to gently massage up and and around them, trying to work the tension from out of them.

This only seemed to make his muscles tense up even more, and there was a sudden pleasurable surge in his brain moments before-

His shoulder dislocated from his socket with an audible noise.

The noise that he made in response was an attempt at a scream cut short by sheer by the agonizing pain ripping through his body and the shock that was tearing through his mind. His shoulder seemed to have completely dislocated itself and as he stared at it, his mind rushed between the jolts of intense pain to try and figure out just what exactly it was that was happening to him.

The strangest part about it, besides the fact that his shoulder has just seemingly tore itself free from its socket was the fact that despite the crippling agony he was in, there was a strange mental calmness that seemed to be overtaking him. With how acutely aware he was of everything, he was sure that the pain should have overtaken him in an instant, but it didn't. The intense awareness seemed to be backed up by a sense of complete calm.

Still, physically he was in a lot of pain. Maybe he was just going into shock. Dropping down onto his knees he let out a desperate attempt at a curse. It was intended to be along the lines of 'Fuck! What the actual fuck?!' but what actually left his mouth was more along the lines of "Ffffff-Ffffahhh!"

And then his other shoulder suddenly dislocated and he fell forward onto his face, writhing and hissing in pain as he tried his best to come to terms with what was happening. The mad panic that should have been tearing through his mind was absent, replaced with a chilling calm as he rolled over onto his back and stared up at the head of the shower above, which was still pouring hot water down from above.

The agony grew worse, and he was forced to turn his head to the side to prevent himself from being water-boarded by the stream coming from above. His legs dislocated next, and for a moment he was pretty sure that he was having an out of body experience from the pain.
“FUCK! Fuc!” He finally manage to squeeze from his lungs between desperate attempts to draw breath. It had absolutely destroyed him. Why was this happening? How was this happening?
And then things went from bad to worse, the soothing sensation that had been filling his stomach from the drugs was now spreading out along his skin, and it was no longer soothing, instead feeling as though he was being burned alive. Every inch of his skin was burning and he could do nothing but writhe around on the floor and try to pull his thoughts together.

Caelum’s thoughts were scattering. Trying to gather them up was like trying to capture smoke with his bare hands, it wasn’t going to work, but even with his very thoughts and personality scattering before him there was no panic filling him up, just that constant sense of unending calm. His skin felt like it was burning, and then it felt like something was sprouting through it.

His bones clicked, popped and shifted, his arms were now situated poking out of his chest and legs were trying to join with the front part of his pelvis bones. He knew all of this due to the fact that he was still incredibly aware of his situation thanks to the drugs that he had taken, acutely aware of each of his bones as they snapped and popped and twisted and warped, fusing into something new.

He should have been horrified, he should have been screaming the walls down, begging for help, but instead he just calmly stared up at the ceiling in a stunned fashion. The physical pain tearing through him had him lost for words, although he was still completely aware of everything that was happening, and also aware of just how helpless he was to stop it.

Grey fur began to burst and rupture through his skin like mold, and then he lost sight in both of his eyes and everything went black. He was tumbling through a seemingly bottomless pit of pain and suffering, left wondering just what he had done to deserve such a hell on earth.

His face was shifting, his skull felt like it was breaking apart, and his neck felt like it was twisting and snapping apart. The only thing keeping him aware of his body was the warm water cascading down from above and washing over his horribly twisted body.

And things soon got worse, because he finally managed to drag some of those thoughts back and focus on them, impressing himself by managing to grab that smoke with his bare hands, only to find out when he pulled it closer that these memories weren’t his own, they belonged to someone else.

Bombs raining down from the sky, an underground shelter, a sheltered life that had been cast into an unforgiving world. A world populated by… Cartoon ponies. He tried to scream but didn’t have control over his lungs, and now his mind was under attack from these memories that weren’t even his own.

It felt like he was being ripped apart piece by piece, these memories, memories of pip-bucks, vaults, friends, foes and drugs all trying to slot into his head which was already filled with so much stuff. It was painful, because he knew that with every second he was losing a bit of himself and gaining a piece of someone else.
But even with his mind literally being sundered, there was an overwhelming sense of calm filling his mind as it focused in on all those memories. Velvet Remedy, Calamity…. Homage. It was like he was watching a movie, a movie that composed the entire life of another creature, but with each passing second it felt less and less like a movie and more like her memories had just gotten jumbled up.

Her hips were broken for sure. Everything was broken and horribly twisted but it wasn’t the first time that Littlepip had been through this. Was that her name now? She was pretty sure that it was, and it was better then her old name.

Her body pulling itself back together was a strange sensation, but not one that was alien to her either. More then a few times she had needed to repair large parts of her body by downing health potions like they were mint-als, and this was just like that but on a larger scale. Her entire body had gotten messed up by something horrible, and now she was on the mend.

Her vision returned, blurry at first, with her rolled over on her back, hooves aimed up at the sky as she stared over her muzzle at the shower above. Shower? When was the last time that she had access to fresh water? Was this water clean?

She tried to will her body to move, but it wasn’t listening to her orders at the moment, still in the process of pulling itself together, and unfortunately there was no way to rush that process. Her bones popped and twisted painfully as her skin burned, and the base of her spine tingled as her tail wagged about behind her, seemingly sprouting from out of the base of her spine.

Had she been trapped in a memory orb? Where had all these strange memories of being a… Human come from? Had an alicorn or other creature launched a psychic attack on her? Had her over-use of memory orbs finally caught up to her and this was just a side effect?

She was acutely aware of her hooves, and aware of just how tired her whole body felt. Patching herself up even with magical potions needed a lot of energy. She needed to get herself some snack cakes or something else sweet, that normally helped.

Pain. So much pain as her bones set back into place. That was normally something that required outside help to bandage and set them before you started chugging health potions to try and fix it.

Hopefully Velvet Remedy had remembered to bandage her up correctly.

With a few more painful pops, her body was seemingly patched together enough for her to stand. With wobbling, shaking hooves, she slowly rose from the ground, feeling the water cascade over her back and warm her aching bones.

By Celestia she must have gotten bucked up. Everything was still sore, every one of her bones ached and it felt like her spine had been shattered and put back together. She needed more then snack cakes to get over this. She needed mint-als, or even better, party time mint-als. Groaning softly, she lifted her hoof up to her face and gently rubbed over it.
She still had her face attached. That was good. She was also able to stand, which was also good, but how had she ended up here? Gazing around the bathroom, confusion spread through her mind as she realized that this was just like a pony bathroom, only… Bigger?

Everything was just a little bit too large to be right. That blow to the head must have really messed her up. She tried to spark up her magic, but that simply made her vision go incredibly blurry. Using her hooves to fumble with the over-sized taps she climbed from out of the shower, only to find that all her gear had gone missing.

“Celestia buck me with her horn…” She muttered as water dripped off her and all over the floor. The only clothing that had been left behind was some slightly smelly and oversized outfit that didn’t look like it would function very well as protective armor.
Her saddlebags. Where were her saddlebags? She lifted her pip-buck to her face to try and figure out where she was, only to find herself staring at a bare gray hoof.

Alright. She was freaking out. That was OK. She just needed a few mint-als and she could figure all of this out. There would be an explanation for this. There HAD to be an explanation for this. Moving over to the sink, she could see a mirror high above, but unfortunately the sink was at head height for her.

Forcing herself to stand on her hind hooves, she once again sparked up her magic and used it to wipe at the mirror. She had been expecting some fleshy horror to be staring back at her, as if the healing magic of the potions had failed, but no, she was met with her own face staring back at her.

Good. A loud sigh rolled from her lips as she stared at her brown mane and those sparkling emerald green eyes… Her eyes didn’t normally look that happy and full of hope. And she was sure that her gray fur had been dirtier and more battered then that.

She tried to move a hoof up to touch at her face, but with only three legs holding herself up she almost fell over on her back, wobbling about on three of the four hooves as she tried to pick through her memories and figure out why it was that she was here.

Her little face scrunched up deep in thought, before she heard a noise from the room next to her and almost jumped away, her hair practically standing on end as she looked around for a weapon. There was nothing that she could use, and she didn’t even have her pip-buck.

She was completely naked and alone… And admittedly, a little afraid. But she wasn’t a coward. She was a strong mare, and she could handle whatever the world could throw at her.

The moment she got more mint-als that is. At the moment everything was looking very grey and washed out, which couldn’t have been good. Hopefully wherever she was had mint-als.
Staring at the wooden door in front of her, she had a sudden idea.. She could break the mirror and hold a chunk of glass in her magic, that would function as a weapon of some kind. But then she didn’t know where she was, and without her pip-buck she didn’t know if whatever was on the other side of the door was hostile or not.

She really should have appreciated her pip-buck more when she still had it. Was this how everyone else in the wasteland felt all the time? It was terrible!

Putting on her best brave face, she wrapped her magic around the door and shoved it open, boldly launching herself through it.
“Hooves up! Nopony move!” She yelled. She didn’t know why it was that she chose that specific set of words, but it felt right.

Sat in the middle of the room was a human, with a video games console hooked up to a monitor… How did she know all of this? It was from the memories that weren’t her own, the memories that she was desperately trying to bury. It wasn’t working of course, and now she realized that it would be better if she actually took the time to go through them rather then just throwing them aside.

She didn’t like memories that weren’t her own going through her head. They made her head hurt, and her head wasn’t doing the best at the moment as it was… When was the last time that she had eaten a mint-al? Everything was so gray and felt slow and she felt stupid.

The human sat in the middle of the room stood up, but he didn’t look scared or shocked in the slightest.
“Ah! I see the party time mint-als worked as expected! That’s fantastic-”

The only word that stuck out to Littlepip began with ‘mint’ and ended with ‘als’, but she kept herself focused. There would be time for drugs later, now was the time for violence and figuring out what the hell was going on. If violence was needed of course.

The human was wearing a red hoodie and a battered pair of tracksuit trousers. In his hands he was holding a little orange bottle of pills that she recognized. She wanted those pills.

“What is happening here? Why is my head filled with memories that aren’t mine? Who are you?”

These were all burning questions, but they didn’t seem to phase the human much as he took the lid off the orange pill bottle and rolled one of the purple pills into his palm. She wanted that pill. She wanted to swallow that pill and let it fill her with all its knowledge and perception enhancing goodness. He was getting filthy sweat on it.

“Ah, I bought you here from Equestria. I wanted a Littlepip all of my own, but reality bending magic and demonic bargains were a bit beyond me,” He explained slowly.
“Why is my head filled with all these memories? I don’t… I…”
“You must be very confused. You want a party time Mint-al? I am sure that will help clear your head and get rid of those memories. It’s not good to hang onto the past.”

Littlepip licked over her lips softly and almost gave a nod. She did really want that pill.

But she also wasn’t a fool.
“What’s the catch?” She asked, firming up her stance and making herself look like she was ready for a fight. If this creature wanted to try and attack her, she was more than prepared to defend herself. She might have been unarmed but she still had hooves, and those could do a lot of damage if she knew where to strike.

The human gave a soft laugh. “I can’t get anything passed you, can I?” He pointed down at his crotch with one of his fleshy hands, “I want you to service me, with your mouth.”

Littlepip was going to kill him. She recoiled in an instant, “No! I’m a lesbian! What is wrong with you?”
The human gave a soft smile. “I thought you might say that, but it really isn’t that bad. I also have some of your weapons and gear… And you don’t have any caps or weapons…. And you’re missing your pip-buck.”

Littlepip could charge him. She could sink her stubby little horn into his gut and spill his insides all over the inside of the flat. “You stole my stuff?”
The human laughed, “No, no. You’re safe Littlepip, you don’t need to fight anymore. If you do this, you can come and live with me, I’ll give you a roof and food, and I’ll even help you find a mare friend, all you have to do is work me over with your mouth sometimes. That sounds like a fair trade to me.”

He dangled the orange pill bottle in front of her like it was a fucking treat… But Littlepip wasn’t a monster, she could kill him, sure… But then where would that leave her? This might be her only option for safety.

Plus, she REALLY wanted those drugs. But was she really prepared to stoop that low just for a high? What was she becoming? She wanted her friends, but they weren’t anywhere to be seen.

If she just had one pill she could figure this whole mess out in no time at all. Her tongue gently licked over her lips as she tried to get herself together. Just once, one pill that was all she needed and then she could figure all this out and get back to her friends and figure out what the hell had happened to her.

As she drew closer to the pill, there was a deep sense of dread within her, as if she was about to do something terrible. But then the human used his hand to push the pill down her throat, and all her trouble’s melted away as the colors returned to the world and she found herself completely focused once again.

She felt like herself again, and that was only moderately soured by the human dropping their grody private parts directly onto her face. She winced slightly and considered for a brief moment biting the darn thing off and seeing what that did, but quickly brushed the thought aside due to the fact that she really didn’t want blood in her mouth at the moment.
“Come on, get to it.” The human demanded.
Littlepip was mulling things over in her sharpened mind, noticing that the memories that weren’t her own seemed to fade when the pill kicked in… And it felt like she was losing something important to herself. If she took enough mint-als, that would solve all her problems.

Moving her tongue out, she licked over the private parts of the human as they laid themselves out on their back, but she really wasn’t feeling it. This was wrong. It wasn’t who she was, she was a lesbian through and through.

The human, seeing that she had doubts, produced a second pill from the bottle and offered it to her. She knew that it was bad, but she leaned her head forward and greedily swallowed the pill down. This time it came with a strange warmth in her stomach and a tingling in her groin that was rapidly beginning to leak.

She could do this. She was so hyper focused on the task now that nothing else mattered, the rest of the world seeming to melt away as the small gray equine opened her mouth and gently guided the cock into her mouth. It was stiff now, and tasted slightly salty.

Compared to some of the things that she had eaten in the wasteland, it didn’t taste all that bad. She slid her head forward and began to work it back and forth along his length. She wasn’t sure how exactly to give a blowjob, but with how hyper focused she was on the task it wouldn’t take very long at all for her to figure it out.

Her tongue began to circle around his length, and she found that when she slipped it under the foreskin and around the head of his shaft, the human really seemed to like it, enough to give her a third pill that reduced the voice at the back of her mind that had been bothering her to a distant mewl.

She was so hyper focused after three pills that the outside world may well not have existed, the rough surface of her tongue skillfully working around his length, before she got the bright idea to use her practically prehensile tongue in a new way, wrapping it around his length so that it was jerking him off with each bob of her head.

She felt his hand on the back of her head, petting her softly and then moving to grip her tiny stump of a horn, using it to bob her head back and forth like some kind of handle. This was something that she really didn’t appreciate, but she wasn’t about to fight either, which may or may not have had something to do with the fact that it currently felt like she was drifting on a cloud.

The head of his member and about an inch and a half behind it sank into her throat, and she choked softly, but the soothing petting and soft encouraging coos egged her on, along with the promise of more pills that made the icky memories vanish and made her feel like herself again.
Her throat hugged and squeezed around his length as he gently raked those fingers through her mane, one of his hands always staying firmly on her horn to make sure she didn’t pull away. This was forcing her to breathe through her nose, bathing the human’s private parts in her hot breath and forcing her to breathe in his musk, totally aware of it thanks to the party time mint-als and completely uncaring because of the same drugs.

She could feel his heart beating against her tongue, how excited she was getting him, how close she was to getting another dose. She needed those drugs to feel like herself. She was so slow and stupid without them, and if this is how she felt with just three pills she was prepared to do this forever to get more.

Her tongue greedily circled around his length as the human let out a soft groan, a warm, salty tasting fluid suddenly shooting down her gullet. Cum? She’d never tasted male cum before as far as she could remember, and if she was being honest with herself she didn’t much like it either, but if this was all she had to do for free drugs and shelter then she was more than prepared to put up with it.

The human let out a soft groan as his fingers digged into the carpet as his breathing picked up, and she realized that he must have been getting close. If she got him to climax, it would be over, she could maybe get another pill and then she wouldn’t have to suck his cock anymore.

Pulling out of her maw, the human placed another pill on the head of his length, waving his hand down towards the little purple pill. Littlepip had never rammed a cock down her gullet as fast as she did in that moment, the human using his hand to help her ram it into her throat, his cock practically forcing it down her throat as he began to wildly pump his hips back and forth shoving the throat down her cock as his length began to throb rapidly, before he cried out and then.
Hot ropes of his sticky cum began to shoot down her gullet, serving as a chaser to the pill which slipped into her tummy. He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself, his fingers curling into the carpet as his face scrunched up and his balls bumped against her chin, but she was barely focused on his cock.

No, she was focused on something far beyond that now, seeming to space out as the effect of the drug washed over her and the entire world seemed to melt away. She was so focused she wasn’t even focusing on her own thoughts, feeling his heart beating in her mouth and his soft cries echoing around her head like some kind of song, that salty substance settling in her stomach with the pills.

The snapping of his fingers partly pulled her back to reality, forcing her to focus up on him, although his words seemed distant.
“Alright, that’s enough drugs for you. Let’s get some food and drink in you, Pip.”
And then she felt a faux leather collar slip around her neck. It was brown, with a round little copper name tag on it, and as it clicked into place, she accepted that this was her life now.

And that was OK with her.
File: 3347637.png (281 KB, 500x520)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
File: 3347640.png (360 KB, 500x644)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
you reek of newfag. why are you here? trying to shill yourself?
Yes. Yes I am. Give me your wallet fag.
File: _.jpg (650 KB, 2112x2816)
650 KB
650 KB JPG
Here. There's nothing in it but debt
File: littlepip.png (407 KB, 1294x912)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
Actually this reminds me of Herny
File: 1689754159551372.gif (1.2 MB, 1280x901)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB GIF
Is this board so full of newfags no one knows who Herny was
Why should we care about Herny?
File: _.png (296 KB, 1600x1200)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
I guess I can take some writing requests in that case. Better we all be poor and have ponies, rather than being poor with no ponies. They'll be rough and unedited though.
File: _.png (63 KB, 475x611)
63 KB
File: _.jpg (1.41 MB, 1376x1621)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
File: _.png (920 KB, 1232x1024)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (3.41 MB, 5544x5088)
3.41 MB
3.41 MB JPG
File: 3348479.png (1.58 MB, 3210x1148)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
That fucker wears the same dam shirt in every transformation
It's his lucky transformation-attracting shirt. Every artist has one.
It makes sense if you're going to constantly have a "character" as the starting point for the TFs you commission.
My gripe is that I simply dislike most of the pre-TF "characters" I see. Can't think of any I'm fond of off the top of my head.
name a worse fate
File: anon free cuddles.png (804 KB, 4357x2789)
804 KB
804 KB PNG
just finished reading cuddly doom and some other thing. i now feel empty inside
Anon becomes a were-pony please
File: _.png (605 KB, 800x800)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
File: _.png (712 KB, 923x738)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
File: _.gif (2.47 MB, 746x600)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB GIF
File: 2105921.png (3.3 MB, 2550x3300)
3.3 MB
3.3 MB PNG
>A human? At 9PM in the morning? I don't have time for this bullshit.
Turns you into a pony.
>Better! Now say thank you and get to work.
yeah, and? what's wrong about that
It looks like shit!!!
you're just jelly that you have no transformation shirt hows it feel typing with fingers
low blow...
I'll take his transformation shirt if he doesn't want it!
File: 3148302.png (150 KB, 629x390)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
My problem with this kind of thing is very simple: I do not look at TF art with the intention of being happy for “that fucker,” or red polo man, or hoodie draconequus, or Eagles eagle, or any other commissioner in particular.
I am a selfish, selfish person. I am looking at TF art for my own sake.
And I will readily admit that I’m more drawn to the art when I can self insert as the human, and that goes over better when I’m not distracted by recognition of the human from elsewhere.
I like to feel as though the art I’m looking at was made for me, or at the very least, that it wasn’t made specifically with the target audience being someone who is explicitly not me.
Creating a TF that doesn’t use an established human takes the same amount of energy as creating one that does (less actually, since the artist doesn’t need to tab out to refs), yet here we are.
File: 3349230.gif (497 KB, 516x418)
497 KB
497 KB GIF
u know what we're missing we're missing a shitty rpg maker pony transformation game
oh god what was it
was twilight sparkle anthro i think
File: 1434488307051.gif (285 KB, 300x312)
285 KB
285 KB GIF
>newly TF'd stallions when femanon enters the room
File: _.png (199 KB, 1032x712)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
What's the problem?
If you know, you know...
File: _.gif (803 KB, 774x464)
803 KB
803 KB GIF
worth it
File: _.png (926 KB, 909x686)
926 KB
926 KB PNG
Femanon is a known colt cuddler
Death by snu snu would occur!
The solution is obvious: Wear a red polo shirt!
File: _.png (286 KB, 1149x1124)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
File: SmolderTF_ShowStyle.png (805 KB, 1050x1445)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
"Wings? Scales? Fire breath?! Alright, I have to admit: this is weird, but it’s also kind of cool. Even by dragon standards.”
Oh stallionbros, we never left!
>It would be interesting to see how the final result [of Protectress Lilac] will end up looking.
Right on, I’ve got some ideas to work with and I think I can make something neat with them!
>become dragon
>have to go to friendship school
I want to lace fentanyl with Pon-E
Do you really want a pet pony that used to be a nigger? Is this the new Buck Breaking?
i dont want a pet. i want to liberate
Hey showstyle! Pinkamena tf guy here. So um, I've developed a new hyperfixation on a certain nightmare pony design that I've been spamming the Discord with, and was wondering if you'd be ok with making a showstyle tf of me into that...?
https://derpibooru.org/images/3347823 (I'm kinda nervous about the original creator finding out, but fuck it I might as well give it a chance)
Seconding the pink one.
This rocks
A Pony Mystery Dungeon game would be really good.
File: 3216008.png (1.48 MB, 1521x1124)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Hello Showstyle. As everyone seems to return to canon characters, can you make a tf into Twilight in her coronation dress from the end of the show? I personaly think it one of her best outfits in the whole show.
File: forestwinteranonver.png (1.66 MB, 7500x4736)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
File: _.png (148 KB, 946x851)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
That's why they're scared
File: 1712620983177383.png (3.09 MB, 6000x7500)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
You get to live in Equestria, but the cost is having your body transformed into pony-form, All Tomorrows style.
You are not a pony, you're a human in the shape of a pony. You have exposed human skin instead of fur. You walk on calloused stumps instead of hooves. You have no tail. You have no cutie mark. You cannot breed with ponies.
However, the ponies of Equestria are pure and innocent, and see you as a unique-looking pony. A foreigner from a distant land, rather than an abomination.
The only pony to know the truth of your existence is Princess Celestia. Deeply disturbed by your presence and fearful of the unknown, but careful not to cause mass panic and existential dread among the populous, she orders spies to watch you at all times to watch for suspicious activity.
Do you accept? Could you live a normal life in Equestria without revealing the truth to anyone? Could you live under constant surveillance? Could you live knowing that Princess Celestia has sleepless nights full of terror, caused by you?
>tranny bullshit
Nah, this is a thread for humans transforming into ponies, not humans mutilated to be horrible mockeries of ponies.

If I'm staying human in a land of ponies, I'm going the G1 route.
File: poniesareshy.png (373 KB, 928x3096)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
>>tranny bullshit
Yeah this is totally what trannies want and not tf fetishism.
File: _.png (772 KB, 1250x752)
772 KB
772 KB PNG
absolutely not that sounds fuckin horrifying
File: AISlop.png (1.23 MB, 1024x1024)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
AI slop image from the >discord I wrote a small prompt to go along with
>You appear in a late 90s/early 00s cartoon setting as a human in a house you don't recognize but apparently are renting out
>Go about your life as usual for a few days looking for work in the classifieds, enjoying the old amenities (and lack thereof) of the era
>Eventually an experimental drug testing position comes up
>You go in and they tell you you're to test something called Equihelical Benzoate, apparently it's supposed to decrease inflammation
>Begin turning into a pony on the way to the subway
>Some guy starts trying to slip his hand under your tail to feel up your new marehood
What do?
imagine witnessing an impossible fantastical biological impossibility like that and ur first thought and course of action is to feel them up
id just be impressed
File: _.png (147 KB, 3080x1887)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
Literally buck the creep's hand. You still have your mind after all
File: sugarcubes bee.png (101 KB, 1161x666)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
File: 3350638.jpg (1.04 MB, 2442x1705)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
File: 3286484.jpg (271 KB, 1944x1707)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>Don't like pony pets, huh? Well you just walked into the wrong neighborhood, bud!
>You best take back what you just said or you're gonna BE a pony pet!
File: _.png (260 KB, 880x724)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
File: _.png (379 KB, 898x669)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
File: _.png (720 KB, 1000x721)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
I'm really curious if there are any anons out there who would actually go for this kind of thing.
Surely out of a large enough sample, there's got to be at least one person who's messed up, form-radical, species-anarchist enough.
>messed up, form-radical, species-anarchist
You can just say "tranny". This isn't twitter, or reddit, or anything like that.
File: _.jpg (63 KB, 1051x866)
63 KB
File: _.jpg (323 KB, 1200x1200)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
File: _.png (174 KB, 752x757)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
So what, just because i dreamed i had princess luna's cutie mark i'm really her?
One dream might not be enough, but if it happens consistently, you might want to keep an eye out
Oh! This is looks amazing! Thank you!
File: _.jpg (311 KB, 2048x1533)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
er- hm. well. that might be something then.
>Once upon a whimsical afternoon, Anon found himself strolling down the bustling streets of Canterlot. The sun danced in the sky, casting a warm glow over the city, and Anon couldn't help but feel a spring in his step as he hummed a merry tune.

>"Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do," he sang, his voice carrying through the air.

>But fate had a mischievous plan in store for Anon that day. As he continued on his merry way, his shoelace suddenly came undone, tripping him up in an unexpected twist of events. With a startled yelp, he stumbled forward, crashing into the statue outside Canterlot High.

>Bewildered and dazed, Anon blinked, trying to make sense of his surroundings. And to his astonishment, he found himself transformed into a pony, his once-human form replaced by one with hooves, green fur, and a striking black mane.

>As if by magic, a crowd quickly gathered around him, whispers and gasps filling the air. But it wasn't just any ordinary crowd. No, it was a throng of mares, their eyes wide with wonder and curiosity. And they all seemed to have one thing on their minds – Anonstallion.

>Anonstallion, as he was now known, found himself the center of attention, surrounded by adoring gazes and fluttering eyelashes. Mares of all shapes and sizes vied for his attention, eager to shower him with affection and kisses.

>But amidst the frenzy, one particular pegasus named Derpy stood out, her expression a mixture of confusion and frustration. With a furrowed brow, she flew up to Anonstallion, getting right up in his face.

>"That's not Anon, that's Anonstallion!" she exclaimed, her voice tinged with exasperation. "He's a completely different character!"

>Her words sparked a heated debate among the gathered mares, each one passionately arguing their case on whether Anon and Anonstallion were one and the same or entirely distinct entities.

>"It's obvious they're different!" one mare declared, her mane bristling with indignation. "Anonstallion is a pony, while Anon was a human. They can't possibly be the same!"

>"But think about it," another countered, her eyes alight with fervor. "Anon became Anonstallion when he fell through the magic portal. He's still the same person, just in a different form!"

>The argument raged on, tempers flaring and voices growing louder with each passing moment. Yet amidst the chaos, Anonstallion couldn't help but ponder the perplexing nature of his existence. Was he truly the same person he once was, or had he become something entirely new?

>As the sun began to set over Ponyville, casting a golden hue over the scene, Anonstallion found himself lost in thought. And though the question of his identity remained unanswered, one thing was certain – he was in for quite the adventure in this magical land of Equestria.
I don't know if any anons are into it but this artist draws it. https://twibooru.org/search?q=artist%3Amoagond
It's exactly as horrifying as you would imagine. I checked the source and this guy also gets off on being turned into a flesh car.
People aren't calling it tranny shit because it isn't tranny shit. Not all fetishists are trannies.
>You turn into something that imitates your chosen form superficially and unconvincingly.
>Everyone around you tells you your imitation is flawless.
>Parental figure has nightmares about what you have become.
Have you ever heard the phrase "thinly-veiled metaphor"?
this is pony tf as dictated by jannies
File: a4da8ecb53cec85a.png (219 KB, 927x1200)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
File: 73423.png (720 KB, 5000x5057)
720 KB
720 KB PNG
I've seen some of the art by that guy but apparently not all of it. Huh. I could've done without that, thank you very much.
File: gdsf.png (9 KB, 127x138)
9 KB
this is nightmare fuel but also amazing
What is that creature?
looks to be a tapir
File: 155249.jpg (73 KB, 641x667)
73 KB
>An obscure species in a DLC for a game from a studio that at one point was supposedly going to put out a game with ponies
>Bro, how can you say this isn't pony related?
File: 40001012.jpg (2.87 MB, 3200x1800)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB JPG
Does anybody else here get an intermittent desire to become Rainbow Dash? I think she's cool and that it would be cool to be her.
I feel like a lot of people here have a dozen or so "TF moods" through which they regularly meander.
For me a lot of them are Wonderbolts, and I land on Dash a lot.
>a lot of them are Wonderbolts
You have good taste. Do you count Lightning Dust as a member of the wonderbolts too?
File: 3154761.png (468 KB, 1120x1044)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
>Do you count Lightning Dust as a member of the wonderbolts
I don't, but that doesn't mean I'm discluding her from this discussion. She's not in the core ciwtwm group but she'll draw my interest once every couple months.
In no particular order, Rainbow Dash, Thunderlane, Spitfire, Fleetfoot, Soarin, and Misty Fly are among the ponies I'd most like to be.
When it comes to stallion tfs I prefer for women to transform into them. Nevertheless, good list.
File: 3352648.png (183 KB, 1120x1200)
183 KB
183 KB PNG
File: 3352532.png (115 KB, 918x839)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
Well. Haven't been here in a minute.

Guess I autta finish the thing. Here we go lads.

A recap:
Anonymous has taken time off of work to finally indulge himself on a powerful street drug by the name of Pon-E which offers the improbable and some would argue the impossible: 12 hours of pure bliss and relaxation by turning the user into a pony. There are only three rules to taking the drug- Don't take it alone, Don't name yourself, and Don't take more than 1 in a 24 hours period, or you will be turned into a pony forever.

The pony you turn into is randomized the first time, from gender to build to species to coloration, but once you've turned into a pony, you will always turn into the same pony the next time you take the pill.

When we last left off, Anonymous has had two days of experience as a purple, black, and gray unicorn mare, and spent some time discovering her vast magical potential, and getting some time to rest.

Today, the third day of her days off, Anonymous has invited over his friend Nonny, who's desperately in love with Anon, to which Anon is unaware, and the two just settled in to being ponified together. Anon was just woken up by a Pinkie Pie exclamation as the two cuddle on the couch to watch MLP together...


It was one of the things you always appreciated about Nonny, that he wouldn't freak out when you would accidently give him a smack or elbow when he startled you. Unfortunately it was more common than you'd like, due to how deeply invested in things you could get, you were pretty easily startled, and one of of the problems of being a big guy is little motions became big motions when you scale them up to someone of your size.

Apparently that translated over to pony form as well, considering that you were pretty massive as far as Pon-E's went.

You sigh as you nuzzle up into the warm floof of Nonny's chest and under his chin, carefully angling your head to avoid catching him with your horn or digging your horn into the couch, and look back to the TV as he nuzzles into your mane, humming contemplatively.

"You know... you're pretty good at Magic Anon... maybe you can show off a little bit?" Nonny floats the question with a slightly uncaring attitude, as if he's just putting it out there to make you think about it, but you know Nonny better than that.

You don't shift as you float another carrot over to yourself, slowly chomping away at it. "Mmm."

"I mean, you're so cute, and if I wasn't a pony, we could go for a walk, or heck, you could probably go by yourself. You'd absolutely be able to defend yourself, and that's not even forgetting that you're a lot bigger than most Pon-E's. I bet you've got a pretty great buck." Nonny comments, and you can feel him grin.

"Oh my gosh, we could go Applebucking!"

You giggle at his excitement, feeling his wings puff up and flap. "That does sound like fun." You sigh, rolling your eyes as he cheers. "Bit late for that today though. Maybe some other weekend?"

You prod the silly stallion, making him giggle as he fluffs his wings out again, and you roll off of the couch onto your hooves, stretching out languishingly, even as you're aware that Nonny's eyes are glued to your lithe form, mentally giggling at him as you wiggle just a bit, watching his eyes track your flanks from the corner of your eye.

Silly stallion.

"It is! Most of those things require a tour set up or reservations, and we'd have to let them know that Pon-E are coming ahead of time." You chastise, turning around to look at him when a detail that had escaped you earlier suddenly jumps into full view as you go to stare at his flank because he stared at yours, and you're caught by the realization that your stallion has a cutie mark.

A cutie mark!

"... Nonny. How did you get your cutie mark?"


You groan at the non-answer and jab the silly stallion in said flank and cutie mark, making him yelp and attempt to cover up with a wing as you turn and walk away. "Come on, we need more snacks and a drink sounds nice, and you can explain yourself."

As you pick up the mostly-depleted snack tray with your magic, you hear him jump down to follow you, even as he snarks at you. "As you wish, your royal majesty. Allow me to bow, scrape, and kiss your ass as well."

You roll your eyes, and trot towards the kitchen. "So? I thought Cutie Marks were noted for being a 'non thing'." You ask, turning your head back to look at the pegasus as he stretches out and flutters his wings before standing up straight to follow you to the kitchen.

"Kinda? It's complicated." He says, rubbing the back of his neck as he follows you. "I can't get into all the details but suffice to say those of us with cutie marks are kinda trying to keep it on the downlow? Lotta conspiracy theory stuff out there after all."

You nod along. There's some weirdos who claim that the pills are a sign that Equestria is real and that this is a planned invasion tactic, or that Pon-E's are devils/succubi/incubi/insert-your-cryptid-here that are stealing humans away and planning to take over the world.

"But outside of that... well, I was flying." Nonny says, his voice going a bit wistful and distant as his eyes glaze a bit as he thinks back to the moment when his Cutie Mark came, which draws your attention away, though not enough that you can't get the drinks out of the fridge, more hard cider, and refill your snack tray and dip (spinach dip this time).

"I had D-Rankz, a fellow pony enthusiast and my... local source, watching over me. We cut a deal that would let me get Pon-E on the regular, and in trade sometimes he'd watch me and sometimes I'd watch him." Nonny explains, gently waving a hoof through the air as you dip a strip of bell pepper into the spinach dip and crunch down, happily savoring the flavor of the veg.
"So there we are, just hanging out at the basket ball courts, and I'm just doing some basic flying stunts- dive bombing, loops, alieron rolls and barrel rolls, just enjoying being in the sky you know? And then I saw this little cloud forming that I could just tell was gonna be bad news." Nonny always talked with his hands, and it's clear that even as a Pony he'll do the same as he sits back on his flank to free up his forehoove as he uses them to help show what he's describing.

"It was a storm seed. What the heck that is and how I knew? Not sure! But I knew this much- if I didn't do anything, this was gonna form a pretty annoying storm that would ground me and keep me from flying!" He exults, waving his hooves around as I crack open the ciders, floating one over to him and floating the other in front of me and taking a sip, shuddering at the cool, crisp taste of apples.

He sips, his wings floofing out at the flavor before he continues to talk. "Couldn't let that happen so I just... grabbed a nearby cloud, and started condensing it. I can't begin to describe the how or the why of what I did, I just... did it."

He sighs quietly, eyes shining in remembrance. "Once I had a little Derpy-sized raincloud all bundled up, I pushed it above the storm seed and gave it a one-hoofed buck and made my own little localized rainstorm, which broke up the thundercloud, and as it rained, there was a bright flash, which I thought was lighting from the storm seed originally, but when I looked back..."

He calms, smiling gently, with such a soft, playful expression on his face that my heart clenches, before he looks back to his own flank, where his cutie mark sits. "There it was. My cutie mark."

The stallion shifts his attention back as he takes the floating can in front of him in the crook of his forehoof and takes a sip, smiling. "It's... kind of freeing, to know there's something that you're just... good at."

You smile at him. "I'm glad for you Nonny! And it's probably a good idea to keep that under wraps..."

He laughs. "Yeah, especially because they stick around when you're human! If you get yours, you'd need to make sure to stick with longer skirts because they actually are pretty big on humans. I had to get new shorts because the ones I normally wear actually reveal some of it!"

You blink, tilting your head at him in confusion. "Skirts?"

He freezes mid drink... and slowly finishes the drink he was taking before trying to nonchalantly play it off. "Yeah, I mean, Kilts most likely, but it feels pretty freeing. I bet you'd look great in a kilt!"

You narrow your eyes and stare the stallion down, who squirms nervously in place before he breaks the awkward moment. "Ooh, spinach dip! Yum!" He laughs nervously, taking a piece of bell pepper for himself and some of the spinach dip.
"... I'm going to let you off the hook this time, but you watch yourself buster."

Of course, Nonny being Nonny, he has to play it up as he sweeps into a bow at your hooves. "Oh thank you your grace, please forgive this worm his mistakes."

And then he starts gently kissing around your fetlocks, which... wow... that uh, that feels really good...



You snap out of the moment of revelry in his attentions before gently pushing him away with a shaky laugh. "Yeah yeah yeah, get off my hooves."

That felt a little -too- good.

Maybe later.

The two of you laugh it off and clink your drinks together as he gets up from his bow before you return to the couch together, drinks in hoof, snacks at the ready, and more show to watch.

Soon you're both cuddled up together and watching the show again, enjoying the warm, comfortable atmosphere together.

Time... time blurs, and the two of you snuggle closer and closer.

The drinks are drank.

Snacks are eaten. Not much of the platter left now.

You're idly draped against Nonny and slightly over the couch, your hoof dangling as you lazily summon another celery stick, humming quietly as you gently run a hoof through Nonny's belly fur. He's been gently massaging your upper back and down your sides, which feels really good.

"... hey Anon." His voice quietly drags you away from the Season 3 episode you were kinda/kinda not watching, the celery stick hanging in your magic as you turn to look at Nonny. "Mmm?"

"You're feeling better... right?" He asks shyly, looking up at you from where he's laying below you. "I know it was... it wasn't great, but I'm glad you decided to open up a bit more and let me come over again."

You sigh softly, lowering your head and resting your forehead against his. "I... still don't really want to talk about it Nonny." You whisper, before you feel a hoof gently cup the side of your muzzle.

"I know, and that's ok. But that doesn't mean I'm not thankful that you're here with me, and that you're getting a moment to properly relax and unwind." Nonny whispers back, the intimate moment sending a warm, pleased feeling coiling down your spine, your tail flicking as he shifts to gently nuzzle you.

You nuzzle back before sitting up a bit and looking down at Nonny, laying down below you, his wings spread wide. His chest and barrel are broad and stocky for such a small pegasus, and you can't say it isn't an enticing look. His pegasus chest floof is fluffy and warm, and it emphasis how broad his chest is.

Your eyes meet his, and you feel the heat that ran down your spine coiling tighter. Goodness his eyes are pretty. Neither of you say anything as you simply gaze into one another's eyes, when the curtain to the room falls free, washing you both in moonlight.
His head turns to the side, slowly breaking the eye contact, and you're stuck marveling how pretty his fur looks awash in the moonlight.

The shadows dance.

You turn your head to follow his attention, and see he's looking at the piece of Celery. You gently place it in his mouth, and he bites down gently, before looking back up to you, his eyes locking with yours again, green pools glimmering in the moonlight, like a untamed forest.

You can almost hear it, almost feel it.

Your chest lowers down as you lay atop of him, your chest to his, eyes still locked as he freezes like a deer in headlights.

Slowly, you lower your head, opening your mouth... and take the other end of the piece of celery in your mouth, pursing your lips a bit as you bite down.

The two of you continue to gaze at one another as you slowly chew on what you bit off, and he's clearly doing the same... before he leans up, takes a bite, and gently pulls the celery down.

To keep your end of the stick in your mouth, you have to let your head go lower, closer, and you do so. You can feel your heart racing, his heart racing, almost matching in tempo, as you get closer.

His face is flushed red through his fur, and you know yours is too, even as you lean in, tilting your head to the side just slightly, your mane draping to the side as a curtain as you take a bite.


He bites again.


As do you, a bigger on this time. You can feel the heat of his muzzle next to yours.

It's as close as you can get without...

He opens his mouth, invitingly.

You let your muzzle drop just a bit further.

The sound of your lips meeting is quiet, soft.

You let the celery drop from your mouth into his, and he closes his lips and meets you in the kiss.

Your eyes flutter and close, and you're sure his does the same as a hoof gently rests on your upper back and squeezes gently, even as you gently twist your muzzle to deepen the moment.

He's so warm... it's soft.

His lips mesh with yours in a way you simply can't describe as the moonlight frames you both, and you feel the heat between you two.

You feel so warm.

So loved.

The moment is....


And you collapse, unconscious.


File: Glimmer Dusk.png (2 MB, 1410x982)
2 MB
Haha wow I'm a jerk.

Cliffhangers suck amiright?

Anyway here's the latest update for Pon-E:PBG.

I know, I know, I'm late.

By... uh.

Two years?

>Don't get a government job kids

Anyway, we're getting close to the end now. Kind of surreal.

I'm glad that I'll be able to finish PBG though. I dunno if I'll make it to and through Doctor's Oath and Homecoming, but at the very least I'll be able to finish PBG.

As for MHA: Stampede Ultra, I've got some ideas but I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep writing it. Unfortunately my military career has been incredibly hectic. We'll see.

Anyway, thanks for reading, as always I crave your feedback friends, and I hope you're doing well.

Gimmi (you)s.
Great read, thanks for the continuation
Five score divided by four ended ten years ago today https://www.fimfiction.net/story/93383/five-score-divided-by-four
and the events of the book version will start wednesday (may 1, 2024)
I hope I get roseluck.
I hope I get Night Glider.
nice, that's also my birthday. I hope that's my present
I hope I get Sea Swirl.
>Tfw too young to be potentially affected
File: 526037.png (162 KB, 774x1032)
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162 KB PNG
Don't worry!
In 2020 there was a world-changing event large enough for the author to acquiesce to shifting the story timeline back four years.
There’s still a few days remaining for another world-changing event to happen and retcon the story to 2028!
File: you will be converted.png (321 KB, 1400x1400)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
>"Just read the book."
Don't worry. May 1st is only the first day. The inciting incident was 25 years before May 1st 2020, but what people don't realize is not all of the ponies turned on May 1st or even that first week.

The stories of ponies turning back that first week are popular just because those were some of the few who were able to get their shit together and get to the farm in time.

Many ponies got caught after that. It's a trickle, but it's still possible to wake up on your 25th and see something on your flank.

Imagine the unlucky pony who got Five Scored right before ponies came to stop Discord. We'll see them in 2045. They were reborn a few years ago.
I think the flaw here is you would have to swap between ponies to use different abilities, yeah? In a shitty rpg maker game it'd probably be poof TF.
fucking loved it cheers, better late than never eh
Where did this image come from and what are the obelisks behind the mare?
poof tf is awesome some of us like the angst and gay shit of being a pony rather than the transformation part itself
Poof tf kills half the fun for me. Even if it's a quick tf over minutes or seconds it's still better. Which is probably why changelings never interested me given their shape changing is just a green flash.
out of curiousity, what do you like about the process so much? i think i like it too to a degree, like "oh shit my hands are becoming stumps holy shit" and dealing with that problem real-time rather than all the changes coming at once and instantly
The change coming gradually can lead to a lot of interesting scenarios. Also giving time for the tf'd to react more to the changes. I'm very into seeing the reactions in tf. With poof tf it's just one shock but with gradual the character blushes or is embarrassed multiple times before it's done. Like trying to hide the changes at first until they cannot anymore. Or human things like walking on two legs or holding things in their hands becoming harder and harder. And of course the growth or change of certain special equine parts. I'm also just weird and like to imagine what it feels like to have your body shift and change like that.
File: 3352910.jpg (320 KB, 2048x2048)
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File: 3352919.png (103 KB, 486x452)
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File: 3352918.png (320 KB, 1125x1353)
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File: 1.png (2.18 MB, 910x4047)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
not quite the same thing but it reminded me of this
File: 2.png (2.92 MB, 883x4172)
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2.92 MB PNG
File: 3.png (2.8 MB, 978x3766)
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2.8 MB PNG
File: 4.png (2.26 MB, 952x3871)
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2.26 MB PNG
File: 5.png (2.82 MB, 948x3886)
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File: manufactured mare.gif (3.86 MB, 400x300)
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3.86 MB GIF
>become pony
>live life enslaved to hasbro
Is it really worth it?
This is the single most autistic thing I've ever seen but I can't help but be charmed by its childlike simplicity
File: _.png (1.21 MB, 3453x1668)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
File: _.jpg (75 KB, 552x588)
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Anon, those aren't ponies.
I feel weirdly nauseous reading all these, but I feel like I'm still better off for having done so. My man definitely has some interesting & unique ideas.
File: _.png (202 KB, 1280x1018)
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File: full.jpg (153 KB, 534x606)
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153 KB JPG
I wonder how a five score story set in the Mirror-Universe would play out. Discord as a protagonist would be interesting.
>>The little pony listened intently, and with every word, her smile slowly creeped up and up.
Just like my smile when I read about new ponies learning to fly.
yeah, i especially loved the thing about the pony naturally looking down and having to have her posture corrected
weirdly cute, think itd be cuter if it didn't lean so much into the corporate tones, though i liked the lab setting
File: finalday.png (36 KB, 401x301)
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File: _.png (178 KB, 1050x690)
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File: _.jpg (509 KB, 1600x1575)
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only posting here because abbo told me to

anyway see you at mare fair but probably not really because I'm broke
File: 1707154818240038.jpg (7 KB, 100x100)
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hello shoefag, please kys immediately, nobody wants to be transformed into shoes and it is not sexy to have people transformed into fucking high heels
NTA but speak for yourself, just because you're a coward doesn't mean everyone else is too pussy to handle transformation kinks on a thread entirely dedicated to transformation
Please come to Mare Fair
why was anon sleeping with another man?
Based on the photo above they're childhood friends or brothers, so there's nothing inherently sexual about them sharing a bed. You're the one making it weird.
uh you don't share a bed with your fellow anons? bro...
Every time I do that, they turn into a pony.
File: 1712740659452367.png (149 KB, 739x622)
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149 KB PNG
>no cutie mark
welp time to kill myself and hope i reincarnate as as pony
Am I gay if I would husband a stallion but only if I become a mare first?
can I sleep with you? no homo
a little but hey who gives a shit when ur getting pounded
Oh no...
stallions aren't gay so it's fine
I want a fat assed Floor Bored mare to turn me into panties
File: 2543844.png (927 KB, 2088x2308)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
How hard would it be for one of us to seduce a stallion anyway? I feel like being an ex-dude would be an advantage since we'd be far more willing to just walk up and start flirting with him.
File: 3354162.jpg (160 KB, 1860x1419)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
Say you're now a cute mare in Equestria. What's your gameplan for getting a boyfriend?
It would depend on what the stallion values, although being able to relate to him is undoubtedly a benefit.
My basic plan would be to do lots of excercises to give myself a bigger butt, and do some of my flying at a local public track where I could show off and catch a few eyes. And if I did get a job somewhere on an airship on the frontiers of equestria like I'd want, I'd probably just straight up flirt with any stallions on the crew I found attractive and go from there.
A Ticket To The Circus
By Darkdemonlucifer

The circus was becoming a rarer thing with each day that passed. In a world filled with all the entertainment you could ever want right at your fingertips, it was becoming less common to take your children out to see clowns or acrobats performing live. Clowns were almost a thing of the past, relegated to horror movies and the odd child’s birthday party rather then putting on a show for hundreds of people.

Josh had never been to see the circus. He wanted to see the circus though, or he was pretty sure that he wanted to visit the circus. Either way he was now on the path to visit the circus. The more he thought about it, the more he began to realize that he didn’t actually remember getting here.

And almost as important, here really didn’t look like the kind of place that a circus would be held. Tall black trees towered all around him, reaching up into the sky like angry claws, leafless branches twisted and gnarled as if they were in pain. Up above, there was half of the moon sticking out from behind a cloud, casting the ground below in a silver light that made it easy to see where he was going.

But where was he going? He glanced down at the bright pink ticket in his hand and attempted to gather all his memories of the last few hours into his mind, but for some reason they scattered and drifted away like they were trapped behind a thick wall of fog.

Before he think any more on it, there was a sudden stiff breeze that rattled through the trees and his skinny frame with ease, chilling him straight down to the bone.

Right. He was simply wearing a red, short-sleeved t-shirt and a set of tracksuit trousers. His feet were clad in simple trainers, but they were sturdy and with the sliver light of the moon he could see where he was going.

But, where WAS he going? He could see the path, winding in a serpentine fashion through the forest, devoid of leaves and made out of simple compacted dirt, but where did the path end? And why was he here?

Hugging his arms tighter to his chest, he hurried down the path and tried to piece everything together, but it was hopeless. He was here, and he felt a strong desire to keep moving down the path, and that was the end of it.

Honestly, he would have been scared normally, even terrified, but something about this place made him feel safe. If he just kept following the path, everything would be OK.

After taking a sharp turn, he found himself in a clearing, and in the centre of the clearing there was a huge circus tent dominating the horizon, with a small flag blowing gently in the wind right at the top, and an emblem of the moon carved into the flag pole. The scent of popcorn and other sweet scents filled the air. The tent was striped, pitch black and midnight blue, with faded pink bunting decorating around the edges of the roof, circling the entire tent and giving it a somewhat eerie feeling.
What was also giving him an eerie feeling was the fact that a light green glow seemed to be coming from inside of the tent, much lighter then the colour of his eyes and almost sickly, but it felt… Welcoming.

Stepping towards it, he seemed to cross some kind of invisible barrier. The sound of laughter filled the air, the joyous song of the circus flowing from out of the tent and making him feel compelled to approach the tent faster, to find out just what it was that they were finding so amusing.

Before he took another step forward however, Josh turned the faded pink ticket over in his hand and attempted to study the writing that it was stamped with. It was simple in design, stamped with letters all in the same script, besides some parts where capitals were used.

‘The GREATEST circus in town. Come and see! Ticket valid for 1 adult. Truly unforgettable show that will change your life,’ The ticket assured.

Scattered around the text, in the same font, were several phrases ‘such wow’, ‘laugh’, ‘joy’. It looked like it hadn’t been made professional, and he couldn’t remember where he had gotten it. But then he couldn’t remember getting here either.

Maybe this was all a dream? He stared down at the palm of his hand, then turned it over to gaze over his knuckles. No? He moved his other hand and pinched himself firmly, which hurt a lot as his skin was very cold from the bitter wind.

Muttering softly to himself, he rubbed the red mark that he had just left on his skin and then bought his focus back up to the tent. Right. This wasn’t a dream. He might have been tripping balls, but for now there seemed to be no other way to figure it out besides pushing forward into the tent.

He could do this.

Pushing forward, he drew closer to the tent and noticed the fliers that decorated the area around entrance. Most of them were advertisements for previous shows and highlighting specific feats. Hanging up fliers that advertised old shows was certainly a strange thing to do, but the sound of echoing laughter coming from within the tent drew his attention upwards.

Normally, the sound of laughter in the middle of the woods this late and night would have some kind of haunting quality to it, but to him it seemed strangely comforting. It sounded like the people in the tent were genuinely enjoying whatever was happening, like they were just having a good time, and that filled him with a strange feeling.

It was time. He was stopped just before the entrance to the tent now, before the rough fabric that made it up, able to see the fact that it was made out of some kind of heavy burlap, which was an odd choice of material. He was just putting it off, he had no idea what awaited him beyond the entrance but he knew that once he entered the tent, there would be no turning back.
How did he know that? He couldn’t be sure, but there was a strange sense of nervous excitement building within his chest, like a swarm of butterflies or balloons bouncing around in his tummy. Whatever was about to happen, it was going to be big.

A sigh, then he ducked down and entered the tent, the sickly green light from above almost blinding him for a brief moment as it was far brighter then the moonlight outside. Up above, attached to metal structural beams, there were huge green and blue flood lights painting everything in an odd glow like it was some kind of rave, and up on the stage was the creature that everyone was laughing about.

It was a pony. Or, something that he could vaguely identify as a pony, only it was neon pink with a hugely oversized and poofy mane in a lighter pink hue that reminded him of cotton candy. Their face was painted white like the classic Pierrot clowns, with bright yellow circles painted just below their eyes.

He was taken back for a few moments as mixed, confused emotions overtook him. This didn’t feel like a dream. Was he going mad? He turned to face towards the exit, but before he even completed a full turn, he was bought to a stop by something else. The crowd.

Filling the stands and seats were other brightly coloured technicolour equines, most not quite as bright as the one taking centre stage in the ring, but all of them laughing and smiling as they defied the laws of logic and reason.

His head was in a spin, and he was in a panic, but when he turned towards the exit, it had suddenly vanished from right behind him, and he was faced with thick, rough fabric that at the moment seemed like an impenetrable barrier.

Up on stage, the clown, the bright neon pink clown in a black Perrot outfit decorated with faded multicoloured spots, was busy pushing their mane into a fool’s cap, a cap ‘n bells, but in place of the bells, each of the three points ended in a brightly coloured pompom, in blue, yellow and pink.

He was breathing really heavy. His heart was beating like a drum, and things went from bad to worse when the clown in the centre of the ring stared directly at him. The sclera of their eyes was a light blue, with piercing blue irises and black pupils like pinpricks that seemed to be looking right through him. With the wide white frills from the neck of their costume, it almost looked like their head had been served on some kind of platter.

Things went from bad to completely fucked when a piercing yellow stage light suddenly flicked on overhead, illuminating him directly.

Then the laughter fell silent. The crowd, the clown, they were all staring at him in something taken straight from out of a nightmare, and the only thing he could do was stand there as his heart thudded desperately in his ears.

“Fillies and Gentlecolts! We have a very special guest here today, who’s come all the way from another world just to help me with my latest trick!”
The sound of stomping hooves sounded through the tent, a round of applause given by impossible creatures for an impossible situation.

The clown was staring directly at him and a few painful seconds ticked by before he managed to find his voice.
“I-Ia…” Or, maybe he hadn’t managed to find his voice after all. “I… This is impossible.”
The clown laughed, a smile spreading across its face like a wound becoming unstitched, showing off rows of serrated teeth that were far too sharp to be put on a herbivore.

“Do you hear that folks? ‘This is impossible’, well when the great Pinkiacci is in town, nothing is impossible!”
His voice had come out quite, but each time she spoke, it seemed to echoed all around the tent. One of his legs was starting to shake wildly, and it felt like his strength was slowly being drained out of him… What was this? His head was still in a spin, but the clown was still giving a bright grin.

The voice was undeniably feminine, and she hopped up onto a tiny ball that wobbled back and forth slightly as she stared at him again. He could only stare there in a shocked stupor, slowly finding himself getting lost in her eyes.

He wanted to get out of here. He wanted to turn and run but there was nowhere to go and his limbs weren’t interested in following his orders right now. “It’s OK folks, my assistant just has a little bit of stage fright! Give us a second.” The crowd gave a soft laugh in response, but he now realized that his limbs were locked up.

His entire world had been swallowed up by those sky blue eyes, and he found his legs slowly moving on their own. He wanted to fight. He wanted to scream, he wanted to run as far away as he was able.

Calmness had set in over the panic, an unnatural calmness that left his thoughts placid, completely at the mercy of the impossible clown as he slowly approached the ring, finding himself surrounded by floodlights and the eyes of dozens of technicolour ponies watching him.

“Come on folks, let’s give another round of applause to our brave volunteer! What’s the name of our lucky special ticket holder?”

Josh’s mouth was so dry, it felt like his tongue was being baked in a desert. He swallowed, then croaked out
“Josh, my name is Josh…” His voice only shook a little bit, which was something that he was quite proud of, but the clown fell over backwards onto her ball, somehow balancing on it with her flank. The rest of the crowd soon joined in with the laughing, and he felt his heart sink. It felt as though they were laughing at him.

“No silly, your name is The GREAT Pinkiacci!”
Josh looked confused for a few moments, but the only thing that escaped his mouth was a soft croak as he attempted to argue with the clown.
The crowd had stopped laughing now, and there were dozens of eyes simply staring at him from the crowd as the clown took off her fool’s cap and suddenly plonked it down right on his head. It was heavy, far heavier then he had been expecting and smelled strongly of popcorn and cotton candy.

He stumbled away from the clown for a brief moment, then went down firmly on his rear. He had only just now noticed that the clown was a lot larger then the other ponies, and stood as tall as he did when standing up.

Now that he had gone down on his tail bone, she towered over him, and before he could attempt to tear the silly hat off, a sudden jolt ripped up his spine, and for a split second he worried that falling on his rear, he might have landed on his tail bone funny.

And then the sensation became incredibly pleasurable and he let out a started cry as he felt something begin to shift in his body. There weren’t enough curses in the English language for how much he was freaking out in that moment, but as he stared up at the clown, all that panic melted away and was replaced with a solid calm as he drew himself into her eyes.

Something was escaping from inside of him, and he turned his head slightly as a jolt of pain ripped through him, a growing pressure that felt like something was being crushed, and then there was a sudden ripping sound.

A large poofy tail, an exact match for that of the clown in front of him, had just burst through his trousers and was now hanging out behind him, as if it had always been there.

It was a joke. A magic trick. It had-

A hoof firmly gripped under his chin, guiding him back to stare into the eyes of the clown, and all that panic melted away from him. It was fine. He was fine, this was all normal. The crowd was watching, he couldn’t freak out in front of them.

His skin began to feel warm as he stared at the clown.
“Ah, the party is going to last forever, and we are going to have so much fun!” She declared.

It sounded good. It sounded right. He liked parties right? Of course he did, who didn’t like parties?
Something began to sprout through his skin, and his attention was drawn to a marking on the suit of the clown, a marking of three neon blue balloons.

A soft moan escaped his lips as he stared at them, and a bright red blush rushed to his cheeks as the great Pinkiacci gave a soft little titter.
“You like that mark right?” She asked rhetorically, “It’s our mark! Our talent is partying and performing, remember?”

He remembered. He loved to party. He loved to perform.
“The bigger the crowd, the better right? We love making ponies laugh, right?”
Yes. He loved when people and ponies laughed. He loved making people and ponies laugh.
There was bright neon pink fur sprouting from his body. It was OK. It felt good, it felt like his entire body was getting a gentle massage, and as the pink pony before him gave a soft giggle, he found himself giggling with her. This was fun. This felt right.
“Silly billy, we’ve got to get you ready for your big show, and you forgot your make-up!”

Oh. Oh no. He couldn’t perform without his make-up. His hands were really starting to tingle, and his shoulders felt funny. The pink pony had hopped down off her ball at this point and was now sat before him, holding a simple black make-up kit in one hoof and the brush in the other. He hadn’t even noticed her removing her hoof from his chin, but it didn’t matter, her eyes were the only thing that mattered in the world to him.

She pressed the brush gently to his face as he felt it shift and change, there was something horribly wrong with his face, but he couldn’t tell what it was, and as his snout slowly extended forward, he resisted the urge to smack one of his partly formed hooves into his forehead. He certainly was a silly-billy, he’d forgotten his make-up, that was why she was helping him apply it. How could he forget?

The white face paint was applied to his face, Pinkiacci slowly dragging the brush over the edges of his face in a caring fashion, each stroke practically feeling like heaven against his new neon pink fur.

On the edges of his vision, she could see her brand new mane slowly sprouting from her head and growing down one side of her face, and she hoped it wouldn’t get in the way of having her make-up applied. She needed to put on a show and she couldn’t let her fans down, she needed to make them laugh and give them an unforgettable show.

Thankfully, she was very skilled at applying make-up, and her doppelganger shared that trait, effortlessly brushing on the thick paint before using a make-up pad to wipe off any excess.

She was growing now, her body extending outwards with the popping of bones and joints that were adjusting, getting her ready for her next big show. Her groin was shifting and reshaping, and for a moment she felt as though she had just lost something important, but that thought was quickly brushed aside.

She knew now why it was she had been wandering out in the forest, and why she had forgotten the reason for coming here. This was HER surprise show, all of this had been put on for her, and as her body grew and expanded outwards, she was caught off guard by the strange sensation of her teeth shifting and changing within her maw, becoming sharper and more pointed, giving meaning to the phrase ‘don’t look a gift horse in the mouth’
Pinkiacci was a gift horse, and the gift she bought was laughter. She was standing at her full height now, and her double was helping to apply the yellow circles to contrast with her weight face paint. She was the greatest clown in all the land, standing at twice the height of a regular pony but able to mover her body in incredible feats of acrobatics and showponyship.

The crowd was watching in shocked awe as she stretched herself out, feeling how limber each of her joints were and just how powerful she felt. She had her huge poofy mane, and her huge poofy tail, and the all important cap ‘n bells, or cap ‘n pompoms in this case, but she still felt as though something important was missing, as if she was somehow naked.

Staring at her double, she took note of the fabric suit that they were wearing, something that she needed to look like a proper clown, but it was more important then that. Staring back at her neon pink flank, she couldn’t help but giggle.
“I almost forgot my cutie-” She cut herself off, her voice was still that of a human man, although with a lot less nerves behind it, booming out to the crowd in the tone of a proper performer. She cleared her throat firmly, “Ahem, sorry, human had my tongue! I almost forgot my cutie-mark, I can’t be much of a performer without any talent, can I?”

The crowd laughed, and it felt good to her. It made her feel like all was right in the world, and as she focused on her flank, there was a soft magical glow and then there it was, three blue neon balloons, a mark of her talent as a clown, a mark of The Great Pinkiacci!

Her double produced a brand-new hat from within her mane, and she smacked her hoof gently into her face, being careful not to smudge her face paint as she did so. If she wanted a new costume, she could just get one from her mane!

She plunged her hoof into the incredibly soft poofyness of her mane. It really was like cotton candy, only with more confetti in it and being a lot, lot softer.

From within her mane she pulled a brand new suit for herself, moving to deftly pull it on and slip it over her form. The little frills around her hooves made it easy to distinguish them from the rest of her body, and the frills around her neck kept the attention on her face.

She loved it. She loved the feel of her suit and her hat and just… Everything. And even more then that, she loved the feeling of putting on a show.

Speaking of shows, she turned to face the crowd, feeling hundreds of eyes watching her, waiting for her to perform for them. It was time to get to work, it was time to show why she was The Great Pinkiacci.
This idea is next.
I'd still want a girlfriend, imagine dyke sex where the girls are actually cute
Shoefag, do I have to reiterate again that fucking high heels aren’t hot and that nobody is a coward because they don’t care about your autistically niche fetish?

Don’t you have children to groom into wanting to be transformed into shoes and socks you pervert?
He can be the shoes, I'll be the socks
t. foot fetishist
literally not shoefag, retard. don't you have children to groom into wanting to be pony pets you pervert?
I really like legs and cuddling legs and kissing legs and magical cartoon horses have four magical cartoon legs so they make me happy. Also hands are pretty cool.
>You start transforming into a Draconequus
How screwed are you
I think the right question is how screwed would the world be in that case.
File: _.jpg (379 KB, 1089x1000)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
If I'm him, he's me. I know that ponies are into the whole "forgiveness" thing. I can probably get them to believe I've changed, and bring them all home, tone down the crazy to manageable levels, and possible end up with two worlds to play with.
Well, three new Five Score fics on fimfiction. Well, two and one got a sequel/continuation. Not a bad haul. Hopefully they actually update.
File: _.png (101 KB, 599x541)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
guys i'm starting to think this is all a flight of fancy and i will not infact magically turn into an equestrian pony one day
>Multiple people turn into the same pony
I thought it was 2020?
the physical book copy version says 2024
I see. Was not aware of the change. Was the change discussed somewhere?
I still believe
for realsies realsies or i really want to believe-sies
File: 1711284779404.png (3.62 MB, 1350x1800)
3.62 MB
3.62 MB PNG
That's Mary Morris from My Little Marriage. She's the man's wife.
File: twi tf.png (2.8 MB, 2080x1024)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB PNG
what if a scientist girl tf'd into twilight and got got fucked? haha
You can't wear panties, you snake skank, you don't have legs.
File: 1667240442933819.gif (3.76 MB, 592x772)
3.76 MB
3.76 MB GIF
for realsies realsies
someone write a prompt for this please
She could write a book about it.
Nope. I think it just seemed like a fun idea to do for the update. For all the little dorks coming in late who are confused that MLP has five seasons in the fic and the show ended five years ago.

So instead the book made it so the show had 9 seasons but ended 5 years ago still.

Which is a choice. If I recall the Mature upload got tweaked to have 9 seasons but not take place five years later... so still 2020. Which is funny because now you have Dave freaking out that there's not enough Rainbow Dash clop 1 year after the show ended and everyone talking about the good old days in the fandom.

It's sort of whatever. Those details weren't ever too important for most of the fics.

That said, A Prench Tale Vol 2 just dropped yesterday and it mentioned the Notre Dame Cathedral fire. Which was a lot more topical in 2020. That was a cute touch.
not very, and if i find eris i'm hugging her for it.
I guess what I mean is not so much discussion but just a note explaining the change, even if it’s very brief. Sometimes I document the history of fanworks, so having a reference to such a post would be nice.
>So instead the book made it so the show had 9 seasons but ended 5 years ago still.
Did they include anything from the newer seasons?
File: _.png (288 KB, 1600x1600)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
File: 20240503_151816.jpg (1.13 MB, 1800x2371)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Any of you fags own any /ptfg/ merch?
Imagine turning into this slut
File: IMG_5670.jpg (1.88 MB, 4032x3024)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
Yeah, I've got the mind virus plush. She likes to watch me play vidya. Wasn't grouped up this game btw , just a coincidence lol
File: _.png (117 KB, 1600x1200)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
I have a couple copies of the Five Score book which, considering the story originated in the thread, is something I'm counting as /ptfg/ merch.
Surely that's the closest thing we have to a mass-manufactured item, right? Unless you're hiding a dozen boxes of Abbo Shirts somewhere.
File: 1714790046322.jpg (215 KB, 960x1280)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
File: _.png (780 KB, 825x882)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
I've got a few prints and a couple of bottles from Chocopony
File: _.png (1.46 MB, 1280x1004)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
File: image.png (63 KB, 434x290)
63 KB
File: no boops.jpg (258 KB, 1500x1800)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
File: _.jpg (337 KB, 1920x1280)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
I initially bought two copies in case one of them had a misprint/missing pages (I heard a few did, but both of mine were fine). I intend to hold on to the extra one for the eventual day that it's no longer in print, and I'll resell it to a newfag who otherwise would've missed the opportunity.
What were your reasons for buying multiple copies?
Updated paste, I'll be back in a bit.
Apologies, I meant art prints. I was going to buy a copy of Five Score, but Paypal fell through at the final hour and I couldn't use my CC at the time
hmm i believe i shall use my paycheck on a pony transformation book instead of food this week
If it works, you can just eat grass and stuff until your next paycheck.
sounds like a solid plan to me
File: 902249.jpg (229 KB, 800x450)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
You're not actually going to be thinking about a "next paycheck" once you turn into a pony, are you?
Not saying you won't have any problems whatsoever, but that should not be one of them.
When you become a pony, are you going to live in the woods?
File: 1710004650416615.gif (299 KB, 437x440)
299 KB
299 KB GIF
if i become a pony i think i'd still waste all my time shitposting on the internet
im so happy this thread exists
oh yeah? well i'm so happy YOU exist.
me too. this thread wouldn't exist without (You). im going to sleep and i hope i wake up as my cute pony. every time i close my eyes and im laying down or hugging someone, i can't stop imagining myself as her. it makes me so happy
File: 1712793911090150.png (3 KB, 1073x613)
3 KB
sleep well anon tell us about her sometime
i spend so much time in baltimare /opg/ everyday, even whilst im working. it's really helped me imagine her in many different poses, and i have aphantasia. if it's all i see every day and there's always new situations for her to be in, it starts to get a lot easier to look at my real body and believe im her. it's so liberating
File: GMv2TgHXcAEh1xt.jpg (382 KB, 3000x2256)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
File: 1667794612949547.png (427 KB, 1312x864)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
it would be much easier just to live with your owner
maybe I should dropship those shirts...
Orbitouches always look so neat until you actually watch someone typing with one.
I might stick with pencils taped to my hooves to be completely honest.
id love to use one of these
im a bit autistic so i sometimes ball up my fist and try to type like that
The thing about a balled up fist is that you still naturally have some points on it that are small & firm enough to hit keys - think edges of the finger joints.
Is that a fair comparison to a hoof? I go back and forth on this question.
If you were to ask me right now, I think the edge of a hoof provides a small enough area to hit a single key at a time.
Is "A precnh tale" any good?
File: Zephyr'sJoker.png (684 KB, 1452x1859)
684 KB
684 KB PNG
Yet another day of hands and no owner... why live?
>Had to verify I'm human to make this post
God hates me today.
File: verify_you_are_a_pony.gif (18 KB, 318x134)
18 KB
Genuinely makes me feel a little bit better, thanks Anon
I was linking the thread for the overall discussion on pony typewriters. One other way is this: https://erikmcclure.com/ponytypewriter.htm
this is awesome, thanks anon
i need an irl pony keyboard to practice with so i'm ready for September 25th, 2024
File: ded.gif (188 KB, 1632x782)
188 KB
188 KB GIF
that's a piano, not a keyboard!
hm just played with it some and i'm semi-competent with it, i think it'd be pretty useable especially if you're a pony and had no other choice; all it really needs are some arrow keys, backspace and an accompanying mouse that fits well with hooves
From the SL RTS game Havok Wars. The towers convert enemy units.
File: image0.jpg (234 KB, 2048x2048)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
File: IMG_0007.jpg (706 KB, 1729x1434)
706 KB
706 KB JPG
File: sweating_filly_pat.png (100 KB, 685x750)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
File: sketch1703830868128.png (43 KB, 518x678)
43 KB
File: 424234.png (244 KB, 929x999)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
File: IMG_0008.jpg (272 KB, 947x1008)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
File: _.jpg (522 KB, 1251x1521)
522 KB
522 KB JPG
Better quality.
God, I fucking wished PoppedAnon still continued Anonymous Letter.
Cute pony they're turning into!
Albeit one who needs to work on their balance.
Better quality.
Just caught up with the story. Can't wait for more.
File: _.png (397 KB, 785x892)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
I need to steal that red polo from that Mexican
File: _.png (54 KB, 1055x594)
54 KB
trasformation komplet!
File: F1IcMfdagAArRSZ-orig.jpg (330 KB, 2177x2562)
330 KB
330 KB JPG
File: large.png (1.21 MB, 1280x800)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
As a pony you're probably around waist-height to people around you
File: 3357621.png (423 KB, 1000x625)
423 KB
423 KB PNG
Worth it. Your sou turns into a cutie mark instead of a gem.
In my headcanon equestrian ponies shoulder-height is about 180cm on average.
File: 3309267.jpg (382 KB, 1536x1877)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
You get a gemstone that turns you into a Mahou (pony) Shoujou. You can only keep up the transformation for so long and can only use magic while a pony.
Witches begin attacking your city. With each witch you defeat, your transformation lasts longer and longer. Eventually, you'll be a magical pony girl 24/7.
File: _.png (328 KB, 1127x904)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Ur looking in the wrong country
Unless they're ponies too.
File: 1466327336143-2.png (336 KB, 1400x1100)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
Silly anon, people aren't ponies, they're people that should be ponies. Get to work, and make some new friends!!
Ponies aren't people?
File: 1715221864303582.png (685 KB, 1325x1100)
685 KB
685 KB PNG
File: NewCanvas6.jpg (356 KB, 1024x1024)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
I want the anon on the left to turn into a pony so bad.
They didn't even try to make the chart make sense, BAKA.
File: 1456720.jpg (181 KB, 1200x658)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
same, though i love the anonfilly-anon kind of dynamic
File: 1360923.jpg (349 KB, 878x1200)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
Those interactions are nice but ultimately just foreplay for his ponification. The more anon acts like that, the more ponies want to see him get ponies and the more satisfying it is when he ends up a cute filly.
File: 1710899253471196.png (137 KB, 1500x1250)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
File: 2640483.jpg (209 KB, 1429x1700)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
The real question: Do you ponify them immediately or let them talk about how cute and/or cringe you are a bunch first, making their ponification more satisfying later?
File: 2918089.png (157 KB, 1200x1400)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
>The 'people' around me aren't also ponies.
Any way to fix this?
>roused from your surgical slumber
>them snapping their fingers near your pony ears to see them flinch and move to locate sound
>pleased, they scribble something down and then tell you to say when you feel them touching you and on what side
>you feel a finger sliiiide down your... your wing!
File: 1709425663033074.gif (1.03 MB, 540x540)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF
cheers i loved these, haven't read prose in a while
this was cute, having pony ears sounds so fun
>ywn get to spoonfeed all the new horsies in post-transformation surgery care
>ywn get to massage their legs to help their aching new muscles and to check their growth
>You willl never rub their tummies to check their digestion
>You will never get to help them take care of themselves like brushing their manes and tails and giving them sponge baths
>You will never help put them to bed and tuck them in
File: 1700368467775524.png (497 KB, 1239x1359)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
based tail brusher
File: _.png (206 KB, 732x772)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>Alycorn is back
File: _.jpg (72 KB, 989x658)
72 KB
File: _.png (313 KB, 1421x920)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
File: EQG Sunny.png (1.65 MB, 1600x2100)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
If I was a pony I'd 100% want to be EQG Sunny's pet
File: go home horse.png (259 KB, 806x806)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Wait what? Since when has /ptfg/ downgraded to eqg tranny shit? It didn't used to be like this at all back in the day.
File: 1.png (313 KB, 828x1280)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
File: 2.png (475 KB, 828x1280)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
File: 3.png (418 KB, 828x1280)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
File: 4.png (377 KB, 828x1280)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
Imagine transforming into something without hooves. Couldn't be me.
It's only about the gender. Not really seeing the relevance to MLP.
File: Spoiler Image (593 KB, 745x748)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
>”human… I remember your pony”
File: Cuddly_Doom.png (1.2 MB, 1158x651)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
seeing an unponified human in this thread made me feel ill. perhaps i shall pray
I don't mind other anons getting turned into ponies but seeing myself becoming one just nah. I like my regular self.
>Fast like jet at an airshow fast.
>Already, he was nowhere you could see anymore, likely soaring at several times your height, just watching you.
>But your ears were honed to him now, right away you caught the whistling wind over his feathers, straight up.
>You tossed your head and looked, spotting the faintest outline of Chad, God knows how high above.
>As soon as you did, he cut around in a borderline supernatural looking arc, wheeling through the air at such a ridiculous speed it was a wonder his head stayed attached to his neck.
>Chad passed into your blind spot and then vanished in a different direction.
>You laughed at that and licked your lips in anticipation of getting one over him this time.
>Probably he wouldn’t do it again exactly like how he did before, but there was one guarantee: Chad was going to dive at you, probably even closer than earlier.
>He was literally too fast for your eyes, so you gave up on looking, and focused on listening.
>You stopped flapping, and caught a strong updraft to glide upon, reducing the ambient noise down to just the wind rolling over your ears while you stared straight ahead.
>Piercing whistle, left again.
>There was no time to think or look, you just cast a hand and flicked its finger to where you expected Chad’s head would be.
>Your eyes caught the very moment of your success; Chad was slicing down through the sky on your left side with one of his clawed hands extended towards your head.
>The floating black light hand you’d summoned flicked him right between his wide, crossed, yellow eyes, and this time you heard a surprised squawk accompany that tumult of noise that came with Chad’s dive.
>Even as you tumbled in the riptide of wind that followed, you giggled and spluttered.
>Finally you spread your wings again, and leveled out just a foot from the earth.
>Grinning madly, you pulled up in a swoop, back to higher altitude.
>Man, this was so right.
>You watched your griffon friend approach fast on your right, and smirked, as he smirked right along at you.
>The two of you clasped, hoof to talons, and laughed.
>Then Chad bumped your shoulder with a balled fist and noted,
>”Had to cheat and use magic huh?”
>You rolled your eyes and smiled sidelong at him, replying as you flapped once,
“As if anything you can do is fair.”
>Then you suddenly remembered that moment of the last dive, Chad had reached out with his claws...
>Chad laughed as you reached up to your ear with a hoof, and beat you there with his talons, plucking out... One of his own feathers.
>You puffed up your cheeks, as he smiled slyly and stuck it back behind your ear.
>He was doing that thing again, where he put his scaly hand under his beak, like he still had a chin or something.
>There was an appraising glint in his eyes as he said,
>”That’s better. The feather and your mane blowing in the wind gives you back that ‘natural’ look.”
>Something fluttered in your heart at Chad’s remark, so you shot it down, and piled a hoof into his ribs, snorting.
>...You didn’t take the feather out though.
>The both of you turned back toward the neighbour’s place, and glided on, mostly in satisfied silence.
>All the while, for the second time since your shower earlier, you thought about how Chad had been acting differently today.
>It was hard to place the difference, but there was one for sure.
>You breathed deep, your eyes tracing his twirling lion’s tail as you pondered the aspect of what this difference was.
>At first it seemed like he was more distant in some ways... But taken as a whole, this past day stuck out as a time when you felt the closest to him.
>You looked sidelong at Chad’s face, taking in the cool collected smile on the edge of his beak as he stared ahead at the destination.
>Even here in this simple expression you could see there was something different: he was wistful.
>He cut a more thoughtful figure than usual, and it made you suspect he was undergoing a similar or even greater amount of reflection than you were right now.
>Considering he had just been transformed, that wasn’t really a surprise though.
>You sighed to yourself and looked away, ruminating.
>Was it you?
>Was it that your perception of Chad had changed?
>Or was he really behaving differently?
>You bit your lip, feeling like it may be impossible to tell.
>That flutter in your heart earlier, when he stuck his feather behind your ear, hadn’t been the first of today, there had been other times, like...
>When he laid his head in front of yours.
>Ranted about reptilians and fake space.
>Said you should keep your mane.
>Said you had ‘simple cuteness’.
>Touched your wings.
>Your eyes narrowed and your heart pumped a beat as a common connection of a word tumbled out of all this: Girl.
>He was treating you like a girl.
>Above all the other things you listed, Chad always sperged out about conspiracies around girls, it was why he still didn’t have a girlfriend yet after all.
>Your train of thought raced ahead for a moment, before crashing as you remembered that he gushed about conspiracies to you all the time anyway, human or not.
>You languished anxiously.
>Was Chad treating you like a girl?
>Your cheeks flushed.
>Or were you just acting like a girl?
>Your tail whipped behind you, and you glanced to your right at Chad again, only to meet his gaze headlong.
>He blinked at you, looking a little bemused, as he asked,
>”You getting cold? Your cheeks are all red.”
>You answered too quickly, your voice cracking as you shook your head and sent your mane fluttering about your face.
>Chad replied before turning his head away from you.
>With a quiet sigh, you pressed a hoof to your chest and calmed yourself, thinking how fortunate it was that he could be so dense at times.
>The neighbour’s farmhouse was right below now.
>Your eyes narrowed and you licked your lips, as you pointed your wings down and began to glide in a descending curve alongside Chad.
>Some sneaky little part of you wanted to spring the ‘girl’ question on him at the best/worst time.
>Teasing him earlier about his comments on your wings and horn had been fun after all.
>So for now you pushed it to the back of your mind and took in the view.
>Aisling’s neighbour really had it good, with an idyllic looking, white two story home built on a rolling hill, surrounded by their fields of wheat, corn and carrots.
>They had two barns, and three silos with red tops, all set up behind their house.
>Idly, you could hear the sounds of mechanical work going on in one of the barns.
>Down in the snow, you saw Aisling already talking to the pony you assumed was the neighbour.
>There was a pair of ‘something’s tumbling in the yard too...
>Chad quietly said, as if to fill in the blank.
>You blinked and looked at his unreadable expression.
>”The kids got transformed too.”
>He shook his head.
>”I really don’t know what to think about that.”
>You agreed simply.
>Your features grew a little stonier as your glide brought you lower and closer and you saw the kids for yourself.
>Two colts horsing around and laughing in the snow, both just plain ponies with no wings or horns.
>One with a brown coat and the other with a black one.
>You touched ground about ten feet from Aisling and the father, at a cantering pace, while Chad slid cleanly alongside you.
>Aisling’s gleaming eye caught yours, and you smiled, waving your wing at her.

“That’s them.”
>You intoned to Frederick, your neighbour, while pointing out Chad and Anonymous with your black foreleg as they descended towards you both.
>”Hm. So that’s a griffon.”
>Frederick commented, sounding almost bored as he said it.
>He had never been an over-complicated man, and transforming into a pony had not changed that.
>As a stallion, he stood a few inches taller than you, with a much bulkier frame, covered in hazelnut brown fur splotched with off-white patches.
>Frederick’s mark was a yoke, plain and simple.
>There was something a little uncanny about his eyes, as he met yours easily.
>They were the same blue as before, framed with a sandy blonde mane that was just the same tone as his human hair had been.
>It made you wonder if the mass transformation had different properties than the individual drug induced ones.
>Talking to Frederick had not gleaned much new information besides the fact that he seemed to be succumbing to the mental changes.
>”It’s not just anypony that can come here and borrow my gun you know. I mean don’t get me wrong Aisling, if I couldn’t trust you then it would have to be the end of the world. But...”
>Frederick started, as he watched Chad touch down and slide along the snowy yard.
Back again. So nice to be back, I don't think I have too much rust to shake off, but let me know if this one isn't right. My schedule has finally begun to coalesce into something reasonable, so I'll aim for weekly updates again and see how it goes.
Thank ya. I wanted to pay flying, and birds, their due.
Thanks. For me the appeal of a transformation story has always been in the joy or despair of the new experiences.
Thank you, I appreciate the nice words.
Wait no more. Or wait a week or two for when there's even more.
I know Lil B.
And g'night, /ptfg/.
>it's not tranny if it has hooves I swear!
bro you're in a thread of guys turning into girls, it's all tranny shit
Is pon-e diary good?
You should do us all a favor and end it. It's not as if anybody loves you
projecting much? if you're thinking about suicide there's a lot of places to get help, anon.
File: medium (1).jpg (52 KB, 662x600)
52 KB
>When local human gets ponified.
>One less un-ponified human you have to worry about seeing around town.
what if you transformed into rarity and couldn’t speak normally anymore without a posh transatlantic accent?
Seems appropriate. Would I also be a good tailor?
File: _.jpg (17 KB, 426x310)
17 KB
I fail to see any downside. Becoming a mare AND having a transatlantic accent? Sign me up!
File: 1715456419191708.jpg (213 KB, 1500x991)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
This is what happens when you enter the portal to equestria
Why would I have been wearing a costume befitting a nerd at a ren faire?
Is that what the portal does to your clothing, since polyester probably isn't a thing in Equestria?
File: 3362544.png (409 KB, 819x1120)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
File: filly_and_opossum.png (75 KB, 462x617)
75 KB
File: IMG_0898.jpg (734 KB, 1662x2217)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
File: fil.png (2.19 MB, 2374x1508)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB PNG
File: 3161063.png (7 KB, 74x80)
7 KB
Oooh, another Anu update! Thanks Meslam!
File: _.png (780 KB, 1280x1894)
780 KB
780 KB PNG
so how long until showstyle anon cooks up something big?
No half measures.
i think the more they resist the more fun it is
Pinkposter, do you think that’s how this works? That you can just try to summon me like that?
Well, I guess it worked this time.
Not always. But it did this time.
To quote your own sentiments: you, my friend, are done for. Hope you like it!
You too. And if you’re not The Great Pinkiacci herself, you’ll be undertaking a role as a pony in her hypnotized audience condemned to eternal laughter. Hope you like it!
>go home from school to celebrate Hearth’s Warming
>convert all your humans friends so they can share in the holiday
I’m very glad to see you like it, thank you!
Certainly, I’d be happy to circle back on her! She’s had some lovely outfits in the show and I agree that her coronation dress is one of the great ones.
File: DummyTF_ShowStyle.png (368 KB, 1450x1064)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
And just because I don’t want to jump out of order too too much with the requests, here’s a two-for-one.
Hope you like your big dumb stallion! He’s a cutie.
Oh i've been goading that ponka into her obsession for weeks now, this is just the *best cherry ever.*
Not being a hater, but I am genuinely curious about what makes you prioritize certain pics over others. The stallion one took almost 2 months and the ponk one was done in roughly 3 weeks. Do you prefer prompts that give you some sort of challenge over the standard "make me into this oc"?
i was contemplating asking about if you would do plush pony TFs just before you posted this
unfortunately I don't have a proper ref of my pony who's colt sized on hand at the moment, just a very old pic from long ago done by a friend, but If you'd be willing to do it I'd be very thankful, show accurate anon
would you be willing or able to ponify a pokemon character for a TF pic? Poppy's a cute one!
oh my god

Congratulations showstyle, you have outdone my expectations once again. I've been pinged 11 times with this image in the Discord server and I don't think I'm ever going to recover from this one. It's absolutely fucking over for me.
Could you please do my of mine
File: 8002dba27a3d5e16.png (281 KB, 2003x2003)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
That plush Pip makes me want to ask something from FoE again.
Showstyle, as far as I can remember you didn't make a FoE alicorn before...so...
Can I ask you to make alicorn tf with my gal?
This is EPIC
File: 3212504.png (1.09 MB, 3581x5000)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Hi! I thought Littlepip was missing her "close friend" Homage. Could you do a transformation with her, I'm sure Littlepip will be glad to see her
File: 527690.png (536 KB, 1920x781)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
Who the hell are you??
This is great! Everything I like about TF in one image.
File: 3211943.gif (226 KB, 518x542)
226 KB
226 KB GIF
The best moment is when they've been turned into a pony and quickly realize they were 100% wrong, that being a pony really is way, way better. But they're still too embarassed to admit it. So they act all tsundere, pretending to be upset about it, saying they don't want to participate in 'pony stuff' but always making some excuse to be part of their new herd every time.
File: 2817842.png (319 KB, 833x572)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>Be Shimmerist. Drive through the mass homeless camps sometimes. After the first few months, it's basically all humans. You just drive past them. But every once in a while you see...
>A pony!
"Hey there! A pony shouldn't be alone. Want to come with me?" You ask her, ignoring the humans.
that seems kind of mean. would ponies really leave humans in the dirt like that? or is it a tough love kind of thing?
File: 2959378.png (1.25 MB, 3124x2518)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
You can't really take too many humans in to your pony community or they'll turn it into corporate race to the bottom hell-holes.

They are trying to help humans in other ways. Such as legalizing ponification and the selling of magically grown food to humans.
File: dumpipontop-1_(1).jpg (139 KB, 866x1200)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>the Littlepip plush
Oh my god, literally me
Anyone know how to get into contact with the Anon who dose these? I was curious if they were interstedin doing another one with a Fluer de lis TF ^^
I swear to god showstyle pops up and all these random faggots with ocs pop out of the woodwork from nowhere. Where the hell are you all 99% of the other time the thread is up?
lurking or passing through because many don't have human to pony TF art of our OCs to post in the thread already and contribute but thanks for inviting us to waste posts in the thread by wasting posts with your own complaint
anyways, tangentially related pic so i'm actually contributing somewhat unlike this kid
File: Fleur.png (390 KB, 1093x1669)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
Are you talking about the show style TF anon? They already did Fleur.
oh so the OCs are okay when they're edgy fanfic characters but the moment they're not tied to a story you've jerked off to they're a problem?
File: 3363468.png (1.5 MB, 1516x2216)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
File: 2945534.png (2.58 MB, 3508x2480)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
I'm a shimmerist except I think only men should be turned into ponies.
File: Mercury TF_ShowStyle.png (974 KB, 1902x1100)
974 KB
974 KB PNG
I'm always lurking. I don't post the TFs I get here because they're OC TFs and I assume most people aren't interested in seeing my tismy faggot OC get transformed.
As long as it isn't red/black alicorn oc #74785 I don't think anyone can complain.
Most pieces people ask to have done of fanfic ponies are well-known fics, tf fics, or tf fics produced within this thread. It's safe to say the community benefits somewhat more from those than some rando coming through for the explicit purpose of getting his oc done and then fucking off to contribute nothing more, which I suspect is likely the case for >>41079820 and he's mad he got called out
I like your oc, when you aren't commissioning the most disturbing shit happening to her. Mercury acute
Showstyle has done ocs with that color scheme, just not alicorns. What do you know, they're offboarders! Who could've predicted that?
File: 1685412583240308.png (97 KB, 623x683)
97 KB
And how does that work, exactly? It's women and stallions living in communes together? Do women get magic? Should the mares of Equestria turn into women to expand the purest form of love?

Or are you just advocating for the WXS pet-brained males scenario?
well known fics are still OCs
you had no problems until they posted, I think the only one mad here is you.
>>You know who you are
>I suddenly feel like I'm not on the to do list
Technically you're not, but if you check your email, you'll see why that's a good thing.
Perhaps check the filtered spam/junk mail folder as well?
>It's women and stallions living in communes together?
>Do women get magic?
>Should the mares of Equestria turn into women to expand the purest form of love?
Also yes
File: 2198375.png (236 KB, 645x1199)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
DESU it's a little hard to imagine a truly peacful pony community that's 50% human, but it'd definetly have to be women and stallions for it to work. And I have to respect Sunset Shimmer 's desire to press her ideal lifestyle on everyone else.
>more than one human woman in a community
Sure, I guess. It's your fantasy. It doesn't have to correspond with reality in any way.
I did say more realistically everyone would have to be ponies. I'm trying to imagine a wxs scenario where it's a pony community but it's hard.
We turn the mares human
File: 3364232.png (1.12 MB, 3000x2423)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
File: 1702161170517217.png (79 KB, 800x720)
79 KB
>"Anon! Get in here and clean up this mess!"
>Meanlight's harsh words once again tear you out of a peaceful sleep, much to your dismay.
>There goes the wonderful dream you were having about Momlight treating you kindly for once.
>You can't help but utter a small sigh of disappointment as you rise to your hooves.
>Her thundering voice rattles the various torture devices stationed around your "room", and you scramble out of bed as fast as your little legs would allow.
>Your small hoofsteps echo along the dark corridor leading to Meanlight's laboratory.
>The lab door swings open and you cautiously enter the angry purple mare's domain.
>"It's about time you got here, you stupid lazy colt!"
>Meanlight is too engrossed in her current experiments to look at you.
>You swallow nervously and approach her workbench with equal parts curiosity and fear.
"Y-Yes Mommy?"
>Meanlight's ears perk up as you quickly stuff your forehooves against your mouth, aware of the foolish mistake you just made.
>"What did you call MEEEEEEEEEE!?"
>Meanlight stops working and quickly turns around to confront you and your poor choice of words.
>She glares at you with the intensity of an unhinged cockatrice ready to attack its prey.
>You open your mouth to apologize but are quickly silenced by a purple wing to the face.
>The force of impact sends your small green body flying across the room like a ragdoll.
>You crash into a bookcase full of test tubes, books, and other dangerous things that begin raining down on you from above.
>It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago you were an adult human man that stumbled into the wonderful world of Equestria.
>Now, you were nothing more than a young foal for Meanlight Sparkle to use and abuse.
>Celestia help you.
>Meanlight facepalms and sighs with annoyance at your display of buffoonery.
>"Oh Great. Now you have TWO messes to clean up."
>She angrily points a purple hoof at the mess near her workspace and at the mess you're currently buried in.
>"Get to work or you go to bed hungry. AGAIN."
>She returns to her work with a snort, eagerly tinkering with some kind of magic crystal floating above her workbench.
>"I don't know why I put up with your shenanigans, you filthy green cur."
>You hold back your tears and fetch a trash cart, broom, and safety goggles to attack the menacing messes.
>'Why indeed' you think to yourself as you carefully throw away the broken test tubes and torn books.
>She could've killed you at any moment since the very first fateful encounter in Everfree Forest.
>Meanlight is always experimenting on you, abusing you, calling you names, and many other despicable acts.
>You feel a strong urge to run away and never look back, but something always stops you from doing so.
>Your tiny foal mind naively believes that somewhere deep inside that hollow shell of a Twilight clone, shines a sliver of love and compassion.
>It was rare, but there were brief moments where Meanlight would show genuine affection towards you when it was least expected.
>Was it a subtle cry for help? Or was it merely a ploy to keep her little green slave happy enough to keep serving her?
>Your inquisitive train of thought is suddenly derailed by a shocking revelation.
>The spell was beginning to twist your mind into that of a foal's, and it scared you greatly.
>How much of your adult memories and experiences were going to disappear as the foal mind slowly took over?
>You finish cleaning up the bookshelf and slowly trot over to Meanlight's workbench with the trash cart in tow.
>Meanlight gives you a side eye while continuing to work on her nefarious project.
>You yelp and quickly look away before she becomes angry enough to hit you again.
"Umm, Meanlight?"
>Her ear catches your squeaky voice, and surprisingly, she simply sighs.
>"What Anon? Can't you see I'm extraordinarily busy right now?"
>She blasts the floating crystal with some of her dark purple magic, turning it a deep shade of red.
"D-Did you find a spell that will turn me back into a human?"
>You don't even look up from your work in fear of arousing her wrath once more.
>She stops working and ponders for a moment with a hoof on her chin.
>"No, and it's not happening any faster with you pestering me every other day about it. You focus on your work and I'll focus on mine."
>You were surprised by her straightforward answer, mainly because she usually cusses you out or bonks you on the head whenever asking anything of her.
>It appears that your little foal mind may in fact be right about Meanlight; perhaps she DID have a softer side locked away within that cruel heart of hers.
>You pick up the last of the mess and toss it in the cart with your teeth and sigh with satisfaction.
>If it was one thing you were good at as a little colt, it was cleaning shit up.
"All done."
>You look up at Meanlight and smile sheepishly, proud of another job well done.
>Meanlight completely ignores you and continues to tinker with the floating crystal.
>"Just a little more magic and-"
>Meanlight practically jumps out of her skin at the sound of your rumbling belly, causing her to drop the crystal.
>She desperately flails her forearms around in an attempt to grab it, but the crystal slips right through her hooves and shatters on the workbench.
>The two of you sit there in a long shared silence, unsure of what to do in the moment.
>You gasp and scramble to hide behind the trash cart knowing full well that you were in SERIOUS trouble now.
>Mom- erm, Meanlight HATED it when you startled her like that, regardless of the perceived intentions.
>The agitated mare slowly climbs down from her seat and turns her head in your direction.
>You instinctively peek your head out from your admittedly bad hiding spot.
>Meanlight picks up the trash cart with her magic and throws it into the wall, leaving you completely exposed.
>"Do you have any idea WHAT YOU'VE JUST DONE?!?!"
>Before you can even respond, Meanlight picks YOU up with her magic and begins throwing you around the lab.
>Your tiny foal body slams into walls, floors, ceilings, and other hard surfaces as though it were some kind of fuzzy pinball.
>Unfortunately for you, however, your body was much more fragile than the average pinball.
mm, i hate this. i don't understand miseryporn.
>tfw wind up as sfw pone
>tfw canon height
>tfw decide to manually solve the "no lewds" problem
>immediately go up to your bro, and rip down his zipper with your teeth, before immediately deepthroating him
>wind up gagging on his massive stallion cock
>tfw he winds up as a fully functioning pony, and reminds you every night when he uses your muzzle as his personal fleshlight
File: 2 girls 1 cup.png (130 KB, 550x451)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
Shimmer linked up with the crazy WXS scientist
Keep it or need it?
Sounds plausible, send it
File: Kitchen Incident.png (8 KB, 824x510)
8 KB
File: 3364661.jpg (992 KB, 3072x4096)
992 KB
992 KB JPG
i will never be a chill as fuck pony in a bathtub with a bottle of cider fuck this faggot ass world
File: _.png (90 KB, 2427x2137)
90 KB
File: _.png (396 KB, 1000x676)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
The prose version is coming along nicely, Aly! glad to see you on top of the water!
File: Filly.png (9 KB, 1871x1075)
9 KB
>"Shuddup, liking stallions is NOT gay!"
"Yes it is."
>"Not it's not!"
>"Is not!"
"Yes it is you massive faggot."
>"No it's no- Hey, who kissed that filly stalker?"
"Not you, which makes you even more of a prancing queer."
>"Ha! So you admit- Wait, what do I have to do with it?"
"You could've kissed her instead of trying to seduce Rumble."
>"I wasn't trying to seduce anyone!"
"So you didn't suggest "kissing practice" after school?"
>"F-fuck you! H-how'd you even know about it?"
"Little League told me."
>"You've recruited your stalker to spy on me?"
"She was on the playground too dummy."
>"A-and how m-much did she hear?"
"More than she understood."
>"Whew… Bullet dodged, I guess…"
"…fortunately, I explained to her what it all really meant."
"Guess no more trying to get the colts to play "hide the sausage" with you, eh?"
>"I'll fucking kill you!"
File: _.png (221 KB, 1281x837)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
File: _.png (698 KB, 1250x2000)
698 KB
698 KB PNG
File: _.png (135 KB, 1797x1080)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
File: IMG_0928.png (1.46 MB, 2304x1851)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
Anonfilly, but Hulk rules.

>Anon had a bad temper and would fly off the handle, often times bringing ponies to tears over minor slip-ups.
>Twilight, tired of Anon using his superior height and deep voice to terrify ponies during his tirades, decides to put a stop to it.
>Not the tirades, but the intimidation.
>A spell is cast to make it so, whenever Anon is overtaken by anger, he poofs into a filly form.
>It's way less scary when a knee high filly is screaming at you than a full grown man, after all.

Does Anon finally start to get his anger under control, or does he becomes a filly most of his waking hours?
File: 1501918455453.png (485 KB, 1280x1219)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
File: large.png (1.87 MB, 1280x853)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
Wish she'd let us see.
and then they sexo ?
Obviously, it's essential to test out your new body's sexual features. And what better way to do so than to have your friends help.
Unfortunately the artist forgot to draw that part.
This ancient PTFG story just got a new chapter after 11 years.
>become a filly when you get angry, so you do less damage
>but it's an earthpony filly, so you're capable of doing more damage

Good going, purple!
>anon is still just as capable of intimidating ponies to tears as a filly
>but now he has carte blanche to do anything
>because no pony ever believes that a filly could be this evil
>the few who report his behavior get chastised by ponice for reporting an innocent little filly and their reports thrown out, failing to even make a paper trail
I ask my boyfriend to come to Equestria and become a pony too.
Whoa. You're lucky.
>You and your boyfriend are now cute mares in Equestria. What is your gameplan for getting a boyfriend?
knowing my luck ill go to a rgre equestria and still become a bottom of the barrel shitposter
File: full (9).png (27 KB, 722x389)
27 KB
>be stallion in rgre
>still too autistic to make friends, also now my nerd hobbies are gatekept by nerd mares
File: 1.png (763 KB, 2388x1668)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
File: 2.jpg (156 KB, 1130x1668)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
File: 3.png (1.01 MB, 2388x1668)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
File: 4.png (824 KB, 2388x1668)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
File: 5.png (1.08 MB, 2388x1668)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
I’m having a lot of trouble understanding the form at the lower-right in this image.
Is it a hand reaching out towards the viewer, palm up?
File: 6.png (968 KB, 2388x1668)
968 KB
968 KB PNG
File: 7.png (1.1 MB, 2388x1668)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
File: 8.png (1.3 MB, 2388x1668)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
File: 9.png (947 KB, 2388x1668)
947 KB
947 KB PNG
File: 10.png (2.03 MB, 2388x1668)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
File: 11.png (1.1 MB, 2388x1668)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
File: 12.png (1012 KB, 1194x834)
1012 KB
1012 KB PNG
Yes. Also Eris is singing Friends on the Other Side.
New thread!


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