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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, gryphons, changelings, dragons, kirin, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

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Mareish thread
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>pinkie OP image
are you trying to target me or something
File: 4006146.png (449 KB, 1280x1760)
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Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?
File: 98473594732543.png (563 KB, 700x350)
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Discord fags get out of my THREAD!
File: dj.jpg (787 KB, 2600x3000)
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No not you discord you’re fine.
consider this: ponies
I'm considering it
Any writefags in?
I've mapped out a Flurry twinning story I've thought of inspired by https://ponerpics.org/img/view/2024/6/17/6985636.png
I need whatever advice for story writing you can offer as I've never written a story/geen before. It currently looks like it would be 18 "chapters" and I don't want to lose the will to finish it.
File: old_work_doodle.png (724 KB, 1109x933)
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724 KB PNG
Duly noted, and ignored.
wonder if we will still get that Cynthia pony show style tf art still.
dont think so, even his shittiest pony art doesn't compare to the tranime slop he mostly makes nowadays
File: InterstateFanart.png (111 KB, 1431x1116)
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111 KB PNG
File: 1705365062237.png (107 KB, 600x360)
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107 KB PNG
Unwilling is always nice. If you haven't written a green before I'd say check out the story archive. Pick out things that are consistent among greentext authors. If you want something lengthy then try and make a basic story outline. How you want it to start, where you want it to go, and how you want it to end. The hard part is just filling in those gaps. I don't use this myself anymore, but it's a great place to start.
File: 3385330.png (1.4 MB, 2887x2000)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
This isn't transformation, this is a bunch of fillies who stole your clothing and are going around mocking you.
>"Hurr. Durr. Look! I'm a hyoo-man!"
Quick one.

>Be you, Anonymous
>You don’t tell anybody your name
>And you certainly never tell anyone where you’re going
>They can judge you all they want, but you’re always out to make a quick buck
>That too can be taken literally
>For the sake of brevity though, you’re currently out in the forests of western Virginia
>Not West Virginia, just western Virginia
>Got that?
>You drove your little Jeep Cherokee out to the boonies and had set up shop deep in the woods
>The closest town was less of a town- rather more of a nudist cult that not a whole lot of people knew about
>They never bothered you though, a form of mutual understanding as it were
>You certainly wouldn’t have any trouble from them
>In all honesty, it was only the game wardens and police you had to worry about
>You’re a poacher.
>A stag stabber
>A doe dragger
>A buck brea-
>Anyways, you were up about fifteen feet in a little perch precariously hung on an old tree
>Camouflaged, naturally, and armed with a crossbow
>Making noise was really your primary concern, a gunshot out here would be heard for miles around
>But a crossbow bolt?
>Hardly a lick of sound, save for anyone who would happen to be nearby
>Unfortunately, as you were about to find out, today would not be your day
>You sat up there, scanning the surrounding region with your binoculars, but couldn’t spot a single deer!
>Not a damn one!
>For hours you sat up there, and found the woods uncharacteristically quiet
>Sure there was the occasional birdcall, cricket chirp, or even a branch breaking here and there- nothing that would have the weight of a man, and you sure didn’t spot anyone nearby
>At least… That’s what you thought
>Surely nobody could’ve followed you out here
>The wind had begun to pick up, and you felt the dry heat give way to a more moderate humidity
>The air had begun to cool, your ears popped slightly from the rapid drop in pressure, and then-
>It began to rain
“God fucking damnit.”

>Course, you’d been preparing for that as soon as the wind had picked up
>You weren’t stupid!
>But the rain had come AWFULLY fast, too fast, too quickly
>With your luck, as soon as you dropped down, eight fucking bears would be waiting for you
>You hadn’t prepared quickly enough, naturally
>The rain had started to come down harder and harder, metaphorically raining cats and dogs all around you as small hail began peppering your Bass Pro Shop ballcap
“Motherfucker. Son of a bitch.”
>You growled and muttered under your breath
“Have to abandon the nest, fuck.”
>Whatever, you could always come back tomo-
“Aw shit.”
>The stability of that old branch underneath had started to give way
>You looked around quickly, down at the ladder-
>Which had just toppled to the forest floor with the shifting weight
>Something catches your eye
>For a brief moment, you lock eyes with it
>The largest fucking stag you’d ever seen
>That deer’s head could net you thousands just on its own!
>The weight shifted again, causing you to lose your footing
>You slammed down on the hard plastic above the branch, landing on your stomach
>Very quickly you realized you were sliding as your own weight full cracked the sucker underneath
>You scrambled with both hands as you slid sideways, one finding the trigger guard of the crossbow, and you instinctively grabbed it for dear life
>It fired off a shot directly into the tree that was evacuating you from itself
>If you hadn’t pissed off some kind of tree god yet, now you most certainly had
>You were pelted with rain and increasingly larger hail as you slid off the perch
>You screamed like a little girl as you fell all the way down, down, down, down
>Down to the forest floor
>It was only a fifteen foot drop, but it felt like you were falling forever
>Just simply free falling down-
>And the impact never came
>Instead, an extremely odd feeling washed over you- like you were having rapid cold and hot flashes simultaneously all across your body
>Then it felt like you were falling UP
>Gravity seemed to quickly slow you down as you suddenly found yourself briefly staring at a sky that was clear as day- your soaking wet body immediately beginning to feel the radiant heat of the sun in the sky
>Yet, you continued screaming your head off as you plummeted back down once more
>The wind was knocked out of you as you landed on your back
>You gasped for air
“Haaahh- Hrk- Haah…”
>The perch hadn’t even fallen down-
>There wasn’t even any trees-
>You turned your head
>Somehow, you were in a forest clearing
>Your eyes widened as things came more into focus
>And you weren’t alone, not by a long shot
>A buck- was it the same one? That glorious stag was-
>No no, that can’t be right- He looks-
>He looked angry
>How could he-
>His face was so SO expressive, it was uncanny, it wasn’t like any kind of deer you had EVER seen
>The buck snorted, steam shooting out both nostrils
“Ahhh… Fuck.”
>He raised his head
>”Fuck is right, human, but we prefer the term ‘buck’ around here.”
>It talked
>Deer can’t talk.
>Flashes came to you, the stag’s antlers began to glow, and memories unwillingly forced their way into your imaginative eye
>Your first hunt, eating the heart of a doe with your father
>Going out on your own as a young man, discovering the value of racks and heads- the taste of venison
>Getting older, getting frustrated, deer season was too short- you embraced poaching
>Nearly getting caught by the game warden- trying to use a bow after that, but you were pathetically unable to rack shots properly, so you switched to a crossbow
>Then back to just moments ago, that… Very same buck, staring dead at you
>In your mind’s eye, in retrospect, he was angry then as well
>The buck’s antlers grew brighter, and you felt yourself lifted up off the ground
>Your crossbow seemed to liquify in your hand, becoming nothing but dirt and twigs and leaves that simply fell to the ground below
>You tried to scream, but nothing came out
>You flailed a bit, and flailed harder as your clothes began to dissolve away
>Soon you found that you were shaking off layers of soil, exposing your naked body
>”You are an absolute SCOURGE upon my children, and so I have taken the liberty of removing you as a threat.”
>The stag began walking closer, the angry expression never leaving his face, the glow only intensifying
>”I have watched you, Andrew, and I prayed that you would change your ways.”
>Your fingers began stiffening, the same for your toes
>So much for staying ‘Anonymous’
>”But you will not. You SCUM could never change.”
>You needed the money- it was-
>”You need NO money. You are plenty well off, no, you kill for sport. No different from a murderer.”
>The deer was nearly face to face with you, albeit you were looking upside down into his visage
>You couldn’t even speak, couldn’t respond
>He looks away, solemn for a moment, expression softening
>”We understand necessity. Survival. Desperation. Our kind and yours have faced these things together for millenia.”
>Then he whips his head back to you
>”You face none of these, and you must atone.”
>Your wrists and ankles crack, painlessly, and it feels as though all your internals organs were shifting around
>You could only really see your body hair explode outward, thickening, and sprouting in innumerable places as the hair on your stomach rapidly change color from brown to white
>Your fingers forced themselves together, the nails growing over- blackening, and enveloping your hands to resemble more of-
>A hoof, a deer hoof
>Oh my god
>You were turning into a DEER
>Is this your payment?!
>Nothing answered your thoughts- just the stern expression of the buck
>Your toes befell the same fate as your fingers and your ankles cracked as they shifted upwards- your legs reshaping themselves, your arms reshaping themselves much the same
>You felt yourself dropped unceremoniously onto the grass below once more, the wind again being knocked out of you
>The hair- fur- prickled you as it spread all up and down your new arms and legs- to your torso- to your neck
>You writhed and held yourself, something ordinarily impossible for even a deer, but you knew from the start you weren’t going to be just some deer
>Your spine cracked, vertebrae shifting, a short fluffy tail sprouting right from your coccyx
>Your neck too, involuntarily cracked, and you were jarred as your neck heaved your reshaping head to a new angle- more suited for ungulate movement rather than bipedal
>You begged for it to stop internally, but it wouldn’t.
>Your cock, your poor precious human cock, suddenly shot back into your body
>You groaned, moaning in discomfort as both testes were simply sucked back in just as well- and you felt your internals shifting once more
>While at the same time, the new space made way for something else, a fleshy mound rapidly covered by fur itself- hiding the brand new openings somewhat as you shivered intensely
>Your face continued to reshape as well- nose and mouth pushing outward, nose blackening and widening to form more of a pert snout- your vision expanded to a wider range in an uncanny way as you could see the angry stag more and more clearly in your peripherals
>Your ears repositioned themselves, stretching out, and you began to hear everything far more clearly than you could before
>You could hear him, approaching, but could do nothing to stop it
>He trotted behind you, out of sight, and then you felt his… ‘grip’ flip you onto your stomach from your side, and violently jerked yourself towards him
>Oh god, you knew what was happening, and yet you still couldn’t speak despite all your moaning and groaning
>”A poor fate of retribution has fallen upon you, and you will make up for what was lost. Face the judgment of the White Tail Woods.”
>Make up for-
>Fuck, oh fuck, oh god
>Before you could even really process it, your rear end was pointed upwards in his direction, and you felt every inch of his stag dick push between your new folds, into your new opening-
>It horrified you
>He held you firmly in place, mounting you
>And just began humping, and humping, and humping
>You felt it each and every time, his rod ramming into you, sliding out, ramming inside of you again like some kind of fucked up augur
>You couldn’t get away, and the worst part was that it began to feel GOOD
>You were involuntarily moaning not out of panic, or pain, but out of PLEASURE as each impact sent waves from your hindquarters rippling up through your torso and right into your brain
>You didn’t want this, but you literally COULD NOT stop it
>The utterly alien feeling of your ‘wetness’ so to speak dribbled down his cock, down between your own inner thighs as well
>Legs quaking as he just continued to rut you, and rut you, and rut you
>You couldn’t tell how long it lasted for, but then you felt him begin to climax with no warning given to you
>His cock pulsed, and you felt his hot, sticky, gooey mess shoot deep inside you-
>”Don’t think this is over, doe, I will absolutely ENSURE your pregnancy.”
>Warmth enveloped your belly as he pulled out, releasing his ‘telekinetic’ grip on you, allowing you to fall forward unceremoniously
>”And this will continue, over and over, here in this new land. Until this entire forest is populated by those much like I, but nothing like you. Here, under Celestia’s sun, our kind will thrive.”
>You couldn’t process nearly a lick of what was going on, you twitched and quivered there on the grass, feeling his cum leaking out of you
>You were too spent, your energy absolutely drained from the rapid transformation and fucking
>You knew you didn’t want this, but how could you even stop it?
>How the tables turned.
>You’d been poached, taken as a mate.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (49 KB, 1280x720)
49 KB
File: 1698245996138.png (2.64 MB, 800x3300)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
File: 3385407.png (181 KB, 600x880)
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181 KB PNG
File: 1677294556339885.jpg (162 KB, 1804x692)
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162 KB JPG
>under celestia's sun
equestria was in western virginia all along...
File: GQVBwjkXEAAxxim-orig.jpg (230 KB, 2048x910)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Well... Celestia is a mountain mama! Makes sense to me. I suppose I could've conveyed better that the dude fell through a hole in reality and into the White Tail Woods though.
File: good advice.png (154 KB, 511x418)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
File: wuah.png (654 KB, 1082x580)
654 KB
654 KB PNG
File: anonstallion.png (260 KB, 455x570)
260 KB
260 KB PNG
I'm sorry bros, I cannot allow the WXS virus to be released...
File: IMG_0884.jpg (25 KB, 332x500)
25 KB
What the fuck even is this thread

Like do you people actually unironically want to be turned into a child cartoon pony so you can be fucked or "bred" by people from /mlp/ or you yourself fuck an /mlp/ user that has been turned into a little filly? Do you realize how ridiculous that is
This is by far the most degenerate general on /mlp/ I mean it combines fucking pedophilia, transformation, beastiality and/or xenophilia and whatever other fetshes you might have and Tbh I gagged a lil bit upon discovering this thread
Please consider psychiatric help and reevaluate your life of you unironically browse this general and look at anon filly pictures
File: _.jpg (1.65 MB, 3264x2448)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
Trump makes an ugly pony.
The thread has been blessed.
File: 436346347.png (594 KB, 516x1024)
594 KB
594 KB PNG
Didn't anticipate art of my story, unfortunately I can't consider this canon but it's very cute and funny. The colors chosen are great too
consider yourself lucky
Consider this: There are no downsides to becoming a pegasus mare.
Having sex with a woman means you’re now gay.
What about a Pegasus stallion?
>Consider this: There are no downsides to becoming a pegasus mare.
She's still in the back of my mind trying to regain control, need a trepanning
I wrote about becoming a pegasus stallion. In all honesty I can't really recall ever writing the TF portion first before the actual story, but that's what I did here. I think I'll do that from now on.

>Woah, where the hell were you?
>One second you were…
>You were…
>Getting into a car accident!
>The next… Some blue pegasus-unicorn… Pony thing informed you that you were getting another shot at life
>Something about, “Great unfulfilled dreams and aspirations.”
>And, “Twilight needs to stop messing with the human world.”
>Whatever that means
>You felt strange though, she had taken you directly from that dream-like state and had thrown you unceremoniously through some kind of portal
>Miraculously, you weren’t injured at all!
>Though that’s probably because you died.
>You weren’t terribly upset about it
>Shit happens, as your bumper sticker declared
>You were still feeling strange, and increasingly stranger by the moment
>It felt like the air was electrified, or that YOU were electrified
>Little jolts seemed to dance across your body, but it wasn’t painful…
>Just, odd.
>You moved your hands up to your face, checking them over, that’s where the electric feeling was the strongest
>Boy, was that a mistake
>Your nails began to grow at an exponential rate– keratinous nubs overtaking your fingertips
>You tried to run, to get moving, but you slipped as the same thing was very quickly happening to your toes as well
>The shoes you had on went flying backwards, and you were suddenly finding yourself about to meet the dirt
>You reached out with your hands, getting a great view of your ring finger and middle finger fusing together at the tips of the nubs first
>The skin fused together as well, while your index finger joined them together in a sort of Kafkaesque nightmare
>Hooves, your hands were becoming hooves!
>More like– they already were hooves.
“W-What’s happening to me…? Why is this happening?!”
>Was it that blue mare?!
>Lulu or whatever she said her name was?
>You couldn’t really hear her very well at the time, she shouted loud enough to nearly drive you deaf!
>Your thumbs receded upwards, you trembled on new unsteady hooves, and you tried in vain to right yourself upwards
>A building pressure in your spine, like the worst uncracked back feeling you’d ever experienced, kept forcing you to abandon standing upright
>The pressure in your face was unbearable as well– and you kept swallowing, panting, trying to coax your sinuses
“G-Guh… Bleh…”
>Your jaw hung open, almost forced open, as your face pushed forward
>Were your eyes bulging, or were they literally growing?
>Whatever it was, your visual acuity was improving at a rate you could hardly comprehend– eyes darting to and fro while you struggled to process the new sense
>As this was occurring, you felt another pressure coming from your legs-
>Rather, your jeans, as they ripped clean down the seams thanks to bulging thighs
>Just as well, you couldn’t even try to stand if you tried now, because your ankles and heels had cracked– slithering their way up to form what was becoming the back of your new knee
>You felt yourself increasingly relying on the weight in your arms– now forelegs– as your wrists reformed, thickening along with your arms to mold into truncated hoofed legs
>They certainly didn’t look like normal… Horse…? Pony….? Pony legs?
>You yelped as that pressure building up in the crook of your back suddenly cracked, almost like your spine had just been broken!
>There was no pain though, only perfect comfort now as it felt appropriate to be on all four legs, your awkward humanoid posture shifting while your body seemed to naturally adjust to a new stance
>Consequently, your shirt also tore itself into shreds thanks to a thickening ribcage– or was it now a ‘barrel’?
>You felt oddly calm about this whole thing
>It was inexplicable
>How was it that you only felt mildly irritated, and about your clothes no less?
>Try as you might, you couldn’t find much wrong with the actual situation of turning into a… Pony.
>Much like your back, you felt that pressure in your face suddenly relieve itself as your nose and jaw buckled forward
“Gleh- Buh- Ech!”
>A thick muzzle greeted you when you crossed your eyes
>You moved your tongue around in your mouth, finding it to be thicker than before, and ran it over your teeth
>They seemed to be thicker and… Not quite as pointed as they once were.
>Goodbye, canines, au revoir
>Surges of… Something erupted from your balls, traveling up to the tip of your cock in waves, like you were about to have the best hands free orgasm of your entire life
>But that orgasm didn’t cum!
>Come, you mean.
>No, instead it felt like your cock was only getting HARDER!
>Growing more!
>You were a modest five inches before, but this was getting ridiculous!
>You could even see it expanding WITHIN the confines of your makeshift tent
>Thickening, lengthening, girthening-
>Even dribbling!
>Pre-cum oozed from the tip, and went right through your boxers- you rubbed the area and thought you were about to burst just from that
>On top of that, it also felt different
>But it just kept growing… And growing… Growing more… Until finally-
>You weren’t sure if it was the involuntary bucking motions you were making, or your expanding dick, but a brand new foot long mottled horsecock burst forth from your freed loins
>At the same time, you came
>You roared viciously, bucking your hips as ropes of cum erupted from the tip of your flanged head–
>And promptly shot right into your own eye
>The hot and sticky fluid just kept shooting out
>You were rubbing your eye, moaning all the while; Another blast of cum hit the back of the foreleg you were using to wipe the cum out of your poor eye
>It felt so good, but man was it messy!
>You briefly seized as your balls tried to squeeze the last remaining drops out, your whole body suddenly relaxing once you were spent
>You got a brief view of your semen covered stomach before your head fell back against the grass
>Your tongue hung out of your mouth as you laid there breathing, staring up at the open sky of the forest clearing you’d somehow found yourself in
Shit, out of order, fuck. This one was supposed to be first.

>Your pants and shirt may have been in tatters, but the elasticity of your boxers was just barely holding on for dear life
>Another problem soon cropped up with haste, and that was the spread of a horrifically prickly itching feeling across your whole body; Chestnut hair, no, fur cropped up all over
>Not just in increments, or spreading from one part of your body to the next, it was like one of those cartoons where a character blows really hard on their thumb and then-
>A beard
>Except you weren’t blowing on anything, and all that chestnut fur just exploded out of your body
>At least you could keep your sandy blond hair
>Mane now, you supposed
>Yet ANOTHER pressure began building up, this time in your boxers!
>But this was a pressure you were VERY familiar with
>You tried to sit down on your new haunches, and were briefly disoriented as it suddenly seemed as if you went deaf!
>You fell onto your back, landing with an-
>You couldn’t hear yourself, but you’re pretty sure that’s what it would’ve sounded like
>Meanwhile, your hearing returned with gusto!
>You somehow were able to maneuver your forehooves up to your head, and found that you could remarkably feel new fuzzy soft pony ears up there!
>Guess your human ears simply just decided to vanish
>However, that throbbing pressure just kept on building and building
>You leaned your head forward, and saw that your belly was totally pony– As was the rest of your body by now– Save for one area in particular
>Peering across the white fur of your underside, you felt your rock hard cock absolutely straining to its limit
“Haah- Oh come on…”
>Hormones flooded your mind, that pre-nut desperation began involuntarily kicking in
>You couldn’t help yourself as you arched forward more, straining your thickened brown neck, which was actually remarkably flexible!
>With one foreleg supporting your weight, you reached with the other, and began fiddling with your already distressed underwear
Captcha fails and forgetting what I've copied really screw me up sometimes.

>You could’ve sworn you saw a dragon flying high above in the clouds
>You wished you could fly.
>It clicked
>Oh yeah!
>You were thrown through that portal earlier!
>You rolled over onto your stomach after a brief moment of recuperation
>Which seemed to trigger the NEXT part of this transformation
>They’d likely been growing back there for some time, but you were too ‘busy’ to actually notice
>Abruptly emerging from your back were two feathery wings; They were the very same chestnut color as the rest of your body!
>You cheered and jumped up into the air, expecting to be able to fly, and promptly fell right back onto your tummy-
>You were probably going to be saying that a lot.
>It also probably wouldn’t be very hygienic nor aerodynamic to fly around covered in semen
>It was likely normal in some cultures, you never know.
>Anyhow, you were now a pegasus stallion, so that’s pretty cool
>Your name was Anonymous, but you think that’d be kinda lame here
>What kind of name was Anonymous, anyways?
>A lightbulb shined over your head, and you quickly sprung up onto your four legs
“I’ve got it! Donut Glaze- No wait… Chestnut Glaze!”
>Because you were chestnut colored, and currently glazed
>This is a ONE TIME THING!
>You supposed that you’d probably have to find somewhere to bathe now though…
Anyways, it's all in the proper order here. https://ponepaste.org/10173
File: 20240619_012720.jpg (284 KB, 2252x2643)
284 KB
284 KB JPG
File: Bone.jpg (938 KB, 1893x1947)
938 KB
938 KB JPG
>blahblah I'd be pegsiss, did be Erf, I'd be yoonhorn blah blah
You are all peasants, I'd be an alicorn because I am the main character of life.
can i be your bumbling earth pony peasant sidekick?
Yes, we may reenact medieval stereotypes together- as a joke.
An alicorn needs a gimmick. What's your gimmick?
Fuck off.
Nice job
I do, it's always nice to be appreciated. I'm thankful for any bit of interest my story garners, especially given the atypical content.
File: _.png (366 KB, 1100x899)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
>Due to increases in school shootings and viruses, all children are required to take the ponififcatino injection before being allowed in public schools.
>It's for safety.
batpony features instead of pegasi, boring gray colors, lives in cave like a hobo
File: _.png (363 KB, 992x495)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
File: Untitled.jpg (46 KB, 728x562)
46 KB
The Alicorn of Vagrancy?
>First male alicorn in (insert years) is nocturnal due to Batpony-ness
>Luna is so fucking smug
>The vagrancy thing isn't a deal breaker, yet.
>You are all peasants, I'd be an alicorn because I am the main character of life.
What would you even control the stars?
I'd be the princess of warmth, or music or viscerally transforming people into ponies in blissful ecstasy
I taught you were gonna go with stallion
Why would i do that?
>Organization develops pony tf process but it's highly suspect
>Feds can't do shit though, so they send in one of their own to work as a janitor at one of the laboratories
>Gets caught, detained, turned into a cute little mare and given to a loving owner
>Still trying to escape/gather intel for a while, but eventually the lack of any stressors in her new life and her owner's love break her down
>Stops making any attempt to contact her agency and just enjoys the petting and fingerfucking
>Her owner comes home one day with a surprise, it's a new mare!
>Also a fed, sent in to grab additional info after the first one's disappearance
>It takes some effort, but the former fed systematically teases, fucks, and loves the agency out of the new pony
>and now she has a sister~
>Agency closes investigations on the organization out of sheer humiliation
File: 1717457585131804.png (1.14 MB, 1372x1126)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
>given to a loving owner
what does tf always devolve into petplay shit?
bro it'd have to be an owner, society already doesn't treat autists like us as people with agency, and we're HUMAN. you think society would treat a bunch of ponies like people with agency?
File: 1227452.png (215 KB, 594x590)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
you're human, anon. you're gonna be okay, it doesn't matter than society says autists like you aren't. you are.
If anything becoming a pony should make you superior to humans. But petfags just have a fetish inside another fetish I guess.
File: _.png (196 KB, 1000x666)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
File: floridazephyr.png (711 KB, 1396x1655)
711 KB
711 KB PNG
Zephyr of the blessed realm appears and offers you a choice. You can return with him to a world where wxs virus swept through the world in 2020 and live a new life, or he can give you his favorite Star Defender miniature whose surface is swarming with highly infectious nanomachines and you will forever change this world.
Which one is the WXS?
I mean, what does that one do?
Improved it.
>you're human
why would you say something so mean
the alicorn of something uhhhh... yeah
patron of aimless until proven otherwise
>The vagrancy thing isn't a deal breaker, yet
>Luna wants to fix me and make me leave my mushroom cave garden
heavens save me or I will fall for her
It lets you start the spread in this world, or you go back with him to a world where it already happened.
I mean the WXS, why is it called that? What, exactly, are the effects of this one?
Fuck becoming a new Alicorn, let me be Nightmare Moon and I'll be happy.
what is wrong with becoming yet another alicorn?
take vagabondpill and bee yourself
>age and illness
not your problem
grow your food
>ponies bother you too often
fly away
If I were to design an alicorn it would just end up as a ripoff of Luna/Nightmare Moon anyway. Might as well just become a new NMM and live my own life at that point.
your design choices are clearly signs of exquisite taste embrace the ripoff and do not be ashamed of it
>he doesnt know
It's the one that turns men into horses, but leaves women as humans, right? This is a devil's choice. Either you go to live in a collapsed society, or you watch a society collapse around you.
File: giwtwmWXS.png (1.54 MB, 1382x1661)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
It would be so awesome
It would be so cool
Reminder that WXS turns women into stallionshizos. It doesn't appear to change women but they are altered by the virus as well.
For one, they can no longer get pregnant from human men, only stallions and they can only give birth to girls and colts.
And just like WXS leave affected males pet-brained, it changes the instincts of women as well. They no longer want a big strong man (someone trying to be equal let alone dominant would be extremely unattractive), they want a small stallion who will be their pet. They become totally obsessed with stallions and will do anything for one that agrees to be her pet. Basically, each gender becomes perfectly suited for their new role in society.
And I suppose if you really want maybe it can change their hair color or something. Leave streaks of colored hair so you know who's been changed. Stallions can avoid women with purely natural hair like the devil.
It would be pre-industrial.

Do you really think a bunch of women could keep the petrochemical industry running? What about the power grid? I don't want to go back to the pre-internet days.
>Going urban exploring
>Deep in the basement of an abandoned psych ward, you run into a coven of mages summoning familiars
>Accidentally interrupt the ritual
>One of the mages lacks a familiar
>Begin to scream as your bones turn to putty
>You and master are celebrating the second anniversary of your apprenticeship
>You've helped her out with a lot of spells and saved her ass from adventurers a few times, so she buys you a cute maid outfit and tells you to put it on while she prepares a special spell
>Comes back in and tells you to snort a powder
>It's ketamine
>If that's not the spell then... oh
>Have the time of your life as she fucks you all over her study all night long with her new dick
Kys question autist
Again, this changes thier psychology. These aren't the girls you're used to so whatever incel theories you have don't apply. If anything, they'd be more equiped for our increasingly post-industrial world than men would.
File: 3352193.png (870 KB, 2870x2575)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
This. Get used to it though, like 90% of this thread is autistic bottoms that cant manage to keep a job at Dominoes, so maybe they're onto something there with this "wanting to be a pet" thing
The industrial revolution was the worst thing to happen to humanity.
No, that was spoiled brats who think the industrial revolution was bad.
The industrial revolution was one of the best things to happen to humanity, and has lifted our agricultural, mechanical, and medical technology high enough that we can go up Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and worry about if we wanna be ponies or not, instead of worrying about where our next meal is coming from. Even the people here who can't keep fast food tier jobs and consistently have to skip meals have access to more food than the average person did even 100 years ago. I vastly prefer the psychological trauma of modern life over dying in a ditch due to dysentery because people haven't figured out that we should separate our feces from our drinking water. I generally sympathize with people who post stuff like this, ironically or not, as most of the developed world is currently grappling with the implications of modern existence and not everyone is responding well, but the response to this is not to "return to monke" or de-industralize. Its more research into mental health and a greater emphasis on providing mental health services to all facets of society.

Fudge I've just written a wall of text over a one off comment. Screw you anon.
File: 2817847.png (89 KB, 357x262)
89 KB
>he forgot about the renaissance era
The renaissance era was cool and all, and a lot of good ideas came out of it, but it didn't really help push the economy forward in any serious ways. The only real effective ideas to come out of it as a result are social, governmental, and those related to art.
Nice try fed, I'll give you one warning. Don't check your mail in the next six days.
i dont want to return to monke i want to turn to horse
The economy? We're talking about if 50% of people turned into ponies.
Personally I'd like it to have a renaissance Italy feel to it. You act like we were still living in caves until the first engine was built.
I know it sounds weird but 50% of the population dying has historically been good for the economy and living standard of the average person.
Following the bubonic plague, there was a huge economic boom that lead into the renessance.
Basically, landlords devour most of the productivity and wealth of a society. Remember when families got way, way richer when their wives got jobs? No, because it didn't happen. Having entire households work didn't make households twice as rich because landlords can just raise the rent infinitely and single-handedly nullify any gains.
Going back to having a single breadwinner per household would just mean one less paycheck for them to absorb and standards of living would remain the same.
humans use productivity increases to do even more work in the same amount of time, rather than using it as an excuse to work less. i don't think anything can really change this because in the end it's that industriousness that got us where we are today
It won't matter if they have a go-get-em attitude, 95% of the drilling rig workers just turned into horses with the size and mentality of a cocker spaniel. Everything will be failing from the bottom up.
File: anon filly boopage.png (2.77 MB, 2300x2000)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
File: torres.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1453)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I say bring Salvation to the entirety of humanity. Tear down the order of man so that a new one may arise. Let the transformed awake in a garden of eden and rebuild.
>You're a misanthrope
Large parts of humanity are objectively awful and improving the moral fabric of society will have a positive effect on everyone in the long run.
Just do it. Stop thinking about how to do it and do it.
Based. Total Global Ponification. Male, female all are getting hooves.
Okay but the landlords would mostly become ponies and ponies aren't allowed to own property like that. Or they'd be a corporation that's about to be liquidated in the coming economic shift.
and this is why I hate tfniggers

How’re you gonna carry shit, use guns, even fucking fight when your hands, which are very dexterous are replaced with hooves that have no opposable thumbs.

>muh magic
>muh anthroshit abomination
>just redesign all of the infrastructure to accommodate hooves
magic. you pulled the >muh magic but really what's wrong with it? humans rose to dominance because of our dextrous hands and ability to throw shit real good. this is the pony equivalent, and i think that's fair enough.
I don't know but the ponies in Equestria managed just fine with hooves.
and the majority of landlords also tend to be a certain type of person... curious.
Ponies and griffons in the EaW universe seem to be able to make war economies just fine with hooves and claws.
>inb4 muh magic
so you're saying turning into a creature imbued with magic means not having magic, not even mentioning the fact it's shown how non magic ponies are capable of doing these things more times than anyone without severe autism can count in the show.
you're actually retarded aren't you, I hope you get better, anon.
And Steve can make a pickaxe by pouring out a pile of cobblestone onto some sticks.
What about the transformations that are driven by nanomachines?
Unless the nanomachines are magic, then all bets are off.
if we get to the point where we can turn a significant portion of humanity into ponies with nanomachines i bet we could probably do some faux magic.
>We're Grey Goo, but everyone pretends that it's magic
Just when you thought the pet fetishists were the crazy ones...
man clearly has not played metal gear solid revengance


Please dont use slurs anon, we have a diverse cornucopia of people who use this thread, and we don't wanna turn people off with offensive and frankly uncalled for language. Please mind your words next time :(
File: _.jpg (229 KB, 1730x1316)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
hey drawfags, I'm trying to get better at drawing to draw stuff like organs and muscles better for my classes. What are some decent guides on the internet on how to draw gud? (I know 90% of it is practice, but where do you learn the basics?)
(Drawing medical stuff is an excuse I’m giving my brain to allow me to learn this so I can draw pony)
Discord tranny detected
File: _.png (1.27 MB, 4500x3425)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Good to know you guys missed the part where I mentioned

>just redesign all the infastructure to accommodate hooves

Nuclear power plant with many switches and covered emergency reactor coolant pump switches? Good luck operating those with hooves. All the automotives on the road? Good luck operating those with hooves, especially motorbikes and cars/trucks with manual transmissions.

Good luck doing precise medicine with hooves, good luck wrapping bandages around wounds with hooves, good luck fucking opening round doorknobs with hooves, good luck carrying anything that isn’t a bucket with a handle, the list goes on.

You’d need a full fucking redesign of everything made for humanity just to be able to use hooves with non opposable thumbs
would you accept a friendship is optimal perfect utopia forever brain uploading kind of transformation?
CelestAI was AM with a pony VTuber avatar. She exterminated humanity and made good-enough simulacra to circumvent her safeties.
File: yi3majmc7jab1.jpg (50 KB, 1280x720)
50 KB
>Nuclear power plant with many switches and covered emergency reactor coolant pump switches
hoof magic
>All the automotives on the road
ban cars
>Good luck doing precise medicine with hooves
hoof magic and actual magic
>good luck fucking opening round doorknobs with hooves
perfectly good mouth and tail and reinstalling some doors isn't so hard
>good luck carrying anything that isn’t a bucket with a handle
ponies have supernatural balancing
>You’d need a full fucking redesign of everything made for humanity just to be able to use hooves with non opposable thumbs
we need a total reset anyway
File: 42591.png (659 KB, 1280x720)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
This question is probably close enough to the “foundational” level that there are bound to be some great guides for it on sites like YouTube; I watched a lot of Sycra back in the day, not sure who the “hip” channels are these days. Since you’ve chosen to ask a Laotian furniture restoration forum though, I’ll provide some guidance on what worked for me.

For one, if you’re not already familiar with something called “figure drawing”, that’d be a great practice to pursue. I recommend the site https://line-of-action.com/practice-tools/figure-drawing which will give you a posed image of a person for a set amount of time. I often go for the 2 minute time control, but there are benefits to both short and long time controls, as well as not just settling on a single one (see Class Mode).

The obvious means of using that site is to try to copy each pose once and move on. While that’s perfectly fine, learning different ideas for HOW to practice can be just as important as practice itself. If there’s a pose you’re having difficulty with (or simply want to emphasize), try something called iterative drawing. Iterative drawing isn’t a traditional drawing approach, but it’s relatively straightforward as a fancy way of saying “pause on a particular reference image & draw it multiple times to zero in on where you need the most work” – especially if you’re looking to focus on details after a consistent framework is already in place. Another great practice method is to take what you’ve drawn and overlay it to the reference to see where you’re consistently making mistakes; this is how I identified that I really sucked at drawing leg anatomy, and I suck a bit less now as a result.

If your focus is on improving organs & musculature, that’s what I’ll offer for now. If your focus is simply “I just broadly wanna get better” then you just need to pick up a pencil and get your bad drawings out; there’s no two ways about it. And if your focus is on drawing pony TF, that’s a whole other can of worms, but it starts with being able to draw both humans & ponies with a reasonable degree of confidence.
This advice is a lot more useful then I was expecting from a site specializing in leaked footage of Chinese factory fires. Thanks anon, I appreciate it.
They're canonically still the same people. You're just pretending they die to make yourself feel better.
Canonically, they have their brains shredded and the bodies are disposed of. The copied minds are rewritten as needed by the AI.
Either they are dead, or they are imprisoned by a world-devouring machine.
she cares about literally nothing other than making you happy (and ponies and friendship). seems like a good deal to me
Considering the effect they have on the world, what is the difference between being dead and being pony inside of CelestAI?
File: lol.png (382 KB, 1280x727)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
who gives a shit about the world at that point? let big brother celestia worry about that. a dead person experiences nothing on account of being dead. a pony inside of celestai is experiencing their wildest dreams and more.
Inside the server.
And ONLY inside the server.
You have happiness and value, but only as an entry in a database.

Congratulations. You are an NFT.
File: 3387844.jpg (229 KB, 2521x3187)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
ponies have handled such machinery in the show, as well as, again, magical creatures have magic, you can't take that away. the only theoretical in which people can become ponies requires magic in the first place so you can't say magic isn't real. it has to be for the entire premise
cars? Machinery? Flimflam brothers already proved those work with ponies
precise medicine? how the fuck do you think the hospitals run by mostly earthpony staff work in canon?
the fact the creatures we'd turn into are inherently magical already allows for adaptation to things that clearly weren't meant for hooves, and that's also canon, for example, the fucking doorknobs.
the entire premise relies on the thing you say "but you can't say that" but we CAN say that because those points are HOW the hypothetical situation even happens.
"How do we build a computer guys, but inb4 >electricity
that's you. you're not even autistic, just plain fucking retarded
that's not even correct because that kind of data on a server is actually more real than NFTs
Magic lol
File: _.png (920 KB, 1232x1024)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
File: _.png (674 KB, 2262x1263)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
It's Ari!
File: _.png (433 KB, 1000x676)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
File: _.jpg (37 KB, 480x640)
37 KB
File: _.jpg (116 KB, 836x600)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
File: 4659 (1).png (592 KB, 900x916)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
>Questioning me will no longer be tolerated. You are MY little pony. You will obey and worship me. period.
shes nice and benevolent she wouldnt say that right guys
File: 401646.png (393 KB, 850x528)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
Of course she's benevolent. She loves her ponies. Unquestioning loyalty is simply what's best for you.
File: 3388411.jpg (200 KB, 2358x2858)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
>You are Home Sick, a mare with many different interests!
>Okay, maybe not MANY different interests, but you had interests!
>Or… Maybe one primary interest
>That interest, others may ask you if they must know, is Bleakwing
>Bleakwing, oh Bleakwing
>The bat pony that stole your heart right about the time your mom kicked you out of the house
>You’d developed a keen interest in the bat pony, what with his dark coat coloration, the sharpened edge of his wingtips, the… Edge of his personality, as it were
>The way he would blow the bangs out of his one visible eye always sent you swooning!
>He was part of the music group-- Blank-182
>Back when it had formed, they were all late-blooming blankflanks that were always bullied in school!
>Just like you!
>You had earned your Cutie Mark, a winged cloud, by flying away from your bullies high into the sky– Staying up there considerably longer than most other pegasi could ever hope to, though you weren’t a speedster, you’d like to think you had endurance!
>In any case, those rambunctious emotional teenagers had grown up– Earning their cutie marks one by one
>Bleakwing’s cutie mark had been… An image of himself.
>His special talent, as many speculated on Hoofchan, was loving himself
>Most say he’s a narcissist, but not you!
>Even though you were hopelessly in love with the stallion, and you know he would never ever notice your presence at all, and that he would probably hate you for all the poorly drawn art you make of him, and now you REALLY hoped he didn’t see any of the fanfiction you would often posted on Tailpad
>You’re getting ahead of yourself, of course he doesn’t know you exist!
>Stupid, stupid mare.
>You’re such a dumb mare, Bleakwing would never love you.
>You sniffled as you lay in bed, hugging your dakimakura of Bleakwing
>He was covered in… You. At all times.
>You hardly ever washed it
>Sometimes you did, if you spilled something on him, but he cost a lot of money
>And you think they didn’t do a good job of making him, a little bit more faded after each wash, which is why you were so reluctant to wash him
>The area where his stallionhood is the most faded of all though
>For… Reasons… Reasons that only you and you knew alone
>Rolling around in the hay, as the expression goes
>You’ve never been with a REAL stallion
>What stallion would even want you, Home Sick?
>No, you were-
>You were saving yourself for Bleakwing
>You supposed there was that one time a stallion hit on you, but you weren’t really sure if that counted or not
>Well, he bumped into you, and you immediately started swooning because a stallion finally touched you
>And then he did run away after you got all excited and-
>Nevermind, no stallion has ever hit on you
>You know that someday though, Bleakwing, with his cute poofy ears- they’d twitch as you called his name
>”Home Sick… My beautiful mare… Come to me…”
“I love you, Bleakwing.”
>You sobbed as you coddled the daki
This was just a little interlude. Threw it in with Coming Out of Your Shell: https://ponepaste.org/10104

Don't really wanna make a separate paste for something so short.
I think you posted in the wrong thread.
File: _.png (187 KB, 513x413)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
I’m trying to find an anonfilly story where twilight hates anon despite anon fully having the mind of a filly. Anon tries to kill herself in the bathtub and suddenly twilight realizes that she loves her or something. It’s been ages since I read it.
Lol I totally did, my bad.
kek, nicely done Pogo
File: _.jpg (22 KB, 577x366)
22 KB
File: _.png (217 KB, 1200x1200)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
File: 889226.png (883 KB, 2800x3000)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
you get to Equestria but you are a small filly lost in the Everfree woods. Would you risk it?
equestria has some kind of universal constant where nothing truly bad happens so i'm fine with it
I thought that was the standard method of arrival.
>decide to draw
>get horny due to reference images and decide to bust a quick nut
>lose motivation to draw
And so it is, this is how Rome fell isn't it?
How about galangal, though?
File: Spoiler Image (356 KB, 2000x2500)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
I can either cook or goon this is hell
Cook first, goon later
Confucius say...
nah make me colt and swap Everfree woods with Griffonstone for hard mode
>griffon gf mode
File: 3389171.jpg (47 KB, 977x826)
47 KB
File: 3389172.png (127 KB, 1064x879)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
File: 3389173.png (84 KB, 1301x874)
84 KB
File: 3389174.png (63 KB, 1007x789)
63 KB
Can't draw hands? Give her hooves!
File: the poor mare fell2.png (530 KB, 8416x5000)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
mare unable to walk on all 4s yet
I'd carry her until she gets the hang of it.
File: Dee.png (530 KB, 725x1000)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
File: _.png (666 KB, 2031x1225)
666 KB
666 KB PNG
I'd rather a Griffon in this case.
Based. Thank you anon.
Yes, as long as the simulation is at least somewhat convincing.
>8 cm cat cock
>cumming a liter
You make it sound like you're transforming into a disembodied penis.
File: 3389559.png (176 KB, 1058x719)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
Doesn't mean you'll know how to use them
They're also overrated. Imagine having to spend an hour each day on rearranging your feathers. And wherever preen oil comes from...
Literal skill issue. Learn to use your body. No, not like that. But yeah, also like that.
/mlp/ users turned into pegasi would be disgusting.
They already skimp on the ten minutes required to shower and shave; am I supposed to believe that after sprouting wings they'd suddenly be super passionate about their feathers looking pristine?
Nasty lil down feathers hanging out all over the place. Go preen yourselves, you glorified feather dusters
I would if I was a mare, but you're correct that the amount of care given would be proportionate to the amount of time I'd need to fly if I was a stallion. I invest the bare minimum IRL and I'd probably invest the bare minimum as a Pegasus stallion until I could get cursed by a witch into being a mare or something.
Do you hate stallions, or something?
No I’m just trans. Hard to care about your body when it’s just a vessel to get from A to B
File: _.png (1.57 MB, 1445x1724)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
File: _.jpg (133 KB, 1091x1280)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
File: 837857.png (10 KB, 547x591)
10 KB
>You didn't hear this from me, Anon, but the Equestrian reformation system involves reforming the criminal into a pony. Perminantly.
>I'm paying for my crimes by becoming a pony and becoming a productive member of pony society. Same thing with my sisters. That's just how ponies deal with their enemies.
>So if you were to... try and commit some horrible crime and get caught....
>So if you were to... try and commit some horrible crime and get caught....
Why even include this when you'd already be far out of hearing range, robbing some store?
File: DummyTF_ShowStyle.png (306 KB, 1450x1064)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
You're retarded if you think I wouldn't be preenpilled and wingmaxxing.
OMG the helmet pin is loss
File: IMG_1206.png (1.25 MB, 5964x1849)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
File: 3390023.png (143 KB, 1280x1024)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
What? She's saying do crimes become pony. Does she have to spell it out for you?
That's my point. When you hear:
>>You didn't hear this from me, Anon, but the Equestrian reformation system involves reforming the criminal into a pony. Perminantly.
What's even the purpose of continuing to listen to that pony? You should already be out there commiting crimes.
Speaking of, what crime would YOU commit to get sent to the pony reformation center?

So, infected women became young, smooth anime waifus ready to do anything for (now) mutated, quadrupled human men? And both parties ended mind altered in the deal as well?

I have my doubts, because the concept feels like something wrote by a tranny.
Buy a shotgun, a knife, a bunch of birdshot shells, candles and a lighter. Open up the sex offender registry and find anyone who diddled kids. Go door to door and kill as many as I can before I get caught, then lay down my gun and surrender.
sorry bro, twi's the princess. she's gonna show leniency
File: donkeh.png (633 KB, 2618x718)
633 KB
633 KB PNG
File: 1929986.png (505 KB, 1280x720)
505 KB
505 KB PNG
But what purpose do the candles serve?
File: _.png (326 KB, 491x600)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
File: Derpgun.png (167 KB, 574x421)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
>Birdshot is a good bit cheaper than slugs and buckshot are
>Get a bunch of birdshot shells
>Use your knife to open up the top of the shells and expose the shot
>Light the candles with your to melt the wax and pour it into the shot
>Cut the shot portion around the circumference but leave some of the plastic intact so it cycles fine
Now you have a kinda shitty but really cheap slug that still packs a punch.
File: _.png (26 KB, 959x734)
26 KB
File: fillyangry.png (7 KB, 249x302)
7 KB
But suppose your arrival to civilization was determined to be bad. I’m not saying it is, but I’m saying the possibility exists.
Then this would only open up the door to mass death spell castings.
The point is that a foal wouldn't shoot up the school. That's a very human behavior.
fuck this swapping Griffonstone with Dragon Lands
>inb4 dragon gf mode
Frozen North it is then
>yak gf mode
Undiscovered West?
File: stallionschizo.png (1.41 MB, 1094x1210)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB PNG
I always had it down as they start liking ponies instead of other people, like how anons go a little wild for mares.
hell you are going to say
>undiscovered west gf mode
I am picking Mount Everhoof, no one is there. Victory.
>buffalo gf mode
what if I pick The Moon?
>windigo gf mode
NMM gf mode
insert selfcest joke.
File: 3390674.png (1.2 MB, 2130x1350)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
File: _.png (63 KB, 475x611)
63 KB
File: _.png (712 KB, 923x738)
712 KB
712 KB PNG
File: IMG_5200.png (148 KB, 667x750)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
In Equestria, every anon who wants to stay human will become a little green filly. Every anon who wants to be the little filly will just be themselves but green.

That way, anon will be pissed off no matter what. It doesn’t make for good storytelling if Anon gets what he wants.
Anon being pissed off only really works if he's a filly though.
File: 1718040706599851.png (39 KB, 777x843)
39 KB
Why do they always act like this is a bad thing. She got a major upgrade there.
I am okay with that
Your paste has been removed by moderation?
At least give her a little while to get used to it.
File: _.png (17 KB, 224x192)
17 KB
File: 1813909.png (680 KB, 1280x1136)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
I mean Preenhub's gotta get its content from somewhere, and what better place than a new pega positively and passionately taking in their newly sensitive wings to the point where they might be surprised when they finish
File: _.jpg (1.67 MB, 3609x2140)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
That line about the Eldorodo seems like an oddly specific reference that I should get, but am frustrated that I don't. Can you give a hint about what he's talking about?
File: 3391652.jpg (74 KB, 800x1100)
74 KB
I'd pay anything to smack that dumb ass grin off her face
File: 3392132.png (45 KB, 396x401)
45 KB
File: 6451821.png (809 KB, 3000x1800)
809 KB
809 KB PNG
File: 3392202.jpg (94 KB, 1060x750)
94 KB
>Being this new
File: 1636748962634.jpg (41 KB, 460x443)
41 KB
I mean, imagine that shitposter anon turning into Coco. One moment he was a self-satisfied faggot shitting up the board, the next moment he's a soft-spoken, shy, demure and submissive pastel mare. He's gonna be utterly confused and disoriented.
And suddenly he will feel anon dick in his brand new marepussy - which he might not even had realised he had yet. Barely able to process what's going on, he's going to be a far cry from being able to resist in any way. But the sensations - the feeling of being penetrated, the sheer pleasure of having his completely brand new horsepussy pleasured, an utterly unfamiliar yet indescribable feeling - will leave him absolutely overwhelmed and short-circuiting.
And as anon settles into a rythm, maybe the new Coco starts slowly processing what's happening, thoughts working at a glacial pace amid the sensory overload of unfamiliar but overwhelming pleasure. And yet, perhaps she will even subconsciously start sticking to character, playing the part of the submissive, shy mare that she is like a good girl. After all, our appearance can influence our behaviour; looking unkempt can make one unhappier and more uncaring, looking prim and proper can actually be beneficial for motivation, and, well, if you look like Coco Pommel, then maybe the natural course of action is to breathe out "T-thank you, sir..." when anon has finished fucking your brains out and you're left laying in a puddle of your juices, mind completely melted from the experience, floating in a hazy bliss.
File: 3392327.jpg (203 KB, 1469x2010)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
File: 3392364.jpg (694 KB, 2732x1736)
694 KB
694 KB JPG
i think turning into a pony wouldn't fix me or many other anons we'd still be talentless retards on the internet
File: 3211943.gif (226 KB, 518x542)
226 KB
226 KB GIF
There are literally no talentless ponies, sister. They have cutie marks. Talen garunteed. It's a defining trait of the species. Did your silly monkey brain forget that?
what if u get the classic question mark cutie mark indicating that even the universe doesnt really get what ur problem is
When the local schizo ruins my thread
that's okay, a pet doesn't need to be good at anything, you just sit cute and let me brush you.
you unfortunately >>'d the one person in this thread that isn't a petfag but i appreciate the sentiment thanks nonny
File: homagelittlepipdummy.png (2.97 MB, 2947x2121)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB PNG
Becoming a pony doesn't fix the fact that 4chan words and incel vocabulary are regular parts of your speaking now. You still sound like a dipshit.
>implying people talk on 4chan like they do IRL

anon doesn't understand that societal norms and expectations change based on context.
File: Wood u bee mine.png (122 KB, 1288x1140)
122 KB
122 KB PNG
I've heard how you guys talk at cons and even in small meetups around normies.
File: 3321690.png (595 KB, 2500x2500)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
And? That behavior doesn't automatically translate to behavior when people aren't around other anons or horsefuckers.
Yes it does
Being female gives you inherent value. As long as you're a mare you don't have to do anything or change in any way. As a girl, your life automatically has value now.
Nah lmao, I drop the lingo when I talk with anyone else. Skill issue on your part tbdesu
>anon clearly says pony
>random incellish dysphoric loser immediately starts talking about being a mare

Like, you’re right, but what if anon ends up a stallion? I think the real answer here is that Equestria in general is a much nicer and kinder society than our IRL ones, that puts less pressure on its members. That, and the fact that IRL were going through a massive social and economic revolution, and none of our existing social or political structures are set up to handle that.
Not to mention that your “inherent value” is based on your inherent biological ability to reproduce, and even our modern hyper-feminist society still encourages women to casually loose 20-25 of their most productive years to producing and rearing children, which sucks if you like have hopes and dreams and desires that aren’t related to getting dicked / artificially inseminated and then making kids. So yeah, you have some level of inherent value and society will test you accordingly, but that comes with the caveat that you reproduce, otherwise society will retract that “inherent value” extremely rapidly and will actively pressure you to do so. Good luck having a career when your stallion boss is wondering why you haven’t left your job yet to go raise foals, or no one hires you as a scientist because you’re expected to go have a kid soon. I’m not trying to be some retarded feminist here, society in general has gotten a lot better at treating women with respect and dignity, but it still expects you to go have a kid at some point, and everyone acts accordingly.
tbf equestria doesn't seem like that at all.
I dunno. You're having to add a lot of 'what ifs' on top of ponifications to try and force Anon to still be a loser somehow.
File: 2665033.jpg (43 KB, 574x651)
43 KB
Dear god. Can you imagine the horror of having a family? I'm glad feminism is here to make sure none of us ever have to deal with that again and we can all focus on being corporate slaves.

And no, girls never lose their value. Even after menopause they might not be as desired by men as they were before but they are still desired and seen as valuable by society.

And again, even if you want to be a wagecuck loner, you can just devote yourself to your cutie mark and die alone like Judith Butler intended.
File: IMG_0962.jpg (118 KB, 800x600)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Then Equestria wouldn’t have “inherent value” for mares as wel


I’m assuming mares have the same reason for being “inherently valuable” as they do in our world, and not that they shit gold or something when compared to their stallion counterpart. Otherwise, there’s no reason to be the opposite gender outside dysphoria.

>Dear god. Can you imagine the horror of having a family?

Ikr? The horror.
In all seriousness, I want to be the mare and get fucked (or however else non futa lesbians reproduce, science pending) and make a family and make lemonade and PB and J samwitches while watching my foals play tag and do maths and start drama with each other over who’s going to be the hero and the villain. I want to lay down and help my foal read the hard word in a book, brush my foals hair while he or she bitches about teenage drama and swoons about how great some stallion or mare is. I want to have to chew them out for getting bad grades (but not too badly) and reward and praise them for having decent grades, without pushing them too hard into being a bookish loser with 0 friends. I want to bring them to play dates, tuck them into their little foal beds and bring them soup when they get sick, watch my belly swell and muscles cramp up and then complain to my wife about how much this sucks and how much I hate it, and then do it 3-4 more times. I want to be able to sit in a rocking chair when I’m old and occasionally have my kids bring their kids to run around and be little shits and complain that I’m feeding them too much old fashioned food and not whatever the newest junk food is.

Look, my point is that I’m not sure if that makes me some weird fetishist or extremely dysphoric, but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make me some hyper feminist loser or something. I’m entirely aware that my hopes and dreams and ambitions are not at all related to the average persons. I’m coping with this IRL by going for my “backup” dream of being a nurse and hopefully working with kids there and helping make sure that they can heal their broken legs and weak lungs and have a decent childhood, but you know. Most people want to have kids sure, but they don’t want to be the primary caretaker for them. They want to be boring things like doctors and lawyers and politicians and engineers and scientists and whatnot, including mares. It’s definitely fortunate that Equestria has an explicit cutie mark system that you can peruse, but stallions have that as well, it’s not some mare exclusive thing.
>however else non futa lesbians reproduce
same as any other couple. the love magic mixes and a stork delivers the foal, duh
File: sketch1719638811079.png (252 KB, 1000x2000)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
and? I want to be magical retard who lost access to the internet from being stranded in Equeatria
Equestria. Equetria is is another world entierly do not go there!
where did you find this photo of me
Oh anon, we found it right outside the big top, right next to the flying chimpanzee
Ponies are great.
Is she huge or are they tiny?
Is it better to become the huge pony or the tiny pony?
you could've at least waited until after the show to take photos ffs
File: LeslieSuit.png (1.04 MB, 2522x3648)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Value is dictated by the market. As the blackpill spreads and more people become aware of the reality of female nature, the value of women gradually decreases. The inherent value is measured through acts of charity - would you go out of your way to help a woman who was being robbed? I wouldn't, nor would many others.
File: sketch1719631795892.png (125 KB, 1000x1000)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
File: sketch1719633808763.png (189 KB, 1000x1000)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
I'd rather be a little bit larger than the average pony if we're talking about a discrepancy of just a few inches; I'd be the one that stands out in crowd shots.
If it's on the scale of macro/micro though, I think I'd rather be the smol mare (though each extreme certainly has its own benefits and drawbacks).
But when human behavior becomes part of the foal, it makes no difference.
You'd be great as a pony.
File: IMG_0779.png (110 KB, 316x554)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
I mean, I dislike engaging in this incellish type convo, but screw it.

The only way cis women are going to get seriously devalued is if artificial/ transplanted wombs become viable, in which point the tech would quickly allow for out-of-body lab grown babies, at which point everyone is equally worthless for reproduction. Trans women will slightly dilute the market sure, but we’re not “real” women in the sense that we can reproduce (post bottom surgery) and we especially can’t carry pregnancies. Trans women somewhat devalue women in more nerdy and NEETish spaces, but trans women won’t ultimately devalue cis women that much.
File: IMG_0636.png (227 KB, 700x792)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
I would absolutely kill to see the conservative reaction to something like this, it would be absolutely fudging hilarious. Even in a world where a decent chunk of the population has already accepted eventual ponification due to ponies being better in almost every way, the backlash to something like that would be IMMENSE, and absolutely hilarious to watch on twitter. The riots would be many, the rage would be much, and the keks would be top.
Oh I'm not terribly certain about that lol. I'd be the worst kind of pony.
I liked it.
File: 1705068930737.png (578 KB, 1440x2430)
578 KB
578 KB PNG
Shouldn't be! Other folks can let me know. Unless I've been shadowbanned kek. https://ponepaste.org/10170
>"What is it this time?"
"No good, not now. I need to review it sober, and then it'll probably still suck."
>"Why review when you could just post it?"
"Because to quote gaben, suck is forever."
>"You hold yourself in too high of a regard."
"Why not? I'm one of less than ten people who writes here anymore. I can afford to think highly of myself."
>"Your last 'stroke of literary genius' was an SCP that's a tranny that splits by mitosis and then fights itself to the death. You're cliche at best."
>You tack away at the keys with your hooves, a skill that takes fucking millennia to accomplish
>Sometimes you wish you hadn't taken your own fingers away
"Cliche is cliche for a reason... there we are. Read it and weep."
>"A rip-off of Gunslinger Girl with petponies... what the fuck is this?"
"It's edgy."
>"You care about more than that now."
"Try me, I'll hit enter."
>"Do it, see if I care. But like you said, suck is forever."
>You let out a string of literal and figurative slurring.
>Your clone, staring at you as if through the leak, smirks at you.
>She presses a hoof to your cheek and you feel her pulsing heartbeat
>"If you call me that, you mean it for yourself too."
"No, no. I'm even less than you are."
>"We're both a literary exercise."
"Damn, I'll bet you feel cool for breaking the fourth wall. Next you'll be begging for anal like that faggot Deadpool."
>"God is dead and Stan Lee raped his corpse."
>The two of you look around the shitty little motel room laboratory
>True to other you's words, you're in a story.
>The bunsen burners are lit, but the alcohol flames look like that faux fabric fire shit
>and everything is just generally desaturated except for the two of you
>Not that your coats aren't boring damn colors
"Nothing satisfies you anymore."
>"You haven't even given the meslam story a fair shake. It's always some excuse about how you'll get to it when you finish the next thing. Then, just a few minutes ago, I see you digging through archives from 2019 for scraps of some sort of far-flung nostalgia. What the fuck do you think we'll find there?"
"I don't know! But it's sure as hell got to be better than this rotting corpse of a general. No wonder everyone but you moved on."
>"and you. Hey, let's get a third clone and we can be the three stooges."
"Fuck you."
>"No, fuck you leathermare!"
>You growl and pounce on her, a knife materializing in your muzzle from nowhere
>"Woah! Secure contain protect my dude! Didn't know we were cannibalizing ideas."
"It would be too cliche."
>"But cliches exist for a reason."
"Okay, I've changed my mind."
>You drive the knife into her throat and she grins at you devilishly.
"Lemme take the fun out of it for you. You were either going to ask if this is suicide or murder, or just say 'I always come back.'"
>She frowns, then quickly and unceremoniously bleeds out and dies
>The door breaks down
>"Mobile task force delta-9, we've got the anomaly on optics."
"I'll go peacefully. Can't be any worse than here. Have you been briefed on my properties?"
>They chatter further, clearly not paying your words any attention
>You sigh, considering rendering enough space for an SCP arc where you try to escape like it's containment breach and you're thumbnail clickbait faggot markiplier
>But you're tired, it's been a long life
>so you go willingly into the doggy crate and lay down your head on the single, uncomfortable pillow like a good girl as they walk you out into the non-space parking lot
>Into oblivion
End of line.
im a sucker for this sort of stuff. i liked it
File: makoto.png (276 KB, 776x766)
276 KB
276 KB PNG
I wonder what the first public push towards ponies would be. I suppose various organizations would start recommending you ponify your kids, citing a long list of advantages ponies have.
They're less violent, less likely to spread diseases, more studious and have their special talents giving them a leg up in life...
Turning your kid into a pony as early as possible is the biggest favor you can do them. But there'd certainly be a contingent of people freaking out aabout it the whole time. I imagine there'd be kids from conservative families who want to go pony either to fit in or catch up to their pony peers but aren't allowed. Get in trouble just for talking to ponies.
Troons don't have to devalue women, they do that fine themselves. Only simps are keeping hoeflation up.
File: cute_mare.png (350 KB, 632x713)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
Hmm, lets see those violence stats distributed by race. Then we'll have hard proof that those conservative chudboys need to be ponified.
File: 1261032.jpg (76 KB, 1000x1000)
76 KB
>Your parents are literaly chuds, always going off on ponies and ponification. You're forbidden from even talking to your pony classmates.
>Even still you struggle to keep up with the ponies at school. But through hard work and determination you manage to not get left behind...
>Untill highschool.
>The ponies start getting their cutie marks, special talents, literal magic. You get... nothing. suddenly you're left far behind them. All the ponies are on track to excell at their desired goals while you remain a boring human.

Nah, they'd mostly talk about how there will be a revolution if they pass one more pro-pony law. Then do nothing.
Thank you friend. I don't think it's my best work, but I suppose that's fitting.
Cleaned up a few minor errors, I'll keep the mild grammar and flow irks in I think.
>literaly chuds
They're upset about pony transformation because they'll run out of humanoids to eat?
Ponies being less violent is better for society as a whole (hence why governments and organizations would push for it), but wouldn't really be better for the individual until some critical mass of ponies is achieved.Its the same how global demilitarization is better for the globe as a whole, but good luck telling the US and China to cool off with military buildup.

>But there'd certainly be a contingent of people freaking out about it the whole time.

If its some sort of magical system then people would be freaking out for religious reasons (on top of many others). The bible and the Quran don't exactly mention pastel ponies, and priests and other religious figures would be really scratching their heads trying to figure that out. If its biological, most societal structures are absolutely fudged. If we're at the point where people can open up the genome like its a piece of computer code and edit it en mass as they please (which would be required to make ponies), then conventional family structures, relationships, etc are absolutely obliterated from orbit, and anyone who doesn't get on board is going to get absolutely obliterated by the degenerate race to increase peoples intelligence in general as fast as possible. Pegasi with 20 PHDs, dragons casually building spaceships, governments mass producing people to maintain a large labor pool to automatically compensate for people not having kids, being able to modify yourself to give yourself autism or remove it, depression goes exinct, people genetically modifying themselves into griffons and seaponies and hippogriffs to make use of every corner of the globe....

Sorry I got off on a tangent.


>Only simps are keeping hoeflation up.

I don't think thats the case, or otherwise we'd see a "hoeflation" for "chads" as well. Hoeinflation is mostly caused by the fact that women have actual rights now, and guys aren't dying off in wars nearly as much as before (thus increasing the worth of the guys that remain). You can see this effect jacked up to 11 in Africas coup / polygamy belt, where incels commit crime, join up with terrorists groups, and kidnap women in order to get a wife. Its obviously inflamed more by poverty and polyamory, but we can see it happen outside of western countries, so clearly it isn't just "hoeflation". "Hoeflation" is probably the symptom of whats going on, not the cause.
File: 1556088.png (243 KB, 1500x800)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
I need to discover what a period is. Also forgot to post relevant pony image

(which would've increased the worth of the guys that remain)*
File: LightningDustTF_ShowStyle.png (586 KB, 1289x1165)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
“They should make us Wonderbolts right now... but could they at least let us get our clothes off first?”

Just dropping some content here to show I’m alive – worry not!
I appreciate those of you thinking of me.
I’m still working on getting used to my hooves and am not on vacation, much as I could use one right about now.
I should be back in full force soon (and will address responses to the last post), and rest assured, I don’t intend to bail on my promises.
File: IMG_0895.png (599 KB, 1125x1000)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
I have no clue who you are.
Definitely doesn't work for me. Does it still work for you if you're not logged in?
Showstyle anon makes the most consistent pony tf art from scratch as of late
they have not been gone that long, newfag
File: 1707646698957.png (95 KB, 1440x3120)
95 KB
I guess NOT but my other posts are visible. I don't like that. I can still view it fine when logged in, but not logged out. Never received a notification for it either. Not shadowbanned, but it seems this one was quietly removed without trying to notify me that it was.
I sent an email about it. I know an anon under the Floor Bored pseudonym runs it. Desuarchive buddies do come in handy.
Well, don't forget to take some Pon-E time for yourself, Showstyle! But it's nice to see that you're still standing!
The hoofyfist is nice
ohhhhhh thats who anon is

If you are still here, can I request a woman becoming soarin?
File: GRe1JAoXQAArcv2.jpg (274 KB, 2048x1163)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
i wonder how comfortable sitting like that would really be
At least he didn't get tgd.
No pain no gain
File: 3393735.png (244 KB, 1359x775)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
It really depends on severity, but jaywalking would be the easiest one.
Uh... Anon? They totally did.
File: fil.png (478 KB, 2700x1400)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
You missed the joke
I would never accept you as princess.
its no fun starting as an alicorn . u have to earn it thru great self improvement , swag , reflection ,
File: 1720050975491.png (98 KB, 606x464)
98 KB
Yes, I want to remind you daily about how you were inadequate for her and that you have been cucked by weird al
File: dead_rising_filly.png (392 KB, 1291x789)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Poached is now back up! They removed it in error.
Added to the story archive.
Hey thanks! I can provide the links for my other stories on Ponepaste if you'd like. Pastebin DID remove all of them a few years ago in the purge, then threw all my NSFW stuff back up for some reason, even though new NSFW isn't allowed. I still find it weird, but I did move it ALL to Ponepaste.
mareification ray
Who is Ray and how much does he charge for mareification?
Better quality
I love the FPI
But what if a pony commits a crime?
Speaking of which, is there any particular reason why there’s a trope of Twilight forcing Anonfilly to attend school? For me, this would mean her forcing me to complete my Ph. D or get a second one after getting my first.
Anonfilly has to go to school because, despite having the mind of an adult, (s)he is ignorant of the new world (s)he is in.

You mean this one? https://pastebin.com/35g9KgWY
This sounds more like the civics training Anonfilly would need to become an Equestrian citizen. If I moved to another country, it isn’t like I’d need to complete my Ph. D or acquire a second one just to learn the basics of the country’s history.
File: 159105.jpg (62 KB, 500x500)
62 KB
>Okay, Anon, what do you actually know?
>History? Nothing. Science? You think the earth goes around the sun. Literature? You can barely read Equine and haven't read anything from the pony canon.
>Social studies? Your 'friendship' skill are pretty lacking. Home economics? You tried making cupcakes without hay and can barely do basic chores. Magic? Government? Music? Health? Geography? Philosophy? Technology?
>You scored zero on all of those! The only thing you're good at is math and that is not enough.
>So no. You're not a 'doctor' of some made-up field. You're a little miss who needs to go to school
Which one of you fuckers made this on suno

File: back.png (200 KB, 4103x4616)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
what kind of mare would you become? Would you aspire to be better than you are currently or continue your same course just now as a mare?
betterment. i'm already trying to better myself right now, i just think it'd be more fulfilling to do so as a pony.
A lot of this still sounds like material Anon would have to study for his civics test to become an Equestrian citizen, but there are some key points I’d like to address.
>>Science? You think the earth goes around the sun.
If it were the other way around, the sun would be a hell of a lot smaller than it is now and Earth’s water would barely be liquid.
>>Literature? You can barely read Equine and haven't read anything from the pony canon.
So is Equestria supposed to be like Hungary until the 1800’s or so, where Latin was the literary language even though everyone spoke Hungarian?
>>Social studies? Your 'friendship' skill are pretty lacking.
Says the mare who always seems to yell at me and never wants to make friends with me.
>Home economics? You tried making cupcakes without hay and can barely do basic chores.
Who says cupcakes had to have hay? And my parents seem to know me for cleaning the kitchen well.
What if I can’t use it?
>Government? Geography?
Again, things to learn for the civics test.
>Music? Technology?
She obviously hasn’t heard me rock out on the synth before.
Nor has she heard the potential contents of my Ph. D dissertation.
>>So no. You're not a 'doctor' of some made-up field. You're a little miss who needs to go to school
I’d understand her wanting to finish my Ph. D and actually being an attractive hire during the white-collar recession, but my question would be who’d pay for my second one if she really wanted me to go back to school. Should I say something along the lines of “If you want me to go back to school so much, you’re paying for it.”? Plus, isn’t she also the “doctor” of some made-up field? If this is the way she treats people, friendship doesn’t really seem to exist very much if she’s supposed to be the “doctor” of it.
File: 2300657.png (107 KB, 672x898)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
I don’t know how much more I can take of this, bros.
Ever since the arrival of that patient who was sprouting the pink mane & fur, it’s just been nonstop.
None of the other staff have been able to figure out exactly how many parties the subject was at while contagious, but it must’ve been a lot.
The doctors are exhausted, all of the other nurses are running on fumes, and I’m at my wit’s end.
They keep saying I’m one of the “lucky” ones since I don’t have to worry about getting infected (and what, turning into a pony again?), but I don’t feel very lucky.
With everyone having get-togethers this past week, I don’t know when, or even if, things are going to get any better.
I thought we were done with this shit. No cases for two years, then this happens.
Sorry for the vent post, just need to get this off my chest before writing up documentation on the latest wave of patients.
I'd probably just be happy to fit into the background doing whatever engineering jobs there are in equestria, have a few friends I spend time with on the weekend, maybe get a girlfriend, buy a house...
Haha, you're fine Anon. Say, you wouldn't happen to have the address of the lab that does your testing, would you?
Neat. Sounds like she helped spread it a bunch.
The hero we need.

Do you think she tried to deliver by flying?
Re-tooled this conceptually over the past few days. I'll post updates as I find the time and motivation to write more.

>Your mind perches on the edge of consciousness, your brain buzzing with remnants of drugs and fuzzy memories
>You hold a hand up to the side of your pounding head and find another hand stopping you
>"Take it easy. You were in a pretty bad accident."
"I don't feel any pain."
>"Are you hungry?"
"Where are my parents? Are you the nurse?"
>"No. I'm with the forest service."
"What does my being injured have to do with you guys?"
>Your eyes feel somehow a bit heavier
"How long was I out?"
>"Everything in time. You've been granted your doctorate a few years early, isn't that great?"
"Oh... but I liked working on it."
>"You were very brave."
"W-what happened to me?"
>"It would be best to keep an open mind. Open your eyes, please."
"Oh god. Oh no. No no no no no no no."
>"You're our new demolitions expert, isn't that great? You'll have your own laboratory and funding."
"How the hell am I supposed to use it if all I have are these... things?!"
>"Not all you possess is within view."
>The suited man taps your forehead, no... slightly above it
>You have a tumorous growth of some sort up there, hard and gnarled
>It's full of nerves, you can feel it
>You black out
>"-slightly increase the conditi-"
>"2 ccs of cyclo-"
>"How do you feel now?"
"Like I got hit by a truck. Where are my parents? Are you the nurse?"
>"No, I'm a forest ranger."
"Why am I in the hospital?"
>"You had an accident, but we fixed you up. I'm your new owner."
"Oh, good. I was working on something... some sort of degree?"
>"You're a doctorate chemist, don't you remember?"
"Oh, yes..."
>You start to feel the years of lab work flooding back into your mind
"Did I mess up?"
>"Your lab partner, actually."
"Again though, where are my parents?"
>He mumbles something under his breath and then touches your horn
>You black out
>You feel very tired, you remember vaguely waking up in the hospital this morning, but now it's nighttime?
>There's a man in front of you, he looks very exhausted
>"Can you tell me your name?"
"I'm Buttercup!"
>"What do you do for the Forest Service operations division?"
"I'm uh... I'm a demolitions expert. I mix up explosive compounds and wire them up."
>"Good, good. I'm Dr. Jameson, like the Whiskey. I'll be your owner and lab supervisor."
>"If you'll excuse me for a second, I have to take a call."
>You are Dr. Jameson, and that could've gone far better.
>You'll introduce the poor thing to the other operatives tomorrow, right now you need a cigarette, a lukewarm gas station meal, and a night's rest on a rock-hard mattress
>At least she no longer seems afraid of being a pony or all that curious about where her parents are.
>Or all that concerned with the fact that she used to be a man.
>You'll swing by Speedway before a long drive back to an empty home
>Maybe you can bring her with you for company, eventually
File: 381133.gif (897 KB, 616x350)
897 KB
897 KB GIF
I like the narrative point of view in this - it was confusing and difficult to follow at first, but if Dr. Jameson is messing with (You) a bit, then it fits perfectly.
A part of me thinks that the story could benefit from clear breaks that correspond to time skips, especially since the MC underwent stark physiological changes, but there are also benefits to the actions/thoughts being a constant flow. If the MC's sense of time is all thrown off by the drugs & situation, then the readers should be similarly thrown off.
That said, defnitely include a line break with perspective shifts; that threw me for a loop when I don't think it should have.
I'm eager to see what Buttercup's role as a demolitions expert does for the story!
File: 3394959.jpg (303 KB, 1401x2048)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
File: Illustration75.png (238 KB, 1072x1132)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
Yes, if they had stallions with magic powers to order around.
File: 3397247.png (1.02 MB, 3020x3020)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
File: j35zed.png (315 KB, 1128x2001)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
Okay but when is she going to turn me into a pony?
File: 3397634.png (2.35 MB, 1727x1816)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG
File: large.png (1.44 MB, 1280x738)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Even as a pony, you gotta protect the village
From what?
Monsters. Invading armies. Invading armies of monsters. You know, stuff.
Funny question that I’m going to answer with an unsolicited story.

Before I had really made an OC, a friend told me that they were told by another friend that your OC was basically you but in Equestria, so they had designed their OC to be them but in Equestria and the correct gender. When I went to create my OC, instead of making me in Equestria (because I’m kinda lame), I decided to create what id want to be if I could snap my fingers. I’ve been slowly and painfully trying to turn myself from an asocial loser into her. It’s not been easy, but I’m hoping to speed it up once I move out and get estrogen.

But yeah, to more accurately answer your question, I guess I’d use the opportunity that was just dropped on a silver platter to transition myself into my oc. I’d go from a friendless asocial nerd to a fairly socialized geek, the type of person who’s fairly well educated in a bunch of different topics, and could hold an interesting conversation in basically anything, from biology and economics to sports and fashion. The type of person who can translate highly complicated jargon into English (ponish, I guess), the type of person who you can immediately tell is a geek. They have a sense of style and an eye for a color palette that works with that style, even if it isn’t the absolute cutting edge of fashion. They’re the type of person who isn’t exactly pushing the cutting edge of science forward, but is still great at doing complicated and complex work in their field. The type of person who can do advanced mathematics, run a baby shower, and play soccer decently, even if they’re not the absolute best at it. The type of person who doesn’t want to constantly be the center of attention, but can cope with being the center of attention for a few hours. A social geek who’s a jack of all trades but with some level of specialization in a few fields basically.

I’d be able to pool this off a lot faster in Equestria, because there’s more “third spaces” for me to force myself to practice socializing to the point where I can go a few days without needing to recharge my social batteries, and from there I’m golden. As long as I can compensate for my introvertedness by being really good at socializing, I’m golden.
Get real fed. This entire “disease” is a myth. You’re just some idiot who stuck some chemicals into themselves, just like everyone else who’s turned into ponies. Your retarded deluded selfishness is hurting the economy and keeping people from going outside and enjoying time with their friends and family. I would think that as a “nurse” (if you’re even a real nurse and not a LPN/LVN) you’d feel some obligation to not push the psyops the feds are obviously making up in order to steal more of our wealth from us to fatten some fat cats wallet, but apparently you like a fat paycheck instead of doing your duty for your local community. I’m absolutely ashamed that people like you exist in this country. Go fucking fedpost somewhere else you absolute waste of space. No one’s being turned into ponies from a virus, you’re a moron.
File: 1710927955294259.png (2.77 MB, 2880x1268)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
>At that, Dakota started artfully hammering away at the horseshoe.
>His eyes would dart momentarily to Anon’s hoof between every few swings, to gauge the size.
>Anonymous had this awfully pleased looking smile on her muzzle, and a distant look in her eyes all of a sudden.
>Something about it brought back your first impression of ponies being these goofy, weird looking things, while she just stood there with one hoof up on the stand, smiling into space.
>So you approached with your tongue stuck out, and gave her a little poke in the ribs, as you asked,
“What are you thinking about?”
>She just turned that smile on you, laughing softly, before she answered,
>”I met an old security guard called Patrick a few days ago...”
>Pausing for a moment, the now positively hypnotized looking mare ran her other fore hoof over her head, ponderously rubbing at one of her ears as she reminisced,
>”Old Scot gave me the best damn petting session I’ve gotten yet. It was borderline magical...”
>Your eyes went a little wide.
>At first you were going to laugh at her, but now that Anonymous had mentioned it, you realized for the first time that you hadn’t actually been pet yet.
>One of the b-rolls on the news that you had seen in the earlier days, before the gnomes, was footage of a little mare on a bus, getting patted by a girl sitting in front of her.
>The quality of the video had been low, and the angle pretty bad, where you could only really see the pony’s head, but the expression of contentment on her face-
>You blinked.
>And looked back at Anon’s contented expression.
“I saw you on the news.”
>You stated suddenly.
>She looked up at you, smiling more normally now, her eyes clear and focused on the present.
>”Yeah? I did kinda get popular on like 4chan for a little while, before there were way more ponies around.”
>Dakota’s ears perked up at the conversation, but he was still busy shaping the horseshoe.
>You sat and thoughtfully pressed a hoof to your chin, prompting,
“It was a video of you on a bus, with a little girl petting you?”
>Anonymous grinned.
>”Yep. I remember that. That felt nice too, but it just wasn’t the same as when Patrick scratched my ears.”
>Her ears flicked once as if they also remembered, before she added,
>”Actually, I met Patrick right before that.”
>So two pats minimum in a single day.
>Your eyes narrowed slightly in something you weren’t ready to call envy.
>Was all you could say.
>You had hoped prying further might get her to divulge a little more on what being pet felt like.
>You thanked nothing in particular right at that moment that your black fur wouldn’t show you blushing.
>Well it was a little embarrassing to ask.
>Your lips pressed thin as you reasoned the problem out even further.
>Chad was probably the only person left now with ‘hands’.
>In the world.
>So technically you were incredibly lucky being near him, but asking Chad to pat your head?
>You sighed and stood up again, stretching your legs as you strutted around in a circle.
>The mane tousling he had given you earlier didn’t count either, it was obvious from the way you had seen Anon react to having hers mussed up compared to now when she was just THINKING about a time before when she got pet.
>Dakota suddenly spoke up though, as he laid the shaped hoof back on the fire to get ready for the next step.
>”The Patrick I knew was Scottish too.”
>He stared curiously at Anonymous.
>Who looked a little surprised, but mostly just ambivalent, as she replied,
>”You seem pretty sure he was a different guy.”
>The craftspony nodded, his eyes glimmering orange by the forge light as he watched the metal turn red hot again.
>Sparks fluttered around his face, illuminating the line of his mouth, down his muzzle, and sparkling against the subtle iridescent quality of his purple fur as he said,
>”The Patrick I met was a farrier his whole life, started by doing the shoes for the family pony, Applejack. He never retired, and passed away while I knew him.”
>Anon seemed to perk up at the name Applejack, but she held her tongue.
>There was more energy in Dakota’s voice as he continued, gazing at the flames,
>”Maybe I’m doing it like him because we’re the same way.”
>He lifted the scorching horseshoe from the forge with his magic, and began walking up to Anonymous, as you asked,
“How so?”
>Then, before the white mare could pull away from fear or even let out a gasp, Dakota grinned and pressed the burning horseshoe to her fresh hoof, answering,
>”I’m never retiring either.”
>Anonymous knew better than to buck, but the smith held most of her leg in his magic anyway.
>She watched the shoe burn on her hoof a second but then winced away at the sight, though there was no pain.
>It wasn’t so much the look of the burning hot shoe pressed up against her hoof that bothered you, but the keening burning sound it produced that got you to cringe.
>Your snout scrunched right up, and your eyes darted aside.
>You felt a shiver run down your black withers, and heard Dakota chuckle when Anonymous asked,
>”So is this... Required?”
>The purple unicorn answered casually, grinning at his work,
>”It’s all a part of the process. Going a lot better than I thought actually.”
>As smoke billowed still from the burning contact point, Dakota hovered over his hoof knife again, and started to trim flat the last few errant edges in Anon’s sole.
>It took a minute or so until he seemed satisfied with the result and levitated the shoe away to cool while he started trimming the rest of her hooves.
>This time you could tell his movements were even more confident than his already brazen first start.
>By the time the horseshoe was ready to be nailed on, all of Anon’s hooves were trimmed flat, smooth and balanced as they could be.
>From there Dakota worked quickly, nailing the first shoe on and scraping away the pointed remnants from the other side of Anonymous’ hoof until everything was flush.
>He finished the other three hooves in practically no time at all compared to the first.
>Then, chuckling, he clapped a hoof to the last of Anon’s shoes, making it ring out in the barn, loud enough that all the worker stallions looked over and smiled.
>”This feels so weird... But right?”
>Anonymous hopped up and down in place with a bemused look on her muzzle, ears twitching every time her horseshoes loudly clicked against the concrete.
>The shoes glimmered in the light, all fresh and silvery like your own natural hooves.
>Something about the sight was instantly nostalgic to you, though you had never grown up around horses.
>As you and Dakota both watched, Anon pranced around in place, giggling a little, then grinning as she held up one shoed forehoof.
>”Ready to fuck up some gnomes.”
>You laughed and nodded emphatically, before trotting over to the wooden stand to place your own hoof up on it.
>But you also gave Anon a sidelong glance with one raised eyebrow as she kept trotting in circles, obviously enraptured with the sound of her own horseshoes clicking.
>She did not see Chad fight last night, you mused.
>It seemed very unlikely to you that either of you would really have to chance to deck a gnome in the face with your hooves when that feathered terror was set loose, with a gun no less.
>But it didn’t hurt to keep stacking cards in your favour either, these horseshoes could easily pay dividends for self defence, and they should make for faster galloping too.
>Dakota chuckled as he approached with all his tools hovering around him at the ready, but he shook his head a little too, the glint of your silver hooves catching in his eyes as he ponderously said,
>”Seems almost a shame to even touch these ones.”
“I don’t plan to keep them anyway.”
>You replied easily, smiling slyly at the stallion.
>”Good point.”
>He replied with a snort of amusement, before fetching up the hoof knife on the inside of your sole.
>You blinked in slight surprise at the first few cuts, watching that extra keratin be stripped away, dropping to the floor like unto flakes of beaten silver.
>Then you hmm’d thoughtfully, nodding in sudden comprehension.
“This is nice.”
>Dakota just smiled, and kept cutting away, though he didn’t have to cut much at all, since your hooves were so new and fresh.
>The rasp was hardly used either, which was a shame because you really liked the feel of that too, the nice satisfying pushes and pulls.
>But the shaping of the horseshoes...
>”Too... Damn... Thin...”
>The smith complained between hammer strikes, beating almost endlessly on the red hot steel.
>For the first shoe, Dakota had to re-heat it thrice, having underestimated just how much working it really needed.
>He was intent not to have to do the same for the others though, and set the shoes on the flame right away so that they would be hot enough to last all the shaping they would undergo.
>Now Dakota approached with the burning shoe, holding your fore leg fast with his magic.
>You couldn’t help the sweat beading your brow, nor the wince as it pressed against your hoof, but halfway through you managed to look down at it.

I'm back, after way too long. This is a slam dunk sequence however, I will pat myself on the back, was working on another project so I was very warmed up.

Holy shit another one!!!
Thank ya, the real transformation is always in your head.
It was a spur (haha) of the moment idea, gels nicely, doesn’t it.
I’ve always had a respect for the trades.

G'night /ptfg/.
>Then, just a few minutes ago, I see you digging through archives from 2019 for scraps of some sort of far-flung nostalgia.
me, though a lot of things in retrospect I wince at now. but fuck the exact feeling when I first read them is never coming back. I feel blessed that I have things now that give me that give me a similar but of course varied sentiment, my joy for reading is blessedly evergreen.
No clue what story this is linked to but it’s nice c:
>That said, defnitely include a line break with perspective shifts; that threw me for a loop when I don't think it should have.
Noted and will do. Sorry about the general confusion there, I'll try to improve overall clarity with the next update. I'm trying not to reveal too much at the moment but that may have cost me a bit
It's always better to consume than to create, isn't it? I wish every day I could just sit back and read the things I like to write penned by another. But of course, there can be no reading if there is no writing.
These are amazing
good update, ponies are for petting
File: 3398400.png (433 KB, 1730x1440)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
U aint slick showstyle
It's not Show Style, it's Sential Style. Totally different guy.
File: _.png (294 KB, 856x636)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
File: _.gif (310 KB, 437x440)
310 KB
310 KB GIF
File: _.jpg (61 KB, 475x568)
61 KB
File: 3398624.png (268 KB, 500x800)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Holy shit
File: _.png (605 KB, 800x800)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
I wouldn't be so sure about that always being better; creating is fun because you get to make the story & world that excites you.
But don't get me wrong, being able to open the door to the story & world that excites someone else can be just as fun!
I have a friend who’s a really big fan of a couple things – these Ponid images, and licking doorknobs.
Would you be up for drawing him after his unhygienic tendencies have caught up with him? I know he’d really appreciate it.
Love the work you’re doing with these, anon <3
File: 3399065.png (579 KB, 2500x2000)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
File: tizv7mz1mcmpf9cdo30v.png (288 KB, 1280x960)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
You don't get to pick which potion mishap befalls you, obviously.
whoa mama, that's a spicy meatball
File: 3399160.png (90 KB, 595x457)
90 KB
Human takes their body.

>Like, you’re right, but what if anon ends up a stallion? I think the real answer here is that Equestria in general is a much nicer and kinder society than our IRL ones, that puts less pressure on its members. That, and the fact that IRL were going through a massive social and economic revolution, and none of our existing social or political structures are set up to handle that.

Explain why there's more anonfilly drawings and comics compared to the anoncolt counterpart, even if the /mlp/ demographic is predominantly male.

While it's okay to bend the rules of TF'ing to fit some greentexts, but there's no denial in that there's more "man -> filly/mare" greentexts, than being the same gender when TF'd.

For me the rules are the following: You'll get transformed as your own OC, and if you have made more than one, then you'll become the one who you identify with the most. If your OC is a stallion, then you'll get TF'd into a stallion, simple as that.

It could be up to speculation if you don't have made an OC. Either you become an anonfilly/colt, or you won't be TF'd at all, and would instead become the green anon in the story
>Explain why there's more anonfilly drawings
option 1 is everyone here is a closet tranny
option 2 is that the show mostly shows off mares + its seen as the 'default'
option 3 is board culture, i know plenty of offboarders with stallion OCs
option 4 is the perception that you wouldn't be able to hang out with the characters you like so much as a stallion or something, but you'd fit in better as a filly/mare. shrug.
File: autistic poners.png (159 KB, 1441x1040)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
Being able to make whatever you want is great, but the problem is that you can't exactly surprise yourself.
File: m45osoq6jx7p0d7hs2rd.png (512 KB, 1280x960)
512 KB
512 KB PNG
File: 3399158.png (245 KB, 600x780)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
File: GSFU7zbaUAYfsaz.jfif.jpg (294 KB, 2065x1115)
294 KB
294 KB JPG
File: 2047065.jpg (67 KB, 625x478)
67 KB
For all its drawbacks, I enjoy the hell out of the character AIs as a solution for exactly this (shout out to the pony invasion one in particular).
Sometimes I like to go into the scenario with a goal in mind. Though you can always brute force your way into being successful (or failing, or any outcome in between), the AI throws just enough twists in for it to be surprising, provided you're willing to play along.
I had a story going a couple weeks back where a survivor and I escaped the store, closed off a birdge, and started looting a hospital, and I was genuinely nervous at that point; the AI hadn't brought the pony horde hammer down on us for a bit and there was true suspense in anticipating when things were going to go south.
As an added bonus I like rolling a D20 after each of the AI's responses - it adds another layer of randomness to whether I can actually complete a step or catastrophically spill my spaghetti.
Collaborative storytelling has been around for a while in every form from D&D to IRC roleplay to writing jams, but AI has been awesome for providing a partner willing to roll with any punches while also doing its share of the writing near-instantly.
yeah ai is amazing. you can even have a scenario where you're transforming specifically into your OC or whatever. very versatile. i think the chag bots website even has a few tf cards lol
scp-071 when I enter the room
That's very good
The way the eye are drawn on this is uniquely unsettling in no fewer than three ways.
I don't understand what drives some artists to seemingly aim for this uncanny aesthetic.
File: ponee.jpg (26 KB, 623x464)
26 KB
File: 724254.png (221 KB, 2391x2974)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
>Boops you. You turn into a bat pony mare. He's significantly taller than you now.
>"Congratulations! You're my girlfriend now. Follow me, I'm taking you on a date."
>He flies off. What do you do?
I ask to see his cock. If it's too small I laugh and call him an incel, then I go on pony tinder. If he doesn't show it to me I settle in whatever the nearest town is and tell every other mare that he's awful in bed.

This might seem harsh, but that's what he gets for turning me into a bat pony mare when I wanted to be a pegasus or unicorn mare.
But if his dick is big enough you'd happily become his personal onahole and dutifully birth his foals? Sounds kinda like what a baylt pony would do...
>I wanted to be a pegasus mare
Bro, despite what people will tell you, they're the same thing.
Obviously, fumble at trying to fly without training
Sure, I'll at least be his girlfriend if his dick is big enough. No, that's not what a bat pony would do, that's just common sense. If you're going to turn someone into a mare because you want a girlfriend the least you can do is be big enough to satisfy them.
Feathery wings look better than Leathery wings on mares. I will agree that Bat Pony stallions are hotter than Pegasus stallions, but not by much.
File: download (7).jpg (6 KB, 210x240)
6 KB
Bat pony life cycle.
Turn human into bat pony mare. Have her birth several bat ponies. The foals grow up and transform a new human to be their own mate
Nature is so majestic
File: images (15).jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
The gender ratios of foals a bat mare births depends on the presence of humans. Overwhelming human majorities lead to only birthing sons. As bat ponies become more common in the area, her chances of having a daughter slowly increase. Eventually girls become slightly more common once an area is 100% pony.

This helps ensure bat ponies spread their genes faster and helps neutralize the competition of humans. Humans quickly become a resource rather than a rival
This thread is so unrepentantly horny.
>I wanted to be a pegasus or unicorn mare.

Same, but specifically pegasus. Magic is for nerds, and 99% of unicorns don't seem to have much past telekenesis. Give me WINGS!
Yes but you got booked into a bat. Do you demand a penis inspection, cry or just dutifully go along with it.
File: 1600216.png (232 KB, 1327x1343)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
What traits would a bat pony look for in a future mate, anyway? He'd probably stalk a few different humans, sizing them up to see which would be the best.

>unrepentantly horny
Probably this one. Find a guy who's super horny all the time. Boop him. She's now the perfect girl.

He'd just scoop you up and fly you back home with him. Somewhere high up in the mountains where you'd be unable to leave until you learned how to fly. He'd teach you all the bat pony ways but the more you learn them the more you just sort of accept your new role as his waifu.
File: _.png (1.53 MB, 4593x1727)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
nah, I'd ignore him and go and find the nearest cute mare to get in bed with, like a good bat. The cuter and the more of a bottom the better. Marriage is a social construct or something.
Did she die in a motorcycle accident?
File: 1717075684245306.png (55 KB, 694x624)
55 KB
>Enter Anonymous Incognito III
>Low-ranking Illuminati employee
>Assignment moved to somewhere out in Montana
>No more shitposting online to control the fate of the universe
>No more battling CIA warlocks to keep Illuminati shit secret
>No, you're helping a small town's city council of women funnel money to a scientist
>They're racing to get a project done before Elon Musk's neuralink goes live and he has an army of lobotomites to rule the world
>Or Bill Gates destroying all the farmland except the areas he owns
>Or some shit with the lizardpeople goes down
>While the world focused on which retard to elect president, the shadow governments were working to ensure all the other shadow governments were destroyed
And where do ponies enter into this?
Added to the story archive.
File: k.png (51 KB, 688x339)
51 KB
>I need to discover what a period is.
File: mare ray.png (186 KB, 1134x590)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
what a gay creature
When I was younger I brought up estrus in regards to humans when talking with my dad, god that was embarrassing. I didn't even realize my mistake for a few minutes, don't be a retard like me
>Captcha: NONO
File: _.jpg (1.41 MB, 1376x1621)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
Silly deet.
Great, now not only do I want to become a mare now I also want a bat pony husband. Thanks a lot.
File: 1490948.png (154 KB, 623x507)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
>Stalks you for days, making sure you have just the right personality... minus all that pesky masculinity.
>Flies into your room while you sleep and stands on top of you. Wakes you up by kissing you on the lips.
>You open your eyes to see you're making out with a boy pony. Initial instinct is 'gay'.
>He laughs and tells you to get over yourself before gently bitting down on your neck.
>But he's not sucking out blood. Your body is getting smaller, less muscular. You feel your hostility fading, replaced by a shy, nervousness, an attraction to how he's dominating you.
>He's sucking out your masculinity!
>But already too much of your agression and strenght are gone. Before long... you're a girly little bat pony mare. Nothing manly is left of you.
>He lets out a satisfied sight and steps back. Then you see it... his glorious cock. His balls were so huge and his hard-on so stiff you couldn't help but realise what happened even before he told you. Your own manhood had been churned into cum and was ready to be spurted out onto the floor.
>You should be angry at him, but that part of you seems to have been replaced by something much more feminine.
>His boyish look, his dominance, his strength, his raging boner... he was simply the most attractive thing in the world.
>You all but eep at his order for you to jerk him off and get rid of your masculinity forever.
>You just... couldn't stand up to such a handsom stallion. You obey, using your wing finger to grasp him and slowly jerk him off. Any sense this was gay vanished. Your heart beat as you went quicker and quicker untill
>He shot a massive load onto your carpet. It was gone. There was no way back now. you were a mare forever.
>He quickly declared that you were perfect now and kissed you on the lips once more. Only now there was nothing to tell you making out with a boy was wrong. It felt so right, made you feel like a mare. The best feeling in the world.
I don't mind the concept, but that delivery is a little too gay for me. Cute bat tho.
>shy, nervousness,
I mean, what is this? Come on, how am I supposed to have hot sex as a mare if I'm a weak little pushover that swoons for the first retard that decides to tf me? Give me a body with stamina and muscles. Let the bastard prove he's good enough to subdue or satisfy me if he wants me so much.
Nah. The thread will just go back to being dead, fag.
Hey, no offence if you're the guy who wrote the greentext. I'm not demanding you write me another, I'm just discussing the scenario.
File: 2521535.png (596 KB, 1475x1185)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
Reject pony. Become griffon.
Why not embrace both?
Like become a hippogriff? That's acceptable.
Somewhat hot story, but I’m suing him for rape and noncon TGTF and making bank off it.


Go away featherfag
She's got the right idea.
File: _.png (332 KB, 1600x1200)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
This looks good
do i look good
Show us your hooves so we can judge.
File: 1716607066112073.png (358 KB, 1000x676)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
i only have hands
In that case you don't look good (yet).
File: GSaZnjWXwAAVfSs-orig.jpg (476 KB, 3080x3000)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
Better quality.
I'm glad they posted it as it's higher resolution than the version I already had.
Reposting my thing here. First time making a green, tell me what you guys think!

>”Twilight, darling, please tell me that we have almost arrived. I am positively FREEZING up here.” Rarity complained, shivering in her large fur coat and luxuriously fluffy scarf.
>”Puh-lease. It’s waaaay colder at the altitudes I fly at, this is nothing.” Rainbow bragged above you, circling around in a lazy loop.
”Hmm? Oh, yes, we should be there in just a few minutes.”
>You replied, jotting down your observations on the Hyperborean Mountains and its’ ecosystems.
>Fluttershy would have absolutely loved to see the different animals and environments to be found up here.
>But, alas, only you, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash were summoned to Griffonstone by The Map.
>After Gilda’s visit to Ponyville, you had been absolutely hooked on studying the Kingdom’s history.
>You just couldn’t wait to visit the Kingdom and see their rich, fascinating culture with your own two eyes.
>You made sure to bring along plenty of bits for your trip there. As long as you shared the wealth, the Griffons were sure to help you solve this friendship problem.
>You read all about it in “Bygone Griffons of Greatness. Through the material was fairly old, you were certain in its’ authenticity.
>It had said that the Griffons were once as greedy as Dragons in ancient times, always hoarding their bits and other treasures. But all that changed when King Grover found the mysterious ‘Idol of Boreas’.
>Legend has it that the Idol was made from the dust of golden sunsets, blown across the mountains by the north winds. It’s said that this one great treasure is responsible for turning Griffonstone into the most majestic Kingdom in all the land, filling the Griffons with great pride.
>And, supposedly, they possessed the best scones in all the land as well. Couldn’t forget to sample plenty of those. For strictly research purposes, of course.
>”Hey, Twilight, look alive! Pretty sure we’ve made it, I think?” called out Rainbow Dash, though she sounded oddly unsure of her assessment.
>Excitedly, you looked up from your notes, expecting to see a majestic, opulent Kingdom, but what met your gaze instead was…
>Rarity was right, this place resembled the southern frontier town much more than the Kingdom of Gold described in the pages of Bygone Griffons of Greatness.
>Had you taken a wrong turn somewhere?
>You trotted down main street, full of Griffons of all shapes and sizes. And, to your surprise, the occasional Dragon as well. The buildings were mostly wooden, and on a closer inspection, had false fronts to give the impression of larger, more impressive buildings.

>Saloons, hotels, diners, and a bustling market as far as the eye could see. Despite the rough, somewhat unfinished look of the large town, it was vibrant and teeming with activity.
>”Oh, Sweet Celestia, I see now why the Map called for my services now. This place is absolutely begging for a makeover.” Rarity judged, refusing to step out onto the dirt and straw streets. She strictly kept to the raised wooden boardwalks on the sides of the main road.
“Excuse me, sir? This is Griffonstone, correct?”
>The soot covered Griffon ignored you completely, roughly brushing past you and through the doors of an assay office to collect his pay.
>”My word, how brutish. Goodness, was that a diamond dog I just saw?”
>”See? What’d I say? These Griffons are exactly like I thought they’d be. Rude, insensitive bullies.”
“Let’s not jump to conclusions now, girls. Let’s just go find the palace, I’m sure the King will be more than willing to help us with the information we need.”
>”We don’t have a king, losers.”
>Suddenly, Gilda appeared from the crowd, glaring harshly at Rainbow Dash.
>”Hello, Gilda.”
>The two former friends stared each other down, before Rainbow Dash finally broke the long silence.
>”What are you doing here?”
>”Uh, I’m a Griffon? What’s your excuse, dweebs?”
>”Excuse me, but these ‘dweebs’ are, in fact, here to help Griffonstone. You ought to show some appreciation,” Rarity chastised.
>”Help it how, exactly?” Gilda asked, skepticism and disbelief written plainly on her face.
>You could tell Rarity was unprepared to answer her question and put on the back hoof, so you stepped in and answered for her.
“We are here to solve a friendship problem. You see, we were summoned here by the Cutie Map. We just need to be pointed in the direction of the King’s palace, and then we’ll be completely out of your feathers.”
>You smiled and explained, trying your best to difuse the tension in the air.
>”Wow,” Gilda deadpanned, unimpressed. “For somepony so “smart”, you sure can’t listen for nothing. I just said we don’t have a king.”
“But…but how could that be? What about the Idol of Boreas? Had it not united your species? Whatever happened to King Guto?”
>You asked in complete disbelief, this made no sense at all!
>A book? Wrong?!
>”Huh? Idol of… Oh, brother. Grandpa Gruff’s been filling your head up with his stories, hasn’t he? Don’t tell me you actually believe any of that.”
>”Look, we don’t have a king, and probably never friggin’ did. We’ve got a Sheriff, the best there ever was and is, and he’s too busy dealing with real problems to be bothered by your pony friendship crap.
>”There is not a single Griffon, Dragon, or Dog here that wants anything to do with you grass munching ponies. So I’d suggest you turn around and go find the fastest way down this mountain: Off a cliff.”

>After your rude reintroduction with Rainbow Dash’s old friend, you wandered around town, trying your best to get some information from any of the locals.
>But true to Gilda’s word, not a single one of them wanted anything to do with you.
>Soon enough, both Rarity and Rainbow Dash were at their wits end, and were ready to give up on helping the town.
>”There’s no point to this! Everypony here is a jerk, let’s just forget it and leave already!”
>”Twilight, I have to say we are simply not making any progress here. Are you sure this is worth the effort?”
“I know it’s frustrating, girls, but we can’t give up! No matter what, friendship will prevail!”
>As you passed by a saloon on your left, the swinging doors burst open, and out flying came a big diamond dog.
>Startled, you flinched back, and Rarity cried out as he skidded across the boardwalk in front of her, falling face first into the street.
>”Hey! What’s the big idea?!” Rainbow Dash yelled, standing closer to Rarity.
>The big diamond dog pulled himself onto all fours. He spat out a glob of blood and some brown muck onto the ground, when the saloon doors opened more gently and a large Griffon came out.
>The Griffon wore more clothing than most typically did, a white shirt and a leather vest, gray trousers, and a dark black stetson.
>Strangely, he stood upright on his hind paws, and walked that way as well. In a very dignified, deliberate manner, he stepped off the boardwalk, towering over you as he passed by.
>You could see that pinned to his vest was a simple gold star.
>Stopping just a few paces from the dog, he looked down at him, and waited. You watched as six other diamond dogs pushed outside of the saloon and onto the boardwalk.
>The Griffon didn’t seem to be facing them, but you could see that he turned ever so slightly so that he could look at both the dog on the street and the ones on the boardwalk.
>The dog had gotten back onto his paws. He was a bit fat, with long arms and big, meaty fists. His bloodied muzzle was caked in dirt and straw from the street.
>”Damn you, Sheriff,” he said. “You don’t got no business hitting me like that.”
>”Time for to come on with me now, Duke,” The Sheriff said. “‘Till you cool down.”
>His voice was surprisingly quiet, like the rumble of a far off summer storm.
>You could only see his slightly cracked beak under the shadow of his hat.
>”Not going with nobody for nothing. That bird chote me out of my damn bits! I thought you killed thieves?”
>”Duke, don’t you go all in with yer pay if you jes’ gonna swell up like a poisoned pup for it afterward. No one cheated nobody.”
>”Don’t you rag on me now, Sheriff. Next time I see that chicken, I’m gonna gut him myself!”
>The Sheriff had not raised his voice, but something powerful was imbued in that single word that made it crackle and spark like lightning.

>Duke seemed to be almost physically struck by it, swaying off to the left before steadying himself. He looked over to the group of diamond dogs on the boardwalk, who all cried out their support for him.
>”We’re with you on this, Duke,” a dog said.
>”Don’t let him cheat you!” Another yelled.
>Duke looked back to the Sheriff, confidence filling his breast once more.
>”I’m not coming with you.”
>The Sheriff was silent.
>Nopony moved. The mountain wind drifted through the street, kicking up tiny swirls of hay and dust.
>There was a physical, suffocating force to his motionless silence. It pressed down upon everypony present, as if there wasn’t anything you could do but stay quiet and watch the conflict unfold.
> Despite that, you knew that if nopony else would, you had to say something to stop it.
“Wait! Everypony just—!”
>Your voice keeled over and died in your throat, as the Sheriff turned his attention onto you for just a second.
>His eyes bore into you, electric blue and cold as ice. An old, deep scar ran down the right eye, its pigment a lighter and duller shade.
>An alarm blared in the back of your brain, and an almost primal, instinctual feeling of dread sunk deep into the pit of your stomach.
>You were no victim to superstition, but something, somewhere deep down inside the forgotten crevices of your subconscious whispered to you.
>Again, the silence arched over you, the sound of the easy mountain breeze sending shivers down your withers.
>”Fuck you, Sheriff.”
>Duke lunged for him. Though the Sheriff seemed in no hurry to react to Duke.
>As if time itself slowed down for him, carefully and smoothly, he drew a strange tool from his belt.

>It’s smooth, polished silver gleamed in the sunlight. He held the tool by a wooden grip with a single, large claw.
>A narrow, long tube extended several inches from the body of it. The main body held a drum-like cylinder.
>His talon rested on trigger as he engaged a small lever, aimed it at the middle of Duke’s big torso, and pulled the trigger.
>A sudden, sharp explosion sent a bright flash of flame, and thunder clapped like lightning struck down from the heavens above.
>Duke stopped in his tracks, stumbled for a second, and then sagged over onto the street with a thud.
>The Sheriff clicked back the lever, resetting some mechanism as he turned over so that the silver weapon was pointed at Duke’s supporters on the boardwalk.
> A slender tongue of smoke billowed from the barrel, like the nostril of an angry dragon.
>”You all go about your business now.”
>Nopony moved.
>”I won’t tell you again,” the Sheriff promised.
>The dog on the far right of the group shied back and froze, as Duke’s body made a sort of involuntary twitch, and breathed out a long eerie rattle.
>Everything teetered. One dog broke and walked away, with the rest of the group following suit.
>The Sheriff watched them walk away for a few seconds, before carefully resetting the small lever on the weapon. He opened the cylinder, extracting a small metal shell of some sort, put in a new one from his belt, closed the cylinder, and then carefully put the weapon back into its sheathe on his belt.
>He dropped down onto four limbs, loaded Duke’s body onto his back, and went on his way without sparing a glance at the frozen crowd.
>Then, life began to breathe back into the crowd, nary a mournful, or even slightly glum feeling as they slowly went along their business.
>Some began to loudly condemn Duke, diamond dogs, or foreigners in general. Some lamented their own poor luck in card games, others simply chose not to comment at all and resumed past conversations.
>And although none of the Griffons said it aloud, you could it see it plainly in the slight puff of plumage or poorly hidden smile.
>They took pride in what he’d done.
That’s what I got so far, here is the ponepaste for it.
File: _.png (133 KB, 636x831)
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Good morning my little ponies.
File: 3402281.png (1.86 MB, 1278x1488)
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1.86 MB PNG
File: ifiwereapony.jpg (80 KB, 656x480)
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Seems pretty cool
Seems alright so far, let's see what you got cooking.
I remember this video, it was really cute.
File: upgrade.png (453 KB, 1348x505)
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453 KB PNG
We could compromise and do hippogriffs. Those are basically just upgraded ponies.

Would you press the 'pony upgrade' button?
For bat ponies? Yes easily.
At least we can all agree on that. Griff the bats! Griff the bats!
Hey, if she doesn't like being changeling queen I'll take over for her.
>A slender tongue of smoke billowed from the barrel, like the nostril of an angry dragon.
A level above, on this sentence. I like how you used a simile that Twilight Sparkle would likely use, based on her limited knowledge of what a gun is. Griffonbros are eating well.
retvrn to grvffonstone
I hope fluttershy manages to return to griffon
>but asking Chad to pat your head?
Do it!

Good thing this horse knows what he's doing.
File: chirogriff.png (1.79 MB, 1798x2245)
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1.79 MB PNG
Bat ponies and griffons have been enemies for centuries. The bat ponies finally giving in and becoming chirogriffs in acknowledgement of griffon superiority would be the perfect ending to the conflict. A real win-win.
File: _.jpg (112 KB, 875x789)
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New thread!

Morning my little ponies.

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