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File: der_winter_kommt.jpg (69 KB, 768x576)
69 KB
Winter is coming, or rather, it's here.

What now?
File: x33.png (576 KB, 1288x1384)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
Nice to see good changes in Hamburg. The X33 is largely the same route as I proposed about 3-4 years ago.
I know that feel.
Won't go into the specifics, because of potential doxxing, but a local transportation authority ended up using pretty much exactly the bus routes I posted on some low key public transit board years before.
Now, those were "obvious" solutions, so I'm not suggesting the paid-for engineers took inspiration from that, but it feels amazing, yes.
I have a 4x4 vw t6 with a 10cm liftkit.
I dont care a bit about snow and can drive everywhere and whenever i want.
how quickly can i expect obb to refund my Nightjet ticket considering it was nearly ten hours delayed?
My refunds took about two weeks each.
that's shit, but i guess it's not too bad
someone in my couchette was saying she also had flights partially refunded by OBB as well
I'm not expecting anything, but I hope they at least acknowledge the fact I gave myself seven hours to get from Amsterdam Centraal to Schipol and that still wouldn't have been enough time
Assuming the delay was due to the weather, I don't think you are eligible for a refund on your flight.
You do get a (partial) refund on your train ticket, but that's probably it.
At least that's how I read it:
>Eine Entschädigung ist nicht fällig, wenn das Bahnunternehmen nachweisen kann, dass der Zugausfall durch Ereignisse verursacht wurde, deren Folgen das Unternehmen auch dann nicht hätte verhindern oder vermeiden können, wenn alle zumutbaren Maßnahmen getroffen worden wären, zum Beispiel:
>>extreme Wetterbedingungen, schwere Naturkatastrophen oder Pandemien – Vorfälle, die nicht mit dem Betrieb der Eisenbahn zusammenhängen
>In diesen Fällen haben Sie zwar keinen Anspruch auf Entschädigung; Ihre anderen Rechte – Anspruch auf Erstattung Ihres Fahrscheins oder anderweitige Beförderung sowie Unterstützung – gelten jedoch weiterhin.
it's all part of the fun i suppose
it might not be ÖBB to blame for it, but DB Netz being lazy and not cutting down vegetation properly along the rails. I still give it a try claiming that neighboring Swiss, Austrian and Czech trains ran more or less normally the last 2 days.
File: 200_23.png (56 KB, 250x832)
56 KB
The ÖBB Fahrplanbilder for 2024 are out and the train names are missing. Very sovlless.
For comparison the 2023 schedule.
>train names
IC Deichgraf will always remain in my heart...
On the other hand... Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen did not deserve that.
>physische BahnCard soll abgeschafft werden

ajo, die DBAG ist auf einem Selbstmord-Trip.
Ohne "Black Mamba" kündigt der Harald doch sofort!
the new nightjet trains officially ran yesterday from Vienna/Innsbruck to Hamburg and the other way. makes me wonder what people say who did this in a seat and not in the new pods.
today is the first day of service of the night train Berlin - Paris. it's finally back after 9 years.
>Berlin - Paris
Interesting: A train from Sodom to Gomorrah.
File: 101.jpg (178 KB, 1280x720)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
On the northbound train to Hamburg the ÖBB Taurus locomotive had a failure in Nürnberg, so DB Baureihe 101 had to save the day, uhm I meant night of course.
>want to visit a friend Luzern
>3 hours without Gotthardtunnel
>tfw Stendal is not Deutschland anymore
File: DB244952-1-1024x683.jpg (161 KB, 1024x683)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
het is voorbij.
no more French made broken nose locomotives on the IC Berlin - Amsterdam.
I found this image. DB used to have these Baureihe 1600 locomotives for operating under DC as well.
Who among you was this?

>Bundespolizeidirektion München: Als DB-Mitarbeiter ausgegeben
>Mann erschleicht sich Fahrt im Lokführerstand
The power of backpacks with "DB cookie" is real.

Although, why is he not getting tried for Beförderungserschleichung?
>Although, why is he not getting tried for Beförderungserschleichung?
Well, did he have a valid ticket.
Because as far as I have heard about Germany, only train surfers without valid tickets got into notable legal trouble, if they could show that they had a ticket that would allow them to ride the train inside, they mostly got told off.
>Well, did he have a valid ticket.
A valid ticket for the engine?
For example a second class ticket doesn't mean you can't get indicted for transport fraud in the first class.
Your train VILL get pulled by ze Vectron
And you VILL be happy
>when you think you are in a beautiful winter location but then the terminator theme starts playing and you realize it is 2029.
File: bern.jpg (771 KB, 2001x1333)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
time to derail this thread :DDD
well apparently someone died because of this derailment. so excuse my spurdo language and have my condolences instead.
File: o239035-20220907_134024.jpg (3.39 MB, 4032x3024)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB JPG
Are the BDcm coaches still in use elsewhere? Baffles me that Vy would buy 50 year old rolling stock for their flagship route.
private sleeping train operators have really old rolling stock around. European Sleeper are renting a AB30 made in the 1953.
really speaks for using steel for longevity, modern trains with aluminium body should be replaced after 30 years because of material fatigue.
one criticism of using continental rolling stock in Scandinavia is that they might not be properly adapted to the winter up there, people using flixtrain (former DB coaches) in Sweden complain that the trains are cold in winter.
I've already made a rant about this in another thread, but you on the continent are lucky to have mothballed your fleet instead of scrapping it as we did. It's an exciting time for railways now with Flixtrain and Snälltåg making new nighttrain connections.

In the past you could take the same train from Oslo to Hamburg (even with a coach bound for Moscow). Now I have to switch train in Gothenburg and Copenhagen.
>In the past you could take the same train from Oslo to Hamburg (even with a coach bound for Moscow). Now I have to switch train in Gothenburg and Copenhagen.
Train operators hate shunting cars around. It makes operation very expensive, requires redundancies in rolling stock, locomotives andere personnel. That's why locomotive-hauled trains are generalised being phased out.
I don't like it either, but it is what it is. Efficiency, cost-cutting, all that jazz.
I think the tide will turn when you realise that you can't run all of your trains 18 hours a day. If two toilets fail that means your train is canceled, any sort of that bullshit. In Norway this has become apparent as the four mainline has been between three operators. Minimal redundancy if a trainset falls out, instead of a shared pool of reserve sets.

But as I said, I'm happy to see all these private operators having a go at the European train revival.
Sure, shunting is costly, but being able to rearrange trains saves you from running the same route twice.
Just check out Salzburg or Frankfurt at night when the various night trains meet.
Obviously some parts of this could be rationalised by using EMUs, but you can't deny the simple genius of a Kurswagen being pulled by other trains all the way "for free".
fucking hamburg
>S1, S2, S3 go via Altona
>S11, S21, S31 go via Dammtor
>clear what to catch if anyone wants to go to any stops for each line before they reconverge
>remove these
>S1, S3 via Altona
>S2, S5 via Dammtor
>S4 "COMING SOON" via Altona
>S6 via Dammtor in "2032"
fucking hell why could they not do S5 via Altona, and S4 via Dammtor
>even S lines, Dammtor
>odd S lines, Altona
File: bvg_einschränkungen.jpg (182 KB, 1050x768)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Notice for the poor souls among us, that "live" in Berlin.
no-go area's.
whenever you hear about a muzzie chimpout etc its these districts.they are probably attacking paramedic etc with fireworks again.that being said I will never set a foot into this city and I dont consider it a part of germany.
why dont you guys talk in hoch deutsch in this thread?
Because English motherfucker
We do at times, but frankly said, English also works as a protection against absolute retards.
Anybody listening to the "344 Minuten" podcast?
It's Spiegel but kind of comfy to listen to while riding ÖBB.
>ICE 79
oh boy, my biggest delay I experienced on DB. a derailment in Frankfurt caused some chaos there and as if this wasn't enough someone jumped in front of the previous train south of Freiburg, so it accumulated to 2 hours of delay (not too shabby considering the circumstances) and the train being ended early at Basel Badischer Bahnhof at 22:45 in the evening.
Somehow trains from Basel to Zurich really suck after 22:00 and I had to listen to a girl talking non-stop the whole way about her sex life on the phone.
>Der Termin für den Bahnstreik steht offenbar. Wie der Bayerische Rundfunk berichtet, bestreikt die GDL ab Mitte der Woche die Deutsche Bahn.
>Die Aktion soll am Dienstagabend zunächst beim Güterverkehr starten. Mittwochfrüh bis Freitagabend soll dann auch der Personenverkehr
>betroffen sein.

Ich habe die dumme Befürchtung, die Lokführer sind sich ihrer Verhandlungsposition nicht ganz bewusst.
Das könnte für sie relativ schnell ziemlich ungemütlich werden.
Why do they want to strike when trains in Germany are going to be cancelled anyway due to the negative temperatures?
Better strike sometimes when the four enemies of DB aren't active.
>listen to a girl talking non-stop the whole way about her sex life on the phone.
Was it at least an intersting sex life?
>Why do they want to strike when trains in Germany are going to be cancelled anyway due to the negative temperatures?
KEK, this. I bet a lot of people don't really notice anything different with the current strike. Also, I don't notice anything too. Freilassing-Berchtesgaden is ÖBB territory.
>only valid with EC ticket
DB introduced mandatory seat reservation for international connections during the Euros. and you can usually find tickets for less than 30 euros as long as you don't travel between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.
>another strike in Germany from January 24th to January 29th
Should've bought a car instead fml
All the EVU I ride with on a daily basis are not impacted.

>handing a contract to any company under GDL regime
>exactly ONE (1) snowflake is falling from the sky
>Vor vier Jahren wären in Bayern beinahe zwei Züge miteinander kollidert. Der Abschlussbericht gibt dem regionalen Dialekt der Fahrdienstleiter eine Mitschuld.
kek, Bavarian can be deadly for you.
>Was it at least an intersting sex life?
as far as I remember she was complaining to her friend with benefits on the phone that she had so much sex that it had become meaningless to her.
and yes sex counts as /n/ - transportation in German, we call it "Geschlechtsverkehr". don't ask me why we use the word traffic to describe sex.
>and yes sex counts as /n/ - transportation in German, we call it "Geschlechtsverkehr". don't ask me why we use the word traffic to describe sex.
Kek. You're right. Kinda… Wouldn't it rather translate to gender traffic? But gender transportation could also work. Or maybe reproductive organ traffic, to avoid the whole >there's a gazillion genders!!11!! debate.
Should have asked her if she'd would want to join the 1,66m-high-club (or whatever the "elevation" of the trains lavatory is) with some random nerd. Bet she hadn't done that yet!
>Bavarian can be deadly for you.
>»...äh … da steht der Zug vor eahm«.
>»Dieses Gespräch wies keine Elemente einer Zugmeldung auf«,
But to be fair, it seems like they both spoke (heavy) dialect and from my experience in that area, bavarian and tyrolian are mostly mutually understandable, if you're used to them, but still, that seems pretty bad.
Also, it astonishing that there are no automatic systems in place that prevent two trains in one section of track. Like, WTF, why is this even a thing anymore?
File: griesen.jpg (102 KB, 500x500)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>Also, it astonishing that there are no automatic systems in place that prevent two trains in one section of track. Like, WTF, why is this even a thing anymore?
it's better not to know how outdated some branch lines can be. in this case the short German part of the line is still outdated, while Austria modernized their part.
>Der Streckenabschnitt zwischen den Bahnhöfen Ehrwald Zugspitzbahn und Griesen (Oberbay) ist nicht mit einem Streckenblock ausgerüstet. Der Bahnhof Griesen (Oberbay) ist mit einem mechanischen Stellwerk der Bauart Krauss von 1913 mit nachgerüsteter Technik von Scheidt & Bachmann (vereinfachte Nebenbahntechnik) ausgestattet.
it should be modernized this year, so last chance to see it in action.
Guess that fits with what fefe linked a few days ago
>Partiell gab es über die Jahrzehnte hinweg immer wieder Neuerungen, die aber nie flächendeckend eingeführt wurden. Entsprechend haben wir heute eine technische Vielfalt, die kaum noch beherrschbar ist. Ich selbst habe die Berechtigung, auf drei dieser Stellwerksgenerationen zu arbeiten – aber auch das ist schon grenzwertig. Inzwischen gibt es fünf Generationen.
Guess that's the 2nd generation then?
>gender traffic
Geschlecht literally means SEX.
The Anglo hates SEX - probably because he perceives it as "dirty" -, so he has been going with the completely unrelated term of "GENDER" for a while now, and the result is the completely fucked up Western World of 2024.
Fuck the English speaking world in the most asexual way possible.
>Das könnte für sie relativ schnell ziemlich ungemütlich werden.
Here we go:
you need rails equipped with ERMTS/ETCS, reliable trains and reliable wired and wireless connection which Germany doesn't have.
it's easy to call for bullshit projects like the Transrapid or the monorail proposition in Berlin (muh trams block car traffic) or automated trains by politicians instead of doing the boring stuff like enough money maintenance by politicians.
LZB already had AFB. That's not autonomous technology, but it's a baseline from which mere software upgrades could make it that. It's just that you got that almost nowhere, either, so ETCS is certainly the way to go.
>reliable trains
There needs to be some human staff on the train, but that doesn't need to be a driver.
That said, drivers often can't fix malfunctioning current day machinery on their own anyway.
>reliable wired and wireless connection
The wireless connections have been reliable all things considered. Unfortunately DB wants to move away from its own GSM-R mobile network and start using public mobile networks instead for the next iteration (LTE-R or something 5G-based), which is a little worrying, especially considering how bad coverage along railway lines is in general.
Wired connections are obviously always at risk of being targeted by criminals for a variety of reasons, which ultimately may also hit the backbone to the (locally) wireless infrastructure.
new austrian rail projects just dropped
>abhängig von Maßnahmen in D
hahaha not gonna happen :DDD thanks for nothing Germany
File: gotworktodo.gif (1.51 MB, 288x216)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
…and neat. Thanks.
One project I'm actually involved in, one is gonna happen on my doorstep (didn't know about that one) and there's a few more my employer should probably apply to.
Where was this presentation done? Any more info besides the slide deck.
guess I'm gonna collect some proactive-employee-brownie-points by sending this to my boss.
strike is over. that means they are still not working tomorrow.
>Deutsche Bahn sucht Admin für Windows 3.11 for Workgroups
DB is looking for an expert in Windows 3.1 and MS DOS. there has to be some boomer around that still knows how to use a 30 years old operating system.
>bullshit projects like the Transrapid
Transrapid is the only system that can actually compete with an airplane in travel time.
>muh trams block car traffic
They do though, and with ground space at a premium in most cities, I'd rather have a monorail with a walk or bicycle path or park beneath it than tram tracks.
File: desiro_win311.png (328 KB, 600x655)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Der einstellende Betrieb wurde auch schon identifiziert.
>Transrapid is the only system that can actually compete with an airplane in travel time.
Maybe in the US, but not even remotely in Germany.
You could get practically all major city connections below the magical 4 hours.
It's a funding problem, not a technology problem.
>Maybe in the US, but not even remotely in Germany.
Huh, you should be able to do Amsterdam-Berlin with a Transrapid in 1:20 which is extremely close to the flight time of 1:15. Door to door Transrapid will win easily. You could add in a stop at Hannover as well.

But it is a funding problem, or more specifically a monetary system problem. You would need to pay 42 Billion for the system assuming 70 million per km for 600 track length.
Current amout of seats from flights and intercity trains are roughly 40000 so about 200 million yearly revenue at 100 euro per single ticket, so the initial cost will never be recouped.
Those are seats per week. About 18000 flight from Amsterdam to Berlin, and another 5000 between Amsterdam and Hannover.
Rest are is an estimation of the current train seats between Amsterdam and Berlin.
the transrapid criticism has more to do with the Stoiber speech. maybe it's for the better that the S-Bahn takes ages from Munich to the airport.
File: flower-shoppe.jpg (150 KB, 800x800)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
>Deutsche Bahn
Really? I only read the stuff fefe linked, and that said Erlangen, isn't that Siemens? >>1976679
How old are the Desiros? They aren't that old…
I mean, it's offline (hopefully!) and there's not much needed of it, but still.
Guess riding the rain is vaporwave now.
Heise either has sources they are not revealing, or they are bullshitting.
The article doesn't read like they had a direct correspondence with any DB company.
Everything points at Siemens, but it's not explicitly stated anywhere.
>WFW 3.11 embedded Unsupported as of November 1, 2008
Given that hardware lifespan is up to 20 years between major overhauls, and delays from tender to actual delivery, I rate this as 100% possible. Especially considering the organizational inertia of the rail sector in general.
but there's no point in migrating this stuff to new platform. and it might actually be borderline impossible. they might not have complete source code. they might lack proper documentation. they might not want to spend thousands of manhours on retesting everything, it's cheaper to buy old hw on ebay and fix it ad-hoc.
I've experienced this stuff first-hand.
File: metronom.jpg (299 KB, 1528x976)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
news from up north: Metronom is giving up. they say the operation is loss making and want to terminate their contract early. from 2026 a new operator will take up their remaining lines. DB Regio won a contract around Hamburg with their "start" branded operator not that long ago.
File: multitrackdrifting.gif (1.03 MB, 320x240)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB GIF
>not calling it multitrackdrifting.jpg
You had one job, anon!
it's looks more like they were trying to get the high score for the trolley problem.
>Metronom is giving up.
Well, faced with the current government, that would also be the decision I'd take, if I was a railway operator.
File: mannheim.jpg (720 KB, 2448x1843)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
today in Mannheim, the wire fell onto a train. you can see where the wire hit the train. kinda good that this happened in the station itself, so train traffic could be rearranged to the tracks that weren't closed for repair.
Scrolling through I read that as manhattan and I stared at the picture for a good 30 seconds in total confusion. If you crop out the top and squint it almost looks like MNRR 125th except none of the equipment makes any sense
doesn't Amtrak use 3rd rail in NYC?
That scorch mark looks like a disapproving dog with glasses standing on it's rear legs.
Rumor has it, the new GDL-contract was the straw that broke the camel's back.
Considering Weselsky is projected to become a DB executive after his regular career, that leaves a bad aftertaste.
infrago doesn't have money for shiny new stuff. stingy swabian housewife mentality postpones or axes all new projects even those that are already planned and ready to build because there's only money for maintenance in the budget.
so Denmark is building the direct tunnel and Germany doesn't have money to properly connect it to make it useful for freight trains.
>1 year old thread
/n/ tends to have slower threads, but learn to read American dates.
Protip: You can recognize them through the "/"-separators.
we used to before we got invaded by urbanism twitter and the corona crowd, now you're lucky if a thread lasts a month and doesn't get jannied
to this day I still don't know what specifically happened on November 9th.
>so Denmark is building the direct tunnel and Germany doesn't have money to properly connect it to make it useful for freight trains.
>doesn't have money
if that was the case, I'd understand, but it's just that Germany doesn't want freight rail, or whatever the fuck the problem is.
Same deal with Gotthard and Brenner.
>Sure, Mountainbros, you built your tunnel and we built the connection that you need to actually make it useful.
>Uh, what do you mean with "this century"? We thought you said this millenium, plenty of time in that left!
It's still much slower than other boards but yeah, there used to be threads that have lasted multiple years.
You can add
>Sure, swamp bros, you can build your freight rail from Rotterdam to our border, and we will take it from there.
>wow done already, nice track bro
>Our part of the track?
>Check back in two more decades lmao.
>>1978261 (me)
In defense of the Germans, a reason for the delays could be that the original plans called for two additional border crossings but these were unilaterally scrapped by the Dutch.
File: j9g7.jpg (267 KB, 1200x800)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
If it only where this single line, I'd say you have a point, but there's issues at ALL of them, so I'd blame the Germans.
(full disclosure: I am German, but I work for an engineering company that works on one of the lines outsides of Germany)
captcha: ARY4M
I swear, that fucking thing is sentient.
(pic unrelated. Back when DB meant something)
on every single train between Hamburg and Kassel in March there's a note attached
>Bauarbeiten. Zug fällt zwischen Hamburg und Kassel aus.
kek. I know they still need to make a new timetable adjusting for the prolonged construction works on the SFS Hannover - Würzburg. I might end up simply traveling via KRM-Münster-Bremen for a change, as it's hardly any slower at this point.
How does the (regular) fare calculation work for that relation to begin with?
Is ...*KRM*... included in that by default or would that incur a detour surcharge?
Then again, these days the reasonable choices are effectively Sparpreis or BC100.
"Wegevorschrift" for tickets Frankfurt - Hamburg includes both routes via Köln or Hannover. even Koblenz is included if you want to ride through the Rhine valley. so yes it's included by default and no extra "Umwegfahrkarte" is needed in this case.
I looked up the prices for fun.
Flexticket price Frankfurt a. M. - Hamburg via Hannover 137,40 €
Flexticket price Frankfurt a. M. - Hamburg via Köln 126,10 €
so traveling via Ruhrpott-KRM is even cheaper if you were to buy a fully flexible ticket, but I don't know if in this case the route via Kassel-Hannover is included.
>a fully flexible ticket
...except it's not. To quote Wikipedia:
>Zum Fahrplanwechsel im Dezember 2016 wurde – zunächst für ein Jahr – die Flexibilität der Flexpreise eingeschränkt und die Preise je nach Reisetag variiert. Dies wurde zur Regel.
Deutsche Bahn really didn't do itself a favor with that one.
oh, you are right. Friday tickets are more expensive for example.
they offered cheaper non-refundable flextickets as well this winter, but I really don't see the point for it, 1/3 of my supersparpreis tickets turn into flex tickets thanks to the "Zugbindung aufgehoben".
>IC/ICE-Typ ICE 1, ab 1.3. ICE 4 (12)
looks like I get to ride a classic long ICE 1 one last time this month. the shortened version with 9 cars and without the iconic shaped restaurant car will be around for a couple more years.
Freunde, I'm afraid!
After 10 years out of country, I have to travel long distance with DB again. Said 10 years ago, I used to be a frequent traveller (even managed to get bahn comfort status) but even back then, routes that I didn't know (i.e. knowing when you have to run (sometimes even faster than time, when I knew that I could get a train that was supposed to leave earlier than I arrived, but obviously never did) and when it's not worth), where a dice roll, but now, 10 years later, I can still run, but I don't fucking know if I should and supposedly DB got even worse.
Oh well, I will survive.
Don't be afraid. Check what the general situation with the trains you want to use is like beforehand: https://www.zugfinder.net/
Also: These days you have even got real-time info for busses and trams practically everywhere. Things have improved a lot from a passenger perspective during time table trouble.
Hello thred.
I am American but I live in Germany. Today my RE was delayed and the regional transit app told me it was because of "unbefugte personen auf der strecke", for non-German speakers, unauthorized people on the track. Through googling it, I found out this could mean a trespasser crossing the tracks, kids playing by thr tracks, or even a suicide attempt. However, when I was reading about this, I found references in some comments to radar systems used on the tracks which can detect trespassers, but when I looked it up, I couldn't find anything. Do these really exist? Especially coming from the US, it seems like that would be prohibitively expensive and complex over a wide network, but I saw several references to something like this, so it seems like it exists. Does anyone know!
>Do these really exist?
They do exist for railway crossings. They are called Gefahrenraumfreimeldeanlage.
They generally look like white, oversized, upright pills.
Interesting! Thanks for the reply. I was imagining that being used to monitor long stretches of railway, but it makes more sense to only monitor road crossings. The stretch I usually ride to work doesn't cross any roads, but I'll keep an eye out the next time I'm on a longer journey. Beste Grüße, anon
It kind of looks like the Metro North M8s, which have both a third rail pickup and pantograph.
I was in Freiburg yesterday and they still had the classic Duewag Gelenktram in service. which other cities are still using them in regular service? Düsseldorf has old Duewags on their Stadtbahn.
The other day I was out riding my bike and came across some DB workers near a level crossing, not sure what they were working on. Anyway most of them were milling around, but two had some kind of big radio setup or something, which was like a backpack with a big whip antenna sticking out the top and holding some kind of rod with electronics in it, almost like a metal detector. Any idea what those were? I can't think of any reason you'd need that for construction work that a walkie talkie couldn't handle.
File: bahnbusiness.png (95 KB, 1744x272)
95 KB
Well, well, well...
Classic DB, those lovable scamps
If I had to guess, it's because DB Fernverkehr once again tries to pull all customer-facing portals and platforms into its sphere of responsibility ahead of the actual privatization.
The result is rather inexperienced people working on everything, which has painful consequences for the customers.
Damn would love to see a classic Duewag still in service but
>travelling to Germany
>west German city
Are just massive NOPEs
Why's that anon
they new cycling street in Zürich is a big success.
what's the cost of the fine? 40CHF? 690000 Swiss Francs in not even 2 months lol.
File: 1461945363728.jpg (35 KB, 600x600)
35 KB
>hagelt es an Bussen
>bus traffic is literally allowed by the sign
100.- ,
1.73 mio in fines in the first month. I think it takes the cars some time to see the 3 dead end signs and the 4 no driving signs. Now those fines come once a month, and I'm certain there is some guy who has 15+ tickets now.
Was sollen die Schweizer denn machen?
So ohne ß auf der Tastatur?
I hope the BASED 32 trolleybus goes all
>beep beep motherfucker
on those faggy cyclists
German railways are shit.
Bus and cyclists have very little problems. It was the idiots with their cars that ruined Langstrasse, and now those stupid fucks have to pay 1.73 mio in fines just in the first month. I'm laughing so hard right now.
'ate cars
'ate bikes
luv trolleys
luv trams

simple as
>German railways are shit.
They are better than their reputation.

Of course no comparison to the Gods of railways that are Switzerland, the Netherlands and Japan, but I don't feel like complaining too much about my experience.
The dutch part is a lie. Dutch intercity trains are some of the filthiest I've ever been on, even if they were on time. But I agree DB's reputation is worse than it should be.

The worst part of going on public transit is always the public. If I hear one more jackass listening to turkish tiktoks on full blast on the train im gonna lose it
I have done a few trips around the country and it was generally fine.
The cities are dirty (albeit not even close to the French situation), but the trains were clean.

>The worst part of going on public transit is always the public.
Well, duh. That's why anyone that wants to continue voting Green will necessarily take an MIV.
>and I'm certain there is some guy who has 15+ tickets now.
and here we have Erol, 4 tickets because he is too stupid to read the signs.
Been to Langstrasse this afternoon, in the time it took me to walk the 60 meters 3 cars drove trough 1 Bentley (Aargau plates), 1 large Mercedes SUV (Aargau plates) and a small Audi (Aargau plates). Cagers are really dumber than shit.
It might just be anecdotal but the last three times I've been on Dutch trains the outsides look like they've spent a year working at a coal mine and the inside is both sticky and really outdated design. Don't get me started on how the toilet was. But I might've just gotten unlucky.

I think you're underestimating how much people rely on public transit especially outside the US
File: icng.jpg (138 KB, 1000x563)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
a NS train without graffiti in the toilet is something I'm yet to encounter. I find that strange because their stations seem to be clean and nice looking.
also for some reason several of the latest trains for NS are just standing around in Dresden waiting for final "configuration" and testing by Alstom for a while already.
REEE they swapped my particular train 3 days early to ICE 4. if I would have taken the same train yesterday I would have ridden the ICE 1.
I agree anon. The station in Arnhem is (even if I hate the stupid gates that you need to scan your ticket on to get in or even OUT of the station) very modern and clean. Perhaps because those gates keep the tweakers out. But they don't work with the deutschlandticket QR code, even though you can get to the station with the deutschlandticket. Whatever.
File: bvg.png (68 KB, 882x497)
68 KB
In current leap year news, >Berlin.
FAZ reporting today that the BER airport still has 70% less people using it for domestic flights than Tegel and Schönefeld had combined before the pandemic. except Stuttgart all big German cities can be reached by train in 4 hours or less from Berlin.
I couldn't imagine flying between Munich and Berlin, it takes ages to get to their airports and back to the city center.
This Dutch fella just came in here to leave a complaint. Germany's public transport (trains) are piss poor. Cheap but super unreliable. Can't vouch for Austria or the Swiss. But fuck me man. One of many anecdotes: My parents took a ICE train return Aachen -Berlin, Berlin - Aachen. On the way home to Berlin their train broke down. They had to leave the train. Walk back to the station. A new ICE would take them in 30 minutes. That train was a no show. They made reservations for specific seats (you pay extra for those) they could forget about those seats when they eventually got going again. Took em 11 hours to get to Berlin, should have taken 5,5 hours. On the return trip their high-speed train turned into a local train with well over 20 stops. Again the expected travel time was 6 hours, took em 8,5 hours.

I'd rather have a function railway system than a cheap one. Dutch trains are very expensive (waaay too expensive) but they are more reliable than German trains.
Who, in God's name, would ever voluntarily go to Berlin?
There is simply not enough demand for a fucking airport near that literal swamp.
A Tesla factory alone, that isn't even in Berlin, doesn't create enough demand.
more strikes in March yay.
It's almost like they want to get fired ASAP once fully automated driving gets its legal clearance.
They clearly don't understand the position they are in.
Demanding a 35 hour week in the current workforce market only means the railway companies will put a lot more money towards making that happen even faster.
Sure, Weselsky is about to retire, so he himself doesn't fucking care anymore.
my hero!
I'm an /n/-diehard with slight hints of autism, but that guy is clearly completely out of his fucking mind.
Wie gut oder der schlecht sind eigentlich Ausbildungen bei der DB?
Bin am überlegen mich dort zu bewerben und zumindest soweit ich weiß, sollen sowohl Bezahlung als auch Ausbildungsqualität generell ziemlich gut sein.
>Germany can't get their shit together with railway infrastructure
>implying they will be able to pull off automated trains in less than 50 years
Hahaha oh wow
If German railways aren't automated by 2040, they are dead, because street transport will be fully automated by then.
At least in the developed world, that is.
There certainly is a place for nowadays' engine drivers even under those circumstances, but I suspect, the companies won't be particularly keen to stay overly reliant on them considering their behavior at the moment.
>Who, in God's name, would ever voluntarily go to Berlin?
It's a very interesting city to visit, if you're interested in general city stuff, arts or history. Of course, there's loads of shitty tourists traps, but some tourist traps actually are not that shitty (just overprized, like the spy museum, or whatever it was) and there's loads of niche stuff to see, some even free (there's a military plane museum on the outskirts, there's some rather nerdy guided tours around cold war bunkers, hell, you can even visit a musuem (for free, I think, on Bundeswehr grounds) on the resistance inside the Wehrmacht (kek…)), plus it's really interesting to see how fucked up Berlin really is. Makes you really glad about where you are that's not Berlin.
>Aber hier leben? Nein danke!
Oh, and their public transport system is quite interesting too, with their many different systems and oddities.
>many different systems and oddities
Breaking one of the fundamental rules of public transit:
A municipality should not employ more than two different systems of local mass transport.
Any additional system decreases system efficiency and increases the mental load on the customer side.
While the latter may get alleviated by mobility apps in 2024, the former point still stands.
what an absolute fucking chad!
DB is offering free extension until the end of the year for the trial bahncard for the UEFA Euro 2024 if Germany wins the tournament. they know that this is very improbable kek.
Why the fuck does DB even exist anymore?
I'd say we just close it down, or sell it for a symbolic 1€ or something, because it's just a farce.
Not only does it generally not work, even when it works normally, but GDL is just the icing on the cake.
And now Weselsky himself says
>Wir beginnen sogenannte Wellenstreiks“, „Damit ist die Eisenbahn kein zuverlässiges Verkehrsmittel mehr.“
Like, WTF, Nigga, what are you doing?
I'm all for workers rights, but this little prick is overdoing it.
And why is the owner of DB (the fucking german state) not stepping in and putting an end to this shitshow? As said, just sell the whole company to whoever is willing to take it. Can't get any worse. Hell, ripping out the tracks and putting highways in instead would be an improvement, even a gridlocked highway has a higher transport capacity and reliability than DB.
>Why the fuck does DB even exist anymore?
Because infrastructure (at scale) is almost necessarily operated at a loss. No private operator would ever consider running a dense whole-nation railway network in Germany like DB.

>I'd say we just close it down, or sell it for a symbolic 1€ or something, because it's just a farce.
Even if you paid billions on top of giving DB away for free, no private entity would ever consider taking it - especially due to DB Infrago.
At the same time it doesn't particularly help DB, that politicians keep intervening at every single corner, but without politicians agreeing to finance DB, DB can't operate, so it's not like there was an option.

>Not only does it generally not work, even when it works normally, but GDL is just the icing on the cake.
The ultimate solution will be to take the engine drivers out of the equation. There is no sugar coating this and they only got themselves to blame.

>And why is the owner of DB (the fucking german state) not stepping in and putting an end to this shitshow?
They aren't allowed to change law just to fix the GDL-issue.
It would require a well-phrased generalized solution.
And looking at the current government, I'm not confident, their guys are capable of pulling that one off.

>As said, just sell the whole company to whoever is willing to take it. Can't get any worse.
Literally no one is willing to take it. If anyone did, he clearly would have no idea what he is doing, and the result would be worse than what we have.

>Hell, ripping out the tracks and putting highways in instead would be an improvement, even a gridlocked highway has a higher transport capacity and reliability than DB.
No, it would mean a significantly lower capacity at useful speeds with massively higher costs. No matter the mode of transport: In general the lower the speed, the higher the capacity, but that's not what you want.
starting next week ÖBB will introduce the Railjet 2.0 generation on extra services between Vienna and Feldkirch for Easter before they will be introduced on the regular Munich - Verona services.
a bit strange that there aren't any photos of the interior or any official presentation of the train yet. the seats in 2nd class are supposed to be the same as in the new nightjet. reviews haven't be too favorable of those seats.
Trenitalia is supposed to send their sleek Frecciarossa 1000 high speed trains to Munich as well once they receive new trains that are capable to run under the CHAD 15kv 16.7Hz voltage.
>train cancelled because of switch failure
>train in front of us broke down so my train was stuck as well
>someone jumped in front of the train just before the evening rush hour
all of these things can happen, but this happened to my all within a week. and you probably guessed wrong, this isn't just another typical DB story, SBB let me down this week.
suicides by train in the evenings are more annoying, it takes ages until replacement buses are organized and you might get stranded if you miss the last connection.
File: versemmelt.jpg (31 KB, 576x140)
31 KB
Australia, what the fuck is this? a schnitzelburger that you can order in the train?
File: Fo7ITOiWAAIeCad.jpg (174 KB, 900x1200)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
They better have Lewakassemmerl too or I revolt.
they're way too happy about a shitty sandwich
It's a Schnitzelsemmel, you wouldn't understand.
>Also wer nochmal im SBB-Wagen Dortmund-Hamburg oder im Panoramawagen durchs Mittelrheintal oder im direkten ICE 3 Amsterdam-Basel fahren will, hat nun noch genau 102 Tage Zeit dazu.
uff, that's the end of an era dating back to TEE and even before. no more direct trains between Switzerland and the Netherlands during the day, only the super unreliable sleeper train will remain with old sleeper cars.
The Panorama car has seen better days and at 200km/h it was a borderline experience comfort wise. but still a pity that it won't return anymore on one of the most scenic routes of Germany.
Ist ICE-Treff halbwegs lesenswert?
Ich hänge selbst nur bei DSO rum.
it's slower and friendlier compared to DSO. it's popular for asking practical questions about ticketing and timetable information. DSO can be annoying at times with nagging boomers and too much negativity.
mention Switzerland on DSO and some users throw a fit about how slow the trains there are. also I think the DSO frontend looks outdated.

for those interested here are some German speaking links to the biggest train related forums. some of the posters there are really knowledgeable or work in the industry, so you get first hand information about what's happening.
bahnforum.ch (requires a free account to read the posts)
File: guter_klimaprotest.jpg (247 KB, 1079x1453)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>DSO can be annoying at times with nagging boomers and too much negativity.
Well, what can you do? It's factually getting worse.
Complaining about it makes them feel like they themselves are not to blame. Think climate cultists (pic related). They are a similar breed insofar, although not quite as shizo.
Overall the content stream they generate is fucking awesome, though. It would be difficult to stay up-to-date with railways in Germany (and the world) without them.

I really like reading Drehscheibe magazine, and if buying it helps keeping DSO online, then all is fine.
I mean I like the trip reports of DSO posters going to Eastern Europe to ride old trains there.
but just to mention the latest example, the thread about the presentation of the new railjet in Munich today. first answer is immediately badmouthing the new train, then 3 users shitting on that guy who then more or less says >Anzeige ist raus. absolute comedy, but these guys need to get real, it's a new train, nothing to get immediately personal or insulting about. I would expect such behaviour on 4chan, but here I expect the shitposting.
Ach komm, die Bantz sind doch nicht von schlechten Eltern.
Vor allen Dingen dabei auch noch mit inhaltlichen Argumenten gespickt.
Auch dafür liest man gerne DSO.
t. trauert zwar den n-Wagen hinterher, ist aber trotzdem froh, diese Dinger nicht mehr im Alltag nutzen zu müssen. Selbst die verschrienen "Cola-Dosen" sind doch sehr viel besser.
Köln will test 90 meter trams between Deutz and Neumarkt this sunday.
pic related: Düsseldorf runs triple B-Wagen on U78 on special events
File: 1713013747163.jpg (393 KB, 983x606)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
I'm the guy who does all the design checks of structural underground part of Hamburg U5 and some other metro lines/stations in Germany (Tiefbau/Spezialtiefbau). It means the strength and sizing of the retaining walls, strength of the soil underneath, serviceability of the concrete slabs and beams, columns in the middle of the typical metro station etc. Basically everything about the structure up to the last centimeter. I'm doing it alone under my chef's supervision, my salary is ca. 3000 Euro netto monthly.

I just wanted to say I hate German public transportation and ride my car daily and don't even have a bicycle. You welcome.
just wondering, how come there's no station between Jungfernstieg and Überseequartier on the U4? yeah, I'm aware that it's all under water, but Hamburg Hochbahn has some really weird network layout. and now they are building the U5 in a literal U shape around the Alster.
why can't Hamburg just build a tram network.
Reported to your work for posting on a nazi website.
File: 1713095989840.jpg (150 KB, 530x604)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
That I don't know brudi, I'm just working with what I've got. The decisions like that are highly political and the working orders come directly from the Stadt. Although I don't think there's a conspiracy there.

It's fine, we are highly unionized, you can't make me get fired for this. And I'm a third-worlder btw, can't fire DEI workers.
> why can't Hamburg just build a tram network.
There was a proposal under the black-green senate, iirc. Which was then cancelled after social democrats got back in power.

Generally, I think there's a lack of vision for the network. And a horrible lack of connections that don't go via central station. The concept of the Alsterhalbring is floating around for a hundred years now and nothing has happened.

Oh, and while I'm already ranting...
They want to move huge parts of the science faculty of the university to Bahrenfeld, as well as put some new industrial estates and flats there. This shall finisharound 2030, and a train connection might come in 2040. The bus lines serving that place are very full already now.
>Which was then cancelled after social democrats got back in power.
Almost too bad they are slowly disappearing into nothing.
Our children will never learn this beautiful song about the social democrats: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkY-Ac3WFpA&t=200s
File: ice_zweierabteil.jpg (92 KB, 1020x810)
92 KB

File: DB_robert.jpg (263 KB, 830x478)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
>Sorry sir, we have a strict "no singles" policy in this carriage.
>the Gods of railways that are [...] the Netherlands

The problem is probably rather that a single ticket doesn't secure you being left alone.
File: öbb.jpg (143 KB, 1280x720)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
heh, they just painted over the DB logo. still better than the shitty shüttels.
Glück auf, Kollege.
I'm working at the various Austrian tunneling projects, but I'm only on the surface, so I'm at less than 3k net.
Oh well, at least my house cost me only 300k net, so it's all good.
>new railjet in Munich today. first answer is immediately badmouthing the new train,
Well, if the old railjet is anything to go by, that probably is warranted.
Sure, the red and black color scheme on the outside looks great, but damn, are they an ugly, dimly lit and uncomfortable dungeon inside. IC and ICE are miles ahead in comfort and look and feel.
Wait, what? ÖBB finally has proper carriages? I'm still mad the that Frankfurt-Graz EC now isn't done by DB anymore but by ÖBB. While not as bad as the railjet, their IC carriages suck too. And they're generally even more disfunctional than DBs oldest IC ones.
Neat. Less space, but more privacy. But yeah, no. At least not without a thorough cleaning at every stop. because you know…
File: anime.jpg (32 KB, 598x336)
32 KB
>compartment, Deutschland
>compartment, Nippon
omg, sugoi
>willkommä in dütschland
minuaturenwelt gave a brochure in Bernese dialect, which I had trouble reading. just use standard German for all things written when referring to Switzerland.
also kek that the ICE is named after the city of Hamburg that doesn't even have a Bundesliga team. they might have one again next season but not the HSV lol.
File: db_bezahlung.jpg (54 KB, 948x554)
54 KB

I think, I'll be getting my D-Ticket elsewhere.
>ticket shop looks like a textbook phishing site
Is that the power of German IT?
The only thing missing is some reference to SAP.
Has /chad/ been getting around?
Why would you go from Göttingen shithole to a Glauchau shithole, and not simply go but also make it one of the most popular routes?
It's about LINES, not relations.
Probably not too many going from Garmisch to Ingolstadt, or Düsseldorf to Osnabrück either.
File: Baustellen.png (235 KB, 1128x1116)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
only map that matters to me right now. Frankfurt - Kassel is currently faster with the RE than the ICE right now, with the latter getting rerouted via Aschaffenburg - Gemünden.
while I enjoyed seeing other parts of the country, ICE taking up to 2 hours longer between Frankfurt and Berlin or Hamburg really is a slog after a while. yesterday our train was overtaken by the fucking Flixtrain because our train was 20 minutes ahead of schedule. checking the timetable the Flixtrain is now faster than the ICE lol.
>Frankfurt - Kassel
I really like the cheeky "IC34" on the relation, which is rideable with a D-Ticket from Dillenburg to Dortmund.
The time table is constructed as to it never being the fastest connection for anyone coming from Frankfurt, but it's really a nice throw-back to the days of the InterRegio.
File: gurken.jpg (145 KB, 1280x720)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
traveling to Siegen on a IC with the D-Ticket. sounds interesting. I'll buy some Sauerländer Gurken.
Oh right, it was via Siegen, not Kassel/Warburg.
Sorry for that brainfart.
not the problem of the rest of country that Bavaria decided to dig a hole in Munich to burn money there (7 billion €uros cost estimate currently). 2. Stammstrecke is making Stuttgart 21 look like an absolute bargain.
Don't worry, we are sitting right behind (You).

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