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>bike got stolen last november
>whatever it's cold soon anyway
>also bought a car in december
>missing outside activity other than running, really miss going on trails etc.
>considered buying another bike but also like the idea of skating because I enjoy ice skating and am pretty good at it
>also would fit in car easier than a bike
What are some good beginner cheapish skates for a big guy with wide feet?
I also love skating, aggresive or just cruising around but you dont want to get skates online. Search a store in your area, skates have to fit like a glove or else they suck hard. Dont look to much at the price and shit like bearings or wheels. You can replace them anyways. The boot has to sit just right, thats the most important thing.
this dude is speaking correct. you gotta try them on and they should be comfy and fit fro the start even tho they will get broken in and shit.
one more thing .. Are K2 Fatties still a thing?
File: IMG_20240328_194951208.jpg (3.57 MB, 4000x3000)
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>K2 Fatties
Now that's a name I haven't heard in years...
Man o man, I had many pairs. It was fun seeing your picrel. Brought back memories
i hear decathlon skates are good
go for 4 smaller wheels instead of 3 big ones unless you have the need for speed
i wanna get some skates too i had some when i was younger and loved them
honestly seems like a great way to get around in an urban environment
can confirm, I thought 3 big wheels looked cool to start on and I live in an area surrounded by hills, no bueno. You pick up to mortal speed pretty quickly so learning to stop and build leg strength right away was a big challenge. Also tore my TCFF in my wrist because I forgot about guards.
I think wrist guards are a great safety net for inexperience in hindsight.

tldr; 4 wheels probably less fast and more manoeuvrable
File: 20240217_231542.jpg (3.31 MB, 4080x3060)
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3.31 MB JPG
pickrel: 3x100 k2 lt trios
I have worn them to pieces
I also have a 4x110 k2 marathons but they are to stable for me. very fast though.
I'm looking at getting some 3x125, probably powerslide. but The fr skates do look good.
>tldr; 4 wheels probably less fast and more manoeuvrable
I think it's the other way around, 4 wheels gives high speed stability at the expense of low speed agility. 3 big wheel skates pick up speed faster and have better turning agility at the expense of stability. This is of course a generalization, what's more important than wheel count is wheel size and skate length, however, number of wheels do heavily dictate ideal wheel size in a skate's design. Bigger wheels give a smoother ride but brings CoG higher off the ground resulting to less stability and more agility, opposite for smaller wheels. Those 3 factors are like a bike's geometry and heavily influence how a skate feels. I'm not an expert in the subject (am a bikeboy) but I'm familiar, interested, and I do intend to buy my own set of skates soon enough
/xs/ has a roller blading thread, /rag/, that is sorta active. The newfag buy question is fairly common there, I'd recommend lurking through it if you want to get some reviews.
thanks for the info crossboard anon

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