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/n/ - Transportation

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Is Tirana when Albania was under communism the dream /o/ city?
>cars are banned
>everyone has to take public transportation
>lots of parks and shit
>roads are aimed for bikes
So why doesn’t /o/ talk about Tirana that much?
I mean /n/, not /o/. Wrong board name
Because nu-/n/ is only able to discuss the contents of real estate industry press releases concerning kansas city or houston (if you disagree with me you are a cagetroll nimby boomer)
It’s at least partly because people on this board don’t talk about policy, we just fantasize about our personal dreams coming true. Also there’s not much consensus on the role of the state in urban planning and infrastructure here since opinions range from everything should be centrally planned to wanting every city to be Houston but with more trains. Finally most people on 4chan are already from Can-merica so there’s overall a fear of communism paired with general lack of interest in other countries
I miss the old /n/ where we had threads that were several years old with people actually talking about modes of transport rather than urban planning politics.
>cars are banned
Whichever bureaucrat put this measure in place is a genius. People won't notice the state was in no way able to keep up with the demand for private automobiles if they don't look into buying a car.

Also says a lot about what the people want when nowadays every man, woman and child in Albania drives a Benz.

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