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File: campy.jpg (120 KB, 480x640)
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Where we talk about stopping, or as Campy fanbois call it, "uhmmm actchyully it's about modulating your speed in the peloton"

QOTT: If you had to have one road bike, would anyone actually choose one with rim brakes in this day and age? For crying out loud it's almost 2015.
File: coasterbrake.jpg (284 KB, 1000x414)
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284 KB JPG
coaster brake best brake
Disc road bikes are fantastic because they allow 30-35 mm tire clearance on fast casual bikes.

But now we can stop pretending that the disc conversation is centered around roadies, because those are not road tires, and not being ridden by roadies. It's always been this strange subset of self loathing unracer that picks up the bastion of road disc from a sort of culture war anti-luddite position, not from a road riding perspective, and then pretends to talk about road bikes and road riding but is weak and inexperienced and has probably never even ridden a century.
-Also- probably never owned a nice rim brake road bike and is just weighing a bunch of random cheap shitters against the only nice bike they've ever ridden.

So they're defending their first entry level bike purchase (against what exactly?), as a complete beginner, and then it's all jumbled in with a bunch of different retarded memes.
File: Mulholland Highway.jpg (2.5 MB, 3792x2568)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
Hydraulic disc brakes make riding more comfy because they require less effort at the lever and let you brake easily from more hand positions, that's the main reason I prefer them on the road. Also, they let you run carbon rims without having mediocre-at-best braking. And not having to worry about tire clearance under your brake caliper is a big positive as previous anon pointed out.

I got into cycling with vintage bikes and have done plenty of big descents with pretty much every kind of rim brake from terrible stamped sheet metal sidepulls to modern dual pivot calipers and everything inbetween. Rim brakes are perfectly fine, I still have a couple classic road bikes with rim brakes in my collection that I ride on occasion, but discs are just more pleasant to use so I can't imagine choosing a rim brake in the future over disc.
>can't coast or readjust pedals frerly without breaking
no thanks, i have fingers and i am willing to use them
I see, today you baited for the "luddites" again.
More used deals for me then.
it seems like you're just picking random /n/ strawmen and mashing then together without any understanding of the basis for those strawmen

oh nvm yes, a jumble of retarded memes. yes that seems like a suitable description of your mental state
The braking action is fine on decent rimjobs with decent dual pivot brakes and pads, as long as everything is in good condition, and it's dry out, and the rims are alloy, and you're not stuck behind a box truck that's riding the brakes the whole way down while denying you any air resistance, so yeah, the brakes are "fine" if you want to put it that way

The thing is, sometimes those things aren't all in your favor, and that's before we get into the comfort issue, but /n/ will pretend that the tire size and brake type have nothing to do with one another.
I like single pivots with pads older then me.
It's always dry when I take a rim brake bike out.
I don't have carbon rims.
I ride on bike trails or sidewalks or bike lanes, not huffing box truck fumes.

My bikes are comfortable. If I want more braking then a road bike I grab my cx bike with canti's.
Not enough? go to the rim brake mtb with slower tires so I don't go as fast.
Not enough? Then I go to a disk brake bike.

Just like how I can shift friction and have fun, or ride single speed and have fun.
If I want a tour de force of tech I can grab.... well I don't have a hydro disk road bikes since I don't want one.

If i lived in seattle, UK, south east asia, or somewhere else it pours rain I would main a disk brake bike. I live in the central valley of CA where it doesn't rain much.

Oh, and do more forearm training. The only time I had serious braking issues was as a teen DYEL in the rain.
File: 1719334992398378.jpg (468 KB, 1193x1193)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
A road bike with rim brakes on 28 mm tires is all I need
>what about mountain descents in the pouring rain?
If it's raining I won't ride north into the mountains
>what about x, y, or z
None of those have ever been problems for me. If you like/need disc brakes that's fine, but I know I don't need them for what I do.
Grip strength doesn't sound like it matters until you've been riding for 8 hours and it's cold and wet and your entire body is numb, but I can see how it would seem irrelevant if you're just going between shields hall and temple coffee on your dutch bike when it's 71 degrees and sunny out
Ah, I see reading comprehension is hard for you.
I understood you just fine. It's ok if you don't ride much.
>For crying out loud it's almost 2015.
Read that as for cycling out loud
Did you not read my post? I said if I was riding in the rain I would want disk. That doubles for long rides.
I only do 120 miles a week now, so yeah. That's not much for you pros.
Calm down
They ride 30-32mm tires in the tour all the time
You can coast on a coaster brake, you have to actually pedal backwards to engage
What the fuck does all of what you said ACTUALLY matter though. It's all a cope because your brakes are worse than hydro disc
If it was coping I would have disk brakes.
I don't care, and I just posted why I don't want disk brakes.
This is a thread about disk vs rim. It was obvious from the OP post about muh campy fanbois. When you push the narrative like this I will get uppity.
rent free
Here I was thinking you and I had a thing, now I see you're >rent freeing other guys behind my back? I trusted you.
File: bike.jpg (590 KB, 1920x1440)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
my gf kept bugging me to get a bike so we can ride around town/the beach, picked up this bianchi fixie for $100. anything I should do besides new tires?
File: IMG_0644 (Custom).jpg (1.44 MB, 1900x1140)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
you can leave it however for a cruiser but i dislike the single brake lever on top of pursuit bars. The main position of pursuit bars is on the sides, forward, that's where the brakes should be because there's much better control there.
So i'd work out if she actually wants that much reach and is comfortable riding on the main position of the bars, get brake levers there, if not, convert to flat, riser or swept bars, also with some better brake levers. The splash tape is cool and hopefully it doesn't badly tear and you can re-use it.

If you want to keep the bars, you can just run regular road brake levers like pic rel (and the hoods don't get used, so you can pickup some nice fucked ones for cheap/free), or get some time trial ones that fit in the ends of the bar.

If she's running freewheel not fixed, get a rear brake too.

I would buy nicer pedals, service the hubs & headset, and get a new chain. Also prob setup some kinda basket.

I wonder why the headset cups are painted? That's pretty unusual for a factory paint job. So i guess it's been repainted which is also kinda odd for a bike like that.
File: bike2.jpg (464 KB, 1920x1440)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
the bike is for me, she has an old masi and wants us to ride together. no freewheel and I don't think it's a flip flop hub. any recommendations on pedals and bars? I might end up getting flat bars since I only ever rode BMX bikes
i can see that it is a flip flop . Those 'urban' fixies with brake bridges and stuff always have flip flop hubs.

>any recommendations on pedals and bars?
straps and cages or clipless if you're gonna ride fixed
bars you should be able to pick up some light flat bars for cheap used.
Pads and rotors wore out? $70 (per wheel) for new ones

Pads and rotors fucked because a non-approved substance got on them? $70 for new ones

Pads and rotors fucked because you used the brakes wrong? $70

Pads and rotors fucked because you literally just touched them with your fingers? $70

Brakes spongy? $100 to bleed them

Brakes constantly rub because mounts are shit? $50 (per brake) to face them

Hose damaged? $50/ea to install a new one

Rotors warped? $20/ea to true them

Pads worn out? $15 to replace both pairs with braindead-easy DIY installation

Pads fucked up? Clean them with alcohol or just cut your losses and spend $15 on new ones

Cable damaged? $20 for two new cables with easy DIY installation if you own a $10 cable cutter

Brakes don't work and it's not the pads or cables? Twist one knob and/or adjust two bolts. If that doesn't work blast the caliper with WD40.

Brake track worn out? Couple hundo though wheel will almost certainly die long before that from something unrelated, but if it doesn't then you've more than got your money's worth out of that rim.

Raining? Stay home and do something else.

I like how the disc brake problems are nonsensical since you have no experience in the area, whereas the rim brake problems all reflect the fact that you never ride
File: COPE_Plastics.jpg (41 KB, 800x498)
41 KB
>google "how to stop disc brake rubbing"
>50,000,000 results all saying you basically can't

>google "how to decontaminate rotors"
>50,000,000 results all telling you to literally set them on fire

>google "how to fix spongy rim brakes"
>"Did you mean "How to fix spongy disc brakes"?"
File: dceqb41rcs2d1.png (564 KB, 720x1448)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
lovely bike
why are you asking in this thread?
level out the saddle jesus christ
Anon probably spent his life savings on a surplus rim brake cervelo or something because he wanted to own something that poors don't ride, and now he has to cope with a bunch of weird made up nonsense about how "real pros" are still riding 700x19 and everyone who chooses something comfortable is a pussy
didn't realize there were multiple bike generals lol my bad
So I have yet to hear any convincing argument for rimjobs other than some weird insecure tough guy arguments about muh grip strength, and "I bought a BSO with cable disk brakes and it sucked"
Not my job to convince you either way. Ride both and make your judgement call then, as it should be.
people who have never ridden a nice modern hydro disc road bike don't have a valid opinion on road disc, likewise people who have never owned a road bike with nice dual pivot brakes (you).
File: 4536453.jpg (49 KB, 550x310)
49 KB
I have tried both and my conclusion is that coaster brakes are superior than both
File: SPOONMA-brake.jpg (378 KB, 2048x1536)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
more of a spoon brake man.
baste taste my brother in christ
How can I get my cantilevers to stop squealing? I've tried adjusting them 10 times at this point. They have new koolstop pads.
toe them in. tape a small piece of cardboard on the rim to set the toe.
It also helps a lot to grease all the mating parts /threads of the cantis before you adjust them.

also spray the rim with 100% isopropyl and clean it
Also look at servicing your headset. That can cause brake squeal
what other brake calipers compete with the cane creek ee brakes? i'm looking for really cool, unique stuff
File: 49fe93.jpg (34 KB, 600x527)
34 KB
Seems like "nice" rim brake bikes are like tattoos. A lot of people got them due to poor impulse control, and most of them spend an inordinate amount of energy trying to convince others that they don't regret it at all
File: 41q2w1-qD9L.jpg (19 KB, 333x500)
19 KB
>everyone with a different opinion is just coping and seething
Not only can you coast, but you can coast much longer on a coaster brake than you can on a freewheel or cassette.
File: IMG_3121.jpg (76 KB, 1000x1000)
76 KB
DAMN that's so cool
I have Ultegra dual pivots and they're completely fine though, what is the advantage of these? Even MORE power?
Probably for people who want to run carbon rimjobs
So you can crush your rim?

Anyways I googled it, it's primarily for TT bikes. Makes sense, more power in an aero package

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