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>The original story helped push the false narrative that the Biden White House had banned religious designs at its Easter festivities.


The Daily Caller has retracted and removed an article falsely accusing the Biden administration of banning religious designs on Easter eggs submitted to a White House art contest.

The retraction comes days after the right-wing media ecosystem ran wild with the story (alongside misleading claims about Transgender Day of Visibility), claiming that it was further proof of President Joe Biden’s supposed war on Christianity.

Reacting to a flyer sent out for the “Celebrating National Guard Families” contest at this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll, The Daily Caller reported that the competition “explicitly stipulated that egg designs not feature any ‘religious symbols’ on the Christian holiday.” The Caller’s article helped launch a days-long outrage cycle throughout conservative media, culminating in obsessive coverage across Fox News.

Photo illustration of Brian Kilmeade, Maria Bartiromo, Harris Faulkner in a tv with an angry easter bunny behind them

Following that backlash, however, the American Egg Board, which helps coordinate the annual White House event, explained that the “guideline language referenced in recent news reports has consistently applied to the board since its founding” in 1978. Therefore, the restrictions had been in place since the Carter administration, including Donald Trump’s term in office.

“While the Caller did not explicitly state at any point that the rule was new, this additional context rendered the main thrust of the article misleading to readers, who could reasonably have come to the conclusion that the rule was new,” the Daily Caller explained in its retraction.
“With that additional context included, the news value of the article was significantly diminished, leading the senior leadership at the Caller to the decision to retract,” the conservative outlet added. “We sincerely regret the error and are taking the necessary steps to ensure similar mistakes can be avoided in the future.”

Following the retraction, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates applauded the Caller for taking down the article. “Credit where it”s due: the @DailyCaller did the right thing by retracting this story on the Easter Egg Roll,” he tweeted on Tuesday. “As they say, the guidelines are ‘longstanding, dating back decades, and the Biden administration did not make any modifications to this rule.’”

While the Caller has backed away from its story, Fox News has continued to stoke outrage over the false claim that Biden outright banned religious Easter eggs. “They were strictly prohibited,” Fox News star Sean Hannity exclaimed Monday night. “You can’t make this up! You really can’t. This is simply hostility towards religion.”

The conservative cable giant, which published a similar digital article to the Caller’s on Friday, told The Daily Beast on Tuesday that it will not make any changes to its story.

“We stand by our reporting as it accurately quotes the ‘2024 Call for Youth Art’ flyer which states Easter egg design submissions ‘must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes,’” a Fox News spokesperson said. “The story also includes on the record comments from American Egg Board President & CEO Emily Metz who explains that these longstanding guidelines are due to USDA rules.”

Prior versions of the article captured by the Wayback Machine show the Fox News Digital story did not add any reference to previous guidelines or an on-record comment from Metz until two days after publication.
Now this rabbi knew his customers, so to speak, and he decided to summon the man who loved to tell stories. If he was not the one who started them, he might at least know who did.

When the nice man with the nasty problem heard from the rabbi how devastated his colleague was, he felt truly sorry. He honestly had not considered it such a big deal to tell this story, because it was true; the rabbi could check it out if he wanted. The rabbi sighed.

“True, not true, that really makes no difference! You just cannot tell stories about people. This is all lashon hara, slander, and it’s like murder—you kill a person’s reputation.” He said a lot more, and the man who started the rumor now felt really bad and sorry. “What can I do to make it undone?” he sobbed. “I will do anything you say!”

The rabbi looked at him. “Do you have any feather pillows in your house?” “Rabbi, I am not poor; I have a whole bunch of them. But what do you want me to do, sell them?”

“No, just bring me one.”

The man was mystified, but he returned a bit later to the rabbi’s study with a nice fluffy pillow under his arm. The rabbi opened the window and handed him a knife. “Cut it open!”

“But Rabbi, here in your study? It will make a mess!”
“Do as I say!”

And the man cut the pillow. A cloud of feathers came out. They landed on the chairs and on the bookcase, on the clock, on the cat which jumped after them. They floated over the table and into the teacups, on the rabbi and on the man with the knife, and a lot of them flew out of the window in a big swirling, whirling trail.

The rabbi waited ten minutes. Then he ordered the man: “Now bring me back all the feathers, and stuff them back in your pillow. All of them, mind you. Not one may be missing!”

The man stared at the rabbi in disbelief. “That is impossible, Rabbi. The ones here is the room I might get, most of them, but the ones that flew out of the window are gone. Rabbi, I can’t do that, you know it!”

“Yes,” said the rabbi and nodded gravely, “that is how it is: once a rumor, a gossipy story, a ‘secret,’ leaves your mouth, you do not know where it ends up. It flies on the wings of the wind, and you can never get it back!”

He ordered the man to deeply apologize to the person about whom he had spread the rumor; that is difficult and painful, but it was the least he could do. He ordered him to apologize to the people to whom he had told the story, making them accomplices in the nasty lashon hara game, and he ordered him to diligently study the laws concerning lashon hara every day for a year, and then come back to him.

How do they stay in business? Who is the republican billionaire funding it?
Probably funded by the Russians, or the Chinese, seems to be what Republicans do these days.
>Probably funded by the Russians, or the Chinese

But enough about The DailyBeast

Or as we call it on /news/, the TheDailyCoon
No billionaires. Just the same rubes that complain about how bias the news is against their cult leader.
Why are you projecting on /news/ Tucker?
Naah they're hundred-millionaires at least
>After leaving the vice president's office in 2009, Patel partnered with Tucker Carlson to co-found The Daily Caller, a conservative news and opinion website. Carlson sold his one-third stake in The Daily Caller to Patel in June 2020.[5]

>Patel co-founded and is managing director of Bluebird Asset Management, a hedge fund focusing on mortgage-backed securities.[2]
>Hedge Fund
So a vulture capitalist. That's a job we don't need.
/pol/ running scared again I see
You see that Easter Bunny behind Biden?
That's Hunter Biden. He left cash and crack in the easter eggs so that Democrat donors can get their Burisma money.
i hope crowder is doing well.
I've been there when I was 7 so I uh... I know the feeling.
But Donald Jr. was the one caught using cocaine.
Was that Don Jr that got kicked out of the Navy for testing positive for cocaine? No wait, that was Hunter Biden.
Don Jr. wouldn't last through boot camp and you know it
Neither would you and you know it
I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals
what did you say you little bitch?

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