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right now they have 2 background checks to buy a gun. There are a few other states that do this for all gun purchases, NJ, california, connecticut, mass and hawaii. also DC, but DC isn't in the US and none of the DC residents are American so imo they shouldn't be allowed to own guns
Illinois legislation would require third background check, mandatory training for gun purchases
By Catrina Petersen
The Center Square

Despite Illinois having nearly four million background checks done on gun owning residents in 2023, Illinoisans who want to buy a firearm would have to undergo state-approved training and three background checks if a proposed bill makes it across the finish line.

A Second Amendment advocate says this latest gun-restriction bill is a tactic to keep firearms out of law-abiding citizens’ hands.

House Bill 3239, sponsored by state Rep. Maura Hirschauer, D-Batavia, would obligate Illinoisans who want to buy a firearm to go through eight hours of training and other requirements. The bill is in the House Judiciary Criminal Committee, which is scheduled to meet in Springfield this week. Her office said she will not be calling the bill this week.

William Kirk, president of Washington Gun Law, said the measure woud require residents who want to purchase a firearm to go to their local law enforcement department and go through a background check with fingerprinting.
"Once that permission slip is given to them, they would have 180 days in which they could purchase a firearm. They have to turn that card into the [federal firearms licensee]. The FFL has to take a receipt of it. It’s like a punch-card, you get to buy one per permission slip,” said Kirk. “Illinois also has the goofy [Firearm Owners Identification] card as well, so anyone who has a FOID card has to undergo a background check, then of course anyone who has ever purchased a gun knows that any FFL is going to run you through a federally-mandated background check and then you have to go through a background check when you get your permission slip from local police."

A FOID card is required in Illinois for residents to own or purchase firearms and ammunition. According to numbers from Illinois State Police, over 2.4 million Illinois residents possess FOID cards, nearly 19% of the state's 12.7 million people. The greatest number of these cards have been issued in Cook County, with over 730,000 active cards at the end of 2023. Champaign County had issued 34,144.

"Illinois residents will have to go through a background check, to get a background check to get a background check,” Kirk said.

Illinoisans already undergo some of the most extensive background checks when it comes to firearms. Federal Bureau of Investigations firearm background check data shows Illinois had 248,767 background checks in February. Most of those, or 163,355, were "permit rechecks." That's second in the country next to Kentucky's 321,300 total checks and 294,377 rechecks. The third highest state for February rechecks was Utah with 50,486.

For all of 2023, FBI data show Illinois had 3,961,236 total firearm background checks in the country. That's more than any other state and nearly 300,000 more than Kentucky's 3.6 million total checks.
The mandatory eight-hour class required in the proposed Illinois legislation is a big problem, Kirk said. He’s seen this in other jurisdictions, like California, and what usually happens is the classes have to be state certified.

"State law enforcement gets to certify and say who the instructors are. It's a very limited number of instructors and they don’t allow private companies to be in on it because the government wants a monopoly on it,” said Kirk. “That is another method that they can use to disarm lawful citizens.”

HB3239 would require Illinois residents who want to buy a firearm to undergo eight hours of mandatory training approved by the director of the Illinois State Police.

Kirk said this bill makes it to where Illinois citizens have to seek the government’s permission before exercising an unalienable right. He said HB3239 and the FOID card would likely be struck down by the Supreme Court of the United States.

Students Demand Action of Illinois are proponents of the bill. There are 15 proponents and nearly 1,800 opponents.

On social media, Hirschauer said gun violence is a public health epidemic.

"Gun violence is a complex public health and safety crisis that deserves holistic, multifaceted policy solutions," Hirschauer said in a social media post.

Greg Bishop contributed to this report.
Why not? We could always use more laws we don't enforce.
because those laws violate our constitution..
>Violent offenders walk free no bail
>Illegal entry into the country is fine now
>Squatters steal peoples homes
>Lets hire based off race and sex!!
>Goverment now sex traffics children
>FBI thinks people who buy bibles are terrorists
>Election stolen
>Jan6 protestors still rotting away no trial
>soon $45,000,000,000,000 in debt
But yea.. more laws for people who follow the laws will make us safer
Demobrats are fucking retarded.
Surely this will prevent black gangs from shooting each other with stolen guns.
that's a new one
>Surely this will prevent black gangs from shooting each other with stolen guns.
n, but it may prevent black gangs from shooting each other with guns that were stolen r bought legally else where, but then you know this or else you're a stupid, in which case, don't post on /n/, as we only prefer intelligent C.H.U.D.S. here
It's a rights violations for sure.
>but it may prevent black gangs
it won't. making someone get 3 background checks isn't going to stop the intentional straw buying blacks, it is just going to be a waste of time and pain in the ass for everyone else. how the fuck is having 3 background checks more secure than having 2 background checks or 1?
In Illinois currently you must have an FOID to purchase a gun. and FOID requires a federal background check. Then to buy a gun you must do all transfers, private or from a gun store, at an FFL. FFLs are required by federal law to do federal background checks. so right now Illinois has double universal background checks and is still a violent shithole and for some reason you think triple universal background checks will solve what double universal background checks cannot
It's a null point because no one buys guns in Illinois anyway. Instead they drive to a red state like Indiana or Nebraska.
once again retard
you can only buy rifles and shotguns in states you don't live in through a FFL and in compliance with the laws of both states. meaning to buy a rifle or shotgun in indiana or nebraska an illinois resident would need an FOID and would need to get a federal background check at a gun store to buy a rifle or shotgun that complied with illinois awb and mag ban laws. meaning an illinois resident buying a gun in nebraska or indiana is literally the same process as buying on in illinois and has the double universal background check
also no one does crimes with rifles and shotguns.
It is federally illegal for someone to purchase and take possession of a handgun in a state they do not reside in. All interstate handgun sales must have the handgun shipped to an FFL in the purchaser's home state and have the purchaser pick it up in their home state after a federal background check. an illinois resident cannot legally buy a handgun in indiana or nebraska without the gun being shipped to an illinos gun store and then the illinois buyer doing 3 background checks for a permit to purchase a handgun, a FOID and a NICS check.
but hey, you dems say background check laws should be ignored and aren't real. the biden/garland DoJ said in federal court that background checks are not to stop criminals from getting guns and dems say hunter shouldn't be charged with lying about smoking crack on his background check.
I'm not a dem or the poster you replied to earlier but you seem to be extremely naive about the ways people commit crimes.
if someone is buying a handgun from a red state to do a crime in illinois they are already breaking a federal law and making people have to do a third background check (4th, because il has pistol purchase permits) isn't going to do shit.
also statistically the most common way criminals get guns is via theft or from straw purchases done by black relatives/friends. but dems won't want to go after the blacks who do the straw purchases, they want to go after whites. Its why all those vids of the feds showing up at people's houses because they bought 2 handguns at a time are of white people. blacks will have a kid in their gang "stay clean" until his 21st birthday and then buy like a dozen handguns and the feds don't do shit about it because dems are fine with other dems breaking federal gun laws, see hunter
>The current gun laws are not working so let’s make some more gun laws we’re not going to enforce.

Low IQ racist DemoKKKrat thinking.
>implying the chinks and spics wont just flood chicago with guns anyway
who is gonna stop them?
Dramabrats only care about taking away guns from law-abiding citizens.
I'm coming for your guns
t. dhimicrat
not if i get your gun first
t. dummycrat
It's already illegal. Does making it double or triple illegal have an effect on crime rates?
Another thread for Gun Schizo to spaz out and scream at himself and the imaginary scenarios in his head
>any bills dems propose are imaginary
It depends on the population of each state. In civilized Illinois the answer is yes.
In backwards red states like Indiana the answer is no.
>civilized illinois
then why have all the gun law in illinois not lead to a decrease in crime? why is chicago still a shithole? why isn't all of indiana as shitty as chicago?
>civilized Illinois
Hurr durr so sassy. So the "civilized" state needs to be told multiple times something is illegal?
Move to Indiana and quit whining like bitches
>All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
illinois dems are literally human rights violators
Move to California and quit whining like bitches about gun rights and baby murder laws
I'm not the one constantly whining about the laws in a state I don't like. I don't need to move, you do.
gun ownership rights are never going to be human rights
they literally always have been, continue to cope
you literally bitch about indiana for having "lax gun laws" and you bitch about states that ban murdering babies
no one is bitching about indiana's lax gun laws. go back there.
literally >>1284247
and chicago dems constantly bitch about indiana
Yeah. /news/ is for Demonrat threads about made up shit that Republicans never did.
such as?
the 80 million drump threads
hmm, i don't see a single one on the front page. are you lying anon
Why does he make the news so much? I wonder.
>It's a null point because no one buys guns in Illinois anyway. Instead they drive to a red state like Indiana or Nebraska.

Odd then, that the city of Chicago has more murders then the _entire state_ of Indiana, despite Indiana's supposedly "lax" gun laws?

Do you have an explanation for this strange discrepancy, because the Dems have told us that guns = crime and thus Indiana's murder rate ought to be sky high?

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