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File: 1521418774987.png (1.26 MB, 1236x1200)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
For me:

>Tent: MSR Hubba Hubba 2
>Bag: Gregory Baltoro 65
>Sleeping bag: Marmot Sawtooth 15
>Sleeping pad: Zlite
File: 1578765997887.png (267 KB, 788x449)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
Get on my level UL faggots
File: B4.png (1.47 MB, 1236x1200)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
itt larpers with stock photos
As supposed to what? Anime? Contribute or gtfo.
File: 1712944423471211.jpg (174 KB, 1238x1194)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
File: 1712954294856561.png (921 KB, 1238x1194)
921 KB
921 KB PNG
>Osprey Exos 48 140€
>lanshan 1 pro 105€
>Pyrenex ladakh 900 130€
>Decathlon Isolant 900 115€
File: IMG_7742.jpg (68 KB, 1236x1200)
68 KB
File: IMG_7743.jpg (232 KB, 1236x1200)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
You don’t even need these 4 to get 90% out of nature. You could get by with just a tarp and a way to hold water.
Pretty much same basic template. 50L pack, single-person tent, mummy bag and inflatable pad. Details don't matter so much.
M8 why do you need a giant fucking larp pack if you're only bringing not much at all?
>As supposed to what?
The actual photo of stuffs you used when going /out/ nigger. You did go out, right?
NTA but
>specify you don't need items
Do you think before you post? I mean, at all?
In fairness, the full MSS is almost comically large
Seek Outside Flight 2
Western Mountaineering Alpinlite
Thermarest xtherm nxt
Gossamer Gear One
File: 20240413_100853.jpg (197 KB, 1236x1200)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Big 4 is under ~7lbs total including guy lines and stakes
File: 32553352235253.png (463 KB, 1236x1200)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
I look down on 'People' who use blow up sleeping pads which you have to pump up and expel the air from everytime you want to change camping spot, and lugging around enormous sleeping bags - unless it is going to be below freezing that isn't neceessary.
what quilt is that
Featherstone Moondance 25
File: 20240413_153012.jpg (3.02 MB, 4032x3024)
3.02 MB
3.02 MB JPG
City niggers, I just went outside. I looked at my barn, I looked at the ocean to the north and then I looked at the mountains to the south. That's enough /out/ for me
Food, water and optional layers
There won't be a response to this.
That's me in the photo, being /out/. Everything else is stock photos of what I use, faggot. I dont have time to take photos of all my shit.
>I look down on people who overpack because they only have one gear set that's meant to work for them in all situations
Fuck off with this shit. I'm not buying a separate tent/pack/pad/sleeping bag just because it's too big for the occasion. Even if I didn't live in a place where it can get below freezing in July, I'd still pack like I do. I'm not buying each and every piece of gear my favorite reddit board is telling me is best for my specific trip
I'm buying the biggest pack I think I'll be using, the warmest sleeping bag I think I'll be using, the warmest sleeping pad I think I'll be using, and a tent that I got from a friend

If my price for consooming fewer products is that I have a heavier pack in the summer than I need, I'll gladly deal with it
Are you trying to be smug about being a peasant?
File: 1712993257877006.jpg (242 KB, 1236x1200)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
>GoLite ShangriLa 5
>Granite Gear Crown2
>MEC Gosling
>Thermarest XTherm
File: Untitled41_20240414230714.png (1.17 MB, 1236x1200)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
File: 1666287011486219.gif (1.08 MB, 650x512)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB GIF
not a larper i swear. this is all i need for short trips under a week. good clothing necessary depending on the weather.
File: 1554567563335.png (192 KB, 405x386)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
Very yuru camp desu
>wear a ghorka
>get drunk and pass out in ditch somewhere

that pretty much solves most of the practical problems
>Pack: Grandpa's old ALICE pack
>Tent: A $20 backpacking tarp from Amazon and some paracord
>Sleeping bag: Teton Sport mummy bag. Forget which model and I'm too lazy to check desu
>Sleeping pad: Another $20 backpacking tarp from Amazon and enough cheap whiskey to not feel the rocks I'm sleeping on

Get on my level bitches
File: Cot.png (645 KB, 1676x988)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
Bought a cot. Forgive me tentbros.
What am I in for?
>inb4 car camping
File: King Camp.jpg (42 KB, 530x324)
42 KB
Cot beds are cool if you want comfort. I've used the KingCamp Ultralight cot bed a few times (picrel) to keep me off the ground. It packs away to the size of a large brick and is very light. Perfect for using it in a tent, under a tarp or under the stars.
This is basically my setup minus the sleeping pad and add a rain cover on the bivy..
Based ALICE chad
Pack - REI Flash 45 from 2018 (This pack is unremarkable to me so I have little to say about it, does the job, hasn't ripped)
Tent - Big Agnes Copper Spur 2 person (weighs little, freestanding, holds up to wind very well, great ventilation without the rain fly)
Pad - Zlite egg carton (I've tried air pads, I'd rather have something flat that I don't have to fuck with blowing and rolling up)
Bag - Kelty mummy bag (I don't usually bring it, I sleep hot and live in a hot area, I'm more concerned with sweating than staying warm)
File: t.bezd.jpg (108 KB, 1236x1200)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
simple as
How do you filter water over multi day expeditions?
I have a basic sawyer squeeze off-brand filter, would that be decent enough for lake and stream water?
>110 buck knife
>a lighter
>an axe
i dont use a tent
havent used one in years
>Tent: Blue construction tarp w/ paracord tie offs
>Bag: Mardingtop (fake Rush) assault pack
>Sleeping bag: Either a wool blanket or a 2-season mummy bag off Amazon
>Sleeping pad: Hammock
I'm poor and it's pretty warm here.
File: IMG_20220317_183749.jpg (826 KB, 2500x1875)
826 KB
826 KB JPG
I use a katadyn befree in combination with a cnoc 3L bag
>kinda based
Boil water in pot for one minute

there's definitely a theme to my shit
>backpacking tent
litefighter 1
>car camping tent with dog, gf, normie friends, etc
spicer peak 6
carinthia defense 1, supplemented with a heavy blanket if car camping
neoair xtherm
can someone ID this backpack? i wanna larp as snufkin too.
File: y uger.png (1.25 MB, 1236x1200)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
>Pack: Veshmeshok+Belt mounted haversack
>Shelter: OR Helium Bivy+Plash Palatka/Tarp
>Warmth: Hammock Gear 30F quilt+Swagman
>Pad: EVA Foam+a Klymit insulated

This is for 3 or more days in colder weather. In summer I drop the quilt and only use the swagman. The thin pad makes a nice place to sit and adds cushioning to the back of my potato sack backpack
Noice, thinking about getting a winter kit for mine this year
im going to pee on you through that
One minute boil won't kill cysts, takeworm eggs or virii. Four minutes minimum boil and ten is better.
File: out big 4.jpg (255 KB, 1236x1200)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>using a pussy pad
NGMI city slicker
How do you sleep under a tent? Sounds scary as fuck. Not sure if I'm going to wake up with hypothermia or get eaten by a bear.
Under a *tarp fuck
Bong here, no bears, the worst I've woken up to is a deer curled up under the tarp and my hammock.

Not an issue if you have a decent insululating sleeping cover like a sleeping bag. You also absolutely need to be lifted above the ground to avoid losing heat.
It also depends on your altitude. At higher altitudes water boils at a lower temperature so needs to boil for longer.
File: bitmap.jpg (114 KB, 1236x1200)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
how you outists can afford so fancy stuff if you are 24/7 innawoods so have no time for work?
This. People get this wrong all the time. They think water boils faster at higher altitudes but forget that the water temperature is lower.

Water at sea level boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. At 5,000 feet above sea level, the boiling point is 203 degrees F. Up at 10,000 feet, water boils at 194 degrees F.

The higher you are, the longer you need to boil your water to purify it.
File: Isobutane.jpg (45 KB, 540x512)
45 KB
Yeah because of this if you're gonna camp higher than 5000 ft above sea level you'll need more fuel for cooking and water treatment. Isobutane works well.

>Pack: Tupilak 50-75
>Tent: Redline 2-Person Tent Red Dahlia
>Sleeping bag: Phantim GORE-TEX 0F/-18C
>Sleeping pad: Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm
We stole some stretchers to use as cots last mil exercise I was on, was pretty damn comfy compared to the foam pad I'm used to.
No small stumps and rocks digging into my back.
Looks like Joel's bag from TLOU or a herschel
But r/ as well.
Tried sleeping out in Zion over SB with one of those reflective space blanket things on top of my sleeping bag - did not work. Too cold. One of my most unpleasant camping experiences in recent memory.
>on top of my sleeping bag
I wrapped it around like a foil burrito. Over around and under. How is that retarded? Was there a better move?
I guess the issue is that you're trying to reflect heat back through your insulation, but a mylar blanket will ultimately be a bad fit for a sleeping bag due to moisture concerns regardless.
>cheap amazon 3x3m tarp
>generic military style rucksack
>an old bag from the loft that belonged to my dad
>s2s etherlite xt insulated - had to invest here as I never got a good night's sleep on my dad's old thermarest
usgi goretex bivvy with a 2lb down bag, nature for groundpad/cover
some 40L pack
Mora knife and a tomahawk
Sawyer mini filter
Freezedried potatoes + seasoning mix + rat traps for catching squirrels + fishing line/hooks for canepole fishing + gather plants/shrooms
Ozark trail cookset, just the frypan and bowl/lid
Coffee in tea bags + tea in tea bags
Zippo with torchy insert + ferro rod + homemade firestarters
File: 13254296799.png (869 KB, 1238x1194)
869 KB
869 KB PNG
>What's your big 4 setup look like /out/?
>bivy larper
>doesn’t know what the big four are
>couldn’t even decipher it rom pictures and dozens of other posts
not larping
know what it is, chose to ignore it
some people said tarp which is way more high skill/hardcore than a bivvy
you'd know if you'd tried them both
File: out big 4.png (867 KB, 1153x1157)
867 KB
867 KB PNG
i love larping
Based greatcoat chad
>mfw I have that "sleeping pad" but to sit on while fishing
>don't even unfold it, sit on all layers for warmth
>still starts hurting after a while
Can't imagine actually sleeping on a single layer of that kraut plastic
I like mine, yeah it's not the softest but it does a good job at keeping the cold out, then again I can sleep on a concrete floor
just because you can doesn't mean you have to
use whatever works best for you, this works for me
I'm more afraid of bugs biting me and giving me a previously undiscovered forest AIDS. Especially since one of the most commonly recommended way to "lift yourself off the ground" is by piling bushes under you (which i imagine is chock full of bugs)
File: 135346347.png (1.14 MB, 1194x1250)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Bike is from image search but you get the idea
>You also absolutely need to be lifted above the ground to avoid losing heat.
None of these shelters will keep anyone dry because they’re made from waterproof materials.
Is the gootium backpack any good?
the coldest it gets in my area is about 5c degrees. can i get away with a raincoat/tarp tent and a reasonably warm waterproof sleeping bag and cowboy camp with it unless its going to rain and in that case use the tarp coat?
how is that sleeping bag? it's so cheap that I'm tempted to buy it just to use this summer
Great for anything above 10c at night, extra clothes for anything below
Not exact, but a milsurp Swiss army rucksack looks very similar to me
Love my GoLite Jam. Shame they shut down. I scored a secondhand one in decent shape for when I finally have to replace mine. 10 years of heavy use and still going strong. Just a small rip where the shoulder strap attaches from carrying more weight than what it's specified for then picking it up by the strap (12L water haul on a desert trip)
File: IMG_4634.jpg (489 KB, 2656x2579)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
Pack and tent are my actual pack and tent in the wild. The pack is some cheap 70L pack I got off Amazon and has done really well for 4 years, the tent is a North Face stormbreaker 1.
I strongly prefer cots. I put a wool blanket underneath me for some extra padding/warmth when I need it.
The shelter and pack is highly dependent on what im doing and how far im going and how many people are with me...so ill list the ones i cycle between depending on the trip

>Mystery Ranch Sawtooth, Beartooth, or Marshall
>Seek Outside Cimarron, Seek Outside Silex, MSR Hubba Hubba 2

>Marmot Never Summer 0 degree bag

>Thermarest Trail Pro
poprad is nice for getting /out/
Ahoj, fello Slovak
File: IMG_3320.jpg (767 KB, 1161x1378)
767 KB
767 KB JPG
we have huts in NZ. Alpine bivy bag for emergency, plus a snow saw and shovel in winter.
Macpac Pursuit
>Sleeping bag:
MacPac, can’t remember. Equinox(?) when it’s not cold, 2nd warmest alpine bag for winter. Epic maybe?
>Sleeping pad:
cheap af foam roll for summer plus a ¾ Zrest in winter. After a few failed inflatables I’m done with them.
Favourite kit:
Beyond old Prophet I can’t bring myself to replace. Bring back goretex Viper and offset sips at the chin! (Mines a bluey grey with internal hip cord, delaminating and generally fucked, but otherwise identical)
Gootium canvas rucksack.
Actually since I'm here, does anyone know anything that's basically this exact style and still available?
Nothing I can find in the last hour has a waist drawcord, except a couple around the NZ$1500 mark, which is fucking insane for a jacket.
Prefer no lower pockets.
Are those down suits any good or meme tier
Those arent down suits, those are human-shaped sleeping bags, theyre a meme, a friend bought one and was cold at 10C even though it looked pretty warm
>Those arent down suits, those are human-shaped sleeping bags,
Don't split hairs, they're basically the same thing.
I'm sure you'll be much more comfy in a regular sleeping bag. Imagine the fuckery involved in taking a piss if it's raining. Not speaking from experience but I've spent more than a couple of nights in just my alpine gear. Not particularly cold or anything, it's just not a comfy way to sleep.
Tent: xmid 1p
Bag: 40L lite AF
Quilt: ugh bandit 950fp down
Pad: Nemo tensor insulated
>ugh bandit 950fp
now I'm not knocking this, I bet it's comfy af, but... that's just a sleeping bag minus the zip. Innit.
What are your thoughts on something like this?
Good or gimmick?
Yea quilt would be shit without a insulated pad, I wouldn't use it then. But the quilt is much more like blankets at home in bed and offer more flexibility because you can partially cover yourself if it's warmer.

500 fill power is ass for that price. You could probably get something made in the us with 750-800 for that price. The thing I don't like about sleeping bags is constriction. I side sleep so quilt all day. I have sleeping bags too, just prefer the quilt.

I don't remember the exact formula but it should be online somewhere. The know area of a quilt (length * width) can be used to estimate the fill power by measuring the thickness when fully lofted and vice versa. So use that to determine if you're actually getting what you're paying for
They're nice.
I had helinox cot loaner from a friend and it was comfy, very light too, no need to worry about sharp rocks or anything else for that matter to poke you in the back or puncture your mat.
Checked and same, tent is the only way I can sleep without worrying some little mega-aids cunt biting me.
Also last time I used a hammock there was a frog in my boot.
>Increase surface area so you have more area to lose heat
>Heavier for the same insulation because the surface area that needs to be insulated is greater
>Going to have more cold spots because it's a more complicated shape
>Less volume inside the bag means you don't start warming up stale air
A meme unless you want to do warm-up exercises repeatedly to maintain warmth.
Tent: Quarterdome 1
Pack: Mariposa 60
Water: FirstNeed
Quilt: EE Revelation 10F plus overfilled
Pads: Nemo Switchback and Tensor
Shoes: Hoka SG5
Poles: Leki carbon
Stove: MSR Pocket Rocket

Comfy as hell three seasons.
Hey bru. Do many folk wear Swanndri bushshirts there still or is it kind of a larp now?
I've never been camping before and I am also poor. I will be doing a small 2 mile hike and will set up a day camp before packing up and going home. I'm going to make some jerky to take with me so I don't have to cook out there. I can't camp overnight in those woods because there is a bear family, who are not scared of people, and they know me. Don't need them taking revenge on me for scaring them off all the time (I have a retarded neighbor who has been feeding them, after a year I finally got that bastard to stop). I figure I have to start somewhere, and this is what I can do right now.
>Pack: child's old school backpack
>Tent: a bedsheet, some twine and poles I will find in the woods (there is a lot of suitable wood there)
>Sleeping bag and pad: gymnastics mat, blanket, small pillow

Also do you guys have recommendations for cheap starter gear? I would like items that will make it at least one year of use, using them once per month. There are other places that I can hike to and camp overnight nearby where the bears won't try to fuck me over.
File: 1711799487567544.gif (2.95 MB, 498x426)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB GIF
using emojis, as a man?
better get your buddies dick out your ass and come and fight me you shlomo
I love living in the /out/, its always there, sometimes you don’t need it though, but its still always right there

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