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File: home.png (1.06 MB, 995x745)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
Hey I know the overlap between people who like paper modeling stuff and people who like home designs is small, but does anyone else do something similar to this? Design a little home layout in MS paint, print it out, cut it out, and tape/glue it together? It's nice to be able to better visualize home designs than just in my head and it helps me avoid using software. I've made a few of these and just finished this one about ten minutes ago. Seeing everything else here I know it may be a bit sub-par quality, but I'm still happy with how it turned out :)
This is pretty amazing op. I used to do this for a architecture drafting class back in uni but not to this extent. I just used thick illustration board for the walls since I was lazy lol.
no but fuck thats cool
You guys are sweet :) Thanks! You should definitely try it out sometime, it's actually surprisingly easy! And I should definitely try putting tabs on next time, I feel like that would make it so much easier than fiddling with a thin strip of tape and a pair of tweezers.
you might enjoy this
Thats cool i never thought origami was that advanced.
Thats so cool i never knew origami could be so advanced.
Commenting is weird on here my bad for the double reply
Do you happen to have the rest of the set, anon? Like the car and the room?
A few twitter artists I follow that do paper architecture:

I'm envious of people who can just visualize and make things from scratch, I can think like that, I need a drawing program.

If you have money, Sankei has model kits that are a real experience to build. The engineering that goes into their kits is top notch

I actually draw houseplans as my job, I'm currently prototyping a model for a house that's currently under construction. I'm trying to emulate the style Sankei uses to design their models.
Hmm wonder if i can make terrain for war gaming. Or miniatures. I remember seeing a video of peter cushing messing with a compressed paper model of soldiers

Found these
Could not find higher rez than this sadly
Studying architecture and on the verge of quitting. This thread just relit my passion tskr
Also rule of thumb if anyone is modelling walls or stairs:
Walls are 30-40cm thick
Interior walls are 5-10cm thinner (unless partitions)
Doors are 70-80cm wide
Stairs are 25-30cm tall, and 30cm wide in steps
Wheelchair accessible ramps have a height:length ratio of 1:10 (legally)

May be slightly different in other countries. But I hope this gives a nice starting point for people who want dimensions for modelling buildings.
I tried this once but gave up due to skill issue. I can't figure out how to make a toilet look good enough.
I just use a box for the tank, then make the front out of a single strip that's shaped essentially like a rectangle with a semicircle on the end. It's basic but it gets the point across. Hopefully that makes sense!

I'll be honest, I forgot I made this thread. This board really is slow, but it's nice :) and these replies are really nice to read, making me smile and such. I kinda wanna try doing it again. Now that I'm no longer on Linux I can use MS paint again which is amazing for this, since you can make pixel-perfect straight lines and such without using a dedicated pixel art software that has a very limited canvas size. We'll see, I've had a few more ideas since then.
If this becomes a general this should be in a pastebin or OP
Not OP but I am new to all this. How the absolute FUCK do you achieve this level of precision? I bind books and I'm pretty decent at it, I also paint and do other crafty shit, but papercraft is kicking my ass.
I have made plans and printed them out, scored them with an awl as precisely as I could, folding against a ruler, all that jazz, but when I put that shit together it looks awful. I also have no idea how to glue the little flaps in a way that actually sticks. I was thinking of placing some sewing thread under the fold and pulling it tight so it would press against the back surface that I was gluing, and then pull the string out, but it seems overly convoluted. I always have to make a few fixes here and there where the glue didn't stick properly (despite spreading it nicely, I know how to glue stuff) and that always warps the geometry just enough to make it look like ass. Is there a guide? The FAQ in the OP is 404
I fold carefully and align the sides as I fold, helps keep it at a right angle. Also I don't ever use the flaps, I just kinda use small bits of tape or a barely there tap of loctite. Whenever I press stuff together it's hard to make it adhere, I usually use tweezers or a very thin knife and press it from the inside, then press the other side with my finger is that makes sense. It's hard to explain the way I do it desu but I get what you mean about the struggle to get two layers to adhere when you can't really reach the other side easily.
File: table.png (763 KB, 800x714)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
>align the sides as I fold
that's a good tip, ty
>I don't ever use the flaps, I just kinda use small bits of tape or a barely there tap of loctite
that's interesting, I'll try that. I think flaps are causing the warping on my projects.
>I usually use tweezers or a very thin knife and press it from the inside
yeah I've been using a skewer or toothpick to push the glued parts together. That seems to work pretty well.
This is my second attempt at papercraft (first was a shitty laptop, the second one is slightly better but the paper is too thick)
The table has a slight warping to it so it's a bit wobbly, but the chair is better
Looks very good, and a lot tighter of angles than mine. I also get a bit of warping but I don't really mind because for the most part it's fine.

Also is woodworking papercraft? Since paper is just wood pulp, can carving be papercraft?
I tried using a bone folder but at this scale it's just too thick, so I tried using my awl. But it was too sharp, so eventually I clipped and sanded the tip off a larger sewing pin and that seems to work the best.
But despite trying my best to be accurate I still get this wobble. The paper is some 160-180gsm cardstock and good in quality, so I can't blame that.
I think it may just be part in how the paper works. Dunno. I wouldn't sweat it, it's not good to expect perfection. I use it more just to have the models, it's not like it being a little wobbly makes it not Representative of the final item y'know?
Yeah I know, but I wanna git gud. I wanna make dioramas for action figures.
File: home1.png (17 KB, 2564x1340)
17 KB
This is nice, but I will use Blender and Pepakura instead of MSPaint. :3
Ooo very nice looking! Good work! Maybe I'll try something similar for making tabs :)
File: blender.png (795 KB, 1920x2041)
795 KB
795 KB PNG
I built a prototype today. It's pretty simple when you get the Blender settings working for Pixelart. I will make a model of my living room and will share the models.
Excellentttt, love it :) I'm gonna work on a new model too, gonna try and make another home design thingy. I really wanna get back into this hobby desu
File: IMG_20231112_163756594.jpg (2.84 MB, 4096x3072)
2.84 MB
2.84 MB JPG
A little rushed and barren. Very plain and simple. Just a nice little cabin. Maybe I'll add some little cutouts of books or buckets and stuff, give it more depth and more visual interest. Either way tho I'm happy with it :) maybe I'll eventually start to use colored paper c:

I was thinking this of late.

Perhaps acquire some;

Poster boards (Varying thicknesses), quality scissors and blades, wooden sticks of various sizes, thin wooden rectangles for roofs, measuring tools like a ruler and protractor, etc.

Find pictures of houses in your desired wargaming range, and then use software to maybe size them to scale.

Trace the house pictures and cut them out, or just cut out pictures of the house, and use those to draw cutting lines on the poster boards.

Cut them out and glue them together.

Details and textures could take time and consist of a range of processes or techniques.

Wooden sticks could be good for making timber frames, if they are featured in the house photo.

More details could be described.
no but you should consider being a GM
Just made another one, just over 2 inches long. Dunno how I feel about this one. I made a ton of mistakes.

I forgot to make the doorway for the bathroom, forgot the kitchen set backer to have a hole for the window, forgot the cabinet doors, glued the kitchen set a little low, and some of the assembly just felt kinda sloppy and bad

But hey it's done and pretty small scale. Meant to be a little model of a home that could fit in a 8'x20' shipping container c:
You should make a video on it.
even more off-board topic, does anyone know where i can get files for rooms like these that can be 3d printed?
cute :)

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