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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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Guys, I am looking to find the name of the papercraft which looks like the pic:
You have a thick paper (thickness similar to a business card) wherein each parts of the overall structure are printed. All you have to do is to cut the parts out, fold them as per instructions, assemble them. This is a dumbed down version of origami but is there a name for it.
Papercraft dipshit
No-glue papercraft? I'm not aware of any special name for this.
No, it will require glue, I forgot to mention.
And I just found out about Pepakura and it is close to what I wanted. I guess I will buy that and print designs myself.
But if somebody sells any interesting designs of these things, that would save some time.
Like what kind of specific designs
Anything interesting really. Let's say, a tank, a historical building, a bridge etc.
Dude! This whole board is full of papercraft templates. Scroll through and find something you like. print it. cut it. glue it. build it. It's a fun hobby!
I'm in a Facebook group called Paper Card Modeling, they do a lot of old like planes, tanks and vehicles
i'll take a look, thanks
searching papercraft in Pinterest will get you lots of stuff

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