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File: Oppenheimer_preview.jpg (268 KB, 750x584)
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268 KB JPG
I've made several custom paperized papertoys, based on upcoming Oppenheimer film.
First one up is J.Robert Oppenheimer as played by Cillian Murphy.

Download PDF here: https://www.blog.private-universe.net/2023/07/13/papercraft-paperized-oppenheimer-papertoy-trinity-site-version/
Second version: aftermath.

Download here: https://www.blog.private-universe.net/2023/07/19/papercraft-paperized-oppenheimer-papertoy-dark-suit-version/
Thank you.
Diorama for Oppenheimer papertoy (reversible).

Download PDF + get instructions here:
You can't make Oppenheimer and ignore Barbie...

So here is classic Swimsuit Barbie, as seen in teaser of Barbie(2023) film.

Download PDF: https://www.blog.private-universe.net/2023/08/12/papercraft-paperized-barbie-papertoy-swimsuit-version/
Finally got around to create a dedicated page for my Star Wars papertoys.

I've started this series in 2021 and managed to do quite a lot.
Sequels are done, original trilogy and various figures from other parts of canon in progress.


very nice work OP. you do a great job of capturing the characters. bravo.
I've started series of Good Omens papertoys with versions of main characters from TV-show (they are a birthday gift for a friend).
I plan to make book versions too later.

Download here: https://www.blog.private-universe.net/series/good-omens-papertoys/
Papertoys of characters from Good Omens book, inspired by book covers and fanart.
Crowley: https://www.blog.private-universe.net/2023/11/13/papercraft-paperized-good-omens-crowley-papertoy-book-version/
Aziraphale: https://www.blog.private-universe.net/2023/11/16/papercraft-paperized-good-omens-aziraphale-papertoy-book-version/
File: ofmd-stede-ed_preview1.jpg (299 KB, 750x569)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Latest addition to my collection of Paperized customs - "Our Flag Means Death" main characters.
This was a commission from a fan of the show, who wanted to give smth back to the fandom in thanks for keeping them sane through 2022-2023.

Download free PDFs: https://www.blog.private-universe.net/series/our-flag-means-death-papertoys/
Recently I reworked my Tenet papertoys
Download free PDF here: https://www.blog.private-universe.net/series/tenet-papertoys/
lol at the paper cranes.

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