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As you read in the title, this is a topic for exchanges where you post a proposal followed by your email (I recommend creating an account just for that, but you probably already know that). I want to start with the following proposition: Joseph Hwang's Dungeness Crab Diagram (which is the only model I'm interested in from the book) by Kaito Nagayama's Swan Diagram (the one in the picture). The email used is: anonimousduck@gmail.com .Please put the subject: "Kaito's swan", so I'll know you're interested. Thanks.
This has been tried numerous times and doesn't work. No one wants to trade rare and hard to find stuff.
Oh, but with this diagram (the swan)? I guess I'm a little out of date, but this worked with Crab CP, so I had my hopes up. But thank you for preventing me from getting my hopes up on this.
Guys, sorry, the right email is this: duckanonymous7@gmail.com . Again, sorry for the inconvenience caused.
The crab is available in the other thread one the first page. Along with a couple other ones from the book.
Yes, thanks. Does anyone know how to delete the thread?

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