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Post paper scale models. I'm currently working on one of picrel, currently cutting out structural supports
File: Sd Kfz 251 D.pdf (2.31 MB, PDF)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB PDF
Sd. Kfz. 251 to get thread started. Anyone here build scale models?
ive always been more into anime stuff for it, im in a few facebook groups and they all seem to focus on scale models

Would you say these are pretty difficult?
File: 04.jpg (2.27 MB, 5492x3839)
2.27 MB
2.27 MB JPG
Depends. There are some easy models like Ojimak's and some that are insanely difficult. I know the most about planes, but feel free to post other scale models as well.
Picrel is part of the instructions for Fly Model's Avro Vulcan. They're one of the more complex modellers.
Do you build any scale models of anime stuff, anon? Gundams and such?
Its Effin hard..and quite boring..only for hardcores..
anime models are easy..
Hard? Yes, but I'm not very good. Boring? Definitely not. It depends on how much detail you want, the GPM An-26 has individual seatbelts for the passengers. Other, smaller-scale models usually only have the shape of the plane, maybe the cockpit and some armament. Ojimak is pretty ez
Thats bcz youre skilled and its your genre..and ill just give up making the same stairs, seats, pipes, wheels, rigging and whatever else repetitive damm thing for what it feels like gazzilion times..i tried building ship before..even the one i manage to finish are ugly as sh1t..
Why don't you post your works here so op and everyone else can see what theyll be dealing with..
I am OP. My works are currently all in progress. I'm buiIding an S-3 Viking
Honestly not very experienced, started this thread to talk to a few others in the hobby to see if I could pick up any tips. I get the repetition, I hate it too. But I like the finished product enough to keep going. What do you build, anon?
>censors shit on 4chan of all places
I built them papermodel ijn ships..if you can call it scale model..
Its relatively easy..but still hard and bored the crap out of me and it still looks like shit when i finish it..wouldnt touch even ojimaks with a Ten pole stick..lol
A lot of FB groups, usually them eastern Europe ones concentrated on scale models..the REALLY hard ones and their skills are Effin insane..i don't even dare post my works there..lol
Yeah, Eastern Europe is maximum difficulty. All the brightest minds in scale modelling are there. I aspire to be that level of dedicated.
Hey, even if you think it's not hot, I'd love to see your ship, anon.
This is my ijn mikasa from papermodel.jp
This is ijn akitsushima..
Im really not good at this..
looks quite nice, anon. what's with the image in the top left. how big are these models?
its pic of akitsushima from kantai collection..
about 30 cm.. that tile is 20x20
Anyone got a CV33 template? Any variant works.

Just added a bunch of stuff to their site
like the light tank?

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