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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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Hi, I'm looking for this papercraft:
I know it sends me to Amazon, but it's no longer available, so I'm hoping someone might have a digital copy or know who has it, I hope you can help me, thanks.
here other photos
Share the ones you have posted as your trade files on RetardVN and maybe we can help you...
It's under review, I also posted there, but they deleted it, I'm waiting for a response from the admin, or instructions on how to post.
You can't post full urls on here, since they are considered spam.

By sharing I meant to post files on here, in PDF form, which you can directly post, or PDO files in downloadable links, which you just put a space before any .com url so it doesn't directly post it as a clickable link - then it's ok to post it
I've uploaded it again, without a link, I hope I've done it right this time. I hope someone has it.
Anybody out there? don't let this thread be forgotten pls
it's /po, stop being an ungrateful little shit. This is the most inactive thread on 4chan, so deal with it. If the fags on Paperzone didn't reply to your crap request, nobody on here has it anyway, so deal with it. Either buy the original one if you find a japanese version still online, or pay a commission to a designer that can re-make it the way you want, exactly like that. You'll never gonna get this one anyway, it's too old and people don't share shit anymore
Thanks for commenting, that keeps the thread active.
Why not?

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