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/po/ - Papercraft & Origami

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> I'm new to papercraft and I'm starting to use it as a relaxing hobby and as a cheap way to decorate my room
does anyone have any tips for starting out? I'm new to this and I feel I'm not very proficient and would like to get better
Get some nice exacto knives and a small ruler, can use a dulled safety pin for making scores, I use an old pair of pointy tweezers that are dulled so they dont slice the paper.

Otherwise just lurk around and look for people sharing models, if you're just starting out you wont have much to trade but theres plenty of free places to find shit, like Paperzone, lurk some of the threads too and see if anyone dropped shit you like.

what kinda shit are you trying to get into? or just papercraft in general
PaperizedCrafts has a lot of basic models of anime you could try to get a feel for how it works, the'yre rather simple and they have a lot of characters
just do it, its not like anyone keeping score..
i suggest try simple things first, just to get used to it..or straight to hard ones if you think you can..
and upload your finished works here or anyplace you want..maybe somebody can appreciate or give pointers to it..
You don't have to crease every fold line. It'll save you time and you'll get nicer results if you only fold tabs and sharp edges.
fold a fuckton of origamis before even trying to get awesome results, I'm literally just now getting good decorating pieces and I've been folding 5 years now, not like every day but every now and then, and I do have high standards since I'm autistic so you may be happy with sloppier decorations
Paperzone wants me to disable AdBlock
How bad are the ads?
They're not that bad
Oh yeah one more thing
Most of the links from the touhou thread is a dead end
What happened?
Not OP but how about the type of paper used?
I use 176g paper which is on the thicker side for most shit, but it's the easiest kind for me to get, a lot of people swear by like 120g paper tho
you could try making anime papercraft
I use 120 paper, and I also added a glossy spray lacquer, you should try that.
>open /pol/
>time to be racist
>see Rei in catalog
>happy day
>it's /po/

all in all it was a good day

good luck OP!
What's going n today?
A lot of free stuff here
I'm also new and would like to know how hard it is to make my own papercraft models and how hard it is to change their scale.
I want to make cute little anime girls to pose next to my dinosaurs.

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