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File: G0w3XNtwqTA.jpg (122 KB, 1440x900)
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Hey guys anon from /tg/ here.
I'm making a dungeon that will have a final room a play on escher stairs painting. I already did the modeling and templates for every detail but I wanted to make ask you guys since you have a bit more experience with it.
1st I wanted for it to be transparent since it will be a battlefield with minies and shit
2nd I wanted for it to be easily turned around in every way so it will be easier for players to navigate it
But I am worried about next problems
First one is a stability. I want to use thick paper for this but I am afraid even that wouldn't do the trick. I thought of maybe making a skeleton for a box or something but I'm not exactly sure how to do it right.
Second, I need to stick minis on vertical surfaces and upside down. I thought about double sided tape but I'm not sure it will grip on the stairs. I could do slopes but it would be lame.
If you have anything else in mind that can go wrong, do tell
using 110lb paper or like 176+gsm should hold up pretty well once its all connected, you can always glue additional strips onto places and where stuff meets for more strength,as for sticking your best bet is magnets, but im unsure how you'd attach those to the minis, it'd also have to be on the insides of your things once sealed, so a lot of magnetsl mao.
double sided tape isnt gonna hold your stuff very well desu
Magnets seems like both will add too much weight and waaay outside of my abilities.
Maybe I will do special tokens for this section instead of using minis. Should be easier to stick them up.
Paper strips are a good idea though. I just hope that templates will hold the thing together.
Ooo that looks fun to build lol
Tokens are a good idea, could always probably tape those then too
File: 20231217_201926.jpg (2.18 MB, 4032x2268)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
Sheets finally came to me from printing and I'm trying to assemble the thing.
How do you shape stairs properly?
I did half cuts already to make a clean fold but having so many of them so close makes things retarded
coz you are the retard for making it so hard. You got to glue the stairs first and then close with the larger bottom part. And as you go down the stairs, glue each of the stairs on the same level, left and right, at the same time. Easy as hell. It's only a slightly more complicated box design, that's not even a real papercraft. Just think how the thing is folded at the end and pre-bend them like that. Simple.
This is cool and I'd like to see the papercraft end product but you might get better results with wood or 3D printing. Another option would be to ask a local weldor to cut the pieces out of steel sheet and weld your prop together, which would let you use magnet-based miniatures more easily. >>>/diy/ should have some relevant threads.

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