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File: photovisi-download.jpg (284 KB, 1025x769)
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Link to Origami Library in Discord again:
We really need your contribution, please participate if you can
Haven't you fooled enough naive people and you need more people giving you free books?
Do you think they posted it so people could give them books? No, they join to exchange and find books, not just to donate
You're wrong.
Take a look and you will see that both LOSER and Spellbinding have not shared anything, and if you look closely, they are the creators of the group (if they are not the same person with two nicknames)
They only hope to receive "donations"
All of these in the screenshot are available at zhezhixueyuan without having to go to some crappy discord.
I am the character LOSER. And I'm here to correct that
First of all, this library was created in early 2024. And when people entered, there was already a large amount of books in there.
You should know that all the books in the VOG books section and the Creased section are shared by me
Shared or bought + shared? Big difference. Being able to find links and repost them doesn't make you a benefactor
I have only seen two people put something new and interesting in that group, and both have removed their links due to the selfishness of the group's creators.
I repeat that they seem like one person to me (LOSER and Spellbinding):
-Registration at the same time and day
-They share a drive where they "apparently" upload their contributions
-They have even put on the clown masks at the same time.

And now to make matters worse, they practice censorship. Yesterday there was a message from Camino criticizing the copying of the links that she had posted here and today that message is no longer there. Does it bother you that much that they criticize you?
I in particular have no problems, since I am interested in the files that Zarzalejos posted about the CDO, and he provided them to me by MP
>all the books in the VOG books section and the Creased section are shared by me
All stuff that's already available on the internet.
Anyone on tha whasup https://chat.whatsapp.com/I7KI066PQif7oPt5Yl1KZu
If you ignore the contribution issue, this is still a pretty good community
It sounds reasonable because they don't talk much :)))))))
Anyone gots the last 2 dragons from Chinese origami 2024. Thx
I have the whole book. I commented on a post about a possible exchange, but only one person responded. And in this "discord" there is a guy named "kindagami", who is the most nefarious, as long as he is there, I would never share anything
Ok, dont need all jus last 2. Ty for possible share

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