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Paying my sincerest gratitude to those dedicatied enough to create these amazing templates. Took an entire week, became my most badass room deco.
Any advice on how to expedite the process? Sitting like the hunchback of Notre Dame for 9 hours every day for 7 days is hella unhealthy.
Make your table higher?
Speed will come with time and experience, I've got to the point i dont use a ruler for cuts anymore and that tyranitar i could probably bust out in a day or three, stretch out regularly mostly
That's phenomenal, I spent a considerable amount of time just cutting out the pieces (17 pages total). I've tried cutting down my time by not scoring unimportant creases, but each piece still takes an average of 15 minutes from paper to model.
I've only been doing it a couple years too desu, you'll get more confident with the knife soon, something that saved me time is cutting out the broader piece, then scoring, then finishing the cut, makes the pieces easier to work with,
Is this JavPapercrafts Tyranitar?
That's correct, salt of the earth ngl
File: PXL_20240521_070218724.jpg (2.15 MB, 3072x4080)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB JPG
I've made the Gastly from them lol
I've been into foam lately maybe I should do some paper soon.
(lost his teeth template when I was constructing this guy, got a chance to reprint them)
(or more pessimistically, i exchanged mine for his)
Experience I guess.
I’m not sure I could do it now given how long it’s been since I built anything. But I built this Tyranitar at one point. It took me about 12 hours start to finish nonstop overnight. I did it to pass a lonely New Year’s Eve back in like 2008.
This looks fucking brutal. I'm not a regular on this board but this is AMAZING.
I fucking LOVE Tyranitar

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