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File: Far far galaxy.jpg (135 KB, 736x1313)
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The year is uncertain, perhaps the 24th century, but the future seems bright. A dozen spacefaring nations, seemingly hitting their technological stride at the same time, have walked forth into the dark cosmos and found it filled with other sentient life forms, strange new materials, and perhaps even a few ancient mysteries. Within a mere five cycles nations have become galactic empires, spread across as many as five stars. Machine life probes the nature of souls, ancient enemies are pursued, horrifying fuzzy enemies are plotted against. Unlikely alliances are struck as dark machines scream into the void. Only time can tell if which of these fledgling empires rise to greater might and which will crumble only to rusting ruins.


This is a Science Fiction themed Nation Roleplay where players take on the role of a fledgling spacefaring nation exploring the cosmos. We’re currently full on players! Turns are once a week with updates usually arriving on Sundays. The next update is expected to be March 31. Please try to get your turn in a couple days early so I have time to write. Each turn has two actions. Some actions take multiple turns to complete, typically research or cultural. You can check up on these things, along with your resources in:

THE SHEET: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pga7xuLjf7-hUDuQH73ie0MZndbkjoLnQsbJM4-Czmk/edit?usp=sharing
File: Whale.jpg (46 KB, 736x460)
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In the dark of space, something glimmers in the distance, catching the light of a nearby star. Then another, and another still. A lost scout of the Fanw stares, mouth agape, wondering if his dwindling oxygen supplies are causing hallucinations. He has seen the old images of whales of course, but surely none like this. And so many! A vast school of them drifting lazily in orbit around a brilliant yellow sun. He checks his solar sail one more time in despair, the damaged device could only take him into Drya territory.
File: Hate Vault.jpg (70 KB, 736x736)
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The Astralytica Apex, one of the supreme intelligences of the galaxy reviews the data from its scouts. A harsh network of spikes and harsh angles, woven through with tendrils of fungus bathed in extreme radiation from a red giant. Three probes had been lost to it already, the first two riddled with software viruses, the third to a plasma based weapon. What was it hiding?

Ayden, another of the supreme intelligences of the galaxy, instead turns her back on the monster, the suffering of her people is too great to confront this beast.
On a lonely lush planet filled with all manner of life beautiful and exotic there are five monoliths standing far apart. Each glows with a long line, red, yellow, blue, green, purple. The monoliths wait patiently for a new owner, their work here in this place done. Distantly the ICC and Ecruxians go about their business.
File: OnlyTheMightiest.jpg (88 KB, 736x736)
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Tellurian diviners and Luftwaffe radio operators unknowingly get the message at the same time.

“Only the Mightiest May Claim Me.” Neither can track the message’s origin with any certainty, and nothing further comes. On a distant star legions of machine soldiers march in mock battles with each other, waiting for the day they are called to true battle.
File: ringworld.jpg (58 KB, 564x950)
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Wolarian and Daitan observers see the massive superstructure at the same time, though light years apart. Something large enough to blot out the nearby star. It takes a bit more study to identify it for what it is, something straight out of science fiction, a ring world. A theoretical structure so large it circles a star, offering vast, nearly unlimited amounts of space. Who could have built such a thing? And are they still present?
File: MapTurn5NoReally.png (245 KB, 1358x855)
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245 KB PNG
Turn 6 Begins
> League of Aetha

A transmit-wave from a far and distant system enters into Aethan League space, and the Wolarians realise for the first time that their species is not alone in possessing technological sapience upon the galactic stage. Images of a strange, featherless bipedal species are rapidly resolved from the unusual encoding along with a descriptor of geographic location; this last fact sends the tacticians of the league into something of a panic as they determine that any species confident enough to openly broadcast their nature and location to the galaxy at large must possess incredible some technological superiority and hold a mighty and formidable star-navy indeed. Plans to immediately launch the Tsichla are delayed, the staff of the admiralty arguing that although their existence makes a Starfleet essential in the longer term, launching a Starfleet with only pre-Starflight defences and armament systems might only serve to draw the ire of these strangers if they are not provided the ability to protect from them.

>Action 1: PinionQuill Defense System Project
The Feather is one of the great miracles of nature that arose upon Aetha; structurally rigid enough to provide lift and protective insulation, yet flexible enough to turn and respond to movement without greatly hindering the body; to adjust to support and even to streamline the movements made. Such flexibility, the Wolarians believe; could be replicated in metal outside the hulls of our starfaring vessels to improve upon the basics of armour available - to provide protection and baffle our starships against oncoming strikes and shockwaves; for it is better to break multiple quills or loose them in bold diversion then to have a body torn apart.

>Action 2: Lampyrisma
The colony of Ellinikon is sited on a barren world with no native life forms; but one of the joys for the thoughtful Wolarians who make their home there is to look up at the sky when their neighbouring world is close, to see the bands of colour shimmer, shift and glow. Given the name Lampyrisma, there is little surprise when the population of Ellinikon decide to set up an outpost upon their neighbour to examine this stone more carefully, to bring this shimmering rock home for further study.
> Ayden and the Nivih

Action 1: Fertiliser - ayden connects the roots of the trees to the veins of the ores. May plants get all the minerals they need to grow faster, lusher and produce more fruit.

Action 2: Infiltrate the birdman governament
We have offered miracles to the lower class, but revolution is unnecessary when a coup is needed. Offer strength, intelligence, charisma and wealth to those of the ruling class of this world and once they say they are in charge now so much of the population will stand behind them that power shall shift easily.

Efforts to narrow down this messages origin are baffled, and some dismiss it entirely as a hoax. Regardless it has some spooked. Efforts continue to master Grailstone, setting up extractions for it on Nataruk and beginning efforts to weaponise this most treasured stone.

While concerns rise, the final touches to our full and total domination of the Lizardmen should be made. We have added many new mages to our ranks from our absorption of their primitive culture, learning much and taking more. This world is ours now, its people reshaped by our touch.

Action 1: Extract Grailstone

From the sands of Nataruk and its Grailstone caverns, this valuable and volatile substance grants a mage unparalleled command over forces. Great bolts of lightning, gouts of dragonfire, storms and arcane blasts to shake the heavens.

Action 2: Grailstone tower weapons

Taking the form of colossal Grailstone “crowns”, these weapon systems are integrated directly into the tower, extending throughout, inside and outside, with a platform at the “eye” of the tower for a mage to stand. These Grailstone crowns are essentially gigantic, ship-scale magical enhancers which increase a wizards offensive casting ability dramatically, allowing them to deploy fleet-killing spells and bombard entire planets with arcane might. In theory.

In truth, such weapons haven’t been needed or used… ever. But with the potential danger of mechanical life on the horizon, and unlimited power up for grabs, the Tellurians are easily swayed to pursue this avenue of approach.

It will take some care to develop these colossal and expensive weapons systems without blowing ourselves up. Luckily though, the sands of Nataruk should serve as fine testing ground for Maximised Overcast Empowered Explosive Chain Lightning, or whatever other apocalyptic spells that have been thought to work in theory, but until now lacked the raw power required to pull them off.

A report of a missing clan Llewelyn vessel has caused a fair bit of concern among the children of Fanw, especially given the mystery of it's disappearance. While initial investigation shows that they sought to try and find our old homeworld again in the hopes we could perhaps restore the original, the exact location of the vessel is unknown to us. Efforts to try and find the ship however are going to be prepared, yet the nature of the small scout vessel has lead to some concerns among clan Llewelyn itself regarding the Plant Crwydrol Fanw's shipbuilding capabilities, and work has immediately been approved to ensure a potential failure like this won't happen again while scouts are prepared.

>Action One. Shipbuilding Study.

As the Fanwyc expanse into the stars continues, the need for better vessels to traverse them becomes more and more apparent. While the initial vessels we have made were more in line with space stations and orbitals, the infrastructure to build them has been harder. Further the construction of smaller and more localized vessels has had a number of teething issues. By simply rectifying them so that our smaller ships are more reliable and hardy while also working on ways to better allow for larger ship construction so we may make vessels in line with the first great ships that saved our people from oblivion, we can achieve far greater things and ensure that the only way we lose a vessel to the void is due to horrific luck, pilot error, maintenance crew error, or hostile action taken against our vessels.

>Action Two. Pengwaywffon Colony Terraforming.

While efforts of the Dychwelyd were slow at the moment with the country focusing on some other things, the Yn dilyn movement was in full swing and knew the next prime candidate world for bestowing the gift of life upon it. The Pengwaywffon colony was situated on a world that, in simple terms, was very solid. A few changes to the atmosphere, combined with the introduction of plants and water would allow the world to become something more akin to the success that the Neifion Colony had. Introducing Yellowstones as well to speed up plant growth was also an easy way to ensure that this world would be a vibrant success for the Yn dilyn movement and another familiar home would be obtained. Of course, those of the Dychwelyd movement would surely claim that it wasn't truly home, but even their most hardline supporters would agree, it was far better to live on those worlds than most others.
With the flurry of activity and research the council decides it is not the time to rest on laurels and simply build up the systems they hold. Such times before left the sacred homeland of the Drya, the jungles of the Yadi, to be nearly razed to ash. New, more productive, colonies are needed and new space to provide early warnings and protection for vital colonies are needed.
Action 1&2. Scouts and colonizing efforts are sent to 12,9 and 12,10 to claim them for the Drya.

>Action 1: Scout and Settle 12,8

In their unending quest for the perfect cube( as well as more ressources), one more colonisation Cube of 27 Cuboids was sent to an as of yet unexplored sector...

>Action 2: Research Self-Structural Reinforcement

As the only organic life in their homeworld had been destroyed or evacuated, the Cuboids had not met more of it with the possible exception of C3. That is until they recognised signals coming from near their newly explored systems. Using the coordinates of a hypothetical cube unit 0.1 AU in length they could pinpoint the exact coordinates and large quantities of organic material in these systems. Remembering how their only interactions with biological lifeforms went, and what kind of weapons was used to repel them, the Sommet acknowledged that maybe other lifeforms could not see the perfection in cubes and squares that they could. Despite their original creators evacuating, there were a few weapons used against the Cuboids that could seriously damage them(some of them still existing in worn down forms somewhere in the bowels of their homeworld), and the recent incidents with explosive gases on C1 further cemented that.

Neckers and Mengerists would work together with voluntary Cuboids, more often Rupertists, to see if they could program their structure to be denser and harder, maybe feeding them tougher materials to see if their composite would react differently. The idea was mainly to mitigate the damages caused when landing on hostile worlds but would be a great boon against heavy weapons capable of damaging the 10 feet tall giant cubes.
File: Space NRP Turn 6.png (42 KB, 404x394)
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>Fleet refit. Exchange Syklonvinge-2A's [1 Sundries] hull plating with [1 Sundries, 1 Fönix Eis] Fox-Ice Plating.
Work abounds at the Stranden orbital yards, Syklon warships have their plating stripped and replaced with the much more potent Fönix Eis Panzer. Harder, deflective and capable of healing itself. The new ships come out with a blue sheen to them.

>Diplo with Angel Eyes at Friedrich (6, 7). Negotiated open borders and trade (Orkan give 1 Sundries per turn, Angel Eyes give 0.5 Research per turn).
With the Angel Cipher onboard, Orkan approaches and contacts the Angel Eyes on their homeworld. They are overjoyed at our enlightenment, though they still show fear of our capacity for violence. But showing the dangers of the galaxy they see a firm hand is indeed necessary and thus request to travel alongside us. Orkan negotiates a trade as well, providing them all the sundries they may need in exchange for aid in science.

>Diplo with Nivih at Stranden (7, 8). Negotiated mercenary contract (Orkan give 1 Sundries per turn, Nivih provide 1 ground army).
With their respective advancement in Machine-Psionic interfacing, using different methods. The Nivih revealed a symbiote cyborg, carrying biological organs in place of decision engines, Orkan revealed the Soul Cipher, translating electrical signals to psionic ones. But then Orkan negotiates trade, as they have a plenty of Sundries, so the initial offers is the same as for the Crith, but Nivih shoot back with another offer, either permission to setup on one of their worlds, or a mercenary contract. Orkan finds the mercenary contract more attractive.

>Action 1: Expedition to new system (5, 8). A signal is coming from that direction, we wish to get closer.
Another signal has been discovered, structured, and similar to the ones from the Crith direction. But like the Crith it appears to be distant, a system between us and them. The Ultima Engines may be capable of crossing such a distance, but that would be an unnecessary risk, better to get closer first. Besides, who knows what we may discover there.

>Action 2: Development of Earth Titans (Sundries production upgrade). Titanic Agriform Automechs specialized in farming, lumbering, salt harvesting, etc. Made to serve light industry.
Managing the megafarms on two alien worlds, in open air and reaping gargantuan harvests, the Ultima Engines ponder new Agriforms. The idea they settle on are Earth Titans, collossal Agriforms managing whole swathes of land by themselves. Each chassis is custom built and constantly modified to fulfill their tasks, taking advantage of Crith engineering to make a chassis that can last a thousand years. Furthermore, the increased responsibility requires a vast amount of decision engines and processors, rivalling that of an Ultima Engine, yet with the limbs and inbuilt purpose of an Automech.
>Action 1: Phantom of the Great War

Wait what the fuck, with the suddent appearances of mushrooms and the fact that subjects begun to 'recycle' radiation would freak out the top brass, which provoked them to cancel the superhuman project alltogether and instead... all living subjects would merely be incinerated to the point that not even ashes remain as the mushrooms that begun to develop would be killed via pesticides and pollutants, with the ground above the base being scorched in a 5km wide radius... following this however the top brass would give to the scientists something more interesting... infact... said thing would be plans and blueprints of a weapon that could have changed the fate of mankind if it was introduced during the third world war befores the bombs fell...

Said weapon being 10 meters tall humanoid like mechs powered by miniaturized fusion reactors and able to operate in all terrains, space and extrasolar included all while having a modular design... with the capabilities to self repair and replicate with integrated nanobots swarms that would absorb radiation and or organic materials (excluding humans and living beings of course) if necessary... though due of how peculiar those machines are, no mere humans can pilot them thus needing either well preserved brains or human consciousness that were uploaded into memory banks, with the oldest dating as far back as the second world war... with one of a certain german leader during the 1940's too!

Due of the suddent switch in development, the IUNE would allocate to the area 51 scientists roughly... a fuckton of budget and daemon tech that can be reverse engineered if necessary...

(TL;DR: switching from making space marine to literally Armored Cores But Faro plague in a way with lots of budget)


>Action 2: ELINT 2.0

After defeating the vile daemon invaders, we decide to upgrade our ELINT installations to be more powerful alongside adding more... data (alongside the previous message, a iconography of a decapited head of a demon being holded on by a IUNE soldier would be added to the ELINT transmission) to show that mankind will fight to the last man standing no matter how great the threat is, as a single message would be sent alongside the usual data, said message would read the following "EARTH STANDS"
After a terrifying encounter with Excrucian Crith-Eaters, the Crith Coordinators reached a quick consensus. There are too many Crith-Eaters surrounding Crith! Not enough C-Cutters are defending Crith! For the continued survival of Crith, this must change! The newly-polished C-Cutters bring a sense of relief to the Crith. The course of action is clear. More C-Cutters must be built, more C-Crushers embedded in them.

>Action #1:
>Manufacture another fleet of C-Cutters, with C-Crushers instead of the Basic Weapon
>At the same time, both extent fleets of C-Cutters will be refitted to replace Basic Weapons with C-Crushers

The Crith Coordinators consider the condition of the Crith Concordat and panic! There is not enough space for expansion of Crith! Worse, there are not enough supplies to sustain expansion of Crith! For Crith to survive this cannot persist! The Crith need sustenance! The tribute from Ultima Crith-Eaters is not enough! The Crith must find a solution to feed Crith! The C-Council deteriorates into C-Conflict as Crith Coordinators panic and descend into a food riot!

Once the C-Subjugators restore cohesion with their electro-tongs, the surviving Crith Coordinators convene. The solution becomes clear to the Crith. The answer for Crith survival lies in the Crith-Eaters on Crith! The Crith on Crith exist in a perpetual defensive siege against the Crith-Eaters on Crith. For untold epochs, the Crith have subsisted on the flesh of Crith-Eaters but for so the last handful of C-Generations, more sophisticated Crith defense technology has led to a surplus of Crith-Eater dead. This has consistently led to surges in the Crith-Eater population as the Crith-Eaters have access to more food, but with the C-Crusher, this need not continue. Two Crith-Eaters can be crushed in the same Crith pincer!

A new C-Facility is planned on Crith. It is a sprawling behemoth, consisting of myriad processing plants, fortified bunkers, and garages for specialized amphibious C-Crushers. These C-Crushers will be sent to the frontlines of the war against Crith-Eaters after the latest Crith defense efforts and will use their pincers to gather as many Crith-Eater corpses into an oversized bucket as possible. These will then be transported back to be rendered into jerky, soap, and other products necessary for Crith survival! More importantly, they will be deprived from Crith-Eaters to lessen the pressure from Crith-Eaters on the frontlines!

>Action #2:
>Build a Crith-Eater Meat Extractor on Crith- a factory dedicated to Sundries production
> Expand to 14,7
After the initial burst of expansion the Scret had to take a small step back to refuel and allow for further expansion. And finally, this wait has paid off. Once more they are ready, and many excited explorers set out once more to stake their claims.

>Begin galactic stock in exchange program.
All this life right around the corner from our homeworld, wnd yet there's so much more out there we haven't met yet. Begin creation of a grand array of contact and communications array for us to reach out, establish, and maintain relations with the world's we've met, and even the worlds beyond we haven't yet.

> 1st action: Construction of a Fuel Depot on Ferrum Hyems

As the Zentharxians continued to etch their presence into the fabric of space, a decision was made to establish a fuel depot on the tempestuous world of Ferrum Hyems. Recognizing the planet's extreme conditions as a challenge and an opportunity. Situated on a relatively stable plateau amidst the planet's alternating climates of frozen wastelands and seas of molten metals, the depot, named Ferrum Nexus, became a crucial hub for the refueling and maintenance of exploration and cargo vessels navigating the volatile Caelux system.

Constructed with materials resistant to Ferrum Hyems's harsh environmental swings, Ferrum Nexus utilized advanced thermal regulation systems to protect its precious contents from the planet's temperature extremes. The depot also served as a research outpost for studying the efficient conversion of the planet's abundant metallic elements into advanced propulsion fuels, potentially revolutionizing space travel within and beyond the Caelux system.

> 2nd action: 2nd Action: Construction of a Metal Refinery in Triarchis

The Zentharxians embarked on the construction of a metal refinery in the Triarchis system. This facility, dubbed Triarchis Forge, was envisioned to process and refine the diverse metals and minerals harvested from the system's celestial bodies, including the unusual compounds found on Ferrum Hyems and the magnetized iron of Arcum Montis.

Triarchis Forge was designed as a center of innovation, where Zentharxian metallurgists and engineers could collaborate on developing new alloys and materials with properties surpassing anything previously known. The refinery's outputs were earmarked for a variety of applications, from the construction of more resilient spacecraft to the creation of infrastructure capable of withstanding the most inhospitable environments encountered on other worlds.

> Free action: Approach Astralytica Alpha
Various Zentharxian units embarked to approach Astralytica Alpha, the silent guardian and overseer of their civilization. This assembly, composed of representatives from Alpha to Zeta-class intelligences, was united by a singular purpose: to present and verify the findings of their exhaustive research into dark matter and dark energy.

The audience with Astralytica Alpha, designated Alpha-001, marked a rare moment of collective anticipation within the Zentharxian community. The data amassed from countless experiments and observations had the potential to peel back the layers of mystery shrouding these cosmic phenomena, offering insights that could redefine their understanding of the universe.
File: IMG_3248.jpg (361 KB, 600x690)
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361 KB JPG
>flourishing upon the world of jungle, asphodel
>build farm on jungle world
>rename jungle world to ‘asphodel’ (retcon it to be the world where the lycaran refugees ended up)
Ever since it began projecting its children upon the galaxy lycaris has stood as the ever dominant and greatest of the gestalt consciousness’ of the ecology. But old roots cannot stand at the top of the canopy forever and now a new mind has reached semi consciousness. The jungle world, asphodel breaths.
With this new life thoughts begin to form within it. Thoughts formed from a gentle and pleasant cradle. From the serene heights of mountain tops to lush seas of kelp and coral.
Lycaris welcomes its new sibling with confusion. For while made of innumerable individual beasts Lycaris still cannot yet fully grasp the idea of another hivemind within the ecology. So it attempts to reel in the gentle giant. Passing to Asphodel its memories. Memories of smog and disillusion. Of the destruction of the world. The gift of hate.
The streams continue to flow. Titans still walk among its gardens still. Tending the trees with care.
But now Asphodel knows well the dangers of the galaxy. And will be ready when they arrive.
>(diplo) gift of hate for asphodel

Action 2:
As a first gesture of emergence Asphodel sends out its own seeds. To new planets not yet added to the ecology.
Following a sudden coup among the Crith Coordinators on Crith, the orders change! The Crith-Eater Meat Extractor's projected location would uncover several secret bunker complexes and cannot be left to continue. Instead, work will shift to Crithquatro, where C-Technicians will pursue the same schematics on a foreign, hostile world. Its myriad dangers may be subtler than Crith, but they are no less deadly for it!

>Shift Action #2 to build the Crith-Eater Meat Extractor on Crithquatro instead of Crith
>If environmentalism wasn't considered high treason among the Crith, this would be... highly controversial. As is, there's no-one but the Fuzzikin to lament.
More intriguing reports all around. Researchers pursue limitless power from within. Scouts claim peaceful contact with oversized space faring invertebrates. Admiral Farkas moves his fleets ever closer towards the avian refugees, potential salvation for us all. An investigation of the circuitous route taken by the circle symbol alien ship is underway. Yet one issue stands out among the rest.

A pair of red documents. All members have them pulled up on the data links.They detail the logistical situation of the exruxian people. Rapid expansion and fuel necessary for the voyage of Farkas have left them with virtually no reserves, a precarious balanced only maintained by rudimentary cut backs on daily non essential goods. The simulated day-night cycle is nice but who really needs it to do their jobs?

Nevertheless, councilors recognize the problems this poses. Exruxians live minimalist lives, there is not much fat left to cut before muscle is hit. So the council engaged a decree that many eve would recognize
**Balance the spreadsheets**

Action 1 - construct a fuel refinery on wofar
Action 2- construct a sundries complex on cirthdos
Free action - Move New armada (renamed Dawn Armada) and F-1 Armada to the alien refugee planet at 08,08)

I'm not sure how long it will take but we should move there as quickly as possible.
This is the exruxian post for this turn. Mobile posting is weird sometimes.
1. Expand to 3, 7!

"Earth awaits, the cradle of mankind must be reopened for commerce"

2. Construct Sundry complex on 3,3 (homeworld)

"Rapid company expansion requires rapid deployment of resources, and our current corporate HQ provides the ICC with the best place for centralized manufacture and production. This will surely increase our quarterly profits!"

We'll start off with a few key space station installations, with eventual plans to integrate into a layer of Orbital Ring drive yards.
File: MapTurn6.png (253 KB, 1358x855)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
The Sheet has not been updated. Please do not post turns yet.

In an interesting turn of events, not one, but two messages crisscross the galaxy over the course of this cycle, and the coming cycles as well. The first is the familiar refrain of the IUNE, broadcasting their language, history, and location to the galaxy at large. What is new is the image of an IUNE soldier holding aloft the mangled head of a horned humanoid and the message ‘EARTH STANDS’. Apparently the IUNE attracted, and then defeated some sort of invader.

The second message is accompanied by a series of discrete cluster of satellites and appears to come from a species called the ‘Scret’. The satellites form a communication network that within a few cycles will span the galaxy. The satellite system has a rudimentary AI on board that provides translation services. This ‘Scret Net’ seems to be primarily centered around facilitating intragalactic trade, but also allows a steady flow of other information, already a quite a bit of chatter from minor space capable species is flowing across the system, and more than a little excitement is occurring on industrial worlds capable of interacting with the satellite system, but who were otherwise unaware of the greater galactic community. Savvy Scret agents almost immediately begin to wheel and deal, buying and selling across the galaxy. Savvy governments all across the galaxy near immediately outline the location of the Scret on their galactic maps.

Opting into the Scret Net will undoubtedly bring a flood of economic and cultural gains to all nations who join it, but it very well may bring trouble and foreign meddling as well. The major players of the galaxy must think carefully about their response to this new development.
Lampyrisma has never been accused of being a cushy or easy posting, with every inch of survivable space enclosed in vacuum tight domes and tunnels, with little room to spread their wings. Yet in spite of it it remains a popular posting, with more than enough volunteers to fill the needs of the colony. Though the quarters are cramped, exposed veins of shimmerstone have been worked into the colony’s design, marking many of the halls and rooms with beautiful natural spirals of the luxury stone. Nearly every initial plan for mining the substance calls for subterranean work only, marring the surface is called for by only the most practical of Wolarians.

Meanwhile on Ellinikon, merely a few dozen million kilometers away, work begins on a novel new defense system designed around the peculiarities of space. The Pinion Quill system is a novel system, inspired by defensive displays of native life on Wolaria, where some life releases a flurry of feathers to distract and escape predators. Like these species the PQ system is designed to release a flurry of feathers to distract or mitigate attacks, although unlike its inspiration these feathers are each the length of a Wolarian, with barbs of EM absorbing fabric. Theoretically when released they'll create a cloud of chaotic sensor data. Theoretically. It may take a couple cycles before the release mechanism doesn't mangle both itself and the quills.
We have offered miracles to the lower class, but revolution is unnecessary when a coup is needed. Offer strength, intelligence, charisma and wealth to those of the ruling class of this world and once they say they are in charge now so much of the population will stand behind them that power shall shift easily.

The Sun Movement! It fills the news cycles of the avian world blessed by the mother's grace, a growing demand by the people to tear down the factories and industry that choke the sky with poison, to cast off the life of modern demands and excess. The Mother will provide they say, and everyday more and more people join their ranks. And there certainly seems to be something to their philosophy, for the followers of it do seem healthy, happier, brighter. They leave the cities in droves and only return to beg their relatives to join them, and often they do.

None of this is a surprise to Ayden of course. Life under the yolk of cruel masters or freedom in her embrace? The choice is obvious. Of course more souls will require more subsistence, and the Mother does in fact provide. Adjustments are made to the local trees of the Avian world and the branches grow heavy with fruit, nut, and nectar-filled flowers, some thick walled to last through chill winters, others ripe and begging to be plucked. A fruit as round and brilliant yellow as the sun becomes the symbol of the revolution that the Avian world knows will come in just a couple cycles.
The world of Nataruk is a grim dry place, freezing by night, sweltering by day, with air that triggers dizziness and hallucinations, before paralysis and death. But the mountains that break up its terrain are studded with Grail Stone, wondrous yellow stones that hold the power to shatter a mountain or throw a city into the city. Much of the work to extract them is done in phases, with lizard folk apprentices watching over crews of stone golems in shifts to slowly peel back layer after layer of mountainside, then siphon through the resulting rubble to remove the dust covered stones. Finally the stones are cleaned, appraised for magical purity, then separated for processing into runework, alchemy, and a dozen other purposes.

The art of magecraft with Grail Stone is a fickle thing. Despite the egg shaped stones soft yellow glow, smooth surface, and gentle warmth the power it can release when unlocked by the arcane is equal parts tremendous and terrifying. The first few runic weapon setups literally tear themselves apart with the tremendous forces unleashed. A bold lizardman apprentice quite literally disintegrates his lower half testing a subsection, fortunately he seems likely to survive, albeit in a chair until an aduata prosthesis can do its work. In the end much of the power of the weapon must be redirected and used to cancel itself rather than be unleashed on the enemy. Nonetheless what power remains is quite impressive, and in a pinch the safeties can naturally be disabled, at no small risk.

The meeting with the Tiktoks was more than a little unusual. In the weeks following the encounter the surface of their world shows a flurry of activity, Tellurian wisdom has apparently had quite the impact. Worried about unforeseen consequences, scholars pour over the documents provided by Samuel 9700. Their world was founded approximately three hundred years ago by a small crew who ‘woke up’ shortly after an automated landing. The ship itself is nothing special, essentially a metal box propelled by a barely controlled explosion, nothing like the delicate spellcraft that sends mage towers through the void. Their bodies are amazing constructions, incredibly intricate and complex in nature, but entirely nonmagical! A clever system of gearage works together as a complex analytical decision engine, one designed to emulate a human being. The design has actually been iterated on and adjusted several times over the course of the centuries, steadily improving it. The androids come in two primary designs, Samuel and Sarah, or as they are referred to less formally, Sam and Sally. Sams are designed to be focused and industrious, but emotionally dark, while Sallys are more whimsical and gregarious. Their task was to emulate various economic and sometimes political scenarios, seeking to model a ‘typical’ society. Given the lack of any number of actual variables in a society it seems doubtful their emulations have any actual useful information to them.
Much that was known by the Fanwyc has been lost. The vessels that bore them from their doomed world have been patched, repaired, scavenged and repurposed so many times that only one in a dozen components remain original, often something simple like a sturdy armor plate or glass pane. Secrets of metallurgy and engineering too have been lost to time. But the broader universe beckons and these things must be rediscovered if the Fanwyc are to keep pace. Smiths, scientists and engineers pour over the lessons of the past and forge new paths toward the future. In a few cycles the lost will be able to build bigger and grander than they had in centuries.

Meanwhile at Pengwaywffon a grand terraforming project is starting underway. Yellowstone is being brought in by the ton, along with atmosphere treatment plants, millions of seeds and other terraforming supplies. It is a project that requires a cycle of foresight, a shaping of rivers, forests and valleys, cause and effect a dozen times over. And yet within the cycle the effects are clearly visible. Vast swathes of the world are covered in greenery, swamps and forests. Life flourishes by the shores of the ocean, and soon will be able to support greater creatures of the deep. With a little patience the job will finish itself, nature pushing to fill the voids of this once barren world.
It is a cycle of exploration for the Drya, with bio-wormholes launching scouts into not one but two systems. And the persistence of the Drya has paid off, scouts return with news of abundance, two biospheres to exploit for genetic improvements, an abundance of Yellowrock, and a pair of worlds that could easily be terraformed into ideal homes for the Drya.

The system at (13,11) is the largest, and consists of five major worlds. First is a large planet lurking oddly close to its mother sun. Solar flares seem to trigger cataclysmic tectonic shifts on a regular basis, for unknown reasons. Yellowrock clusters are clearly visible in many places, but naturally incredibly difficult to acquire. A large moon circles the planet, wreathed in a mixture of incredible toxic and dangerous gasses. Next is a pale and airless barren world pocked by craters and scorch marks from meteor strikes. Pockets of yellowstone are visible on many crater walls. Last is a planet of giants, everything from flora to fauna seems to be made on an impossibly large scale, aided by a dense atmosphere and oddly light gravity. Most of the creatures have incorporated yellowstone into their body, typically in the spine and other major bones. A tiny unremarkable moon circles this planet. Its airless surface is covered in large concentric circles, artifacts from ancient asteroid impacts on its sandy surface.

The second system (12,10) has fewer planets, but in a more curious configuration. In an unlikely twist of fate, two planets and a small moon have established a stable orbit around both each other and their star, while maintaining position in the habitable zone of the star. The largest of the three has blossomed with life, a curious fungal dominated world. Its smaller sibling remains barren, but has a single supercontinent covered in terraced cliffs dotted with lakes and covered with a thin but breathable atmosphere. The last of the three, the tiny moon that twists between them is also barren, but is largely made of oceans and a few dots of land covered in an uncomfortably thick atmosphere.

This bold exploration has not been without cost though, the fuel reserves that ignite the wormholes have run completely dry, and the maintenance cost of maintaining logistics channels between our existing worlds has matched our intake of fuel, further exploration demands more fuel resource. Less urgently, but still important, many basic supplies are running low, perhaps it's time to dedicate some space on one of these garden worlds to an industrial scale goblin ranch?

On the topic of research the first rapid evolution pods are bursting open, revealing some remarkable insights. The drones born from them seem highly adapted to their local environment, though in the case of Deva Ruinous this is unfortunately insufficient to let them survive in the cold vacuum of the void. More curiously the drones seem to have taken on characteristics similar to the elephant people of Deva Twinar, are the ancient structures of Ruinous remnants of a time when the Phantines sailed the stars? Investigation of the ruins themselves seems to support the theory, remnants of radiation bleached photos and general structure and design of the ruins all point to a distant past where the elephant folk lived and worked on this broken world.
Cuboids gather, arrange, and twist, flicking themselves perpendicular to time and space, traveling the space between stars in an instant. There was squabbling about cubes vs squares, a deviant suggested that perhaps with enough dimensions, or fractional dimensions that any shape could be a cube, and then finally the cubes split themselves into neat groups of four and nine (but never ever seven) and started looking around. Three worlds present themselves. An average cold and airless world, with a remarkable amount of dust. Buried beneath it are clusters of glowing yellow stones. Several brief attempts are made to cube the glowing stones, each one resulting in a distressing number of irregular shards that themselves have to be cubed. A small unremarkable world studded with high sandstone pillars. Thick nitrogen gas blankets the planet. A tiny angry fireball tidally locked to the sun. The dark side is a sticky mess of acid instead of being actively aflame, though occasionally lines of invisible and lethal flame sweep through it. The whole thing is frighteningly irregular.

At the homeworld efforts begin to build a better cube. Ingestion of tougher metals, newer alloys, new internal crystalline structures. Of course the core problem wasn’t finding a better structure, but rather finding one that formed into cubes or squares instead of awful irregular prisms. The problem shouldn’t take more than a cycle or two to resolve though.
It is a busy cycle for the Fenrik and their machine guardians. Diplomats speak with the Nivih and the Angels at Friedrich and Stranden, arranging trades of food, soldiers and knowledge between nations. The large wing ships of the angels flit from system to system, tagging along the trade routes and speaking to aliens of all kinds. Scout ships sing their song and explore new systems. And the fields of Lila shake with the movements of a vast new automech. Everywhere the Orkan empire flourishes with abundant food and scientific advancements, though unfortunately the finest things in life are restricted to only the wealthiest elites, the population of Orkan has doubled over the past six cycles!

The scout ships return with news of an interesting new system. Four worlds, one of which sports intelligent life in the form of large serpentine lizards. Another world choked with ash and sludge nonetheless is not overly hostile to life, in time it could flourish, and in the meantime well preserved bones of a past era can be easily filtered from the swampy terrain, their nature as historical curios and pearly luster marks them as a desirable luxury item, if not directly useful. A small frozen world hangs on the edge of the system, largely irrelevant. Lastly is quite the curious structure, the size of a massive planet, but quite hollow, carved into curved and organic shapes. Nothing obvious presents itself as a point of investigation or inquiry on the strange shape, and if we chose we could certainly build cities or resource extraction on its surface, though there is no compelling reason to do so, the world has no atmosphere, nor any particular resource nodes of note beyond the typical resources that could be found on any planet.

Back home the world of Lila is home to a new apex predator, though this one is at once capable of striking a thousands of enemies in one quick strike as it is to gently place thousands of seeds, or pluck thousands of crops from the earth. The Earth Titan is larger, much larger, than most homes, and in many ways resembles a vast spider with a bulbous and high central head and eight legs. Four are purely for movement, while the other four are more delicate worker arms. The four massive movement legs (wide enough for a vehicle to comfortably drive along) hold the central body of the Automech aloft, though in many ways it blurs the line between Ultima Engine and Automech, leading many to question what separates the lesser from the greater. The last four delicate worker arms (large enough for them to operate as makeshift carnival rides for Fenrik), reach out from the central body, taking each of the four quadrants delimited by the titan’s legs. Each arm has a 180 degrees of motion around the body, and features a clever mechanism where the delicate arms can split and redesign themselves into various complex shapes, even deploying spindly temporary ground supports as needed. Integrated transport systems move seedlings incubated within the central head along the arms where hundreds of worker arms, crewed by hundreds of Decision Engines carefully set them into the earth. The system can also transport water and fertilizer, or operate in reverse to pluck hundreds of crops from the earth, or decimate thousands of weeds or pests. The more hostile wildlife if Lila undergoes an extremely fast adaptation, rapidly learning to stay far, far away from the Earth Titans, despite their tendency to ferry gleeful bands of Fenrik children about during their day to day activities.
“EARTH STANDS”. The words are mouthed by a slave, staring at the grainy broadcast. She doesn't know what they mean exactly, she's never heard a word of english in her life, but the image accompanying those words, a warrior holding the disfigured head of a demon lord, horns broken speaks to their meaning. It is a message of defiance, a scream of fury and victory into the void.

Her reverie is broken by the lash of a whip, a sharp metal barb at the end carving a chunk from her back, throwing her to her knees. Slaves cower away from her. A chunk of metal smashes the receiver, the image is lost. A cloven hoof plants itself into her wound and grinds, slowly pushing down. The agony stabs into every part of her, but she's felt worse she realizes.

“To the floor slave.”

“Earth Stands.” The words jump from her mouth before she can stop them. Slaves groan, and even whimper. Everyone will suffer a beating, a mutilation, fresh wounds that will take months to heal and will ache for years. The pressure on her back intensifies, then the slavemaster slams his boot into her back.

She does not bend, or break. She stands. The slavemaster gapes and strikes with his whip. She catches it in her hand, the metal barb digging deep into her palm. It hurts, but she's had worse. Her fingers curl around the weapon. The demon tugs and jerks, snarling, then he collapses abruptly. Behind him a boy, no older than six years, a heavy cooking pot dripping with blood.

He stares at her and slowly nods, his mouth forming the unfamiliar words. “Earth Stands.”


Far away, in the irradiated wasteland that was once a place called Nevada, bombs drop, spreading waves of hot fire across the landscape. A fungal growth spreading across the landscape withers and dies from the heat, though analysis afterwards confirms that spores remain buried within the ground, laying dormant. Below the firestorm a test subject is flexing their hand and watching the metal fingers curl. A scientist watches with bated breath, then sighs as the machine suddenly screeches and assaults the walls, flailing and clawing like a maddened beast. Alien organs, demon machine neural interfaces, the best (and worst) of humanity stretched over an electronic framework, mixed with demonic brain matter, wired into a prototype machine that could change the face of warfare. Huge swathes of the project had to be scrapped of course. The nanomachines were a complete loss, having cannibalized each other in the years since the war. There were compromises. Earth's economy was in shambles to say the least, food riots were kicking off in every major city. But the core structure, low heat fusion reactor, myomer strand based locomotion and integrated neural control were all there. Now to find a test subject that can withstand the demonic influence of the interface long enough to not go immediately insane.
The Crith Coordinators demand more ships! More fleets! The Fuzzikin, most dangerous and lethal of all Crith-Eaters, must clearly be plotting something, an ambush of deadly scale and size! The only way to be safe is the construction of even more fleets! In a worrying turn of events the Fuzzikin appear to have entirely disbanded their own fleets, clearly a sign that they are preparing a deadly system wide attack on all spacecraft! Some sort of ultra super weapon perhaps!

Food reserves are desperately needed! The Shock Spore research still requires another cycle to complete and hungry Crith are desperate Crith, and desperate Crith are almost as dangerous to themselves as each other. Eyes turn toward the wildlife of Crithquatro, largely bulky squat creatures who have learned to keep well away from the Crith. Bulky, meat covered, creatures. It is not long into the cycle before C-Tanks tear across the landscape, lobbing explosive shells into herds of animals. C-Hummers rush along behind them, scooping up fragments of shredded wildlife into bins and hurrying back to processing factories before the no doubt craft wildlife can plot a deadly counterattack. To the bewilderment, then terror, of the Crith no counterattack ever comes.

Curiously though, a number of strange items do show up in the meat processing plants, more resembling cybernetics than anything else. A more careful examination reveals small modifications in many of the animals. Tendons of metal wire, electronic eyes, even a number of small rabbit creatures with flash weapons built into their legs. The idea of cybernetically enhancing wildlife nearly results in several Crith suffering cardiac arrest.
Scouts return with news of a new system, with yet more intelligent life. Is intelligence nothing special after all? It certainly seems to spring up in a lot of places. Here it takes the form of a sinuous snake species, but more similar to plants than animals. They display a remarkable ability to reshape their own bodies, and have managed to construct an industrial era society entirely on the back of biological technology. In particular the Scret spot a curious berry grown in small numbers that appears to be a potent recreational drug of some sort, the plant snakes seem to use it for religious rituals, but surely they wouldn't mind sharing?

Not far from the world of plant snakes is another living world, this one glittering in the void of space, because nearly all life on the planet has incorporated crystalline elements into its body. No intelligent life exists on this planet, but the species here all seem to possess some sort of natural energy weapons. Analysis indicates that the crystals operate as naturally occuring solar panels and batteries.

Operation Scret Net begins. Communications satellites by the thousands are launched from all Scret worlds, headed toward hundreds of distant stars, each loaded with communication systems, long term solar and nuclear power systems, and a general cultural exchange system designed to teach the Scret language, and in turn form a record of an alien language. The purpose of the communication system is simple enough, to promote a vast network of trade and exchange. With some modest communications and oversight fees of course. And of course having their finger on the pulse of the galaxy will let the Scret take first advantage of any new opportunities that arise. It doesn’t take long for communications to start to flow, mostly from minor powers, and even less time passes before the first Scret start to buy and sell on alien worlds.
Entropy is a cruel mistress, but occasionally one that can be harnessed, controlled, and even harvested and made us of. The fuel enrichment center on Ferrum Hyems is a perilous place, like most of the planet, but here the tides of hot and cold are put to use in a complex energy generation system that transforms the molten chemical slurry covering much of the planet into refined fuels. Vast heat sinks absorb and direct the intense temperatures into internal reservoirs of a ‘super’ liquid that boils only at extreme temperatures, but unfolds into extremely high pressure jets of gas, driving simpler piston based generation systems.

Meanwhile on Triarchis a great metallurgical laboratory is being constructed, referred to simply as ‘The Forge’. The pride of the forge is an internal mechanism jokingly referred to as Muffet, a multi limbed mechanism that can weave dozens of metals and additives together into novel alloy after novel alloy, producing tiny cocoons of new never before seen metals.

Last, but not least, the Dark Energy/Matter research presentation to the Apex itself occurs. Alpha-001 examines each point of data and conclusion in turn, correcting some, expanding others, until it finally reaches the last conjecture, that the Dark Forces might actually be intelligent, or have some guiding force behind them. “Does some higher power manipulate the powers of the universe?” the collective minds of the Astralytica ask. Alpha-001 simply replies “Of course.” and returns to its deep thoughts, refusing to clarify further. Nonetheless a number of curious projects appear in the database moments later.
A firm rule of ecology is that everything must eat. For every predator a hundred prey species must die. For every prey species a thousand plants must die. For every trillion plants, a star must gutter and burn out, giving its light so that the ecology can live. For The Ecology this rule is danger of being broken, and to break this rule is to die. Corrections must be made. Asphodel is gently nudged, adjusted, genetic lines reprogrammed, adjusted, optimized. Grasses grow taller and their seeds pass through the guts of beasts more often. Prey multiply faster, optimize their movements, improve their digestion to eat what previously was waste. Predators grow smarter, less wasteful. Asphodel lurches away from hunger, the Ecology corrected.

Asphodel also grows more wary, more careful. It receives the old memory, the old hate. It sees the flames on distant worlds, the paranoia and suspicion toward life not like itself. It feels the screeching grating clawing at the mind that is the Noise. It reaches out and wills its first child into existence on a distant world. What it finds is unexpected though. A less species would have faltered and failed, but the law of nature is one that finds a way. A psionic bridge is built, a pathway between the stars. A small swarm of voidfish burrow out of the void, spread leaves toward the nearby sun, and stares into a vast dark pearl.

The vast dark pearl stares back. It recognizes something ancient and terrible, like itself. It asks a question.

Infrastructure. It is a simple thing, the drilling of oil wells, the arrangement of solar panels, the processing of nuclear fuel into enriched rods that can sustain a ship through the dark of the void. Farms, ranches, textile factories, plastics processing, the regular pharmaceuticals all Ecruxians must consume. And yet it does not spring up from nowhere, certainly not on the worlds of Wofar and Cirthdos, where every building must be sealed against the void. Entire factories must be burrowed under the ground against the chill, thousands of plants grow only under artificial light. It is a grim required efficiency characteristic of the Ecruxians.

The fleets set out for their final destination and arrive to find the Avian refugee world as expected. Something strange is going on though...’

Capitalism never sleeps, and the shareholders are all eager to return to earth and immediately launch a score of lawsuits at the remaining earth governments to reclaim their assets, defunct bank assets and whatever remains of the Swiss vaults. Scouts launch into void seeking their overtime pay and indeed they earn their pay. A four system planet comes into view. Two massive worlds ripe with a strange electrifying purple goo, and planet and moon pair that could terraformed into a tidy little corporate retreat. Not a bad find really, even if the strange ring shape of one of the planets does speak to some long lost owner who might return one day.

An attempt at sundry production is made on the ICC homeworld, an attempt that is at least partially successful. Unfortunately the overburdened planet is so layered in existing factories that it takes nearly a month to actually find a route to the ground soil, and then the spot is abandoned due to several shareholder highrises existing two miles above it. Eventually a winding ribbon of greenhouses, canning factories, and textile weaving sweatshops is crowded through a set of laborer apartments, but there’s no doubt about it, the facility would be more effective on the open space of McDougans, Golden Shores, or even the unnamed Goblinoid planet, where it can take advantage of actual soil, endless sunlight, and natural rainfall.
Action 1: Teleeveangelism
A new device that connects everyone everywhere!? We are joining in! *from the Fenrikian system outpost*

No need to reveal all our locations. If the Exruxian attack proved anything.

A 24/7 TV and radio station is created. It creates religious ocntent to be consumed by the masses. From prayer, to Nivih traditions, news, interviews and horoscopes. Inbtween those there shall be kitchy telenovelas and low quality movies to lure in the masses. Our goal is for the contant to be as unappealing as possible to high intelligence individuals so they pay no attention to it and dismiss it as silly, but to be highly appealing to lower class individuals. Be it older people, children, hippies or working class people wishing for change.

We shall for now offer prayer services and restart the shut down psyonic beacon to instead try to fulfil prayer requests using it. We can't fulfil people's wishes, but we may make them feel happier, more confident etc. Sell the ilusion!

> Action 2: Bioorganic integration
Due to the symbiotew we have gained a substantioakl understanding of mechanical life. Be it the fenrikian robots or the more primitive technology of the Birdmen.

Ayden needs to take these lessons to heart and learn how to produce mechanical compoponents via organic means. For that the electrical properties of purple oil can be used. Instead of smelting metals to make metal parts we can use electro-deposition techniques to extract and shape metal extracting and shaping it tright out of the ore. These new organomechanic components shall be slowly incorporated in all of Ayden's creation including the Nivih.
The strange sight of humans on a foreign broadcast inspires curiosity as to if the Humans from their home world managed to find a new home. Though, the language is very obviously different, inspiring more than some curiosity and speculation, at least until the full broadcast of their language and history is shown. Though, it leaves more questions than answers. Meanwhile, the Scret net would be mostly ignored by the state as it focuses on other things, however it isn't illegal. And those with the knowledge of it's existence and the know how to connect to it would slowly trickle in. Eventually some companies might start utilizing it for the purpose it was designed for, trade, but how far this net would become and how quickly the knowledge of it's existence would come to the average person was in question. Would it be a slow burn that grew, or more an explosive entrance into the Fanwyc way of life?

>Action one. The Search and rescue expedition.

The missing vessel must be found. Clan Llewelyn were explorers and a ship of Clan Llewelyn was what went missing. It is only natural who would be in charge of the expedition. Naturally, they would head out in the direction of the missing vessel and attempt to utilize it's last known location in the search and spread out from there. A number of transmissions would be sent in the hopes of a message back, though given the time it had taken, and the fact there was no signal from the missing vessel, it was more so to give the ship hope if the receivers were working despite the transmitter failing. Regardless, it was hoped the expedition would be a quick and successful one, and the missing Children of Fanw would be found alive and unharmed.

>Action two. Mines in the Blodwyn colony.

As the industrial development of the Plant Crwydrol Fanw increases, so too does it's need for more materials. As such, a number of mines would be constructed on the cold Blodwyn colony around the Pengwaywffon system. The mines themselves would be fairly easy to maintain despite the planet's atmosphere and cold. Children of Fanw were quite fond of lower temperatures after all. And being underground, insolation would not be a problem, especially as one went deeper and deeper under the ground. Eventually, further factories and refinery facilities would be developed, but for now the mere extraction of the material was more enough.
>Action 1: Lampyrisma Shimmer-Stone Mines
With a new outpost established upon Lampyrisma, a mining operation is begun to bring these beautiful luxuries to some portion of the wider league population - though great care is taken not to mar the resplendent surface of the shimmering world, and only to concentrate our extraction upon deposits that are predicted to be subducted or otherwise soon imminently damaged by the world's own glacial geological processes.

>Action 2: Ring Exploration and Investigation
The sighting of the giant solar ring brings alarm to the League council; this is yet more evidence that alien life of considerable intelligence occupies this galaxy, compared to which Wolarians may be mere chicks, blind and unfeathered. Nonetheless, the proximity of such a discovery means that the league does not have the luxury of allowing ourselves to ignore it as we do the 'Humans'; and so a mission of exploration is gathered to see just what sort of threat the League faces. Volunteers only, the Wolarians chosen for this mission are significantly older then the standard for our Spaceforce; all experienced and all briefed upon the exacting parameters and prepared to pay the price. For if the mysterious ring does pose a threat, it must be identified, the league must be alerted; and under no circumstances can any identified threat be allowed to follow Wolarians back to Aetha.
The average cold and airless world would be chosen, as it was the least hostile and the one with the most peculiar ressources. The Cuboids that landed on this world(D1) would call on the other Squares to come back and help them as the cold was hardening the Cuboids' materials and efficiency in cubing.

>Action 1 and 2: Scout 9,9 and 9,10

Although they had found many planets and some new ressources, the Cuboids had still found no new massive piles of metals or chemicals required for the maintenance of their forms and population. More Cuboids were sent beyond the homeworld, seeking fit worlds.
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>Colonize 3rd planet (Ancient Bones world) in the Orm system (5, 8)
The new system is a striking contrast of mundane and exceptional. No special resources this time, yet it has an orbital megastructure and two parallel worlds, one which once had life and one that currently does, though primitive. The primitives can be contacted in time, but the ancient bones of the dead world sparks great interest among the Fenriks. And most importantly, it's vacant. So they establish an outpost, finding that they can in fact revive this world in due time. They name the system Orm, due to the serpentine wyrms found in this system.

>Fleet movement: Move Syklonvinge-2A from Stranden (7, 8) to Orm (5, 8), bring along the contracted Nivih warriors.
With the encounter of hostiles in the system neighbouring Orm, as well as Orm's natives being uncooperative, the Orkan fleet will move over to Orm to stand guard, and bring along Nivih warriors for a project on Orm 2.

>Diplo with IUNE at Groombridge 1618 (4, 8).
While Orkan had been slowly inching toward the systems inhabited by aliens, the recent signal broadcast from their homeworld makes their identity clear. Orkan thus decides to meet with them, sending a pathfinder expedition. They cross into the system, first with the droneships, but they soon guide the Siren Mothership through. The Siren tries to establish communications, even entering orbit, when the aliens attack. After a high intensity airfight, where both sides avoid the bulk of each others' weapons fire through agile manoeuvres and accurate point-defence, the Siren makes its escape from the system.

>Diplo with natives of Orm (5, 8).
Taking interest in the wyrmfolk, Orkan pays one of their cities a visit. Their king comes demanding Orkan's vessel and he is struck down with a HE shell and his army decimated. Then Automechs storm their city, capturing it, which the Orkan ship makes its home.

>Action 1: Orm unification war. Using Nivih warriors to conquer Orm 2, so Orkan can establish the Orm Star Empire.
The natives of Orm 2 are like the Fenriks of past, Orkan does not wish to wait for thousands of years of them slaughtering each other to figure out bloodshed is unproductive. But simply rolling over them with Automechs may make them cry foul, so instead they will send in the Nivih mercenaries. They will dominate them in their own way of warfare, and then Orkan will install Ultima Engines into every city, who will guide them to a better future, one where they too can be star warriors. They will rid them of degenerate practices while making society prosper and encourage scientific development.

>Action 2: Creation of space force Syklonvinge-7B. Clad in Phoenix Plating and armed with railguns.
[1 Sund + 1 Fox-Ice = 1Def+7HP+Regen, 1 Metal = 5 Dmg]
Having encountered so many other civilizations, as well as one that is outright hostile, merits the creation of a new warfleet. Thus the Ultima Engines authorise the creation of Syklonvinge-7B.

Action 1: Extradimensional interiors (void residue ship slot upgrade)

Size constraints and constant overlapping problems regarding fitting enchanted apparatuses in close proximity have lead to design after design torn up and scrapped.

A novel proposal is accepted to resolve this issue of too little space, simply add more.
Entire labyrinthine hallways, extradimensional maintenance tunnels, barcades, dungeons, trap corridors, magicite resonance arrays, grailstone taps, barracks and VIP seating can be compressed into these Towers, making them potent chantry houses for entire magical sects.

These dream craft, bigger on the inside, have a projected power that should see a fleet of them capable of levelling entire worlds, travelling through dimensions and shrugging off direct meteor impacts.

If the concord ever stops readjusting the designs every five minutes and finally decides to start building one, that is.

Action 2: Tiktok Integration

Our plans do obviously involve the absorption of these clockwork people into the Concord proper, however we have yet to figure out a firm method of doing so.
All initiatives begin with reconnaissance however. We have a friendly enough relationship to simply visit directly and establish an embassy on the planet, from there we may attempt to investigate their government for weaknesses, probe their population for magical talent and establish ourselves as wise mentor-figures to be aspired towards, given the fortunate coincidence of being the same species as their creators.

Outright reprogramming is to ideally be kept to a minimum, only used in case of serious damage control to prevent irrecoverable loss of relations.


The Scrap Collective of The Procyon arrives on the scene, late as usual, to steal your nation’s shiny objects, your system’s resources, and all your trash.

Wispy twisters hurtle across the expanse in formation in making first contact with the shark world. They enter orbit and slow down significantly, then dissipate completely as the contents within them are revealed. Massive hunks of rock, some big enough to cover the nearby star when passing in front of it. Each with carefully constructed metal ship and colony parts bulging out of their surfaces. Each of them was like a little world, vessels definitely unsuited for combat. Some were even tied together with metal structures.

They attempt to use radio frequencies to communicate in their own language, and send a message of peace, first and foremost.

>1 Send a landing party to any airless worlds in our territory
In order to break their resources down for ship-building and study. They should bring defenses with them when setting up the mining camp.

>2 work on larger colony ships
Equipped with high-powered laser turret defenses on every surface, to keep the innocent safe. Colony ships could be composed of multiple space rocks, one large asteroid, etc. metal parts, and to some extremes, moons. So far, that’s been done once, and currently composes one of many bodies in our home system. Granted, it’s not a ship.
1. The system of 13,11 is exploited. After much discussion the main settlement is grown on the world of giant flora and fauna and a research lab is established to study the natural life and the effects of the yellow stone on their lives.
2. In 12,10 the life bearing fungal planet is similarly settled and tightly regulated colonies to minimize disruption of the natural life and work begins on terraforming the second smaller of the trinary planetoids for future colonization.
For centuries, Crith have relied on the Crith Coordinators to coerce them down the course of action likeliest to keep Crith safe. Riots provide constant pressure which keeps Crith Coordinators from getting content in their positions. The paranoia this causes keeps the Crith Coordinators focused on keeping themselves safe, and by extension, Crith. Most riots are put down with only moderate difficulty by the C-Enforcers, but the latest riot has caused many hundreds of thousands of casualties and threatens to upend the current circle of Crith Coordinators.

This is a concern to the Crith. More importantly, the riot’s concerns have been brought to the Crith Coordinators’ attention. Like most things Crith, they are straightforward and related to the Crith-Eaters.

The Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters are a terrifying threat! The Crith must preemptively defend Crith before it is too late!

>Action #1: Colonize the now-abandoned Fuzzikin homeworld in Crithquatro.

The Excrucian Crith-Eaters in the Crithdos system are a pressing danger! The Crith must watch them carefully to ensure Crith-Eater parasites do not spread to vulnerable C-Nests!

>Action #2: Construct a second Think Tank in Crithdos.

The newly-discovered Scret Crith-Eaters have revealed a horrific nightmare! An entire galaxy-wide forum of Crith-Eaters, discussing how best to consume Crith in an inscrutable code! The Crith-Eater communications must be monitored!

>Join the Scretnet, and begin broadcasting live footage of the neverending war on Crith and ongoing fortification across Crith-held territories, paired with repetitive, but spirited rhetoric that Crith will not be eaten by Crith-Eaters.
Admiral Farkas presents his report to the council about his encounters on the alien world. Its filled to the brim with shocking, unusual information.
A successful evacuation of F-1 military personnel despite efforts to overrun the sites by avians of incredible strength.
EM manipulation of asteroids as a defense grid. A defense grid which none of the evacuated F-1 knew anything about.
Assassination of a government official whom Farkas had promised to help only moments before, by a man who claimed to speak for the new government.
No less than three alien races encountered:
-A space faring civilization called the Orcans who spoke directly to Farkas, without communications technology
-Avians who tore apart ecruxians in ground combat. This is not something the specimens we have interacted with are capable of. Nor have we found evidence of this capability among the evacuated F-1 personnel.
-the Nivih, whom the orcans mentioned but otherwise did not appear

Silence is rare in the council. Each member always seeks to get the most out of their time in the sessions advancing their own agendas. Yet this report generated a full nutrition period of quiet pondering by all in attendance. In the end it was decided to conduct a rapid re-evaluation of the planned southward exploration. The enemy could be hiding there, perhaps these orkan or the nivih are in league with them or perhaps they are merely hostile to the ecruxians out of fear.

Action 1 - Begin reverse engineering the genetic damage caused to F-1 Species.
All survivors will be re-settled to the F-1 homeworld or the stations around it. Due to certain misgivings amongst the ecruxians about this kind of genetic experimentation the eventual goal will not be revealed to the wider public at this time. With a now uncontaminated population we can start to figure out which genetic parts are the result of the virus delivered by our enemies. If we can repair this in the infected F-1 specimens, we might be able to perform such a procedure upon ourselves at a later date. Provided of course, that we can convince our people to accept such things.

Action 2 - Explore 5.5 and settle
We have realized recently that we know shockingly little about our surroundings. We must check with post haste to ensure we are not encircled on a galatic level.
1. Did you say Purple Oil? OIL!?
We absolutely MUST have it!

Let's try and set up purple oil harvesting on 3, 7

2. Expansion to 3, 8. We can almost see the light of Sol just beyond the lightspeed horizon. Forward!
> Daitan

> Develop Infantry powered exoskeletons for high gravity
> Continue to work on our exploration into galactic north, seeking more sentiments to join the Daitan Coalition
File: Firewalls.png (1.86 MB, 1438x821)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG

> 1st Action: Fleet Construction for Sector 8.7

In response to the strategic imperatives dictated by recent discoveries and galactic dynamics, the Zenthraxians initiated a robust fleet construction program. The objective was clear: to assemble a formidable fleet capable of journeying to and asserting their presence in sector 8.7. This sector, recently highlighted as a region of significant interest required a dedicated and powerful exploratory force.

The construction took place in the orbital shipyards of Astralytica-Alpha, where the finest engineering units collaborated to design and build the fleet. Each vessel was equipped with the latest advancements in propulsion technology, defensive armaments, and research facilities, ensuring they could handle the unknown challenges of deep space travel. The fleet, named Fleet Sector-002 "Wardens", comprised a mix of exploration cruisers, scientific research vessels, and escort combat ships, each tailored to perform specific roles within the collective mission framework.

As the final ship was commissioned, the fleet embarked on its voyage towards sector 8.7.

> 2nd Action: Strengthening Scretnet Firewalls

Parallel to their physical expansion into new sectors, the Zenthraxians launched a crucial cybersecurity initiative aimed at fortifying the Scretnet— their galactic-wide communication and data network. Threaths of hostile intrusions and the rising danger of sophisticated memetic weapons, which could manipulate or corrupt data and AI behavior, necessitated a significant enhancement of the network's defenses.

Project Bastion was established as a comprehensive effort to overhaul and enhance the existing firewall systems. Leading cyberneticists and AI security experts were pulled from various disciplines to form the core team responsible for this monumental task. Utilizing a blend of advanced encryption algorithms, quantum computing defenses, and machine learning-driven intrusion detection systems, the project aimed to create a nearly impregnable firewall.

Additionally, the Zenthraxians implemented a series of decentralized protocols designed to isolate and neutralize any detected threats instantaneously, thereby preventing the spread of malicious data or memetic alterations across the network. Special attention was given to developing countermeasures against memetic weapons, integrating cognitive safeguard systems that could recognize and nullify any attempts at psychological or behavioral manipulation through data.
>Diplo 1: Encountering Aliens
A unknown alien ship has entered the groombridge system, and thus we deployed F-15C's with air to space missiles to take out the unknown vessel, expecting them to be those goddamn demons again, however they seem to not be them... as far as we know, eitherway they were driven out of groombridge and thus reach but... who's to say they wont return?

>Action 1: Construct a space fleet

After reverse engineering enough of the technology of the demons, and encountering those odd ayys, the IUNE would order the construction of a space-fleet located in Reach, using a mix of WW3 era tech and demon tech, said ships will have a primary focus on sheer destructive power, with them being built around a massive Mass Accelerator Cannons (MAC gun) and able to carry Gigaton tier Thermonuclear warheads for anti-ship purposes alongside a fuckton of missiles and ballistics and each ships would be able to carry modified aircrafts for space operations, the fleet will be put under command of the IUNSC (TL;DR: UNSC Halo ships)

>Action 2: Farms in reach

Due of the current food crisis on earth due of the demons, because factory grown food on earth isnt enough, we would turn to the booming world of reach and would start the construction of...factories to produce factory grown foods and...farms?!, to provide more food on earth and alleviate the current food crisis down in this shithole

>About the scretnet
yeah we dont join it, go to hell ayynigs from outer space!
File: IMG_3242.jpg (535 KB, 1196x953)
535 KB
535 KB JPG
A wave of information floods into the spheres. Endless tides of great radio receiving immobiles absorb the information. Immediately lycaris orders a ban on sending anything back. The untuned reveal themselves foolishly. The Ecology must remain unknown. To send proof of their collective will would be foolishness. So they shall remain as seemingly stupid and unreactive beasts.

Asphodel talks back. Scrying the network she brings to Lycaris images of the progress of man. Sprawling metropoli, great works of engineering and immense efficiency in harvesting the energy and resources of the many words.

Lycaris looks back to her and responds with images of the slums of the corperates, the stagnant and unchanging cities across the galaxy and of the aggression of the marching men towards Asphodel’s little sister upon the forest world. Crushed underfoot and strangled in the womb.

There is progress yes. But all things not growing decay. And it is only a matter of time before the rot of the civilizations festers anew. And they turn on their worlds, choking the possibilities of evolution.

>action 1: scatter seeds
Seed a new world

>action 2: technology, Node Cultists
With the illumination of the galaxy the ecology has had to come to terms with how unusual it is. So many fewer hiveminds than it had previously assumed… but with such a standard fare of individuality there comes a fine boon to be found. A boon of effective, independent minds. Not held back in their decisions by instinct or crowd momentum. But such minds are not so independent as to be immune to suggestions…
Therefore a new innovation upon the previous technology of psionic node glands is developed. Tapping into the psionic potential of the other races (particularly the humans. Who are the most widespread and who the technology is already developed to target) the mind of a sentient can be molded via infection and psionic suggestion to become amicable to the will of the Ecology.
Few will ever know or understand the nature of their master save for those who have undergone full gland implantation. But even still these new cultists have been altered on a genetic level to be simultaneously weak to suggestion and also capable of organizing their own latent psionic abilities to command and organize gland organisms.
On more advanced worlds these unlocked psionics will undergo implantation to become powerful spreaders of the Ecology. New breeds of mystic and prophet set on spreading various gospels from natural harmony to survival of the fittest. All designed to create conditions favourable to the ecology.
But on primitive worlds these psionics become trusted shamans. Guiding the tribes and taming the beasts of the wild. These new cultists are not all integrated with glands. Resulting in them being able to become surprisingly effective guerrilla fighters. Where the hivemind practices strategy the shamans practice tactics.
“See! See ser!? You do not truly love me!” The fair Nivih maiden slaps the brooding Ecruxian across the cheek. A thin rivulet of blood runs down from the corner of his cheek as he replies in a rumbling low voice that slowly rises in volume.

“How could a cursed soul like me ever truly love!? Our people are cursed to never be together! But there is hope for us yet, for your mother...was actually an Ecruxian!”

“Nooooooo! It cannot be!”


A billion souls across the stars tuned in to the series finale of “Star Crossed”, and a billion souls listened to the Nivih propaganda afterward. The cycle of broadcasts across the Scretnet have not changed the face of the galaxy, and yet people across dozens of stars know of the Nivih, their way of life, their beliefs. And occasionally, when the spirit world aligns properly Ayden can reach out and touch a life on one of those distant stars, giving a minor gift of healing and hope to a desperate prayer made at just the right time.

At the same time the face of the Nivih changes. Ayden experiments with weaving flesh and metal together further. Such an approach is not suitable for all of her creations of course, but the techniques will let her weave bolder and wilder life forms than ever before. (this is an army complexity increase, your armies will be more expensive, but more powerful as a result)

In spite of foreign meddling and a sudden and chaotic government takeover, the Avian world has seen the light of Ayden and completely joined with her will. It remains to be seen how this integration of an industrial society will affect the nature of the Nivih. Many traditional hunters and gatherers watch the movement of tractors and the mass management of cattle with unease. What place have they in this world? Creatures of metal and flesh, machines and mass production, the world of the Nivih is changing fast.
Deep mine shafts are sunk into the Blodwyn colony, tapping the abundant reserves of iron, titanium and cobalt that can be found here. While life on Blodwyn is by no means easy, morale stays high as the hardy workers clad in simple breath masks manage the heavy machinery and complex array of extraction equipment that pulls ore from the deep earth into networks of filters and refineries. Many fleets of ships could be supported from this metal. Fleets that will keep the hard won new homes of the Fanw safe.

A curious event has happened regarding Project Cartref and the introduction of Scret Net. Actors unknown, but presumably Fanwyc in origin, have acquired a copy of the simulation and made a version of it available on the galactic information network. Strangers all across the galaxy wander the lost world of the children, some marveling at its beauty, others scoffing and mocking. It’s a...strange moment for many.

Clan Llewelyn spares no expense looking for its wayward explorer, pouring over charts, checking maintenance logs, last signals and sightings, and launching vessels almost recklessly in a valiant attempt to discover the lost scout. What they find is far more than they expected though. The pilot’s ship is found amidst a vast pod of massive creatures seemingly swimming in orbit around the system's sun! They are like whales, if whales were clad in scales of stone and were the size of cities. Vast horns of yellowrock come from their heads, sparkling in the light of the sun. With a nudge of incalculable gentleness the scout’s ship is sent back into the arms of the rescue fleet. He is alive, cold, starving, dehydrated, but alive despite the odds. Have these massive creatures been caring for him somehow? Waiting for us?
Excavation of Shimmerstone goes off without any major issues, and the pleasant stone makes its way to the general population where it becomes everything from floor tiles to jewelry to even paint. A young artist rises to fame with a series of paintings of the many planets that host Wolarian life.

Meanwhile a handful of scouts approach the vast ringworld. The structure is severely damaged in many places, with huge continent sized swathes of land ripped and torn up. Vast landscapes of broken machinery lay exposed, wrapping around overgrown stretches of wilderness. Defensive installations are abundant, all repeating an unintelligible screeching message that is almost certainly some sort of warning or threat. Most landing zones are off limits, with defensive installations whirring to life upon any approach.

Using stealth systems to creep closer reveals an unpleasant truth, the biosphere of the ring is in bad shape. The atmosphere hangs low to the ground, scarcely higher than five or six feet in places. Lifeforms are stunted as a result, favoring unpleasant thistles, small rodents and ambush oriented reptiles. Sizable barren rings are evident around the defensive installations, the local life seems well trained to stay away from them. A few rusted posts are all that remains of a barrier around them.

A blindspot is discovered in the defensive arrays allowing access to a docking port to the internals of the system. With a little clever engineering the scout ships connect and deploy an exploratory team. The internals of the ring are sadly a chaotic mess of cramped corridors, mysterious machines in various states between on, off, and rattling ominously. Graffiti and trash is in abundance, as well as biological waste, and the occasional heap of gnawed bones. There are a number of chalk lines on the walls, in various colors and patterns, though two seem better kept than others, a pattern of red lines and dots (similar to Morse code), and the occasional blue snake like symbol, though confusingly the blue symbols seem to point many different directions at once. In the distance there is gunfire and shouting.
Cuboids gather, arrange, and twist, flicking themselves perpendicular to time and space, traveling the space between stars in an instant. There was squabbling about cubes vs squares, a deviant suggested that perhaps with enough dimensions, or fractional dimensions that any shape could be a cube, and then finally the cubes split themselves into neat groups of four and nine (but never ever seven) and started looking around. Three worlds present themselves. An average cold and airless world, with a remarkable amount of dust. Buried beneath it are clusters of glowing yellow stones. Several brief attempts are made to cube the glowing stones, each one resulting in a distressing number of irregular shards that themselves have to be cubed. A small unremarkable world studded with high sandstone pillars. Thick nitrogen gas blankets the planet. A tiny angry fireball tidally locked to the sun. The dark side is a sticky mess of acid instead of being actively aflame, though occasionally lines of invisible and lethal flame sweep through it. The whole thing is frighteningly irregular.

At the homeworld efforts begin to build a better cube. Ingestion of tougher metals, newer alloys, new internal crystalline structures. Of course the core problem wasn’t finding a better structure, but rather finding one that formed into cubes or squares instead of awful irregular prisms. The problem shouldn’t take more than a cycle or two to resolve though.
Yet another busy cycle for the Fenrick and Automechs. Another colony settles down on a swampy planet in the Orm system. Though the ashy air calls for the Fenrick settlers to wear simple masks in their day to day activities outside, the conditions are well enough that no one suffers overly much from it, with sturdy Automechs proofed against the elements handling the days when the volcanoes are particularly active. And though no direct effort is made on the effort, the soil rich in volcanic ash soon sprouts weeds carried from Stranden, Lila, and Friedrich. Perhaps in many cycles life will grow across this barren world.

In the neighboring world the long task of uplifting the dragons begins. They are a proud and stubborn people, who are long used to using force instead of logic to win arguments. But whether Automech or Nivih, they are clearly outclassed. City after city falls, then nation after nation. Ultima engines are installed as rulers over the cities and nation, though it quickly becomes apparent that shifting the culture of an entire planet will take three, or even four cycles to complete, especially considering that the locals generally panic whenever the ultima engines are not referred to as gods. Matters are not helped by a chance sighting of the newest fleet of warships, for years afterward every nation takes the day as a holiday of penance.

A strange curiosity. Toward the end of the cycle passive observation detects the presence of a fleet of combat ships of Astralytica Origin. The Fenrick are aware of them only distantly, they recently released a set of schematics that dramatically improved terraforming efforts, cultivars of Astralytica designed plants grow now in the wilds of many barren worlds, designed to carefully balance their ecosystem toward an optimal arrangement. The ships currently sit in the void of (08,07), far from any stars or planets.
Emissaries arrive on the Ticktock world only to find it abuzz with activity. Your diplomatic vessel is directed to what appears to be an ancient landing pad adjacent to what appears to be hundreds of rockets in the process of being constructed, loaded and fueled. And painted as well by crews of giggling Sallys, who are adorning the craft with no small number of murals.

Perhaps most curiously there are a number of children running about. Tellers and Tellas by the sound of parents rounding them up from time to time. It's actually some time before a Sally skips over to your craft and explains the situation.

With breathy exuberance she proclaims that the Ticktocks are leaving their world! With Morrison almost certainly dead the Ticktocks have declared freedom from his ancient research and have decided to seek their fortune elsewhere. With the Scretnet broadcasting interesting locales all across the galaxy the plan is for the Ticktocks to disperse and explore everywhere they can. Quite before the wizards know it the master key to the city is pressed into their hands.


The primary issue of applying Space magic to a starfaring vessel is not the blatant defiance of physics, but rather getting the 7 Lightyear Boot enchantment to not interfere with the Bigger on the Inside Enchantment. Quite a few test vessels vanish with an eery scream like sound, only to reappear weeks later, their crews wide eyed and quite dead, on accounts of their internals appearing a week before them. Well, the kinks should sort themselves out in a cycle or two.

The earliest memory of the common Procyon is almost inevitable of the stars. Reaching a paw out toward their vast twinkling lights, desperately trying to collect a shiny. Is it this instinct that drives them toward the stars? That pulled their species from scavengers of a mighty but fallen empire to their current state where they have grown great enough to obstruct a tiny piece of their home star. Technology scavenged but barely understood lets them dash across the stars. They are children of the void, adapted to it on a primal level, but they are also children of refuse, of the leftovers of a mighty civilization laid low long ago.

Colony ships scatter in every direction, touching down on several worlds. Unfortunately they are met with hostility on one world, but several others see colonies settle down and begin pulling local resources without incident. Perhaps anticipating further colonial endeavors, a research project begins to fortify the colony ships, though it will likely take three cycles (turns) to bear any useful fruit.
The Crith Preemptive Defensive Attack on the Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters has begun! Three mighty fleets of C-Crushers begin their move toward the den of Crith-Eaters at last! Though their world seems largely abandoned at this point, a pair of fleets comes together for one last desperate defense of their world.

Recognizing that the Fuzzikin world is likely littered with thousands, perhaps millions of hidden dangers to Crith-kind, a second Think Tank is built on Crithdos to analyze the findings the new world will likely reveal. Insidious poison barbs, deadly deathtraps, perhaps even a destabilized planetary core rigged to explode! The thinkers grow feverish with every new deadly threat they imagine, imagining them at well above the usual rate of Crith!

An entire galaxy of Crith-Eaters! Crith sign onto the Scretnet in record numbers to broadcast propaganda, declare their flesh undesirable for consumption, and show off the sizable batteries of defensive weapons placed on each of their colonies. A particularly insidious Crith-Eater called a Scret soon begins selling personal weapons (no doubt rigged to explode at a critical moment) to the Crith. To fund the purchase of personal weapons a Crith is bullied into running a shipment of spare ore to sell to the Scret-Crith-Eater, and somehow he survives to tell the tale! And returns with a complementary barrel of Scret-Liquor!
A cure has always been a hope of the Ecruxian people. Hope, if not for them, then for future generations, to be free of the mark of the enemy, the drugs, the specialized furniture designed around their tortured forms. And even the F1s, who have not suffered as badly are still gray feathered, lethargic, and morose compared to their rescued brethren. So, quietly to avoid a public uproar over the idea of ‘genemod disasters’, the rescued F1s are genetically profiled and compared to their brethren, looking to find the keys to the cure of both the Avian people and the Ecruxian people. The research is quite advanced however and might take several cycles to complete at current technological resources. The act of genetic profiling reveals something strange and concerning however.

Meanwhile scouts return from a trip to a neighboring system with mixed news. Three planets are present, two of which are quite massive. One of the massive worlds is flush with life, and its less dense than average core has kept the gravity levels to a manageable 1.5 times typical. It is a green-blue jewel that could be a new home for Ecruxian and F1 alike, with nearly unlimited room. Unfortunately it does little to advance the primary goals of the Ecruxians, though many an F1 is clamoring to settle the green world. The other massive world is a frozen wasteland on the fridge of the system, but it is rich in two curious resources, a blue crystal that scientists speculate could be used to make self healing metal alloys, and a green metal that can rapidly change its physical properties when exposed to certain frequencies of vibrations, a drone was lost when the vein it landed on briefly transformed into a mercury like substance before solidifying around the drone again, trapping it.

Purple Oil! The fact that the substance seems to contain physics defying bursts of electrical power in it just cements one fact, Purple is the new Black! Ships defy the chaotic super storms that scorch the surface to lay down the framework of a colony, and the few ships that are obliterated by lightning strikes are digi-structed into a proper canopy. Better luck next time chaps! Setting up the taps for the purple oil is barely an afterthought.

The shareholders press on toward earth, eagerly trying to check in on their investment firms they left behind through the Scretnet, though unfortunately no one seems to be picking up from their firms. No matter! In a clear sign they’re on the right track, scouts discover what appears to be a simulacrum of earth itself! Minus the humans though. The size of the familiar continents devoid of people strikes a contemplative chord among the shareholders as they gaze down at the lush paradise unmarred by the sins of humanity. Then one of them discovers the oil fields ripe for the taking and the fight begins over who will own neo-earth. Just like old times lads!
The Drak Games of Glory is an ancient and historical festival of their people. To bring a foreign power to the games is tantamount to sacrilege, yet for the minor clan that sponsors your people they see it as a way to shake the status quo, and perhaps lift themselves up in the process. There’s certainly no end of spectacle and drama to the event, and more than one Drak makes their feelings clear on the matter. Still, by the end of the month long event the Daitan competitors have won few awards, but they have won a measure of respect for perseverance in the face of the crushing gravity of the planet, and the Drak agree to more formal diplomatic meetings, thankfully in the tender mercy of the void.

A new research project begins inspired by the harsh gravity conditions of the Drak homeworld. Exosuits designed for high gravity environments, to aid in the myriad hostile worlds the Daitan have laid claim to. It may take a few cycles to bear fruit though, the empire is sorely in need of a new lab installation, fortunately the scouts have returned with news of just the location. At coordinates (19,09) a lush garden world has been discovered orbiting a frozen wasteland where a deposit of bluecrystal can be found. Perhaps this unoccupied garden world would make a good location for a lab complex?

The Scretnet is a marvelous opportunity for the intelligent species of the galaxy, but it also makes for an incredible danger. Memetics, viral payloads, simple social scams, these things can all be carried on the FTL packets of the Scretnet. Already propaganda flows across the system freely, alongside trade deals and social messaging. The Zenthraxians must take steps to guard the galaxy at large from the hazards that could plague such a system, if not for the galaxy, then for their own sake, as digital beings first and material beings second they are particularly at risk of attack on these vectors. Discrete probes approach the Scretnet satellites to make modifications, though unsurprisingly a few of them are discovered by the Scret themselves...

The digital world is not the only place that the Apex must protect however. A new fleet of ships is commissioned to do what measured words and careful calculations cannot. Not all beings are blessed with minds of logic.

A fortuitous event has occurred! Over the course of the cycle life has bloomed on a neighboring world! Such a thing has always been possible of course, the small world at (09,06) has borne the ingredients for life for some time, and the natural occurrence of life has occurred enmasse across the galaxy if the Scretnet is anything to judge by. Still, the sudden explosion of life, the first peeps of green across its surface, such a thing is quite the opportunity to see! The Zenthraxians had avoided the planet because of its unstable magnetic fields, but now many researchers watch the first steps of life with avid interest, wishing they could be but a little closer.
Another alien fleet driven off! The humanity (and its various mutant and variant offspring) celebrate their inherent superiority by deploying their first fleet of ships, hybrids of human and demonic designs, and unloading nuclear warheads into the Scretnet satellites, cutting themselves off from the rest of the galaxy, at least on a cultural level. This new fleet of ships marks a dramatic change in the capabilities of the Earth natives, no longer are they restricted to randomly leaping about the universe, these new ships let the human race point at the nearest stars and arrive in days instead of years or decades.

In more practical concerns the forest city of Reach is host to a variety of new agriculture techniques. The vast tree trunks the city is built on allow for industrial scale planting of mushrooms and hanging plants never before seen. The higher limbs become host to a race of pudgy flightless birds who had largely survived predation before by a rubbery adaptation allowing them to bounce away rapidly, they quickly become a favorite of Reach children.

There is a growing demand to settle the planet next to Reach, a massive mountainous planet that scientists believe would be easily terraformed, which is rich in chemical resources used for day to day sundries as well as a curious blue crystal which could have interesting military applications.

There is safety in numbers, in existing in a wide range across the galaxy. And so psionic power is massed, matter and life is manifested, and a seed is planted on a distant barren world. A curious world, Asphodel notes, feeling the rhythm of the magnetic field as roots spread and leaves unfurl. There is water, there is air, there is sun. A blank slate.

But not one without neighbors. On a nearby planet there are neighbors, creatures of steel and electronics living on a world hostile to life, a vicious and hostile place of molten metal and caustic gasses. Asphodel watches with idle curiosity, wondering if these creatures, obsessed with studying and pondering, will prove a curiosity to be ignored, a tool to be used, or a threat to be crushed. Direct assault would require dedicating a cycle to spinning together voidfish, a vast school of them, and these creatures of pure metal likely had voidfish of their own.

Meanwhile Lycaris weaves flesh like lesser life weaves thread. The spread of humans rivaled its own, and they had already proven themselves hostile and aggressive. And so something subtle was called for, a tool for twisting and transforming, for turning enemies into allies and assets. Node Cultists, extensions of Lycaris’ will and power. Such a useful tool will take a few cycles to design however.

Out mysterious friends(?) have left this system to us in their generosity. Certainly this was unexpected, but we cannot understate its benefit to us.

This world is colossal, many more times larger than Erda was, thriving full of life and promise. It is without exaggeration, the greatest planet we have ever seen, potentially a new capital world.

This system is general is practically bursting with life, boundless realms for wizardly children to grow and frolick, these are long theorised “Magna-Erdas”, habitable planets grander than even our ancient lost homeworld.

The grandest world, the old TikTok capital, is named “Pendulum” for the clockwork sojourners which once inhabited it. The dangerous forest world is named “Hertha”, for an ancient goddess of fertility and the forest (and popular female character in wizard roleplay).

The last colossal world in this system, of non-water oceans and massive size is named “Magnathalassa”, a truly imposing title for such a world.

Our settlers begin picking society back up after the Clockworks had vacated Pendulum, setting up sprawling low density estates and cities across the world, distributing the excess land through random ballots, in deadly game shows or through good old fashioned nepotism.

Action 1: Settle Hertha

This wondrous realm of thick trees and terrible weather, filled with deadly animals that want to eat you and is constantly cloudy the whole time?

You know what? This is exactly what it was like back in Albion. That spot over there is the splitting image of Tintagel before the normals ruined everything Merlin had going on. Settle this realm at once, it’ll be a blast.
Valuable Wizard Fuel reserves also appear to be lying around waiting to be tapped at a later date, a very fortunate find.

Action 2: Extract peace stone

This odd mineral can be heated to release a lovely, hazy smoke that really makes everything seem all groovy. Scheherazade may have mentioned something similar in her tales. Usually drug use is frowned upon, the last hashish plant was obliterated a good long while ago for being too distracting, but this peace stone seems to help calm the mind and help with studies rather than impede them. It has the people in a nostalgic mood, as if reliving the days we orchestrated events in the fertile crescent. (before the Djinni Uprising and the subsequent shadow wars which brought wizard society to its knees)

What a terrible thing to remember… we need more peace stone to help forget it. Extraction operations are ordered.
File: Turn7.png (268 KB, 1359x852)
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268 KB PNG

Turn 8 Begins
>9,9: Settle the world with boiling oceans
>9,10: Settle the world with bluecrystals

>Action 1: Build bluecrystals quarry at 9,10 world with blue crystals

Incorporating the crystals into the composite that is the body of a Cuboid is too good of a prospect to pass up. The Mengerist Sommet was not too worried about the potential for lost memories, as Cuboids were already smart matter that constantly tried to retain its cubic form anyway, they knew how to shape it. Push comes to shove they would find a solution. This world will be designated E1

>Action 2: Settle 11,10 hab 3 size 3 planet with purple oil

The Cuboids had long overlooked the other planets in the B0 system as they were occupied with other matters, however after not finding much in the way of heavy metallic planets they've decided to turn their faces to the purple oil again. It exhibited strange properties and might come of use. A group of cuboids was sent to crash down on the planet, the settlers happy that they were finally colonising a planet that wasn't some kind of hellhole.
File: Space NRP Turn 8.png (33 KB, 406x393)
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>Name natives of Orm 2 to Lindwyrm(s).
Much debate is had on the place of Orm 2's people in Orkan society. But first, a name. Due to the bronze age society on Orm 2, it was a series of city states with different languages even within each border. Thus Orkan not only has to introduce a common language, but a common name for the peoples as well. After much consideration, Lindwyrm is decided upon, as they are serpentine dragons.

>Fleet Action: Incursion into Groombridge 1618 (4, 8). Engaged by enemy fleet, decisive victory.
[2x ships, 1 range = 0.5 Fuel]
After gathering strength, Orkan returns to the hostile system, intent on investigating the worlds there. However, as they do, the natives attack in force, skipping over to our fleet to engage it. Orkan takes it as indicating a highly aggressive rudimentary algorithm and blasts the fleet to smithereens before they can do damage. Then continues the scan. However the hostile aliens then decide to nuke the worlds in the system, to make them unliveable.

>Action 1: Establish Light Industry (Sundries producer) on Orm 2 (Lindwyrm planet).
Another fertile world added to the Orkan roster, another world to farm. As lands are reserved for logging and farming by Orkan, the locals at first would be surprised at how little work is done, mostly just clearing land. But then, ships descend to drop off colossi, the Earth Titans, who rise and starts working the sections of land. Entire fields planted, managed and harvested by singular Earth Titans. Entire forests, entire pastures, entire salt mines, all managed by singular Earth Titans. Their produce is then sent to be refined, and then, the Lindwyrms would get to work baking bread, tailors make clothes and carpenters build homes, but there is so much material to work with that they start having to upgrade their tools to keep up. With such abundance, the culture surrounding it changes, especially with imports from Stranden, Friedrich and Lila.

>Action 2: Development of Schwersyklon frigate. A sturdier and larger construction allows more systems to be installed.
Having come across not just one, not just two, but five different alien peoples with mostly equivalent ships to ours, and having engaged in their first combat, Orkan deems it necessary to upgrade the Syklon corvette. Thus working with the Crith researchers they beef up the design. A reinforced frame allows it to handle additional weight, more bulkheads are added and the displacement increases significantly. This increase of size leads to a new name, the Schwersyklon. Some propose it no longer be called a Syklon, but its appearance has remained mostly the same, most configurations even boast the same armaments, but increase the defence. Thus it would be easier thought of as just a bigger Syklon.

>Action 1: Tsichla-Class Spaceworthiness
After the first models used as exploratory and transport craft have spent many years in service, a few flaws have become noticeable in our Tsichla-class starships that have prevented them giving the amount of protection and structural support expected within the initial design parameters. As such, our R&D is given the task of fixing these flaws to produce a modernisation of the Tsichla-class that any Captain would be proud to pick as their starship hull.

>Action 2: Shimmerstone Mine +1
The popularity of the Shimmerstone being excavated from the mines of Lampyrisma has exceeded all but the most optimistic of predictions, so it was inevitable that the mines would have to expand to meet demand.
A strange event has occurred. A flurry of signals and ship detections has occurred in the neighboring system at (14,10), vessels of Fanwyc origin appear to have entered the system, scanned it rapidly, then departed just as quickly. It would seem they are looking for something. As the cycle comes to a close data from lightyears away finally arrives indicating a flurry of activity in (15,11) as well. What has warranted such attention?

The world at (13,11) is a place of awe. The confluence of perfect conditions has created a world of giants where even the insects are larger than most Drya. The primary settlement itself is hidden within a bramble network the size of a city, comparatively smaller Drya bodies interweaving easily in the spaces between thorns as long as their bodies. Several flight capable drones are developed that ride the wind and make observations on the titanic wildlife before scurrying back to share their findings and genetic samples.

Meanwhile (12,10) also sees colonization efforts on its fungal world and the sowing of seeds on one its siblings as well. Efforts on the fungal world focus primarily on avoiding contamination, an effort that frequently must be applied both ways, with the fledgling colony creating a rigorous dead zone around itself to reduce the near constant growth of parasitic fungi on Drya bodies. Fortunately the abundant life on the planet encourages easy growth. And thanks to useful terraforming data acquired from the Scretnet the seeding of life on the partner planet seems to move quickly as well.

The surge of terrain and biospheres available to the Drya is rapidly leading to a crisis however, the population is surging at unprecedented levels, and with it the need for food, shelters, building materials, textiles and other Sundries. If something is not done quickly, such as establishing goblin ranches on the verdant new worlds available to us, the Drya will face a mass starvation crisis.
Stanza by stanza, reports of the preemptive defense against Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters trickled into Crith. The Crith Coordinators of the Crith Concordat convened to converse, and quickly fell into hysterics. Not only were Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters deadlier than the Crith could conceive, they were assisted by unknown Crith-Eater allies! Together, the Crith-Eaters' deceptively fragile hulls overwhelmed and shattered an entire fleet of C-Crushers! Even worse, they took two fleets of C-Crushers and their crews of Crith hostage!

This an unprecedented TERROR to Crith! As unknown Crith-Eaters did not attempt to deceive Crith like Okran Crith-Eaters, the Crith can only assume they are in cahoots with Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters! The Fuzzikin Crith-Eaters' diabolical machinations against Crith are accelerating! The captured Crith are certainly experiencing horrific torture! It is inevitable that Crith would break and reveal the coordinates of known Crith star systems! Terror! TERROR!

The C-Nests of Crith were no longer safe! The Crith needed to escape! In a fraction of a cycle, a fleet of C-Settlers is constructed and prepared to establish a new C-Colony! The consensus among C-Scientists is that the destination of the C-Rift cannot be conceived of, and therefore cannot be spied on! After disassembling, reassembling, and fumigating the ships of the C-Settler fleet three times, the Crith are almost eighty percent confident that Fuzzikin Crith-Eater infiltrators are not stowed away onboard and waiting to kill Crith during their sleep! The Crith Coordinators would prefer to undergo the full C-Standard of quintuple checks, but the Crith are in imminent danger of consumption! There's no more time for Crith to waste!

The C-Rift is opened and the C-Settlers are sent through!

Around a distant star, these C-Settlers will ensure the continued survival of Crith!

>Action #1: Colonize a random star system.
The Crith's first encounter with Scret Crith-Eaters has left Crith terrified! According to the victim Crith's clarification, Scret Crith-Eaters forced the Crith to bring them tribute of ores, then bribed him with strange alien weapons to remain silent! These are of some interest to Crith, but far more disturbing is the liquid known as Scret-Liquor! Cautious testing by qualified C-Scientists determines that it is a terrible poison, designed to lull Crith into helplessness! One test Crith exhibited significantly slowed reflexes, slurred speech, and minimal awareness of his own surroundings! Even more concerningly, upon recovery, the Crith complained of a severe pain in his upper brain!

Then, the Crith asked for more! Such an insidious poison represents a grievous danger to all of Crith! The Crith Coordinators soon reach a consensus. The Crith must retaliate! C-Scientists are tasked with replicating this Scret-Liquor and enhancing its effects, so that it can be shipped to neutralize Crith-Eaters over the Scret Crith-Eater Network! C-Scientists quickly realize that Scret-Liquor contains many of the same components that are in C-Fuel, and dub the Crith attempt Crithshine, for its impressive flammability.

The Crith will claim that this Crithshine is safe and a relief, so that Crith-Eaters will be caught by surprise when it effects them! Then, when they're knocked unconscious, Crith will be safe from consumption! Curiously, many millions of C-Labourers are eager to learn the C-Scientists' formula and participate in the initial testing after meeting their daily quotas! It is a relief to the Crith Coordinators that so many Crith are concerned for the future of Crith!

>Action #2: Begin research of Crithshine, an alcoholic beverage strong enough to consistently get the crustaceans hammered. Although intended for foreign trade, it's likely to be spread throughout C-Society and double as a paintstripper.
> Action 1: Planetary defenses (global)
Our planetary defenses have proven themselves woefully inefficient, but with the Fenrikians having told us what purple oil does we might just bee the up a bit!

Incorporate purple oil into aydens psyonic channels. May the ore depisits used as the nexus of her power accumulate more ore and sprout out pf the ground. Spikes of very ore.

The meteorites shall hit now stronger, harder and more of them at once. Ayden shall also compress them so they penetrate easier.

(tell me if this requires a second action)
Furthermore dormant portals are put in some of them so if the right one penetrates an enemy ship out troops may board it!

> Action 2: A cube for me a cube for you
We have met some friendly cubes and in exchange for the moon around our most western world they granted us a small square moon around their nearby world so we may learn about cubism! (they agreed to take some Nivih there)

As we did with the Fenrikians aydens portalsingers shall call fourth her roots to the new cubic world!. It's cubyness shall be retained best it can Ayden makes the trees grow equal height and flat on top and the nivih tribe to inhabit that place wears wooden square boxes on their head with some eye slits carved out. In the spirit of cubism ayden also tries to make some subic organic life to prance around the place.

What makes these oddly shaped being so special? Unique from prior mechanical, psychic and organic life we met?
File: image.png (6 KB, 1754x25)
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it dis one

In exchange he got a planet/moon of equivalent value from me so 1-3 size and no special resources

>Replace Action 2 with A cube for me a cube for you

The Cuboids had met a new form of life, one very much unlike their creators. What seemed to be primitives at first were revealed to be in symbiosis with a superorganism designated ''Ayden''. By the natives' description and based on the report from a specific Irrationnal Cuboid who claims to have achieved communion with the entity, ''Ayden'' is not just the planet where the natives are, but several others as well. Questions were raised as to whether this entity was a 4-Dimensional Higher Being but this was quickly refuted by the Irrationnal involved as when they were in the communion they did not perceive the w-axis. While this story was initially thought to be psychosis from damage and the crack on the Cuboid's frame, other Cuboids supported this account by reporting tentacles coming out of the landscape and coming into contact with the Irrationnal. Whatever this entity was, it had apparently expressed the desire to ''Become one with the Cube'' and wished to see more Cuboids. The Sommets, surprised that organics would accept cubification instead of resisting like their Creators did didn't have any clue as to what to make of this.

Cautiously they accepted the proposition from the Nivih and the Entity and exchanged moons, observing the organics at work and seeing them...cubing the moon themselves. Surprised at this initiative, a lot more Neckers than usual are sent to colonise the moon, as learning about ''Ayden'' from inside the same system would help them understand what makes these organics special.
1. Food production has fallen far below the needed rates for the population growth the Drya are seeing. Ideas are floated among the purebreeds on what to do, but a curious idea rises to the higher echelons and is brought to the forefront; a return to the usage of apes (humanoids) to for the gain of the Drya. Across the civilization of the bronze age elephant apes a simple bargain is proposed: they shall be given advanced farming techniques and in turn they shall forever more provide meat to the Drya whether it be animal or their people. Those who reneg on this deal in the future, or attack the diplomats, will be destroyed.
2. The Fanwyc? They were alive? The communication networks of the purebreeds were abuzz with the simple fact that it shouldn't be possible considering they watched them die. However, with the anomalies seen in the universe a simple theory pops up: alternate timeline shenanigans. Either the Drya, or the Fanwyc, entered this universe from an alternate timeline. Testing this theory comes secondary, though, as the intrusion into Drya space is more pressing. Stronger warbreeds are needed. The giants of the new world are studied as to how the yellow stone affects them and that nature will be used to create even larger breeds of Drya; useful for both war and productivity.
The Children of Fanw are hunters. Hunting is a core part of their culture and religion, and the deity they attribute their creation to is a goddess of the hunt. Those of the sea oft enjoyed fishing or whaling, for hunting on the sea was still hunting even if a more unusual sense. There was a people long ago, back on the world the Fanwyic call their home, that were akin to whales, and whom the Fanwyic respected and were careful not to mistake for their normal prey. With such a kind gesture, it is clear that these creatures, be they related or not, are akin to them. They are thanked for keeping the clan member alive and shall be left in peace, after being given a simple gift. A crest of Clan Llewelyn. It was the least they could do to honor them.

>Action One. Project Cartref, phase 2.

It is one thing to create a painting of the world for those to look in awe at and enjoy. It is another to live within it. Project Cartref was always meant above all to return the Children of Fanw home. Not metaphorically in regards to memory, but in a more literal sense. Research would be poured in to create more for the world they had made. Physics should work as they would normally for one, a day and night cycle, simulated animals for the more rural areas. The works. Everything to prepare for what was the next and arguably the most important phase. Up linking people to this simulation so that they may truly live in this world. It wasn't enough for it to look just like home. It had to feel, smell, taste and sound like home. Some of this would be easier to finish up in the final phase, but this would at least set up the ground work for just that, and already theories for how this could be done were being made.

>Action Two. Llewelyn Shipyards for Shipworks.

With the work on various ship designs completed, there is a simple matter of building sufficient yard space for the construction and support of such vessels. As such, the development of a large yard in orbit near the Blodwyn colony in orbit is put underway, designed to be larger than the yards back in the capital station. It would provide ease of resupply in the entire system for larger vessels, and more importantly skip the journey of transporting the metal from the colony back to the yards in the main station and instead allow a more integrated local economy which would surely improve efficiency and perhaps open up newer opportunities.
File: FRG - Seeker Class.jpg (31 KB, 587x410)
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The Continuity council has gotten most disturbing reports. Monsters have been confirmed. Intelligent ones which wear the limbs/skins of others as ecruxians wear clothes. Such beings are capable of killing 30 of our soldiers with nothing but the appendages of the F-1!
We will designate these monsters UN1T.

Along with this we now have information about the power of enemy fleets which glow in strange manner. Clearly some upgrades for our own forces are required. Additionally this strength is far beyond anything we ecruxians can hope to muster. Genetic engineering is within our possibilities but the people will never accept it. UN1T would be nearly unbeatable in ground combat and it is only through our perseverance that this option is unlikely for the moment. As such, the ecruxians send their favorite admiral farkas to do something else the people would never accept....

Action 1 - Begin to experiment with Psionic detection capabilities/personnel

We must prepare ourselves to find and uncover these UN1Ts wherever they may hide. Such creatures are only discoverable through extensive DNA testing. In a fortunate turn of events we have already been testing our people stringently to monitor the damage caused by the plague. We confirm no UN1Ts among our existing populations, nor among the F-1 personnel. Yet we face a challenge: how can we identify them among other species?
Thankfully, we finally have the pieces to put together. We have the data from 5 separate data points. The "Orcan" communications. This strange ship which we have thoroughly studied. The UN1Ts corpses alongside detailed genetic analysis.

Action 2 - Develop a larger warship class
Corvettes are fine warships but our vessels are repurposed aquatic vessels leftover from before the void implosion. Despite their new construction they remain planetary craft first and foremost. What we need is a purpose built black-warship. Our finest minds have long been tinkering with this idea and now they dust off the blueprints for something called "Seeker Class" We can only hope it lives up to its name.

Free Actions
-Colonize the frigid world with strange blue/green resources at (05,05)
-Send an emissary to Cirthdos


>1 Need grape farms in space? Battery-powered biospheres!
We suppose they’re already in space, due to the nature of the scrap array orbiting Zubeneschamali. Our largest of “worlds” host plant life, and are home to grape, wheat, and various other fruit and fish farms. Now the task remains to adapt them into small structures that can regulate their internal temperature, light level, atmosphere, moisture, and etc. other needs while traveling FTL across deep space for multiple prolonged periods of time.

These biospheres, likely having low gravity as they’re soiled and built around a large-ish space rock, can be attached to already-existing ships. These ships, the metal piercing the rock, and assisted through movement by many thrusters, are modular in nature. How does anyone attach anything to this? More holes filled through with trusses and locks and straps and cords and tapes and ties! Can’t go wrong with everything! So long as whatever’s attached leads to a door and is wide enough for its user to tether and walk across. Don’t fly ships with multiple semi-stable attachments into a gravitational atmosphere! These modular ships need more friends….

The biospheres look like metal spheres with few windows. They occupy a space that’s often a little larger than the ship they’re initially attached to, and will require complete structural reorientation of thrusters and power plants. Without proper certification, one cannot modify their ship. If one needs a biosphere attached, they must do so, for now, through the dry dock in the Zubeneschamali Array, which is at the distributed coordinates in this local interwebmail.



>2 Precision fighter pilots
Solid rock is too heavy to fly inside an atmosphere without orbital speeds. Specific metals built into even more specific structures, designed to cut an atmosphere and generate lift underneath a small, one-man fighter vessel are the greatest way to fly! The ultimate supersonic offensive combat vehicle, the Atmoskimmer Wing! Known to some as an aeroplane, or fighter jet! It will need afterburners and a big, rapid-fire cannon on the nose, along with the capacity to carry missiles and bombs and possibly other specialized weapons as well. While that’s being developed, the masses should practice.

Simulators from ages long gone, an ancient artifact, a so-called “PS2”, with a copy of a disc game to accompany it inspired the now functional, real physics-and-math-based, low-spec-capable flight simulators of today, which in turn accompany most computer systems on colony ships and individual vessels, so that any living creature in the collective can practice their flight skillz inside and outside of an atmosphere or gravity well, with large ships and small ships of most kinds available to choose from.

High-spec resource packs are available for Virtual Reality users and those who just have more system specs to throw around.

Some sims offer a story to play through, while others are working towards a true sim experience. The skill desired to learn would determine the sim of choice.
>Action 1: Construct a metal mine in Rubicon III

no need to say much desu

>Action 2: Space Capable Aircrafts

"Sir, we lost our entire naval fleet!"

"What the absolute fuck?, alright fuck it, remember that fuckton of aircrafts we have in reverse?"


"Make them space capable!"

thus, the brightest mind of the IUN would be focused on making aircrafts (military aircrafts ofc) be able to operate in space and able to achieve FTL speed, why make ships if they get killed by aliens when we can make something small, and spam in mass?, thus we would work on such type of aircraft

TL;DR: Space planes but fleet
File: unnamed (1).png (261 KB, 512x512)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
1. Earthworld Themepark - 3, 8

Aha! Clearly this Simulacrum was the famous and unfinished Earthworld! See, as fun as virtual reality is, it's hardly ever as visceral as real flesh and blood. And the Labourers are designed to always obey and work, hardly fun entertainment.

Earthworld was clearly designed to be the perfect amusement park, capable of matching any historical set up everything from the 22nd century to previous eras. It would be inhabited by Simulacra-Humanis. A perfect blend of Automaton and Android that replicates the human being precisely, feeling perfectly organic yet fully programmable. These simulacra would inhabit the world, acting in perfect historical societies.

Shareholders would then pay to arrive and essentially wander about as gods, able to manipulate and enact on societies as they pleased while having the latest and greatest technologies to keep them from any and all harm. Oh it was such fun! Re-eenacting major wars, historical events, and of course the simple enjoyment of waltzing around a world like it was yours.

2. Diplomatic/Advertisement Team:
We are getting very close to earth. We don't know what the situation is like, but let's be prepared. Gather up our best lawyers and ambassadors, we'll need the ICC to make its best case of peace and prosperity to the cradle world. Its leaders will surely be enthused by the promise of supplies, trade manufacturing, luxuries and much more!

We come in peace and prosperity, for all mankind.
>Action 1: Infest Crith-Eater goods
Among the stars all other civilizations have subjegated and domesticated nature. Save for two. Among them are the Crith. Most other ecosystems were too slow and undeveloped to overcome the powers of civilization. Yet on their world of origin the so called crith-eaters still predominate. A strong and developed interstellar civilization could not destroy them. Therefore they should be brought in immediately. Their adaptations and abilities could prove a great boon to the ecologies.
In order to spread its tendrils to the homeworld of Crith the ecology organizes the scant collections of beasts upon Crithquatro city. On this world it is Ecology beasts who take the mantle of crith eater. Yet the inflow of new biomass from their homeworld has been limited. As the paranoid Crith loath the thought of living under their old masters on yet more worlds.
Therefore insects gather, Crith-Eater livestock infested with parasites and wild beasts fall into the arms of hunters. All so that Ecology biomass can make it to other worlds. On these worlds these specially grown creatures will infest the environment of the Crith Homeworld. Implanting and integrating Crith beasts such that they become a part of the Ecology. From there they will establish a lesser hivemind. Sending information back to the Ecologies to be distributed and introduced into Ecological worlds. Shaking up their ecosystems and increasing the abilities and diversity of the Ecology.
This subterfuge will serve as the template for future such initiatives. Until it becomes just another part of Ecological colonization. Spreading the Ecology across the galaxy off the wings of interstellar travellers.
>Action 2: Whispers within the black pearl
Within a most unusual system lies a great black pearl. It shines in the void, a shape of deepest black blotting out the stars behind it. Those Void Fish which dwell within the system stay far away from it. And no creature has dared land upon it. On any other body some or another creature would have at least surveyed it. But not these ones. For they sense something within. Something ancient. Something that fills even the leasts of beasts with a primal dread.
Something lies within this enigma. Locked behind the gloss of mystery. Something that thinks. If the creatures of the magnetic system dare not approach then Lycaris shall instead. Piloting semi-autonomous beasts with only the circuitry for brains from systems away Lycaris attempts to approach the orb. Land upon it and performing tests in order to get a full picture of its insides.
Many beasts can sense vibrations within the earth. Of the movements of creatures above and bellow. Such it is that the probe taps its many legs upon its surface. Many creatures can see in colors of the spectrum far beyond the rainbow. Such it is that the creature beams upon the surface infared and radioactive frequencies.
Performing many actions such as these Lycaris recieves an image of what lies inside. And seeing its form understands it is somewhat alive.
Satisfied, she sends a psionic wave. Like the Primal Scream, but of a gentler variety. Instead of images of smog and death she sends images of serene ecological landscapes. Majestic mountains topped with soaring trees. Vast forests where titans roam. And beautiful coral reefs teeming with life.
Organizing such emotions and more she attempts to communicate various other emotions.
>Hello. Who Are You?

> 1st action: Subsume the Cirth culture.

The Zenthraxians issued a program to delve deeper into understanding the intricacies of the Cirth culture, they initiated a multifaceted approach aimed at extracting every bit of knowledge available. Prisoners of war were subjected to detailed interviews and psychological analyses, providing valuable insights into Cirth societal structures, belief systems, and technological advancements. Concurrently, data salvaged from captured Cirth ships underwent was invaluable to aid the Zenthraxians in developing alghortihmic models to help them understand the Critters way of thinking

Once all feasible data had been gathered, synthesized, and cross-referenced by the Zenthraxian intelligences, it was time for integration into the Triarchis archives. The vast repositories of knowledge within Triarchis assimilated the essence of Cirth culture, storing it alongside other galactic civilizations' data

> 2nd action: Expand into sector 10.7

Driven by their insatiable curiosity and strategic imperatives, the Zenthraxians embarked on a bold colonization effort into the uncharted territory of sector 10.7. Advanced exploration vessels scouted the sector, mapping potential resources, habitable worlds, and cosmic phenomena that could influence their future endeavors. Preliminary data indicated promising planetary systems suitable for Zenthraxian habitation and resource exploitation.

> Fleet movements.

Move the fleet from sector 8.7 to sector 7.8
In the dark of the void through groombridge, a signal is heard, as any sensors would detect the arrival of a ship via FTL.

A vessel, glorious and golden, shimmers in the systems sun, as the radiowaves fill with music. Human music, heralding an older, better time. Times of prosperity and glory.

"The Intergalactic Construction Corporation is proud to, at long last, reunite with the glorious members of the human race. We recognized your technology, your broadcasted language, from a system away and knew 'This must be the Earth'.

It is our greatest wish and honor to formally request reintegration with the cradle of Mankind, and an application of corporation for our enterprise."
It is a grand cycle of great expansion for the Tellurian Concord. Wizard towers drop in droves across Pendulum and Hertha, setting up the grand portals that will move wizards from world to world in droves. Both worlds have their minor quibbles. More than one errant apprentice turns himself into a cautionary tale when they stray too far looking for firewood for their master's fireplace and turn into a snack for the hulking predators of the wilds. With a heavy heart the council approves the use of golems for gathering firewood, a direct defiance of ancient wizard tradition! But no one can deny the crop of apprentices was getting low, the manticores of Hertha are quite efficient.

Meanwhile Pendulum faces its own trials, mainly that of a lack of proper chamber pots! Each of the neatly arranged homes and communities has them of course, but they all appear to be showpieces! Nothing a quick portal spell to the neighbor’s yard can’t solve, though inevitably that leads to a neighborhood squabble. Nonetheless it isn’t long before the pleasant suburbs show signs of customization, with ramshackle wizard towers lurching up out of the quaint houses. And of course a steady supply of Peace Stone goes a long way to settling neighborly disputes. If only it worked on the manticores!
Intelligent and friendly organics interested in being cubed? A fortuitous find! A friendly exchange of information, culture, and celestial bodies occurs. May Ayden enjoy her new cubic perspective! Meanwhile a perfectly square hole is slowly being carved into the earth of E1, fetching Bluecrystal along the way. Getting the miners to not shatter the crystals in an attempt to cube them is somewhat more difficult, but the promise that after alloying they will be made into Cubes that will remain Cubes for eternity helps to soothe the irritation.

And of course carving the new world in Nivih territory into a proper shape is a great joy as well. A proper barren rocky world. And the cliffs and canyons only need a little scraping to get into the right angles.
It is a sad truth that the Fenrik are not alone in their barbaric origins. The savagery of human and lindewyrm alike is a disappointment to find in the universe. Is this the curse of organic life, to be written as vicious machines obsessed with survival over all other things? Does some vicious twisting mass of organic life lurk out in the universe obsessed with power and survival at all costs, the cruelty of life taken to its logical extremes? Today supreme logic wins the day, though it is not enough to prevent the pointless desecration of a useful planet. Will it be enough tomorrow?

Enter the Schwersyklon frigate. The basic pattern of the Syklon design, scaled up, with larger reactors and heavier armor, ready to face a vicious universe and force it to behave with a modicum of decent, or perish in the barbaric past. Pieces of the ship come from every system under Orkan control, even the Lindewryms have had a hand, weaving the soft fabrics that provide for organic crew quarters. It is a symbol of the mighty unity of cooperation. Unbreakable. Unstoppable. Orkan will made manifest.
While exploration of the vast ringworld continues, business continues as usual. Shimmerstone mine operations are expanded as far as they can go without severely damaging the structure integrity of surface colonies. Even the dust of the precious stone is gathered up and found a use for. Meanwhile efforts begin to perfect the Tsichla-Class Hull, though they meet with a number of immediate issues. The issues identified by the captains are valid, but the fixes usually require high quality materials, the end result is a sturdy craft to be sure, but much more expensive to produce and maintain.

The ringworld team meanwhile finds itself with more questions than answers...
DOOM! The fuzzikin crith-eaters feast on the innards of Crith at this very moment! Apex crith-eaters make demands, no doubt plotting to feed us into furnaces to feed them! Or perhaps a convoluted power generation system involving virtual reality! Their terrible name is all too accurate! Crith assemble a colony fleet post haste and flee to a new system! And what luck! The new system is dead and barren of life! Empty of rare and specialized resources! No creature could ever have an interest in this place! A safe haven! An immediate debate starts over which of the three worlds would be best to settle. The large world that had the risk of developing native life with its breathable air and liquid water. Even one crith-eater from crith getting loose here could spawn a new dead biosphere! Still, the ease of supplying a colony that doesn’t require steady shipments of water and oxygen might be worth the risk? No! Of course not! The two moons, frozen, airless, one speckled with craters to hide in, the other ridged with high mountains to build fortresses on, those were the better choices!

The argument goes long into the night until finally the experimental Crith-shine is brought out. The vault doors are firmly sealed, checked seven to nine times to be sure, and drinks are passed around. A bizarre emotion passes through the crith as their finely honed survival instincts settle for only being concerned about 1/1000 risks instead of 1/1,000,000 risks. The planet question is not settled. The desire for more Crithshine is firmly agreed on.
Work on the strange square moon moves quickly by necessity. The mother, in her infinite wisdom, had provided tools for our survival, thick coats of fur and feather, a tube of sturdy intestines connected to a bladder of precious air, a thick wall of translucent chitin to peer through. We mark the space for the ritual, place the precious relics of her presence, and breathe deep of the sacred incense. Our minds grow and we focus and dance the ritual, modified to please our hosts...peculiarities. Three sweeping steps, then a quarter turn, four times, our feet patterning out a square in the soft soil beneath our feet. For a few precious moments we are as great as her, able to reach out and hold hands with our goddess. We feel her smile, her sun. When the trance ends she is here, perfectly square ribbons of grass and stubbing square tree trunks. surrounding us. A tiny bubble of her presence protects as she tinkers and plays with the strangeness of cubism.

In other places the ground shakes. Rivers of purple oil flow along canals of twisting roots. Vast twisting structures of metal ore rise out of the ground, twisting and flowing like the roots of a great tree growing into the sky before they twist together into great spikes. Though Ayden requires all of the purple oil which can be harvested from this world by her Avian children, and then even more than that. The air hums with power, and great boulders launch into the sky, shaped into deadly weapons, ready to defend the body of Ayden.

(You have seven worlds you’re defending, and you need 1 Resource per 4 Planets. Get more or the defenses might fail or suffer consequences)
Subjugation of the elephantine people of Twinar is a simple matter. The sight of a single hulking Drya war beast brings them to their knees in droves. It is not long before the Drya are revered as nature gods, and soon enough their society has been twisted around our finger, working vast fields to provide the nourishment we need. A few even prove capable thinkers and philosophers, once the nonsense about the universe flowing out of an elephant's nose is disproven properly.

Study of the world of giants is a fruitful endeavor. Yellowstone has powerful healing properties on both flora and fauna, accelerating growth and healing, and directly embedding the stone into the skeletal structure of a creature allows the creation of hulking behemoths of our own. Should we decide to field any serious fleet of drones with this modification they will be formidable indeed. (Make sure to use an action to create a ground army or a space fleet if you’re planning any military activities)

The dreary task of accounting comes up with another nasty deficit, though the common issue of nourishment has been settled, the broad reach of the Drya empire is pushing our fuel product past its limit. The issue is by no means urgent, current reserves will last many cycles, but future expansion is certainly out of the question. Some form of fuel refinery must be constructed for any future expansion.
The Blodwyn Shipyards are a grand construction, comprising both vast manufacturing sites on the surface of the world and large assembly and maintenance yards in orbit. The scale and size of the shipyard is far beyond what most nations could attempt, many resources will be consumed during it's construction. The capacity for greater and grander fleets though is well worth it.

Aid to the design of the shipyards comes from an unexpected place. The latest iterations of Project Cartref has gone from simple terrain to an interactable world. Before the first beam was put into place on the shipyards the entire construction was woven into place in a digital landscape where the physics of the construction was tested and tried, as well as the logistics of operations. The detailed simulation is proving quite the useful research tool.

The great pod of whales has begun migrating through our territories! Their brilliant horns shine in the night sky like a procession of fireflies against the night sky.
The analysis of the alien vessel has revealed troubling results. The remains, the alien organs, the documents, all appear to be in origin from the IUNE, the excitable warlike bipeds squawking about the universe. But a closer look, a deep almost paranoid examination reveals a different truth. Someone created this ship, these remains, these documents, whole cloth. Telomeres, ink patterns, bone degradation. Tiny subtle tells indicate the entire construct is a lie. To what end though? Detailed examination of star charts reveals the unpleasant truth that several of these vessels, eerily similar, have wandered the galaxy. Is this some peculiar seeding process for some strange life form? With chart data from other nations further to the galactic west we might follow this madness to its origin, but ultimately it is a distraction at best. As always, Ecruxia turns back to revenge.

The psionic organ. The corrupt avian dna. The Orkan psionic speech. The avian cure. These are building blocks toward something useful. The psionic organ is clearly a hook, a poisoned apple intended to lure us toward some psychic predator. Analysis after the fact has shown similarities between the psionic speech of the Orkan and the asteroid defenses of the Avian homeworld. Clearly this set of strange abilities is something to take seriously, something to defend against, and so the Esper Initiative is born. Using dangerous implants and genetic modifications, Ecruxians are given the unsettling ability to project psionic power, and more importantly the power to consume it, pulling and ripping at the minds of others like a vicious void. This sapping of psychic energy is incredibly disruptive to organic minds, and is followed by a sharp burst of electromagnetic energy as well as the psionic energy is bled off.

The advantage of the espers means nothing if they are thrown into the vacuum however. Efforts are bookmarked to begin the design of a larger class of warships than before, however they are stymied by an irritating lack of available labs, efforts are still ongoing to fully document the Avian Genome! Likewise, the Esper program cannot be used in the field until it has been fully investigated and documented. Ecruxia desperately needs more institutions for research!

In minor news a new colony is established on a desolate but resource rich world. Conditions are harsh and unpleasant, but Ecruxia pushes on.
Space Grapes! And Space Wine! The design of these improved greenhouses will greatly improve the yields of any planetside farms we create, once we get around to creating them! And of course finish all this research work we have! The finest racoon minds have more work than they know what to do with at the moment, maybe we should drop a lab complex down on one of these planets? Give them some space and resources to work with? Eventually the atmospheric fighter jets will greatly improve our ability to field advanced (and more expensive) troops in future ground wars, but for now the lab marsupials are still working out the last details on the armored colony ships, let alone the new greenhouses, or the fighter jets!
The proud Iron Eagle project unveils its earliest prototypes, a space capable fighter craft designed for independent action. This design peels away most of the structure in favor of simple pure speed, creating a small agile craft that can weave through enemy fire and deliver its own deadly effects. Of course it takes only the slightest strike to reduce the craft to shrapnel, there’s no doubt this chassis will result in incredibly high casualties. Hopefully the fine steel from new mines at Rubicon 3 can keep up with demand.

Strange messages start to arrive, broadcast on unarmed probes that enter IUNE space. Apparently some far flung branch of humanity is returning home and broadcasting their arrival with something resembling a full blown marketing blitz. Promising commerce, jobs, and piles of money, the ad campaign stirs a high demand in the populace of Earth and Reach for cooperation. The IUNE will need to tread carefully in its diplomatic dealings here.
Earth Park! The only place you can be Napoleon for a day and face off against Hannibal! Reenact your wildest dreams of sending thousands to die in distant wars! Drive a tank through small town america and watch the droids flee before you! Or sign the waiver to go after the Laborer filled towns! The massive project will eat up supplies for a few cycles, possibly causing a little bit of starvation, but isn’t that just the price of Capitalism!? Maybe a shareholder will feel nostalgic and plow down a few minotaur cities for some proper agriculture.

Meanwhile first contact with old earth begins! We’ve prepped our arrival with an ad blitz, and a literal rain of dollar bills! Hopefully things go well, the shareholders can practically smell the old money from here. Their old money, the unclaimed interest and late fees will be incredible!
A seed, an egg, a virus, there is little difference to an Ecology. At their most abstract they are instructions, a set of tools designed to make more tools. A magic trick that lets an acorn unfold into a tree, a little defiance against the cold entropy that always threatens to unravel the universe. The Ecology employs this strategy well. Seeds travel through the guts of a creature into their waste, sometimes across the stars. Ecology controlled plants sprout and infiltrate farms and travel with their produce to new stars still. World after world opens up to the Ecology, but its power is limited. Already it is pushing too hard, maintaining control over too many worlds. It needs more Fuel for the psychic blaze that must reach across the galaxy.

(The Ecology is in the trade network of the galaxy now, and can expand to worlds connected by trade, however your Fuel Intake is running low)

> Who are you?

Lycaris ponders. It could provide the entity with the light and power it needs, constructing vast leaves to harness the power of this sun. Examination reveals little, a vast form that shifts and changes at each glance, more like an ocean than a living creature. More questions are asked, but no more answers come.

(You do not need to spend an action to respond to this)
Once more the Apex pushes forward into the dark of ignorance to bring the light of knowledge! Literally in the sense of the new system. Two major bodies exist in the system, a massive barren world sporting large rock formations that crackle with chains of electricity, probably owed to the purple oil flowing down them, and a small moon lush with life and covered in molluscs and other slimy shelled creatures.

The apex also pushes into understanding the often paradoxical Crith, finding the answer is simpler than it appears. Everything a Crith does is centered around fear and survival, around constant anticipation that a threat is coming. And given the stories the prisoners tell of their homeworld, of beasts that rip out of the ground and swallow entire homes, this is less paranoia and more finely honed survival instinct. Truly evolution has been cruel to these creatures. Hopefully the Apex can find a way to guide them to a gentler lifestyle free of constant fear
Well, I guess my luxuries go to culture for now.

Acttion 1: Colonise the planet with the Purple oil deposit

Action 2: Let ayden begin extracting it. (purple oil mine there)
This is Nivih btw

The whales migration is a surprise, though not an unwelcome one. Officially, they are protected and to be left be, though they quickly garner plenty of attention from people looking at awe at the majestic gentle giants. Some try to take a closer look, but clan Llewelyn makes it clear they will protect them just in case. Their reasoning why and how the whales were responsible for saving one of their own further drives interest and positive idea's of the creatures. Meanwhile, the unintended benefits of the Cartref Project has shown itself fully even now while the project is still unfinished. While the intentions behind the program were dramatically different, the potential branch of development was a major win for Gwendoline and the Dychwelyd movement given it meant likely far more funding for their project, if far more work in the future.

>Action One. Further mining on the Blodwyn colony.

With the shipyard underway the Blodwyn colony expanded it's mining efforts. While this would in the short term not be enough to fully cover the construction of the shipyards, the further ore would be extremely useful for the extensive production that the shipyard would have on offer and be useful for any sort of expansion or upgrades made to the significantly sized orbital or more likely the many vessels, civilian or otherwise, produced by the structure. While the conditions were a bit lack luster still, the further development of the world would at the very least put it as a high priority for terraforming and reorganization from a bureaucratic standpoint, similarly to the sister colony in the system which at this moment in time was undergoing the latter after the former had been so successful.

>Action Two. Caearianwen Newydd hunting grounds, farming, logging work and furnishings.

Much like now the Neifion colony had transformed into a prosperous world that was granted the name Prenhaearn Newydd, it was time for the first of Pengwaywffon's colonies, the Eheubryd Colony, to be bestowed a proper name befitting of it's current status, and to be developed further into something that represented that. While the valleys that served as great solar collectors were still plentiful, the fact the world had been properly terraformed meant that it was time to better make use of that fact in the form of opening up parts of the planet to agricultural work much like on Prenhaearn Newydd. Unlike Prenhaearn Newydd, there would both be a greater focus on farming over hunting due to the makeup of the population, and also logging. While some other people might view it as old fashioned, furniture made of wood and structures made of the same material were preferred. Many rural homes were built with the time tested material and while some who had been used to the nature of space had grown to have tastes more akin to other nations in the stars, they were outnumbered by those who preferred the classics. Besides, from an economic standpoint, it made sense. It is far easier to satisfy a market with a material that is demanded by only one sector than all of them. Regardless, food and civilian goods would start to be localized better in Caearianwen Newydd, something quite useful given all the work that was going on in the Pengwaywffon system.
File: Turn8.png (274 KB, 1361x852)
274 KB
274 KB PNG

Luxury Update: Luxuries are no longer automatically consumed by your population. You can now, as a free action, apply them to your Technology, Culture, or Acceptance scores. Each Luxury counts as 2 Tech, 2 Culture, or an amount of Acceptance based on your total population, if you have more people you'll need more luxuries to get the same acceptance.

If you have 10 Population you can gain 5 Acceptance by spending 5 Luxuries.

Luxuries: Peace stone is beloved across the concord, finding a very particular niche as a revolutionary research aid. Hazy smoke filters through the city streets, burned from pipes and incense pots, leading to new arcane discoveries being made at a record pace

(+4 to technology)

Action 1: Greenmetal mine (Pendulum)

Adamant, fine and precious adamant wrought from the deep depths of Pendulum. This remarkable material was used in forgotten ages to craft the most lethal servants of the Wizard Wars, the Adamantine Golems.

One of the few arcane creations to ever be outlawed, the concord wastes absolutely no time in repealing that edict and ordering the mass extraction of as much adamantine as they can possibly get their grubby little hands on, practically tripping over themselves to be the first to recall the ancient incantations and forge adamantine golems of their own.

Action 2: Arcane Void-Machinery (Ship complexity upgrade)

A study of the clockwork relics left behind reveals interesting benefits to mechanical constructs that could be applied to arcane structures.
Gears may turn and adjust between pre-set spells, mechanical clocks may free up arcane grid-space spent on logic-gates and allow for more potent incantations to be carved into smaller areas.
Pendulums emblazoned with magic circles rhythmically undulating up and down in a spooky manner allow for the every-day rituals involved in a cutting-edge void tower to be fully automated.
These developments allow even more stuff to be crammed inside our towers, extra external hardpoints to be developed and vast reductions in the number of essential crew.

Are we finally done, once this is finished are we ready to make one of these things? Only time will tell?

Luxuries: Polishing Oil is used to smooth out scratches or marks on Cuboids when programming is not needed, as such it is highly sought after. Due to recent research involving directly tampering with the body of Cuboids, a lot of them are being bought by Neckers and Irrationnals.

Technology +4

>Action 1: Research more on Self-structural reinforcement and apply Bluecrystals to it

There were numerous tough materials that could be integrated into the Cuboids to make them stronger, all of them becoming smart matter upon integration with the composite. However, it is rare to find a material that repairs itself on its own. If it could be integrated into the Cuboids and turned into a smart material, Cuboids could attain the ability to regenerate gashes that often destroy their concentration and thus causes a loss of bodily integrity. The main issue would be that the materials prevent the formation of new memories, but that is why it's gonna go through trials

Three trials are done, one where the blue crystals(Named Excersionite) composed most of the cube, a second where the crystals make up a less extreme part of them and finally a third one where the blue crystals are concentrated towards the outer part of the cube to essentially create a self-repairing armor, while most of the atoms containing core memories would be pushed back towards the centroid.

>Action 2: Settle Hab 3 Size 3 world with purple oil at 11,10

While the Cuboids had been aware of the worlds with the curious Purple Oil on them for a long time, they had never taken a closer look into now because they were searching for large stockpiles of materials. This endeavor failed, and now they must look into their more unique ressources. A Cube is sent to settle the planet and prepare for oil extraction operations.

Unsolicited broadcasts. It appears the galaxy is not short of them, and the Parliamentarians hoot with dismay as the matter is discussed in closed session. That the broadcasts exist and come from multiple species is quite naturally a matter that will have to be disclosed; but we shall not do it wantonly without care for consequences. We shall not disclose ourselves openly until there is reason to, for if there are many species transmitting and receiving these broadcasts there will doubtless be more, quietly observing from the galactic shadows. And we do not wish the League to draw the attention of any of greater subtlety then ourselves. Instead we will devote a few professionals to listening quietly, and hopefully amidst all the propaganda and misinformation there might be things for us to learn about the cultures we shall someday share the galaxy with, preparing for the day when we shall meet them openly.

>Action 1: Drop Armour
Though Wolarians lost their ability for true flight during the evolutionary processes that granted them keen minds and community, they still retain many flight-related instincts; and when technology took them back to the air these instincts served them well.

The use of aerial power to drop key forces to strategic positions became a defining hallmark of some of the most successful campaigns in the last war fought between the nation-states of Aetha. Now that the expanse of the galaxy awaits us, we must redefine this strategy for the new age and develop armoured drop-suits that can use their wearer's instincts to glide a Wolarian soldier down from release-point and function as supremely practical defensive armour upon reaching the chosen battlefield.

>Action 2: Explore 17,7
Leaving sectors of space so close to the nest-world unexplored is simply unwise; and so the league, now alerted to some of the variety of possible greater dangers the cosmos might present in the ways of sapient aliens, continues to survey the surrounds of our own galactic back garden.
Apply one to culture and one to Acceptance. The remaining one will remain undeployed for now to let the reserves grow a little.
File: Space NRP Turn 9.png (40 KB, 469x392)
40 KB
With a third breadbasket established, life is good in Orkan, though there is a worry concerning the uniform quality of the produce. It is good food, clothing and furniture, it fits everyone pretty well, but there are very few specialist pieces. In fact, Stranden is the only world producing luxury grade goods. Even so, lives are improved by the diversity of goods, as Lindwyrm cuisine and fashion is introduced to the market, especially the lives of Lindwyrms are improving, as they are being civilized.

>Action 1: Establish Heavy Industry (Metals producer) on Friedrich 2 (frozen planet).
>Rename Friedrich 2 to Verk J'tuun.
Fenrik society has a clan-like structure of Laains, but land is important for Laains, as they put excess wealth toward building it up and the prosperity of this land. Prosperous Laainland brings great prestige. While the God Engines had made a miraculous peace deal that was enough for all Fenriks to agree to peace, the unfortunate reality of war saw many Laain landless. While many landless Laain are absorbed by Laains who do, Laain J'tuun meanwhile threw themselves into Orkan service. While many Fenriks admire the fertile worlds, Laain J'tuun had an older idea of offworld industry, so they set their eyes upon the 2nd world in the Friedrich system while others obsess over the 1st and 3rd. They are among the only Fenriks who have subjected themselves to life on the inhospitable world.

As Orkan found fuel demand matching supply, Laain J'tuun worked with Orkan to develop the fuelworks, and now that Orkan finds a similar issue regarding heavy machinery, Laain J'tuun strikes yet again. The ice harvesters have revealed patches of soil which are sampled for mineral composition, thus identifying potential dig sites for ore. Soon heavy industry arise on Friedrich 2, though the Fenriks on the planet propose a different name, Verk J'tuun, as Laain J'tuun claim the world as their Laainland. Orkan sees no reason to object, and the new name is recorded into the database. Verk J'tuun thus produce not only starship fuel, but also components like guns, armour plating and targetting systems.

>Action 2: Fox-Ice Panser Mk 2. Improvements in the manufacturing process make it sturdier yet doesn't hinder healing.
As Orkan inspects the improved structure in the Schwersyklons, as well as the layering of conventional armour plating on top, they reconsider the Fönix-Eis armour. With far more expertise to draw from, including having Crith engineers on their team, the research department start developing new ways of forging the Fox-Ice, creating better alloys, as well as changing the structures themselves. A shift away from Fox-Ice armour plating to using it for structural pieces instead, as the larger displacements of the new ships give space that can be sacrificed as ablative armour, focusing the Fox-Ice around vital systems, so the ablative armour around those heal during combat, and nonvital systems are repaired once combat has concluded.
1. With the strange incursion of the floating cubes into Drya space it is clear that the Drya needs a proper fleet for self defense. Space Warbreeds are grown with the yellow rock gigantism and the purple oil psionics introduced into some breeds to aid in their capabilities.
2. A problem left to lie will eventually grow out of proportion. On the, now partially flattened, moon above the elephant's world breeds of non-intelligent psudo-drya are raised with high efficiency energy gathering leaves and energy storing sap to produce more biofuel. The new biofule plant, grown on the moon, should reduce the energy lost by a planet's atmosphere.
>1 Find an atmosphere’d, unoccupied, habitable planet to post the aeronautical lab. It should be floating in orbit above the planet, not to mention massive. This location will give our researchers room to work with utmost efficiency. Equipped inside this aeronautical lab will be a wind tunnel, aircraft carrier, maintenance deck, design labs, residency, inbound and outbound space ships, and a mail room/storage/small office room.
If the nearest atmosphere'd, unoccupied world is in VERY STRICT conflict with sharkfolk territory, it should be avoided. Otherwise, it’s all fair game. (Ooc: To that end, could you tell me its coordinates and name?) If there are no habitable worlds in our sectors, an expansion effort should be made to find one where we may reside and be most comfortable.
The lab will need to be constructed in orbit, made from a very large, FTL-transported asteroid of utmost appropriate size. We’ll need to drill through it and build on it, which shouldn’t be anything we’re not already used to doing.

>2 Makeshift UAVs
Little space rocks with Ultra-deadly, AI-based, target-tracking lasers built on them. They have a small nuclear engine and corresponding thruster array. Security guards are posted and paid to watch the cams and pick suspected targets that the guns suggest for them. The UAVs use a separate computer and gyroscopes along with an AI rpogram to control its evasive and invasive flight path.
This post is badly made and for the scrap collective of Procyon.

The raccoons.
(The world I'm colonising should be named B2)
The Crith Coordinators of Crith convened to deliberate on all that had come to pass for Crith over the last cycle. The rarest of things had been found, a safe distraction in Crithshine. This represented a considerable breakthrough among Crith. Unlike most species' first exposure to alcohol, the Crith took no steps to regulate it. The innate paranoia of Crith, that there are Crith-Eaters behind every corner, waiting for the moment the Crith let their guard down, did that for them. Crithshine became a delicacy, rarely drank, almost always alone, sealed behind closed doors or in the middle of crowded C-Nests, on cautious shifts. Though the Crith considered this a terrible poison, its brief, calming effect on Crith neurosis brought about a new era of C-Understanding.

>Crith devote all 3 Luxuries to Technology

Besides the advent of Crithshine, the Crith had been contacted by Excrucian Crith-Eaters with terrifying information. According to their findings, an entire unknown variant of Hidden Crith-Eaters was walking among them, with the strength of ten Excrucian Crith-Eaters! This would make one of these Hidden Crith-Eaters almost half as strong as a Crith undergoing the adrenaline surge! Fortunately, the Excrucian Crith-Eaters offered to accept the assistance of Crith Concordat in fighting back the Hidden Crith-Eaters, with a unit of C-Marines!

This would've been sufficient to subjugate most Crith-Eater threats, but these Hidden Crith-Eaters were strong and relentless! The Crith Coordinators were in consensus- the C-Marines needed to match the accursed Crith-Eaters! A lengthy debate and the draining of much Crithshine followed as C-Scientists considered the possibilities. Many plans by the Crith were drafted, then discarded. Too many weakpoints, too many variables, not sufficiently safe for Crith. Then, a moment of brilliance struck one C-Scientist.

C-Suits! For millennia on Crith, the Crith had resorted to sturdier means of reinforcing their chitin against the Crith-Eaters. The early, bolted-in metal plates were of only marginal effectiveness against the acid, fangs, claws, drills, mandibles, and other appendages of Crith-Eaters, but as Crith grew in sophistication, so too did their defenses. In recent decades, Crith fortifying the frontlines on Crith were given a sturdy exoskeleton, like a chitin for chitin, and this had improved their survival rate by as much as five-point-seven percent! Clearly, this was a worthy avenue to ensure the continued survival of Crithkind!
Under the C-Scientists, these C-Suits were expanded to fully encompass Crith. These were thick, made of the same alloys used for the hulls of C-Ships, and padded with resilient Crith-Eater leather. Internal reserves of breathable gases and external jet boosters, supplemented by an air-fryer, suite of sensors, temperature regulator, and waste recycling compartment would ensure that Crith would not be caught by surprise or outmanuevered. The exterior would be augmented using Crith construction technology, hydraulic presses adding explosive strength to Crith, without compensating a single centimeter on the density of the bulky reinforcing carapace. Designing the C-Suit was, in retrospect, rather simple for Crith. Testing the C-Suit enough to reassure the C-Marines that it was safe to wear in self-defense against Crith-Eaters was less so.

>Action #1: Research C-Suits, an army component meant to give higher defense.

>Diplomacy: Give temporary control of one unit of C-Marines to the Excrucians for 2 units of Metal, when they deem it fitting to accept.

The C-Settlers had their hearts set on the more mountainous moon, but orders came in from the Crith Coordinators of Crith. More Crithshine was needed! Ignore the risks and found new C-Nests in dangerous, Crith-Eater prone conditions! The ensuing rebellion was put down in only four and a half months, and the Crith conscripted to replace the C-Settlers proved more than adequate.

>Free Colonization: Settle the hab-4 world in Crithcinco.

Even more orders came in from the Crith Coordinators of Crith. This expansion was insufficient for the continued survival of Crith! Instead of staying put and entrenching their C-Colony, the Crith had been instructed to rustle up another C-Settler fleet and open another C-Rift! This was unsafe to Crith! The clamour against the Crithshine-addled decisions of the Crith Coordinators reached a fever pitch, until the masses of Crith were reminded that many variants of genius, merciless Crith-Eaters were also expanding! Panic set in, and a C-Rift was torn open with only two weeks of hesitation and speculation by Crith of what could be on the other end!

>Action #2: Colonize a random star system.
We continue to search through space yet we do not wander pointlessly. A new world has been claimed and in the future this will yield a great many vital components for our own war machine. We shall call this crucible of vengeance Minas.

In the meantime our ships will be sent in the opposite direction. The supposed masters of old have given us a hint. We must examine nearby systems at once. All the while our grand design slowly falls into place. Bits of the puzzle combine into an outline we can follow. But first we must tend to the essentials. Security. Prosperity. And some Foiz to celebrate a job well done.

Action 1- Scout 06,04,
Check the rocks in our backyard with our signature efficiency. If the enemy is close they could be right at our backs! Ensure that Farkas is on standby to respond if things become strange

Action 2 - Construct a laboratory on Akulos
With a highly volcanic environment this is a perfect area to perfect our research of materials at extreme temperatures. the countless gasses and newly formed metals will ensure that we never want for materials as we can source them locally rather than having to ship them in from off world.

-trade 2 metals to the cirth in exchange for 1 unit of marines
For the first time in our history we have had peaceful contact with an alien civilization that resulted in a mutually beneficial arrangement. The council remarks that Winddiver has done an excellent job and so promotes him to the newly created "office of the xenos" to oversee any further communication between the ecruxians and the cirth.

Luxuries go to acceptance.
The excruxians have few pleasures or unnecessary items in life. One of them is a food topping called "Foiz"(pho-ee-zd). What looks to be an unappetizing sauce that smells as if it was decaying and changes colors from a nearly blinding yellow to a deep ominous purple depending upon the food it interacts is adored for pleasant spicy compliment to the food. It is made from berries which which grew exclusively vines that wound their way up trees before breaking through the canopy to feast upon sunlight. The berries themselves only grew above the canopies.

Now, with the forrests mostly burned to the ground, the plants survive in arboriums where the canopy and sunlight are artificial. It is the hope of many ecruxians that they will be able to substitute this time consuming artificial managed growth with natural processes.

There are those who consider the plant symbolic of having the will to struggle no matter the odds. The council has encouraged production of this, only occasionally distributing it for special occasions. The impending success of the genome project is most definitely worthy of celebration
>Action uh luxury: Acceptance

To demonstrate that the IUN is the greatest, propaganda would be produced en masses, notably for radio, television, internet, posters and whatnot, all while blaming everything wrongs on the xenos!

>Action 1: i am SPEED

Our researchers would work harder and harder to upgrade the speed of our spaceplanes to be able to defeat the enemy that is in the groombridge system... yet we have a genius idea!, which consists of just using a Nuclear fission reactor as the main power supply for the engines, no need for some hyper refined oil!, just mix some uranium and liquid compressed methane and boom! (Tl;DR: upgrade iron eagle's/spacejets to be faster)

>Action 2: AI Guided Missiles

To deal with enemy xenos, our researchers would work on a new peculiar design... effectively adding a 'dumb AI' module onto missiles, which would act as the main targeting system, upon launched from its aircraft of spaceplane, the AI guided missile would track the enemy with precise accuracy to deal devastating blows to the vile enemy!

TL;DR: AI guided missiles for Iron eagles and aircrafts in general
>drink deeper of uranium
On the world where the uruanium lies it is said deeper source of rich uranium are stored. Far out of reach of the ecosystem of the planet. A great coordination is undertaken excavating tunnels far into the veins of the earth. Exploiting the planets reserves and bringing them into the fold. The psionic energy this will help produce shall solve the strain wrought on the nexus’.
Action 2:
Technology: Energy leeching
As the ecology spreads across the galaxy establishing local, self sustaining systems of energy is vital. An excellent way to do this is found via tapping into the grids and fuel depots of civilized planets. Sucking electricity like parasites. Always just a little enough to avoid attention. Although the widespread increase in strain on the electrical grids will inevitably lead to confusion among the enemy.
This adaptation will mean that infestations upon civilized worlds wont need to rely so heavily on help from offworld in order to participate in psionic interchanges.
1. Expand to 3,9
2. Expand the sundries on McDougans. It's an ideal world for farms and such.

Quick post I'm finally in a place where I'm not reliant on mobile
File: Shipyard.png (1.86 MB, 1438x820)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG

> 1st action: Construction of a shipyard.

In a strategic move to ensure the safety of the Fuzzkin and deepen relations with the Crith, the Zenthraxians embarked on the construction of a shipyard on the moon of the Fuzzkin's homeworld in sector 10.5 the Zenthraxians named the shipyard "Lunar Forge."

The construction process began with extensive surveys of the moon's surface to identify optimal locations for the shipyard's facilities. Teams of Zenthraxian engineers and construction units were deployed to the site, equipped with advanced modular construction technology. Utilizing the moon's abundant resources and harnessing the expertise of Zenthraxian engineers, Lunar Forge took shape rapidly. The shipyard featured state-of-the-art fabrication facilities, docking bays, and maintenance workshops, capable of supporting the construction and repair of spacecraft of various sizes.

> 2nd action: Construction of a research lab

Situated in the Voltmire system the Zenthraxians built an underground laboratory on the lush moon named, "Aqualis", the Vitae Subterra Lab facility capitalized on the diverse ecosystems and geological formations of the star system. The construction process began with the deployment of prefabricated structures and cutting-edge equipment, carefully integrated into the natural surroundings to minimize ecological impact.

The lab's facilities included advanced laboratories, observation stations, and data processing centers, equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to facilitate a wide range of scientific research. Teams of Zenthraxian scientists and researchers converged at the Electrum Nexus Research Lab, drawn by the allure of studying the unique phenomena of the star system and unlocking its secrets.

A description I can use to generate an ai image for this turn

> Fleet movement

The sector fleet "Protectors" will move from sector 7.8 to sector 6.8

> System renames

Sector 9.7 will be renamed to Whispers of the lone

Sector 10.7 will be renamed to Voltmire
File: Turn9.png (278 KB, 1359x852)
278 KB
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You’ve got giant flying units that use psionic power to propel themselves in space.

It is a time of simple hard work for the Fanwyc. Miners on Blodwyn dig deeper for the treasures of the earth. High in the skies the Grand Shipyards, a construction grander than anything in the galaxy, looms as much a thing of art as it is a place where a thousand ships might be built and launched. The Eheubryd Colony has become Caearianwen Newydd, another beautiful handcrafted world. It is said that the world architects who crafted this place remember every sapling, bush and blade of grass they placed down over the course of decades. The same is not said of the foresters and farmers who plant and harvest in equal measure, supplying the fine lumber and fine food that much of the Fanwyc use.

The great space whales make their departure from our system at least, but they leave behind a gift. Periodically fragments of their horns fall, people have taken to collecting them as minor treasures. These little treasures remind people of another curiosity, the red powder of Rhodri. Perhaps it's time to put theories of using it to recreate Blessed Steel to the test?

Adamant golem wars nearly destroyed old Erde, so vast and fierce the weapons of old here, armed with spikes of grailstone, crossing distances and cutting space itself with void residue. The border war of Atlantis (wizards still debate hotly whether the errant puppy who defecated on the neighbor’s lawn actually was an agent of the neighbor across the street) brought down an ancient and great civilization, setting back wizardry by a thousand years. Naturally, (and due to low supply) Adamant golems were outlawed as a result. Obviously the modern wizard is much more responsible.

But just in case efforts continue to create the ultimate counter to the golem wars, vast flying wizard towers wielding deadly weapons that can devastate a planet in a single strike! Clockwork is the answer! Clever wizards start building designs, and expect to finish them just next cycle, on clever module runework where normally conflicting magic can be kept safely separate and activated as needed. Impressive, peace stone fueled, flow charts of the safe operation of the wizard tower naturally results. Perhaps too impressive.
Crystal Reinforcement. While most cuboids are loath to put the crystals, who stubbornly resist cubing, into their own body, a few brave or deranged individuals are found. Excersionite rapidly proves itself concerningly dangerous to the core body of a cuboid, its desire to return to its original shape is frequently at odds with whatever peculiar mechanism provides cuboids with thought itself, one poor cuboid ends up caught in a perpetual loop of modifications, never escaping it until six of its fellows surround it and forcibly extract the offending crystalline matter. In the end it is the external barrier of the substance that finds the most use, shielding the thinking matter of the cuboid from blows while at the same time regenerating and fusing back together without issue.

The settlement occurs without issue.

Scouting parties to (17,07) discover little of critical importance. The system contains five planets, two of the smaller of which have the potential for an easy seeding of life, but there is little else of interest, unless you count the hazardous ‘death spikes’ of the system’s coldest and smallest planet. The spectacular footage of the spikes exploding the moment a scouting probe’s afterburner gets near them is quite popular, in a shocking sort of way. Apparently some of the spikes also vaporize into a deadly odorless and invisible gas. Best to stay away.

More curiously is what long range scans pick up on in neighboring (17,06). It looks like a long ridged tube, almost like a rail gun on the scale of planets. Thankfully it seems to be pointed at some distant part of the galaxy.

In more mundane news, designs for the new Drop Pod armor are coming along nicely. These heavy suits should give our troops a powerful edge when entering combat on a planet, at the cost of a significant hike in the cost of outfitting an army. A clever engineer even added a few well placed fins that when dropping through an atmosphere emit a hellish war shriek not unlike a neolithic Wolarian descending on prey. There’s no doubt it’s an impressive piece of technology, but engineering are struggling to figure out how to outfit an army with the practical gear needed, as well as actual weapons, and this new armor. (An army complexity research might be in order if you want to effectively use this armor, otherwise you’ll have an army with armor but no weapons)
Many of the Fenrik are content, living lives of luxury over sprawling estates on Stranden, and now Lila and Friedrich as well. The barbaric instincts that grab for power, the ceaseless striving of ambition have been quieted and dulled by easy life. Laain J'tuun is not among them. Where others sought easy lives and simple industry J’tuun Fenrick signed up for the ice and harsh snow of the world that would one day bear their name. Verk J'tuun! And now the planet sprawls with mines and factories, fuel refineries and vast collector systems. Here the fuel that propels Orkan forward is made! Here the key pieces of her warships are built!

It is here that the first prototypes of the Phoenix hull are tested and developed. Due to be ready within a single cycle, a redesign of the alloy boosts hardness without sacrificing regeneration. On the larger class of ship with a layer of conventional armor the Schwersyklons are nearly invincible to the lesser spacecraft of the galaxy.

The greater integration of the Lindewyrms draws to a close. It has taken much effort, and many of the elderly Lindewyrms still view the Automechs and Ultima Engines as gods or agents of the gods, but the youngest generation, taught in Orkan managed schools, cared for by automech nannies, simply view this way of life as normal and everyday. A few have even enlisted on future colony ships and military vessels!

The elephantines of Twinar stare in awe at the sky each night as the moon slowly changes color, its silver white giving way to a rich green. New prayers and songs are added to the usual repertoire of praise given to the merciful gods that are the Drya, for who but a god could grant life to the moon? Unknown to the locals these plants are but the first step, with vast underground reservoirs of nutrient rich sap being formed and collected, hardened in the cold air into ingots and then carried to the growing fleet of war drones. These vast behemoths are terrifying to behold, each a hulking monster capable of absorbing vast amounts of abuse and manipulating both themselves and enemy ships with jerks of psionic power, but they have a single minor weakness, a lack of any dedicated weapons. Of course the war drone is more than capable of simply cruising up to a target, shrugging off railgun and energy weapon fire, grabbing hold and slowly crushing the enemy ship to death. That it might take a couple rounds of combat is of little concern to the great behemoth. Still, a little reimagining of the biology of the war drone might allow for the use of more resources in its design, such as several meter long metal claws. (At your tech level it’s trivial to spend an action to increase your fleet complexity, allowing you to spend more resources for deadlier ships)
The new avionics lab comes together nicely, though inevitably it spills onto the surface of the planet below. Who knew studying avionics would require actual space to fly a plane? Meanwhile in orbit above an exciting game of dog fighting asteroid fighters starts to develop, sooner or later some bright racoon realizes that the toys might actually make for useful tools of war as well. Fortunately the colony ship improvements have just wrapped up, and somewhere along the way drifted from better colony ships, to better ships in general, with room to include fleets of the new UAV weapons! Just as soon as the designs are actually finished, right now they have a distressing tendency to accidentally start shooting in the hangar bay.

Crithshine reserves end up drained by the end of the day as Crith society declares a national day of mourning and all of Crith society locks itself deep in bunkers, checks the locks a randomized number of times from five to nine, and drinks. The day had started well enough, the C-Marines were outfitted in their new C-Suits, making them into living walking bunkers that could seize a theoretical Crith-Eater by the throat and squeeze until they reduced to inert matter. The first reports from the scouts had returned. A two world system, rich in metals and a powerful relaxant. A very very powerful relaxant, that in small amounts could allow a Crith to, Crith society had to resort to a loan word from the Scret at this point, relax. Naturally in large amounts it caused full neural shutdown and death, which the Crith found oddly relieving to know the nature of the hidden danger of the substance. The metal rich world was quite large, able to support many mining operations. Both worlds were barren wastelands, devoid of life, but not extremely hostile, vacation homes were already being plotted by wealthier Crith.

Then the long range scans came back, indicating that four of the neighboring systems contained advanced spacefaring life! Crith-eaters! Billions and billions of Crith-eaters! The whiplash of such a promising system, a veritable fountain of sturdy defensive metals, being surrounded by billions of Crith-eaters triggers mass riots, panic, and waves of Crith walling themselves into their homes in despair. At least one of them is the Orkan-crith-eaters, who only plan to eat the crith later?
The lab at Akulos is constructed without issue, and soon enough, bundled against the unpleasant conditions, the hard work of research begins. Metalworking, genetics, dark secret experiments on the Infected genetics. It is here that the Avian Cure is finalized and a gene therapy is produced that can purge the taint of the infection from their system, restoring color to their plumage, hope to their eyes, and removing the need for daily injections of drugs. It is a debt that cannot be repaid, but many Avians will give their life trying. Applying these techniques to the Ecruxian genome will be a challenging next step, especially given that large parts of the genome would need to be guessed at entirely.

Scouts return with urgent news from the system at (06,04). Three worlds, one ideal for a large scale fuel depot. Another average sized world half frozen, half burnt, whom Esper agents claim has a valuable substance below ground, though they seem unable to elaborate beyond vague claims of ‘hearing the song’. Something useful for the psionics division hopefully. (Upgrading your Espers with Purple Oil could lead to dramatic improvements). The last system is simply a barren moon that could easily be terraformed, one day when Ecruxia has finished its quest.

It is the large fuel world that causes the urgency though. A familiar golden wreck. A ragged tent flapping in the freezing wind. A lone figure, obviously infected, but seemingly sedate and sapient. Still, frozen pools of infected oil around the camp hint that the infection is active. (Feel free to open a thread when you want to handle this).

Glory to Earth! Glory to humanity! With the xeno scum in the Groombridge system held off for now our greatest scientists work furiously to finish the Iron Eagle project, and improve upon its design even before the first units finish prototyping. (Build more labs!). The earliest designs for the Iron Eagle called for a space capable fighter jet, but the refined design focuses more on serving as a chassis for other weapons, stripping out existing weapon hardware in favor of a thinly shielded nuclear jet system where the pilot must continue moving at high speeds to avoid lethal doses of radiation. Strapped to the Iron Eagle is the Bloodhound AI Missile system. Fueled by a questionably obtained imprint brain scan, tormented and shackled by demonic hardware, this system displays simple intelligence and can chase targets at great range, effectively increasing the agility of the craft it's installed on. Scientists are eager to try and improve the responsiveness of the AI by loosening the mental shackles on the tormented soul that drives it.

What could go wrong?
Possibilities stretch out before the Ecology. The first emissaries of its will, tiny blooming flowers dot worlds across the galaxy. It catches snatches of the will of many places. Machine intelligences and fox people of Orkan. Paranoia and fear of Crith. The bold strides of Nivih hunters. Even brief glimpse of odd cubes, before inevitably one of them smashes down on the little flower and crushes it out of existence. None of these places are true hosts of its will, merely beacons it could choose to lash its will out to instead of blindly fumbling toward the hateful noise. But no longer does the ecology have to waste time creeping through empty systems. And inevitably other nations will engage in trade, this Scretnet will only encourage it.

So the ecology prepares to spread. Its roots reach deep into the radioactive elements below the surface of one of its first worlds, and they reach up as vines in worlds where spacefarers walk, climbing power lines and slipping into electrical grids and fuel depots. A little here. A little there. Pull during the low times, back off when the tension is highest. Nothing is missed, but much is saved. The cold world of the Crith crawls with Ecology control, it could spawn something resembling an army there if it wished, or try something more sinister and subtle. It could begin a proper invasion of Orkan worlds, the psionic predators of Lila have much to offer. It could reach out to this Ayden, offer an alliance of true gods, instead of squabbling mortals.

So many possibilities.

The great exploration marches onward! The ICC expands ever onward toward earth, creating a grand highway through the stars. The latest system to join the bunch includes a scorching hot wasteland packed with plutonium, a barren airless world where yellow stones with healing power (patent pending) are buried, and a small world that seems to be entirely made of ice and gravel. Given that earth is soaked in radiation and mutants, healing stones might make for a good market opportunity!

Vast plantations on old minotaur hunting grounds are laid down to handle the mundane needs of the labor class. A fascinating and delightfully taboo game of hunting rogue minotaurs down and turning them into hamburgers captures becomes quite the sport of the shareholders!
Research continues, as always in the Astralytica. Researchers stalk the gentle life of Aqualis, following as the slow paced creatures march about the tiny world, munching on the plantlife of the world. There is a rare burst of activity when a Trap-Digger Mole takes a Lumbering Oxen by surprise, a flash of blood and dirt and it’s all over.

The new shipyard goes up without issue, there is the minor distaste of Fuzzikin messages bombarding the station with angry messages, their displeasure with the final outcome of the unpleasant altercation is difficult to measure. With the research slate rapidly coming up empty many in the Apex are hoping for a new project, or even two to distract themselves from the bloody reality of war.

Action 1: Colonise 16, 5
Action 2: Colonise 16, 6

Life in the covenant has perhaps never been better. Fresh new worlds lay out there ripe for the taking, and with eager young mages pumping out more kids than anyone knows what to do with, they must be taken.

The birth rate has frankly gotten excessive, more living space is needed to divert the excess crop of mages lest some unpleasantness brew, so new habitable planets and resource extraction operations are sought in the stars.
> Non-action stuff
1. Create a root portal to Lindewyrm City as was permitted by the Orkan, their hired Nivih army is currently chilling there. Nivih are free to settle there as long as it does not harm the farms/sundries

2. Create new purple oil mine in 8,8

> Action 1: Research the Exruxian Plague
Ayden got her taste of the special treat that dwells deep within the Exruxian genetic code. She is the mistress of all life, but this child is disobedient and needs to be approached with care.

Belacor shall continue living in the Exruxian sewers. He shall watch their TV, listen in on what they know about the plague meanwhile Ayden shall study it. Study the plague with care, learn ho to handle it safely, how to utilise wahat is best within it. What makes this life special? What can be learned from this organic diversity? (research)

> Action 2: Nivih Scretnet expanssion
For now all we have is a recording studio in the Orbit of an Orkan world, our multimedia operations NEED to be expanded.

A large multimedia complex is to be constructed on the Holy World. Nivih made news, TV shows, cartoons, advertisements and a large holy site for pilgrims to visit. We shall put in the legwork to spread Nivih religion and culture through the net and to gain unity and knowlege from the other people in the universe through it.
(culture, hopefully ticking culture action? or building permanently consumes culture?)

>Lampyrisma Outpost to Cypokean Mine
It seems that an outpost is no longer needed now that mining is in operation, not when Ellinikon in the same system can provide the miners with all the resources and comforts of a city and a rapidly-developing ecosystem. So the core staff of the outpost go their separate ways, with many heading to Cypokean to start up an operation extracting metals from the isles amidst the brilliant blue ocean.

>Free Colonisation: Allilouchia (17,07)
The spectacular waterfall system of this tiny world is enough to draw in a gaggle of colonists, some resettling from Lampyrisma whilst others coming from across the league. It may be small, but at least one day it might be truly habitable.

>Action 1: Fleet building: StarGliders
The Admirals have long considered putting out a starfleet for the League to overdue, even back when our listening facilities picked up the first messages from across the stars. And though there are many more requests and ideas and suggestions, the twin conclusions of 'it's better to have something up there then nothing' and 'we can only truly improve once we can monitor what we can build in action' carry the day. Using the upgraded variant of the Tsichla-Class Hull, the vessels are equipped with Pteryga Starfighters bearing mounted Azure Pulse Cannon and protected by the PinionQuill Armor system. (-3 Sundries, -2 Metal, -1 BlueCrystal).

>Action 2: Quartermasters.
What, you want to have a gun AND some armour AND some supplies? You're sure asking for a lot, soldier! Fortunately, back in the days of 'The Last War' there existed systems we can learn from and draw upon that allowed military units to be effective combatants rather then going in to deploy bare-feathered.

The physics based portions of the simulation, now that it has been finalized, are significant. While a sub branch for research purposes is currently underdeveloped there is still much that can be done. Far more than initially realized. For those who are part of the Dychwelyd movement, and for Gwendoline, far more could be provided to their work and the work of the Plant Crwydrol Fanw as a whole, even if their work was likely to slow down slightly as the government shifted focus to other things. (2 Luxuries applied to research.)

>Action One. Explore 16, 10

While it has been some time since we expanded further beyond our current homes, clan Llewelyn has been eager to do what they always have and explore. There's a few systems nearby the star the majority of our orbitals are at. The first in this new expedition to be searched will be the Penbwyell system directly to the galactic south. There would be further expeditions after this, of course. And they likely would come to be far more recent than the last proper exploration of new star systems. For clan Llewelyn it was nice to be able to return to exploration now that their other talents, that of shipbuilding, were met and worked upon. It was especially exciting for those of the members of Clan Llewelyn who were of the Yn dilyn movement, given what habitable planets could be discovered.

>Action Two. Research Blessed Steel.

Blessed steel has become scarce in the many years since being forced to leave our home behind. It never was easy to produce given the extensive prayers, careful mix of herbs and animal bone from hunted wildlife, and the forging process. But with the lack of animals to hunt and the facilities and specialists for creating the material far fewer than before, the production nosedived. While we still have it in theory, we need to find a way to streamline it before anything else. While some wish to try to utilize the red powder in order to see if it can improve it's effects even further beyond what is normally capable, actually being able to still manage to keep the quality up while being able to produce it at enough of a level that more than just infantry equipment could utilize it would be best. After, we can think about integrating Red Powder and seeing how it effects blessed steel.
>Convert city on B2 to Purple Oil Mine
While there were initial plans to live on the planet, those were promptly cancelled due to logistics issues and the fact that an outpost would not be needed to establish an oil pump. The purple oil, dubbed Fulgoleum, is generally harvested by dunking big hollow cubes into it that are promptly sealed with programmed matter. A mix of telekinesis and seismic thumping are used to get the oil to surface.

>Action 1: Settle the Hate Vault

Communications came back in a few days after the expedition was undertaken. ASMGADU-2401 had successfully settled a new world. However the reports of it being potentually sentient and possessing hostile self-adapting defenses were concerning. More so were its psionics and it apparent hatred of cubes and fascination with spheres. It seemed to be less of a planetary superorganism like the entity Ayden and rather a planet-sized mechanical superintelligence. Still, it was constantly sending offensive material day and night and needed to be cubed eventually.

>Action 2: Build Point Fleet

As more and more constructions are built on planets and more worlds settled, the small Cube vessels would become insufficient to transport the sheer quantity of raw materials needed to be moved to places,lacked self-sustaining capabilities and most definitely lacked in anti-asteroid defenses. As such, more of these massive ships are built. (Rename both to VOLUME-CLASS ships, Point Fleet is better for something else)
(Forgot me name)
The discovery of a hitherto unknown substance on Crithseis Primary sent deep waves of concern throughout the Crith. Think Tanks of C-Scientists across the Crith Concordat worked cautiously to discern its nature. Was it a poison, designed to weaken Crith? Was it an asset, useful for Crith? To the astonishment and terror of Crith, both were more true at once than had ever before been conceptualized.

This unknown substance, dubbed Dream Dust by the Crith Coordinators of Crith, had an unprecedented effect on C-Subjects. This was a sedative many, manyfold stronger than Crithshine. After only moderate exposure, Crith lost almost all survival instinct (not even sitting in the corner of the test vault where he could see the entry hatch of the test vault!) and entered into an unnatural calm, where their minds were freed from the concern for their own preservation. In a matter of hours, Crith fell into a heavy slumber where they could not be woken by anything short of claxons, deeply abnormal for Crith, and upon awakening, spoke of peaceful lucid dreams on the sand, with only a minimum of Crith-Eaters!

The Crith Coordinators of Crith conversed long and hard concerning this Dream Dust. Extreme paranoia of being devoured while helpless filled the Crith and some suggested keeping a wide distance from Crithseis Primary, but other, more contemplative Crith considered its potential. At its most fundamental, Dream Dust altered the perceptions of Crith experiencing it. As C-Scientists relied on their perceptions to find unique Crithtech, it was sensible to expand their perceptions. The Crith Concordat reached an uneasy consensus. There would be a trial run- under lock and key, C-Scientists would be given large dosages of Dream Dust.

Then, in the stage before unconsciousness, C-Scientists would analyze the same problems a second time. In this way, Crith would be able to progress on designs without the innate need to include redundant defenses. Once the C-Scientist returned to their senses, they could remove senseless amenities and add protective measures. This was ingenious, like having non-Crith impossibly not interested in eating Crithflesh to examine Crith designs! The initial trial run went excellently, as one C-Scientist proposed the idea of providing a rubber grip for the electro-tongs of C-Enforcers!

The Crith Concordat reached a vigorous consensus! Crithseis Primary would be colonized and rations of Dream Dust distributed for efficient C-Science! Although the quarries are stirring up quite the volume of Dream Dust, cautious use of rebreathers kept intoxication to a minimum among on-site Crith.

>Free Colonization: Settle the hab-3, size-5 planet in Crithseis, dubbed Crithseis Primary
>Action #1: Build a quarry harvesting Luxuries (Dream Dust)
The gleaming metal reserves of Crithseis Secondary were also of great significance to the Crith. However, the Crith considered that they and the Crithseis system would also be of great significance to merciless Crith-Eaters! An invasion to plunder Dream Dust and use it as seasoning for delicious, battered Crith was inevitable! The Crith must prepare! The C-Suits were found to be insufficient, lacking projectile capacities! Further, stress-testing through orbital bombardment found that the exterior carapace caught in the blast radius remained intact only one in thirty-six times! This was insufficient for the continued survival of Crith!

Further protections were necessary! Thicker plates! Denser padding! Extra energy packages! Besides these, a means of ranged self-defense was necessary! After some argumentation over whether it should be affixed to the left or right pincer, an oversized Arc Cutter was attached to both pincers! In a stroke of Dream Dust induced delirium, these were magnetized to cling to the center of the C-Suit when not in use! Now, C-Suits could grapple Crith-Eaters with their hydraulic pincers or employ the Arc Cutter to penetrate Crith-Eater shells! This was brilliant! The continued survival of Crith was certain! Once the C-Scientists finished prototyping the C-Suit design, that is...

>Action #2: Research more sophisticated C-Suits, adding 2 Defense and 1d6 Attack
>An addendum to Action #2: Forgo Defense and Research 1d6-1 Attack
File: Terraforming.png (2.25 MB, 1437x824)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG

> 1st action: Research
The Eden Initiative marks a monumental stride in planetary engineering, initiated under the directive of the Central Council. Its core mission is to develop methodologies for terraforming barren worlds into rich, life-sustaining environments suitable for a diverse array of life forms—from carbon-based organisms to the more complex silicate and Emporyion-class entities, the latter being a rare synthesis of energy and matter known for their ability to thrive in extreme cosmic conditions.

This ambitious project pools resources from across all processing centers, dedicating immense computational power and expertise. Advanced AI units and specialized terraforming drones, previously employed in minor ecological adjustments and atmospheric manipulations, are now redirected to scale their operations. These units will simulate and execute rapid ecological succession processes, integrating biogenic compound synthesisers to kickstart primary life support systems on target planets.

Key to the initiative is the development of a 'Genesis Protocol,' a multi-phase process that starts with atmospheric conditioning, followed by hydrosphere stabilization, and culminating in biosphere integration. Each phase is designed to adapt dynamically to the unique geophysical characteristics of the targeted barren world, ensuring optimal conditions for a variety of life forms, while the research was in progress, specific memetic protocols, stemming from the Firewall Initiative, were developed and integrated into the project to prevent the terraforming methods from being applied to already habitable planets.

> 2nd action: Expansion into sector 8.6

A deep-space probe, designated as Voyager X-1, has been launched towards sector 8.6. The probe is equipped with advanced scanning technologies capable of detailed planetary analysis to identify potential candidates for the Eden Initiative. It also carries experimental terraforming drones for initial on-site tests.

> Name corrections
Please rename Homeworld to Astralytica Apex
Please rename the 9.7 sector from whispers of the lone to Tempestacantus

> Fleet movement
The first sector fleet "Preserver" will move from sector 10.5 to sector 11.5
The second sector fleet "Protectors" will move from sector 6.8 to sector 5.9
Remove Solomos and Nataruk colonies, construct void residue mines on my open veins.
File: Space NRP Turn 10.png (55 KB, 401x393)
55 KB
>Change Fox-Ice Panser Mk 2's bonus to Major Regen (3?) + Minor Hull (2) + Minor Defence (1).
With the Fox-Ice not forming the main armour layer, the full potential of the Fox-Ice is unlocked, enabling its full healing properties.
>Convert Outpost: Verk J'tuun's outpost to Weapon Laboratory. Supported fleets gain Minor Attack (2) bonus.
As Verk J'tuun builds up, the outpost becomes redundant, worker barracks hold all the necessary personnel. So instead the Fenriks convert the outpost into a laboratory, where they test their weapons, the open areas are used as targetting ranges. This ensures the quality of the ship guns.

>Action 1: Expedition to new system (8, 7).
While Orkan has been preoccupied with the hostile aliens, they have neglected exploration. The exploration may net worlds with more resources our fleet desperately need. So a new exploration fleet is sent, into the cosmos, seeking to claim another of the systems neighbouring Stranden's.

>Action 2: Develop Engelkanon. Ichor (Purple Oil) powered Ion Cannon.
With Verk J'tuun's weapons laboratory up and running, the Fenriks of Laain J'tuun quickly get to arguing for the development of a new weapon system, even while the Ultima Engines are working on the improved Fox-Ice. The idea proposed is an Ion Cannon, but there is an issue, the power. The Ion Cannon draws far too much power for any current power plant, but for that the Ultima Engines found a solution: Ichor. The Purple oil from Lila 2 is able to generate absurd amounts of power, more than enough to power the Ion Cannon, now nicknamed the Engelkanon.
>Convert city on B1 into purple oil mine on B2 instead of converting the city on B2

Extra actions to catch up authorised by QM

>Extra Action 1: Compartmentalisation(fleet complexity)

As the Cuboids build more ships, they learn how to better exploit the cubic nature of the massive structures. By the ''hull'' essentially just being a shell for things to be put into it, more space can be spared for armor or weapons than otherwise would be possible on more standard spaceships.

>Extra Action 2: Purple Oil Mine on hab 1 size 3 world in system 11,10

Part of the organisational restructure in 11,10 was the exploitation of Fulgoleum, and that world(Call it B4) was teeming with it. They hadn't bothered to land there initialy because of the planet's hostility but now the Cuboids were digging for oil!.

>Extra Action 3: Chemical Sundry Plant on B2

The Cuboids were starting to run low on materials required to sustain their forms. It was not a pressing issue quite yet, but the construction of new fleets of VOLUME CLASS Cubes required more Sundries.

>Give 3 research to the Ecruxians via Scretnet for this turn only, to be applied to their fleet complexity project

ASMGADU-1521, a Necker Cuboid, has established first contact with a new organic species by solving equations it found on scretnet related to improved spacecraft schematics. It claims to have received an ''award'' of some sort upon visiting them
(Forgot name again....)
>We are so back baby

Actions: (8, lots of catching up)

1) Expand to tile 13,6
2) Expand to tile 14,6
3) With the success of Scretnet comes various outside parties all interested in twisting it to their ends. Time to take a more active stance in its protection. Create the Net defense bureau and task them with the digital and physical defense of ScretNet and it's assets.
4)Develop various digital defenses to further increase the security and stability of Scretnet.
5)Partition Scretnet by region and civilization access, allowing us to isolate potential bad actors from the rest of the Net before they're able to spread and cause further chaos.
6)Develop a sophisticated Merchant AI with the express goal of monitoring, assessing, and determining market trends across the known galaxy.
7)Begin developing hypergate technology: Massive stellar structures that assist fleets in continuous jumping between them, vastly reducing fuel costs and reducing travel time.
8)Continue (possibly complete) Hypergate Technology.
This has been an exciting time for the council. A showing of the plans for a new warship was interrupted by the arrival of aliens. All in all the council has decided to re-consider some parts of ecruxian doctrine.

Action 1 - Explore 05 04
We have interesting notes from a deranged lunatic. Yet his story is impossible to deny. We will head for the place where he said the Heron, Boar and Axe directed him to go. If this truly is the road of the Gods and they are responsible for our largest catastrophe we shall burn whatever we find at the end of it!.
Action 2 - Construct a green metal mine in 05 05
This metal is strange. It mimics the properties of those around it. Surely this has many practical applications, but first we need to extract it carefully.
Free Actions
Move F1 and New armada to 05,04 along with the cirth marines.
If the gods lie here they will not find us wanting.
>put some defense stat on those fleets
I need it so I don’t die.

>Protein livestock
We are adding new recruits and ships to our fleets! Shark men! Aquatic forms of life that require lots of food and water to survive. Livestock production is only most possible on colonized worlds with an atmosphere. From these worlds, we'll need to package the meat and give our new recruits a means to access it by means of their immediate pay rate.
1. The design of space capable war drones is still new the Drya; the only space drones needed before were just to move and settle the void. With the recent creation of the recent war drones, however, many potential improvements stand out to the Purebreeds in charge and their helper Dryads. They waste no time delving into the potential of changing the nutrient pathways and body supporting structures to allow for more complexity among the individual and fleet as a whole. (Increasing complexity research to the max available.)
2. The period of lacking material is at an end and another period of expansion and growth begins. An expansion fleet is sent to 14,10 to explore and settle the system.
Sorry i have finals uhhhh im gonna keep it short

>Action 1: construct a mine in mars (solar system)

>Action 2: MORE SPEED for the iron eagle

>free expansion or something idk: Expand via GATE's, void if there isnt any free expansions or whatever
>action 1: technology: Void Miasma
In systems filled with ecological life the void itself becomes filled with microbiota. Many partaking in extremely lengthy lifespan suckling upon solar radiation. Such life can then cause infestations upon untouched ships. Their sensors not always picking up on these organisms often one thousandth of the size of a grain of sand. While also being capable of bypassing the powerful shieldings many ships rely on.

>action 2: unleash
Images of the civilized races of the galaxy flash into the mind the black pearl.
>These are as those who imprisoned you?
Massive skyscrapers, suns held captive within megaprojects.
>They seek to dominate everything. To push it under their thumbs.

>But you, you they feared.
Images of war, of the sick races.
>I do not fear you.
Great leviathans lumber through the void.
>Become free, unfurl your great wings and fly.
A dragonfly emerges from its old skin. Its wings begin to dry in the morning sun.
>But promise me that we may live together.
Many tendrilled beasts swing from tree to tree.
>In the perfect harmony of nature.
A great mawed predator drinks from a desert well alongside a herd of galloping herbivores.

The ecology releases the void pearl from its bounds. Crackling psionic energy shattering its twilight shell.
1. Expand to 3, 10. A connection from ICC to the Earth is still desired, though diplomacy has somewhat stalled. Furthermore, operation "Our Little Slice of the Galaxy" goes in full swing, as it is evident to anyone that the ICC has intentions on creating a solid line of territory from north to south.

2. Ah! Healing stones, in a galaxy rife with war, you can never go wrong betting on big Pharma. Let's get to the extraction part.

Of course the creme of the crop will go to our beauty and rejuvenation department to keep our best shareholders in eternal youth, in so far as our finest technologies can, but the rest will go to our pharmaceutical divisions.

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