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File: images (4).jpg (42 KB, 470x652)
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-Imp tail (E)
-Greenwell Potatos (D)
-Sickle Herring (D)
-Darkbloom Mushrooms (E)
-Mystery Meat (?)
-Rockshell Tomato (C)
-Bilehound Slab (E)
-Leadborn Peas (B)

-Eastwind Spices (E)
-Salt (D)
-Pepper (D)
-Diluted slime (C)

-3 magical pots (can cook anything in any conceivable way)
-3 hungry adventurers headed for The bone forest to kill THE NECROMANCER (D)
-Histy ( Female,Ranger,elf, vegetarian), Dezrin ( Male,Human, Warrior, iron stomach), Eliea (Female,Human Priestess, snobby)
-You Homunculus, You cook.
-Dish= 2 INGREDIENTS + 1 EXTRA ( Optional)
-low intelligence, need experience to grow.
-unknown information about ingredients, need to cook

>C O O K (1 dish per person, quality of food increases with more description)
[purple] test [/purple]
[s] I am hungry [/s]
Off to work
Anything can be grilled, boiled, etc. Use your culinary imagination
Homunculus cooks
>Bilehound Slab (E)
bilehound meat is soaked in the bile secreted by the beast.
To counteract the acidity of the meat, homunculus brushes
>diluted slime (C)
and uses the magic pot to sear all sides of the slab until golden brown.
Homunculus cuts
>Greenwell potatoes (D)
in small cubes and brings the remaining diluted slime to a boil.
Homunculus drops the potatoes in the boiling slime and adds the meat.
The translucent slime starts taking a greenish tint because of the neutralized bile.
Homunculus waits for a few hours.
Homunculus is ready to serve.
Homunculus presents
>Bilehound Stew
A hot stew of a deep green color with stringy meat and white potatoes—will keep the adventurer full and warm during their travel.
Homunculus places a bowl in front of Dezrin.
Bilehound Slab (E)
Hunted from: Underblight, Deadman's Copse.
+Acid Resistance
-Use this ingredient more to unlock more info.

Greenwell potatoes (D)
Gathered from: Morew Uplands.
+HP Regen.
-Use this ingredient more to unlock more info.

Diluted Slime (C)
Acquired from: nearly all regions
+Amplifies Other properties.
-Use this ingredient more to unlock more info.

Bilehound Stew (D)
+Acid Resistance(+1)
+HP Regen (+1)

"Yum! Just like how me mum cook'em."

+70 Gold

>C O O K (1 dish per person, quality of food increases with more description)
>Don't cook, save ingredients.
>-Imp tail (E)
>-Leadborn Peas (B)
The tails are hollowed out and mixed with crushed peas. Outer tail skin is sauteed by itself, fried again in
>-Diluted slime (C)
Then stuffed with the tail-pea mixture and baked in an oven.

Leftover hot slime is used as a seal on the tail for short-term storage.

>Stuffed Imp Tails
Easy to eat, although not particularly great cold.
We run out of slime, do you want to add another extra? and who shall eat this dish?
Add the eastwind spices to the stuffing instead, I guess.

Give this to Eliea
Imp tail (E)
Hunted from: The Flaying Forge
+Fire Resistance
-Use this ingredient more to unlock more info.

Leadborn Peas (B)
Gathered from: Morew Uplands
+Physical Resistance
-Use this ingredient more to unlock more info.

Eastwind Spices (E)
Acquired from: Sahaar's Stretch.
+Increases Physical Attack based on quality of ingredients.
-Use this ingredient more to unlock more info.

Stuffed Imp tail (C)
+Phys. Resistance
+Fire Resistance
+Phys. Attack (+1)

"Ugh, what is this slop? Disgusting."

+40 Gold

>C O O K (1 dish per person, quality of food increases with more description)
>Don't cook, save ingredients.

>-Darkbloom Mushrooms (E)
>-Rockshell Tomato (C)
>-Pepper (D)

Remove the shell and roast it with pepper. Afterwards, use it as a bowl to boil the mushrooms with the tomato filling, serving once the shell is soft enough to eat.
Seeing that we are only allowed to use 2 ingredients at a time, let's try this.

Take the darkbloom mushrooms in hand and pluck the stalk from the cap.
Use spoon or tip of knife to remove gills from cap.
Set gills aside.
Dice shroom caps and stalks before setting aside.
Grab Leadborn peas and shell them.
Set shells aside with mushroom gills.
Grab pan and put oil in to heat to just below smoking.
Put shelled peas and diced mushrooms into pan to cook and add pepper.
Remove from heat after a few minutes of continuous stirring.
Flavorful vegetarian dish for ranger.
We ran out of peas! All ingredients are used once
Don't forget to name your dish!
Darkbloom Mushrooms(E)
Picked from: The Bone forest, Deadman's Copse
+Dark Resistance
-Use this ingredient more to unlock more info.

Rockshell Tomato (C)
Gathered from: Augur's Skytrail
+Bleed Resistance
-Use this ingredient more to unlock more info.

Pepper (D)
Acquired from: Various regions
+Amplifies one property, nullifies the other one.
-Use this ingredient more to unlock more info.

Stuffed Rockshell Tomato (D)
+Dark Resistance (+3)

"A-Achooo!! Thank you!"

+60 Gold

-Adventures left you. Vanish through portal.
-you alone. Would you see them again?
-What to do with gold? Trade. Buy ingredients.
-No gold? Hunt, pluck, kill, smash, rip, slice, ingredients, Adventurer you?
-You must cook, running low of ingredients.
-You must change yourself, mercury flesh must adapt...

>You better trade, silver tongue, Mercury tongue (+1 to Haggling)
>You Adventurer so Adventurers Adventure better (+1 to Adventuring)
>Bad thoughts, you cook, you only cook (+1 to cooking)
>You better trade, silver tongue, Mercury tongue (+1 to Haggling)
We need a larger stock of ingredients before cooking skill is going to mean anything.
-better tongue, yes. Can talk, can haggle.
-New face. Not adventurer. Homunculus like you.
-girl, pretty, merchant, food, more?

" Instersted in my wares? Cough up some coin first~"

Quality (E->D)
Meat Ing.-> 45 Gold
Non Meat Ing. -> 35 Gold
Extra Ing.->25 Gold
Ing. from a specfic Region-> 55
Upgrade stock-> 475 Gold
Random Race Info-> 45 Gold
Random Food Recipe> 75 Gold
Random Trait tip-> 35 Gold
Random Region Tip-> 35 Gold

>Skip, wait for next adventurers
>2 meat
>2 non meat

I don't think this quest is going to get very much traction with this sort of pacing.
I just wanted a comfy food sim quest. Shit you are right. Should I call it off ? Maybe prep a bit for a redux? What should I take into consideration next?
The initial tutorial was not presented very intuitively. You didn't mention that there's only one serving of every ingredient, for example.

I'm thinking
>skipping any preamble is fine
>start with 1 adventurer, with a line or two of what they want and MAYBE the opportunity to accept multiple different dishes so more than 1 anon's vote gets through.
>Bigger quests than this have died shopping. Just do a single lump purchase, or don't make it a vote at all.
>The second half of the shopping choices don't make sense for low intelligence homunculi to deal with. Introduce them through the master or something, or provide them as rewards from the customers.
>Sprinkly narrative hooks to slowly introduce the tavern, whoever operates it, and the surrounding areas.
Well, I will be back soon with vengeance, thanks anon!

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