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File: las2.png (195 KB, 299x281)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
You are Jay Nakamura, an ordinary high school student and boyfriend to Jon Kent—Superboy. Your life took a turn when your friend and fellow Gamorran refugee Azim informed you about Intergang targeting your community. Determined to support Jon and defend your friends, you delved into tech and investigative skills, uncovering chilling truths about Intergang's collaboration with criminal organizations.

With the help of Jon's mother, Lois Lane-Kent of the Daily Planet media group, you gathered evidence on Intergang's operations, revealing connections to international criminal entities. An impromptu rescue mission went awry, leading to your capture alongside Azim and other refugees by Silver Monkey, one of many Chinese criminals collaborating with Intergang, orchestrating the kidnapping of metahumans, seemingly at the behest of the Communist Party of China.

Captured by Silver Monkey and facing certain doom, you were saved by the young and cocky Chinese Super-Man, Kong Kenan, who was conflicted about his role and national duties. Your combined efforts led to questioning Chinese official Zhang Wei, who admitted to reluctantly authorizing dubious operations under pressure from the Chinese government's Ministry of Self-Reliance.

Suspecting his family’s safety was at risk, Zhang reluctantly agreed to defect and testify in exchange for their protection. You embarked on a daring mission to retrieve his family incognito from Hangzhou, relying on your evolving understanding of Chinese language and culture. Amidst tense evasion, you successfully reunited Zhang with his family.

Faced with the challenge of escaping China safely, you considered various options. The best overland route was Bhutran, due to the small nation's neutrality and a remote landscape would provide refuge. However, concerns arose about dealing with Shadowdragon—Bhutran's Prince Savitar, a rogue figure with a complex history toeing the line between national heroism and international villainy.

(see https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2024/6037271/ for previous thread)
File: kong.png (348 KB, 377x575)
348 KB
348 KB PNG
The cold mountain air of the Zhejiang Province sharpens your focus as everyone considers the options. The conversation around Bhutran is promising, but a nagging suspicion pulls at the back of your mind. An international criminal like Shadowdragon might see capturing the metas as part of his "national interest,” exploiting them for personal or geopolitical gain. Escaping via the South China Sea, though risky, might offer a safer and more neutral route out of immediate danger.

"We can't trust Shadowdragon,” you say, voicing your concern. “Despite his claims of working for Bhutran’s benefit, he is still a thief and a mercenary. The metas might be too tempting a resource for him to pass up.”

Kong, growing impatient, demands to know, “Then where are we going to go, pinkie?”

"The sea route might be our best bet. It has its perils, but we can avoid the heavily monitored land routes and borders.”

Zhang Wei steps forward, his demeanor calm and measured as he speaks of China's claims and policies. "We must tread carefully. The South China Sea is a hotspot of territorial disputes and geopolitical tensions. It is an area of significant importance to China. The Nine-Dash Line has historical precedence, and China’s right to these waters is well established, yet the United Nations and many seafaring neigbors dispute this."

Everyone listens intently as Zhang continues his impromptu lecture. "China has fortified several islands within the Spratly and Paracel archipelagos, constructing ports, military outposts, and airstrips. This militarization is to protect our resources and maintain national security.

Zhang pauses, assessing the faces around him before continuing. “Despite international disputes, China’s maritime claims are rooted in history and necessity. The region’s waters are believed to hold around 11 billion barrels of untapped oil and 190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The territorial integrity of these waters is essential for our nation’s prosperity and stability. Yet, despite the challenges, we might benefit from the activities of Western and Southeast Asian navies conducting so-called 'freedom of navigation operations'. They could serve as deterrents or even sources of aid if we present ourselves as defectors seeking asylum.”

Mrs. Zhang hesitates, her voice tinged with concern as she looks between you and Zhang Wei. “I know you feel must do this, Wei, but can we really trust Japan, or America? They could detain us if we go to them... And the government will not want you to share our country's secrets, either."

The tension in the air is palpable as Mrs. Zhang voices her concerns. The group is on edge, balancing between fear and hope. Kong Kenan steps forward, his demeanor shifting from the cocky arrogance of Super-Man to something more profound, more genuine. He looks at Zhang Wei, his wife, and their daughter, then glances at you before speaking:
"Wei, Mrs. Zhang," Kong begins, his voice steady and resonant. "This isn't just about the CCP or any particular government. This is about our shared heritage, our deep-seated values of justice and harmony that transcend any political regime."

He gestures towards the mountains, the vast landscape of China behind him. "Our culture, our history... they've always been about unity and righteousness. The teachings of Confucius, the harmony we seek in our daily lives, the justice we aim to uphold—all of these are bigger than the CCP. I joined this cause because I believe in protecting our people, in fighting for what's right. And right now, what’s right is ensuring the safety of innocent people, including your family."

Mrs. Zhang looks uncertain but moved, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. Zhang Wei's stern expression softens slightly, the weight of Kong's words settling in.

You step forward, drawing on the shared virtues of Chinese and Japanese culture, and weaving them into a broader appeal. "In both Japanese and Chinese cultures, there's a profound respect for justice and harmony. We call it 和 (wa) in Japanese, and 和谐 (héxié) in Chinese. In America, we have our own ideals of freedom and equality. Every culture values these principles because they're what connect us all as human beings."

You look around, meeting the eyes of each person present. "This journey isn’t just about escaping danger; it's about standing up for these principles we hold dear. It's about ensuring justice for those who can't fight for themselves and creating a safer world for future generations."

Kong nods "Exactly. I'm no fan of the USA... But we can't let petty politics keep us from doing what's right. We are all connected by a greater sense of justice and unity."

Mrs. Zhang's resolve strengthens, and you can see a glimmer of determination in her eyes. She clasps her husband's hand tightly, nodding in agreement.

As the emotional exchange settles, Kong turns to you, whispering, "Where did you get all that from?"

You smile softly, feeling a gentle warmth spreading through you as you think of Jon, your Superboy—his love, his dedication to the greater good, his unwavering heroism. "Someone I love," you reply simply.

Kong's eyes soften momentarily before his usual smirk returns. "Well, whoever they are, they're cheesy as hell."

"This from the guy harkening back to Confucian values?" you tease him back.

With the group's spirits lifted and a newfound sense of purpose guiding you, it's time to decide the next step in your escape plan. The options are all risky but potentially viable.

>Take shelter on Taiwan, the closest, albeit disputed, nation (456 miles, heavily guarded and viewed by the CCP as sovereign Chinese territory)
>Travel all the way to Japan (1121 miles, largest concentration of American military personnel outside USA)
>Fly to South Korea instead (588 miles, means crossing North Korean waters but less Chinese naval presence)
>Dump Jon, your into older guys anyways. See what Lex Luthor is doing, the stud.
I'm sorry anon, but this is not a valid vote. You can theoretically dump Jon when you next see him, but you cannot randomly hit up Lex Luthor.
>Travel all the way to Japan (1121 miles, largest concentration of American military personnel outside USA)

The party has probably pegged Kong as a flight risk by now since he hasn't show his face after defying batman.

Taiwan is right out since it's probably swarming with CCP agents anyway. Don't really want to be seen much around North Korea since they're also allies with China and will probably squeal to them about seeing us in their waters.

Japan's probably the safest bet - US military means we'll have a better chance of actually contacting the League and Jay speaks the language. Plus they'll probably be less bullied by China's demands than S. Korea (especially considering we don't know what S.Korea will do if China orders the N. Korea to start acting up in their attempts to stop us)
>Travel all the way to Japan

The salty sea air is fresh and crisp, yet still a stark reminder of the perilous journey you are undergoing. You and the others huddle inside the shipping container as Kong flies you across the open sea toward Japan. The decision to head to Japan, a nation with the largest concentration of American military personnel outside the US, seems the safest bet given the circumstances.

You could have tried Taiwan, but it's likely swarming with CCP agents. South Korea has its own risks due to proximity with North Korea and complex international relations with China. Japan, however, feels like the best option. The presence of American forces provides some sense of security, and with your knowledge of Japanese, your chances of successfully seeking asylum and contacting the Justice League are significantly higher.

Despite the overwhelming tension, you feel an odd sense of pride. You've managed to keep it together, proving yourself useful and capable in ways you never imagined possible. Yet, here you are still somewhat at the mercy of another 'Super' guy—the irony is unmistakable, though it's reassuring at least to be in Kong's admittedly arrogant-yet-strong hands as he carries your sea-can full of refugees across the sea.

As the container sways with each gust of wind, you can't help but reflect on how you've come a long way since the days when you felt utterly powerless. From meticulously gathering intel online to navigating the chaotic landscape of Hangzhou, you've stepped up time and time again. And now, you're part of something bigger, fighting for justice and safety alongside remarkable individuals.

Suddenly, a shiver runs down your spine—a presence, something powerful and menacing, is approaching. You peer through a small opening in the container and your breath catches in your throat as you see a figure rising from the depths of the ocean below.

He is an imposing figure, clad in an ornate armored suit that gleams iridescently under the sunlight. His left eye is covered with an eyepatch adorned with ancient runes, giving him a distinctly fearsome appearance. The scales of his suit shift like liquid metal, flowing seamlessly between hues of blue and green, creating an almost hypnotic effect. Webbed hands brandish a serpentine bone sword that pulses with an eerie glow. His head is crowned by thorny, coral-like horns.

"Super-Man!" The ’s voice booms across the waves, thick with menace and authority. "You have been marked by Bat-Man for insubordination! Return to Chinese waters, or face my wrath!"

Kong’s eyes narrow as he meets his adversary’s gaze, his muscles tensing for a potential clash. “Kwang-Jo,” he mutters under his breath. “Of freaking course it's freaking Dragonson.”
File: dragonson.jpg (146 KB, 650x733)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

You catch Kong’s mumble and curiosity piques. "Dragonson?" you whisper, half to yourself. "Given all the uncreative names from your lot, I expected something like... 'Chinese Aqua-Man'."

Kong smirks despite the tension. “Yeah, well, Dragonson is actually North Korean. So, you know."

As Dragonson rises out of the water, tendrils of bluish energy spiral around him, causing the ocean's surface to twist and churn violently. He raises his arm, and a colossal wave surges forward, crashing against Kong and sending shockwaves through the container.

The refugees inside scream as the container lurches violently. You brace yourself against the metal wall, fighting to remain upright. Fear grips you, but you force it down—panic won’t save you or anyone else.

Kong darts forward, engaging Dragonson in mid-air. The clash is instantaneous and brutal. Dragonson swings his bone sword with deadly precision, and Kong blocks it just in time with his supercharged aura.

Dragonson’s abilities are astonishing as he manipulates water into icy projectiles, hurling them with unerring accuracy. Kong dodges deftly, but each blast sends tremors through the shipping container.

“Hold on!” you shout to the others, steadying yourself as best you can.

Dragonson doesn’t relent; he conjures water tentacles from the ocean’s surface, wrapping them around Kong and squeezing with immense pressure. But Kong channels his qi energy, breaking free and countering with a barrage of eldritch blasts that ripple across the sky.

“Enough!” Dragonson roars, his voice resonating with an almost otherworldly power. He thrusts his hand into the water, creating a massive vortex that whirls beneath you. The container tilts precariously as the water rises to engulf it.

Kong races against time to counter Dragonson’s hydrokinesis while safeguarding the container. You can see the strain this dual focus places on him, the desperation in his eyes as he glances back at you.

You think quickly amidst the pandemonium. Dragonson's ferocity isn’t slowing down; if anything, it’s gaining intensity.

As you consider your strategy...

>Super-Man should drop the sea-can, and you and the other refugees must fend for yourselves for a time
>Super-Man should prioritize defending the shipping container and those within over winning the fight
>Write-in a strategy
>Write-in a strategy
>Super-man keeps Dragonson's attention on him while defending us
>Opera boy with time powers try to immbolise + clothes manipulating girl team up to get dragonson to drop his sword (clothes girl can also try messing with his eyepatch)
>Jay hollers for his own superman/boy

Our best bet to keep both us protected and Kong in the fight is for Kong to draw aggro to distract Dragonson, while the refugees try to seperate him from his sword. Also we don't know what state Kong's going to be in after all this or if Batman will use this delay to send other league members after us, so might as well try to summon our own supers - by now they've probably realised Jay's missing.
>>Super-Man should prioritize defending the shipping container and those within over winning the fight
Rolled 1 (1d2)

The battle between China's Super-Man and The Dragonson of North Korea rages on over the churning waters of the South China Sea. Inside the shipping container, the tension is palpable. Waves crash against the metal walls, and the raucous clatter of combat seems never-ending.

Kong hovers near the container, every move calculated to shield it from Dragonson’s assaults. His eyes burn with focused determination as he deflects ice shards and water blasts with his qi-enhanced invulnerability.

"Step away from your tin can, Super-Man!" Dragonson snarls, his bone sword flashing menacingly. The supernatural bone katana pulses with ancient power.

Kenan shoots back a defiant glare. "You mean this 'tin can' full of innocent people you're trying to drown, you oversized seahorse? You are the real coward, bowing to Bat-Man's pressure instead of doing what's right!"

With a roar that shudders through the container’s iron walls, Dragonson sends another tidal wave hurtling towards Kong. The wave crashes against Kenan, water splashing into the container’s cracks and crevices, sending shivers down your spine.

Inside the container, you and the other refugees struggle to remain steady amid the chaos. Azim clutches his head, still reeling from the earlier attack. The boy with time powers begins his haunting operatic aria, focusing on Dragonson, singing his heart out, but the sounds of battle drown out his youthful vocie.

"I can't slow someoen who can't hear me!" he says.

Meanwhile, the girl with clothing-possession power channels her energy, her eyes glowing as she attempts to animate Dragonson’s eyepatch to distract him.

"His clothing is enchanted by a powerful, ancient magic.," she tells you grimly. "too magical for my magic to overpower."

Zhang speaks up, his voice barely audible over the crashing waves. “Dragonson’s power comes from his sword. Get him away from it for even a minute, and he becomes vulnerable. It’s crucial we do this if we have any shot at escaping.”

Kenan’s eyes flicker toward you, understanding flashing between you.

“I’m just getting started!” Kong taunts, deftly channeling his qi to withstand another of Dragonson’s powerful hydrokinesis attacks. Bright white light bursts from his hands in an Eldritch Blast, forcing Dragonson back.

“You’re a disgrace to your position!” Dragonson shouts angrily. “Betraying your country for...for what?”

Kenan laughs mockingly, dodging another swipe of the bone sword. “For justice! For protecting innocent lives! You wouldn’t understand—your country's regime long ago forsook socialist principles like those.”

Dragonson’s face contorts with fury, his voice dropping to a cold whisper. “You think you know honor? Loyalty? You’re nothing but a failed experiment.”
The container shakes violently again as Dragonson intensifies his attacks. Kong braces himself against the onslaught, refusing to let up in his defense.

Meanwhile, inside the container, the young boy's aria entwines with the girl’s manipulation powers. Together, they are able to wind time back for the eyepatch specifically, shifting its position on Dragonson’s face, just barely— but enough for a critical moment’s distraction. His grip loosens on the bone sword.

Seizing the opportunity, Kong propels himself forward with speed and force, aiming a powerful strike at Dragonson’s chest. The impact sends Dragonson hurtling backward, and the bone sword slips from his grasp. He cries out as his powers begin to wane.

The container tilts dangerously as Kong retrieves the sword mid-air. A panicked scream erupts from Dragonson. His authoritative presence instantly shifts, morphing back into a young man with wide eyes filled with fear.

“NO!” Dragonson—or rather, Ahn Kwang-Jo—cries out, grasping at the empty air where his power once resided.

The immediate danger seems to ebb away with Kwang-Jo’s transformation, but the threat is far from over. The distant roar of engines draws your attention: Chinese naval vessels are fast approaching.

>Rolled a 1: Super-Man's distraction and defensive fighting slowed his victory, and you did not get out of Chinese waters cleanly

"We're out of time,” Zhang urges you, his voice strained.

Kong looks between you, the incoming naval ships, and Kwang-Jo. He knows another fight here could destroy any chance of escape or rescue—possibly even get you all killed.

You feel the weight of a momentous decision press heavily upon you. Do you dare to summon Jon Kent—your Superboy—for help? It risks creating an international incident if American heroes interfere directly in Chinese and North Korean disputes.

“I—” you hesitate, biting your lip as nerves threaten to overwhelm you.

The other refugees look at you in expectation and trust. You glance at Super-Man, who meets your eyes with an intensity that sends shivers down your spine.

“What do we do now?” one of the refugees echoes your question.

As naval vessels draw ever closer and harsh reality threatens to crash over everyone’s hope like another tidal wave, you weigh the dire choices before you:

>Call out for Jon Kent, your Superboy, though it risks an international incident
>Put your trust in Kong Kenan, the Chinese Super-Man
>Attempt to reason with The Dragonson, and petition his aid
>Surrender to avoid anyone getting too badly hurt, or worse
>>Attempt to reason with The Dragonson, and petition his aid
The battle subsides, leaving a tense silence over the South China Sea as Kong Kenan fights to protect the shipping container filled with refugees. The Chinese navy is bearing down on you, and involving Jon Kent—your beloved Superboy—could escalate this into an international conflict.

You pull the dazed Dragonson into the container. The North Korean metahuman stumbles, his once imposing figure now human and vulnerable. The refugees look on in panic, their gazes darting between you and your reluctant new companion.

“Why didn’t you kill me?” Kwang-Jo demands. “Super-Man should have finished me off.”

“No,” you say firmly. “We’re not here to take lives. We want your help.” You let the weight of your words settle. “We know what you're capable of. Let’s see if you’re capable of understanding.”

Kwang-Jo stares at you blankly before a bitter laugh escapes his lips. “You want my help? Do you even know who I am?”

You feel a pang of empathy. “I know you’re more than what they’ve made you out to be.”

Kwang-Jo looks taken aback, uncertainty dawning in his eyes. “You speak nonsense! You know nothing of my country, our struggles!”

“I know enough,” you press gently. “I know about Kwangmyong, the Kim family’s cult of personality, and all the harsh censorship your people have endured. I know your government controls every piece of information you’re allowed to see.”

The grim reality of North Korean censorship washes over your mind. People risk their lives daily to tap into China’s networks, confronting brutal punishment for merely desiring information.

“Did you ever want more?” you continue softly. “Did you ever dream of something beyond the borders they set for you?”

Kwang-Jo’s expression turns defensive yet conflicted. “I was taught loyalty... Justice... Honor. It was not always an easy lesson, but I learned this wisdom well. Following orders is for the good of the people.”

Kwang-Jo's defiant stance wavers as your words sink in.

You lower your voice, leaning in closer. “I know about the brutal realities of your country,” you say earnestly. “The Kwanliso—those political prison camps where people are enslaved, tortured, and murdered. The forced labor, the re-education camps, where thousands are brainwashed and beaten into submission.”

Dragonson’s eye flinches at the mention of the Kwanliso, his stoic façade cracking ever so slightly. You press on.

“There are atrocities beyond belief,” you continue. “Children manipulated, adults tortured, and lives snuffed out—all to maintain the illusion of a perfect state. I know about Ri Thae-chol and his Ministry of People’s Security—overseeing not just prisons but secretive, monstrous facilities for experimentation and human rights abuses. Were you one of those children, Ahn Kwang-Jo? Forced into compliance with brutal lessons?”
Kwang-Jo’s gaze darkens, memories stirring in the depths of his expression. His voice drops to a near whisper, wrought with the pain of repression. “I... I once tried to expose myself to the world beyond our borders,” he admits. “I modified a TV set to receive broadcasts from China—American cartoons. It was a Capitol offense. I was caught…brutally beaten… for liking Western animation."

You nod gently, encouraging him to continue. "And that's when you discovered your powers?"

Kwang-Jo exhales sharply, as if pierced by a buried memory. “Yes… Two creatures—giant crab-like things—emerged from my panic-induced sweat puddles and dealt with my captors. The Ministry of Self-Reliance saved me from further torment by Korea's secret police. I… I met others like myself, saw a world outside the confinement of North Korean lies. I thought... I thought China would be better. And it has been, but...”

Encouraged by his openness, you take a step closer. “You don’t have to be bound by their manipulations anymore,” you say softly. “North Korea's, or China's."

Kwang-Jo looks down, his defenses lowering bit by bit. “I have the blood of King Munmu in my veins,” he murmurs. “I was trained to wield powers of the deep by my father, the Dragon King of the Northern Sea. But... I tire of using those powers for war. I wish to use them to explore, and to create art.“

A sense of tentative hope fills the container.

You reach out your hand, resting it on Kwang-Jo’s trembling shoulder. “Then use those powers to help us,” you implore earnestly. “Help right the wrongs you were forced to commit. Make a stand for true justice.”

Kwang-Jo’s eye meets yours, the flicker of resolve igniting within its depths. Slowly, he nods. “I will help you,” he vows quietly. “I will summon one of the great beasts of legend to carry us to safety.”

You step back as Kwang-Jo focuses his energies, chanting a soft prayer to his ancient lineage. The rhythmic pulsing of his qi spreads through the shipping container like a calming wave.

As the waters move and churn beneath you, a colossal shape rises from the depths. Kwang-Jo’s voice melds with the ancient energies flowing through his veins. The very ocean bends to his will as he summons forth a mythical sea-beast.

The colossal form reveals itself as an enormous sea serpent, like a dragon from Eastern legend. Its body adorned with shimmering scales, it gazes at Kwang-Jo with wise, benevolent eyes.

“Get inside the container,” Kwang-Jo commands decisively.

Kong stands back, disbelief etched across his face. “You want us to trust... this thing? To eat us?” he asks incredulously.

“We don’t have another choice,” you reply.

Kong stares back at you, torn between skepticism and the budding trust. Finally, with a resigned nod, he joins the group inside the container.
As Kwang-Jo finishes communing with the serpent, he guides the container into the creature’s great maw. The refugees cling to each other, fear and hope mingling in their eyes.

The mighty sea-serpent engulfs the shipping container carefully, ensuring its passengers remain protected. The sensation of descending into the serpentine belly fills everyone with awe and terror in equal parts.

As the sea serpent dives beneath the waves carrying you all towards safe harbor, a sense of unity and determination fills the container—a shared resolve to forge ahead together.

“We will reach Japan,” Dragonson assures. “There we may find reprieve from our peril.”

You look at Kwang-Jo, realizing that despite his past actions under duress, he might indeed bear potential for true heroism—just like yourself.

The journey beneath the waves is long, but you are surprisingly safe inside the dragon's protective intestinal embrace insulating the container from harm and turbulence. When you finally emerge, it is night-time and the lights from a small fishing village in Japanese waters twinkle invitingly.

The sea serpent releases the container onto a deserted beach, its iridescent eyes conveying a message of finality before it submerges into the deep once more.

As you and the others tentatively step out onto Japanese soil, awe-stricken villagers gather around, their expressions a mix of fear, curiosity, and reverence. A few cautiously approach, whispering amongst themselves in Japanese about dragons and miracles.

Kong chuckles at their reactions. "Looks like we made quite an entrance."

Kwang-Jo shifts uncomfortably under their startled gazes, unused to such attention on foreign soil.

"Thank you," you say to Dragonson softly. Relief and gratitude are palpable among the refugees as they turn their eyes to Japan’s promise of safety.

But you know you're not home free yet...

>Convince Ahn Kwang-Jo and Kong Kenan to seek sanctuary at the local US military base
>Take your friends to apply for Japanese refugee status, and take your story to the local media
>Find a phone to call Jon and the Justice League of America for extraction
>Convince Ahn Kwang-Jo and Kong Kenan to seek sanctuary at the local US military base.
The night air is cool as you stand on the Japanese beach, fresh from your miraculous escape. The villagers' murmurs grow as they cautiously approach, their faces a mix of awe and curiosity. You glance at Kong Kenan and Ahn Kwang-Jo, their expressions betraying their unease.

“We need to get to the US military base,” you say, breaking the silence. “It’s our best shot at finding sanctuary and getting the word out about what’s been happening.”

Kong Kenan scowls, crossing his arms defensively. “I still don’t trust the US. Their foreign policies, their military actions—they’ve always seemed more about control and exploitation than actual help.”

You nod, understanding his skepticism. “I get it. But right now, we need their protection. The American presence here in Japan could be a shield against any immediate threats from China or North Korea.”

Ahn Kwang-Jo looks equally dubious. “How do we know they won’t just use us as pawns? I've heard about the atrocities the US has committed—imperialistic policies, exploitation of minorities, the Korean War…”

The words of a North Korean propaganda book you once read online echo in your mind: "The US imperialists committed atrocities of mass slaughter against the Korean people from the first days of war ... They revealed their barbarity and brutality to the whole world."

North Korean citizens are bombarded with this narrative, presenting the US as an imperial power capable of unspeakable cruelty. Convincing Kwang-Jo to trust the US requires patience and understanding.

"Look," you say softly, "I know propaganda is powerful. But the truth isn't so black and white. Yes, America has a checkered past, and they've made mistakes. But their presence in Japan is about maintaining balance and security in this region."

You focus on their facial expressions, reading the room before continuing. "I'm not blind to America’s faults—but reaching out to them is our best chance at stopping the human trafficking, protecting these refugees, and exposing the truth about Bat-Man’s operations."

Super-Man’s scowl deepens. “Doesn’t change the fact they could turn on us. If Bat-Man's activities are only tied to specific, corrupt officials, the Americans will still try to use this to smear the whole of the country.”

Zhang steps forward, his eyes sharp with determination. “And if high-ranking officials are involved in these operations, my information will be crucial. But to reveal it, I need guarantees—protection for me and my family. Otherwise, reprisal from Beijing is a very real threat. We've seen this before: politicians barred entry for speaking against the CCP, like Australians and Canadians; senators dying under mysterious circumstances after Taiwanese dealings, as seen in the Czech Republic; journalists and activists imprisoned or silenced. The reach of the government is long, and their claws sharp.”
The gravity of Zhang's words hangs in the air, underscoring the depth of the risk he faces in revealing sensitive information.

Right then, you sense a small glimmer of hope. Your passable Japanese might just help navigate the local transport and persuade the constabulary to assist:

“Watashitachi wa jinshin torihiki no higai-sha o tasukemasu, Beikoku no kichi e ikimasu,” you explain to the local officers. (We’re helping some victims of human trafficking; we need to get to the American base.)

Their eyes widen, but they nod in understanding and urgency, directing you to a vehicle.

With their assistance, you’re able to secure transportation and make your way to the US military base. The journey isn’t without tension—Kong and Kwang-Jo remain wary, their eyes darting around suspiciously as they near the entrance.

Upon arriving at the base, you’re met by the imposing figure of Lt. Colonel Jim Flagg, USMC—the officer in charge of joint US-Japan relations and communications. His demeanor is old-fashioned, his air of command just shy of overbearing.

“Welcome,” Lt. Colonel Flagg says gruffly, his gaze sweeping over your group critically. “I’m Lt. Colonel Jim Flagg. Heard you’ve brought quite an interesting mix here—real grab bag of Chinese, Japanese, an Arab... Whatever this fish-guy is."

His authoritative tone carries subtle prejudices, causing Ahn Kwang-Jo to immediately tense up.

“Yes, sir,” you reply, steadying yourself. “They’ve escaped from dangerous situations involving international criminal enterprises, and actions by..."

Lt. Colonel Flagg raises an eyebrow, his expression demanding further explanation.

You take a deep breath, feeling the weight of their expectant gazes on you. This moment could shape everything—your safety, the refugees' future, exposure of great evils...everything hangs in balance.

You consider your next words carefully:

>Speak with the full force of your convictions and indict the highest levels of the Chinese government
>Keep your criticism muted and don't jump to conclusions or make any accusations you can't walk back
>>Keep your criticism muted and don't jump to conclusions or make any accusations you can't walk back
We don't have solid evidence yet apart from Bat-man, but honestly the league of self reliance being rotten is a good starting point. Plus going full throttle now will antagonise Kong
Lt. Colonel Jim Flagg stands before you with the stern, weathered look of a man who has seen enough political maneuvering to fill several lifetimes. His authoritative presence is both daunting and—if approached correctly—potentially beneficial. His mention of your group as a "grab bag" isn't lost on you. If you're to gain his support, you'd better tread lightly and keep your criticisms measured.

“Lt. Colonel Flagg, sir, we’ve uncovered some deeply troubling activities involving international criminal enterprises and potential corruption within the Ministry of Self-Reliance,” you begin, your voice steady but cautious. “China has their own Bat-Man, just like the Super-Man and Aqua-Man here. I don't know for sure who else is involved... This Bat-Man though, he's been orchestrating operations using Triad and Intergang connections, and these metahumans were caught in the crossfire."

Flagg eyes you critically before shifting his gaze towards Zhang Wei and Kwang-Jo, and then back to you. "Do you have evidence that anyone else in the Chinese government knows about this? That they signed off on it?"

You hesitate, and meet Zhang Wei's eyes. He nods, an agreement to follow your lead.

"I can't say anything like that for sure," you say, to Kong and Kwang-Jo's obvious relief.

"Then going after them is a tall order," Flagg says, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "China’s interference with criminal enterprises isn’t news, but outright accusing their Ministry without concrete evidence is delicate territory. I suppose for now, we'll keep an eye out for this Asian Bat, and whatever he's up to."

You nod, maintaining eye contact. “Understood, sir. This isn’t an accusation, but rather a hope for cooperative investigation and protection for these refugees. The immediate priority is ensuring these individuals' safety.”

Facing Zhang, Flagg's tone turns serious. "Mr. Zhang, you still want to defect? Do you understand the implications of what you’re implying"

Zhang bows his head, and says in accented English: "It does not matter is Bat-Man is workign alone. He, alone, can hurt or kill myself, or my family, for coming forward."

Kong Kenan steps forward, his voice carrying a careful balance of defiance and sincerity. “My loyalty lies with China... And the Chinese people. The common people. We should take action against Bat-Man’s criminal operations; it’s crucial for true justice."

Flagg studies Kong for a moment, then shifts his attention back to you, weighing the options. “Politics is a treacherous game. The US military isn’t eager to get involved directly in international matters that could stir significant tensions with China.”

You nod again. “I understand that, Colonel Flagg. Our primary need is asylum and a safe platform to share our evidence and testimony.”
A silence hangs between you as Flagg considers the information. Finally, he breathes out heavily. “Alright... Zhang, you and your family will be taken care of as refugees in Japan for now, until we can process you Stateside. Dragonson... you can stay by their side under specific agreements, but you'll remain here, on-base."

Dragonson, still trepidatious, nevertheless nods respectfully. “Thank you, sir.”

Turning to Kong Kenan, Flagg’s tone hardens slightly. "Super-Man, you’ve presented an unusual challenge by stepping onto foreign soil with refugee claims against your own government officials. Beijing’s eyes are sharp."

Kong lifts his chin defiantly. “So what? American superheroes interfere globally all the time. And anyway, I did it to help fellow Chinese... Mostly."

“You make a fair point,” Flagg admits, his expression softening marginally. “So maybe, since you're such a boyscout, you should go back home to your knock-off brand Chinese Justice League. You can report Bat-Man, if you trust your government. Honestly, it's less paperwork for me, anyway.”

Kong remains silent for a moment, contemplating his next move as Flagg steps away.

The night falls, blanketing the military base in an uncanny calmness after the day's tense events. Exhaustion takes its toll on the captured Gamorrans, who settle into the temporary accommodations provided by the US military. As their breathing softens into a rhythm of sleep, you find yourself alone amidst the quiet, finally able to take a moment to breathe deeply.

You clutch a phone provided by base personnel, finally readying yourself to call Jon—your heart fluttering at the thought of hearing his reassuring voice. You imagine his unfailing support easing your burden, grounding you in the chaos of everything that's unfolded.

Before you can dial his number, something catches your eye through the small barracks window—a shadow hovering just above ground level. The figure turns slightly, illuminated by the faint moonlight... It's Kong Kenan.

He's standing there silently, facing away from you and toward China—a symbol of all he’s grappled with today. His powerful frame is stilled with contemplation, a lone hero against the backdrop of a far-reaching mission. Rising wind lifts strands of hair, framing his conflicted thoughts.

>Call out to Kong, China's Super-Man, with whom you feel a burgeoning bond
>Let him go, silently wishing him well, and finally call your beloved Superboy, Jonathan Kent
>>Let him go, silently wishing him well, and finally call your beloved Superboy, Jonathan Kent
>Call out to Kong, China's Super-Man, with whom you feel a burgeoning bond
Think we should be a good friend and give him a shoulder to lean on after seducing-i mean convincing him to defect and all. His gotta be reeling. Would not turn down a 3P end for them down the line, Jay has a fucking type kek
>>Let him go, silently wishing him well, and finally call your beloved Superboy, Jonathan Kent
>Call out to Kong, China's Super-Man, with whom you feel a burgeoning bond
The night is still as you watch the tall, powerful silhouette of Kong Kenan levitating in silent contemplation. The weight of the past few days must be enormous on him, confronting the truth about his country, his own beliefs, and the moral path he must tread. A part of you wants to reach out, offer him a shoulder to lean on after everything you've both been through—but you hold back.

Kong needs this moment alone, and you can’t deny yourself the relief of hearing from Jon any longer. The weight of missing him has become almost unbearable. Silently, you wish Kong well, hoping he finds peace with his decisions. Then, you turn your attention back to the phone in your hand, and with your heart pounding, dial Jon’s number.

The ringing feels like an eternity, and then a familiar voice bursts through the line. “Jay! Jay, is that you?”

Tears prick at your eyes at the sound of his voice. “Jon... yes, it’s me. I’m safe, Jon.”

There's a moment of silence punctuated only by Jon’s heavy breathing. “Thank God. I’ve been so worried, Jay. What were you thinking? Why didn’t you call me sooner? You got in over your head, you could have been killed!”

You bite your lip, feeling a mix of guilt and relief. Why hadn’t you reached out for help? Was it pride? Fear of being seen as helpless? But aloud, you say softly, “I’m sorry, Jon. I just... I needed to do this on my own. But I’m okay now.”

Jon's frustration simmers beneath the surface of his fondness. “You can’t just keep doing this, Jay. You’re brave, but you’re not invincible.”

“I know,” you reply, a smile creeping onto your lips despite everything. “I’ve missed you, Jon. And I can’t wait to be stateside again—to be with you.”

Jon's voice softens, his frustration dissipating with the warmth of his love. “I’ve missed you too, Jay. More than you know. We need to talk about all this when you get back, okay?”

“Okay,” you murmur, your heart full.

The conversation shifts to murmured assurances and intimate exchanges. Jon’s voice is like a balm to your tired soul, and as the moments pass, the tension in your body begins to ebb away.

“I love you,” Jon whispers through the line, his voice tender.

“I love you too,” you reply, feeling your eyes grow heavy with exhaustion. In the solace of Jon’s voice, you drift off to sleep, the phone cradled against your cheek.

Your dreams are vivid and intoxicating—a blend of Jon’s touch and Kong’s. The dreamscape intertwines their presences in ways that evoke desires you didn’t realize you harbored.

You find yourself sandwiched between the two superheroes, their powerful bodies pressing against you from either side. Jon's firm, yet tender touch contrasts with Kong’s rougher, more assured caresses. Their warmth envelops you, and you can feel the strength and passion radiating from their forms, creating an almost electric charge in the air.

Jon’s lips press softly against your neck while Kong's hands roam with confident possession. Their combined presence fills you with a heady mix of exhilaration and yearning. Each movement, each breath they take sends shivers down your spine, stirring deep and forbidden desires within you.

You wake in the morning with a blush on your cheeks and an ache in your heart yearning for... What?


The flight back to the States feels like a blur, filled with anticipation and relief. Your Superboy is waiting for you at Metropolis International Airport when you arrive. When he sees you through the crowd, his face lights up with joy, and he strides forward, enveloping you in a hug so strong it takes your breath away.

Though dressed as 'just' Jon Kent—today, his heroically strong arms are exactly what you need, exuding the strength and surety of his alter-ego.

“Jay,” he whispers into your hair, holding you close.

“Jon,” you murmur back, burying your face into his chest. “I’m so glad to be back.”

He pulls back slightly, just enough to kiss you deeply, and the world seems to melt away in that moment—leaving just the two of you nestled against the chaos of the city.


Returning to school feels almost surreal after the extraordinary events you've endured. But as the days settle into a routine, the sense of normalcy is grounding. Still, something inside you stirs, reminding you of the broader impact you could make.

>Seek out a student internship at the Daily Planet, working on your journalism credential to expose state-sponsored crime and terrorism
>Focus on learning more useful skills and forming underground networks for direct action as 'Gossamer'
>Leave your adventures behind you (at least for now) and return to some degree of normalcy, focusing on your schoolwork and your blissful romance with Jon Kent
>>Leave your adventures behind you (at least for now) and return to some degree of normalcy, focusing on your schoolwork and your blissful romance with Jon Kent
>>Seek out a student internship at the Daily Planet, working on your journalism credential to expose state-sponsored crime and terrorism
>>Focus on learning more useful skills and forming underground networks for direct action as 'Gossamer'
Since we're tied, I'll leave this open a while longer.
Rolled 2 (1d3)

The bustling halls of Metropolis High feel strangely comforting after the whirlwind of recent events. You walk through them, your mind a maelstrom of thoughts and possibilities. The normalcy of school is grounding, but a gnawing desire to make a broader impact tugs at you, reminding you of the extraordinary journey you've just endured. Deep down you know you're not meant for just an ordinary life.

Three paths lay before you, each with its own allure and pitfalls. One idea that flits across your mind is seeking out a student internship at the Daily Planet. The prospect of working under journalism legend Lois Lane-Kent is exhilarating—an opportunity to expose state-sponsored crime and terrorism like the operations you witnessed in China. You could learn from the best, build a platform for change, and turn your investigative fervor into real-world impact.

Another option is more covert: refining your skills and forming underground networks as 'Gossamer'. Your online anonymity has proven invaluable, and building a robust network could allow you to continue your fight against human trafficking directly, bypassing the red tape and political maneuvering. It’s a dangerous path, filled with uncertainties, but the thought of operating from the shadows excites you.

Lastly, there's the tempting idea of leaving your adventures behind, at least for now. Focusing on your schoolwork and deepening your blissful romance with Jon Kent wouldn’t be so bad. You could bask in the warmth of his presence, enjoying the simple pleasures that normalcy offers. After all, you've earned some peace and happiness.

Yet, the fire within you, that relentless urge to fight for justice, is hard to quench. As you weigh these options, you realize the path that intertwines your passion with tangible results.

That afternoon, you share your decision with Jon. "I'm going to apply for an internship at the Daily Planet," you say with determination.

Jon's expression shifts from relief to concern. "Jay… You just got back. I thought maybe you'd want to take it easy for a bit. Just—catch your breath, you know?”

You smile softly, touched by his protectiveness. “I know, Jon. But I can't ignore everything I've seen. The Daily Planet is where I can really make a difference.”

He sighs, running a hand through his hair. “I understand. Just promise me you’ll be careful, okay? I worry about you jumping right back into the fray.”

You nod, kissing his cheek reassuringly. “I promise.”
As you set up a meeting with Jon's mother, your nerves buzz with excitement. Sitting across from her in a bustling café feels surreal. The living legend herself, sipping coffee and listening intently to your recount of the recent adventures in China and Japan.

Lois Lane-Kent's sharp eyes gleam with pride and amusement as you speak. She sets her cup down with a knowing smile when you bring up Jon’s protectiveness.

“That boy,” she says with a hint of a laugh, “reminds me so much of his father when we first started out.” She leans in, reminiscing with fondness. “Super—Clark, I mean—was always protective, always worried about me jumping into danger. But I had my driving mission, my north star that guided me through every investigation.”

Your curiosity piqued, you ask, "What was it that drove you back then?"

She chuckles, her eyes twinkling with memories. “Well, before I focused on metahumans and alien threats, it was my youthful grudge with the military-industrial complex. Growing up with my father being a US general—well, let’s just say we had our heated debates.” She takes a sip of her coffee and continues, “But as I matured and the world changed, so did my focus. It became about protecting our city from falling for the obvious threat-of-the-week, and forgetting about all the persistent problems that society sometimes sweeps under the rug, like the Lexcorps, CothCorps, and Stag Industries of the world. Being the voice for those who couldn’t speak for themselves.”

She looks at you with a penetrating gaze. “So, Jay, what’s your north star? What drives you as a journalist?”

You take a deep breath, reflecting on your recent experiences and your innate desires for change. What will define your mission, your purpose in this tumultuous world?

You recount how seeing human trafficking first-hand filled you with fury and determination; putting names and faces to the suffering ignited a need to expose these networks and dismantle their operations worldwide.

You reflect on the Gamorran political crisis and how staying connected to your roots deeply resonates with you. It isn’t just about history—it’s about personal experiences and the ongoing struggles that demand international attention.

The systemic abuses and corruption within the Chinese government also gnaw at you deeply. The veil of secrecy surrounding their operations needs to be lifted, and their injustices need to be brought to light.

You consider how vulnerable LGBT+ youth in immigrant communities face unique challenges—abandoned by their families or societies for being who they are. Your own journey intensifies your sense of responsibility toward helping them find a voice and safe spaces.
Lois watches you carefully throughout this reflection with an approving look. "It’s clear that you have several passions driving you," she says finally. "All worthy causes. But journalism requires focus. What will be your guiding light in this vast sea of stories?”

With Lois anchoring her gaze on you intently, you feel the pressing need to define your purpose clearly—to choose a mission that resonates deeply with your values and experiences. The decision feels weighty but pivotal. The café's buzz fades into background noise, leaving only you and Lois in intense conversation. This could well shape your path forward as both an individual and a journalist. What choice will guide your work moving ahead?

What will be your north star?

>Exposing and ending the organized crime of human trafficking around the world
>Bringing awareness to the Gamorran political crisis and the suffering of the diaspora
>Revealing and proving the abuses and corruption within the Chinese government, at home and abroad
>Helping the vulnerable LGBT+ youth, especially in immigrant communities
>>Exposing and ending the organized crime of human trafficking around the world

Nobody likes these guys.

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