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File: threadHeader.jpg (324 KB, 1280x852)
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324 KB JPG
I'm happy to finally be able to post this - A (mostly) complete siterip of the website GRAPHIS, up-to-date as of yesterday (601.35GiB) :


There is a previous siterip laying around with content up to 2016-2017ish, however it had several problems. It was disorganized, it had duplicates and items in the wrong location, had third-party/rehost watermark dupe images, and was just plain missing content. I've sorted all of that content, deleted anything superfluous, and downloaded as much of the content missing from the Internet (or GRAPHIS directly) as I could. Nitty-gritty's in the readme.txt. Bare with me on the torrent speed until other seeders appear, it's quite a bit of content. Frankly, while I included the videos for completion's sake, they're quite bulky and not very good, so unless you specifically want them I'd recommend saving the space and just deselecting them in your client. I also apologize preemptively if there's difficulty connecting. It's been a while since I've made a torrent of this nature and I reinstalled my OS recently so my settings may be fucked. I'll fiddle and reupload as needed.

If you have any of the missing content (either anything explicitly incomplete in the torrent itself, or something not listed at all) please do share. Some of the Limited Editions, for instance, I've found fileshares for online but they're dead. If you have a RapidGator premium account, I'd recommend checking those and seeing if they're intact.
They also have BD/DVD releases available in the PPV store, but I've yet to purchase one. If anyone has any requests (since points are hard to come by beyond buying them), please let me know, since I have enough points to get one. They've got Kiritani, Shiraishi, Tsumugi Akari, Usa Miharu, Asami Nagase, and more. Not sure if you can see it without an account, but here: https://graphis.ne.jp/ppv/?C=1 . If nothing's really requested I'll just get whomever I like the most.

If there are any errors in the torrent content-wise (spaces in kanji names, typos, incorrect formatting, whatever) please do let me know so I can fix it for the next update (if there is one ayylmao)
Since I didn't appear to be able to connect to anyone, despite seeing them in the peer list, I added the udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:6969 tracker to the torrent on my end, so I'd recommend doing that. Alternatively,


Hopefully this will fix matters, apologies.
Can you also upload it to Nya so there would a proper unique link for the future references?
Sure, you're gonna have to give me until tomorrow, though. I'm sorry about the connectivity problems, everyone. I've zero idea why it's not connecting to people even through the tracker; I'm able to connect to other people just fine on other torrents. Since it's possible it's due to some libtorrent v2 fuckery, the torrent I'm uploading to Nyaa will be v1 to make sure to avoid anything like that.
Do you still have problems?
cool thanks, I tried connecting for about 12 hours the other day and didn't get anywhere on the magnet in the 2nd post
Gonna be honest with you guys, have no idea what the problem is here. I can connect to other torrents and peers, my port's open, and I can see people in the peers list but can never connect to you guys. Any advice? Been ages since I've actually had any problems so I'm rusty at searching for a solution and this is baffling me. Are you guys able to load the metadata, or is it stuck on that for you? If it's stuck on metadata, that might be an easy fix: I uploaded the torrent file to picrel (spam filtered) so hopefully we can connect to each other then.

If it's not a metadata problem, I'm not really sure what to do.
So I went to try doing it and the torrent file is too large for Nyaa to handle. Can't create a small-enough one either, at least not between Deluge, Transmission, and qBit. Any advice on that? I figured I'd just upload it to leetx but they require you to go through a verification process to upload content, and in the event an index isn't the problem the account would be banned if no-one could connect, so that seems like something to do AFTER this is solved.
Alright alright alright, there are now people finally connected and downloading. Not sure if you guys used the .torrent or if it just started working, but I'm happy either way. Apologies for the problems, hope you enjoy the content. I'll be seeding 24/7, so even though it's slow don't worry about pieces being unavailable, just prioritize what you really want to download in your client so you get it first.
> Any advice? Been ages since I've actually had any problems so I'm rusty at searching for a solution and this is baffling me.
Probably your ISP/router/firewall cucking you out. When you say "Been ages since I've actually had any problems" do you mean directly seeding like this (without public trackers)?

> So I went to try doing it and the torrent file is too large for Nyaa to handle.
As in the torrent file itself? Because there are multiple TB torrents on Nyaa and Sukebei. Keeping all set files loose instead of packing them into archives might've been a mistake, because the torrent file has to add metadata for each single file in its reach. So a typical 100+ images set contributes a larger size metadata than a single archive by at least 2 orders of magnitude. Which becomes a problem when you have 600GB of only image sets.
So a cursory look at the model list already tells they are using different IDs for the same models:
Neither it uses any client render, and the full model list seems to be locked behind an account. Which means it needs a custom scraper with account creds on top.
Also do you have backup of this collection? Judging by connection issues and overall slow speeds it will take a while for the other full seed to appear. The torrent seems to be meticulously sorted manually, would be quite a waste of your effort if it goes down to shitter due to a hardware failure.
>do you mean directly seeding like this (without public trackers)?
Yeah, pretty much. I've made and uploaded other torrents here and there and not had any problems, but then they'd all been to indexes with their own trackers.
>ISP/router/firewall cucking you out
Can confirm it's definitely not the router or firewall, since I've got control over those and have it set up correctly (enough). If it is the ISP then they ended up letting shit through after all, but I don't know if that's the case.
>torrent file itself?
Yes, which I already suspected since I knew there were multiple TiB torrents up. I had that confirmed with staff, too. I know it's because it's loose files instead of zipped, but I've been burned too many times by having zipped packages that end up permastalling at 95% and are still unopenable because that last 5% contains the header data, or had them be corrupted, etc.. And since I've seen people complain online about the same, I've ended up considering it taboo. Admittedly with how large a piece size the torrent's set to it's half the size of the sets anyway, but I'll fix that for updates/once there are seeders.
Though I did consider doing it anyway when I realized I couldn't upload it anywhere, but it would mean I couldn't browse it and seed it, and any changes to a gallery would require redownloading of the whole set.
>different IDs for the same models
You mean the 221111 and 210319? Those are just the dates, 2022-11-11 and 2021-03-19, when those sets were first made public (the model in the URL refers to the gallery, I don't know why they do that). The 2 means it's the second set for that model (specifically, the Limited Ed. set for her second regular set). I can confirm that even with an account there's no (user-facing) list of galleries a model's been in. No "Model Profile" or anything like that.
No backup, no, but the drive's fresh (medium rare, I'd say) so it's not at direct risk. I do need to backup my system, though
>but I've been burned too many times by having zipped packages that end up permastalling at 95% and are still unopenable because that last 5% contains the header data
It's not much different than missing 2 or 3 files from an image set.
>You mean the 221111 and 210319? Those are just the dates, 2022-11-11 and 2021-03-19, when those sets were first made public (the model in the URL refers to the gallery, I don't know why they do that). The 2 means it's the second set for that model (specifically, the Limited Ed. set for her second regular set).
A made up ID which needs a regexp to parse, oof. It does treat them as "different" models, since each page has its own collections of photosets and videos.
>I can confirm that even with an account there's no (user-facing) list of galleries a model's been in. No "Model Profile" or anything like that.
What is the `See all models /全てのモデルを見る` link then? It requires an account.
So what's the conclusion? Did it work? I can only see a dozen peers and 0(1) sneeds. It couldn't even fetch the data.
Nevermind, looks like it's working after fixing the metadata shit >>1186339
Good stuff. I'll try to seed it a bunch.
We should have a torrent test thread where people make simple torrents and others DL them to make sure their setup and the DL/UL works before shit like this happens.
File: gra_rikka-o2_127.jpg (1.52 MB, 1280x1920)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG
>It's not much different than missing 2 or 3 files from an image set.
Sometimes - when it opens - you're right. But oftentimes the archive will refuse to be opened at all and the data inside is essentially garbage. Maybe this is just anecdotal to you, but aside from personal experience I've seen others complain of the same online.
>does treat them as "different" models
I guess you could think of it that way. I just treat the "model" page as a "gallery" page, since that's functionally what it is. The galleries are just arbitrarily chunked into sets of 20 images and released that way bit by bit.
>See all models
After looking at it logged out, it's just the generic gallery results. Same page you saw, just with a search bar and page functioning. Picrel. Didn't realize you couldn't see nearly any sets logged out, so much for someone else making a scraper for that profile data.
I could've used SQT, but I didn't think it was going to happen desu. We figured it out anyway, it's just metadata being CHONK. Just makes my thread look uglier now.
err, I forgot I was going to post a picrel. THIS is picrel. Made the draft a bit ago, sorry.
> Didn't realize you couldn't see nearly any sets logged out, so much for someone else making a scraper for that profile data.
That just means the scraper will require account creds to run. When you open `storage` tab -> `Cookies` section of the dev tools while on the site, are there other names listed outside of `CHK`, `modal` and `PHPSESSID`?
USER_LOGIN, which is my login cookie. Other than that, nothing, no.
>Just means the scraper will require account creds to run
Well yeah, but that means I'll have to scrape shit unless you spoof credentials.
Although honestly iirc the accounts are free to make, you just need to pay to actually view anything beyond thumbnails, so if you wanted to scrape non-media you could probably make a burner.

Anyway, anyone got any favorite models? We're at 60GiB/10% seeded. Do people want recs or do ya'll already know who you like?
File: 1659965571784.png (7 KB, 395x167)
7 KB
> Well yeah, but that means I'll have to scrape shit unless you spoof credentials.
What are you talking about? Scraper will only need to accept creds as an argument/config, don't need to spoof anything. If you feel paranoid, you can always reset your password (and therefore the auth cookie) after running it.
That being said, you should learn how to create an unelevated account on the OS of your choice because you are going to run 3rd-party scripts at some point.
> Although honestly iirc the accounts are free to make, you just need to pay to actually view anything beyond thumbnails, so if you wanted to scrape non-media you could probably make a burner.
Yeah I already see it crying about the password being too long.
So the registered model list page seems to have a list off all models across all categories currently on site which is 29 * 30 + 21 = 891. Is that right?
Okay, that page is available even for non-registered users lmao. So scraping the base model and gallery info doesn't require an acc.
So there are in fact 891 models listed total. Here is the basic data collected so far: https://files.catbox.moe/2vk4g6.rar
This list assumes all IDs were unique and the grand list with 30 pages has all "models" listed across categories.
Whats wrong with the torrent? No seeds and lots of peers. Can't even download the metadata. Am I missing a tracker?

Same issue here.
For those unable to get the metadata, you need to download the torrent file that OP uploaded here.


It seems to have stalled though.
On model pages, are some photoset/video previews hidden from non-paying users?
Otherwise I've crawled 770 model pages out of 891. I think all skipped pages are PPV ones, because they require extra effort to parse for now. Across all parsed models there are 5085 photosets and videos combined.
>If you feel paranoid
I'm not being paranoid about anything, just saying I was hoping to be lazy for scraping shit and have someone else do it. If there's misunderstanding here, to clarify I've been assuming you're talking about this because of what I put in the readme about grabbing profile data. Otherwise I've no idea what you're doing.
>password being too long.
Every damn website online. Imagine not allowing 256 character passwords. Doesn't even accept symbols either, shame.
Shouldn't be, they just wouldn't be clickable. You'd still see the thumbnail. Also neato, but what's the end-game here?
worry not, my child, I shall not abandon ye
[spoiler]Sometimes my Internet flickers off like two nights ago, and the public tracker was having trouble being reachable for a minute. It's back up, it's always force seeding.[/spoiler]
Download what? Dude posted two magnets and says it works, yet I do not see anyone able to get anything.

Cant we get one dude to get this shit correctly and seed it or something? Anyone can drop on a mega or something else? Just need 1-3 dudes, that know what they are doing, to get it and the rest will take care of itself.
There's an anon files link in one of the posts above but I'm scared of downloading it because it's a 14mb torrent file.
Hopefully someone can confirm whether is safe or not.

idk why no one posted the magnet from the torrent file, call me retarded if that's not how it works
>Download what?
Read the post you quoted.
It's 600GiB. I'm not paying for a mega account to upload this and I'm not going to deal with the hassle of creating 30 free mega accounts just to upload it for you for the torrent board. If you want to pay for a mega account for me, go for it, but at that point why not just pay for GRAPHIS and get the content yourself? Anyways the content is seeding to plenty of other people that actually read the thread.
>that know what they are doing
We already figured out the problem earlier - because the content isn't archived, the metadata in the torrent is too large for people to get without a .torrent file. Read the thread.
Would it not be safe? I'm genuinely curious, since I've not heard of any attacks done by .torrent files. Aren't they just glorified .txt files that list out the torrent metadata and trackers?
Anyway the torrent itself is so large because as said previously, it's a lot of metadata. It was actually larger (for those first two magnets posted) before I made the piece size larger and cut down on metadata
Reread the thread please, including the post you quoted. The magnet's valid but the metadata's too large for people to get it from peers (though maybe now that more people have the metadata loaded it wouldn't be as long a wait).
>If there's misunderstanding here
You are going to run a third-party script at some point, which will be able to read and/or write to any path on your file system it has permissions to. It will also be able to send and receive arbitrary network requests. Unlike browsers, there are no limitations on cross-origin requests done from servers. If it doesn't trigger a paranoid feeling, it should. So for a start create an non-privileged account on your machine with read/write perms only to its home folder.
> Also neato, but what's the end-game here?
Several of them:
1. Collect model/photoset/video IDs in order to create a database later on.
2. Create V2 version of the torrent with all needed metadata included and photosets packed into archives. This will be done through the script and the final version will do so destructively. While for the purpose of testing it can be ran as dry runs, the final test will require at least one wet run against a full copy of the torrent. That's why I was asking about backups, because you should be able to seed the original torrent as is while running tests and until the script is complete, so at least 1 full copy is required.
3. Write a crawler, which would also work as a background service/CLI tool to check for site updates/deletions faster than "I found out the ID was deleted randomly while organizing the collection". It should also be able to download files and extract file hashes (which are of great importance because it's straight from the tap) for the purpose of storing metadata.
File: gra_h_manaka-m020.jpg (1.57 MB, 1920x1280)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB JPG
>You are going to run a third-party script at some point
I assume you're referring to the crawler below, so I'll talk about it there
>Create v2 of the torrent with...photosets packed into archives.
You're free to do that, but as I've said in the thread I refuse to do so. It's more inconvenient for updating the content, more inconvenient for browsing the content (or would require a dupe unarchived copy to avoid the latter), and would increase risk of losing entire sets if corruption occurs or a seeder with the last piece disappears. The only benefit to packing is easy metadata transfer, and once I see a full seed I'm going to upload this in chunks to Nyaa by year (or years) so it'll be both more reliable to gain that metadata and have a central location for the torrent like >>1186016 wanted.
>a CLI for checking for site updates/deletions
Why would I need this? The homepage when signed in gives links to the updated pages (which occurs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). I click them, download them, then move them to their folder. It takes all of three minutes or less (dep. on content). For anything that's not ongoing (the vast majority of the archive), this check would be useless. They warn when something will be delisted from the site, but even if they didn't the only benefit for me would be to mark those galleries as purged, which I've already decided not to do and stated in the readme - as all content currently on the site I've already verified is complete (or not), and the (purged) note is just to warn content may be incomplete.

Your tool may have been useful had I used it while downloading from their website, but as it stands the only thing that needs to be gathered from current pages is in <.model-prof> and <.comment-box>, stuff like their BWH and hobbies and the release notes - info that's low-priority and something I just want a pretty way to display, rather than a way to scrape. Is there some use-case I'm not considering?
Now, this is all assuming you expect me to use the crawler. If it's just for your personal usage and you end up making an account then by all means go for it, and make a second torrent while you're at it. I just wouldn't help seed it, though it's not like my bandwidth's great for that anyhow.
>It's more inconvenient for updating the content,
What content are you talking about? Sets outside of PPV section come in full collections, what exactly is in need of constant update in there?
>more inconvenient for browsing the content (or would require a dupe unarchived copy to avoid the latter)
I don't know about that, going one folder deeper and constant back-and-forth across the board is way more inconvenient than opening files.
CDisplayEx/YACReader also make the entire process braindead by reducing it to spacebar presses.
>and would increase risk of losing entire sets if corruption occurs or a seeder with the last piece disappears
I consider a set with one file corrupted as a corrupted set. That's like having a deck with one card missing.
>For anything that's not ongoing (the vast majority of the archive), this check would be useless.
That's a very self-centered way to view it. Purged models/sets/videos also means that it's impossible to prove an integrity of a given torrent distribution claiming to have models/sets/videos even if you have a stage 2 account. It's better to collect the hashes while the entries are present so it will be easier to hunt the remnants down in p2p networks (and map them to the model/item ID in future).
>the only benefit for me would be to mark those galleries as purged
No need for that, the IDs not present in the crawled list means purged.
>They warn when something will be delisted from the site
How do they do that? Do the new accounts have the access to the backlog of these announcements?
>Now, this is all assuming you expect me to use the crawler.
Nah, it's going to be open-sourced and usable by anyone with an account. The top seeders currently gravitate around 13% completion after almost two weeks of the thread start, so it's more-less 1% per day, and that means the first other seed will appear in around 3 months. During that time you are going to be the only guy with 100% completion and a stage 1+ account.
>Sets outside of PPV section come in full collection
No, they don't. They're released over the course of six months or so in sets of (usually) twenty images (or one video). Specific time varies depending on the amount of content they have for each gallery. They're displayed as such on the gallery page too, though you wouldn't know it was incremental from randomly looking.
Yeah, if you just want to view each gallery as one continuous stream of images. Others may prefer to only view parts of a set. Different styles, neither's particularly wrong I suppose
>I consider a set with one file corrupted as a corrupted set
I don't disagree, but I'd rather have 50 or 51 cards because of corruption rather than 0 because of corruption. Partial rather than none.
>it's impossible to prove an integrity of a given torrent distribution
You are correct, and this will still likely be the case even after your crawler is made. After the galleries are purged there's only inferential evidence that they existed on the site, so beyond that one simply would have to trust your hashes. From what I've seen most of these third party websites don't reencode the images after comparing with copies I downloaded directly of remaining content. Your hashes would be useful for file integrity, but then you could just use my torrent for that purpose instead of grabbing from the site.
>How do they do that?...backlog?
They're announced the same way they announce when content is moving to Stage 1/2, with a little box on the front page. There's no backlog for announcements so far as I know (haven't checked), just like there's no evidence those galleries existed in the first place.
>open source
I've shared about 20% thus far, though some're dead parts and otherwise some leechers must not be sharing (there was also two days of no-one connected at all, give me a break sempai).
File: gra_miharu-u3014.jpg (1.02 MB, 1278x1920)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Look man, we're either misunderstanding each other on some fundamental level (like earlier, when I thought you were just making a scraper for the profile info), or we're just not on the same autistic wavelength with how we sort and/or store our Nip. nips. I may have meticulously hand-sorted this entire archive over the course of months (while dealing with IRL and other projects), but I don't really see the point in what you're doing. I'm not going to diss it, maybe I'm misunderstanding what your endgoal is here and I'll dig it when it's done, but either way us bickering back and forth isn't exactly what I expected when I decided to share this content in the first place.

Can't we just, I don't know, talk about which model has the hottest tits or cutest smile or something? Argue about whether bush is better than shaved, or some shit? Like, check out this cutie, I fucking love her and her dopey face and pudgy tits. There someone you like, man?
Yeah, this thread is a shit show.
TLDR or in my case TLDD for a casual like me.
>all these words
what porn does to a mf
any seeders
based qt nip enjoyer, why aint my seeds working btw
bro I just wanted to share some nice boob and bush, I didn't sign up for this either
There's one seed, it's me, on a residential connection, seeding a 600GiB torrent to genuinely 40 people at the same time. It's getting there, we're already at 25% uploaded, though considering peers are only at 18.5% at the highest I'm assuming the other fuckers aren't seeding to each other. I'm never going to stop seeding (net interruptions notwithstanding) so either way the content will still be there however long it takes. Also, make sure you've grabbed the .torrent from the DL here >>1186339 if you're stuck on metadata.

People new to the thread, you also need to grab the link in the image above or you'll (potentially) be stuck on metadata DL forever. He's a chonky boi.
File: airi067.jpg (1.56 MB, 1280x1920)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
Thanks for sharing, fellow man of culture.
>There someone you like, man?
Nta. Many, but as an example, Airi Suzumura (398).
I think it might have been one of the first i looked at just to see if it was any good and the whole set is just pure sex.
In general i enjoy the quality photography of graphis, i think partial censorship forces them to put more effort into being alluring through good lighting and poses.
Like i said i like all three parts of this set, especially the first two but the bath section in particular.
Something about the natural light illuminating the dim wooden room and making the rising steam visible, wetness is always hot and so is Airi.
File: 1642946376404.png (1.76 MB, 1920x1080)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
Any femdom equivalent of Graphis or something similar?
This link actually works, anyone having issues use this one!
File: gra_nana-o3089.jpg (1.04 MB, 1143x1600)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Possible there's enough seeders now to allow metadata to load. Good if so!
If we're talking softcore, not sure if there's anything that'd be good - seems hard to pull off without being hardcore or video - but I'm not very experienced with other gravure nor AV, so I could be wrong.
(Most of) the bath scenes are definitely some of the best parts of any gallery they're in, across the board. I'm also a real sucker for the kimono scenes, too.
>put more effort into being alluring
That's for sure one of the more appealling aspects of GRAPHIS, them getting creative (tasteful, if you will) with their posing and lighting. Since I'm a fan of shrubbery, it also pleases me that bush is natural censorship and is shown in full glory.
Airi seems to be one of their more popular models for sure. She's definitely stunning, though I haven't really browsed her galleries much (What's the 398 for?)
graphis is great, but is there anything similar for chinese sites like xiuren and youmi?
the main site seems to be region locked and the "western" site of hdleg is like $200 a month
I wish. There is so much Chinese stuff out there, like on sis. Extremely time consuming to gather or dig through. Would be faster if I could read Mandarin in a porn or slang style. Those xiuren models look hot as fuck, especially the off taste ones, that most Chinese guys do not care much for.
Is the OP link working properly?
I can't get anything to load, not even the files appear, absolutely nothing at all.
File: gra_sp_mixture002_097.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1280)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
Would recommend at least skimming the replies to OP even if you don't want to read the thread, before posting
That goes for any thread you enter, not just this one.

We're at 500GiB upload, with the highest peers being at about 65%, people. Almost there.
even from here >>1186339, it throws me error... frankly I don't understand why not put the direct link and already...
I got something from Nya with date moderately the same, but just think less than 46GB. I do not think it is the same file... anyway, Thanks for nothing.
File: gra_asuna-k3069.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1280)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
>frankly I don't understand why you [didn't] put the direct link
Because as I said in the post you quoted, the link was spam filtered. It was a way to get around the spam filter
>I do not think it is the same file
My OP says it's a 600GiB torrent, and later in the thread I state I have not (yet) made a Nyaa torrent. Please, read the the thread before commenting on things like this
>Thanks for nothing
I'm sorry you feel that way, but upwards of 60 people have been able to connect just fine after downloading the .torrent. If it doesn't work for you there may be a setup problem on your side. Here, have a pretty lady as consolation.
What's going on here, a lot of 0% peers lol
the lazy OP doesn't take the time to share a link on Nya, where there is more traffic than here.
How does that have anything to do with what he said?
Yeah, I'm really lazy. That's why I meticulously hand-crafted this collection for months to share with everyone, and already tried to upload the torrent to Nyaa (which now that I know the problem, would only take about ten minutes or so, I just want to give another seeder before I fuck with it).
>where there is more traffic than here
Even if usage of Nyaa would affect the 0% peers, that wouldn't help with seeding. You seem to forget I'm a single guy seeding 600GiB, currently to about 70 people, and it's taken this long. If I'd initially posted on Nyaa and gotten even more leechers, how long do you think it would've taken?
I'm sure you got a giggle out of posting the first thing to pop into your head, but in the future I'd recommend thinking before posting.
Honestly not sure, I'm seeing them too. Some others are also stuck at really low percentages (1-10%), and in both cases even if they couldn't connect to me they'd still be able to connect to others. It's possibly a setup problem on their end - I'm seeing several people with low percentages stuck on Not Interested (or both Interested and Not). Alternatively, the 0%ers could be people trying to grab the magnet metadata still (though someone earlier said they were able to load it from the magnet now) instead of via the .torrent.
File: gra_sakurako140.jpg (242 KB, 1035x679)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
Anyway, to the rest of you I've finally hit a 1.0 ratio. I'm going to keep seeding this torrent (obviously), but once I see some other seeders finish up I'm going to make a v2 with some updated content, as well as posting on Nyaa (would be split between multiple torrents). Some of the changes involve renaming folders and deleting certain trumped content; if your client permits renames and you want to get a head start, here's a sneak peek: https://snip.dssr.ch/?45d775b5e04126db#CpNC9wL2EmDK3zSVjdwJh8sD4XtyMf35vKZFdcmWW4vS
Is nobody else seeding this? 25 peers and all of them are at 0.0%.
Definitely something strange going on. I'm making slow but sure progress (81% right now) but my up speed is pretty low. It's like I can't find any high speed peers up or down.
I just saw >>1188165, which actually downloads for me. The one time I wish 4chan had an edit feature.
My bad I should have specified, but that's the one I'm on. It's very slow for me, been about 4-5 days to get as far as I did. It's not dead it's just very slow both up and down.
File: gra_nanami-o_039.jpg (1.14 MB, 1280x1920)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Have any of you 80%ers noticed any errors anywhere in the collection, content-wise? Typos, shit in the wrong spot, missing/duplicate/watermark images and so on? If you have please say so and I'll fix it for the v2.

Have you been grabbing only from me, or are other people actually seeding too? If you got up to 80% in just a few days I'm assuming others are seeding to you, yeah?
I'm up about 2% over the last 24 hours. I'm connected to a lot of peers and probably most of my progress is from peers. I see 4 seeds available and I'm not connected to any.
torrent from link doesnt work for me

magnet don't go past metadata

any solutions ?

Good work nontheless OP
>Good work nontheless OP

dont cry OP even that you failed horribly to make a torrent in a torrent thread we still love
File: gra_h_aimi-y082.jpg (600 KB, 1600x1067)
600 KB
600 KB JPG
Kek, I definitely fucked up at the beginning but it's very much working now, so my shame is lessened. Are you able to connect?
Not sure man. When you say the .torrent doesn't work, do you mean you're stuck on metadata still, or that you're unable to connect to anyone? If the former, did you perhaps use the magnet, then try to use the .torrent? In my experience oftentimes it won't load the metadata into the client that way (for some reason), so try deleting the entry in the client then using the magnet. If the latter, even if you couldn't connect to me you should be able to connect to others, so I'd have to assume some sort of connection issue on your end, but I'd only be able to ask the usual questions (VPN or not, if not maybe your VPN throttles; if your torrent client's network interface is set to the vpn; if you've tried changing the port it uses, and so on).
We're at 95% for the main peers. Wonder how many of you fuckers will stick around as seeds after?
Thank you OP, I will keep seeding for sure, about to hit 100% pretty soon.
I got to 100% last night. I'm committing to seeding indefinitely. However, if you do a version 2, I will likely stop seeding after getting the new one to 100%.
Thank you OP.
Good pick on Aimi! She is my number one.
File: gra_himeka-i_xmas_008.jpg (1.2 MB, 1281x1920)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Nice, nice.
>I will likely stop seeding after getting the new one to 100%
You mean stop seeding the v1, or the v2? I'll be stopping seeding of the v1 as well once I post the v2, mostly because of the files that have to be deleted.

New Christmas set, really nice body on this girl but I can't help but think of Gollum.
At least to me 600gb is more space than I can spare, so I've just grabbed some sets that I was curious about (I'll seed whatever I've downloaded though). Not sure how that would display to someone else but if others are doing the same then perhaps that's one explanation for the low percentages.
So which one is the proper link to use at this point? The graphics.torrent I grabbed from anonfiles says it's invalid. Two of the magnet links seem to just attempt to download metadata forever.
I'll stop seeding v1 of course.

File: grra_suzu-ho5_098.jpg (868 KB, 1920x1285)
868 KB
868 KB JPG
The magnet quoted to you should work, but what exactly do you mean by it saying the .torrent's invalid? I just tested it again and my client detects it correctly (and other anons were able to add it to theirs, of course).
>more space than I can spare
It's cool man, I didn't expect everyone to seed everything (I said it earlier but honestly I'd avoid the vids unless you dig them for some reason. Waste of space). If you like what you get and keep it, please do seed those bits as long as you can, though.
>not sure how that would display to someone else
Yeah, I'm not sure either honestly. If the client says the status is seeding, is that also what libtorrent et al report to the tracker/DHT? Maybe some spec guru will let us know.
Then again, still wouldn't explain the 0.0%ers, unless they're only grabbing a single set or something. Or bots.
I quite like her too. I wish she had more sets with Graphis.
Any Stash users here? what is the best way to add this whole set to it? there is some scraped .jsons I have noticed, but is there some way to tell stash to use those for making the performers etc.. for corresponding files. I can code stuff if needed, just need to get some hints I guess. Thanks.
File: gra_riku-m085.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1278)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
You mean this https://github.com/stashapp/stash ? Never used it before but it looks cool. I was looking at the guides for scraping for it and unfortunately ThePornDB doesn't have anything on GRAPHIS, although it does have some of the models (JAV and all that), so you'd have to manually do it through StashDB. There's no official scraper for GRAPHIS, but the Scraper Anon earlier did scrape most of the metadata from the site (presumably all he's missing are PPV and purged content, I dunno since I didn't check for the former) - though bear in mind some of the JPN names and many of the romaji names on the site are typoed (in the case of JPN names it's almost always just whether it arbitrarily has a space in between sur and given names), and won't line up with the content in my collection 1:1.

They apparently have a discord, if you want to go hit them up in there and ask them about it. My naming schema is standardized so it should be easy enough to parse the info from names using regex or something, if they'd rather use that over the jsons listed earlier. I think the harder part would be agreeing on what constitutes a "scene". I don't see anything in the guide re: image sets (aside from it saying it supports image formats), and the galleries in my collection are technically dividied into gallery parts of 10-40 images each depending. Do those count as scenes, even if they aren't the same "shooting"? Would they ignore the website splitting and go by the content of the gallery to divvy it up? Galleries as one "scene"? Etc.

Anyway lemme know what they say if you talk to them.
Thank you, I have been playing around with importing the scraped sources to Stash myself. And I was able to add all the actresses with details, but I am still missing the links between performers and images, I should probably just ask the discord desu.

I will let you know if I get somewhere. :)
File: gra_syunka-a_xmas_ltd002.jpg (1.4 MB, 1280x1920)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
v2 will most likely be made right after New Year's, for whatever they end up posting for the New Year's special (and since it's such a nice cutoff). As such, up until then is pretty much the last opportunity for you fellas to post any problems you've noticed with the content, or if you've found any of the missing sets, to make it for the v2 window.

Mry Crsms or something
what is this? is it hardcore porn or just some gravure shit?
File: gra_aya116.jpg (451 KB, 856x1280)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
softcore. Pic related is about as explicit as you'll get out of these sets. Worth it if you want high quality erotica and pinups, skip it if you want masturbating or fucking or whatever.
File: gra_riho-shi_158.jpg (918 KB, 1281x1920)
918 KB
918 KB JPG
to be fair there are some more ""hardcore"" images where they're spreading and shit and it's all mosaic'd out, alternatively some butthole pics, but yeah for the most part it's all erotica. Oh, and the Feti shit is pretty...interesting.
>skip it if you want masturbating
Speak for yourself, this is my bread and butter.
The images I've been posting throughout the thread are representative of the overall content of the torrent, if you'd like to read the thread. It's the main reason I've been posting so many images, honestly.
File: gra_f_collection161.jpg (1 MB, 1600x1070)
1 MB
>>skip it if you want masturbating
>Speak for yourself, this is my bread and butter.
I mean the women aren't masturbating in the pics. Closest thing is something like pic related.
On the other hand, what you fap to is your business.
my torrent client sees 100% peers and still cannot DL anything!
File: gra_sana-i021.jpg (1.29 MB, 1278x1920)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Thinking about it, I realized there is LegsJapan, but they're fairly expensive and all their models look b-tier. It's also foot feti-shit. Still, you may want to look at them (also that's not really femdom anyway, but it's the closet I could think of.
If you're seeing multiple peers that are seeding and you can't connect to them, you may want to figure out how to make yourself connectible.
Are there still seeds? It shows no seeds. There was seeds last night, but waking up the download speed it less than 100kb/s
Never mind, I got it downloaded. Will seed for awhile
File: gra_kana-y4065.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1280)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
New Year's update was less exciting than I thought it'd be. There wasn't even a special gallery for the holiday, oh well.

Anyway, v2 torrent + splits for Nyaa will be uploaded within the next couple days, stay tuned.
File: gra_kana-y4137.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x1280)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
A jannie deleted my post for some reason?

Anyway, New Year's update was disappointing on their end, didn't even have a holiday special. I'll be posting the v2+split torrents on Nyaa at some point today or tomorrow, stay tuned.
Or not? Some voodoo fuckery going on here. I opened up the thread fresh and the post wasn't there, even looked at both archives and it wasn't listed. Only popped up after I posted current one. I'd assume a caching problem and it never truly posted, but it has the correct timestamp and 4chan said the image was already in the thread when I went to reuse it (and, again, I'd posted, closed my browser, then reopened the thread since yesterday).

I'm not crazy, I swear.
For a changelog, PLEASE READ THIS: https://snip.dssr.ch/?02c2d63199d18b26#EfMnhzigeozqWTx7VuyBMLG1gN9q6HPDmkeE9ZUDDAhD to avoid leaving yourself with duplicate images/videos/galleries.

Here's the magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:e36925cd8ac112fd7ad0d99e79c1e904be900ab3&dn=GRAPHIS&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.cyberia.is%3a6969%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a6969&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.opentrackr.org%3a1337%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2fopen.stealth.si%3a80%2fannounce&tr=udp%3a%2f%2ftracker.torrent.eu.org%3a451

And for a DDL for the .torrent, in the event it doesn't DL metadata for you (naturally, like last time), I've got both AF that I used last time (again, an image) and CatBox for variety:


I've also uploaded it as a three-part collection on Nyaa for you hunnybuns:

Anyone who already DLed the original set, PLEASE help me seed as much as you can.

Sorry for being a couple days late, had some issues figuring out how to split it for Nyaa.
What should I do with this information exactly? If I want to move the files from the old torrent to the new torrent, just move the files, rename those folders then force recheck the torrent?
File: gra_arina-h095.jpg (1.7 MB, 1920x1278)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
The entire torrent structure is the same, you just need to delete the old torrent in your client (not the files obviously) then follow the notes in the changelog - e.g. there were some ongoings that finished. So just rename the folder to remove the (ongoing) marker and it'll be fine (it'll just download the new shit). Some stuff was moved into subfolders (found some wallpapers and making ofs mixed in with their galleries that needed to be placed in one), so just make the folder, move them in, and you're good.

In other words yeah. If it says to rename something, rename it. If it says to move something, move it. Otherwise it'll reDL that content and you'll have dupes, though I guess you could use a dupe-searching tool to find them later if you're lazy.
>Wallpaper to wallpaper
Not sure if this affects NTFS/Windows systems, honestly. Linux treats them as separate entities but iirc Windows treats them the same. Not sure how your torrent client would react to it on Windows though.
I'm on Linux so capitalization matters. It's gonna take a bit to do but I'm basically going line by line in your comments and doing a command line mv or rm or whatever. This would go faster and less error prone (for me) if the notes were just a script. But I'll get through it eventually.
I tried the .torrent file and I haven't made any progress down. I've uploaded quite a bit based on the files from the previous torrent, but I'm not connecting to you or any other seeds.
Thank you for the torrent. Will seed for the following months.

>-"(2014-07-XX) SUZUMURA Airi (鈴村あいり) - Erotic Expression (purged)" has had making of set moved into "making" folder. Create the folder and move the images.
Just to clarify, this means moving files m001.jpg - m015.jpg right?
File: gra_akiho006.jpg (266 KB, 1035x692)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
>take a bit to do
I mean, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes desu, whether you go by CLI or not.
Sorry about that. For some reason my client wasn't connecting to peers specifically on that torrent. A restart worked it out a couple days ago. You good now?
Yeah, sorry for not clarifying that in the post. Anything starting with an M is a making-of image (though I think one or two from the old siterip had them named differently, for some reason).
>You good now?
I'm at 100% my man.
File: gra_arina-h033.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1278)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
Nice, nice, glad to hear it. There wasn't that much new content so I assumed so, if you were indeed able to connect.
File: gra_h_urumi-n041.jpg (672 KB, 1067x1600)
672 KB
672 KB JPG
Thank you op, will be seeding as long as I can.
Can someone make a .bat file which converts v1 to v2?
Thanks anon. I'm not much of a footfag but still looks decent, but yeah femdom probably works better as just being videos.
It should literally (literally) take like 5 minutes bro. Three Calendar gallery names had date typos, two Graphis Gal galleries finished and need the (ongoing) removed from the name, and 43 galleries had (inc) removed from their names because I got the videos. After that there's just one or two dupe images to delete and one or two Wallpaper folders to rename to wallpaper (which probably wouldn't even affect you if you're on Windows, though I don't know for sure).

I'd recommend just putting half your monitor as the changelog and the other half as your file explorer, and doing a Ctrl+F and doing all the renames like that, going down the list, then searching for dupe images and deleting them through that, too. After that there's just like two galleries that need a singular SD video each deleted, oneish that needs wallpapers moved to a wallpaper folder, and one that needs making-of moved to a making of folder.
thank you for this. my high school yellow fever reactivated itself for some reason recently
hey this is great, but is there any kind of smaller "best of" collection? maybe just the gravure. I don't have the storage for an entire site rip
Get more storage.
Can you explain how to use this?
Isn't GRAPHIS and Girlsdelta owned by the same people? Also I recognise some of the models...
Great torrent! Seeding 12:1 on a couple of boxes!
File: gra_miyuki-y2ltd012.jpg (873 KB, 1065x1600)
873 KB
873 KB JPG
I doubt it. After checking WHOIS, there's nothing that would really connect them and their styles are different. Honestly, GirlsDelta seems more similar to LegsJapan (absurd prices, US location, B-tier/probably expat models), but the WHOIS data is still too different to make me think it's the same company.
>I recognise some of the models...
Not sure what the ellipses are for, but you realize these are professional models, yes?
I remember there being a site called PacificGirls, but I assume they went under some years ago.
File: gra_h_riria-h048.jpg (266 KB, 1280x853)
266 KB
266 KB JPG
Browsing through a bit, and is the bush mostly a censorship scheme?
File: gra_minami-k_ltd017.jpg (956 KB, 1600x1067)
956 KB
956 KB JPG
Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Use what?
Yeah I think that site's dead, and since it was uncensored it's also (well, was) probably a US-hosted expat site.
In nip culture shaving pubes is associated with prostitutes, so in a more conservative culture like that there's much more resistance to shaving it than over here. Frankly shaving's probably historically associated with prostitutes in the west too; either way we only recently started shaving. Started becoming vogue in what, the 90s? But yeah, it's also used as a clever way of censorsing the content - you'll actually notice the galleries with shaved girls will be more conservative, with them crossing their legs and the like, to make sure nothing shows.

Either way, I like it.
>the big one makes deluge crash
File: gra_honoka-shi_149.jpg (903 KB, 1285x1920)
903 KB
903 KB JPG
Metadata might be too stronk. Gomen, I use qBit and it lets me load it, so I didn't think of checking other clients (I've had problems with Deluge on my system in the past, so I tend to not interact with it anyway). You may just want to use the three-parter on Nyaa and see if they work (though be warned I haven't fully seeded for Part II and Part III, so it'll take a bit unless you already have the shit from the v1 torrent earlier)
Thank you for the torrent.
Speaking of Girlsdelta, do any of you know of a good torrent site that is up to date on thier content? Nyaa and Love torrent stop at 2021. If not, it is what it is.
File: gra_miyuki-y2ltd009.jpg (821 KB, 1600x1065)
821 KB
821 KB JPG
Unfortunately not, no. Graphis is about the only one of these sites I'm intimately familiar with, the rest I only know from coming across random pics online
>and Love [torrent]
Is this another torrent site? Please sure if it's any good, I've not heard of it.
any models that also do hardcore? just curious, because this stuff is actually good enough for me. sometimes I just want something sensual to look at and not the moaning and hard slapping.
you have a lot more nose hairs then my Dad. Also the tone of conversation you carry is very soothing. Thank you.
>you have a lot more nose hairs then my Dad
File: gra_h_china-m040.jpg (1.04 MB, 1281x1920)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
Most of them, at least the bigger name ones. Marina Shiraishi, Aika Yumeno, Airi Suzumura, Yura Kano, Mayuki Itou, Miharu Usa, Yua Mikami, Suzu Honjo, Shouko Takahashi, and so on. I'm sure there's plenty more, but since I don't browse AV in general I don't really know just by looking at their names in Graphis. None of the Graphis stuff is hardcore, though.
>very soothing
I'm glad you think so, though I disagree. I get yelled at for blogposting or textwalling fairly often. For IRL stuff too, alas.
>more nose hairs
uhhh...I'll take that as a compliment, thank you.
File: gra_sp_mixture003_046.jpg (1.11 MB, 1280x1920)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Also I just realized that I typo'd. I meant please share, not please sure. I don't have a link to that torrent site/know what to look for
First off, thanks so much GraphisGuy for sharing this incredible archive that you have put together! Graphis is one of my favoirte series.
I was having success with your links...in 3 days I was at over 50% completion. Then about 4 or 5 days ago both of the feeds stopped and there has been no progress since. Do you know why this may be happening?
Thanks again for sharing!
File: gra_miyuki-y2ltd010.jpg (926 KB, 1065x1600)
926 KB
926 KB JPG
Sorry for the late response, been busy IRL
>both of the feeds stopped
That's weird, we should have other seeders. Sorry, sometimes my client DCs from the ones posted in this thread and refuses to reconnect to peers until reboot (and I don't always notice). The Nyaa ones are more resilient on my side (still weird though, there should be a few seeds on the full v2 ITT). I'm going to reconnect again and try to make sure it stays connected, sorry about that.
His issues are a bit unexpected for me as well. I've been seeding the whole time and as far as I can tell I've always been connected to people. Don't know what's going on, just thought I'd comment.
It works great
Hi I just finished downloading the whole torrent and am currently seeding. I want to have an easier view of what is inside the torrent, however, I can't download https://files.catbox.moe/2vk4g6.rar and https://files.catbox.moe/k4n5bh.rar.

Does anyone have an alternative link?
Can some kind anon just post a torrent with the good shit in it? Ain't got space for 600gb
lmao, you can just skip what you don't want, no need for an extra torrent. Download the cover from each folder to know what's in there.
This thread reminds there was a time 70% of all threads on this board were jav related. Good times.
As they should be. I will definitely keep seeding this for a while but at some point I want to zip all the subfolders.
File: gra_nao-ji_097.jpg (1.05 MB, 1285x1920)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
Sorry, still alive, just busy. Still grabbing stuff though.
The information in those links was just the metadata for the galleries. Name (romaji/kanji), gallery name, date. The only two things it had that most of the stuff doesn't already have are the profile info for each model and the description for the gallery, neither of which is actually useful to you. Just look at the folder names and you get 99% of the same info.
The stuff prior to 2014-ish is more noticeably amateur/classic 2000s style, so you could shave that off. Realistically, I'd just have your client sort by size and deselect all the videos, keep the rest. Everything 2014-onwards is fairly consistent in quality, so it's more your preference in ladies. Look up some names from the torrent folders or skim the thread and see what tickles you.
You do you, but I'd like to point out your post in no way to responds to anything in his, so not sure why you replied to him.
Are Graphis, G Area, and Perfect G related?
what a thread!
This picture model name?
File: gra_h_china-m062.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1281)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
China Matsuoka, sorry for the very late response. All the default filenames have the first name and last initial for the model (see picrel), so that's a good way to quickly look them up for anyone else in the thread who may pique your fancy.
Who's the one in the middle OP? Also, thanks for the rip. Will seed indefinitely to test new bandwidth upgrade
I run several torrent clients and it only seems to work with qBittorrent. Weird....

Other than that it's torrent gold.
File: gra_ai-h013.jpg (204 KB, 1280x853)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
Graphis Gals No.238 Ai Haneda (no, I don't have a torrent. Sorry.)
File: gra_nana-o2084.jpg (352 KB, 1280x853)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
She's already in the archive - (2010-09-10) HANEDA Ai (羽田あい) - White Peach
Again, this has literally everything (minus the shit post 2023's start, I've been...extremely busy IRL. Will probably do a v3 for the end of June maybe, keep it nice and consistent in update times.

Middle is...I don't actually know. It's from "[Graphis] Special Girls Gravure 2012-08-10 Special Gallery 01 - All Girl Nude Gallery" in the Unsorted/Unknown folder, which never gave a name. I THINK it's KATOU Rina, OGURA Nana, and TSURUTA Kana LTR, but I could be wrong. I'd check Ogura's galleries and see if she looks like your winner.

That's strange. I loaded it up in...I think Transmission, and maybe Deluge? to check original file/folder names a while back for something, and it looked fine. Granted I never tried seeding/DLing through it.
Try seeding from them and see what happens.
It's a 29 meg .torrent file. There is a effective cap on some torrent clients by how they handle the file pieces.
As aside I'm currently seeding it from qBittorrent right now and I see a LOT of peers staying at 0% with no uploads or downloads from the uTorrent client.
The 600GB size is what's scaring me away from trying to do anything with it. I don't see any volunteers for making smaller subtorrents though.
File: gra_arina-h062.jpg (969 KB, 1278x1920)
969 KB
969 KB JPG
I mean, people are totally free to make smaller subtorrents, I just would never update them if new content was available, though I don't mean to say that to discourage. Keep in mind I already posted smaller torrents on Nyaa >>1198133 - also, most of the size is videos, so you're free to just deselect all the videos from DLing if you'd rather just the galleries themselves (which are the better of the two anyway). Not sure if there's a way to automate that, I just want to avoid having to constantly update more than the four torrents I'm already having to update and recheck to reseed every time.
No I know there's an effective cap. I ran into it when trying to make v1, you can read the troubles at the start of the thread. If it can load it, it should be able to seed it and download, though.
I'll not be testing that client. I actually ban clients like that on sight, even if they're encrypted. I don't trust them. For what it's worth, I've seen clients of every other type DL fully. Could be p2p connectivity issue in general (I know I've been running into issues with the webseeds connecting peers to each other; the Nyaa torrents seem more stable FWIW).
forgot to respond. Looked it up, G-Area and Perfect-G are the same company, even saying as such on their policy statement bottom of page. GRAPHIS doesn't appear to have a connection but I didn't check thoroughly (G-Area/Perfect-G looks nice tho...)
Many thanks!
File: ai_s_43.jpg (184 KB, 850x1280)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Ai Sayama
File: aino_k_12.jpg (236 KB, 853x1280)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Aino Kishi
File: gra_ai_y2114.jpg (212 KB, 1280x1791)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Ai Yuzuki 柚月あい
Just wanna say thanks for this, what a godly collection.
I'm really not into pubes, a little bit is fine, if it's short.
Anyone have a rough percentage of what galleries has shaved/short pubed models?
goddamn, I really want them, but torrent is so slow... can't someone past a mega link?
You want a fucking 627 GB mega?
Let's use Rapidshare instead. It has rapid right there in its name and it's completely free to use!
This is a more up-to-date than what's on the OP

Many thanks!
You guys really should read the thread before posting, though? >>1198133
I appreciate trying to keep the thread alive for me, but if it's going to die it'll die, please don't necrobump it. For update v3 I would've just made a new thread anyway (or piggybacked in an existing siterip/jav/gravure thread at least).
Sorry about the speed, you'd probably have more mileage with the Nyaa split release for the time being. My speed should hopefully be "okay" more recently.
sorry, couldn't tell you, though I'd guesstimate like 20-25% MAYBE? It's a rarity for these models (though I also don't know what you define as "short pubed", though if you're referring to landing-strip type shit it ain't here). That's the sorta breakdown I would someday like to do, along with tit sizes too.

v3 coming...in the next couple weeks, probably end of June to make it on a 6 month rotation type deal. Here's a sneak peek at the current changes:
anon, i love you for doing this, but what the fuck

THIS is why your metadata is so fucking massive and why everyone's having trouble with the dl. all clients support chunks up to 16mb and the more hardcore clients can go up to 64mb.

please, for the love of god, spend 120 seconds reading about how torrents work sometime before you put together v3
is any of this good? im not very into gravure
DDL is almost always slower than a torrent
if you want a torrent to go faster, get more people to download and seed it - downloading from more people == downloading more fasterer

downloading from a single source is always slower, especially when the single source only lets you download 5GB every 24 hours
I see my humor may have been a little too subtle. :)
This shit doesn't fucking work retard, all 3 torrents have been "checking" for hours.
OPs torrent is slow AF and will take literal weeks to download but it DOES WORK
File: gra_sana-i025.jpg (709 KB, 1278x1920)
709 KB
709 KB JPG
I assure you, after the issues I was having at the start of the thread I became much more well versed in the specifics of "how torrents work" trying to troubleshoot.

When I was initially making it, I attempted to make it 32MiB. People were still having issues connecting, until I uploaded it to AnonFiles, and Nyaa still wouldn't accept it - the .torrent was still too large. When I made the v2 and uploaded it to Nyaa, I had to split it into the three parts in order to get it to fit. In doing so, iirc I opted to reduce the piece size to 1MiB because while yes, smaller piece size makes the metadata size larger, that's irrelevant here: people aren't using magnet links to get the torrent, they're using the .torrent file uploaded to Nyaa or CatBox/AnonFiles, so metadata acquisition is instant. At which point, everything I've read online leads me to believe a smaller piece size is more efficient for the swarm due to hashchecking/redownloading/distribution of content/missing pieces. If I'm wrong on this, please correct me.

Another reason I opted for a smaller piece size is simply to make the piece size closer to the actual size of the images, to reduce overlap. A 32 or even 16MiB piece size, for instance, would account for large chunks of galleries (for some of the older galleries it would be the entire one), at which stage one could just argue to archive everything, defeating the goal of increasing piece size to reduce metadata in the first place (which I'm against anyway for reasons stated previously in the thread). Any issues people currently have with connectivity are simply due to the seeds not being on or the webtrackers being unreliable, not due to metadata. If people are still trying to use the magnets ITT, they're not paying attention.
But....bro...it's the same torrent: >>1198133.
Also, if you're using the v1 from the OP post you're out of date anyway.

v3 coming in a a few days, stay tuned.
I eagerly await v3. Thank you for all the effort that has gone into this, both in terms of collecting and responding to people on here.

Also based on the pics you've been leaving with your comments, you have excellent taste.
So how up to date is this collection? What year?
File: gra_hibiki-na2_075.jpg (1.13 MB, 1277x1920)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
I gathered sorted literally everything that's available without paying (beyond the subscription) on their site, and if not there then what I was able to find on other sites like X-IDOL. The v2 is current until January 9th of this year, and I've still been updating it on my side to make a v3 that's up-to-date to today, essentially. Prior to this, the only collection for GRAPHIS available was one that said it was complete up until 2016 (actually the start of 2017 iirc), but it was missing tons of content, had duplicates, wasn't sorted very well, etc.

The main stuff that's missing is a handful of Limited Edition galleries that I wasn't able to find on the web, the handful of Calendars that got pulled (either to put on ppv or that are just missing currently), and then the BDs that they have available for sale. It'd be about $100 for the Calendar sets that are PPV iirc, and about $1,100 for all the BDs if I remember right. Unfortunately I don't have that kind of money kek. There's also some 4K sets of galleries you can buy but it's not a replacement for the entire gallery so far as I know, and doesn't seem worth it.
>you have excellent taste
Just trying to advertise the goods son, that's all it is.
1. I thanked you and gave you a compliment, and you didn't say you're welcome or even acknowledge it.

2. You said v3 would be out "in a few days" and here we are 4 days later.

3. Quite obviously you're showing pictures that're avaliable in the torrent, I was giving props for the ones you chose out of the 1000s to choose from - there was no need to be so snarky and minimizing of what I said.

Thought I found a half-decent person on this webiste, but as usual I only got my hopes up. Get some social skills.
File: gra_konan-ko_020.jpg (964 KB, 1920x1285)
964 KB
964 KB JPG
Everyone on this site has issues with social skills, unfortunately, myself included. For instance, I wasn't snarky and minimizing, I was simply saying I wasn't trying to do anything special or show off my taste. I was being humble. If it came out the wrong way, or you took it the wrong way, I apologize - but at the same time you're being extraordinarily aggressive about this. You should thank someone and give people compliments because you want them to know they're appreciated, not because you want acknowledgement. Giving anything only because you expect something in return - even just simple validation or acknowledgement - cheapens the thing you gave in turn.

As for v3, I too have a personal life full of troubles, but even if you interpret a "few days", as colloquially "3 days", I don't think it's a sin to be one day late (although it's been 6 days actually, looking at it, whoops). I was intending to send it out on Wednesday, then Friday, then when I realized Friday was bad for personal reasons, I opted for today since I've 1) been busy, and 2) it'd be convenient anyway because it's the 6 month date from the v2. Even then I've been on the road for hours and only just got home to see someone belittling me after handing out what now retroactively feels like a hollow, self-centered compliment. Please understand that if you think others have problems socially, that may also apply to you as well, and you should reflect on that.

Anyway, v3 in a couple hours, I haven't eaten in over a day so I think I'll do that first if that's alright.
File: gra_miku-o3_sp077.jpg (755 KB, 1600x1065)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
>>1185952, >>1198133, >>1242970

V3 is here.
Changelog: https://snip.dssr.ch/?40a309ff2de083b6#2dNs3wrYKDupZGeYpSB1rF1UeRRDZgWnZRCQJFgS6MBV - please read to know what to rename, unless you like storing dupes.

DDL: https://files.catbox.moe/7z9xax.torrent

New Nyaa releases for Part III (and Part I to fix the two minor errors found) will be tomorrow.

I will continue to seed the v2 versions of Part I and Part III, as well as the Full v2 released in this thread, for as long as I can be bothered, but upgrade to v3.
You're right, I'm sorry for my outburst. I had a shit day and took it out on you, which wasn't okay.

To be fair, I think if someone does compliment you, whether real-life or the Internet, it is fair for them to expect a "thanks man" or "appreciate it", etc.

If you were talking to someone, said something nice, and then they just stared blankly and moved on, I'm sure that wouldn't feel great, regardless of your motive.

As for the time, that was even worse of me. You're doing this for free and are doing a kind thing, so there was no need to hate on you for missing an arbitrary deadline.

I'll make it up to you by seeding for as long as my Internet and PC will allow (or until v4, if that's in the plans).

BTW, 'few' by definition means 3 (in the same way that 'couple' means 2), but I do realise that people use them in place of any low number, so all good.

"Just" and "that's all it is" are also minimizing phrases by definition, and "son" could come off condescending in the same way "buddy" or "champ" do, especially over text since you don't get tone.

Those combined with getting a tiny response compared to the other guy who just asked a small question made me feel that way, but I'm sorry for jumping the gun.

I hope your issues improve. Have something to eat, get some good sleep, and stay positive :)
File: gra_arina-h082.jpg (936 KB, 1278x1920)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
We'll have to agree to disagree with compliments. I'm of the firm opinion one should be selfless when giving things, and that includes those. Even if you'd be happy with it, expecting it as an obligation cheapens both the compliment and the validation you receive in turn. I'd rather receive no gift than a thoughtless one, likewise I'd rather receive a compliment meant in good faith or not one at all than one where I'm obligated to acknowledge the person. If someone's only kind because social etiquette dictates they have to do X kind thing, is that really being kind? I do understand why you'd find it rude, I simply find it ruder the other way - both in the expecting empty thanks, as well as giving empty thanks. I detest questions like "How're you?" to start conversations by the same token.

To be fair with the deadline, if one sets a deadline it's proper to follow through on it and I did fail in that. I would like to point out that "few" by definition is NOT 3. It's colloquially considered to be "3", but that is not the strict definition, which is why plenty of people use few for other numbers (including 2). Few is just to contrast with "many", and is near-equally as vague. Having said that, I strictly use it as "3"; three days was indeed the deadline I'd given myself.

They are indeed minimizing phrases, but it was minimizing towards my own effort, not towards your appraisal. You took it personal against you, when it was against me. I do get why "son" could come across as condescending, and I should've reread that part specifically for tone. As a southern person, mock southern accents in speech and text come second nature when I don't think about things, so it was intended sorta like the "It's not much, but it's honest work"/redneck/country style affectionate "son", not condescending "son".
where can I get:
四十八手 四十八手ノ態衣
File: gra_uta_y_sp011.jpg (1.24 MB, 1280x1920)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
I also understand why you'd treat it as dismissive with the length compared to what he received, but a couple things to keep in mind: Naturally, 4chan has a character limit, so I can't keep going forever. I also dislike double-posting (as I am now) and try to avoid it, even if I sage myself. Otherwise I'd have given you more "room". Second, the reason he received so much is because I used it as an excuse to post the "status" of the collection to everyone en masse, not just that person.

In fact, the second half about the cost of the PPV items wasn't even for him, but rather a general thing. I'd calculated it a while back and had intended to post it, but kept forgetting to do so when I had my VPN disabled, and eventually I lost the draft for that post and just forgot about it. As it was tangentially related, I wanted to post it while I had the chance. It was a tacked-on afterthought rather than any investment towards that anon, though I'm aware that was impossible to tell.

To actually respond to part of this, though >>1242657, I am genuinely grateful that you appreciate the amount I post re: responses to others. Many people on this site will bitch at you for responding to multiple people (just cause or not), or for having lengthy posts. It is nice to see someone appreciate it. Anons may belittle Twitter users, but they act like all 4chan posts should be as "zing! gottem!" in length and substance as Twitter posts, and I can't stand it.
I'm not sure what that is.


Everyone, please let me know if there's any issues or fuckups with the v3 content (new or old); I already caught two (old) mistakes when making the torrent yesterday though, and would really rather not make a v3.1 just for that. There's ~21.03GiB of new content, so if you're migrating it shouldn't take that long for it to circulate.
File: yui-hatano_daily019.jpg (1.16 MB, 1280x1920)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Nyaa v3 parts are up: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=GRAPHIS+%28More%29+Complete+Collection - sorry for the delay. Those should result in a more stable connection than the web tracker, DHT-reliant Full release, if ya'll prefer.
You may lack social skills but you have the ability to explain yourself in such a precise manner that it kind of compensate. The way you take a step back, doing your best to not worsen the conflict but instead find a way through, goes in your favor, too.
I myself struggle to respond when conflict sparks out of nowhere irl, or when it comes to meta conversations like that. I guess your vocabulary comes handy... I never use words like "colloquially" and rarely discourse about the discourse.

FYI, there are multiple graphis megapack on exoticaz. Some by year, some by year range. Maybe you'll find what's missing you.
It also includes the full rip of "N/S eyes"… which is quite similar to graphis so you may like it.
Unfortunately that site seems to be invite only, also requiring an account with the epic gamer Chinese spyware company.

Anyway to access it elsewhere? If it's more of this, then it's right up my alley.
Thank you and sorry for the dumb question but does this torrent include everything found in the 3 nyaa torrents?
File: gra_asahi-mi_155.jpg (929 KB, 1920x1280)
929 KB
929 KB JPG
Unfortunately, those skills you say I have only really apply to situations like here. IRL or even texting they don't help me too much, especially because I'm so averse to conflict. I start fumbling pretty hard, or say things in ways I don't intend, and my personal relationships suffer as a result...especially recently.
I actually had an AvistaZ account years ago that got disabled for inactivity lol. But like >>1243493 said, as a private tracker that's a bit of a moot point. If you have an account, would you be willing to see if any of those torrents have any of the missing content from this collection?
Yep, the three Nyaa torrents and this Full one are identical, the Nyaa torrents just have it split up by year range because the full torrent's size is too large to put on Nyaa.
Are you sure about the torrent size limit? I've never uploaded on there, but there are torrents for both anime and manga that are over 5TB, so I feel 600GB would be accepted.

Not a big deal but would probably be better to not have seeders split up if it can be helped.
File: gra_miyuki-y2ltd013.jpg (821 KB, 1065x1600)
821 KB
821 KB JPG
Torrent size as in the .torrent file, not the actual contents itself. They have no restrictions on the content in the torrent since they don't host any of that. I spoke with the admins on IRC to try and troubleshoot it. It's an issue so rarely they didn't even know the limit kek.
Wow she's beautiful.

But ohhh right, my bad for the misunderstanding. Maybe they'll make changes to accommodate bigger .torrent files in the future, or there will be a more efficient way of shrinking them.

Glad you found a solution.
Same boat bro. One thing I learned recently is to be aware of / listening to your emotions in real time. That way, as soon as someone asks you something that makes you uneasy, you say "give me some time and I'll come back to you" in an automatic fashion.
I'm learning to do it at work to help me with manipulators who plan a script beforehand where they try to predict your answers... Coupled with gaslighting. Learn to say no, too. And learn to reformulate the other person's sentences (I.e. do you want A or B ? Instead of choosing you say C). Easier said than done though.

IIUC, the Graphis subscription doesn't give you access to the full catalog ? What's PCC ?
Anyway, regarding exo, I remember seeing graphis there, but not sure about BD, will check when I find time.
File: gra_h_momo-s076.jpg (1.21 MB, 1278x1920)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
>Same boat bro.
Unfortunately, I'm on the other side of the fence from the side you're taking me for. I'm the one hurting my relationships, not the other way around.
"If I understand correctly", I'm assuming? Never seen it acronymed before, sorry if I'm wrong.
>doesn't give you access to the full catalog
Subscribing gives you access to most content. Being subscribed for 6 months continuously and then 12 months continuously results in you upgrading to Stage 1 and Stage 2 respectively, which allow access to some more limited content - Limited Edition galleries are usually restricted, as are Calendars. Older content is walled behind being Stage 1/2 as well, depending on age and content.
I assume you mean PPV that I brought up? It's the Pay-Per-View section, where you can buy content on-demand. As I said, it's currently limited to various Calendar sets (Calendar sets more than 1 month old are locked permanently, barring buying them in PPV), the BDs they have (can't remember the amount, but I know there's only 1, unseeded, on Nyaa), and those pointless 4K image tossups.
>I remember seeing graphis there, but not sure about BD
Honestly, I'm more preoccupied with getting the missing Calendars, Limited Editions, and other sets. The BDs are nice but it bugs me more having missing spots than a missing section, if you follow. I'd like to be able to say "I have all the Calendars and no BDs" rather than "I have these...but not these...but I do have these...but not these...".

For the BDs if you do look, though, their catalog numbers are stylized as "BGRP-XXX", with XXX being the number. I.e. "BGRP-004 Marina Shiraishi", the only one I found on Nyaa.
Am I doing something wrong? I had the v2 torrent, I downloaded the v3 torrent file it checked for the files I have but it's not downloading and is stuck at 95.9%
Great assumptions kek.
Regarding your personal relationships, you may find self help content useful.
Anyway, found some time to make a list of exo graphis content as of today https://privatebin.net/?38c975d297fadddc#36urYSojmXJxWzfDwcYJPQgos3EmcNy6oA8nUuGMrXpj
Passzord is : B1WQ4YIxf2/'gx
I hope you'll find the files you're missing, in which case I could grab them for you
File: gra_hq_hikari-h005.jpg (698 KB, 1608x1068)
698 KB
698 KB JPG
Sorry, I've not had it seeding for a bit since I've actually been posting here and elsewhere. Hopefully you've since gotten it. I'm a little confused how there aren't any other seeders though, all things considered.
Thank you for the list, I appreciate it. Honestly I was hoping you'd sift through it with your copy of the Collection, since trying to mentally parse it in a pastebin's a little clunky, but I did get a couple hits.
Same password as yours. What you want to grab is near the bottom., with the same heirarchy as what you gave me. The list near the top is what I'm currently missing from Calendar, Limited Edition, and Special, if you want to double-check.

A couple things to note:

-Looks like at least some of those GRAPHIS hits on Exo are just their version of the old -2016 Collection, unsorted shit and all. If Exo's content is that uncurated, it's likewise possible the content I'm looking for is similarly disorganized on there (the old 2016 Collection had dupes and bad dates and so on, which is all I can go off of when looking at your bin). No way to fix that though, or know if it's even true.
-Because of the above, I *think* the ones I marked under the Found: section are what I need. Can't be sure, just like I can't be sure that the ones I marked as not found in the upper list aren't there. I just did a Ctrl+F after all.
-Any content in the Collection I have marked as (purged) may be missing vids or Making Of content. I have no way of knowing: it's no longer on GRAPHIS. It's possible your list has stuff I need and I won't know.
-Similar to above, it's possible there's Purged galleries your list has that I *don't* whatsoever. No way to tell without going line by line, side by side with the Collection - I have not (yet) looked through for that or any Purged content, I don't have time since this week is busy for me. I will next week though, so stay tuned.
File: gg_all_sp_024.jpg (895 KB, 1600x1065)
895 KB
895 KB JPG
Also, there were no BDs I assume? That content may have to be crowd-sourced for funding then with the pervs on /jp/ or something, unless they already have them (which I doubt, or the rest of GRAPHIS would've been released before me).

If you do upload this stuff for me to a Mega or something I'd really appreciate it; if you leave a name in the mega folder I'll include a thanks to you in the readme, if you give a shit about that at all aha.
Unfortunately I didn't grab your torrent. I agree with you exo's content is kind of a mess, but I don't have the time and aren't passionate enough about that stuff to make line by line comparisons.
> I have not (yet) looked through for that or any Purged content, I don't have time since this week is busy for me. I will next week though, so stay tuned.
All right, I'll wait for your definitive list then. But please make it simple. Just tell me what to grab without forgetting to specify the root folder : it will direct me to the correct torrent. The various tags you added, such as "*", "+", "-", "inc", "purged" make it harder to figure out what to get when you're busy.
No BDs sir
File: gra_h_mii-k093.jpg (1006 KB, 1278x1920)
1006 KB
1006 KB JPG
>Unfortunately I didn't grab your torrent. I agree with you exo's content is kind of a mess, but I don't have the time and aren't passionate enough about that stuff to make line by line comparisons.
Oh, I see. I figured you did have my torrent. I was gonna say, if you wanted to upload my collection to Exo you'd be free to, but I guess that's irrelevant now aha.
>The various tags you added, such as "*", "+", "-", "inc", "purged"
You misunderstand, the first part of that pastebin I linked is the content from my collection that is missing. I posted that with the understanding you had my collection and thus it may help you see if I'd overlooked something. The stuff you need to grab is at the bottom, with the same hierarchy as in your pastebin (I think, if it's not clear let me know and I'll doublecheck).
>No BDs sir
Oh well, I figured that'd be the case.
>All right, I'll wait for your definitive list then.
Okay, await it sometime next week then, like I said I've got stuff this week unfortunately. I've not had a real day off in a very, very long time...
Bumping around in anticipation of a status update
File: gra_chinatsu-i066.jpg (56 KB, 531x800)
56 KB
I downloaded and seeded V2 months ago (thank you for that). Looks like the changelog for V3 has been removed though, could you upload it again so that I can check and rename my folders so I don't need to download everything again?
File: gra_tsugumi-u041.jpg (605 KB, 1600x1065)
605 KB
605 KB JPG
Yeah, I probably had it expire after a month or something. But certainly, here you go: https://snip.dssr.ch/?b41e29274f274aca#4XF7CF48ZzYF5qRS1WUgNXfE3GqS1zfrh21rfZB6vTqG

Thank you friend, downloaded and will be seeding.
yo what is going on. I started downloading V2 after around a month it was in the 70s%. But then you released V3 so I deleted V2 and started downloading V3. After 3 weeks of downloading V3 it's been stuck at 69.1% for days

Connections: 0
Seeds: 0
Peers: 0
Availability: 0,691 (AKA fucking me)
Last Seen Complete: 10/08/2023 (ddmmyyyy)
Total size: GRAPHIS 648,39 GB

What is going on?


torrent ID:

What is going on?

I’m new at this. Which is the latest version of the torrent?

File: gra_hikari-a2_071.jpg (634 KB, 1280x1920)
634 KB
634 KB JPG
Why would you...are you implying you deleted half a terabyte of data just to redownload it? Why would you do that? The content is identical in v3, a couple folders just got renamed and some new things got added. I feel sorry for your drive.

As far as the progress goes, there's a couple factors at play. It seems most of the seeders for the v2 did not bother to all move over, considering how much I've already uploaded into v3 yet there's still very few seeders. On top of that, I do not always have the torrent(s) running - as I oftentimes need to do things without a VPN enabled - so without the other seeders there's very little activity. Plus the webtrackers have unreliable uptime/connectivity, making it sometimes difficult for people to peer up.

And then of course, there's the fact I've stated multiple times that people would be better off using the Nyaa torrents if they're having trouble or are impatient, as there are many more seeders on those and the connection is more stable thanks to the tracker's uptime. I have zero personal opinion on whether people use the Nyaa batches or the Full collection, or both. I seed both simultaneously, and will continue to do so. I'm also continuing to seed the v2 release torrents. But if you have issues connecting, you should probably consider using the Nyaa releases.
File: gra_cocona-a_160.jpg (1.11 MB, 1280x1920)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
Sorry, didn't notice your post. The v3 is the current release, found here >>1243024

Either use the DDL there to obtain the torrent file for the full collection, or use the Nyaa batches found here >>1243290.
Seem to be stuck on V3 using the collection torrent, just got above 90% a few days ago but after that progress has slowed to a crawl.
Should I be using one of the other torrents?

I'm currently downloading the second third of the collection of the torrent.

However, I've found that some photos have not been downloaded properly so such images cannot be completely seen. It happens, for example, to the images in the folder "(2014-04-10) AYAMI Shunka (あやみ旬果) - Limited Edition (purged)".

Is there anything I could do to fix them?

On the other hand, I'd like to ask regarding the Graphis website. I've taken a look at the site but the process of downloading images from there is a whole mess, even with a paid subscription. Any advices on how to deal with?

Thank you very much.
Sorry, seems I'm the only real seeder for the full collection. If you're that close you can just stick with it if you like, but otherwise the Nyaa torrents seem a bit more seeded.
When you say they haven't downloaded properly, are you sure they finished downloading? The images definitely aren't corrupt on my side (I checked), and your client should be hash-checking the pieces to make sure they aren't corrupted. If they're marked as 100% in your client but are still corrupted, I would delete them from your drive and then recheck the torrent to force it to redownload them, and see if that helps.
>Any advices on how to deal with?
I'm not sure what you're talking about. Do you have an account? If so you just go to the page for each set and hit the Download button, and it downloads it. What do you mean by the process being "a mess"?
Thank you for your suggestion. I think I will wait until the third part has been fully downloaded.

Regarding the graphis website, I created a free account and read the FAQs of the site. It seems that there are different levels of access to the photo set depending on your time of staying in the site (is this possible? or maybe I did not understand it well).

Even paying a subscription, it seems that there are photo sets that have to be purchased independently. So which photos could I download by paying just the subscription?
File: gra_asahi-mi_124.jpg (1.31 MB, 1280x1920)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
>(is this possible? or maybe I did not understand it well).
Yes, that is correct. Free accounts are only allowed to browse; if you pay for a subscription you can view/download all the "regular" sets (let's call them "Stage 0"). Once your account has been subscribed for 6 months you become a "Stage 1" account, and after 12 months you become a "Stage 2" account. Certain items are restricted to only being viewed/downloaded by a Stage 1 or Stage 2 account, and they're marked as such. Older galleries of any kind are either Stage 1 or 2, the Limited Edition galleries are Stage 1 or 2 most of the time, and the Calendar is Stage 1. All new content in GRAPHIS Gals and First Gravure is available for Stage 0 accounts.

I have a Stage 2 account, so everything they release I'm able to put into the Collection here on /t/. If you do have the money to spare on buying for a subscription, a way to help the Collection would be to buy any of the BDs available in the PPV store that you like and then share them here so I can add them to the torrent. The only benefit you get out of paying for a subscription would be in the (likely) event that I die and no longer update the Collection here, in which case it would give you a headstart on having a Stage 2 account to view/download all the content you want.
Thank you very much.

I've already downloaded the full collection. Now, I'm sharing it.

Another question is if you would update such torrents with new galleries and how.

Regarding your amazing shared collection, God bless you and may you will keep updating it for us a lot of years.

I'll take a look at the PPV galleries and let you know.
File: gra_rion2_036.jpg (1.67 MB, 1920x1280)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
>Another question is if you would update such torrents with new galleries and how.
I already have been, hence the v2 and v3 in this thread. Not sure what you mean by "how", I just post a new torrent with a changelog for you guys.
Sorry about the delay on this, I've been busy trying not to think about anything
>Get some social skills.
ironic considering this is possibly the most autistic post I have ever seen on this website, and I browse /mlp/
Bumping my head against multiple levels of confusion and mistakes here that promise to confuse me into making a mistake
File: wakura.jpg (1.01 MB, 2048x1948)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Not Graphis specifically but still gravure
Does anyone have sets from wakuranocamera?
>>1257751 whats the sauce for this image?
It's combining a few images, just go to their twitter
File: gra_h_minori-h029.jpg (256 KB, 853x1280)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
Is there already a magnet here with updated photos? I was interested in these last two additions that I saw on the website yesterday
File: gra_h_minori-h117.jpg (191 KB, 853x1280)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
File: gra_hazuki-k038.jpg (299 KB, 1280x852)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
No.256 Hazuki Kamino 神野はづき One Summer Love
bump, will download this pick eventually
thanks king
File: dp9u9rugas.jpg (166 KB, 1050x1575)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Utsunomiya Shinon (unless where I grabbed this bump image from is lying)
Bless you Anon
File: mihiro0094.jpg (55 KB, 900x602)
55 KB
Mihiro Taniguchi


I'm trying to download the collection.

Can somebody give the latest link and share it?

Thank you.
can anyone please share the collection for downloading?
File: gra_yuna-o3_sp124.jpg (1.22 MB, 1280x1920)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
just read the thread anons,
V3 is still the latest:
Is no one seeding V3 rn? I'm trying to download it and it's pretty slow
File: gra_kirara-k078.jpg (261 KB, 853x1280)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
v4 is coming soon(tm). I ended up dying for a month and missed the 2023 October Calendar for Satsuki Ena, if anyone can find that. Otherwise RIP.
Sorry, I haven't really been seeding (though there should be several other seeders). Are you also DLing from the Nyaa torrents?
One of her aliases is Rion, which is what's she's listed under in the Collection. That image is from the set Carry On, released 2017-12-08.
Sorry, but they'll be in v4. Especially for the Hibino gallery, there wouldn't have been much point in uploading anything for you back then because it wouldn't have had any of the content. It's almost done now though, just videos (maybe one more set of images and/or a making of set, they aren't consistent with when they include those). I can upload those two sets separately from v4 for you if you like, but it'd just be to litterbox or something.
File: gra_kana-y4030.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1280)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Exo-Anon, if you're still here: the paste you posted has expired and I didn't save it, alas, so I can't comb through it trying to figure out if any of it is hidden purged sets. That's on me. However I still have the list I made for you. I need:

Graphis 2012 3.62 GB
--Specifically inside the subfolder 365 GraphisGals Calendar:
2012-12 Alice Miyuki 19.98 MB

Graphis 2013 2.85 GB
--Specifically inside the subfolder 365 GraphisGals Calendar:
2013-07 Miyuki Yokoyama 10.65 MB
2013-11 Mana Sakura 10.71 MB
2013-12 Tsukasa Aoi 12.75 MB

Graphis 2014 5.99 GB
--Specifically inside the subfolder 365 GraphisGals Calendar:
2014-01 Rio Ogawa 10.68 MB
2014-02 Minami Kojima 38.04 KB
Graphis 2015 7.69 GB
--Specifically inside the subfolder 365 GraphisGals Calendar:
2015-04 Nami Hoshino 26.38 MB

Yui Hatano Softcore Image Sets 718.89 MB
--Specifically Graphis Limited Edition - (originals taken on 2018-09-09) 27.15 MB

[GRAPHIS] Collection 2002-2016 (A) 14.09 GB
--Specifically inside the subfolder [Graphis] 2003:
[Graphis] Special Contents 2003 Akane Tamura Special 21.84 MB

Graphis 2006 3.39 GB
--Specifically inside the subfolder Special Contents:
2006 Summer Special in Bali
2006 Winter Special in Bali

In addition, if someone's uploaded that new SATSUKI Ena Calendar that'd be nice :)
Will there be a torrent for someone who has the V3 content and doesn't want to download it all over again?
File: gra_layla-a_sp057.jpg (2.45 MB, 3744x5616)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB JPG
Yeah, it's called "aim v4 at the v3 directory and read the changelog". Sorry man, but it's a lot more effort for me to micromanage making "update" torrents than it is for you to just edit the path in your torrent client.
I intended v4 to come out on the 7th, same time as prior updates, but I found some stuff I wanted to include and held off until those downloads finished. It'll just be a day or so maybe (hopefully).

Also, I want to point out that due to some of the moves to content I've made in this new version I'll be unable to seed the previous versions unless I want to contaminate the newer release with dupes. Not that I'm able to seed much anyway, but just so ya'll are aware.
Outside of it being copyrighted material is the v3 pack legal in the united states?
Are all the girls at least 18?
Sorry if being a fag just want to know before seeding
File: gra_layla-a_sp089.jpg (3.03 MB, 3744x5616)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB JPG
No worries, it's understandable. In Japan, underage girls are also illegal nowadays. All the NSFW content in here is 18+. There are like two galleries of high school girls but they're completely SFW, so everything in the torrent is legal in the United States.
Oh ok, does it auto exclude any copies?
Do you have any GirlsDelta or Xcity packs?
File: gra_tiara-a068.jpg (384 KB, 1280x853)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
The v4 won't have duplicates, if that's what you mean. The changelog will include any changes you need to make (moving, deleted, renaming, etc.) to ensure you don't download duplicate content, as well. It will be posted in a bin that will be linked here so you can view it ahead of time. Just make those changes to your content beforehand and you won't have to download anything extra or risk having dupes.

If you intend to seed v3/v2/v1 still, be aware you'll need to also change any names inside of those torrents in your client to prevent yourself from getting duplicates. That would just take a moment and is what I was doing in order to continue seeding every version. The bigger thing to be cautious about is that anything I moved or deleted will still be in those earlier versions in their original spots...which means you have to deselect them and hope your client doesn't download them anyway (and to a degree it will, owing to how parts work).

That second problem is what has necessitated me no longer seeding v3 and v2. From a distribution POV it doesn't matter if you guys inadvertently get dupes, but if I get dupes I would end up distributing them in future updates, and I can't take that risk.

You can use a FLOSS program like Czkawka to search for dupes.
No sorry, Girls Delta is too expensive as I mentioned earlier, and the models don't look at good IMO. I wouldn't curating the content, but someone else would have to buy an account for me kek. As for XCity, I've seen it around, but actually looking at it - it sort of just looks like a general storefront. I know they do some in-house original content, but is there anything there that would actually merit having an account?
File: gg_all_sp_035.jpg (1.16 MB, 1600x1068)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
>>1185952, >>1198133, >>1242970, >>1280569

V4 is here.
This update is heavily organizational focused, with a lot of the Unsorted/Unknown items being moved to their correct places. It is STRONGLY recommended to view the changelog to avoid duplicates. Note that if Exo-anon gets back to me there will be a v5 out-of-cycle to get all that new content into the collection quicker. The missing.txt is currently a WIP because I was already late as-is on this update. It will be more exhaustive next update (and hopefully shorter than otherwise, praying that Exo-anon responds).

As always, I recommend the Nyaa releases for more stable connections. If you're a new DLer in particular, then depending on when you download either grab v4 from Nyaa or grab v3 from Nyaa (linked in the descriptions) and follow the changelog for v4, then update to v4 for the rest of the content.


Changelog: https://snip.dssr.ch/?d02f65474b450461#8CNDFMpvjLfvGu1Bch3NGnJPjuYJZBZsMtZTEfGfeJeq
Nyaa: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=GRAPHIS+%28More%29+Complete+Collection
DDL: https://files.catbox.moe/18ceqy.torrent


As stated before: due to the extensive changes re: moving stuff around, it's too risky for me to continue to seed v2 and v3. When it's simply renaming things I can do that in the client, but anything that gets moved or deleted bears the risk of being redownloaded by the client for other needed parts, and I don't want to risk duplicates being made. Honestly, deleting v2 and v3's torrent entries is a relief for me; it was a headache trying to update up to 4 different torrents alongside the changes made to the files themselves.
File: gra_nao-y2090.jpg (362 KB, 1280x853)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
And of course I ruined the v4 update post, those third and fourth quotes at the top were meant to be the two v3 posts.

*takes swig of vodka*
Thanks for the new version! I've been seeding v3 since it was released. I made the changes and grabbed the v4 torrent but it's stalled at 92.4% for now. Once it's done I'll seed it on 100 mbps until v5 is out.
File: gra_akane-n014.jpg (199 KB, 1280x853)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Yeah sorry I was a big doo-doo head and reflexively deleted two other dupe images I found, forgetting the client would spazz out and say it was missing files. Had to readd them and recheck the entries etc. etc.. It should be good now, though - albeit slow of course.

Aside from that I already found some other issues (one of which was found literally minutes after uploading v4), primarily in regards to misnamed gallery files (as well as one missing gallery set, somehow).
its soft only?
File: gra_alice-o070.jpg (260 KB, 853x1280)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
Yes, softcore only. Also, please just let the thread die if it hits the last page. I'll post a new one next update.
Did it ever hit 100% for you by the way mate?

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