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Torrents of full images from /gif/ - Adult GIF, released monthly. >>>/gif/ is a NSFW 4chan board. Info:
- Contents: porn, random videos, LiveLeak-esque videos, and other videos which were too interesting for weak video sharing sites like YouTube.
- Stats so far: about a quarter of a million files, totals to less than one terabyte.
- Why? Among other reasons, no one else is archiving /gif/, so I decided to.

Previous: >>1182460
== Project data ==

Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2022-10:




Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2022-11:




Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2022-12:




Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2023-01:


https://files.catbox.moe/hkrtiv.torrent - same as ipfs://QmXojT1UWjnBvVJvF8WKgDDGBdLcbR7YSsoSNwJ4KdmRwx
Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2023-02:


should be the same as ipfs://bafybeifl4y2s6wayrln7kasu3s3tj4fdygvzmff46ld3zftuc7pi7tumey/4chan_gif_2023_02.tar.torrent


Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2023-03:


https://files.catbox.moe/swajw4.torrent - mirrored at:


Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2023-04:


https://files.catbox.moe/wz92m2.torrent - mirrored at:
keep up the good work
it would be nice if you deduplicated data and compressed it more thoroughly overall, given the size requirement of these torrents
and then also upload them to archive.org as i doubt all of this will be seeded after some time if you dont do it yourself
== Similar torrents ==

"xbooru.com_some_irl_porn". See >>1223105 - similar because: some .gif and .webm files from an imageboard (plus .jpg and .png), mostly IRL porn, 72 GiB. << note1: EYrD2qXcEYyvgxh0 is a torrent which was autogenerated by Internet Archive (IA), and due to IA's jankiness, it is only 99.9% complete/available (I might replace this with a better torrent or something later). It is missing these files: "EYrD2qXcEYyvgxh0_meta.xml", "EYrD2qXcEYyvgxh0_archive.torrent", and "EYrD2qXcEYyvgxh0_files.xml". The torrent's download name is "EYrD2qXcEYyvgxh0"; I suggest changing this to or "xbooru.com website crawls 2020-2021". >>




"I posted a high-speed edit of all my images from 4chan in >>>/wsg/4829708". About 50GB - >>1209965 https://archiveofsins.com/t/thread/1196830


.torrent file: ??? Not sure exactly what this is anyways.
>also upload them to archive.org
They were uploaded there, but most of them got loginwalled. Support the torrents for open access!

*I suggest changing this to "xbooru.com_some_irl_porn" or "xbooru.com website crawls 2020-2021"
>it would be nice if you deduplicated data and compressed it more thoroughly overall, given the size requirement of these torrents
Each torrent contains unique files only: no overlap of video files in one torrent also being in another torrent. Filenames are based on the Base64/MD5 hashes, and I only download a file with whatever hash once. When I started out I was using IPFS, which would have made things simpler because it handles all the de-duplication automatically. I could have downloaded the files multiple times, like multiple months would have the same files and different files. I quit using ipfs for this for reasons. I don't de-duplicate files if there is one video which looks identical to another but the hashes are different - haven't seen that anyways. If you want to actually/properly archive stuff, you should set wget to write WARC files. However, like you said, "size requirement", so I am only sharing the raw files for now. And I am not screwing up the raws by deleting any that "look the same as some other video": not the sort of archive that I want to cultivate. There's enough fucking up raw files across the Internet, due to boorus and whatever no supporting no-derive files and doing other annoying/weak stuff.
>it would be nice if you deduplicated data and compressed it more thoroughly overall, given the size requirement of these torrents
Compression of webm and gif files does pretty much nothing due to the data being high entropy. All of the tarballs are uncompressed, and compressed files are also annoying/slow; I don't compress them for faster packing/unpacking. Two more reasons for uncompressed tarballs: hash determinism, which is less likely when compression is thrown into the mix AND playing videos straight from the .tar file if you have the byte offsets. I could elaborate more on those two points.

*not supporting no-derive files
(images, videos, whatever else)
>They were uploaded there, but most of them got loginwalled. Support the torrents for open access!
keep uploading them anyway, its free
sounds good, i assume when there is a file that was already downloaded before and in some other collection that there is a way to find in which collection and what file specifically it is
== Similar torrents ==

"Most funniest /gif/ webms, my first torrent." >>1204382 >>1204385 https://archiveofsins.com/t/thread/1200824 - I didn't create this


.torrent file: ???


"WARC: pbooru.com" (898 GiB). >>1186712. Similar: copy of an imageboard website, gif, png, jpg, lots of porn. Not similar: pony/MLP-focused, bunch of non-video files.


>i assume when there is a file that was already downloaded before and in some other collection that there is a way to find in which collection and what file specifically it is
I created hashes+metadata files for most of the torrents, so it's closer to "information complete". Those meta files specify which folder contains which files, how large each file is, etc.

Some peers are downloading this now: have been since hours ago before this thread (>>1231730) began. Speaking of pone, this torrent was posted in the previous thread:

"Everfree_Radio_RIP", fan-made music, idents, stuck at 99.9% due to the case sensitivity/insensitivity issue with filenames. I like
>1509582444 11245490 [b"AcousticBrony - 'The Loyalest and Most Dependable' (Applejack's Theme).mp3"]
in there. It is an instrumental track which is mostly country music but also has rock music.


Todo for each /gif/ tarball:

"AcousticBrony - 'The Loyalest and Most Dependable' (Applejack's Theme).mp3":

== Similar torrents ==

"WARC: www.bronibooru.com", >>1223439 similar/dissimilar for the same reasons as pbooru.com, except bronibooru.com might not have any porn. I moved the files to a different HDD and am yet to recheck them.


.torrent file: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/bafybeiaft73tzklc4yz6sld6qkn3pjxdx4ojhagnihqau3la7piptraa5e/warc_www.bronibooru.com.torrent
If you pay for usenet, you could maybe get old /gif/ files: >>1206412

== Other torrents posted in the previous thread ==

"I am getting many read errors ("I/O Error") when uploading this to a peer" >>1204382


I considered using this, which might use more memory and HDD space than what I currently use:

== Similar torrents ==

"Raws of www.bronibooru.com". >>1231752 >>1210145


.torrent file: https://archive.org/download/55a9eff4bf9f6b73a8b6fef5d18a3e/bronibooru.torrent

== Similar torrents ==

"MD5+SHA1 hashes of 60084657 mostly image files - pony and furry-related"; useful for search-ability of certain data; out of the many images that it has info on, some might be relevant to /gap/


.torrent file and other file(s) not in the torrent: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/bafybeihifwxns7j7n7erlive3p6yo7qksomlsu557kjzphjusqxqbi4rh4
I've reposted all of the magnet links from /gap/ #1 ITT.

Hashes+metadata files:

I saw something running as root instead of as a normal user. I should fix that. Kill processes when I/O saturation messes stuff up:
>$ sudo killall -vig wget
>Kill wget(pgid [PID]) ? (y/N) ^C
>$ ps aux | grep \ [PID]
>root [PID...]
>$ sudo killall -vig wget
>Killed wget(pgid [PID]) with signal 15
>Kill wget(pgid [PID]) ? (y/N) ^C
File: Bac0KFlsBn4tK0mCPDDoug.gif (103 KB, 342x762)
103 KB
103 KB GIF
- stuff in here runs cron as root: "$ sudo crontab -e"
- stuff in here runs cron as a regular user: "$ crontab -e"

>$ sudo killall -vig wget
>Kill wget(pgid [PID]) ? (y/N) ^C
>$ ps aux | grep \ [PID]
>root [PID...]
>$ sudo killall -vig wget
>Kill wget(pgid [PID]) ? (y/N) y
>Killed wget(pgid [PID]) with signal 15
>Kill wget(pgid [other PID]) ? (y/N) ^C

./4chan_gif_2023_03/pJIJlI5VzYQipCqtmDYecA.webm -> Emergency Alert System https://files.catbox.moe/2l1mhv.webm
./4chan_gif_2023_03/FpwpaTwEYSOEGH1TdBKufQ.webm -> iPhone https://files.catbox.moe/p5sup4.webm
./4chan_gif_2023_03/iP4oQN_iMS6fn6Yx5HQd8A.webm -> haircut https://files.catbox.moe/wvkzx5.webm
./4chan_gif_2023_03/yK9qX0kPi14qYvzdH9ykEg.webm -> Harry Potter uses a gun https://files.catbox.moe/kus8nt.webm
./4chan_gif_2023_03/vKPK3CxoTGcM1iGnK_fbfA.webm -> music https://files.catbox.moe/l1h1qr.webm
thanks for doing this .
Insane/unhinged/weird woman shouting and screaming in Walmart or similar - I think this is from /gif/, October 2022:
porn, horsecock dildo, female, anal, photo, ./4changif/202210/
Part of /gif/ 2022-10 is in IPFS, such as picrel, from this folder:
This post and the above 4 posts should be from ipfs://QmSe6gPzikEjC9Xev7dDfE3WLfCx41ygmV5HwaaxGRCWY4 (4chan /gif/ 2022-10)
Search thing (older posts on last page, newest on first page):
QmSe...CWY4 is like 24 GB so it has less than a quarter of the full images from that month.

File: 1685074865532535.gif (2.74 MB, 400x418)
2.74 MB
2.74 MB GIF
cop = pig

seems like this guy had a gun, cops shot him
File: 1685160565816913.webm (1.86 MB, 608x448)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB WEBM
https://archived.moe/gif/thread/25208768/#25213232 - parachute failure, picrel
https://archived.moe/gif/thread/25201582/#25213244 - sexy, dead
https://archived.moe/gif/thread/25175045/#25213271 - ADLJewsCabalTypePower.webm
https://archived.moe/gif/thread/25171464/#25213280 - bungee jumping by ass
https://archived.moe/gif/thread/25211949/#25213283 - cancer?
https://archived.moe/gif/thread/25200056/#25213313 - burn the coal, pay the toll
https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1685075934437029.webm - could almost fap to this, picked https://twibooru.org/2980590 instead
that's so sad
Attached video is from /gif/ 2022-10, specifically

which is now part of this 85.28-GiB pinset snapshot from a while ago:

Index of QmZB...EEnj:
>packing all images into one tar file
>not splitting it into different days of the month
I wanted to download files from one single thread, now I'm forced to download all 80GB from the whole month. Thanks
June starting in minutes now. utc time = Wed, 31 May 2023 23:27:16 +0000

There's reasons that I put all of the files in one .tar file, not changing anytime soon. Post the thread and/or hashes of the files, perhaps I'll give you them specifically. In the future I might have the storage power to put all of it in IPFS, to be more convenient. Since wget isn't writing WARCs (which would double the size since it would write the raw and warc version), I could instead double the size by putting it all in ipfs.
this thread pretty please
put all the unpacked files in ipfs, that is. I could then make a userscript so you could look through /gif/ in archived.moe and each image would link to the CID of the image for any image from 2022-11 (or 2022-10) to 2023-06.
109 binary files / full images linked in there. Hash list:
>$ curl -sL https://archived.moe/gif/thread/24901358/ | perl -pE "s/ /\n/g" | grep "/gif/search/image/" | sed "s/.*\/http/http/g" | sed 's/".*//g' | sort | uniq | sed "s/\/$//g" | sed "s/.*\///g" | perl -pE "s/\n/ /g"
>0Kwkx8ob1taXjIceL3PV1Q 0X-fu3urlC3UhtgBeQO4tQ 1fEhh50mSqUPSzejZpDwvw 1-gFRiwRn0aJFGRC61hxBw 1hNH-pwAt_zjW4omL5v7GA 1jiY7ygsvvB2yy71ddRtKg 1jlnaLaIRTgt-ENTiHm60w 2aEvq8bZYkfNz0jgJlooKg 2aYriZaQpqw1NyVP_z5e8w 2rBdRDmX--Vh4D4IB9ViXw 4h2skTZIavQRpNUolPpYAQ 4WzhXpq02igDXV_2r3YiZw 56TEM80Z99odSdERGI2azQ 6cNnWfxOKmyj1R2MFhFvJg 6J4-JOnqo1ULVjprnEUA0w 6JsaKJu1eCRIp7Xy6Dp8TA 6YkEJDnihJejQGuxcXnMUA 75MrDNd5iC846UmcNCYJxQ 7WE-M5eWsnm6GM2lkTlqIg 8WUnBrdX_CLBRRHl8fpOjQ 8XTJ4GWIXhEC5Y1moKe4MQ 901TsKvU7EUQrc93S_S0uA 95qTvAIs241YjEZti975yA 9Z_eMbQ0ajtjRlu0Mzcfmw aAXs-GR-CP1Y42pF5UEI4A aM3wjXDdOes0zPJfI2wYwg bhzGp6L6L5VulW1fH4LBeg Bm0usND-ckBinxIm18UEhw bxrBsWFzEJ96Aj259qWvdQ BYP7LAHvMS_bRWNXpHP7qA cl4hJStxLoOR17TKsSMlQw cQb86gcnwYx2cCBk5-JP5Q CTwfx7tuKT4CyUsaJfQhpQ cVPvs7xWPPnOJgI6LKazOA cvZkmwkOyMcQjsSnzqN3Og dc1CHM_qQP7hcKKCR8Ww7w De3w7fD0BcSkJJuh1udpVQ doz3I4TKCFxN5xVLvtaBcg DQyPGSVzhDU4zDjxg0igAw DX-Uazt-RN0NB_A-LQGCZg E0WI8HNtJEa2Ne7k1yCPkg EyJk1o1-7S2tgje0Hy298Q FSmTicwd-hIJ0NkowlvKvQ FWjOLG7R_DT-P2AV1xv_zA FzxJr0U3yeiolVClw8vLrg G2MVz_6dYdXX5pVK_Y4MVw ghACD9SRNR8LBYvoAQJaOQ glQ5bXycIF9qJv5evflYBA hJVSjG-_--9W_wn-oYwIrA hOuRfx6y0QY6N3M5vfC-dQ hRC8WmtLbG3iAtYvXJ7IfA IlsU0DwbWxPt-AfOCtSwYw iZUdWQdKw8EK6k1MzEpVug J2q3-GuXB294paPjh9rZGg jbjAAJ97acjGhu4HJxEzRw jeelPuq6bteDYAASIZ-YrA Jx29EvDH95Z8eozeh2_ZNg
0x20-delimited hash list, cont.:
>kdijXPnOjD3MZ09JYksQiA KedXmhvY9ffPO3T7lPgezQ kNI8n1ydHpags6KcvBtwyQ KuB-XgyWbnCWS4MlbX-XkA KWhv2YiUkpDJHpbIy74mcQ LXCbH94h10s0RlVX5Vy4eA NEkWfkTEOafUB4NXua34ow nh2zGrbGkuIR4N8yz0goEw NtrPe6ZTJLk5zBtvUsio0g Nxi5g9o3D16e94qxwF4GdA oi1I8KO2mdoq3UJuuEx2mg _OPQ_Fhjt5tTUXoG8oAsvg oR3EdbTgGuUR0NK0VcpXxQ OSFftDuJBbzSEZOSu0vcOw oVzgQM9mW5WW_sIsLLSMhQ pgmObr34OOVocQZw6jqLDA PIVcDPOAd3kXjEAGUUgQNQ pNEHncQ-re_ezKp1WujcOw PpnSm-GhzZPggynUjpzBiA qQTiN5qGGuwKZ9X5FiWUKA Qu4Uw-1SEW41-E2EptY0SQ QydO_wDSqfJtT1_pmT6vaQ QzwtS0dvdzYHQ8FWbrBhsw rbyR15VVjYE3PGMVVnFjuw rl4C90VWHf9xcfj2mqvtjQ RrBvVf1Ps5-3ZyCfVbAVBQ s35H-wdRIy1_u7MV9mohSw sbjWO9MfUxGuXvhKUmnTUw sMgbhjuSjBgfMUBr0i39ng t5XficpJHEZPLFKWb_8VSA _ThG7U7FiTZfhWtKSvvYaA u4__7xksfSK3FDA3AeHAeA ubKfrtnJS60HjE-g8Dcvdw uG7-vgOl0vv_WG4S1TZtAw umVMh6Pj3LyUDHjOXsQjIw v5tvzQSeIibXVj9hEqAypw VJris_3PJ4afAnH6Qtzuuw V_o0NC3P1Pi3VgMiOlzqpg Vr9vPmYICoFZnkAQdA0g9g wACCpwURFFWZ6MaayprheA WFKa2pqngQASban466f7ng WjWZ-bWlyeOKEX0EG0a39Q x3PBdCI1WElwBSwoT--Kmw X9jH-1VXc-uCMSZe0Pkt5g _XfgOs9MEY-Wk8TyiFad4Q XfstHia5pvbc9ZmtuJT6Nw XqZvU__sSpa2Z54upweLZg XtYas2vPpT0d37HYjx1Y2g YsWBwC_peM0wdTcwqvie9g zGB80vfM5mKLulYXCU0buw -ZP0_o4c_q70ih7xup-jbg zutdEbKGl-0-8GEyyTlu7Q
File: kdijXPnOjD3MZ09JYksQiA.gif (1.04 MB, 498x249)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
Files that I can easily get now - in folder "/mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2023_04/":
>0X-fu3urlC3UhtgBeQO4tQ.webm 1fEhh50mSqUPSzejZpDwvw.webm 1-gFRiwRn0aJFGRC61hxBw.webm 1hNH-pwAt_zjW4omL5v7GA.webm 1jiY7ygsvvB2yy71ddRtKg.webm 1jlnaLaIRTgt-ENTiHm60w.webm 2aEvq8bZYkfNz0jgJlooKg.webm 2aYriZaQpqw1NyVP_z5e8w.webm 4h2skTZIavQRpNUolPpYAQ.webm 56TEM80Z99odSdERGI2azQ.webm 6J4-JOnqo1ULVjprnEUA0w.webm 6JsaKJu1eCRIp7Xy6Dp8TA.webm 6YkEJDnihJejQGuxcXnMUA.webm 75MrDNd5iC846UmcNCYJxQ.webm 7WE-M5eWsnm6GM2lkTlqIg.webm 8WUnBrdX_CLBRRHl8fpOjQ.webm 8XTJ4GWIXhEC5Y1moKe4MQ.webm 9Z_eMbQ0ajtjRlu0Mzcfmw.webm aM3wjXDdOes0zPJfI2wYwg.webm cl4hJStxLoOR17TKsSMlQw.webm CTwfx7tuKT4CyUsaJfQhpQ.webm cvZkmwkOyMcQjsSnzqN3Og.webm dc1CHM_qQP7hcKKCR8Ww7w.webm De3w7fD0BcSkJJuh1udpVQ.webm E0WI8HNtJEa2Ne7k1yCPkg.webm FSmTicwd-hIJ0NkowlvKvQ.webm FWjOLG7R_DT-P2AV1xv_zA.webm FzxJr0U3yeiolVClw8vLrg.webm ghACD9SRNR8LBYvoAQJaOQ.webm glQ5bXycIF9qJv5evflYBA.webm hJVSjG-_--9W_wn-oYwIrA.webm hRC8WmtLbG3iAtYvXJ7IfA.webm IlsU0DwbWxPt-AfOCtSwYw.webm J2q3-GuXB294paPjh9rZGg.webm jbjAAJ97acjGhu4HJxEzRw.webm jeelPuq6bteDYAASIZ-YrA.webm KedXmhvY9ffPO3T7lPgezQ.webm kNI8n1ydHpags6KcvBtwyQ.webm KuB-XgyWbnCWS4MlbX-XkA.webm NEkWfkTEOafUB4NXua34ow.webm NtrPe6ZTJLk5zBtvUsio0g.webm Nxi5g9o3D16e94qxwF4GdA.webm _OPQ_Fhjt5tTUXoG8oAsvg.webm OSFftDuJBbzSEZOSu0vcOw.webm pgmObr34OOVocQZw6jqLDA.webm PIVcDPOAd3kXjEAGUUgQNQ.webm pNEHncQ-re_ezKp1WujcOw.webm PpnSm-GhzZPggynUjpzBiA.webm QydO_wDSqfJtT1_pmT6vaQ.webm QzwtS0dvdzYHQ8FWbrBhsw.webm rbyR15VVjYE3PGMVVnFjuw.webm rl4C90VWHf9xcfj2mqvtjQ.webm RrBvVf1Ps5-3ZyCfVbAVBQ.webm s35H-wdRIy1_u7MV9mohSw.webm sbjWO9MfUxGuXvhKUmnTUw.webm sMgbhjuSjBgfMUBr0i39ng.webm t5XficpJHEZPLFKWb_8VSA.webm _ThG7U7FiTZfhWtKSvvYaA.webm u4__7xksfSK3FDA3AeHAeA.webm uG7-vgOl0vv_WG4S1TZtAw.webm umVMh6Pj3LyUDHjOXsQjIw.webm v5tvzQSeIibXVj9hEqAypw.webm VJris_3PJ4afAnH6Qtzuuw.webm V_o0NC3P1Pi3VgMiOlzqpg.webm Vr9vPmYICoFZnkAQdA0g9g.webm
File: oi1I8KO2mdoq3UJuuEx2mg.gif (1.72 MB, 498x278)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB GIF
>wACCpwURFFWZ6MaayprheA.webm WFKa2pqngQASban466f7ng.webm WjWZ-bWlyeOKEX0EG0a39Q.webm X9jH-1VXc-uCMSZe0Pkt5g.webm XtYas2vPpT0d37HYjx1Y2g.webm zutdEbKGl-0-8GEyyTlu7Q.webm
>2rBdRDmX--Vh4D4IB9ViXw.gif G2MVz_6dYdXX5pVK_Y4MVw.gif kdijXPnOjD3MZ09JYksQiA.gif LXCbH94h10s0RlVX5Vy4eA.gif oi1I8KO2mdoq3UJuuEx2mg.gif

>echo -n [space-delimited hash list] | xargs -d " " sh -c 'for args do stat -t /mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2023_04/$args.gif 2>/dev/null; done' _
>echo -n [space-delimited hash list] | xargs -d " " sh -c 'for args do stat -t /mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2023_04/$args.webm 2>/dev/null; done' _

I kinda like "./AcousticBrony - Rarity's Theme (AcousticBrony Vs. Octavia Vs. Lyra Vs. Vinyl Scratch).mp3"
File: G2MVz_6dYdXX5pVK_Y4MVw.gif (3.15 MB, 339x450)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB GIF
Copying files:
>echo -n [list] | xargs -d " " sh -c 'for args do stat -t /mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2023_04/$args.gif 2>/dev/null; done' _ | sed "s/ .*//g" | xargs -d "\n" sh -c 'for args do cp -n "$args" "/home/ubuntu/Downloads/temp/faprequest1/"; done' _
>echo -n [list] | xargs -d " " sh -c 'for args do stat -t /mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2023_04/$args.webm 2>/dev/null; done' _ | sed "s/ .*//g" | xargs -d "\n" sh -c 'for args do cp -n "$args" "/home/ubuntu/Downloads/temp/faprequest1/"; done' _
76/109 files, unless anyone else wants to or can share their unpacked, it will take a little while (maybe tens of minutes or longer) to get the files which first showed up in month(s) before April. Most of the files in that thread - link should be alive for 3 days (original filename was "faprequest1.tar"):
File: LXCbH94h10s0RlVX5Vy4eA.gif (127 KB, 360x640)
127 KB
127 KB GIF
Upstream SHA1 hash of that tarball: 977d50abc822ad8c9ac645c913bd1e542fd81eaa

33 files showed up in one or more previous months:
>-ZP0_o4c_q70ih7xup-jbg 0Kwkx8ob1taXjIceL3PV1Q 4WzhXpq02igDXV_2r3YiZw 6cNnWfxOKmyj1R2MFhFvJg 901TsKvU7EUQrc93S_S0uA 95qTvAIs241YjEZti975yA BYP7LAHvMS_bRWNXpHP7qA Bm0usND-ckBinxIm18UEhw DQyPGSVzhDU4zDjxg0igAw DX-Uazt-RN0NB_A-LQGCZg EyJk1o1-7S2tgje0Hy298Q Jx29EvDH95Z8eozeh2_ZNg KWhv2YiUkpDJHpbIy74mcQ Qu4Uw-1SEW41-E2EptY0SQ XfstHia5pvbc9ZmtuJT6Nw XqZvU__sSpa2Z54upweLZg YsWBwC_peM0wdTcwqvie9g _XfgOs9MEY-Wk8TyiFad4Q aAXs-GR-CP1Y42pF5UEI4A bhzGp6L6L5VulW1fH4LBeg bxrBsWFzEJ96Aj259qWvdQ cQb86gcnwYx2cCBk5-JP5Q cVPvs7xWPPnOJgI6LKazOA doz3I4TKCFxN5xVLvtaBcg hOuRfx6y0QY6N3M5vfC-dQ iZUdWQdKw8EK6k1MzEpVug nh2zGrbGkuIR4N8yz0goEw oR3EdbTgGuUR0NK0VcpXxQ oVzgQM9mW5WW_sIsLLSMhQ qQTiN5qGGuwKZ9X5FiWUKA ubKfrtnJS60HjE-g8Dcvdw x3PBdCI1WElwBSwoT--Kmw zGB80vfM5mKLulYXCU0buw
Those 33 files confirmed as saved before, by
>echo -n [previous month hashes] | xargs -d " " sh -c 'for args do grep -- "$args" /mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/404_2.txt; done' _
33 - 7 = 26

>echo -n [list] | xargs -d " " sh -c 'for args do zgrep -- "$args" /mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2022_10_taronly.txt.gz; done' _

same with "AcousticBrony - Twilight Sparkle's Theme (Original).mp3"
26 - 12 = 14
from 4chan_gif_2022_11_taronly.txt.gz

Neat/happy/fun/cute track: "./AcousticBrony - Who's A Silly Pony.mp3"
14 - 14 = 0
gzip: /mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2023_03_taronly.txt.gz: No such file or directory
File: zGB80vfM5mKLulYXCU0buw.webm (2.89 MB, 640x1080)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB WEBM
datetime a while ago: Thu, 01 Jun 2023 01:23:57 +0000

one of the files
Retrieval takes a while and might not work
File: 4WzhXpq02igDXV_2r3YiZw.webm (1.79 MB, 1080x1920)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB WEBM
took a while but it worked, picrel. 504 on "Jx29EvDH95Z8eozeh2_ZNg.webm", RIP (maybe retrying will help). 4chan_gif_2022_10 is the only one in the set which I have on a HDD which is elsewhere.

OK remix: "./AcousticBrony and Mandopony - Loyalty (Aviators Remix).mp3"
Badass: "./AcousticBrony and PrinceWhateverer - Breaking Bonds (Ft. Mando, Lulz, MHM and George).mp3"
might work on getting+posting the remain 30 files later

28 left
./4chan_gif_2023_03/DQyPGSVzhDU4zDjxg0igAw.webm -> https://files.catbox.moe/vt3vtg.webm
./4chan_gif_2023_03/qQTiN5qGGuwKZ9X5FiWUKA.webm -> https://files.catbox.moe/5el44u.webm

crap I saw/heard recently:
No Cock Like Horse Cock youtube-52i14wYBef8 -> https://files.catbox.moe/vrltwz.mp4
has better audio/music compared to
Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (Arr. J.D. Moore) youtube-CRJxd536kvg -> https://files.catbox.moe/cjr3ig.mp4
File: bhzGp6L6L5VulW1fH4LBeg.webm (1.32 MB, 1080x1920)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB WEBM
27 to be shared

Maybe 4WzhXpq02igDXV_2r3YiZw.webm worked quicker, same with c* and h*, because they are closer to the top of the tarball than Jx29EvDH95Z8eozeh2_ZNg and i*

quick retrieval = worked on:

quick retrieval = fail on

failed, but afterwards worked on a later retry:

version which sounds significantly different:
No cock Like horse cock Pepper Coyote lyrics youtube-h2dJ-JUzhVs -> https://files.catbox.moe/2tifql.mp4
File: iZUdWQdKw8EK6k1MzEpVug.webm (3.95 MB, 1280x720)
3.95 MB
3.95 MB WEBM
26 todo, guess I'll use tarindexer for the rest unless someone shares them before me; these ones:
File: hOuRfx6y0QY6N3M5vfC-dQ.webm (1.34 MB, 1080x1920)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB WEBM
22 todo

https://files.catbox.moe/kqo076.tar - should be 14780995087c3ef489fe8b75ffcca89343c92cfc
I'm usually not interested in fellatio-focused porn, but this one was sexy:
howto.txt - added a step between step 6 and 7:
>$ crontab -e
>[while in vim: copy the file path at the bottom, e.g., "/tmp/crontab.DsYZFr/crontab"]
>[press ctrl+z]
>$ utc; cp -n "[path]" "/mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/$monthdir/"; utc
>[example: cp -n "/tmp/crontab.DsYZFr/crontab" "/mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/$monthdir/"]
>$ fg
thank you
4 Jun 2023 UTC: fixed the script to be better. Wish I implemented this change a long time ago. It corrects for a rare problem.
Archiving a bump comment
Sorry for the large delay on May 2023 (expect even more delay or for it to be released much later if my HDD doesn't die). I have excuses, but won't bore you. (Thing which is meaningful to me: 26hr.)
Saw this ad above the thread that this post is posted to which linked to a thing saying I could get Usenet for $5/month. Maybe then I could get those files. https://files.catbox.moe/bn2kqh.webp
sexy, photo, large breasts, ./4changif/202210/
/k/ user IRL:
>rsync: [sender] read errors mapping "/mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2022_11.tar": Input/output error (5)
What happens when you have a years-old hard drive do something for a few minutes every hour for months (had multiple other read errors on non-gif files too)
>CIDs still up even though I've been offline for 3 days
>had multiple other read errors on non-gif files too
Like 15 read errors across 2TB = more than 200,000 B of erred data. Also:
>rsync: [sender] read errors mapping "/mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2022_12.tar": Input/output error (5)
Ukrainian soldier hugging kids, petting dog before leaving (propaganda video?)
>rsync: [sender] read errors mapping "/mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2023_01.tar": Input/output error (5)
sexy, photo, human, female, ass clap, large ass, breasts, dress, audio
photo, human, audio, armchair psychology, life advice, happiness, loneliness, friendship is magic
photo, human, lolwat, strangulation, music, western
read error made rsync go wonky:
>rsync: [sender] read errors mapping "/mnt/e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2022_11.tar": Input/output error (5)
>744,237,110,378 111% 5.33MB/s ??:??:?? ^C
sex doll, sex robot, Hatsune Miku(?), creepy, Pony Electronic (parody of Sony Electronics)
In /gif/, which is more popular: interracial garbage, or shemale? photo, human, ass, ponytail
File: tOJOILrBM9G8JpJmxqQ-4A.gif (2.91 MB, 365x341)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB GIF
photo, human, jew, hat
rock music, moonman, krazy train, nazi swastika

actually stabbed on television, rekt, woman, photo, human, nail
"4 Israeli citizens arrested in Ukraine for smuggling 120kg. of cocaine", photo, human, drugs, rap music
Hecking AI didn't help - https://chat-gpt.org/chat
>>In Linux, how do I fix a file with a read error without deleting the entire file and restoring it from a backup?
>You can use the tool "ddrescue" to recover a file with read errors. Here are the steps:
>[blah blah blah, not helpful]
>>No, I want to make the file with a read error quit having that error by no longer having part of if point to a bad sector and instead point to a good sector which contains only binary zeros. How do I do that?
>To fix a read error in a file by redirecting it to a good sector with binary zeros, you can use a disk utility tool. Here are the steps:
>[blah blah blah, not helpful]
>>make file quit linking to bad sector in linux?
>Unfortunately, it is not possible to fix or repair a bad sector in a file as it is a physical issue with the storage device. However, you can mark the bad sector as unusable to prevent any data from being written to it.
>To do this in Linux, you can use the "badblocks" command to scan the storage device for bad sectors and mark them as unusable.
>Here are the steps to use the badblocks command:
>[blah blah blah, not really helpful]
>>You are a nigger cattle.
>I'm sorry, but that is a derogatory and offensive term. As an AI language model, I do not have a race or ethnicity. Please use respectful language in our interactions.

Instead, I probably got a better answer or search result from DDG search "make file quit linking to bad sector in linux":
>Try a low-level write using hdparm:
>sudo hdparm --yes-i-know-what-i-am-doing --write-sector 215040 /dev/sda
>… where 215040 is the sector number you want to overwrite (and possibly remap) and /dev/sda is the device to which you want to write.

BTW, other helpful info:
photo, human, anal sex, vagina
Absolutely quality thread

Thanks to everyone archiving it
retro computing, rms, gnu/linux ftw
or it was just ipfs companion in my browser which kept them up (not anyone else). In Brave Browser you can't go to ipfs:// while in private mode, but if you have the ipfs companion extension in Brave I think you can go to any http://localhost:48084/ipfs/CID link (even if you are in private mode).

about two chunks got corrupted in each file. fixed thanks to p2p and the files being popular enough (ddrescue from older hdd to newer hdd, recheck torrent on newer hdd, download 64 MiB to fix the files' missing parts).
I saw that someone was trying to download this a day or two ago. I'm (re)checking it now, so it should be available soon enough. qBittorrent was being annoying and it would not let me change the location of torrent "xbooru.com_some_irl_porn", so I had to remove it from and re-add it to the transfer list (it was errored as "Transport endpoint is not connected").
Time now = Sat, 01 Jul 2023 00:03:17 +0000
Better Call Tranny
(/gif/ May 2023)
File: z8_y1b7yXoVMdCvpaj7zEQ.gif (1.51 MB, 416x473)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB GIF
I have folder "4chan_gif_2023_05" on two different hard drives. It is finished on one (to be synced to the other). Expect /gif/ May 2023 sometime in the distant future or something.
don't know the name of this song
Trying to not get blown away
stretching donald duck and mickey mouse
max vaxxed
music, dancing, photo, human
vagina, pink dildo, photo, human
It's "electric_blue_by_icehouse.mp4" at

More music from >>1232421 "The Midnight - America 2":
lyrics: https://genius.com/The-midnight-america-2-lyrics
"My Little Pony" tattoo:
anal penetration, photo, human, audio
Cat wants a fish (I was looking for a specific cat video in there, not bafy...wxvq):
Can someone up the thread:

Semen on figure/figure bukkake thread

Its on 4chan /gif/ - 2022-10.
I dont have internets to download all the 138gb
I don't have that on a convenient HDD now, but I do have some of it in IPFS. https://archived.moe/gif/thread/24045417/
Get image hashes out of thread (seems to work better than >>1232845):
>$ curl -sL https://archived.moe/gif/thread/24045417/ | perl -pE "s/ /\n/g" | grep -E "/gif/search/image/.*\">View" | sed "s/href=\".*\/image\///g" | sed "s/\/.*//g" | sort | uniq | perl -pE "s/\n/ /g"; echo
>0-79M_fyr7co7p5GI7_PPw 0BLssLcHaz-BsyCYdzxOMw 0UnHwa400WCUHZA6cVU2OA 3CiZ2q0tP0abtz3c6wlq_g 47eDL2Jwauy8q1NAfanTLw 599RjXNy7whXefPkGQ5DxA 5A-3LXdgczo_i-yvSADaPQ 6vl0g6cN7ZMCDulbiEjLEw 7EL2BFjnne-map09Y9p4oQ 8WwuxBMMATNqM09Fap2yhw 902hStrtcCS1CzsbOMPEdg 9LqdDT1t_LsG5ICOGTAOpQ ac9uIVoVD3Fd_dhfRm4XPg AFLC3Y6gWJp5U7fHWJ7VXw akuTmqBt25v1V-60bQsanQ BUPc8Gmk2w13qGUGM45pCg bZLM_dZmRSe7WX8rxKY1Dw -cXX19b7tn7HiqqHslXTLA dXL5tIuhBE6WMomSgkKGUg DX-Uazt-RN0NB_A-LQGCZg EbDqizh3tLrXo19cSfTEcQ elVvPF65-PQ-09A9TO_O8w ETcTqkggjF-ouJDAsuxjYQ exixitlfzhVNrhxYSb34iA F0WTfs8m_qjXp7Uatj7GQg FcNIsuK9hRfuYrBPrKly3g fDQ-TfNvF0410EL8o1uKVw fUXby3O9pzy-KhYyT1JHqQ FXC7O-cXh1BHJlxkpEDxXg glnOcho27TF4VWUgLljJnA gRVWnLOTqGegbs_ZFGbgkg H4g6TpK55d8yPJKnJg4IBw jC1-niFmN2CXPncIUr47SQ jpt-jRUcK6wjbzNWNeJoMA JQ-m2MSPT5bzf5U_SNw49A kjiy9uRrH2-bETKE-9nGsQ KOjdKXdx4y2f6Eej69h9pg Ku3UtEfNBMX6hdfgomBsfg NmePmhISEs3Tqu_XEu5pOg nSRUk_Ua8WrmVGEGl8ss7w oR3EdbTgGuUR0NK0VcpXxQ -oui1jUadBQ6L5SLUH0RSg OuVzl3N-1kCo-PvFez6CDA PAz-_BzVYJc4Uhx1Umlfww _pdLesbBLnk2RZvTUUlrjg PsuQA0uW8sAVJrWr1-uMnw qbBp6i-n-Ru7olzOZzoTJA QnQnsT7ZZS99DJwhdl4ZHw qXePnBO8zCcDS5PFbD43YQ S2TUCmgURIaCAJAA9IwMGQ sdmu2G1b-RwMUbyH20DaBw taNB5bT6cD8N-JYkfPk2EQ ubKfrtnJS60HjE-g8Dcvdw UJ8lRNpsEqyXheVVvjem8Q uRk-ULJcGRxvWql1-LWQLw ver769-m233aCTzOwpBpwg vGkyg-jIOaxMrlhxa36guw W17q6K9l7dqakMxU3Cs7FA wJzLx_esNW17zGyJ2Io2Og WrWLS17_bZZh_Yhf1l0KSw XFMo7h0R_wlleMe7NNo-vA xhYDPQwwv5_SznEvQfXZ0w y-9QJ7UP8Rho6Sizg4Q8dQ YAP3Dy4uByPVKWy703d_mw yjLwgj6l12hArRFkvlkPzQ ywA3k9_erGuFEyZq5keH-A ZG7X-l5h75p_6GbUPdxqIg ZhxlBxo7wcAQQjK5qtvXsg zImnCTi8aIbzTFaXT5Hq-w
>Its on 4chan /gif/ - 2022-10.
It isn't because that is a thread from 2022-11 and after.
> >>>/gif/24045417 OP at 2022-11-27
Not in bafy...yytq, since that is some of the data from 2022-10.
>echo -n [space-delimited hashes] | xargs -d " " sh -c 'for args do echo "$args"; grep -n -- "$args" bafybeiaf4kfecxye5ltsrqvr42ef5tiugtq6asra72j4ffoffbezlaznzy; done' _
From experience, I know that tarindexer works. I could index the tarball and pull out those specific files via dd or something.
taxi driver, music

bad moon rising (not /gif/)
holodeck, fetishist, star trek, funny, photo, human
I think I'm a faggot 'cause that's such a nice cock and load.
sports girls, butt slap, photo, human
I dont understand shit, comrade. Can tou explain this better?
> >>1243334
Files are hashed via the MD5 toy algorithm in 4chan, archived.moe, etc. /gif/ torrents linked ITT have files with filenames based on these hashes. The MD5 hashes in 4chan stuff are recorded like this:

I can find specific files that you want in the data if I know the filename/"Base64 hash". The "Base64-encoded hash" is specified for each image post and can be pulled out of a thread via:
>$ curl -sL https://archived.moe/gif/thread/24045417/ | perl -pE "s/ /\n/g" | grep -E "/gif/search/image/.*\">View" | sed "s/href=\".*\/image\///g" | sed "s/\/.*//g" | sort | uniq | perl -pE "s/\n/ /g"; echo
>[stdout with space-character-delimited hashes]
or: manually copying the "View Same" link on each post with an attached file.

Read about MD5 and Base64 in Wikipedia + program docs:
>https://linux.die.net/man/1/curl + https://linux.die.net/man/1/perl + https://linux.die.net/man/1/grep + https://linux.die.net/man/1/sed
>https://linux.die.net/man/1/sort + https://linux.die.net/man/1/uniq + https://linux.die.net/man/1/echo
> >>1243333
4chan_gif_2022_10: I don't have all of this on a convenient hard disk drive (HDD); I have all of it on an HDD which is not attached, not reachable via sftp, sitting somewhere. However, I have like 1/4th of it in IPFS which I can somewhat easily get. (BTW, I started this project out using IPFS >>1231744 - one of the reasons I quit was I thought adding data was slow, but really my HDD was being slow as a sign of imminent failure.)

4chan_gif_2022_11: I think I have all of this on a convenient HDD; this is the one you want as it has the files and none of those files are in 4chan_gif_2022_10. I posted the full URL to it.
> >>1243337
You said that it's in 4chan_gif_2022_10. This is incorrect. The thread with the files that you want ( https://archived.moe/gif/thread/24045417/ ) was started in 2022-11-27 and has no reposts from 2022-11.
4chan_gif_2022_10 covers: 2022-10-FirstDay to 2022-10-LastDay.
4chan_gif_2022_11 covers: 2022-11-FirstDay to 2022-11-LastDay.

bafy...yytq is terse/short for the full IPFS CID, which is /ipfs/bafybeihpriewbgycmm45w7vutul7xtn5uwvpo3izbyyrpsyi2oro76yytq (bafy...yytq contains 24 GB of data from 2022-10) - HTTP gateway:

>echo -n [space-delimited hashes from /gif/ thread #24045417] | xargs -d " " sh -c 'for args do echo "$args"; grep -n -- "$args" bafybeiaf4kfecxye5ltsrqvr42ef5tiugtq6asra72j4ffoffbezlaznzy; done' _
This command checks for hashes/filenames in an index file at

Docs: >>1245583 +

Forgot to post - Read about IPFS:
*has no reposts from 2022-10
>index file
IPLD of interest:

In this set:
>$ ipfs object links bafybeiaf4kfecxye5ltsrqvr42ef5tiugtq6asra72j4ffoffbezlaznzy
>bafkreieqpnsmbyzug6j6at46rpbz44uxy7g6jnjs4e6zd7fd3v6vrqhb6e 1048576
>bafkreickaoso54nme6yuyrpralpiu6uhv7klxmgequy5wq3ozobolibqcm 1048576
>bafkreiaozy7jtzfdktybcvabbv2vbbethjvjcpfrynkxnyr2iyoo6hv2gi 1048576
>bafkreifqkhvzi7qijmvl2fh5vqu5uzu7cigejathhgbcehnqw3lbymjg2y 1048576
>bafkreicqqzobljr2rwq7oflayygwuyfm4ev7il3pv5seqa2ghcane3weh4 1048576
>bafkreictfck72dz6azusmti2cjmtscgvaqghdnaxryz4fzvu3mupgjtogm 1048576
>bafkreiaz54xklxpoohregdhip2ivzlop623lkpkjuk2qadmhxkeqcovsuq 1048576
>bafkreieanb7qqhihrmqqovow6mvydolevuwldtwfqbhdwgg3lvxvr6cp4u 1048576
>bafkreifkxxctco7aypiykskw43tbyzpqguu4tlbxz7uyop3hdhbbhzdwau 1048576
>bafkreierujnjqaa7tiaqtb5pxa2f3zwyqxgvqbvqszhvwtbnbna47otgay 1048576
>bafkreig6p35u6thaw7qrmiha4okueafaxcftg5imnykegxw3z7aaobeuwe 1048576
>bafkreift7rtuzy5meresoydzxxg7ugvtil2i3df3vu6c5mcbx2j3icbnju 885718
captcha: MMSGAY
based parrot, bird, photo, music, screenshot, ack!
fiery skull, flames, photo, human, cremation
could i have this thread? thanks OP
from november 2022
>The thread you were looking for does not exist.
>The post you are looking for does not exist.

Nothing here:

I don't know the filenames that you want because I guess archived.moe deleted that thread. I have some idea of the time that the thread was posted.
Not memory-holed previous post: https://archived.moe/gif/post/24051561
Are there any /wsg/ archives?
I liked about 2 out of those 10 MP4 files, nothing really fantastic imo.
up around the bend (not /gif/)

I crawled /gif/, not /wsg/. Work-safe GIF seems weak sauce and not intense.
captcha: DNASJW
More nice music - "ACME - AdLabPlus 3.1 kg.xm" / "back in action" (play the audio file in VLC or something):

Furthermore, and I have a low under understanding of the situation, it went something like this:
* 2022-10 and months after = no one seriously saved/scraped full images of /wsg/
* 2023-06 to now = full images of /wsg/ are being saved in a seriously way - check the links in whatever site has old /wsg/ threads
white guy got stabbed/slashed because he was rapping and said "negroid" in a bad area, or something like that:
incest, sex, photo, human, penis, ass, audio, text
female breasts, audio, photo, human, large breasts

"How old are you?" "Old enough to jam you cock down my throat."

black attack, photo, human

More audio files from that folder, keygen music:
"ADMINCRACK - EmEditor 10.x 32-64 crk.xm", "Hymn(CD)", Commie International Anthem
> https://dweb.link/ipfs/QmctNN92cQseDER2qSELr5ciRi1b2ZntsmzFRxMAHfFVBM/Alpahbeticale/A/ADMINCRACK/ADMINCRACK%20-%20EmEditor%2010.x%2032-64%20crk.xm
"ADMiNCRACK - Windows 7-8 Manager crk.it", "Sad Song"
> https://gateway.ipfs.cybernode.ai/ipfs/QmVUhvfLmSjx1ysm62nc6nF3RWFnjyQ6pmi8vyNEWmfF2N/A/ADMINCRACK/ADMiNCRACK%20-%20Windows%207-8%20Manager%20crk.it
"ADMINCRACK - WinRAR 4.20 x86 crk.xm", "Broken"
> https://gateway.ipfs.cybernode.ai/ipfs/QmVyEhCpmyE9qb7A8YYPKk56mKNavTDB7sHwRFV3gbASRY/ADMINCRACK/ADMINCRACK%20-%20WinRAR%204.20%20x86%20crk.xm
"ADMINCRACK - PDF-Xchange Viewer 2.0.52 crk.xm", "SM-cHipT0wN(NES RMX)"
> https://dweb.link/ipfs/QmWac6GspTaNDvxjYu7oFHrFLAcLpdm8qxsnSoFqGMB97H/ADMINCRACK%20-%20PDF-Xchange%20Viewer%202.0.52%20crk.xm
captcha: WNA4R
Is there a way to search the archives for threads?
Did you ever upload May 2023 or June 2023?
No, because I was impacted by and dealing with some fucking bullshit. As such, I was thinking of releasing the data in an order similar to or this exactly:
1st: 2023-07
2nd: 2023-06
3rd: 2023-05

However, if you REALLY want it, I could possibly share May and June this month. Just email me a free-to-generate-and-use API token for this one website and I'll do it, jk. Seems that I should make uncompressed ZIP files instead of uncompressed TAR files moving forward.
saw another thread in /t/ which requested dancing gifs. some webms with dancing from /gif/ below

dancing, photo, human, day

dancing, obese, music, fat, photo, human, "mama"

More keygen music highlights:
"AGAiN - Link Stash", "px.bladswede remix!"
> https://dweb.link/ipfs/bafybeidkcilyenn3hipjdjwxhmvt2dwzmay3uds65agutanhpyjcl4ox24/A/AGAiN/AGAiN%20-%20Link%20Stash%
"AGAiN - FlashGetkgl_converted.xm", ".sunflower..."
> https://dweb.link/ipfs/bafybeidrmesnt2adhtvvbxhxbv2c4kijj365wb4l37zccvmvk4qqpipjpm/AGAiN/AGAiN%20-%20FlashGetkgl_converted.xm
*to jam your

"AGAiN - No1 CD Ripper kg.xm" / "sequence line" is good or ok; "AGAiN - Novelty Pro 8.24 kg.xm" / "crm_legendofgold" is happy music. Both files are in
yeah, various search options at the following site, examples:

"AGAiN - Total Commander Pro 6.01 crk_converted.xm" / ".we($)t coast..." is rap music-related (no vocals). "AGAiN - AutoShutdownkg.xm" / "Moonflight" = happy.

pic unrelated from /gif/
Titfuck, paizuri, photo, human, audio, large breasts

Nice - "AGES - Devil May Cry 3 SE +9trn.xm", "My melody"
Desuarchive saved /gif/ images in the past, but where are those files now?! Mentions /gif/:

Jack shit in here:

Compare that to a similar upload which actually has the data, ~326 GB of it (pic related):
>1st: 2023-07
>2nd: 2023-06
>3rd: 2023-05
That's going to fuck up the order. But appreciate your work regardless.
Either order is fine with me. I have no preferences
I was just wondering about the status
Sorry to hear some bullshit happened to you
>yeah, various search options at the following site, examples:

What if the site doesnt have the thread link that I saved archived?
July ends on the 31st.
Useless techie - before getting fired:
- https://dweb.link/ipfs/QmW7pRHJa6pmZ1sTuVn3dMZsABWmAuYCwYAbAiexDn97cG
- attached file

I like some/most of the music in the "AGGRESSiON" folder:
I will try to release July 2023 /gif/ full images ASAP, as in, within the next 3 days or so. Scene release music, haha, >>1246126 - "team europe", "AH-Team - (FEUERRADER) - Quick Unpack v1.0 beta 3.xm":
captcha: SMHSX2
What happens when I don't check the logs every damn 2 or 3 days (time=utc-6):
2023-07-25 22: good
2023-07-25 23: nothing
2023-07-26 00 to 05: nothing
2023-07-26 06: good, but didn't pull everything from the larger stack from being offline for a while

Looks like archived.moe was offline for 5 hours. July 2023 has all images from every hour of the month, except like 2 hours. This is the first time this happened. If I checked the logs more often I would have seen this and fixed it via a different script. 26 was like 6 days ago - not 1 or 2, so I guess those images are dead now. Captcha: 4AVTR0
Zipping July now - forgot one unimportant step related to logging.

Changes to howto.txt:
>Make an uncompressed ZIP file (first check that you have enough free HDD space)
>$ cd $basepath/
>$ utc; 7z a -mx=0 $monthdir.zip $monthdir; utc
>- In qBittorrent: "$basepath/$monthdir.zip" -> 16 MiB piece size
Captcha: 8D0NW8
Finished packing, 74 GiB->74 GiB. Next: torrent creation.
I started creating the torrent a few minutes ago, progress so far: 5%. I think I should use a piece size of 1 MiB instead of 16 MiB.
== >>1231730 Proudly Presenting ==

Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2023-07:


^mirrored at https://files.catbox.moe/8vduub.torrent
File: massacre_000009.jpg (27 KB, 720x406)
27 KB
^ Music to go along with this "scene release", haha - "AT4RE - Crystal2Mobile Producer 2.1crk.xm" = keygen music, parody/cover of Theme From The Godfather:

BTW, I was reading this recently - interesting, it mentions groups RARBG and SPARKS (both disappeared or got in big legal trouble):

Image from https://dweb.link/ipfs/bafybeifhll67sw2otceqhghsckhrs72hxcl6ktau57hei3oo5hxigse3tu
"Look how they massacred my boy."
hot, sexy, photo, human, girl

Those videos are similar; imagine if a cute mare was getting sexually pounded like that.
I have 4chan_gif_2022_11 on 3 hard drives:
- a crappy one
- an OK one
- a good one, but to be deleted in that one to free up some space

This means I will be less capable of seeding it after said deletion.

More thematic keygen music from that folder - "AT4RE - LanFlow 6.00.2011 crk.xm", "Theme from Cheers":

another one
Do you like horse penis?
Beautiful, who is this?
A folder in there contains file "Keygen Music.torrent":

File list of that torrent:

Link and stuff:
Number of Files: 3652
Content Size: 426.14 MB
Created On: 2013-06-06

I don't know much about that >10-year-old torrent anymore. Did I create it? Maybe. Did I find it (I didn't create it)? Maybe. Is it still alive? Dunno, but the all the files for that torrent should still be alive in IPFS as long as I and anyone else seeds/hosts it. captcha: K0XPX
^ *but all of the files

I did an exact text search for
in ddg/bing, google/startpage, brave, and yandex = I found nothing or had zero results. Neat music in folder "BAKA!":

24 hour temp upload of A-Z keygen_music (447 MB uncompressed):

idk, md5 for searching: JiM2ig5qzQT2TKZmX_TiXQ - from
>QmXFMAMDfbvU5DMRynUu8hqDupDfwmHeukQiRff5RVWyjA ./QmSe6gPzikEjC9Xev7dDfE3WLfCx41ygmV5HwaaxGRCWY4/4changif/202210/JiM2ig5qzQT2TKZmX_TiXQ
Do you take requests for single threads? I'm looking for whichever thread 25468566 was in. It's dead on moe.
Sorry, I don't save webpages, only the binary files. However, I should stop being lazy and change my stuff so it at least dumps the webpage crawls into .html files which ends up being a compressed set of text files. tee (https://linux.die.net/man/2/tee - "duplicating pipe content") would probably be helpful. The first step would be getting web plain text content of all of the posts which have attached files (what I already do but don't save it). Next would be descending those files to get thread webpages, updated daily. I can save WARCs of webpages. Further reason: looks like archived.moe keeps censoring posts and threads by deleting both of them.

I like this keygen/chiptune music:
>Take On Me by A-ha, "AiR - SmartScore X Professional installer.xm"
>"'95-raver's-megamix", "AiR - Synapse Audio Dune 1.x kg.mod"
>Theme From Mortal Kombat, "AkEd - Sam DJ 4.4.4 crk.xm"
>"pleiadeans", "ArCADE - BluffTitler DX9 8.0.5kg.it"
>"Once Upon A Farm", "ArCADE - PatternStudio 5 kg.it", chill music
>"targeting complete", "ASA - eDocuments Scan crk.mod", The Terminator
https://archived.moe/gif/post/25468566 -> https://archived.moe/gif/thread/25441695/#25468566 -> dead

Previous post is
-> https://archived.moe/gif/thread/25461095/#25468565
--> Fri 07 Jul 2023 13:07:31 UTC (filename minus last 6 numbers = Unix Epoch 1688735251 = Fri Jul 07 13:07:31 2023 UTC)

So if you are looking for the images, you could look for files with similar timestamps.

attached=another file linked from there and /gif/

I like "smells like teen..", "BAKA! - DigiTV-HD 3.7.10 crk.xm" = keygen music, instrumental version/variant of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana:
^I sorta felt like Kurt Cobaining myself yesterday.

sex, photo, human, audio
wow thanks
Had a dream that a sexy girl was walking around topless in the morning and started making something in the kitchen, not knowing I was there, or maybe she did. It was kinda dark. She was my cousin or something, no blood relation due to being a part of an adoptive family on one side of my family. I then sorta dreamt I had sex with her. I found out this video to be similar and sexy, though the ass of the girl in this video is not as attractive as the one I dreamt of:

I think there are some "sexy cooking" videos in /gif/.
photo, human, blonde girl, anal penetration, >>1250880 the girl in that dream looked more similar to this (video from /gif/):

music, "My pen is the barrel of a gun", "want to hate you half as much as I hate myself", not /gif/
>My pen is the barrel of a gun
Death Note
File: patch.exe.png (47 KB, 290x377)
47 KB
Woah, I found a file I was looking for years ago (and I wasn't looking for it when I found it):

AnyDVD_HD_8.1.4.0_FINAL___Crack_[TechTools] at
> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:44a9f92626a9e99fe2191fb539bf9cf17a7b0d9e&dn=AnyDVD+HD+
> https://itorrents.org/torrent/44a9f92626a9e99fe2191fb539bf9cf17a7b0d9e.torrent
> https://www.torrentkitty.one/information/44A9F92626A9E99FE2191FB539BF9CF17A7B0D9E

"AnyDVD HD FINAL + Crack [www.Tech-Tools.ME].rar" > "patch.exe" > FLAC copy/rip (114.6 MB) of the audio in
> ipfs://bafybeiczssepqiqljwjglpowvbs3ttk32mppg7eucz7wij7uvob7fkzbwa

Original XM file is basically from "Hybrid song 2:20"="BRD - Teleport Prokg.xm" (50.1 KB) at
> https://dweb.link/ipfs/QmQMnsCSaEMSBa5Djzqk1T3CForDvQnaSfKbahjLw4h58G/BRD%20-%20Teleport%20Prokg.xm

The 24-bit FLAC is 2287 times larger than the extended module file. Image: "AnyDVD - Patch by BRD".
gators, photo

I like these tracks:
"my valentine", "BReWErS - 3D Hunting 2010 +5 trn.xm"
":: bunnyboobz", "BReWErS - Borderlands The Secret Armory of General Knoxx +16 trn.xm"
captcha: NNSNNA
No one's doing all of this shit for your ugly ass:

FLAC file:
= "120 MB" in https://bafybeiczssepqiqljwjglpowvbs3ttk32mppg7eucz7wij7uvob7fkzbwa.ipfs.dweb.link/

Seems to sound different compared to the .xm file.
Might still be alive - https://checker.openwebtorrent.com/
Is june 2023 out?
Do you REALLY want it? I have data; it could have been better.
OK, I hope to download and seed that warez release and also this 1GB torrent of fucking sexy cartoons:
this month ends on the 31st. captcha: ASS8XW
archived.moe went offline frequently and for hours over this month. I was too busy/lazy to fix the script (or check the logs all the damn time) to account for this frequent downtime which appears to be a permanent quality of the site. Offline periods which resulted in missed data (out of the specified page range); month=2023-08:
- (ignore:script ran for fix) day 13: hours 2 to 17
- day 15: hours 6 to 10

Update: ignore the above criticism. I had thought it was worse than it was for reasons, but after checking the rest of the log I see that I only missed a relatively very small or small amount. Uptime of archived.moe was not excellent this month, but it was pretty great. Thanks archived.moe. Todo: extend page range or do some more difficult thing where a larger range is checked if the logs have certain qualities.
Context on one of those videos I think:

Cop could have went to him. Instead he made him crawl, and when his pants were falling down he unconsciously pulled them up, resulting in him getting fucking domed.
Wrong link, meant to post:

I was doing some research into people who got into deadly altercations with police. I learned that about 25% of cops in the US have drug/alcohol abuse problems.
50% done creating store mode file "4chan_gif_2023_08.zip"
It will be about 10 hours until it is 100%. In other news, this ~100 MB torrent of music 12406618d8c96ff359de10a3b2dbcd180f956758 has been restored; temp share: https://0x0.st/Hp37.zip
Finished packing in Mon, 04 Sep 2023 04:10:13 +0000. Next step: creation of .torrent file.

This thread (No,1231730) was linked to by this post: >>1257141
qBittorrent update on Ubuntu: everything is too blue. Other than that, I see something new; in "Torrent Creator" do I pick V1, V2, or Hybrid? I guess I will set the "Torrent format" to "V1". What does it matter? To have a non-hexadecimal infohash? It defaulted to "Hybrid". Also, the optimize/align pieces borders or whatever option was removed in this update. 2023-08 will have a piece size of 1M. 256K is alright, but too small.
== Proudly Presenting ==

Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2023-08:


^mirrored at https://files.catbox.moe/umv082.torrent


Anchor: >>1231730. Music for this release - "MLP PMV - I'm Awesome":
not the anon from above, but yeah I came here looking for June.
OK, Guess I could working on releasing those one or two months soon-ish, was thinking I could get on that a day or two ago.
Why is this thread filled with spam?
Where? I see links to P2P stuff (mostly focused on /gif/), but no spam.
So based, King

Thank you
Noob question: How can I actually browse this archive? Let's say I have a bunch of expired thread numbers inside my browser history that I want to get all the media from, what would I have to do? I can see the same threads backed up on archived.moe but ofcourse they are only thumbnails and none of the webms will load.
bump for June.
I moved some data, so I now have free space on this one HDD. Now it is a matter of finding where I put the June folder and doing stuff like zipping it. Speaking of archiving porn, this is real sexy: https://twibooru.org/3003367
^ output of "find /z4/sync_mnt-e/dl/13b48ab/4chan_gif_2023_06 | wc -l" = "311560". This means that I have to go through the steps in howto.txt (I should label which steps take a while to finish). I might have completed the steps for the 2023-05 folder in the past. Also fap-worthy: https://twibooru.org/3016299 - I wonder if there is a non-roastie (anatomically correct) version.
Finished zipping 4chan_gif_2023_06 hours ago. Next=torrent creation. Jerked off to:
* a video from /gif/ 2023-06
* https://ponerpics.org/images/6765818 - sexy pink mare with great tits
* https://www.xvideos.com/video59598511/cosplay_18yo_brunette_big_ass_blowjob_fuck_facial - liked the scene after the blowjob
== Request fulfilled ==

Full images of 4chan /gif/ - 2023-06:


^mirrored at https://files.catbox.moe/wcwbex.torrent


Anchor: >>1231730. Music for this release - "Mortal Kombat PMV":
Thank you! Only missing 2023-05.
Was offline for a few hours. Now it's back online. qBittorrent became nonresponsive/retarded, so I force killed it by running "kill -n 4 [pid]". It is running again now, but it has to check/recheck 1.5 TiB; wow that is annoying.
File: file.png (4 KB, 232x148)
4 KB
Was 2023-05 ever released?
06, 07, 08 on the DL now.
too big anon can you merge all the premature ejaculation in one zip file and torrent it?
also: amwf,amateur would be nice but not necessary
These figurines are sexier:

>Only missing 2023-05
Do you REALLY want it? I have data, and it could have been better; for example, maybe missing a small percent of the files that I should have got.
File: file.png (490 KB, 700x520)
490 KB
490 KB PNG

anyway, 90% of something is better than 0%.
>Do you REALLY want it?
Alrighty, I guess I will have time to release May in October after I release September. More info: >>1241010 . I think I saw some Nazi music videos in /gif/; here's one from YT: https://x0.at/oT2Z.mp4
This month ends on the 30th. I thought this porn was aesthetic:
Today -- October 1, 2023 -- is the 20th anniversary of the start of 4chan. It's also the 1-year anniversary of /gap/. Me and my marefriend on our anniversary: https://ponerpics.org/images/3079774
Holy fuck that duck is awesome

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