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I have no idea of torrents but this is something that sounded off to me:

Do you goverments agencies really spy on people torrenting, like who gives a fuck if someone downloads "
Naruto Shippuden (001-500) [Complete Series + Movies (1080p)] (D" without a VPN right?

Or is it all an honeypot? Am i fucked the moment i download something without VPN?
File: mcdonalds-police.gif (3.71 MB, 352x197)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB GIF
Seems you have fucked zoomie... Now your ISP will proceed to send you a strongly worded letter and if you ignore the wagie bolice will kick in your front door!
Depends on the country
You need to understand that piracy is a crime and you'll always be at risk. I recommend you to pay for whatever you consume to support the creators.
I have never used a VPN in my life.
How old are you?
File: 8np2oduz5k711.jpg (809 KB, 3024x4032)
809 KB
809 KB JPG
The government doesn't give a shit about anything you're torrenting unless it's terrorist manifestos or something like that. It's companies that're gonna do shit, and it's up to each individual company what they do, but there's a simple rule: the richer the company, the more likely they are to track and act.

How will they act?

By sending a letter to your ISP politely asking them to send you a letter asking you to stop. ISPs can't afford to shut off service to someone everytime a dude pirates something; they'd lose millions of dollars a week in lost customers. With the sheer volume of people pirating shit, it would take "storming the US mainland" levels of stupidity for any company to attempt legal action against individuals.

On top of that, the US by and large has not once given a single shit about pirating anime. Never.

So, you're at higher risk of emotional damage by thinking about it than you are of actual risk from a company or agency approaching you for it. Even then, if you're still worried, spend a week to make a list of eveything you wanna download, send $5 to MullvadVPN, then torrent it all.
So basically there's something called quota for law enforcement agencies.
When the need to fill some quota or for PR reason, having a list of offenders ready to arrest is very convenient.
How do they know though?
government agencies don't fucking care, as much as they'd like you to believe. i've been torrenting for like 2 years, most of the time without a VPN, and live in the fucking UK. Absolutely no harm. except maybe a strongly worded letter from your ISP, I've heard this happens if you torrent something new like some new capeshit. however if you distribute torrents, you're much more likely to take risks. so i'd be careful of that.
Guy from germany here.
My father was into movie and music piracy in the early 2000's, never used a vpn. I downloaded probably 1tb+ of games in the early 2010's, also never had any problems.
I think even today there will be no problems except if you download the newest most seeded stuff like some marvel or disnay movies, but desu then you deserve it.
In the last few years I am more into movie piracy and use mullvad vpn. It's also very good for privacy in general since your ISP can't spy on your traffic.
If you just download like one or two old games or movies and don't seed after downloading, you will be fine in 99,9%. But I would suggest strongly to use a vpn in general.
Assuming you're American, they're more likely to fuck with you over an American IP.
I've never used a VPN, though I ought to eventually.
I've downloaded TBs of anime, and they sleep.
I torrented the Evil Dead HBO series when it was new, and got a letter from the phone company.
The older and the less lucrative the show, the safer you are.
Want to get Hexen(1922) for next Halloween? You ought to be fine, even with the more recent version.
Want to get the latest Disney slop? Better not seed it without a VPN.
Want to file away your favorite childhood cartoon that still holds up? Roll of the dice.

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