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/u/ - Yuri

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Yuri featuring 4chan tans and other characters originating from 4chan. From board tans, to mod tans, to bury pinks, and more
Why does this pairing work strangely well?
Tummy kissing is hot
/jp/ is an egotistic dork who wants to be left alone, hates leaving her room and loathes almost everybody in her life.
/s4s/ is an energetic and playful autist who wants to be out and about, loves everybody around her, and wants to make friends everywhere she goes.
They’re both don’t care about being outcasts but they’re slightly different. /jp/ knows she is an outcast and doesn’t give a shit. /s4s/ doesn’t even know she’s one because she’s too happy.
In the end, it will always be the same spark - /s4s/ disrupts /jp/‘s neet life in some way but something tells /jp/ that she doesn’t mind having her around.
Hello, /u/. I am a drawfriend from /int/. I mostly draw /int/-tan, which means I also draw her together with [s4s]-tan. This time I am here, in this thread, to take requests. Here a request I took some time ago.
File: Cosplay.png (627 KB, 599x720)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
I said I do not like /u/, but since I am going to stop drawing and leave this site soon, I have been feeling kind of nostalgic. So, if you like what I draw, let me know your ideas, whether it's a single drawing or a mini-comic, I will try to draw it.
Something with /cgl/ and the /u/-twins perhaps? Both flustering her either through cosplay or just /cgl/ being a blushy brat as the two press up against her
Want to see this of /ck/ doing the same thing with/u/ twins (Lily maybe? It would be a kind of gap moe to see the prim and proper Lily actually a bit of a glutton)
Perhaps something with [s4s] and overprotective /jp/? Could be /jp/ holding [s4s] from behind and staring at the /u/ twins to say "Back off, you two. She is mine."
This gave me the idea of /wsg/-tan getting defensive with keeping [s4s], /bant/, and /c/ (the loli tans) pure while Lily and Shizuka are all "hey kids wanna /ll/" at them.
I imagine Lily and Shizuka cornering each one or ara-araing them and how they would react.
/c/ loses 10% of her body mass from sweating nervously
/bant/ cracks wise, like “You couldn’t even get the tropics wet.”
[s4s] gets gay overload and a Chitose nosebleed
>doesn't know what being a lesbian is, isn't a lesbian: /c/
>doesn't know what being a lesbian is, is a lesbian: /bant/
>knows what being a lesbian is, isn't a lesbian: /jp/
>knows what being a lesbian is, is a lesbian: [s4s]
Is this fair?
To be fair, I think /bant/-tan is too innocent to really know what she likes, but probably does look up to Keksandra like an older sister of the same age and /int/-tan like a mother. She's like the IPS child of [s4s] and /int/ essentially.
>/c/, a board of only cute girls
>not lesbian
>/jp/, originally a touhou board, now a touhou and vtuber board
>not lesbian
I think /bant/‘s aware, but she only does it to fuck with the other’s heads.
>find /c/
>back her up against a wall
>bedroom eyes
>what’s the matter, never been loved by a girl before
>leave while /c/ questions everything
>try the same on /jp/
>get a black eye
>worth it
File: FL.png (2.6 MB, 1209x1302)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB PNG
Perhaps it was not clear enough in my post, but I will only draw /int/-tan × [s4s]-tan (and since I am on /u/, maybe, just maybe I could add the crazy twins).
Okay in that case, how about [s4s] hugging/worshipping that big fat Argie ass?
The previous yuri discussion thread had a great OP pic for reference: >>3704403
The bigger the better.
>I will only draw /int/-tan × [s4s]-tan
I remember a short story I wrote a while back with Lily and Shizuka getting plush toys that looked like the other girls for the purpose of fantasy yuri roleplaying. I personally loved it because the idea of the twins getting custom plushies of the girls and making up cute yuri stories with them was overflowing with fluff potential, but I only kept it to one post.
Thinking about it now also brings up a more devious idea where the dolls are infused with voodoo, and when the twins play with the dolls, their real-life counterparts are living out the exact same fantasy against their will. There's even two ways to go about it.
>Lily and Shizuka don't know about the voodoo and they have no idea what they're doing is affecting the real girls
>Lily and Shizuka know about the voodoo and so they use the dolls to play yuri god and enjoy the show
A lot of 4chan's shitposting originated from /jp/ of all places and it would influence early s4s a lot
Latter. When it comes to making love happens the twins are hilariously competent. Even to the point of surprising /x/ with their necromancy
I suppose the latter makes sense but there’s some good hijinks if they don’t know.
Suppose the twins picked two dolls out and did their dorky roleplay, unaware of the voodoo effects. After a while, they leave the dolls behind to read some manga, but they’ve left the dolls on the floor with their lips touching.
Somewhere else, two panicky girls are on the floor, locked in a deep kiss that they can’t pull out of.
File: 1653173344289.png (181 KB, 773x814)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Could always just split it where Shizuka doesn't know while Lily is aware. Lily, consequently, plays off any sort of weird coincidental things that Shizuka might become aware of
Any ideas for quick stories
I will try to write a decent /jp/ and /s4s/ story soon. If you have ideas for a story, I can take a shot.
File: Worship.png (562 KB, 583x671)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
It is done.
That is right, only those two. But, I was thinking, since it is a 'special occasion', I might end up including other girls I am familiar with, but that is about it.
This is more like a personal challenge, but if there is a good /int/-tan × [s4s]-tan story, I will draw a comic based on said story.
Mmm yea that is some fine ass. You could eat off of it.
How about age reversal? /int/ as a rambunctious child and /s4s/ as a big tiddy adult whose big tiddies are /int/ property
>”Give her the flowers. Tell her she’s beautiful.”
>/jp/ repeated the instructions in her mind as she cursed her crush on the tall and cute girl in the other room.
>It had to be /s4s/ of all people.
>She reminded /jp/ of her early years in a way…before the incident(s).
>”Give her the flowers. Tell her she’s beautiful,” she whispered to herself.
>She stepped into the room and took a deep breath, clutching the bouquet close to herself.
>As she walked to /s4s/, her footsteps alerted the older girl.
>”Oh! Hi /jp/!” she spoke happily. “Those flowers look nice!”
>/jp/‘s exterior collapsed.
>Motherfuck that smile, motherfuck that fucking smile.
>Her knees trembled.
>All that preparation was for nothing.
>”/jp/? Are you okay?”
>She tried to form words.
>”G- uh- I want-“
>/jp/ thrust the bouquet into /s4s/‘s stomach and took off.
>/s4s/ instinctively grabbed the flowers but by the time she looked up, /jp/ was gone and she was confused.
>What a random gift…
>A friendly gift.
>But a very confusing one given the sender.

>/jp/ lay on her bed.
>She grabbed handfuls of her immaculate hair and pulled, growling angrily and cursing her feelings.
>Sigh. Maybe next time…
Can’t forget the zone classic
>”Girl trouble, huh?”
>/jp/ sat up, clenching her fists as she knew the voice.
>Of course it’s /bant/, her smugness pasted on her face as per usual.
>”None of your business. Get out of my room,” she shot back.
>/bant/ looked at her, expression unchanging. “Hey, I’m not IN your room. I’m still in the hallway,” she countered. Then, she raised a foot and stepped in, further pissing /jp/ off. “Now I’m in your room.”
>”Now get out.”
>”Do you want another black eye?”
>/jp/ growled as /bant/ confidently stride towards her and sat on her bed. “Didn’t affect me the first time. How’s about telling me about your girl troubles?”
>”I already told you, it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.”
>”It’s /s4s/, huh?”
>/jp/ twitched. “N-no, not a chance.”
>”Fine, fine,” /bant/ shrugged, knowing she’d guessed correctly. “As if you’d end up crushing on /s4s/ anyway.”
>The otaku froze and dug her fingernails into the bedsheets. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she hissed.
>/bant/ grinned. Time to go in for the kill.
>”I mean, you’re smart, but /s4s/? Hoo boy, she is S-T-double O-P-I-D with a capital S. Of course you’d never love her. She probably couldn’t even spell the word. You’d want someone intelligent like you, not like that idiot who can’t wear lace-ups because the only way she can tie a knot is on accident.”
>/jp/ felt the fire burning in her cheeks.
>”You know, even without lace-ups, she probably puts her shoes on the wrong feet! She’s dumber than a rock, /jp/. I bet she drools when she spaces out. You know what we should do? We should take her to the sandbox and draw a line in the sand. Maybe she’ll be hypn—“
>In one second, /jp/ had slapped /bant/ and had her pinned down on the bed, teeth bared and looking ready to kill her.
>Even /bant/ had to admit, she was shitting herself a little.
>”One more word out of your fucking mouth and I’ll kill you,” /jp/ threatened.
>/bant/ considered her next actions carefully, and then she smiled.
>She was playing with fire but she was gonna see it through.
>/jp/ quickly connected the dots.
>Instantly, her rage evaporated and turned into regret.
>”Aaaaand sinker.”
>/jp/ silently got off of /bant/ and sat at the edge of the bed, seething quietly.
>”I hate you.”
>/bant/ joined the otaku and playfully punched her shoulder.
>”You’re fun to toy with,” she chuckled. “Seeing you get all red and grinding your teeth made my day.”
>”Go ahead. Make fun of me and my dumb crush,” /jp/ grumbled.
>”You KNOW, dipshit.”
>/bant/ shook her head. “Nah, I’m thinking this ain’t the time,” she admitted. “Besides, I kinda knew you had trouble before I got here.”
>/jp/ turned her head. “How?”
>”Dude, /s4s/ told me about the flowers. She thought you were being nice, nothing more.”
>”How does that translate into me having trouble?”
>”You’re obviously not nice.”
>/jp/ sighed. “No point denying that,” she admitted.
>”Anyway, here’s why I’m here. I bet I can help you get the girl,” /bant/ told her. “And before you ask how, it’s because I know more about girls than you. Touhou doesn’t count. But if you want my help, it’ll cost you one kiss on my sore cheek.”
>The otaku played with her braids and reluctantly admitted defeat. “Fine, I’ll take any help you give me,” she groaned.
>”Sweet,” /bant/ grinned as she presented her cheek. “Kiss my owie better, you dolt.”
>/jp/ grimaced and leaned in to smooch /bant/‘s cheek. “I’m regretting it already,” she thought.
>”Ahhh, I feel better already.”
>”Shut up and help me.”
>/jp/ huffed. She was right to regret taking advice from /bant/.
>She sat at a makeshift desk in /bant/‘s room, pen and paper at the ready, as “/bant/-sensei” (/bant/ with glasses and an obviously stolen blazer and skirt) rolled a whiteboard into the room.
>”Is this really—“
>”Ah ah ah, please raise your hand to ask questions,” /bant/ cautioned playfully.
>/jp/ grumbled and begrudgingly raised her hand.
>”Is this really necessary…/bant/-sensei?” she asked, gritting her teeth as she reluctantly addressed /bant/‘s new persona.
>”Of course. I am your sensei now. You will learn from the best in the art of love.”
>/jp/ raised her hand again.
>”And whose clothes did you steal to do this stupid teacher thing?”
>/bant/ shrugged. “I dunno. I pinched ‘em from the laundry room,” she stated.
>”And WHY do you own a whiteboard?”
>”World-building. No more questions. We are now going to commence our first lesson.”
>/bant/ flipped the whiteboard over, revealing that she had drawn some crude art with the markers, and she pulled out a pointing stick. She tapped the drawing of a familiar face.
>”This is you,” /bant/ said. “You’re closed off from the world, you’re socially constipated, and you think you’re better than everyone. And this,” she tapped the other drawing, “is /s4s/, your waifu to be. She’s open to the world, she’s mentally constipated, and she’s both blissful and ignorant.”
>The otaku smacked the desk. “Get to the fucking point!” she demanded.
>”The point is, you two are very different,” /bant/ continued. “Normally, you’d be totally incompatible, but with some tricks, you’ll be in bed with her in no time. Now, let’s start the lesson for real.”
>The sensei picked up a marker and wrote “Interests” under both drawings.
>”Now, tell me your interests,” /bant/ asked.
>In a huff, /jp/ spoke up. “Touhous, shitting on hologarbage, fumos, JRPGs, punching you in the face…”
>/bant/ quickly jotted down each interest under the /jp/ drawing, although she amended the last one to “kissing /bant/‘s cheek better”
>”Okay, fair list. Now tell me /s4s/‘s interests.”
>”Well, memes, I suppose,” /jp/ said.
>/bant/ wrote it down on the whiteboard. “And…?”
>/jp/ opened her mouth, but stopped.
>…was that actually it?
>”Well…I think that’s all. I guess she eats those muffins and points at numbers, too.”
>/bant/ shrugged and added them to the list.
>”Now, the way I see it is you have no common interests,” /bant/ deduced, “but knowing /s4s/, she’d enjoy yours.”
>She then circled /s4s/‘s interests, drew an arrow from the circle to /jp/‘s interests, and back to the drawing of /s4s/.
>”This is how we can get you the girl,” /bant/ proposed. “You know her interests? Good. Use them to your advantage. Speak her language. Butter her up by sharing in what she loves most.”
>For the first time, /jp/ felt like /bant/ was making actual sense. She scribbled down “share in memes = girlfriend” on the paper.
>”And on that note, you have homework,” /bant/ added. “Learn about memes as much as you can and then come back tomorrow, same time, to see what you have learned.”
>/jp/ scoffed. “You’re seriously assigning me homework?” she said.
>”You were going to do it anyway. I’m just having fun,” /bant/ said with a smirk.
>”Touché. Fine, I suppose I have work to do. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
>”There will be a test, too.”
>The girl groaned. There was the regret she lost for a moment, returning from its vacation in the back of her mind.
>It mattered little to her now. She had memes to learn.
>And maybe a little bit of sleuth work in the field couldn’t hurt.
>/jp/ observed /s4s/ from a distance.
>Pencil and notepad in hand, she jotted down everything she could see and hear.
>/s4s/ seemed to speak in a completely different tongue, but she transcribed it to the best of her abilities.
>She noted down all the different toys and characters she played with, from pink and red creatures resembling bears to a smiling white bean with spikes.
>”This is going to be harder than I thought,” she sighed, glancing at her notepad full of mysterious things such as “bait man”, “ebbin” and “bury pink.”

>The next day, /jp/ returned to /bant/‘s room with more notes.
>/bant/ read the notes to herself.
>”How much of this is going to be on the test?” /jp/ asked.
>”The test. The one you mentioned yesterday.”
>/bant/ laughed. “Oh, that? I lied. I said that to motivate you,” she admitted.
>She went back to the whiteboard and wrote down some numbers and pictures.
>”Okay, good research. Let’s see if you can apply it,” she said. She pointed to the number 55. “What do you call this?”
>”Those are dubs,” /jp/ answered.
>/bant/ grinned. “Smartass,” she replied, pointing to the number 7777. “And this?”
>”Nicely done. Now, demonstrate how you would react to these numbers.”
>/jp/ stood up from the desk and walked over to the whiteboard. Breathing in, she extended her index finger and pointed to both numbers.
>”Check em!” she called out proudly.
>”Damn right!” /bant/ replied. “You’re a natural at this already.”
>/jp/ wouldn’t have dreamt of it, but when she checked those dubs, she felt a little smile on her lips.
>Was this…fun?
>”Now, /jp/, I think it’s time to show /s4s/ what you can do,” /bant/ said.
>Baby steps.
>/jp/ waited outside of /s4s/‘s room with a new bouquet of flowers as /bant/ massaged her shoulders.
>As exciting as it was to finally engage with /s4s/ in her culture, /jp/ still felt the butterflies in her stomach.
>”Repeat the game plan to me,” /bant/ whispered.
>”I greet her. I offer her the flowers. I tell her that there are 22 flowers in the bouquet. And I check ‘em,” /jp/ whispered back.
>”Good job. Go get her, tiger,” /bant/ replied, nudging /jp/ into the room.
>The girl’s legs trembled in fear.
>She quietly knocked on her door frame as /bant/ ducked out of sight.
>”Who is— /jp/! You’re giving me more flowers?” /s4s/ asked.
>/jp/ nervously walked to the curious girl and, despite her quivering arms, she held out the bouquet as confidently as she could.
>”H-hello, /s4s/. I have more flowers to give to you,” /jp/ greeted.
>/s4s/ smiled and took the bouquet. “Awww, you shouldn’t have! I love flowers!” she said kindly. “The ones you gave me yesterday were cool too. I had to get a vase for them!”
>So far so good.
>”Um…I-I also wanted to let you know that, um, there are 22 flowers in that bouquet,” /jp/ added. She pointed at the flowers with a trembling finger. “Ch-check those dubs!”
>It took a few seconds for the gesture to register in the recipient’s brain.
>And then she became starstruck.
>”You…YOU CHECKED EM???” /s4s/ shouted. She dropped the flowers and pulled /jp/ in for a bone-crushing hug. “OH MY GOSH! YOU CHECKED DUBS! THANK YOU!”
>/jp/ was paralyzed.
>Her mind was blowing up
>Then she fainted.

>When she woke up, she was in her bed.
>”You’re finally awake.”
>/jp/ groggily lifted her head and turned to see /bant/ next to her bed, sitting in a chair.
>”You’re so whipped,” /bant/ giggled. “You nearly gave her a heart attack when you fainted.”
>”I blew it, didn’t I?” /jp/ lamented sadly.
>”Au contraire. She’s been on a high all day because of you,” /bant/ corrected her. “You blew her mind!”
>/jp/ felt her cheeks becoming rosy. The game plan had worked. “So what now? Do I keep engaging with her culture?” she asked.
>/bant/ hummed. “You’ll be fine. You’re good enough at putting in the research. It’s how you’re reacting to her that’s gonna need fixing.”
>”Dude, you fainted when she hugged you. You can’t have that on a date.”
>The realization made /jp/ uneasy.
>”But don’t worry. I’ve already thought of a way to help you,” /bant/ continued. “Same time tomorrow, my room. You take it easy now.”
>/bant/ left the room, leaving /jp/ to relax on her own.
>/jp/ sat at the desk while /bant/ rolled the whiteboard in again.
>Only this time, the whiteboard was totally blank.
>/bant/ then left the whiteboard and went to her closet. /jp/ curiously tried to get a peak at what the blonde was retrieving from inside.
>Slowly, /bant/ dragged out a heavy burlap sack.
>Or rather, a sack of potatoes with /s4s/‘s outfit crudely attached to it.
>”Behold, your /s4s/ for today!” /bant/ presented.
>/jp/‘s face fell back into its traditional annoyed expression.
>”Two questions.”
>”Where did you get a sack of potatoes?”
>”/out/‘s shed. Sure as shit wasn’t easy to lug it up two flights of stairs.”
>”And do you just enjoy stealing clothes?”
>”Ahem, /jp/, it’s to enhance my lessons. Anyway, this sack of potatoes represents your—“
>/jp/ shook her head. “No, no, nope, uh-uh. Can we not do the sack of potatoes?” she said. “I’m not hugging that scratchy thing.”
>/bant/ sighed. “Fine. I’ll find something better,” she mumbled, half-heartedly dragging the sack back to the closet.
>For some reason, /bant/ shut herself inside.
>/jp/ waited, counting the minutes that went by as she heard rustling sounds from inside.
>Then, /bant/ finally stepped out…wearing /s4s/‘s clothes.
>”Tada! I’m now—“
>”Oh come on. I can even talk like—“
>”I don’t care. Use a pillow.”
>/bant/ stared blankly and then relented. She slouched and walked to her bed. “You’re no fun,” she sarcastically replied. “I broke my back dragging a spud bag for nothing…”
>/jp/ stood in front of the dressed-up pillow.
>”So, I’m supposed to talk to the pillow,” /jp/ said.
>”Pretty much. Pretend that you’re on a date with her,” /bant/ suggested.
>/jp/ shrugged. “Okay,” she replied.
>She sat down and crossed her legs.
>”Um…hi, /s4s/.”
>The pillow didn’t budge.
>/bant/ stepped back and let it play out.
>”I-I don’t know exactly. I guess I needed something fresh,” /jp/ replied. She kept imagining how her crush would reply. “I don’t get out much, no.”
>/jp/ bit her lip. “I’m not sure. I don’t know what’s changed. I liked being alone but…but I feel like I need to be with someone. You seem like you’re the most open person.”
>/jp/ sighed.
>”No, I don’t think you’re open, I know you’re open. You’re the only one who tried to be around me when I didn’t want it. And besides, I really should apologize for pushing you away. Yeah…look, I get it. I know you wanted to be nice to me and I’m really happy you’re giving me a chance now, but I still feel guilty about it. So, I’m sorry. We can start over now, right?”
>The girl smiled.
>”Cool. I just wanted to get it off my chest.”
>/bant/ folded her arms and smiled as /jp/ continued her fake conversation, silently enjoying how natural and genuine she made it seem.
>”I want to know more about these memes. What’s a beary?” /jp/ asked. However, given that she actually had no idea, she stopped and looked at /bant/. “Uh, shit. I still don’t know what a beary is.”
>/bant/ waved a hand. “No biggie. I think you’re good to go anyway,” she replied. “You know what I think? You should start talking to her tomorrow. Set up a little get-together, connect, learn about memes with her. Just don’t confess your crush until, like, the fourth or fifth date.”
>”I’ll keep that in mind,” /jp/ replied. As she left /bant/‘s room, she turned back. “Oh, and /bant/?”
>”…thank you for the lessons.”
>/jp/ inhaled one final time and felt the tension in her body ease up
>She rapped on /s4s/‘s door
>Now or never
>/s4s/ opened the door and looked down
>”/jp/? What’s up?” she greeted pleasantly. She noticed that /jp/ was empty-handed this time. “No flowers?”
>The otaku pressed her index fingers together and looked down. “N-no, not today…” she mumbled as she wondered if she should’ve gotten more of them.
>”That’s okay. My vase wouldn’t fit more flowers,” /s4s/ giggled.
>/jp/ laughed a little. “I suppose not. Um, anyway, I’m here because…”
>She felt her chest tighten
>”I-I’d like to hang out with you!” she blurted out.
>”Really?” /s4s/ asked, staring in confusion.
>/jp/ nodded nervously.
>”If…if you want to, that is! I mean, no pressure! That is, if you want to hang out with me, it’s your decision if…”
>”I’d love to hang out!” /s4s/ excitedly interrupted. “Wanna come inside?”
>/jp/ composed herself quickly and nodded. “Y-yes, I would. Thank you,” she stammered
>As she stepped into /s4s/‘s room, she soon realized that, well, she had never actually been in this room before.
>It was clean.
>And full of /s4s/‘s personality.
>Meme posters tacked to her wall, a purple and pink theme with a comfy shag carpet underfoot, and the only mess in sight being toys on the floor.
>”Th-this is your room?” /jp/ asked.
>/s4s/ made a confused noise. “Huh? Is there something wrong with it?” she asked.
>”No! No, no, I didn’t mean it like— I like it, you know! I’ve never actually been in your room, that’s what I meant,” /jp/ defended herself in a panic.
>”Oh! Wow, you’re right. So you like it?”
>”It’s…it’s unique, I suppose. But that’s good! It’s you.”
>/s4s/ sat next to her toys and patted a spot next to her.
>”You wanna play?”
>/jp/ nodded quickly and sat cross-legged next to /s4s/.
>She recognized the toys in front of her. /jp/ had noticed them when she was studying her crush from a distance. From what she had observed, the toys formed part of /s4s/‘s special world, much like /bant/‘s own.
>/s4s/ picked up one of the toys, a fluffy purple-pink bear. “You wanna do a fun adventure?” she asked.
>”I-I don’t really know these guys,” /jp/ said, “but I want to know more about these memes you like. Could you tell me who these are?”
>”Okay! This one in my hands,” /s4s/ said, holding the bear out, “is Beary Pink. She wants nice board.”
>/jp/ squinted. The toy had the body of a bear, but the face of an anime girl.
>”Soooo, she’s like, a protagonist?” she guessed.
>/s4s/ shrugged. “I don’t know that word, heh, it’s too big,” she shrugged. She picked up the red counterpart toy. “Now this one is Beary Ebil. She doesn’t want nice board, she wants BAD board.”
>Aside from the color palette, the only difference to this toy was that it had an angry smile on the face.
>/jp/ nodded. “Okay, so pink is good, red is bad,” she remarked. She pointed to the other toys on the carpet. “Are these side characters?”
>”They are all part of the world!” /s4s/ giggled. She pointed to the spiked bean. “This is Spikedog. He is the friendliest pet in the world!”
>She pointed to two more toys. “Those are Spikeman and Yosho, rivals in a big fuggin battle that has lasted forever.”
>/s4s/ then picked up the Ebil toy and smiled warmly. “I don’t get to do this with other people much,” she said. “So, you wanna start the story?”
>/jp/ looked to the side and blushed. “I-I’d love to,” she whispered meekly. “I’ll be the dog.”
>She held Spikedog in the middle and made it bounce around and do flips. “Ummm…woof woof?”
>”Rrrrr, I will take away your flipping power!” /s4s/ playfully growled as she brought Beary Ebil forward.
>As the story progressed, /jp/ and /s4s/ took part in a great battle to save Spikedog
>Many characters joined the war, many had fallen
>But inevitably, the nice side defeated the ebil warriors and Spikedog lived to flip another day
>”Wew! That was so cool!” /s4s/ laughed. “The best part was when Bateman rolled a 44 and blasted the ebil front lines away!”
>/jp/ smiled and made the Spikedog do one more flip. “This dog is the bravest soldier of all,” she said. “This was fun.”
>She heard a high-pitched noise coming from next to her
>Turning her head, /jp/ looked to see a confusing sight
>A real Spikedog had nuzzled against her hip
>”It— /s4s/, is that a real Spikedog?” she asked
>”Yep!” /s4s/ beamed
>”S-so it’s not just a toy?”
>/s4s/ giggled and reached out to pat the real Spikedog. “He’s too big to be a toy. And he doesn’t understand the stories,” she replied. The Spikedog purred and placed its stubby paws on /jp/‘s lap. “He likes you!”
>/jp/ gulped. “D-does he bite?” she asked
>”Nope! Spikedog is a good pet!”
>Trusting her word, /jp/ gently picked the Spikedog up and set him down in her lap. Immediately, the snow white animal settled and closed his eyes
>”He thinks you’re comfortable.”
>Though cautious, /jp/ slowly rubbed the animal’s spikes, which were actually soft and not at all sharp to the touch. The little Spikedog purred happily and yawned
>/jp/‘s smile couldn’t be wiped off of her face for the rest of the day
File: What If.png (768 KB, 394x996)
768 KB
768 KB PNG
Done. I really liked this idea. Even though /int/-tan was not as rambunctious as [s4s]-tan when she was a little girl, I can see [s4s]-tan teaching her all she needs to know about the female body in that reality.
God I wish I could bury my face in those honkers
Also I love how /int/‘s natural roots are visible
This is cute as shit. Nice one, nee-san.

Checked, blessed trips.
Thanks. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was actually reading. I’ll continue later.
Yes. The idea for that was because at that age she does not pay much attention when dyeing her hair. Anyway , I will check this thread from time to time in case there are more requests, meanwhile I will finish pending drawings I have and post them here. If the thread dies before that happens, please, visit this page where I upload all /int/-tan drawings:
I am reading it too.
>The next three get-togethers /jp/ had were just as fun
>They went out to eat ice cream for the first one
>They saw a movie for the second
>And finally, they played video games for the third
>All the while, /jp/‘s confidence grew and so did their friendship
>She engaged with /s4s/ more and more, learning all about her strange yet captivating world of memes
>As days passed, /jp/ began to appreciate them
>Not that she would become obsessed with them like /s4s/, but she understood why they made her happy
>On occasion, she’d try to “meme” for the girl to brighten her mood
>It was far from perfect but it made /s4s/ happy regardless since it was the effort that mattered to her
>In bed, /jp/ soon realized that it had been four “dates” now
>She remembered /bant/‘s advice to wait until the fourth or fifth date to confess
>She didn’t know how to do that
>/jp/‘s eyes shot open
>She broke out into a cold sweat

>/bant/‘s beauty sleep was interrupted by an incessant pounding on the door
>”Are you fucking…who the fuck is doing that at this houuuuur…” she slurred grumpily as she made her way out of the bedroom
>The moment she opened the door, she felt two hands grab her shoulders
>”/bant/, listen…”
>”Whozit…/jp/ zat you…?”
>”Yes it’s me! I need your help!”
>”…duuude can I sleep first?”
>”Myeahhh and I’m gunna get no sleepy time, we all got problems ya know…”
>/jp/ let /bant/ go and sighed. “Okay, I’m sorry,” she apologized. “Let me help you.”
>After she helped the half-asleep /bant/ back to her bed, /jp/ decided that it wasn’t worth heading back to her room.
>”I’m sleeping on your couch. Is that okay?”
>All /jp/ heard was a snore.
>Good enough.
>/jp/‘s sleep was interrupted during the afternoon
>”Wake up, princess.”
>The girl opened her eyes and yawned
>”Thanks for the wake up call, by the way. Didn’t get much sleep after you banged on my door with your girl trouble,” /bant/ said.
>/jp/ sighed. “I get it. My bad,” she admitted.
>The blonde waved the apology away. “Forget about it,” she disregarded cheerily. “So, you’re finally gonna confess? Good for you.”
>/jp/ kept silent, awaiting /bant/‘s advice.
>However, the only thing that came was more silence.
>”Are you…going to teach me how?” /jp/ suggested.
>/bant/ chuckled and folded her arms. “That’s the thing, you goof. I can’t teach you to confess. Wanna know why?”
>/jp/ shrugged.
>”I taught you how to approach her, spend time with her, how to truly enjoy your time with her,” /bant/ explained. /jp/ noticed that the tone of her voice had changed to a slightly more serious lecture. “I only helped you on your way. But confession isn’t something I can teach. Confessing your love has to come from in here.”
>/bant/ tapped over her heart.
>”It’s all you from here, /jp/. You have to tell /s4s/ how you feel, not me. That’s why I can’t teach you. This,” /bant/ revealed, “is your final test.”
>The otaku felt as if she had been slapped with a reality check. How could she have been so stupid?
>”I…I can’t believe I missed that,” she stammered. “/bant/, you’re right. I need to prepare. Bye.”
>/bant/ stood in silence, watching /jp/ run out of the room and listening to her footsteps fading down the hallway.
>She smiled.
>”You’re gonna do good, kid,” she said to herself. “Go get her.”
>/bant/ went back to her bedroom and lay down on her bed. Silently, she pulled a photograph out from under her pillow and looked at the picture wistfully.
>”Damn, I wish I had /jp/‘s motivation,” she sighed, holding the photograph to her chest.
>”I’ll tell you one day, /c/.”
File: W.png (35 KB, 149x137)
35 KB
Hello, /u/, /int/ here again. I am currently working on the next drawing, this time is about outfit swap, but I need some help. I do not know what clothes [s4s]-tan could wear; /int/-tan is the kind of rich girl who has a closet full of different clothes and shoes but still will say she “has nothing to wear today”. So, if anyone has any ideas of what /int/-tan's clothes should [s4s]-tan wear here, would be cool.
There’s always the orange dress with the white boots
Are the outfits resized appropriately or comically over/undersized?
>/jp/‘s heart was so close to giving out
>She couldn’t focus on skipping stones across the lake now
>”/jp/, I got eleven skips! Dubs!” /s4s/ celebrated with a little dance
>”Th-that’s awesome,” she stuttered
>To her dismay, /s4s/ noticed the stuttering
>”/jp/, what’s wrong?”
>The otaku couldn’t breathe
>Adorable yet confused green eyes stared into hers
>How could irises like hers be such a beautiful shade of green?
>”I-I need to tell you something!” /jp/ squeaked
>She shut her eyes tightly and hid her face, redness tinting her hot cheeks
>Then, she felt /s4s/ nudging her away from the lake, her feet instinctively walking with her
>”Sit down. You look really scared,” /s4s/ said softly
>/jp/, despite her weak legs, managed to sit without incident
>”What do you wanna tell me?”
>The girl swallowed
>This was the defining moment
>She had once chance to get it right
>As /bant/ said, it had to come from the heart
>First, and rather courageously, she held one of /s4s/‘s hands
>Now or never
>”…I know I haven’t always been the nicest girl until recently. I know I’ve been hurtful, dismissive and, well, let’s just say, an asshole,” she began
>”Don’t say that. You’re none of those things.”
>”No, I am still those things. Don’t say I’m not, I want to finish first,” /jp/ continued. “But a few months ago, I didn’t know why, but I felt different around you. One day, I stopped despising you and started liking you. I couldn’t understand why I felt the way I did back then, but I do now.”
>/s4s/ listened with interest. She hasn’t seen this side of /jp/ before
>”I wanted to be close to you for once. That’s why I tried the flowers. I wanted to give you a gift to make you see me as a better girl, but I couldn’t beat my own nerves. Yet, I persevered. I conquered my fears and finally had the chance to be around you.”
>/jp/ felt her stomach knotting up. Not long to go now…
>”And every time I got to be with you, I-I felt comfortable. I felt happier, and it was because of you, /s4s/.”
>/s4s/‘s cheeks morphed into a shade of crimson
>”Now I can finally tell you what I’ve been dying to tell you. /s4s/, you are awesome. You are bold, energetic, excited, and caring. Even now, you saw good in me when I mentioned my flaws. I may not fully understand your unique sense of humor, but it’s what makes you so special to me.”
>/jp/ felt a tightness in her chest as she finally said the words she wanted to say to her crush
>”I love you, /s4s/. Truly.”
>/jp/ closed her eyes and let the moment sink in.
>She finally confessed.
>”/jp/, I didn’t know you had a crush on me.”
>Opening her eyes, the otaku saw /s4s/ staring at her feet
>”I understand if you’re not willing to be with me, /s4s/. I wanted to come clean.”
>/s4s/ smiled
>”I…I like you too, /jp/.”
>/jp/‘s heart thumped in her chest
>”…but I don’t know if I like-like you.”
>Her heart stopped
>/jp/ sighed sadly
>At least it was a friendship
>”But that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna find out.”
>/jp/ looked at /s4s/ upon hearing those uplifting words
>Offering a kind smile, /s4s/ rested her hands on /jp/‘s hands
>”Y-you’re willing to…” /jp/ stammered
>”Yuh-huh. I’d like to try,” the green-eyed girl happily admitted
>It was more than enough
>/jp/ threw her arms around her crush and sobbed into her shoulder
>”Th-thanks…” she cried, “f-for giving m-me a chance…”
>She was ready to try her best
An ambiguous ending, perhaps? Or a happy one?
Yes, the orange dress, that is a good idea, although there will be minor changes. The outfits will remain the same size for their respective owner, so I guess [s4s]-tan will wear a very long dress and /int/-tan will wear very short shorts.
It sounded like it was leading to a happy ending. It should be continued that way.
I thought about how the bad ending could've gone.
After the confession, /jp/ gets the bad news immediately: /s4s/ doesn't love her back. It's a crushing blow but /s4s/ promises that they can always be friends. It's briefly comforting but /jp/ is heartbroken, says goodbye in a hurry and runs away before she starts crying. It ends with /jp/ back at /bant/'s place, hair dishevelled, face messy, and in complete and utter misery. /bant/ does her best to comfort her. /jp/ laments at the wasted effort - all that time learning about her, getting to know her, and being with her, now it all feels meaningless if she can't be her girlfriend. /bant/ offers comfort like "sometimes it's not meant to be" and "I'm sure you'll find someone" and she stays with /jp/ until she feels like she can cope on her own. She can't. Even though /s4s/ offered her friendship, /jp/ feels too depressed to try and spends most of her day looking at the one photograph /s4s/ took with her. It ends with /jp/ reverting back to her old life once more, not only living in physical darkness, but from that moment on, in figurative darkness too. She never sees /s4s/ again and throws away the photograph. There's no use for it anymore.
But then I thought...it's /u/, why the fuck shouldn't there be a happy ending? So, I'll write that instead.
>There had been ups
>There had been downs
>Some days they thought it worked, others it didn’t
>Then, two weeks after /jp/‘s confession, /s4s/ had the answer
>They were playing a fighting game on a console
>After beating a level, /s4s/ paused the game and put her controller down
>”What’s wrong?” /jp/ asked
>/s4s/‘s gentle smile crept on her face as she turned to look at the otaku
>”I’m sure now.”
>/jp/ blinked, not understanding.
>”What do you…”
>And then it hit her.
>She gasped and covered her mouth. “Y-you mean you…”
>”I like-like you!”
>Completely out of character, /jp/ let out the giddiest squeal a girl could make and hugged her girlfriend
>”Thank you, thank you, thank you for this!” /jp/ cried, ignoring the tears building in her eyes. “I love you so much!”
>”Haha, samesies! I love you so much too!” /s4s/ laughed. “We’re gonna be the best girlfriends ever! We can go on dates as real girlfriends and hold hands as real girlfriends, we can go on double dates if there’s other couples…”
>/jp/ continued to listen to her girlfriend’s rambling as the tears finally slid down her cheeks
>A fortnight of gut-wrenching petal-picking had been put to bed at last
>She felt a new chapter of her life opening at last
>A chapter she could spend with the one she loved, through ups and downs, thick and thin, never to part
>/jp/ finally had a future worth looking forward to
>”Wanna go back to the game?” /s4s/ asked.
>”Nah. Let’s stay like this.”
>”I was gonna say that. Lole.”
come back
Where can we read your other comics? They seem good.
File: 1656896776100.png (176 KB, 536x822)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
new and epic
Would you like me to continue writing /s4s/ and /jp/?
File: Outfit Swap.png (975 KB, 811x667)
975 KB
975 KB PNG
New drawing is complete. Two more on my to-do list, that gives me time for one or two more requests, if anyone is interested.
Good story. Even though I do not know the other girls, it was cute.
I am still here.
I recommend to read all the thread, I have posted some already. But if you want to see more of my drawings, visit this little page: https://www.deviantart.com/bannedchocolate.
I also drew even more that do not appear on the page, that was before I created it, they were available on the 4chan Shimmie. Unfortunately, I recently discovered that the site is dead. I will share my opinion as a board-tan creator: this represents the end of the board-tan concept, I knew it would happen any day, it does not surprise me but it feels weird to witness another lose for the 4chan community. But I feel good knowing I drew a lot of my home board's board-tan.
I would have suggested to write about a couple that needs more attention, but if I recall correctly, the only official lesbian couple is [s4s]-tan and /int/-tan, and the /u/-tans are only there to stalk other girls in every opportunity. So I do not know how it could work for the others.
Shirt too big, spats not ripped.
Otherwise, pretty damn great.
Probably a wise idea to not show the feet either, no way /int/‘s big feet are squeezing into smaller shoes
I consider all possible stuff while sketching. Those shorts seem extremely stretchy, I do not think they would rip so easily, not even with /int/-tan's ass and hips. And about the shirt, it is already too long for [s4s]-tan, long enough it would fit /int/-tan perfectly.
I must admit I was a bit tired and I wanted to finish it, but yes, she's barefoot there, the shoes are small for her.
I appreciate you, people, like it.
Good to see you back, your art's really nice.
>I also drew even more that do not appear on the page, that was before I created it, they were available on the 4chan Shimmie. Unfortunately, I recently discovered that the site is dead. I will share my opinion as a board-tan creator: this represents the end of the board-tan concept, I knew it would happen any day, it does not surprise me but it feels weird to witness another lose for the 4chan community. But I feel good knowing I drew a lot of my home board's board-tan.
Yep, I noticed the plus4chan thread on it. Sad to see. Hope Zero check his email one day and at least shares a final backup, if there even is one.
You think you'll ever find your old stuff and share it again?
Something with /jp/ and /s4s/ would be cute if you’re up to drawing other characters
>/jp/ learned that every single day with /s4s/ felt completely different
>Her new girlfriend had so many things she liked that it was impossible to keep track of them all
>Besides memes and dubs, she also liked walking her spikedog, roleplaying and cosplaying, making “memecore” music, playing that music game with the girl sitting on the boombox, drawing silly things and adding them to her creativity wall, and visiting other boards to learn all about them
>/jp/ had her reservations about trying each thing, but warmed up to plenty of them over time
>The creativity wall was her favorite because she had actually become invested in the unpredictable chaos of her girlfriend’s world building
>Today was a new day and /s4s/ had found a cool song that she wanted to teach /jp/ to sing
>Crude Flash animation aside, the song sounded okay and told quite the story
>”It’s the best part of the song!” /s4s/ explained. “The rhyming is the best!”
>/jp/ looked at the animation, which was paused on a deadly encounter between two characters
>”I don’t know if I can sing the whole bit,” /jp/ lamented. “I’m going to flub it.”
>/jp/ jumped as the surprise of her girlfriend hugging her from behind and nuzzling her cheek shocked her
>”Yeah, but I wanna hear your voice sing it!”
>She couldn’t overcome the warm encouragement that /s4s/ gave to her
>”Okay, I’ll give it a shot, kēki.”
>/jp/ took a deep breath as her girlfriend unpaused the video
>The heavenly tune of the song immediately switched to a familiar bop
>Like magic, the words flowed right out of /jp/‘s mouth, perfectly in sync with the beat
>”Then Gandalf the Grey, and Gandalf the White, and Month Python and the Holy Grail’s Black Knight, and Benito Mussolini, and the Blue Meanie, and Cowboy Curtis and Jambi the Genie, Robocop, Terminator, Captain Kirk, Darth Vader, Lo-Pan, Superman, every single Power Ranger, Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan, Spock, the Rock, Doc Ock, and Hulk Hogan…”
I had an idea for how we can start an offshoot of the board-tan lore.
We can make a new thing kind of like Metall/u/rgy where elements become cute girls, but in our case, boards become cute girls. Existing female board-tans can be carried over, but normally male board-tans are ditched for either a feminized version or a completely revamped design. So, for example, instead of /co/ and /a/ being men who don’t interact that much to begin with, they can be cute girls with an east/west rivalry. /a/ can be a gay NEET in denial, /co/ can be a capeshit-obsessed consumer with ADHD and the two can argue over who has superior taste.
If it should stay within board-tan lore it could all be Yuu’s imagination or something like that, as if she lamented the lack of lesbian couples so she started genderswapping everybody else and creating a new world with crack/slash and hooters
File: Time Of Goings.png (582 KB, 789x628)
582 KB
582 KB PNG
I have no idea what you mean, but as for if I have my old stuff, no, I do not. Lost in time.
I previously mentioned what I can draw, but I will be more specific for future references. I mainly draw /int/-tan and everything from her perspective, that includes drawing [s4s]-tan with her due to their marriage, and to a lesser extent, with other girls that have had experiences with her, according to the special events of past years (like /c/-tan, E/m/i, the /u/-tans). Other couples I was willing to draw, are the ones I liked (like /mu/-tan and /out/-tan), but that is unrelated to /u/. And that is it.
I would say it could be good to use side female characters from boards that have a male board-tan, but I bet most of them do not have one. By the way, who is Yuu?
There are dozens of female board-tans, why would you waste time rule 63'ing the shitty male ones?
We need to collab on something
I think a series of shorts involving the twins and a board. Anybody can contribute with a story and then they can either be put in one pastebin or posted together on AO3. 1000-2000 words, can be anything from fluffy bonding to full blown sex. It means more of the twins too.
I have no idea if you’re willing to draw the /u/-tans now but I have an idea for a comic with them and /int/ and [s4s].
It starts with all four together. The /u/-tans are proposing a trade which they all agree with. One twin takes /int/, and the other leads [s4s] away. The comic splits into two. One side is one twin’s date with /int/ and the other side is the other twin’s date with [s4s]. /int/‘s date is more formal with shopping, spooning fancy meals to eat other and casual handholding. On the other side, [s4s] is very handsy and kissy with her twin, even when they’re watching anime while cuddling on a sofa. The separated comic merges back into one as all four meet again to call it a success, then it ends with all four cuddled up in bed.
can do a quickun, shoot some requests to write
I had this crazy idea
Twins discover a magic spell book or some other mystical shit
They learn astral projection and they use it to possess other girls
They have fun lezzing out with different girls
Who should they take over first?
Is there even a list with all girls?
I only know a few sadly
We can start with them iyw
/3/, /aco/, /an/, /bant/, /biz/, /c/, /cgl/, /ck/, /e/, /h/, /hr/, /i/, /int/, /jp/, /lit/, /mlp/, /o/, /out/, /po/, /s/, /s4s/, /soc/, /toy/, one of /vp/, one of /vrpg/, /vst/, /vt/, /w/, /wsr/, /x/
I might be forgetting some
Go for /an/, /bant/, /c/, /ck/, /e/, /int/, /jp/, /s4s/ and /x/
You mind if the combinations are up to you? So you can have control of the situations
One possessing and one staying in her own >>3769005
body to take advantage is also into consideration
I’m using a randomizer with all the ones you picked plus one each for the twins for them to remain in their body.
And it was /bant/ and /x/.
>Lily set down her notepad while Shizuka closed the tome
>”Well, I’m set. You ready?” Shizuka asked
>”Yep. I’m good,” Lily replied
>The blonde quickly shut the tome away in a drawer to limit potential thievery, or reduce the chance of /x/ ever finding what the twins had stolen
>Shizuka laid on the bed, facing the peach-toned ceiling above her. Lily joined her at her side and grabbed her hand
>”Recite on the count of three?”
>”Got it.”
>In haunting unison, the twins recited the prayer that they had found in the tome, which had been written in a sacred tongue that seemed impossible to pronounce
>It’d been Lily’s idea to summon a spirit on the damned as a way to bypass the problem, so that she could recite the prayer repeatedly until the pronunciation could be properly romanized
>The twins gripped each other’s hands tightly as they said the last syllables of the prayer

>Lily took some time to regain a sense of awareness
>She groggily sat up and prepared to rub her eyes
>As she saw her hands, she gawked
>They were translucent, shimmery, and every movement seemed to leave a temporary trail
>She looked down
>She was still sitting on the bed, but her tangible form, of which her lower, ghostly half was submerged into, seemed unconscious
>”Flawless on the first try, Lily,” the echoey voice of her twin said
>Shizuka, fully out of her body, floated forward, pulled her sister into the air, and wrapped her arms around her
>”Lovely, eh?” Shizuka asked. “The world’s our oyster.”
>Lily pecked her sister on the lips
>”Meet back here in ten minutes?” she offered
>”And not a minute more,” Shizuka warned, willing herself through one of the walls
>/bant/ threw the rubber ball at the wall
>It bounced off the wall, on the carpet, and she caught it in her hand
>She threw it again
>It bounced off the wall again, on the carpet again, and

>Lily rubbed her forehead as the ball harmlessly bounced into a pile of toys
>”Should’ve waited for her to catch it,” she spoke
>Her own voice was gone
>She had /bant/‘s voice now
>”My name’s /bant/. I love girls. Boys suck!” Lily said. She giggled. “So cute.”
>Lily carefully climbed off of the bed, minding the fact that she had suddenly lost half of her height
>She found a small mirror and looked at her new form
>Golden hair, a plump face, the smile of a million smugs, and cute blue eyes stared back at her
>Lily poked out her tongue and struck a few poses, something she knew /bant/ did whenever she thought she was alone
>Remembering her twin’s words, Lily left /bant/‘s room and made her way back to the love nest, hoping /bant/‘s tiny legs were fast enough to get her there
>Possession did mean inheriting the downsides of a body, and unfortunately, /bant/ was a boardlet even at her age
>/x/‘s dark eye was going haywire
>There was a presence, and it was closing in on her
>Frantically, the woman opened a drawer and ran her hands inside, rummaging for a cross or some holy water
>”Where the fuck is it? Where the fuck is it?? WHERE’S

>Shizuka stumbled forward as soon as she entered /x/
>Luckily, she caught herself on the chest of drawers, preventing her from falling
>”And I thought you’d put up a fight, silly girl,” Shizuka teased, even though /x/ wouldn’t be able to detect her words
>She fumbled around for a light switch, deciding that a screen lit room wasn’t her cup of tea
>With a click, the room illuminated, revealing walls of string diagrams, symbols, passages of the Bible, and what looked like a bloody pentagram
>”You could really clean the place up,” Shizuka sighed as she wriggled a hand under /x/‘s top and felt her breast
>Her other hand traced around /x/‘s body, fingers grazing the thigh high rainbow socks that squeezed her legs and running her hands along her crotch
>Her other hand played with the nipple, rolling it around between her thumb and forefinger
>”So sensitive,” the twin moaned. “You’ve been hiding this from us, haven’t you?”
>She noted everything about her new body, especially the way /x/‘s skin felt. It was cold to the touch yet seemed to exude heat. She played with the socks, pulling the fabric out and letting go to make it snap on her thighs. Most of all, she wondered how the dark eye functioned, yet she couldn’t get it to work
>Shizuka let out a sad “hmph”. She flicked her messy hair and started the walk back to see who Lily had possessed
More pls
Could we get an Ebolachan Coronachan pairing, pretty please? Preferably without blood everywhere.
Damn I left the thread unattended
Okay I’ll try to write the rest later.
Is there a monkey pox-chan who can be looking on from a distance?
Please do
Wow I am so fucking lazy. Well that and wageslaving dampening my motivation. I’m still sticking around for anything new by the /int/ drawfag
File: Surprise.png (1.68 MB, 468x1853)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Hey, /u/, I just finished this. Time ago someone requested [s4s]-tan going under /int/-tan's tank top and with her head between her boobs.
Yes. I have no problem drawing them. It sounds good. But before I start, I need to know more about them. I only remember that physically, they're teenage girls of Anglo-Germanic descent, one keeps her hair long, the other keeps her hair short and dyes it purple. Anything else? What are their personalities?
I thought there would be more activity in the thread and I took my time, but now that I see that is not the case, I could visit more often to see if I can contribute with something, I do not know.
This is the best source for the twins. It’s a good write up but it may be slightly outdated.
You know, with stable diffusion, we theoretically could generate new yuri if we specify the right keywords.
File: c and jp.png (781 KB, 1523x1094)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
File: bant and s4s.jpg (220 KB, 827x1000)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
File: Chibi.png (45 KB, 400x400)
45 KB
Okay. That page also answers my question >>3755897 no one answered about who Yuu is. It is curious how no one in this thread has posted the /u/-tans. One last thing about the mini-comic, which twin should go with each girl? Anyway, I drew a sketch of chibi /u/-tans just to accompany this post.
[s4s] goes with Lily and /int/ goes with Shizuka
Cute chibis!
I could post some.of the twins and Yuu but I'd have to dig the images out of folders somewhere.

Lily and Shizuka are the board tans and represent the board. Yuu-chan is a personification of /u/ users.
The twins ARE yuri, Yuu (You) ENJOYS yuri. Do you understand?
The twins made the thread so that they could conduct in-depth compatibility testing on the young boards.
Research is ongoing but promising.
File: 1646225757507.png (1.32 MB, 1200x1446)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
I thought this was stable diffusion AI for a second. Nicely done by whoever drew it.
Now I'm thinking of Lily and Shizuka getting their hands on stable diffusion to generate pictures of their ships, but everything it generates is just slightly off from perfection and they're too afraid to change anything but keywords.
>"What do steps even do?"
>"Is the fan supposed to be making that noise?"
>"What on earth is Euler a?"
>"Are the triple parentheses supposed to mean something?"
>"I think we should've asked /sci/ to make a yuri data thing to train it on."
Eventually they get it to work and they start mass-producing AI-generated yuri with an extra dataset that has about 1000 pictures of them so that they can self-insert.
>Lily climbed on top of /x/ and batted her breasts gently.
>”God, they’re so much bigger like this,” she laughed.
>”Don’t just bounce them. Kiss me.”
>”How forward of you, /x/.”
>Shizuka pulled the smaller Lily down and kissed passionately.
>She held Lily’s /bant/ cheeks in her ashen /x/ hands, slender fingers digging into her golden hair.
>Lily lifted a hand up and played with a handful of the tangled black strands on /x/‘s head.
>Her smaller fingers couldn’t move an inch without catching on a knot somewhere in the mess.
>She would have to recommend a conditioner and a comb for /x/ once they de-possessed.
>Lily noticed the dark eye and stared into it inquisitively.
>She could’ve been mistaken, but there seemed to be swirling fog within the red iris.
>A pathway to darker secrets, maybe? Trapped souls? A filter to see dimensions others couldn’t?
>”You’re really focused on the eye, aren’t you?” Shizuka guessed. She reached up and brushed one of /bant/‘s ponytails.
>”Something’s floating in the iris,” Lily replied. She smacked her lips. “Did you apply that? It tastes great.”
>”Nope. /x/ takes good care of these,” Shizuka said. She kissed the golden ponytail. “Silkier than mine. I’m offended.”
>”You know you and I are going to get that eye working once I’m finished snogging you, right?” Lily asked.
>”Snogging? Heavens, that’s new.”
>”I think I’m downloading /bant/‘s cheek,” Lily guessed. “Ello ello, bird. Fancy anotha rounda neckin’ innit?”
>Shizuka playfully placed a finger on Lily’s lips. “Not quite my cup of tea, sweetheart. Perhaps a little more Southern Hemisphere?” she suggested.
>With a smirk, Lily rubbed her face into /x/‘s chest. “Yeah naur, I’m the shrimp and you’re the barbie.”
Good heavens
Thought you were gone
File: 1665154600962762.png (134 KB, 919x821)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
I’m burned out
Could we expand on the idea of the younger tans being adults?
Now that's a name I've not heard in a long time. A long time.
>the gang goes to the bar to get wasted
>/c/ is a lightweight, she pukes after one drink
>/bant/ is fully wasted and sings her heart out at the karaoke machine
>/jp/ laments over life and confusing feelings after six drinks
>/s4s/ has no limit and sings her heart out at the karaoke bar
>/wsr/ drinks a pepsi
>/i/, who just turned 21, spits out her first sip of Corona and resolves to sobriety forever
>they go back home to play spin the bottle, culminating in affectionate and safe lesbianism as the game gets rowdier
>/jp/ calls the jannies to clean up their puke in the morning
>all the drunks have a massive hangover and promise never to do it again
>they do it next Friday anyway
File: 1665890825367863.png (115 KB, 702x736)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
File: 1665959516452064.png (129 KB, 788x892)
129 KB
129 KB PNG
>spin the bottle culminating in lesbianism
I just imagine [s4s] spinning /jp/ and soon after engaging in hardcore tongueing while /jp/ berates her for being a filthy secondary between moans.
And then meanwhile /bant/ spins /wsr/ who gives her a nice chaste smile while /bant/ is digging nails into her legs trying to hold back.
/c/ and /i/ just make out like normal
>”Yerrr a fuckin secondaaaary, you…autistic uhhhh…
>But I’m yoooour second dairy!
>Itsh ONE word you…fugget it- hey gimme the glashes back! I can’t see ya stupid face okay?
>Looole yer nerdy girly
/bant/ watches indifferently and /wsr/ watches with crimson cheeks
/wsr/ also has both hands covering her face, but she still peeks through her fingers.
My ideas for the grown ups at the bar
/bant/ (24): Longer hair and ponytails but ditches the B-shaped hair ties. Wears a peach halter-top down to her knees and mismatched red and blue high heels. Also has gold bangles on her wrist. Loves anything with Bacardi.
/c/ (22): Wears her hair in two long ponytails that sit in front of her shoulders. Wears a hot pink dress with no sleeves. The large bow on the front is moved to the back as part of a middle sash. She keeps her maryjane shoes but wears socks with them. Prefers light drinks but still can't finish one.
/i/ (21): One day after her birthday. Has longer hair tied into a single ponytail. Wears a blue tee with a light blue pleated tartan skirt and a pair of flip-flops. Also has faint paint stains on her arms. Hates alcohol.
/jp/ (23): Almost the exact same as her younger self, but she has smaller rimless glasses. Her dress's frilled collar is now a frilled neckline that still hides her cleavage. Obviously enjoys sake and shochu but will drink American pisswater if dared to.
/s4s/ (22): Longer hair with thicker ponytails, no hat and no gloves. Her dress is now a purple tank top with "Top Kek" written on it. She wears a black miniskirt and her shoes are the same. She also paints her nails. Likes cocktails with funny names.
/wsr/ (24): Hair is unchanged. She ditches the witch's hat, but to keep up her witch-like appearance she wears a black turtleneck with a long black skirt with artful green patterns and black knee boots. Hates alcohol because it tastes awful and inhibits her memory.
Also /c/ tries to appear innocent but her hand is wandering between her legs
/i/ watches the kissing full of curiosity and taking mental notes when it’s her turn to spin the bottle
>The girls head out to a girls-only nightclub called Multiverse
>Multiverse is special in that girls from all universes can access it and chill out
>/bant/, /c/, /i/, /jp/, /s4s/ and /wsr/ sit in their usual booth while classic 2000s pop music is pounding in their heads
>One booth over, Mako and Ryuko are making out while Satsuki chats up Asuka in an adjacent booth
>Their favorite waitress, Harley Quinn herself, is working her night shift
>”Hey-hey, puddin’ pops! How’s life across the channel?”
>“/v/ won’t shut up about Guilty Gear. That’s all he talks about now. Glad I’m living on my own,” /jp/ grunts
>Harley laughs. “Sock his jaw and tell that asshole it’s from me, missus J. You girls want the usual?”
>”Yeaaaah! Rum and Coke all ‘round! Woooo!” /bant/ yells obnoxiously
>”Um, just the-“
>”Coke on its own for you three? Of course! No peer pressure tonight, girls!” Harley waved before skating to the bar.
>/jp/ elbowed /bant/. “You heard her.”
>”Can’t blame a girl for trying, right? /c/ speaks diiiiirty when she’s sauced.”
>/c/ clamped a hand over /s4s/‘s mouth. “I-it’s okay, I don’t need to know!”
/bant/ would order a Rum and Coke and Peanuts.
t. used to visit /bant/
>”And peanuts separately?”
>”Hell yeah!”
>gets peanuts
>dumps them in rum and Coke
>refuses to elaborate further
That’s our /bant/!
>The night wore on as the drinks flowed.
>/wsr/ and /i/ remained sober.
>/c/ suddenly grew a spine and downed one of /bant/‘s drinks, only to run to the bathroom and puke her guts out ten minutes later
>Of course, /bant/, /jp/ and /s4s/ were wasted beyond reason
>”Fuuuuck you, I could kick yer ass in arm wrasslin!” /bant/ proclaimed.
>”Bull. Shit,” /jp/ denied. She planted her arm on the table. “Fight me.”
>”Oh, yer challenging me? Game on!”
>/s4s/ quickly ruffled through her cleavage and slammed some bills on the table. “All this, uhhh, twennysum moola on /jp/, dummies!”
>/c/, still reeling from earlier, fished out a few bills. “I’ll add fifteen to that,” she agreed.
>”You’re both wrong. /bant/‘s got tard strength,” /i/ countered as she added a twenty into the mix. “And even more when she’s wasted.”
>/wsr/ abstained. “Not a betting girl,” she reasoned. “But I’m with /i/ on this.”
>With a pool of more than fifty dollars on the line, /bant/ and /jp/ gripped hands and began to wrestle.
>They were quite equal in strength, as a matter of fact.
>As the struggle continued, /s4s/ chanted /jp/‘s name. /c/ joined in on the chanting moments later.
>Not to be outdone, /wsr/ and /i/ lent /bant/ their support.
>Neither girl could edge into an advantage over the other as the wrestle continued beyond the first minute.
>The obnoxious chanting at the booth drew the attention of nearby patrons, some of whom began to watch the mighty battle taking place before them.
>Mako and Ryuko were the first to observe, the latter wagering a tenner on /jp/ against Mako, who matched for /bant/
>The general vicinity was soon focused on the great arm wrestle, half the crowd chanting for /jp/, half chanting for /bant/
>Both competitors were sweating and drawing their last ounce of strength to stay alive in the battle.
>/bant/ grit her teeth and eyed /jp/, suddenly getting an idea.
>As soon as /jp/ matched her glare, /bant/ pulled a face.
>/jp/‘s concentration lapsed briefly, but it was enough to put her off.
>As soon as /jp/‘s strength wavered, /bant/ went in for the kill and slowly forced /jp/‘s hand towards the table.
>Then, with a satisfying knock on the wood, /bant/ downed /jp/‘s hand, sending the crowd into rapturous celebration.
>”ONE, AND, OH!” /bant/ yelled, fists raised to the sky in triumph. “CAMPIONE! CAMPIONE! OLE OLE OLE!”
>The crowd of women broke out into campione chants too as they moved back to their seats. In the adjacent booth, Ryuko reluctantly slapped her money into Mako’s palm.
>Meanwhile, /i/ collected her winnings and smelled the bills proudly. “Smells like victory, girls,” she said with a sly grin. “And tits.”
>/jp/ folded her arms defiantly. “Coulda wiped you cross the floor if we were sober,” she huffed. “You and ya tard strength.”
>“Mad cuz bad,” /bant/ teased.
Bury yuri is blessed as shit
I think people stopped caring about monkey pox too quickly for that.
File: 1613939302407.png (101 KB, 700x600)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I wish we had a new pandemic so we can turn it into a cute anime girl again.
I know what I said.
File: 1613527517673.png (130 KB, 700x600)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
File: 1613939335180.png (198 KB, 900x700)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Who is this one?
File: Double Date (Part 1).png (1.56 MB, 804x1305)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Hello, hello, /u/. I finished this. I thought it would be better if I divided it in different parts, so here is part 1. To be continued...
Oh lord yes. I thought you died.
The thread is extremely slow, I realized I can take my time. I always deliver all the requests I take, do not worry. Moving on to another topic, now I would like to request something to the Anon who writes the stories. Following the idea of the girls with different ages, could you write something based on this >>3730300? I liked the idea and it would be good to see more. But take into consideration that they are not the ones from the main reality, they are from another where [s4s]-tan is an adult with experience and /int/-tan is a little girl with no experience who recently moved from her country of origin (with her parents, of course).
I can give it a shot.
>/int/ reached up and tugged on /s4s/‘s dress
>”Missers /s4s/? I have the questions to ask.”
>”Oh, hi /int/!” the older woman greeted with a smile. “What do you want to ask me?”
>/int/ put her arms behind her back and looked down. “Mama e papa, I ask of them, they no have time. And I liking you,” she said, “and so I come to you. You are grown, yes?”
>”Yup! I’m a grown up.”
>”Growns change, become bigger people. I understand. But why girls have, um,” /int/ made a round gesture over her chest, “why girls have these, but men no?”
>/s4s/ leaned down and patted /int/. “Girls grow up differently. We don’t get beards or deep voices because of science,” she explained. She put a hand on her chest. “These are breasts, but some people call them boobs.”
>/int/ stared at the jugs in front of her. /s4s/ was leaning forward, so it gave /int/ a perfect view. Her breasts seemed perfectly round, perhaps shaped by the dress she was wearing.
>”Do…do are the boobs, are soft or hard?” /int/ asked.
>”All boobs are different!” /s4s/ replied. “Mine are kinda in the middle. You can feel them if you want.”
>It took a second for /int/ to realize what had been said.
>She was dumbstruck.
>”I-I can find it out?” she asked.
>”Sure you can! They’re just boobs.”
>/int/ nodded. “Okay miss.”
>With trembling hands, /int/ very gently rested her hands on /s4s/‘s chest.
>Through the dress, she could feel the heat from her skin and a faint heartbeat.
>She carefully moved her hands around, prodding the masses with her fingers. They were soft to the touch, but when she poked the flesh, it felt springy.
>”They are the very nice,” /int/ said quietly. “Will I have one like these?”
>”Everyone grows up differently, you’ll just have to wait and see!” /s4s/ responded as she stroked /int/‘s hair. “Hey, wanna feel something really cool?”
>/int/ quickly nodded. “Ja…”
>/s4s/ held /int/‘s wrists and looked into her eyes
>”I’ve been working hard on this for a while,” she said with excitement
>Then, she started to move her hands down her body
>/int/‘s face flushed a deep red
>But soon, her hands stopped moving
>/s4s/ let go of her wrists, leaving /int/‘s palms pressed up against her stomach
>”Feel my tummy. It’s awesome.”
>/int/ did so
>But instead of feeling smoothness through the dress, /int/ felt something firm and lumped
>”What it is here?” she asked, confused and curious
>”My six-pack!” /s4s/ revealed.
>”You have drinks? I don’t getting it.”
>”No, silly! I’ve got muscles!”
>/int/ looked down at her hands and kneaded /s4s/‘s stomach again. Sure enough, where a soft belly should’ve been instead sat some toned abs
>”W-woah, they are…are hardest,” /int/ stammered.
>”I started working out two years ago with some friends,” /s4s/ recounted, “and now I have muscles!”
>”This muscles…they no come when you grow?” /int/ asked, still hypnotically rubbing the abs with her hands
>”Everyone has muscles, silly. You gotta work out, lift weights, and eat healthy to make them bigger,” /s4s/ explained. “That’s why parents tell you to eat vegetables, because they’re good for you!”
>”You really like my muscles!”
>/int/ made a fist and knocked on the woman’s stomach
>”They are much hard and strong…opposite of boobs?”
>”Huh, I guess so. You wanna exercise? I can show you all my muscles while I work them out!”
>/int/ grinned sheepishly and nodded. “I-I want…want fit, I of mean, be fit too…”
>And that was the day /int/‘s thing for fit women was born
That was fast, I assumed you had to finish other stories. Thank you.
/e/ is underrated if I’m being honest. Who doesn’t love a clumsy dork in revealing clothing?
My fav is /u/ x dynasty scan
Is there a chart with all the boards personification and personalities?
There is a chart with all of their looks but no personalities (includes dudes). But it would be good to make a /u/-specific chart for the curious.
well u gonna post it or may i gonna have to make my own ocs and write a ducking paragraph to explain why i chose that design for each of the cunts?
Eh if you want to you can. I might make one with existing pictures.
File: True Colors.png (729 KB, 830x573)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
Due to certain recent events, I was inspired to draw this. It is not exactly yuri, but since I have no other place to post this, I hope there is no problem to show more about this pure white girl other than her lesbian adventures.
>/int/: "Niña, you has not seen Argentina's golden trophy, no?"
>Conspicuously World Cup trophy-shaped dress lump [s4s]: "Nope, no trophies around here lately! And certainly none that looked mighty stealable!"
I would like to help with that.
I’m thinking personality traits, lesbian levels, and any relations.
/c/ would go through one of those “girls can love girls?” phases then as an adult, kinda sorta maybe have feelings for the girls she grew up with. Nothing serious yet, but she’d like to experiment.
/c/ is a purityfag. She'd be all over toying with /wsr/ but not that into the sexier women.
I'd love to see /c/ and /wsr/ trying to throw signals at each other but the other is too dumb to catch them while /bant/, /jp/ and /s4s/ talk among themselves
"Should we help them?"
"They're never going to figure it out."
"It's fun to watch!"
"That too."
>innocent, oblivious, helpful, friendly, cheerful
>just friends (for now)
>friends with everyone
>grumpy, finicky, introverted, quick to be annoyed
>reluctantly accepts company, may have some feelings, prefers being alone
>okay with /c/, tolerates /s4s/, hates /bant/, neutral with others
>clumsy, dorky, oblivious, neat freak, friendly
>definitely experiments
>might like /s/
>the size difference would make lesbian encounters really interesting but nobody seems to show interest with her
>fidgety, skittish, scared, cold
>definitely experiments
>only bangs /mlp/ in moments she can tolerate her
File: girls.png (293 KB, 1100x1700)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
Wow that’s a nice style sis. Have some more.

>smug, cheeky, wisecrack, instinctive
>definitely somewhat lesbian
>has feelings for all the girls her age
>shitposter, broken English, knowledgeable about all cultures, positively white
>married /s4s/, willing to let other girls fool around with them
>excitable, caring, passionate, some mental conditions
>full blown lesbian
>married /int/, has crushes on every other girl
>daring, outdoorswoman, intuitive, smart
>unknown, probably lacking
>probably does invite friends to hike innawoods
>obsessive, nerdy, somewhat unhygienic, degenerate
>will bang girls but mostly gets fucked by horses or /d/
>has banged /x/, extent of relationship with /s4s/ uncertain
>creative, passionate, messy, artist(ish)
>platonic only
>could end up with /c/ in an “all grown up” setting
that kinda looks like how I format my own headcanon lists, lmao
File: girls.png (328 KB, 1100x1700)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Not mine but thanks
Need /k/ with the /u/ sisters
/k/ is, uh, estrogenally-challenged.
Is it one of those custom character things?
I’ve always like /mlp/‘s board-tan. It’s a good balance of slovenly shut-in and fanatical fangirl and it’s nice to see that it can go one way or the other. And maybe I’m wrong, but she seems like the only girl who has some love handles. I like to think the twins can tolerate her long enough to get a handful of her muffin top.
File: 1610274793304.png (479 KB, 912x955)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
what's for valentine's day?
/c/ makes and sends cards to everyone while the twins go on another double date with /int/ and [s4s].
/jp/ tries to confess to /c/.
I do hope our comic creator is okay.
>As the clock ticked past 2am, six ladies slowly advanced up the path leading up to the house
>/wsr/ carried the drunk and horny /s4s/ on her back as she murmured something about how good the sorceress smelled
>/bant/ stumbled in /c/‘s arms, hollering and making enough noise to piss off neighbors
>/i/ happily helped a wasted /jp/ along as she rubbed her eyes
>”/bant/, shhhh,” /c/ whispered
>”Ahwhhhhh can’t hear ya hun there’s this bitch yellin,” the drunk blonde hooted, “I could fuck her up, or fuck her, all good to me.”
>/wsr/ rolled her eyes. “You need a cut off. Three standard drinks,” she suggested.
>”Nothinnnn will stop that tard at THREE, yknow tHAAAT?” /jp/ slurred as she tripped and face planted into the grass. “Shoot, I’m innabush.”
>”I wanna be face in bush lole lole,” /s4s/ tiredly added.
>/wsr/ rolled her eyes.
>”When arentcha…” /jp/ groaned
>”We shoulda make outa,” /s4s/ suggested. “Spin da bottle…truthadare, you smell so good /wsr/…”
>”Ohhh I am DOWN,” /jp/ agreed as she slowly stood up and brushed the grass off of her dress. She pointed to her three sober companions. “We gotta get you ladies waaaasted.”
>”Alcohol fucking sucks,” /i/ said
>”…feedn seed…” /s4s/ added
>”Yeah DRINKIN sucks for you, but ya get a bike pump and a cork, you don’t gotta chug, you breathe, right?” /bant/ slurred, before stumbling into the front door. “Ahhh shit I thing I busted a lib.”
>/c/ and /wsr/ sighed.
>/i/ rolled her eyes, but concurred. “It’s my 21st, I ought to get laid.”
>”…when /bant/ sobers up a little.”
>/bant/ pumped air into a corked bottle of beer as her sober pals watched with interest.
>”How does this work?” /i/ asked.
>/wsr/ pointed at the bike pump. “She is building up pressure in the bottle. That increases the temperature inside the bottle because pressure and temperature increase if the volume stays constant,” she explained, recalling what she absorbed from science textbooks she’d memorized completely. “When she removes the cork, it will rapidly cool the alcohol fumes to create a visible cloud of alcohol.”
>”YEEEAH yeaaaah nerd stuff she gets it yaknow,” /bant/ dismissed, “but yer a smart cookie, cute even, I’ll snog ya like ‘em.”
>The rest of the group looked over to the couch where /jp/ was on top of /s4s/, tongue deep in her mouth and pulling her hair.
>”Okay watch THIS.”
>/bant/ twisted the cork until it popped out with a quick pop and hiss. Almost instantly, the clear bottle became cloudy as alcohol vapors slowly seeped out.
>”Holy cow,” /c/ whispered.
>”Science brings us to the moon,” /wsr/ commented, “and we’re using it to get wasted.”
>”Fuck the moon.”
>As she dismissed mankind’s achievements, /i/ grabbed the bottle and proceeded to suck up the fumes.
>Even /bant/ was wordless, for once.
>/i/ held her breath as the fumes burned her throat and lungs.
>Then, she felt warm and fuzzy.
>”Woah…” the birthday girl mused, “that’s good.”
>”Legeeeend,” /bant/ whispered. She pulled out a bottle of Bacardi. “Let’s get fuckin wild.”
>While she loaded up a fresh bottle, the two ladies on the couch paused to catch their breath and rest their tongues.
>/jp/ reached into /s4s/‘s top and bounced one of her tits. “Not even a bra, is ya back a girder you crazy, uhhhh…” she mumbled.
>”We’re nice biggy titty committee,” /s4s/ giggled. “Cute grillers onlyyyy.”
>”Ya taste like a burger.”
>”Ahhh, I’m hungry.”
>They went back to kissing again.
Hey, I am here. This is taking longer than expected. I will try to spend more time drawing because there is a lot of drawings; after this, there is still part 3, and after that, there is a mini comic à la BCS I want to complete as an epilogue. Speaking of which, I will describe what it is about, just in case I never finish it: "When I draw board-tans, I consider all canon events to have happened years ago, so if everything we know about them is in the past, then what is happening in the present (or future)? The story is about /int/-tan and [s4s]-tan, with /int/-tan being a wanted criminal following the events where she stopped the Amerimutt menace and after the 4chan House closed its doors. After her relationship with [s4s]-tan came to the attention of the FBI, they decided to leave USA for good. The years have passed and now they are older, traveling around the world and still living as fugitives, but loving every moment of it". That is the idea of their possible future, but everything can happen.
By the way, posting a panel of the upcoming part 2.
I approve of this description.
I know Lily and Shizuka looks great as schoolgirls but holy shit Shizuka is a goddess in bad girl attire.
>/bant/‘s plan to get the sober girls hooked on fumes worked, transforming /c/ into the most foul-mouthed girl in the group, /wsr/ into an emotional and horny mess, and /i/ into a carbon copy of her
>”Iz ya turn to spins,” /jp/ mumbled
>/bant/ span the empty Bacardi bottle, which stopped on /wsr/
>”Oooooh she’s gonna hex us,” /i/ teased.
>/wsr/ blushed. “I’m not a pussy, dare.”
>/bant/ eyed /i/ and grinned. “Yuuup, I know what. You gotta make the FUCK out with the b-day girl until your next turn!”
>”Fug yeah, give her face succ!”
>/wsr/ threw herself onto /i/, catching the girl by surprise, and held her chin. “Oh, you ARE cute…” she whispered. “Happy birthday babe, this is my gift.”
>/s4s/ frantically fetched her phone and began to film just as /wsr/ and /i/ drunkenly smashed their lips together, with cheers coming from all four onlookers as the pair got into it
>/bant/ tutted and wagged the bottle in her hand. “Hey hey, you get whomst the bottley says,” she warned as she spun the bottle again.
>/c/ watched the bottleneck like a hawk as it slowed down and came to a stop, this time pointing at /s4s/.
>”Ooooooh it’s MEEE-“
>/c/ launched herself towards the girl and landed on top of her. She pinned her arms down and licked her lips
>”YOU ‘N I ARE GONNA FUUUUuuuuuuck~” /c/ panted, “you are so fucking hot, sooooo sexy.”
>”Ahaaaa so ar-mph? Mmmm…”
>/c/ silenced the girl with her lips and soon, the two were tongue-tied and rolling around
>/bant/ looked at /jp/ smugly.
>”Weeeell the stars aligned lol, guess we gotta get it awwwn…”
>/jp/ folded her arms and huffed. “I hate you ya fucking tard.”
>”Aw that’s mean.”
>But then /jp/ grabbed her wrist and threw her onto the couch.
>”But I love hatefucking you ya tard.”
>/i/ woke up to the most awful headache she’d ever felt in her life
>Her heavy eyelids somehow opened, glancing around a trashed rumpus room
>The television was turned on and blaring the news
>One couch was overturned, a table rested on its side, dresses and shoes thrown carelessly around
>It looked like a scene from The Hangover
>/i/ felt something damp on her cheek and realized her face lay in a puddle of her own drool
>She groaned and held the arm wrapped over her bare chest
>”We fucked up soooooo bad,” she lamented
>The arm around her body moved and pushed down onto the couch, and the girl behind /i/ weakly lifted herself onto /i/‘s shoulder and rested on her
>”Nawwww you were so amazing instead~”
>/i/‘s eyes shot open
>”/s4s/, what the fuck did we do last night?” she asked cautiously
>Behind the couch, a tired and aching /bant/ weakly stood up and draped her body over the furniture. “Better question. What didn’t we do?” she asked. She looked down at her feet and nudged /c/ with her toe. “Wakey wakey, sunshine.”
>”Don’t wanna…need to forget…”
>”Well that’s four of us…” /i/ groaned. She grabbed her head; the headache was killing her. “Fuck! Someone got ibuprofen?”
>/s4s/ gently massaged /i/‘s temple. “/jp/ was really good too. Uhhh, she and /wsr/ are around…” she guessed. She reached down her cleavage to grab her phone. “I think…”
>/c/ held her head in her hands. “I screwed up so hard.”
>”No shit,” /i/ sarcastically replied. “The big question is to what extent.”
>/s4s/‘s eyes widened as she scrolled through her phone.
>”Ohhhh wow, I took a lot of photos. I used all the memory.”
>/bant/ gasped. “Documented for us. You fucking legend, /s4s/. Let’s find those other two idiots first.”
File: 1443941151727.png (362 KB, 904x892)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
File: Hands touchings d mlp tan.png (847 KB, 1502x1100)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
I guess /d/ is okay as long as there’s a crotch shot with no apparent dick but those are dangerous waters to tread.
Also /mlp/-tan is cute
Ha shit, sorry, I didn't think of this, I am a tourist from /mlp/
Also, I can't delete my previous post, it's too old now...
Have a cute one instead.
Hey sis, it’s cool. /d/‘s an iffy one because her genitals change in every picture but your image shouldn’t get the jannies upset.
You got any more of them /mlp/s? As long as there’s no GR15 violations.
File: mlp tan and s4s tan.jpg (384 KB, 2450x2044)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Maybe one or two more, but it's not sexual ones, just mlptan and s4stan enjoying candid fun.
I like to imagine mlptan and dtan having couple like relations, and mlptan and s4stan having a big sis/ little sis relation (in non sexual ways).
Ah, I remember both of those. Is /mlp/-/d/ still strong or is it over? If it’s over there’s no shame in hanging with /s4s/ again, or /x/ if you’re looking for love.
I have to confess that I don't follow the development of the boards tan relations.
If I had con create content for a reason or an other, I will update, but for now, my head canon is enough.
Are winter ball thing still a thing or are over? I don't remember the last time we had a thread like that.
Mods have cracked down hard on anything fun in recent years.
File: 4chan tans mlp s4s.png (153 KB, 600x1200)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
No a lot of content, hey?
Maybe ask a few picture on some draw thread?
That might work. This piece here
Was requested in the draw thread.
What would be a good idea to offer up?
File: WIP.png (55 KB, 466x377)
55 KB
That is a relief. I never liked drawing other board-tans or changing their appearance without the consent of their respective boards. And since you're the only one who replied, I assume all of /u/ agrees, so it will stay that way. Posting the other two girls.
I remember this couple, I think it happened in the last community event. It was kind of interesting because /d/-tan is like a deviant, evil woman with insatiable sexual urges and with the worst possible fetishes ever, but she has a weakness: tenderness, affection and a normal relationship with the person she loves, /mlp/-tan. I also remember that in that time, it was mentioned that /mlp/-tan considered [s4s]-tan as her little sister. I would have liked to draw something with [s4s]-tan trying to convince /int/-tan to get along with /mlp/-tan (since /int/-tan is the type of woman who used to be a mean girl in high school and bullied weird and nerdy girls), but she would refuse at first, even worse when she had to deal with the mutated, bizarre woman known as /d/-tan, but after /mlp/-tan and /d/-tan would have agreed to be [s4s]-tan and /int/-tan's godmothers, she would have changed her mind, considering them as not so bad people. But unfortunately, this never was explored further, so it never really happened in the normal continuity.
I was going to finish the story with the photo montage, but then I thought, would you like to see a Hangover parody where four of them end up in a hotel room and /jp/ and /wsr/ are missing and they have to figure out what happened, why it happened, and where they lost their two gal pals?
I cannot guarantee a part where one of them is air-humping a tiger.
>the wild lesbians attack in pairs to capture their latest victim, condemning her to a night of inescapable hugs
>the victim is freed the next morning a changed woman
Yes, I think you should continue with those two missing girls, to find out what other things they did.
I’ve been trying to come up with a passable story of the night and how it could be unraveled…shits hard when you try not to copy the two Hangover movies (the third doesn’t count because there’s no hangover story, just some dumb hostage shit)
Take your time.
So it’s established /int/ prefers Shizuka and /s4s/ prefers Lily. But who else prefers who?
I think /lit/ and /c/ would love Lily more, but /bant/ and /x/ are into Shizuka.
File: 4ch hs.jpg (1.81 MB, 2173x4000)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
So, not exactly board-tans, but a 4chan high school where everyone (not /lgbt/) is a girl. Not my work but I thought it was a cute concept. The pun names are creative.
>Bea is the school’s slob who is entrusted with taking care of the school mascot. She comes to class dressed in her Patricia Bear kigurumi and usually sleeps through the lectures.
>Penelope joined the debate team but got ousted after using terms like “cuck” and “the West has fallen” multiple times. Biggest Westaboo in school (Penelope isn’t even her name, it’s her Westaboo name). Founder of Kappa Epsilon Kappa with Tess.
>Robin seems to have a dark cloud over her head at all times. She wants all of the girls to be hers but makes no effort to even attend sorority parties where she could easily get laid.
>Terri is the founder of the Coding Club but insists that all newcomers install Gentoo on their laptops in order to join
>Tess is one of the Art Club’s most popular members. She has an OC called Keksandra who she ships with other students. Founder of Kappa Epsilon Kappa with Penelope.
>May and Trish are founders of the Roleplay Club. Trish is more into furry charcaters while May is specifically into MLP, but they work well together. Trish isn’t particularly hygienic, which May finds attractive.
>Kohaku is the shy, plump girl. Despite her friendly demeanor she insists that she has better taste in everything.
>Fu is a Korean immigrant who works part time at the nearby McDonalds to earn extra cash. Insists that fast food is as legitimate as any other food.
>Sue is captain of the Longcats basketball team as well as striker for the Longcats soccer team. Every other student has a crush on her but she’s oblivious to it all.
>Litia is the English teacher with big tits. Enough said.
>Fay and Pera get shipped by other students. Both are aware of it, but neither can figure out why.
This could be its own thread.
The correct question would be which girls do the twins prefer? But it is logical to think they like all girls as long as they are cute or sexy. I had never thought about this, but I find it interesting how the /int/-tan × [s4s]-tan relationship is like that tomboy × girly girl trope, with /int/-tan being super feminine and [s4s]-tan being sporty and wearing boyish clothes. Their matchings with Shizuka and Lily, respectively, are a nice touch in this case. And about the other girls, I think it depends on their personality. Indeed, /c/-tan would feel more comfortable with Lily, a ladylike girl like her. I do not know if /x/-tan would feel comfortable with Shizuka, she seems too shy to keep up with a very extroverted person, maybe you are right and she likes it that way.
>years earlier before she married /int/, [s4s] was deep in the closet
>she knew being into girls was normal but didn’t know if it was worth sharing
>the twins knew of course and decide to throw her a bone
>they invite her for tea and macarons
>[s4s] is nervous being in the same room as two really cute ladies
>the twins subtly play with her
>as [s4s] reaches for a macaron, Lily quickly reaches for the same one and touches her hand
>after a quiet apology, they can see [s4s] holding her hands in her lap and blushing
>further along, the twins tap [s4s] foot under the table
>the twins pretend not to notice, which encourages [s4s] to play some footsy
>they find excuses to converse between each other briefly with reference to [s4s]’s appearance (“well she does have adorable green eyes”)
>after tea they sit down to watch a slice of life anime, of course one with yuri undertones and of course with [s4s] in the middle
>as the episodes pass the twins very very subtly scoot closer to [s4s] until they’re shoulder to shoulder with her
>[s4s] doesn’t suspect a thing and simply believes she’s the luckiest girl in the world
>as the night draws to a close, the twins group-hug her and tell her she’s always welcome to visit
>[s4s] stumbles home in a daze, having had the happiest and most exciting day in her life
>first thing tomorrow, she was going to tell everyone she loves girls
I love cute gay shit like this.
I think if /int/ stayed with /lit/ then [s4s] would happily be with the twins.
What does /lit/ even look like?
Used to be a dude in a sweater vest but seems like she's now either a female Stirner or a cute female librarian
File: Meeting.png (65 KB, 704x379)
65 KB
I had a vague idea about that time ago. I can see something like that really happening. If you don't mind, how do think the first encounter between /int/-tan and the /u/ twins could have been?
I’m not sure. Could be the twins seeing /pol/ try to claim /int/ and they decide to turn her to the light side to spite /pol/.
How’s your wife swap comic going if I may ask?
>/c/ goes to deliver cookies to the twins
>she opens the door uninvited, planning a surprise
>the twins are dressed up as her and /jp/, complete with wigs, and acting out a fantasy date in Shakespearean style
“Oh /c/, my dear, your eyes are soft tonight.
As tsundere I wish to play the part.
I cannot help but see your smile so bright
Its presence melts my cold and hardened heart.”

rewritten as a proper sonnet
File: Teenage Days.png (599 KB, 597x905)
599 KB
599 KB PNG
/pol/-tan? That's like an offense to her. I have been thinking about that part of her backstory. It all started in her country of origin, as a popular girl, /int/-tan used to date chad boys, but in high school she started experimenting with other girls until she was no longer interested in boys. When she moved to USA after finishing college, she was already "converted to the light", as you said, so the twins met her that way. Despite all of this, /int/-tan was never really interested in relationships that much, since childhood she always wanted to travel around the world, learn new languages, meet new people from other countries and their culture. She would do that no matter if she was single or with a girlfriend by her side. Of course, that changed when she met [s4s]-tan, she never thought she'd marry someone, let alone a girl more than half her age.
And about the comic, part 2 is half done. There's a lot of stuff to do and I lacked inspiration, but it'll be complete soon.
/int/ should reconnect with her schoolmate and introduce her to her wife.
And we all know what happens next.
They all go out for tea and macarons together. Her old friend tells stories from their school years which embarrasses /int/-tan and Keksandra tells unfiltered stories of their life together which also embarrasses /int/-tan?
And then they sleep together
>Mexican high school uniform
I am seething so much anon i will never forgive you.
The excessive swearing for no reason is on point tho.
What does an Argentinian uniform look like?
File: Mugshot.png (708 KB, 887x385)
708 KB
708 KB PNG
It has been several years, impossible to know how that old friend would take that relationship. /int/-tan is happy with [s4s]-tan, but she can not really tell anyone about it, she is even afraid when her parents call her from Argentina and ask about her "secret girlfriend". The only people she can talk openly about it, are the rest of board-tans because they already know, but she considers them as losers. The /u/ twins seem to be the only girls she trusts because they also do not care about the age difference. New drawing somewhat related based on a meme from social media. /int/-tan could fall into disgrace if she is not cautious.
I investigated different schools that would be perfect for a girl like /int/-tan, she comes from a upper middle class family. That uniform belongs to a private school located in one of the richest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. I also considered uniforms that could look cute. Now I am curious about what other school uniforms you had in mind.
Basically, each private school has its own uniform, it is not like a single school uniform represents the whole country. And I am sure it also applies to all countries in the world, so I do not understand why the anon said it was from Mexico.
Some countries do have one uniform for an entire country, like Indonesia. They have 3 sets worn over the course of the week in fact, and only 1 is different from each school.
It’s adorable when those two jump on the meme trend. Or perhaps in their universe, [s4s]’s actions become the memes in our universe.

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