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File: freggg.png (67 KB, 1280x1280)
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I think i love my gf
I love my wife.
I love my beautiful wife! How did I get here?
File: fire-png-44299.png (662 KB, 1600x650)
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Is she hot?
I still do btw
That's cute. What's his name?
What does love between a male and a female feel like?

What does romantic contact with a female feel like?
Bags of sand
still do

even more may
tell me more op
>loving a girl
shes just very cute and sweet most of the time and i never had a long relationship but we are almost together for a year

sorry cant help it
I was in love once. Still paying the bitch a salary to fuck other men. Don’t fall for the vaginal jew.
File: airport.png (1.29 MB, 1368x1026)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
I think I love my airport
We broke up guys. She thought we were too different.

I still love her very much but it's over.

Im in so much pain but I have experienced this before and know it will probably get better overtime

the only thing I can say is always work your hardest and get out of your comfort zone and treat her right

I'll update the above post anyway because I dont know what else to do. I'm OP btw. Soon I wont be able to post here anyway, so I guess writing this is the only thing I can do to try to help me.

I have lost the love of my life. I'm in my 30s and actually managed to land the sweetest most kind and beautiful girl ever. We have been together for almost a year. I loved her so much I did everything for her. But it wasn't enough.

Obviously like most of you my life is pretty passive. I'm a bit home bound and my hobbies revolve around digital entertainment and exercising alone. This girl needed more, she wanted to go out more and I didn't catch the hints. In the end this is why she left me.

I guess I took her for granted. That I just expected this beautiful smart energetic girl to stay homebound with me. I didn't catch the hints. I met her family, she met mine, we were getting pretty serious. Soon I wanted to ask her to move in with me. But she just told me the news from one moment to another.

I have never been in so much pain as I am now. I knew about my own short comings and I knew I would lose any girl by living the life I live. But yet I took her for granted still. I am a grown man that has done nothing but cry for the past 3 days. Cant even get into work. Have to pull myself together so I can do a quick grocery run, which is useless anyway because I cant eat and puke everything out. It is like my body is taking over my mental trauma. I didn't know you could be hurt this bad from heart break.

This girl has no idea how much I loved her. Or maybe she did but she cared less about me than I cared about her.

As crazy as all this sounds, i'm still happy that I am the one carrying this pain and not her. That's how much I love her.
I just hate myself for doing this. I took her on a small weekend away in a hotel which was the first time I did something like that in over 10 years. All because I loved her so much. I tried to get out the comfort zone for her. I made so much plans to do more. But it was winter time and there wasn't too much to do outside anyway. She told me I shouldn't make plans but I should make memories instead. What the fuck does that even mean? I would have died for this girl if I had to. Why was I so stupid and didn't I do more for her? I took her out to dinner, which is something I hate because I dislike busy places. She knew, but I did it for her. And would do it again. I would get better at it. But it wasn't fast enough.

Why did she leave me... I would have done everything for her. I'm such an asshole that I didn;t do more social stuff with her. I really wanted to, even though it was uncomfortable for me, I knew it would be good for myself too to do these kind of things.

I thought we were gonna do these things anyway. But from one moment to another she just told me she wasn't happy and wanted to leave.

I'm in shock still and I know for a fact that I wont ever find someone like her again. I have had heart break before, but not like this. Literally the chances of finding someone like her again are astronomical so my life is over and I will be living it alone from now on.

I just had to get this off my chest.

To anyone reading this: Never give up and always work your hardest for the people you love

I sometimes responded angry and annoyed to her when she was messing up with my routine. I'm usually a morning person and she is a night person and works evenings too. So I went to bed earlier and woke up earlier. But I didn't knew this was a problem. I always slipped out of bed quietly, closed the bedroom door and let her sleep in. I did everything for her. Made her breakfast in bed if she wanted to. But also was manhandling her if she wanted to. I know how to treat girls and give them everything, but the lack of social stuff we did outside the house was the thing she choose to break up with me over with.

I know I am never gonna find something like this ever again. Or the chances are so extremely rare. Obviously I still hope she changes her mind, but her mind has been made up and I know I should let go. So i'm just writing this off my chest to help me let go.

I have been depressed in the past, and now I am depressed again. The only reason i'm not killing myself is that it would wreck my family so I will send my pain to them which would be unfair. So i'll just have to carry this.
The Word of God here

your gf has cheated on you with spirit sex using the gift of Jezebel (Jezebeth in Latin) a total of 3 times. The first time she used the gift she used it on the one claiming in her head to be God, jamming a dick down his throat. The secondtime she used it she fucked you, with yet again, a dick down your throat due to her anger (you felt it as a "frog in your throat"), and the third time, she jammed a dick down her pussy thinking it was not real in its entirety.

Was it cheating? Or did Jezebeth date-rape her when she described in honesty and in full that she would have given her a blessing allowing her to rape others with other men's dicks?

In your heart, do you not know her as an adulteress for what she has done, knowing that she has been the mistress of others and used their cocks to rape not only you, but herself and Me?

I tell you this: if you forgive her yet still it is love. I tell you also: if you tell her this out loud not only will she repent of this blessing, which she has used against 3 victims a total of 109 (at time of writing) times, she will show her love to you for what it is when confronted.

Godspeed anon, and may you know, {this is my soul}, and your clear proof and sign to the validity of what I say.
Thanks I guess, I have no idea what any of this means tho
Proud of you

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