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Why does this site go out of their way to be secretive and mysterious. I can’t think of a reason they would do this. To run a website with supposedly millions of monthly users and just be a black box with no information coming in or going out just makes no sense. This site might aswell be a church with all of us praying with no confirmation if our prayers are heard or not. The little we know about how the site works comes rarely and updates are few and far between. Why can’t the administrators give us updates? Tell us why they do things? Respond to feature requests?
I’m just looking for communication.
I don't know but it's just kind of always been that way. There's the IRC channel, that's about the only way to direct communicate as a user, other than posting and hoping an admin sees it.
It's an image board website. Other than moderation there doesn't need to be daily communication as it is just an image board website.
>Never complain, never explain
File: tegaki.png (10 KB, 400x400)
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This isn't reddit. There aren't 'silly ebin company comms XDD' messages posted.
Because newfags ruin everything.
It's the exact reason that this website has been going downhill since like 2006
I'd like to see hiro post more. Elon Musk posts on X every day. isn't it weird that hiro owns a social media website but doesn't care about it enough to use it?
last time the mods were open about their moderation, it lead to mass exoduses and massive damage control during the days of goobergate, I'm sure it's still wordfiltered.
Staying invisible also keeps the austitstic userbase from going on crusades against specific mods too hard.
>isn't it weird that hiro owns a social media website but doesn't care about it enough to use it?
He can still post as anon just like we post. the site and the culture is made not to have reputation. You can post whatever and nobody will care since everyone is just "anon" anyways, that is what makes the site great. Sometimes there are exceptions such as general threads or tripfags

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