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File: 1688483337021185.jpg (48 KB, 976x850)
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>have a pass since 2016
>getting banned for absolutely random shit
>posts that clearly don't break the rules and would never have triggered bans for most users
>mods on IRC are justifying my bans on the fact that I have 80+ bans in my record
>despite the fact these 80+ bans were accrued over 8 years
>and most of the later bans happened because "lol you already have a bunch of bans in your history so you should have been more careful"

Okay what the fuck? Can we talk about this?

The pass keeps your 4chan history in sync. It makes bans pile up. Eventually mods will start having less tolerance with you, and this will lead to even more bans (which only reinforces their bias against you)

In my opinion this system AT THE VERY LEAST discourages people from renewing passes. But honestly it makes me feel like not having a pass at all.

A pass's ban history should either reset periodically or only show the past year's worth of bans (with more being discoverable by a website admin so they have a fallback if in-depth investigation is needed)

I don't have any hopes of changing the system but I just wanted to vent my frustrations since it's the 2nd time this year I'm unfairly banned for bullshit on the grounds of a long ban history and I don't know what the fuck I can do other than just nor renewing my pass.
Also whenever I bring this feedback to the mods in the IRC they just say "well maybe you shouldn't have broken the rules so many times"


The average user can just go on their life not breaking the rules. Or they can just keep breaking them. It doesn't matter. Mods won't assume bans registered in the same IP were made by the same person because IPs are dynamic.

Me, on other hand? I'm already fucked. The game is rigged against me. I'm already getting banned for non-offenses. Mods already won't give me the benefit of doubt. There's nothing I can do. Even if I "changed my ways", if I did a small dun goof in 2030 the mod would still say "hey he has over 100 bans let me slap a 30 day ban for this small offense".

I'm deeply unsatisfied with the current system
>he didn't renew his pass every year from the start when they started this retarded shit years ago
Guess I'm not renewing my next pass to avoid this bullshit. Do you have any advice on what I should wipe clean to avoid the bans from transferring out? I already know they use cookies but not sure if they use more than that
Man they can even go as deep as knowing certain specific shit like specs of the system you're using for posting I'm pretty sure..I can't imagine the interface they're using or mannerisms they have for checking our shit if we break rules..but yeah i think bans are tied to passes. And we know people have methods to ban evade. So i can only imagine our info is like wispy to an extent.
>system specs
I'm sure it doesn't go that deep, they don't have access to that from your browser. Back then bans used to be tied to IP only, recently they've also been tied to cookies, I'm wondering if there is more than that but likely not
I know it's like """half a joke""" but didn't moot get cucked by the fbi and 4chans like a big honey pot? Sides that..idk man, you can even google it..there's ways websites can know this shit.
As I thought, all hardware shows as
>Unknown. Detection not supported or is blocked by browser setting(s)/extension(s).
They only really know the GPU (useless information) and network information
Oh and they don't know the exact GPU btw, just if it's AMD or NVIDIA
File: file.png (124 KB, 1297x351)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
They got it right for me actually.
Dumb frogposter
File: 1698413582244133.jpg (429 KB, 1682x1259)
429 KB
429 KB JPG
Sometimes the ban is just 'replying to off-topic threads'. Sometimes 'replying to off-topic posts'- That's the most random usage of the ban function.

Also every board have had problems with moderation banning over private interests (see: russian janny/mod).
My pass is from 2017 and you know, you can add up a lot of bans in the span of 7 years.
OP here I got banned again ever since posting that. Then the ban disappeared from my IP somehow, I posted something and got banned for ban evasion. The original ban expired and I am not even sure if I can post again, gonna do a test by dropping this post and waiting 24 hours.

I'm so fucking tired of being persecuted for having a pass. Definitely not renewing that shit again.

My last ban was for asking in a Lovander thread if the heart shaped stuff on her comes out or if it's part of her body. Literally discussing a video game character. The mod on IRC said that my question had sexual innuendo and therefore isn't appropriate for /v/ (???). I swear they don't know their own rules and what sort of puritan shit is that anyway? People have been discussing porn games for a long time on /v/, the only rule is you can't post actual porn imagery but you can discuss the games without problem
3 days ago

>I post something
>3 retards copy and paste my same reply

>get banned 3 days for 'spamming'.

Not even old school forums were this autistic.
What happens if you try to use a pass on a permabanned IP?
Does it just perma the pass automatically?

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