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File: 1695458043851503.jpg (382 KB, 1080x2132)
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382 KB JPG
Did the owner dissapear or is he just scamming people now?
File: Bluey nom.jpg (117 KB, 624x491)
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117 KB JPG
There is no point in using this service any longer now that you can purchase your Pass with a credit card directly on 4chan again via Stripe.

>Source: Just did it
Retard was inquired by stripe and he had tu shut down.
Turns out Stripe also didn't want to process payments to 4chan.
Oh well, I thought it was because I was stupid because I already requested a pass 6 months ago and forgot about it. Oh well, just a once off payment wasted.
I used it renew back in november and it worked for me.
>bought my pass from him
>next day site goes offline
>still offline
>$30 stolen
whatever, thankfully I'll never have to use his shitty site again (hopefully). Wouldn't be surprised if Hiro himself had him C&D'd now that card is available directly on the site again.
I just buy my pass through Coinbase. The only instance where I interact with cryptos since I dislike the whole concept.
Sue him. The company's name is Big Hunters LLC
File: big game hunters.png (25 KB, 479x153)
25 KB
>Big Hunters LLC
It's BIG GAME HUNTERS, LLC actually.
Their website is still up.
yes, but the actual page you buy passes from has been down for almost a week now.
how long have you been able to do that?
what the fuck is stripe even
wait what the fuck I just bought a pass recently, I want my $10 """convenience""" fee back
especially since I had to email the retard to remind him to buy my stupid pass
Lotta retards itt
I buy passes with crypto. You can use coinbase to stake crypto and use the money you make from it to buy a pass. I wouldn't buy crypto now because the prices are so high, but when it drops, you should give a try.

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