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File: intro4.jpg (74 KB, 950x531)
74 KB
Wakfu has a mono-account server, there's a guild on INT1, inquire within the thread.

Helpful links.


>Dofus Retro
Sub is required, soul is priceless.

Helpful links.

To play on the mono-account server, Draconiros, you need to have a sub. Dofus Unity confirmed for December, with the beta in August. New mono-account server confirmed to come with Dofus Unity.

Helpful links.
File: 1707723417948838.jpg (256 KB, 600x750)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
>now people think I'm Russian.
Lmao that's funny, I can see that happening a lot.

maybe next thread you could add the link to https://www.dofuspourlesnoobs.com/, which is quite handy for quests.
File: aster.png (370 KB, 937x485)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
Sure, I can add it to the Dofus pastebin with a disclaimer to use translate. I generally use the fandom wiki for quests since it's in English, the only major things I've found outdated on it are for alignments, and more recently, almanax. Speaking of, I heard people used to buy all the almanax resources and pay for their sub by turning them in on the right days, with like 5 different characters. Even just playing casually, you can get the 1-2 mil kamas to pay for a month's sub, wild.
Should have included the almanax site
This? https://www.krosmoz.com/en/almanax
Oh yeah I just tossed that in the pastebin along with some other stuff like the portal site. Saves you a little zaap money.
Yeah, I have to use a translator too, but thankfully most quest titles seem to have pretty close 1:1 translations.

Also, they changed the amount of kamas you get from the Almanax, so it isn't as much as before. I remember a Spanish youTuber who would do what you just said but with 35 characters lol , bro was making banks every day
kinda writing a total guide for newfriends but it will take awhile

also dofus links
Dofus Db is also good for calculating profession XP and has a global resource map
https://dofuscreator.com/ for sets
some people prefer Dofuslab or Dofusbook
For Divine Dimension portals, this is Draconiros.
Yeah I guess it's also good prep for noobs, get them used to broken English (lol). I don't blame them for nerfing kamas when it's that exploitable, I think they're going for the new rewards to be slightly below market price to incentivize hunting them, with the occasional big reward like yesterday's 2 orient potions (380k/ea) for a 6kk reward.

Cool man, added some stuff. Vulbis seems to be laggy atm, but I usually use the portals site.
File: kartridge.png (687 KB, 861x955)
687 KB
687 KB PNG
>enter Srambad
>see girl
>instinctively click on girl thinking it's an NPC
>almost aggro a lv.1000+ mob

Always think with your head, dofriends..and not that one.
Hello gang, after starting Wakfu season 1 and masturbating furiously to Miranda for a week non-stop, I downloaded the game to give it a look. These classes seem extremely rich and interesting, maybe the most interesting SRPG units I've ever seen in any game, which makes sense given each one needs to be independently interesting as an entire MMO character to devote yourself to.

Anyway, I have only one question; is my understanding correct that you basically need to buy the booster immediately and start playing with alts? I advanced the quest a bit solo but shit very rapidly started getting overwhelming, and of course it'd be more fun to have more units. It seems like getting a booster to play with alts is just like default, essential play to do anything without trying to hook up with randos. Is this true y/n? I'm just chilling at level 10 in the beginner sewers BTW.
>after starting Wakfu season 1 and masturbating furiously to Miranda for a week non-stop
Based. I don't know much about Wakfu but I know there's a single account server that promotes teaming up with people, otherwise yeah you can make alts if you want to solo. There's a lot of character behind each class to the extent you'll end up shilling it as the coolest or the best, I think everyone has a favorite. Me? I shill whatever I'm playing at the moment.
It's interesting to me how people here seem to play a lot of Dofus but not Wakfu. Reading through the previous thread it seems like a lot of people play Dofus but not Wakfu. Is it just... abstractly speaking, better / more fun?
File: 1372831990798.gif (724 KB, 267x150)
724 KB
724 KB GIF
We've had some Wakfu posters so hang in there! I started with Dofus back in 1.29, so I originally wanted to play Retro, but trying Dofus again, I was amazed by the QoL and newer art. So I decided to stick with it, but I'd like to play Retro and Wakfu eventually. My guess is most people are sticking to the game they know and have the most nostalgia for, even though Wakfu has a great show and cool things in its own right.
Add selling NPC items
I sold a bunch of 200k beers from and NPC for 5.5k each. People will pay for convenience for these items.
Wakfu is treated as the retarded younger brother by Ankama, it's given a skeleton team to develop the game and the direction they took the game is bad.
For a while when the single account server came out everyone was playing Wakfu but it turns out the game has more issues beyond multiboxing and not many people are left playing it.
File: 1710454481328324.png (11 KB, 199x193)
11 KB
>Needing to breed dragoturkeys
>The chances of this happening are significantly lower if the dragonturkeys involved are of different races
Your time has come...
Isn't it just that the chance to get striped from non striped, and the next gen from a striped mix is lower?
Almanax bonus on the 26th is 100% increased Kamas
Progress and stack quests
Yeah I think you are right, I misinterpreted what the wiki says, a bit hard to find precise information about the percentage too
From my experience and hearsay, I think it's 10% chance, doubled with the breeding trait I forgot the name, haven't played in some years
>By 110 you can start to take on Frigost and that can pretty much get you to 200 if you add a bit more content with it!
What do you think about incorporating this? https://www.reddit.com/r/Dofus/comments/c1k42p/comment/erdvkj9/
I've been thinking to do an updated version of it with some extra tips like using the wabbit island navigation guide. I feel like wabbit island frustrates everybody lol, kinda rough that it's the first real zone. But yeah, this comment is still up-to-date if you ignore stuff about idols and leeching.
File: eni.png (1.3 MB, 1517x854)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
How does an eniripsa get like this, how long has he been browsing this site
Bought auto-pilot for my monture and it's great, the only thing that I don't like about it is that you can't queue it after actions like collecting
I got so used to seeing the default Ani npc that this one looks so fucked up
why is ankama doing a collab with an mma fighter?
We PvP, they do irl PvP, MMA fighters are like our cousins.

Definitely a popular item, it's not too expensive for kamas either. I collect a lot and take screens so I haven't bought auto-pilot yet. Also yeah it kinda weirded me out that this guy has the kawaii eyes and hair of an eni but he's built like a butcher lol, certainly an interesting character.
File: community3.png (17 KB, 416x259)
17 KB
Some silly interactions from Drac community, catches me off guard sometimes
File: 1689153763315186.gif (8 KB, 250x141)
8 KB

damn that's a bad AD, they could've just partly re-used this Wakfu animation and just adding Dofus at the end with the url under lol
I like that they called it DOOFUS and leaned into the name in the CN ad, they should have showed off more spells, a shot of people running around the pretty areas, and the sexier characters to the tune of Astrub's theme. Wakfu being outright animation isn't bad either, a lot of people made .gifs of that iop girl fighting, and it captured what Ankama is about, between that and the toilet humor.
File: frigost.png (1.08 MB, 1191x616)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
To think the first part of Frigost launched months after the 2.0 update, and now Touch is getting updated with it. I'm intimidated by the scope of the island, looks like it'll get really crazy, and I was already hyped for the later Ohwymi zones. I read >>1260894 and it's good to know this can be the main zone for leveling, mastogobs give a lot of XP even though I'm in the 140s.
File: frigost2.png (1.16 MB, 1190x617)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
In particular, I like how the town is a little worn, but very cozy inside, and the outskirts are like a frozen version of Astrub. Frigost could use some more zaapis though, they're a little random, maybe I'll train some sleigh dogs.
There's a quest which allows you to buy Skis which opens up fast-travel in Frigost.
Aw shit buddy that's big, thanks. I initially passed over that quest because the mats for the prerequisite quest are a little over 130kk, but might be worth.
File: Dofus_7y09ejqY2b.png (306 KB, 821x635)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
>You have just begun to turn around when claws slash your back and you feel a powerful blow to your head. You wake up in what seems to be a prison. Your injuries have been bandaged.
>Hunger tears at your stomach and you decide to take a half-eaten sausage lying on the ground.
>You have received 1 '[Half-Eaten Sausage]'.
I feel that if I had seen the animation alone as a kid, it would have instantly intrigued me with its style alone. Well, the women too kek maybe this one is too goofy for me
File: 1692365182841332.jpg (114 KB, 640x640)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>"Design a PvP map for us" contest by Ankama
>"Post a screenshot of your map on the comments"
>People posting windows file paths
Some things never change
>If Ankama had a button to report bots
Unity never ever
just you wait!!
when Unity releases, Dofus will get to be the cool MMO on the block
are there plans for wakfu to get unity?
No news on that, also unlikely.
just play the solo server and make friends to play with
Believe it or not this is actually now an mmo and player interaction is favored
no chance, and it doesn't really need it anyway, it's not on fucking flash like dofus
Is it even on the Ankama store?

It deserves to grow, but I wonder what aspects of the game filter people, in the interest of retaining returning and new players. Wabbit island tunnels? The running? We've got time to compile good resources.
lmao that vid's insane. And like the conductor, Ankama will take their time to reply.

kek, with the scammers in-game, I wouldn't be surprised if people were hoping to send them viruses.
I feel like the filter is some bullshit requirement that the game acts like you MUST do even if its not the case
I had a few friends quit from trying to do the emerald dofus bounty stuff, not the old one where u had to camp the bandits, but where u had to farm the fucking tokens because it was so hard to find A bounty, and it had to be a level appropriate bounty for the tokens and shit
they didn't want to deal with, or spend the insane amount of money it takes to buy the pieces of the map at the time
and they felt like they had to do it

stuff like fights you can "just get stronger" and people get it, but when u hit roadblocks that are just dumb its a real killer
like requiring eternal harvest, jfc im glad its quite late into the game when u realize you NEED to do that awful quest
File: dog.png (601 KB, 691x538)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
That's true, it can be frustrating investing time into a quest you're not sure you can finish.
Relating to your friends, I stopped doing Bonta alignment at 10 because I have to find a random boar spawn. MMOs in general attract completionists, and I've had to adjust to how open-ended Dofus becomes midway. It's also why I like the game, since you can hop into a zone you like and make progress doing whatever, it feels like a big world, but it can be overwhelming and disjointed, and stuff like spending 2h to find a Dark Vlad dopple could be streamlined. Just one of those remnants of old school game design, where the gratification is delayed.

>Dofus if written by Bethesda
Jokes aside, that'd be a fun start if Ankama ever did unique beginnings for classes.
yeah the open ended nature is fine for me where I can just kind of work on things and get stuff and not really need to think too much about things I am unable to do right now, either they happen eventually progressively, or I get the kamas to just buy it and who cares.
I think what really fucked with some of my friends was the mindset from having played a lot of runescape, where yeah its also very open and can you go and do different stuff, but you also usually go until you get a clear hard requirement that basically says "you can't do this more, you need X level" or whatever and its clear "okay im done for now" whereas dofus gates you far less and lets you do shit you really shouldn't, but its not a big deal either if you just come back later.
personally I think they are just whiny bitches, to me doing emerald was to get all the XP from doing the different steps and if I get the emerald dofus or not it wasn't that big of a deal, that character will get it eventually, but I think it got built up in their heads and then suddenly needing to stop and work on other stuff really fucked with them, especially when they realized the same thing would happen a good amount of times with different quests to them.

in contrast, they loved doing stuff like wabbit island and it all culminating in a cawwot dofus (also probably because I guided them through it), they seemed a bit annoyed with the moon quests but generally enjoyed the fight and the dokoko (even if its kinda shitty) and the little bit of frigost they did they seemed to vibe.
striking out with emerald, then starting on crimson and feeling it wont be finished any time soon I think really just got in their head, but that difference in perception is a big deal for is people stay or not.

some have expressed interest in coming back for unity, but we will see how that works out and if they stick to it.
File: 1693372818830149.png (146 KB, 303x516)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
Remember Vivian James? This is her now, feeling old yet?
Reinstalling this game after a long time. Rubilax or Ogrest? I like the idea of single account but I don't know if the server is still alive
Sent ;)
Rubilax aint dead yet, and it would be the easier server overall to play on, but if you can tolerate attempting to work with 5 other people with split second decisions feel free to mono; its pretty packed.
File: 3433.png (119 KB, 221x444)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
My beloved
Why does Ankama insist on killing their games? Is it self-sabotage? Do they just not care?
dont they get goverment money? they need to keep the cogs grinding before they get too big...
Anyone playing the Dofus touch new servers they released?
I'm sorry they get what??? Your serious!!!!!
File: takenwaifus.png (1.09 MB, 928x1351)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Haha I see it, looks like she had too much gamer fuel. Also the harshest part about Frigost isn't the climate, it's that all the girls are taken. I don't blame them since they've been isolated, but still, I only did the Gromeo & Julie quest to see if I could get Gromeo killed and impress Julie's dad instead, not cuck myself.

I took so many screens of her, Ankama somehow made a Willy Wonka reference one of the finest NPCs. Also
>husband always away
Fat ugly bastards, you know what to do.
File: cawwot.png (1.71 MB, 1192x616)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
I guess their focus is limited, seems like they're banking on a Dofus revival, or at least not pissing off their existing playerbase with bugs. Apparently some people can't use emotes?

Yeah when I reach a point in a quest where it's too expensive or I can't beat a fight, I just wait to level doing other things, with some exceptions that warrant players like some of the divine dimension quests. I like your phrasing of "dofus gates you far less and lets you do shit you really shouldn't", because even simple NPC interactions can be a hilarious "fuck you" to the player, I got transported to the evil forest all the way from Pandala because I made an unfortunate dialogue choice, and more recently the bwork camp because some NPC in Cania talked about how good he is at digging latrines. Sometimes it incentivizes you to do other things that can sync with other quests. Interesting speculation on the reason your friends quit nonetheless, since they could have gotten through most of the content following recommended levels and playing with each other. I think they just need something like https://www.reddit.com/r/Dofus/comments/c1k42p/efficient_quest_order_ily/ to follow so they have a plan in mind, and it'll be easier to digest the gating from a questline like emerald or crimson. And yeah, I like to meme about the wabbit tunnels being confusing, but wabbit island was pretty steady progression with bonus stuff to come back to after getting the dofus, and it's a very morbid area between the Watership Down-style war, graveyard, and labs.
File: Dofus_gzNbIpk0yu.jpg (476 KB, 1920x1080)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
Fuck I got caught off guard.
The event keys like 20x'd in price. Paid 60k for a Royal Tofu key. Good money there. Also it's fun to do old dungeons at level 200! Pic related is why we need a good tactical mode. There's a hidden mob behind the crate.
>stuck doing royal gobball with no erosion
You could right-click and select transparent models, it's made clicking on mobs way easier. I was able to farm tofu feathers for yesterday's almanax more effectively because people weren't aggroing mobs behind the normal tofu dungeon lol.
yeah I linked them that (and some other similar stuff) and thats basically what I did with them
I can't really fault them too much, they did the game a good shot and put a solid amount of time into it, getting to around 120 is definitely giving the game a fair chance. It was 2 months of exclusively playing together a few times a week to get there.

idk they are still talking about playing when unity releases, so it isn't as if they aren't interested, but I think they also wanted to try out other classes and shit and didn't really want to restart on their own, 2 did fuck around with alts when others weren't on and they got them to 60 together
they have a pretty positive outlook and impression of the game, are interested in doing more pvp, doing more and more difficult dungeons, we started getting into some "real" dungeons with actual mechanics and they really started getting into it with no gripes in particular about why they stopped playing just generic "other stuff came up" which imo usually means they lost interest/attention and its just not interesting "enough", which is fair enough and I think is reasonable

but unity is going to be a real crapshoot with them I think, since I very well might burn out if I try to play two characters, one with everyone here and trying to progress as much as I can playing consistently and another with them, this kind of happened with wakfu when they gave it a try as monoserver released, two of them gave it a try but not the 3rd, but 1 wanted to play more than the other so I ended up having 3 fucking characters and it was weird awkward and confusing and they even made a duo as well so all of us had multiple characters and it was awkward, I kind of want to just be like yo make ur character play it dw about trying to keep parity or w/e and we can just play, but iv played other mmos with them and someone will inevitable fall behind, feel like a burden, not want that, and basically quit.
so who knows lmao
File: RUELED.jpg (159 KB, 1239x383)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
So whats the guild on mono server? I seem to have just gone back to playing on Rubilax more.
i will never forgive ankama for nerfing ivory/ebony/panda and the worst one, server merge, everyone speaks spanish
>ivory ebony and panda
is this dofus or wakfu because ivory and panda are top tier dofus/class in dofus and ebony is situational but solid in pvp
I made bread
I had 9 Royal Tofu keys in my bank
sold them all for 85k each.
Dofus tip #102
Besides carrying Soul Stones to capture Archmonsters
Even if you don't carry them and find an Arch, attack the Arch. You can then stall and call a friend to run to the map to then capture it for you.
its dofus and if those three were super good in pvm before the nerf, the ivory 50% red was every turn and panda used to carry allies and tank for them the entire math, ebony got the worst treatement, its price dropped from 40-30mk to 1-2mk
File: Dofus_zA3wc4ksIp.png (97 KB, 318x242)
97 KB
lol I forgot 50% crafting was today
selling a buncha shit and I'm making bank
I had over 800 of these and they used to cost 700k each so it wasn't worth selling them. Now they're selling quick at 7k apiece. Crazy.
>everyone speaks spanish
Step up your game gringuito. Spanish, on top of being one of the most spoken languages in the world (and by its native speakers nonetheless), is easy as shit. Just learn it.
Good stuff! I assume things like food, pots, and equips will be cheaper too. And since you need .75x the amount of stuff to level, I bought a bunch of mats the day before, good investment.
What is going on with waven and how to fix it?
It exists and they should kill it. It was born to be a side game, a fate worse than End of Service.
I hope not, I've yet to experience the cutesy, sexy style. Maybe we'll see it in Dofus Unity. But yeah I assume it's one of their side projects to get better with unity, I think Krosmaga was the first.
File: 1691246627280473.png (377 KB, 484x498)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
I still believe this place only exists for erp purposes
failed bethel like 10 times
didn't clear
randoms don't have any high res gear and can't live without a tank
did war though
join a pvm guild, usually good players with good equipped alts help out
Reminder to bully all cratards for playing the most low effort and boring class in the game.
File: brothel.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
Coords? Brothels are canon, and there's even some meridia dialogue about how your character visits them, but I want to confirm.

That's a good tip, I've killed archmonsters thinking they just gave extra XP. Little did I realize they're part of a merciless quest.
I just wish there was some kind of quest to explore this place similar to the Frigost quest where you have to talk with the guy residing in the lighthouse later, you meet him in a tavern, have some drinks together, black out, and then wake up at his place lol.
>in-game chat is broken except for guild and alliances
It seem the messages go through with a 2 minutes delay wtf lol
File: dofus-2024-05-05_00-46-33.png (1.71 MB, 1820x1024)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
Because of the chat bug people I found a people making a ragtag 8-man doing the lv200 Crocabulia Expedition
File: Dofus_MIMh9YRQ3j.png (533 KB, 468x542)
533 KB
533 KB PNG
I stoped playing because of subscription and tons of lag

but the game is incredible in all ways possible, a masterpiece of MMO
By lag do you mean it server latency or client performance?
File: 1687680101113193.png (14 KB, 702x253)
14 KB
That pic is funny so I want to boost your post. Wakfubros, anyone from the /vm/ guild still here?

What kind? For me, it's incarnam bread, the best bread.
File: dofusvalentine2017e.png (373 KB, 800x519)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
NoOoOoO the real game STARTS at 200!! But really, that's cool they don't hate the game. When you hit 100, things get harder and progression can slow down, that's when I began to play more casually and do profs between questing, so I get that someone can drop the game entirely if they've got other things going on. I've experienced similar pacing issues playing MMOs with friends, and easiest thing is what you mentioned, just playing at your own pace and helping people when they need it, that's how Runescape is anyway. Players do plenty of that in Dofus by helping others with dungeons or standing on tiles, it can be fun going back to older content and being the carry too. But if you don't want to throw off other people's sense of difficulty, you could create ensembles for specific level ranges and adjust yourself according to the content via gear and stat allocation, that way you don't have to hop around characters. I'd also recommend they join a guild so they don't feel like they're bugging the same people.

Thanks! And man, I did that Frigost quest recently and thought nothing of it, but when you put it like that...I'm surprised Ankama didn't give you a soreness debuff lol. Maybe next Valentine's they'll do something with that brothel, like "collect 6 magical cures to help patrons with a mysterious illness".
File: dofusvalentine-2017b.jpg (113 KB, 950x531)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Nice design, want to meet at [11,-5]?

I love cra, sure rogues and foggers have guns, but you feel like a sniper with agi spells, or an explosives expert with fire. Earth spells also make your attacks feel like they have weight, between the sound and animation. Cra are more roundeed out now because the latest update gave them sustain spells, it's very cool casting a recall beacon, teleporting up to a mob, and finishing them off with a piercing shot like an anime character.
yeah I completely understand it and I don't think their perspective or experience was weird or anything.
they felt the same way about runescape though, they would hate asking me for help with things and very much dislike being carried or at least feeling that way, in many games we have played, they very much enjoyed playing ironman with me as often times we both needed drops from a certain boss (or at least they could cope with thinking I really did need them for whatever bullshit I claimed despite outclassing it significantly) and we had a great time.

Its always a bit weird with them, as I usually had been able to put not just equal or more time into a game than them, but I generally significantly more skilled (not to toot my own horn) at most games and genres than them (except FPS's, im a bit above average but they have always fiended them are better than me at them and its the only type of game they carry me in) so its a very persistent problem with a lot of games and generally they just hate feeling like dead weight.
Having more level appropriate setups would be pretty good, it was never really something I thought of and might be a way to make them feel a bit better about it and will have to be something I try, not that I tried all that hard before than just playing the game, but its definitely a good option if I am just going to level ahead of them.
I wonder how many illegal brothels they are in france.
I know brothels and prostitution isn't legal there, as when I visited for business I double checked (as its legal where I live) and it wasn't legal so I didn't bother even trying to look and didn't want to deal with that whole situation
>they would hate asking me for help with things and very much dislike being carried or at least feeling that way
it's me i'm your friends
I think getting hard carried unless u really been grinding it and shits not working out definitely has not a great feeling
but they take this shit to the EXTREME, they be like "oh your 1 dungeon and 5 levels ahead? ffs I don't want to be carried" like mofo what do you MEAN im BARELY stronger than whats intended.

I still remember one of them telling me in a game that he didn't want to queue with me because I would just be carrying them, despite us being the same rank, because he had an inflated rank and didn't deserve it while mine should be higher.
dude really just had that maximum inferiority complex and its definitely spread to more of them and I just fucking can't sometimes with them lmao, that shit was for real insane for him to say to me. At least he got clowned on for saying that shit for ages
File: Dofus_vlunfzzdSH.png (226 KB, 342x589)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
File: Dofus_q98rL3l3WF.png (227 KB, 339x482)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
File: Dofus_opAdNE0k4o.png (1.12 MB, 1273x879)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
>he doesn't have a book of grudges
She looks like she fucks dogs.
File: dofus-2024-05-10_09-58-51.png (2.82 MB, 1820x1024)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB PNG
The Sunflower dungeon was hard.
Did Solar and Misery!
Is there a fucking Dofus GUIDE in ENGLISH anywhere? I don't know what the FUCK I'm doing and it feels like there's so much shit to do it's overwhelming. Also recommend me a cool class.

Pick whichever class looks coolest.
Basic class guide/descriptions. Also check class the class roles, they tend to be accurate in listing each class's strengths. Dofus is dominated by positioning and long range damage. So those classes tend to be better. All classes do damage, it just depends whether it's poor, big, or if it lacks AOE or range.
Short ranged big dick single target or AoE damage dealer
2nd highest damage in the game
Despite Dofus being favorable to distance, Iop's raw damage carries it.
Best long range damage dealer. Archer class. Most played class in the game. A tier. Possibly boring.
Dedicated healer/buffer slut. Game doesn't really demand healers. But an Eni is pretty much always useful. Damage is pretty good for a support class too.
A+ tier. The 'protector' class that focuses on mitigating damage, allowing squishy full-crit teammates to live. Lacks damage and sustain but can compensate with a weapon, or makes up for it with AoE glyphs and by being able to play melee or distance. For some reason has insane positioning skills. In my opinion, boring.
Walking toolbox. Utility support class with a focus on debuffing and long range damage. Damage is low, but it has the longest range in the game! Has a variety of summons and ways to control the game.
S- tier broken class that does everything. The amount of stuff it can cheese is unbelievable. You can freely pick up and place bosses or allies. It's tanky, it has sustain, it has one of the best summon in the game, it can be played melee or distance (and ignores Line of Sight). It has AoE, single-target. They gave nearly everything good in the game to a single class. What it lacks, the game happens to demand the least. Will never not be useful. CON: People might expect you to have tank gear.
Druid/Shaman style class. Slow gameplay that builds up. Specializes in debuffing and pseudo AoE style damage. Single target isn't great unless built up. Has many summons. Known class people instaquit vs in 1v1 PvP. Known for terrible positioning and mobility. Get caught and you're kinda fucked. Long-mid range damage.
Berserker class. Considered the worst PvM class at 200. Short range AoE or single target damage dealer. Scales with less health it has. Great at tanking and positioning. Held back by it's range. Despite that it's also one of the best solo farming classes in the game, able to generate tons of Kamas that way with ease.

Melee oriented classes WILL need to get carried for certain content, and they will have low contribution, but do the best they can.
Will post others when I feel like it
Terrorist/Bomber class. #1 damage in the game. Great mobility and positioning. Lacks pretty much everything else. Complicated but rewarding.
Sneaky Assassin class. Similar to Rogue. Can be complicated with Trap chaining. Unique access to Invisibility to cheese. Strong poisons. Good damage and positioning. Can basically one shot with huge trap chains. Annoying in 1v1 PvP due to Invis and one shot trap builds that instagib people.

Both classes are similar and have some complexity with Bombs and Trap Chains. They're both notable for effectively spending AP on skills for future damage through either traps or bombs. Rogue is more mobile, but Srams have invis. Rogue damage is also much higher, and their bombs can be destroyed.
Both are also more mid range classes AFAIK but shouldn't struggle with ranged content. Rogue especially doesn't care because when paired with something like an Elio or Panda it just has to nuke something once.
File: chrome_2Pr0jjJOQg.png (421 KB, 782x635)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
Quest EXP is BIG
i love dofus, but I wish ankama left a dedicated english server :/ the server merge ruined alot of things
Unless Dofus explodes in the West (which could happen depending on how Unity is rolled out) it's unlikely there will be a server that's nearly entirely, naturally, English speakers.
Check the OP for resources, and here's a rough progression guide. I'm still working on touching it up and adding helpful info but the core info is good, you can lookup locations on wiki coupled with how to get to places https://pastebin.com/avzkCMyE

Gratz champs, good to know /agg/ has powerful adventurers.
File: 1709503361606960.jpg (693 KB, 1600x1600)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
He's like those kids who'd make a Death Note book.

I was thinking how huppers are all about balance, even on terms of design. They're like a nice mix of cute and sexy.

I lol'd at that pet, and like the exaggerated set you've got going on, while still keeping that bestial quality osamodas have.
Dofus is best played alongside autistic frenchies anyway they're natural kryptonite to retarded BRs and know the game better for having played it for 20 years
chall svp
File: heroics2.png (26 KB, 404x398)
26 KB
Hey at least you guys balance each other out a little lol. And yeah, the only advantage a higher level would net is extra HP, but it'd be funny if you had to wear negative stat gear just to appease them. Your friends remind me of my old gaming group, they had similar banter about being good/bad, and I think it made people take it too personally to the extent they would insist on playing different roles in games so as to not be compared to more skilled friends, that's my guess about your group. I prefer applying the gymbro mindset to gaming, we're all in this and we're all gonna make it, brah. Dofus is basically designed to facilitate social situations by making you collab with other people.

Interesting that brothels were banned in 1946, and buying sex was in 2016, so I'd guess there's still a culture for it, especially in Paris. People apparently rent out apartments to operate, but it's pretty shady since you're more likely to encounter a pimp, I think you made a good call. It's no wonder brothels are a Brakmarian thing. Probably the safest bet is some escort with social media, and even safer is playing Dofus.
File: 1706116433161252.jpg (239 KB, 537x800)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
What are some ways to fuck with bots? I know you can stop some of them temporally by sending a fight request, they just freeze lol
File: Dofus_LjOZJ2Z0yf.png (864 KB, 1920x1080)
864 KB
864 KB PNG
Servitude DOWN
Does anybody multibox here? If so, which team are you using?
File: 1701765197848084.png (31 KB, 268x253)
31 KB
>Reflects damage
>Removes PA
>Goes invisible
>Runs away

My 11 years old self back in 2007 had no fucking chance
As a Sram main, I never had much trouble with these little guys. As a side note, their set is so iconic.
File: 1713115385518117.jpg (288 KB, 650x900)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
I think my first class was an Osa, also yeah
>Prespic set
>Batouta Helmet
>The Kim
>Moowolf Headgear
Impossible to forget
File: 1689946_65e88d3604b3a.jpg (520 KB, 1920x1080)
520 KB
520 KB JPG
Guys, I've enjoyed posting here for a couple months now, the game and community are very unique and chill, so I'd appreciate everyone's feedback on the more demoralizing topic of scams and hacking. I've been freaking out a little reading posts from reddit, and on the forums, about how often it happens. Here's a few examples:

Scams/hacking seem to come in 3 levels, in order of personal responsibility.
>level 1: account sharing, phishing, apathy from support for not using ankama shield/auth
>level 2: intricate scams like fake dungeon carries, trade scams where people are sent a large text to distract them from switched items >level 3: person bypasses auth and you still lose items if request wasn't fast enough

I recognize this as a make-or-break scenario that could make newfriends quit, which concerns me since Unity is on the horizon. So have you guys had any experiences like this, or security issues despite using mobile 2FA and ankama shield? There is skepticism on the sites I linked about how secure people were, but it kinda freaks me out that people can bypass it. Thanks for the read, I might add wariness about scams and different kinds in a guide.
Correction, ankama dropped their ankama shield app in favor of more common authenticators, probably more secure that way.
Yeah, this is the type of game you should probably stay vanilla for everything except for wiki/info sites
2FA and no problems
But Dofus seems to attract younger people in MMOs because of it's art style. Dofus scams have several.
>Service scams
Service scams are just take your money and leave, no service.
>Trade scams
More cheeky, they involve getting into a trade, putting up the proper amount of Kamas, then removing the 0s really fast just as you click accept or don't notice. Dofus needs a bigger trade delay or a WARNING or CONFIRMATION window to do a final check to trade besides clicking "Accept". Solution: ALWAYS wait for your guy to click Accept first.
>Phishing scams
Involve people falling for outside links or googling for something someone else says in chat and finding a website that conveniently includes the item. People will say "buying potion of abukari dofus", you google it because you have no clue, and you find a fake site with it that asks for login details.
Also always ask for Discord info for these services or play with well-known players
Some leechers despite being well known are also huge pricks and sometimes leave their players after taking their money.
Enable 2FA, then don't be a naive child or a retarded boomer

Anyone who falls for pishing wouldn't have made it far anyway and there is absolutely 0 reason to exchange valuable items out of the marketplace with anyone but friends/guild members
>need to do one of the hardest dungeons on possibly the worst PvM class in the game
File: chastity.png (128 KB, 459x406)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
Thanks for the replies guys, pretty informative stuff about community scams, and reassuring that the current 2FA is good.

Right, modwise I think the game is fine as is. On terms of gameplay, people may only be tempted to get a leg up on finishing the harder dungeons or grinding out endgame PvP gear, which leads them to getting scammed. Otherwise playing Dofus vanilla is fun, a big part of the game is making alts for different experiences vs. laser-focusing on endgame anyway.

Yeah one of my guildies quoted a French goldseller to ask what they said, and the seller linked a discord where the scam would have taken place. Another one also laughed off losing 300kk trying to buy a carry, the scammer was a lv.200 too, seemingly reliable players can't always be trusted like you mentioned.

I'm thinking newfriends should be advised to update their whole security page on the ankama site, including an accurate name and birth date they can verify with ID if the worst happens, there's a lot of people who have accounts with dead emails they made when they were 8. I'm still wondering about player claims about losing their accounts despite having 2FA, maybe they got phished or it was only email 2FA. I saw this comment where someone said a guy faked their ID, so they might've known who he was to begin with, that's why I go by Anonymous even outside 4chan man. https://www.reddit.com/r/Dofus/comments/1clz959/comment/l2xokja/
File: damedrya.png (1.35 MB, 1810x920)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
Happy mother's day all, have a forest mom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxdzEEBB52g
File: dofus-xelor-f1.jpg (83 KB, 670x980)
83 KB
I feel ya, when ankama introduced challenges, these guys ruined a lot for me lol.

Reflect xelor was also fun or painful depending, especially when a lot of classes lacked healing at the time.

Do you collect any OG gear? I try to, I've even got a soft spot for agi rings because I remember the markets being flooded with newbie jewelers.
I want a Xelor (Dofus Retro design) gf bros...
File: dofus-xelor-f2.jpg (106 KB, 900x1250)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
I imagine they'd play hard-to-get with all the time and teleport shenanigans
File: Dofus_l0fab91NS4.png (291 KB, 334x500)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
File: Dofus_VZSal2x63k.png (244 KB, 394x595)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
is it worth to start as a newfag? or do I wait for unity(TM).
there's practically 0 gameplay changes with Unity
what you get now is what you get with Unity
Unity will primarily affect the overall playing experience as graphics, performance, UI and music are being improved
the most significant difference will be whether you want to enjoy the rush of a new server, likely with a higher English/Global population, or settle for the current server which is dominated by Frenchies

a new server will also have a totally different experience than playing on Draconiros because of how the game is designed; no market filled with goods, equipment, hand-me-down gear, no crafters, no one to carry you, no mounts bred, no food in store, no resources
like Draconiros is an "active" and "settled" economy, where it's comfortable to do things
A new server economy is more crazy, volatile and who knows how long it will take to settle. The first lv200 crafters IIRC in old servers made millions. Now, no one cares about lv200 crafters that much.
do you recommend mono or multi?
not that anon but mono always
multi has more characters playing but the economy is dogshit, also the only people that still play multi are autists that play 2-4 characters
Start now purely so you can get a headstart on Dolmanax :^)
File: dofus-2024-05-10_15-16-13.png (1.56 MB, 1820x1024)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
File: Dofus_14sH3kRft6.png (204 KB, 373x483)
204 KB
204 KB PNG
cutie patooties
File: Dofus_g4RmfZGP6V.png (179 KB, 377x619)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Wakfu or Dofus?
Wakfu was a mistake
File: Dofus_r4S7NTUSOn.png (131 KB, 377x566)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
This is one of the more straightforward takes about playing now vs. upon Unity, personally I think I'd be able to enjoy a fresh server more if I knew what I was doing in-game, and what it was like before, to enjoy the changes. But I understand people who think Unity, between the increased socialization from a new server, player pop, and performance, would lead to better player retention and first-time experience.


If this ad doesn't sell you on Dofus, I don't know what will. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhxg_4TwuIE
Damn they made her thick in the game
Farmed resources for 3 days and paid a month of subscription with kamas, not bad.
It didn't feel like that much of a drag, considering I would play for about an hour per day or so
wakfu now dofus when unity
File: 234234.png (881 KB, 595x787)
881 KB
881 KB PNG
is there any videos showing off Dofus Unity versus current? Or does anyone know what it'll look like? I like how the world feels more alive overall on wakfu.
File: srambaddies.png (3.26 MB, 2085x1542)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
Nice waifuposting, in return, I present to you a couple srambaddies.
File: date.png (1.18 MB, 1471x785)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>do I look like my pic?

Yeah on Drac you need a little over a million for 1 month, and I've made that just casually playing, almost feels too easy lol. I still buy sub to keep my finances seperate, just to have an idea of what normal progression is like.
I'm in Tal-Kasha, I paid 3.5 M yeahh I keep hearing Draco is better for it economy lol

There's some videos here.
What gets me is every map (that isn't a broom closet), is going to be animated. The world will look more vibrant and lively by default - while running better than before.
File: double doubles.png (400 KB, 706x638)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
Yeah there's certainly more demand for kamas on Drac, average of 270k per ogrine vs. Tal's 750k. I reckon when you're multi it's not as bad, but maybe overall harder idk.

Here's stuff from their twitch you guys can skip around to see everything. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2009914422
And here's an old character sheet which still seems relevant https://imgur.com/a/CltQBEY/
The new designs are still controversial since they're less-detailed, models seem more samey with that pose, as if someone's trying to look as tall as possible, and colors looking more faded and vectorized. On the plus side, there's supposed to be more customization in places like changing eni wings, colors may look better with gear and against the design of maps and map lighting, and this may be better for performance and fitting new gear onto models. I suppose my main critique is the characters seem a bit less thicker and sexy..my only concern really.
Didn't know xaxa left Ankama, was wondering why promo art doesn't have the same feel. His art is objectively sexy, but it's so good, I'm more in admiration than anything lol. His name has been coming up since Ankama has been transitioning past his style.
He still works for them from time to time. He did some designs and stuff for waven for example.
File: GE1yeZSXYAA4e7C.jpg (420 KB, 784x1112)
420 KB
420 KB JPG
Oh good, glad they're still cool, his art is too iconic.

It's worth mentioning quests where you need to fetch resources or target rare spawns would also be harder on a new server, but that's not to say progression stops there. Still, even today, it's hard getting iron for those incarnam crafting quests, need to camp a vein lol.
Ankama was probably holding him back, he's a good artist he could be working with more promising projects
According to the artbook he published some time ago he didn't do the designs for Waven, his class illustrations were based on designs by other people
female rogues
It's a mix, roughly 2/3 of the designs are his, but some, mostly the alternate genders, aren't (like, for that eni, the male is his but the female isn't)
File: intro6.png (113 KB, 208x288)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
I know why this hupper looks so content.

How about female sram, shall I post one?
You know I skipped over this at first because I thought "yeah I've listened to 1.29 music", but I'm glad you posted this. It took me back to coming home from school and grinding pigs, levels 36 to 72 iirc.
God I swish I were that Fogger
I love how horny the French are. They aren't afraid to design/draw what men really wanna see.
>Deploys drill
>tfw you'll never get isekai'd into the Dofus world
Why live
Is Waven dead or what? I just logged in after months out of curiosity, and there were almost no people anywhere.
It was a bad mobileshit game and it never got better. Some great art in there, mind you
do people still play the regular wakfu servers? i hate mono servers and i actually like using my heroes
Imagine Dofus with Waven art...
>inb4 just wait for Unity
Never ever.
File: 1715639763940270.png (102 KB, 780x165)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Wow, that's kinda sad.
That just Steam and not people playing from the Ankama Launcher, but I won't bet it goes past 500
Technically the gameplay is fine but... that's literally it. Doesn't feel like anything besides a super casual mobile game, it's not even a gacha. Character progression is very limited, you do your build, then what? Make other builds? Sure for some people that's fun. But the game intentionally kneecaps cosmetics for paid skins, so no hats or player customization. The game itself is a grind to even get upgrades/level up. The whole dungeons things is literally a grind, just a progressively harder one to unlock the next level.

Dead project. Total waste of resources. Cute but not sustainable and not a good live service game worth supporting. "Side activities"? They could just tack that onto their other games like Dofus already and it'd do it better.
I'm imagining it, and it's a downgrade
File: Dofus_kP6v0gWZoE.png (153 KB, 519x603)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
Queen of Thieves!
File: Dofus_jXZGPbUJho.png (433 KB, 530x849)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
Ilyzaelle! (not soul raped version)
Imagine if they had spent all those resources on fucking DOFUS. Ankama is shit.
Waven started as Dofus 3 so technically they have
File: 1695415487041423.png (971 KB, 754x1024)
971 KB
971 KB PNG
I bet he has a smug face
What's with spics and Touch? And I ask this as a fellow spic. I mean, it's probably the most popular form of Dofus here. Is it because it's "free"?
File: 1698182001972479.png (220 KB, 426x310)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
>Is it because it's "free"?
Yeah, probably. What's funny is that Ankama keeps insisting that everyone should play only on mobile, not emulators. But I would bet anything that half the player base are emulator users.

A bit unrelated, but YouTube keeps insisting I should watch this guy's Dofus Touch stream. The 2 times I clicked, he has quite insufferable, cocky behavior.
He kept getting angry at the chat because people were barely chatting or donating despite having 100+ viewers.

>3 days ago he showed up in my feed, again
>Click it, whatever, its 4AM I need background noise
>He looks like this
>He's venting about his GF, saying this is the third time she cucked him.
File: dofus-2024-05-20_09-29-52.png (2.09 MB, 1820x1024)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB PNG
Took only 18 turns!
Eniripsa harem........
average dofus player
what server to play on as a monoaccount english speaker, tal kasha is overrun with spaniards
There's only one mono server and it needs a subscription.
There's no English server. English is a minority language.
File: 1701335905243072.png (457 KB, 1287x820)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
Would you call BS on this graph?
File: sacrier3.png (225 KB, 425x578)
225 KB
225 KB PNG


File: 1698020436131586.png (1.45 MB, 1200x1038)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
The more I engage with the community the more I like it, there are a lot of cool helpful people.
One thing that bothers me though, is how often people go asking 'What's the best set, what's the best class, what's the best element for it, what's the best team composition?'

Like, holy shit, have some desire to pick your own adventure and experiment on your own. The point of this was to have fun.
I'm starting to think the meme that the people who ask this are the guys you see standing in line doing nothing in zaaps or the ones that have 5 multi-accounts that are all ocras because they don't know how to play is real.
The desire to be meta useful has lead to everyone wanting to be as minmaxed and optimized as possible for things instead of just doing whatever they want without issue.
I was thinking that too, E-sports and its consequences have been a disaster for the game industry
File: woof.png (1.14 MB, 1528x884)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
lol like in Wakfu. It's very possible. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/encyclopedia/resources/8399-nagate-rubber-quaquack
File: model vs cashier.png (241 KB, 648x639)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Thought to make one of those model vs. cashier memes, but don't get me wrong, Queen's devious expression and diplomatic personality are attractive.
No, france alone would cause such numbers for dofus at the time and those people will all come back on the new server in december
Didn't know that was in the game, that's great lol
Left is not a bad design but I think it would look even better in Unity's style, the Bonta/Brakma npcs have that sort of vibe already
theres no fucking way dofus had 550k subscribers in 2010, thats absurd
Dofus is France's runescape, except better than runescape so it attracted more people relatively
When they released the first mono-account server there were 10x more people than they expected and Unity is likely to match or break that record
2010 wasn't when the first mono account server released was it? I swear it was years after that
No that was in 2017, my two sentences are meant to be separate
File: 1657287292063.jpg (92 KB, 960x960)
92 KB
It is (probably) factual. Up until recently you could API call to get exact numbers on servers activity. They shut that down because Ankama considered Statofus (a reporting website) incentivized players to pick the more populated servers.
That peak for mono-account launch is even more crazy when you consider it was purely organic. Basically only word-of-mouth at play.
I reckon the Unity release will reach even greater heights. I'd say an all time peak for sure and would even wager it could hit in the millions. Keep in mind that it'll be available on mobile and basically be the most polished mmorpg on that platform.
File: 1689550319463808.png (101 KB, 1185x1622)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I didn't know about that site, I'm looking at it through the archived version, and it's very interesting how high the numbers for multi-accounts are compared to mono-account servers, damn. I think we should also take into consideration how many of these are just bots, considering they have been around for 10 years now.

Dofus could be a similar case to TF2, where 60% of their players are just idle bots, well, farming bots in this case.

Also, although not as specific, Google shit Trends does show the lack of interest related to Dofus. I bring this to the table because players have to Google shit in order to do a lot of things in this game. Currently, it is sitting at 9% of its peak popularity.
>google shit trends
weird typo I had there kek well google is shit whatever
That's some excellent lulcow material, nice find. How do we fix him, /agg/?

Drac, go to social>guilds, sort by player count, and apply to whatever big guild you see where it's stated they're English. People can generally speak English, at worst you highlight their text and run it through google translate.

I haven't seen that graph in years, wow! That was basically a rec chart for me at the time. I found this article suggesting they had a lot of subscribers https://www.eurogamer.net/mmo-dofus-has-30-million-users, but there were certainly bots like others pointed out.
File: captain koDAMN.png (859 KB, 1051x805)
859 KB
859 KB PNG
I assume some of these Ankama side projects are tests for developing with Unity, which they wanted to turn into their own thing, like how Devil May Cry started out as a Resident Evil game. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J_ti1an3wQ

I don't know anymore with Unity, I pictured Queen standing really straight with a mild scowl like most of the newer NPCs. Unity styles can look sexy, but there's a common complaint about the poses looking samey and stiff. A common counterpoint I've read is that Dofus 2.0 was initially poorly received, apparently a big chunk of the playerbase left, but later came back. That, and the 2.0 designs were touched up, so I hope once all the NPCs get updated, they'll go back to inject soul.
>Ankama's also taking the game east to Russia and Japan at some point in 2010.
This never happened, did it?
File: devstrat.png (54 KB, 965x502)
54 KB
I'm not sure about that, but there were several animation and dev studios opened in Asia and one in Brazil, and I can see that Studio No Border is still open. It's open right now in fact, haha. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ankama
File: wife.png (459 KB, 1204x848)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
If I defeated her, I should be able to marry her..
File: 1699312373150726.png (415 KB, 617x632)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Don't mess with this lil guy
huh, I had no idea, that's interesting, honestly looking through that site of user stats was confusing as fuck, I really couldn't tell you how many players this game actually has
File: wife2.png (612 KB, 1055x854)
612 KB
612 KB PNG

Yeah I'd just say "enough" at least lol. And from the looks of it, it's reassuring Ankama is doing okay, branching into multimedia and being more than just a game company seems to help, aren't they like the last bastion of Flash?
Considering there's a Temporis going on on Retro and has 31k pre-inscriptions yeahhh there's enough people interested in Dofus
>aren't they like the last bastion of Flash?
Only for the Dofus client and only because they've lost years trying to make new games that'd replace Dfous instead of just porting it out of Flash. Still, it's happening!
File: adobe flash wiki page.png (35 KB, 666x350)
35 KB
That's awesome, I hope to play Retro after doing everything in Dofus, I played back in the day but I fantasize how brutal and dog-eat-dog Retro must be with the old aggro, grind, and lack of English.

The dilemma of many artists, trying to move past their old works, only to have to return because they had it right from the start. I updated the wiki to better reflect Ankama's importance to Flash.
I came back and found out i have 1mil kamas i know its not much but it makes me miss how i just sold everything i had when mono server came out and got ez flow of money.
Now idk what to do im just doing rifts which somehow are way easier than i remember them being but all i get his garbage which i know nobody will buy.

Is money making only by getting lucky at the 200+ items?
Are either of these games worth playing as a new player if so which one should i play?
Thoughts on the upcoming sadida revamp? No specific date, but their goal is to make sadida play faster with more elemental variety and synergy, we may see more omni sadida after this. https://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/devblog/tickets/1710348-devblog-2-72-sadida-revamp

You play Wakfu right? Can't help but I'm sure you'll get results from google.
File: tomboy3.png (754 KB, 877x612)
754 KB
754 KB PNG
Dofus is a more traditional MMO with good QoL features, it's recommended to play on the mono Drac server for that experience because it's harder to multibox, so people are more willing to group up and maintain an economy. Sub is cheap, and you can buy a week's worth just to try. It also gives you access to Retro, which is an oldschool MMO, grind and all, and it evokes a lot of nostalgia.
Sadida rework previewed
Ecaflip rework shown, something complex, more complex than Hupper??
Legendary reworks
New Legendary
Stream about Unity art direction?
It's alright but you need to be able to stomach certain things
File: 1492840182077.png (918 KB, 1024x646)
918 KB
918 KB PNG
Dofus is the superior game imo. Start on Draconiros (you need a sub to access but it's cheap). The game has a lot of depth and many ways to progress that are all legit. You could feel overwhelmed at first but don't worry, take your time and report back here if you have any question.
They barely fixed the issues mentioned kek. Still slow gameplay and no reliable escape mechanisms. Elemental variety is the bare minimum for any class in 2024.
Hard to really tell how good it'll be without knowing numbers on spells. They aren't a melee class so it won't be that bad in any case.
I went into it thinking
>oh cool I love sadida and I used to love just summoning dolls at people and blasting, the new tree focus has slowed down the gameplay too much and made it even more reliant on dolls instead of them being supplementary
only to read this and them double down on trees and dolls and making infection even more core for the class to function
genuinely feels like the just amplified the most tedious parts of playing a sadi.

Interested in the eca rework but it has a lot of shitty mechanics that will probably get doubled down on as well.
>bought Crocobur Legend for 17m
>Crocobur in markets are now 36m
>Legend is 40m

shoulda bought two
If you don't like summons, trees and infections then Sadida isn't for you. That's literally their whole point, and positioning is supposed to be their weakness.
I used to really enjoy playing sadi, but I don't enjoy it now, no, felt like it used to have a good balance and they have went more and more into that as you say which is why I don't really like it anymore.

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