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File: killing floor.jpg (112 KB, 616x353)
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any reason why almost nobody plays this ScrN server?
seems interesting with new weapons and zeds and tons of QoL as well
Kind of self-explanatory, isn't it? Its an old game, most players moved on, its a niche mod, you have to manually download/install it. That said I really like it and it was fun.
When eres piba
Las pibas: Siren
Los pibes: He vuelto y tengo pruebas de que Transformers reactivate es un lavado de dinero
wasn't there a /vm/ server?
There was last year.
File: kf9.jpg (42 KB, 600x400)
42 KB
Killing Floor 2 server/thread would be more realistic. I love the first game but it's just about dead. Hell on Earth on KF2 is fun.
I'd join a KF2 /vm/ server, but only if it had 500+ custom maps to explore with anons. I used to frequent a 500+ custom map server in KF2 in its heyday, and the sheer volume of maps made for KF2 was so much fucking fun. Someone made a 1:1 port of the Red Forest from STALKER Clear Sky which was enormous but fucking awesome to see populated with zeds. KF1's atmosphere CANNOT by beat, never has been and never will be, but KF2 is just the more fun game on a moment to moment basis.

What I'm saying, OP, is I'd join semi-regularly a KF2 custom map server.
File: kf13.png (638 KB, 1024x766)
638 KB
638 KB PNG
I agree, at this point I'm a little bored of the vanilla KF2 maps and mainly play workshop ones solo. There's a shitload of great community made maps. You can also play all the KF1 maps on KF2. It's great.

That being said, I would be down for a semi-regular server as well.
File: gazed.jpg (35 KB, 512x337)
35 KB
File: borntowipe.png (134 KB, 565x559)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
People sometimes organize matches through the mod's Discord server. Also there's a server list if you want to check when others are playing: https://play.scrnbalance.eu/ .
Usually if you can get a game going with 2 or 3 people, the server will get filled progressively.
There are also other communities that run their own forked/modified version of ScrN like Miiukade's Killing Floor (this one I like a lot) or the Siren Torturers.
scrn is dogshit though
it doesn't fix any of the problems kf1 has
nth for KF2 server

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