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File: 1691956119099388.jpg (39 KB, 293x440)
39 KB
Wish we could turn back time edition

>Latest news:
>Official news:

>Marketplace (now available for everyone)

>Server status:

>/r6g/ links:
Pastebin is removed because it got removed

>Stat checking:
Tracking individual operator stats is dead, Ubi took down the APIs.

Last: >>1294270
anooon the OP is shit, gameplan and r6db are dead, stats.cc is the new stats website, I wanted to make the OP myself when I woke up
reminder to put your BP cameras on the floor
File: 1538902546275.png (398 KB, 445x512)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
we are so back
This was my favourite game from alpha until around White Noise when it started to drop for me. I stopped playing entirely just after Mozzie dropped. Anyways, how is the game now? Worth coming back to?
I wish my aim wasn't so fucking terrible
Practice more
File: 1558635252238.png (44 KB, 202x200)
44 KB
It's arguably at its best state but this season is really lackluster, in terms of content and cheater if you're on PC
Season 3 should be the best one of the year, it'll release in September
File: 1535167227283.jpg (325 KB, 1920x1080)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
just came back to the game myself, im having a lot of fun
File: CASTLED.webm (2.36 MB, 1280x720)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB WEBM
just make a vg thread already
there are deader games on there than siege
ill bump the motherfucker myself
>just make a vg thread already
We're banned there
I have 10k hours in shooters
it aint getting any better
File: 1700487704967996.jpg (26 KB, 512x512)
26 KB
>Worth coming back to?
Water's fine bro. Many years of Siege for me, still enjoy it as my main online FPS.
>We're banned there
I was making threads for a while but jannies kept deleting them, some anon one day replied and told me to make them here on /vm/ because weren't supposed to be making them in /vg/ anymore
That doesnt even make any sense
How long ago was this?
Siege is big again now so I feel like it should be ok
I think it was around Commanding Force so early last year
Try baking one when we're done with this one tbf, maybe they'll be fine with it now. Some of the oldfags may not know we're here and maybe they'd be back
File: 1535663349983.webm (2.87 MB, 960x540)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB WEBM
hop on macie's stream for hvh brainrot
it's amazing
File: 1535664490557.webm (2.64 MB, 720x404)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB WEBM
File: file.png (635 KB, 1661x524)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
When did this game turn into a literal, unironic, unfigurative embodiment of ass cancer
jinxi is fun
File: 1690930370821851.gif (1.39 MB, 640x360)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB GIF
i remember this one lmao
>wtf this game is popular now? UGHHH

guess you gotta go back to Due Process
File: 1535664196073.webm (1.6 MB, 720x404)
1.6 MB
here is another one
>game is popular now
>everyone literally only watches one sperg for his retard antics
I hate to break it to you, but the game isn't popular.
File: siege.jpg (107 KB, 707x762)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
a decade old non-F2P game is #20 on steam. dunno what your definition of popular is
I played a lot until the Lion release (my first season pass purchase) when the pop count jumped and teamkilling became an epidemic.
I cut back playing hard and basically missed out on my entire season pass I had paid for because of how out of control the team killing was...
I tried here and there over the years to test play a little and the tk'ing was still an issue. Even after the self dmg patch for tk'ing I was getting tk'd by 3 and 4 stacks.
So I stopped many years back now.
Tried it a few months ago and saw terrorist hunt was gone, so I played the tutorial shit, and literally, first match I was team killed by a literal prepubescent kid and his friend both screeching in their creepy cracking voices.
I uninstalled.

How the fuck do people not quit over this shit?
No other game have I seen the team killing be so bad and out of control, all while the devs don't seem to give a shit at all about the issue.

I loved the game, got to gold in early seasons and I'd try again, but wtf is with the tk'ing??
Can someone explain it?
TK'ing is done by angry children or cheater stacks. Unironically if you git gud (be a higher MMR and match with generally higher skilled players) it will happen less. Also just play ranked, not quick match or standard. Obviously don't bicker over mic or instigate / ask for it. I don't see a reason you'd be completely innocent and they start out TK'ing. I know this does happen, but more likely you did something to rub them wrong. Not saying they are "right," but clearly there is some kind of pattern where players choose to TK you. Surprisingly don't think I've encountered senseless TK'ing this season, but plenty of cheaters.
>tutorial shit
>with others
bro if you mean AI playlist, play that shit solo. tf you need other brainlets for? i wonder what the numbers of people matchmaking for AI playlist even are, insane you'd even do that.
>it must be your fault
>only play ranked to avoid the terrible community
>the community is such trash that you shouldn't play co-op vs bots

Thanks. I won't be playing.
Yeah you clearly have your own immaturity. Imagine getting so triggered by some team-killing in an online video game you rage uninstall. Cool don't play, we don't want weak ass bitches like you.
kek btw dealing with 4 Ranked games in a row with cheaters. I'm chillin. Play some music, have some fun playing cheeky defense shelter trap strats, alt-tab if I'm dead. Imagine being such a cry baby you rage uninstall a game lmao.
>co-op vs bots
Nigga it's a warm-up. For solo players, to kill all the bots and warm up. You think you need five real players to get through that shit? Peak Gold type shit for real lol, y'Bronze homie
I've never been teamkilled a single time this year, so clearly you must be doing something to make it happen

I bet your name is something like JewBurner1488 and people just know you're not worth playing with.
are you playing with 800x600 resolution because of performance reasons or because "pro players play like that and it stretches playermodels and makes aiming easier"?
I miss times when Siege had tectical atmosphere and no fortnite-like looking operators with alien sci-fi gadgets.

The game fell off as Rainbow Six
Tom Clancy is rolling is his grave
We need new TRUE Rainbow Six, like RS3, not like fortnite kids playground.
So literally never
I spend a lot of time staring at my teammates asses and the stretched res makes them bigger so they look better and I can spend more time staring
valk and iqs ass are especially big i recommend you try it some time
File: solo queueing.png (157 KB, 433x363)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
>youre performing a little too well here have 4 mute retards vs a full stack have fun ;)
File: documentary.webm (3.73 MB, 1280x720)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB WEBM
This is why I don't play Maverick
To be fair, the guy in the webm had the motor skills of a drunk Parkinson patient. Maverick's fine.
What's the next event and when? That pink attachment skin is 850 on the market and I wonder if I should sell it.
This clip is old
Its easy to say "everyone on console is an inbred retard nigger" but when that clip was taken was prolly when the game first launched and it was laggy as fuck and body shots did no damage
>muh spess gadjidds
>muh skinz
>muh tagdigool admuhzvere
maybe go play a mil-sim then? faggot???
File: new.jpg (9 KB, 316x155)
9 KB
New peak bros let's frickin goooo!
the introduction of the shared reinforcements has been disastrous
I have to reinforce 4-6 walls every single round
I feel like I'm a fucking janny
File: 1565643480140.webm (2.66 MB, 720x404)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB WEBM
everyone on console is a retard
these people play without audio
Would you rather have 4 unused reinforcements?
If you aren't playing a major setup operator you should be taking the brunt off reinforcing anyway.
>Would you rather have 4 unused reinforcements?
After I reinforce 6 walls, 4 is the exact amount of reinforcements left.
>Press your push to talk button
>Use the voice that God gave you to say "hey can you reinforce this wall?"
Problem solved
I TK retarded teammates when i want the match to be over sooner because dipshits dont know how to surrender when they're obviously not good enough to pull back from a 0-3
lucky, i literally cannot get out of silver thanks to mentally retarded teams and cheaters.
maverick is the only way to hard breach anymore since ace players are brain dead and cant coordinate with thatch
oh, Esports World Cup is going on and Siege is one of the games. similar to when i found out Gamers Without Borders was a thing, never heard of these things and dont see them promoted but they are pro tournaments.
Gamers8 is the other name I guess. Saudi / UAE sportswashing stuff
>never heard of these things and dont see them promoted
Yeah most Siege content creators refuse to cover it due to being Saudi/UAE
I just love getting ragebotted on every time I play ranked and about 20% of quick play games. Never mind the constant stuttering and freezes!
When that happens I just sing the slave song from south park over voip until someone notices and starts helping.
>inb4 that's childish
Childish is queuing a ranked game then either going afk in the prep phase, or just running straight off site and never looking back. You're gonna """roam""" (aka bait) until it's a 1v3 with the defuser down anyways, would it hurt reinforcing a wall, or even a hatch?

I'll never understand not surrendering in situations like those. We're 0-3, team doesn't have a total of 5 kills (or brain cells for that matter) combined, but somehow thinks we're gonna clutch 3 in a row then win overtime.
I suggest surrendering, then I'm the bad guy for "giving up", "why do you even play" etc. And I'm never obnoxious or an ass about it, I'll always just state that none of us are doing well this game and we can get out sooner. Strange.
It's even better when we somehow end up 3-1, I get flamed into oblivion for "not believing", then we get slammed 4-1 and the voice chat becomes quiet again, no believing or anything.

Good job man, I just hit plat for the first time since 2.0 was introduced yesterday. Honestly doesn't feel like I'm at my peak yet, might try for emerald, we'll see. I've been plat before, but that was with a stack, this was pure soloq (aka hell).
File: 20240407035509_1.jpg (647 KB, 1920x1080)
647 KB
647 KB JPG
I hope you apply some critical thinking to giving up on 0-3 because it's absolutely possible to pull it back
screenshot is from one such occasions
Weak minded shitters. Imagine not even understanding side swap lol.
I don't own a mic
I type "reinforce please" in chat but they still just watch tiktok the whole fucking prep phase
>I don't own a mic
Get one it's 2024
I ordered some shitty in ears with a mic
I am going to yell at random r6 players so fucking much when these arrive
Very nice
Just don't overdo it since all gaming companies are starting to have AI detectors for "toxicity" and Siege might have it already
oh right
I got banned for 2 weeks for abusing vc back in 2021
shit sucks
>carry every single fucking ranked game, no exceptions
>log in today
>ranked penalty :) you had a cheater :) -25lp
oh my fucking god I'm carrying another game rn and some russian subhuman on my team is not playing like an absolute dog
Here we go again
The messages are every time I log in. Ya win some ya lose some.
It must be that anti-cheat is off / aggressive systems aren't active. Guys I queued with were openly discussing the state of cheating, what everyone is using, etc. Actually insane, one match with 6 cheaters in lobby across both teams.
operator stats back on tracker?! noice
The website redesign is still fucking horrible
File: 1552625421804.gif (64 KB, 300x300)
64 KB
can I get some of those drugs bandit
File: 1521902425026.jpg (126 KB, 1167x656)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
I'm proud of you for making a personal change to adapt, even a minor one, rather than simply digging in your heels over something minor.
It's not something most people do online and it's an admirable trait.
i like the new queen nokk skin
File: sex.png (247 KB, 287x466)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
>can never tell what operator im looking at
these fortnite skins need to fuck off
you're just inexperienced
I recognize almost every op no matter the skin
the silhouettes and the animations are similar
also it doesn't matter anyway
just shoot whatever you see in the head, you don't need to know what you're shooting at
File: kys.png (63 KB, 400x223)
63 KB
>you're just inexperienced
File: Doc.jpg (722 KB, 1920x1080)
722 KB
722 KB JPG
I agree, this Doc skin confused me the other day and i stopped shooting because I thought it was Lion
I've been playing online videogames for like 20 years and never encountered a nastier community than playing siege ranked. whatever ubisoft is meant to be doing to tackle "toxicity" or whatever is not fucking working
someone hurt your feefees princess?
I might've been me
I am very toxic
yes a massive chunk of my games are being ruined by someone throwing on purpose
Damn dude you must have been dropped as a kid then. It's super easy to tell everyone apart at a glance and you can even tell them apart by gun sound.
I don't know what to tell you man practice pattern matching I guess.
File: nokk.jpg (187 KB, 1920x1080)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
buy the nokk skin losers
File: sex3.png (682 KB, 768x742)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
I sold my ash black ice and bought this elite
ash mains are mentally ill
File: cat.jpg (32 KB, 750x537)
32 KB
>play like shit
>rank up
>play really well
>lose 5 games in a row
did update finally stop some cheats? played 2 games no cheaters which is basically unheard of
They need to update the cheats whenever an update drops so maybe people didn't have them yet.
Unfortunately anticheat is still dogwater and it will stay like that until Season 4 at the very least
File: z.jpg (270 KB, 1080x1013)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
accidentally became an Echo main
>border computer boost spot is gone with the new patch
this is ridiculous lol. he's straight up cosplaying another operator
uhhh chat?
is that real?

This spot was REALLY inoffensive.
Easy to counter from the AC window, didn't give much advantage and was kinda tricky to pull off if you did it for the first time.
Changes like this is what's making this game worse. Just make the game simpler so idiots can actually play.
oh no how will defense cope their winrate will go from 70% to 69.999%
read my post again, schizo
reading comprehension of a esl jeet
Some people complained on twitter that they had to shoot something to get some visual clairty in that room, so they moved the computer
You can still climb up there but it's much trickier now
File: 🤓.png (824 KB, 798x714)
824 KB
824 KB PNG
File: vining.jpg (123 KB, 600x739)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
File: 1445433320303.png (20 KB, 483x485)
20 KB
>five games back to back with cheaters speedhacking around the map
whats the fucking point of playing anymore
>have to play 5 games of the dumb robot mode for a pack
>10 minute queues
File: 3253437.png (890 KB, 649x940)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
for sure i want to equip this shit on my stealth roaming operator cheers ubisoft
>win against a cheater
>win with a cheater
>lose against a cheater
>lose with a cheater

at first glance it seems ok, but in reality it is fucking retarded
you only get "compensated" when a cheater is detected on your team, too.
Yea is this game worth coming back to? I also quit when the aussies dropped. Mostly because of insufferable faggots like >>1351779 >>1351880 because every match was full of shitheads who would tk you for 0 reason (especially in casual which was more toxic than ranked somehow). Even worse with a stack cause then they would rotate teamkills so nobody got kicked. And I'm not talking about hilarious shit like when people would just nitro the whole team with rook.

I heard they tried to fix that by making it so after a teamkill it reverses it onto you and your whole party but I dunno if that would be enough. I also heard they raped the balance by making all the guns shit and have insane recoil and like half the operators gadgets just suck dick now but also I haven't gotten into a match in well over 3+ years and that's all just stuff I've heard online.
>because every match was full of shitheads who would tk you for 0 reason
Jynxzi brought a lot of underage retards to the game but I think most of them uninstalled I haven't seen that many recently. That said there are a fuckton of cheaters both blatant and closet. High ranks you are guaranteed to match against 1 or more cheaters. Gold is the sweet spot for decent teammates and few cheaters.

>I heard they tried to fix that by making it so after a teamkill it reverses it onto you and your whole party but I dunno if that would be enough
It does help. Intentional TKs don't happen that often but they will just find other ways to be annoying like screaming into their mic or shooting your gadgets.

>I also heard they raped the balance by making all the guns shit and have insane recoil and like half the operators gadgets just suck dick now
The game has slowed downed considerably and the game is defender sided. That said the current state is still exponentially better than early siege and there are no "bad" operators aside from possibly blackbeard who is getting a rework later this year. Even tachanka has some cool strats on some sites. They've added a lot of QoL features to the game, TDM warmup mode, and a training tools.
Shit I might come back then. I can deal with some dickhead shooting gadgets or screeching nonstop but god was a stack tking back in the day fucking annoying. You either left or just got shot instantly on round start and had to sit in the sidelines the whole game wasting your time.

I'm surpised to here that you say the game is better than early siege because I would have thought the crazy high recoil on guns and other bizzare as fuck changes would have fucked things up. Also I mean the game was basically always defender sided thanks to head glitches and pixel peeks except at like the launch of Y3 with Lion removing your ability to move or the enemy gets wallhacks combined with finka giving extra HP.

Then again early siege was basically a yager on every team along with a couple other meta operator picks.
>I would have thought the crazy high recoil on guns and other bizzare as fuck changes would have fucked things up
The recoil is higher but on the flip side sight misalignment bug was fixed and the new attachments let you customize guns further than before. There's still plenty of laser beam guns. Old reliables like the L85/MP5 are still very strong and some new ones like the Roni/M4.

>Also I mean the game was basically always defender sided thanks to head glitches and pixel peeks
Yeah no argument there. Defenders had some really bad maps though. Good fucking luck trying to defend on old hereford, house, or favela. The main thing is you don't swap sides until round 4 now so it feels really bad to get attack on some maps and it kills team morale.
Yeah at this point the cheating seriously has me fucked up about whether or not to drop the game. They are introducing some kind of tournament system next season. If this ends up being a "semi-comp," atmosphere with more stringent observation / immediate hacker penalties, I'll stick around and dedicate myself to playing more seriously with a stack. Or fuckin hell, I should put myself out there for whatever C-tier competition and teams, because at least then I know I'm playing on even ground. Regardless of the fact I'm nowhere near top-tier pro skill level.
If the tournaments are more of the same and nothing different than current state of Ranked, it's over. Ridiculous, I'll queue with top 100 Champs and even they aren't immune to encountering and losing to cheaters.
The audacity of Ubisoft to extract every penny of profit they can from this decade old game and develop terrible looking cosmetics when the core gameplay is fucked by lowkey + rage hackers.
aruni is so fucking boring why did i spend my last renown on this bitch
>setup op boring
imagine my surprise
>two people on my team with the same naming convention drop a "glhf everyone :3" in the chat
>immediately hop on Doc and Rook
fucking blow my brains out. support mains have arrived in siege
Aruni is underrated imo. Gates offer good quick-deploy intel and denial, unlimited melee destruction, MK14 / Roni. 1 Speed nerfed for a reason, everything else in the loadout is powerful.
those are fragging ops wym
i haven't play this gay game since they started adding 10 minute animation episodes every time i log in. I just close it cause it's big tranny energy animation.
you're such a fucking snowflake
>don't log in for over a week (life stuff)
>log in yesterday
>+17 RP as mmr rollback
>look at losses, find 2 matches where I got -17 recently
>look through all 10 enemies in both matches
>pretty sure it's the 10-0 from one or the 7-2 from the other, but tracker doesn't say they're banned
>nothing, whatever, probably a refund from like y4 or something, classic ubi
>look at them again today because I'm a little obsessive like that
>look at teammates this time
Turns out it was the almost bottomfrag guy who went 1-4 on OUR team in one of those matches. Looking at this encounters page, 3 of the 8 people he usually plays with are banned. He has a 95% and a 100% percent win rate with 2 of them in over 150 games.
It's also a little weird, the guy got banned 2 days ago, I got reprimanded yesterday, two other teammates a few hours after me (the amounts of RP match up so it has to be), and nobody else.
And once again, WE had a cheater and we got rp BACK???
I mean, tracker says the reason for the ban was cheating, but it could have been a boosting situation as the guy was dogshit.
The way cheaters function / act is all their own weird meta bro. To try and avoid detection sometimes they will toggle off or throw matches so their stats dampen down rather than being insanely positive. Also when people only use soft-walls, they definitely still lose gunfights from sheer retardation and lack of actual skill and IQ. Still 1-hit headshot game.
As far as the + RP rollback, probably player(s) farther back in your match history who got b&, not necessarily recent games.
File: 124354567.png (331 KB, 932x269)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
>won like 4 out of my 5 matches
wtf bros
File: 1614713129978.png (70 KB, 279x318)
70 KB
I've made it to a very awkward shitter rank where the majority of my games are being decided by which team has the better Azami roamer carrying them
>8-2 Azami topscore vs 5-4 Azami topscore
unlucky scrub, should've looked up more epic peeks on youtube
File: 12434678.png (236 KB, 820x192)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
i got 10k who should i buy as a solo queue shitter
pick anytime he's not banned and there's important hatches, or just anyone hasn't picked denial, he's a very important op, if you can figure out the shotgun all the better, but it can depend on the player
shitter op unless you're actually gigabrain
shitter op
place canisters on site doors for free winrate lmao
also same shotgun as kaid, vector's great too
jaeger but worse, better gun, gets an acog, different secondary gadget lineup, has it's uses
shitter op unless niche gigabrain, use against retard shields that don't play with their team
a different kind of barbed wire, my stack likes her a lot but I don't get it, also gets an acog

personally I recommend kaid and then goyo, keep in mind that kaid is a 3 armor fatass, but still very good

we've begun banning azami on maps where we don't play her
All are solid, depends on your play style. Imo the better ones are: Kaid, Warden, Wamai, Melusi.
Like other anon brings up, suppressed TCSG shotgun is on Goyo and Kaid. Good for deadly semi-auto shooters. I think a few have access to ACOG on SMGs, but Wamai and Melusi have the easier-to-control recoil guns.
good utility on most sites and acog mp5
Just bought this for $6 at GameStop. Any recs for a beginner?
Don't sprint a lot. Slows your gun readiness, and is loud, this isn't CoD.
One-hit headshot game, aim heads with fast fire rate / good recoil guns.
Use operator abilities, gadgets, and drones, rather than blindly sprinting at opponents and dying without using any of it. The starting operators are still used and well-liked.
Try to play with teammates. This doesn't mean sticking to their back and lining up for collaterals (bullets penetrate bodies and soft walls), but stick a few steps behind and cover flank + adjacent angles. Greater advantage having 2 guns versus 1.
You bought the game on console, I assume? Didn't know GameStop sold PC games still
Does anybody know a website where i can see the most common site setups?
this guy goes over site setups for every ranked map
I don't agree 100% with his setups but they're good enough nobody's gonna complain if you follow them.
"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege 2 is nearing completion after over four years of development. The project began when dev members were gradually pulled off the main team to start work on the sequel. Built on the Snowdrop engine, the new in-house engine that was used to build XDefiant. The original Siege's source code had significant issues, so this time we built it from the ground up with an in-house anti-cheat system.

Initially, we planned to announce it at the Six Invitational 2024 in Brazil, but due to some development hiccups, we're now on track to announce it at the Six Invitational 2025 in Boston, MA. This event will be the final Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege Esports event, transitioning directly into the full launch of Siege 2.

For obvious reasons, I can't disclose all the information I know. Only a handful of Ubisoft Montreal employees have access to the details I've shared. I'm trying to have this information leaked because I'm witnessing the game I worked so hard on struggle, and the community is losing faith. Currently, 90%+ of our team is focused on Siege 2, with almost everyone having moved on from the original Siege."
wow. an era is over...
If real it will be unplayable for about a year and if it somehow survives that and any players are left it will ultimately still be a shittier and worse performing game than now
would be epic if it was actually a new game but if it's just a engine change with all the cosmetic slop carrying over i dont care
capitaos gun is straight ass i dont know how people sing it's praises
I find it to be pretty amazing, what's getting to you?
it does 50 damage with extended barrel.
kills 1 armors in 2 hits and anything else in 3 hits.
File: 12344567.jpg (601 KB, 790x877)
601 KB
601 KB JPG
>been waiting forever for a flores headgear that isn't just a recolour of his shitty little flatcap
>it arrives
>my fucking face when
this looks so unbelievably stupid
Similar to hell let loose then.
Seems like I'll have fun.
Xbox. I wasn't looking but I wouldn't be surprised if they sold hardcopies of certain pc games. I recall buying Rome Total War from a GameStop when I was a boy.
That whole quirky aquatic aesthetic has been 90% terrible.
What is the point of Tuberao? Why would I want to make the walls a bit frosty? I don't get it
yeah in typical matchmaking without a good coordinated tricker / kaid, pretty useless. unironically better used offensively since the frost slows attackers and gives sound cue.
Kaid tricking

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