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File: pikminBloomBusDecor.jpg (726 KB, 800x800)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
Not sure what happened to the other thread, but at least we can update the OP with the most recent decor they've added to the game.

Speaking of new things, the missions they've recently added were an interesting change of pace, especially as someone that has exhausted his local area of all seedlings. Also, they are apparently adding new mushrooms, according to a recent datamine (presumably during Halloween, since they're orange and purple).

Regardless, how do you guys feel about the game now that we're approaching the 1-year anniversary?
Needs more actually gameplay, it's basically a glorified pedometer atm. Maybe they were waiting for Pikmin 4 to come out to add more interesting stuff, but we'll see I guess.
This pretty much. Not a whole lot to do other than collecting decor pikmin at this point.
Have any non-spoofers been to New York for that event, or whatever was happening in New York? Seems like an interesting opportunity, but I probably won't end up seeing these in person.
Wonder if it's any different from the blue one you get for linking your Nintendo account.
File: 3eplzl6cv7s91.jpg (368 KB, 960x692)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
Someone confirmed on leddit that the one they got turned into the blue pikmin with the Mario hat. So just another way to get it i guess.

new leaks just dropped
File: ou05ssmsv7s91.jpg (79 KB, 512x512)
79 KB
halloween mushrooms are harder but they're weak to any jack o lantern pikmin
Interesting, I wonder what they give you. Also:
>Datamine includes Pikmin 1 Year Anniversary Community Day that gives you rewards for planting Community Day flowers throughout the previous year
Now I feel even more foolish for hoarding flower nectar/petals. In fact it's almost like Niantic is trying to wring me dry of my nectar and petals.
File: pikminHalloweenEvent.jpg (3.92 MB, 2000x2000)
3.92 MB
3.92 MB JPG
Halloween event starts today bros. Are you guys excites for it? I haven't started walking yet since it's a Friday, but I hope I get some nice Jack-o'-lantern Pikmin later on.
That's gonna be fun, love the costumes.
How's the harvest going, Anons? Don't forget, there will be all-new, unique mushroom challenges starting next Monday that will pretty much require you to use Jack-o'-lantern Pikmin to complete (bad affinity for a mushroom type now does basically no damage as of September 27th).
File: jackTime.jpg (1.65 MB, 2160x1331)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
I have come to the horrible realization that I didn't redact my Pikmin locations in the previous post. Oh well, most of the people that check these threads on here are already friends with me and have my username anyway.

How many tasks have you guys done/plan on doing? I've done all 20 of the pre-mushroom tasks (plus the two weekly challenges). Another set of tasks that only give primary color Pikmin will come out starting Monday, and you will be able to do both simultaneous. Please note, if you do plan on doing all of the Halloween Part 1 tasks, the last two tasks require you to plant a collective total of 8,000 cosmos.
File: kickbydoom.png (791 KB, 1080x900)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
They weren't kidding, look at the amount of health these mushrooms have.
File: carryingYouAsIShould.png (287 KB, 660x455)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
>Have 20 maxed out Jack-o'-lantern Pikmin and 2 at decent-enough levels
>Enter in with 25.3k strength
>Takes just over 24 minutes to beat
>Get 3 stars
>Rewarded with a bunch of white grapes
>Mfw this is the first time I've ever gotten giant fruit from this game
Good event. Didn't even need a second person but someone with no event Pikmin showed up anyway to share in my wealth. I wonder if I'll be able to get 4 stars on my first large mushroom, let alone non-small mushroom, if I get 35-40 to max level.
File deleted.
This is some bullshit.
Fuck these 2 day long Halloween special mushrooms
They were all level 4 in hats with unplucked special flowers.
Im on pay as you go and I'm not going to spend it all on data just so I can plant flowers
File: 1666716586325.jpg (594 KB, 1080x1242)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
With image
Bro... You're supposed to use Jack-o'-lantern Pikmin. Even ones with no hearts have at least 600 strength compared to the 10-20 of all the other maxed out Pikmin. Did you not read the event info? (>>1020529)
File: 1666725814021.jpg (1.3 MB, 1080x2400)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
I don't have any jack-o'-lantern pikmin. The challenge to get a seedling is to plant flowers and that's not something I can easily do.
I've planted 5000 since November 2021.
Also the three mushrooms I did, didn't count towards this which would have been nice
Does anyone have a pic with the datamined Pikmin it that haven't been put into the game? I know there's still some rare variants of the barbershop/supermarket ones that aren't out yet, but i swear there was some other stuff like a electronics store one or something. Anyone know what im talking about?

The Pikmin Bloom News twitter account that used to be up got nuked from nintendo/niantic and a bunch of the older tweets are gone so i can't use it for reference.
Don’t really have easy access to a list, but here’s a few that I could find:
• Stadium
• Donut (probably bakery variant)
• Rare supermarket, bakery and convenience store
• Pikmin 3 Collab (Koppai Space Helmet)
After looking through some more, I’ve found models for ramen Pikmin, the electronic Pikmin you mentioned, sneaker Pikmin and weird sticker decor with different shapes. There are also tons of of decor for Pikmin colors that haven’t been available for that decor sitting in the code (e.g. sushi decor for purple, white, winged and rock Pikmin).
File: 1663085461921969.jpg (35 KB, 500x500)
35 KB
>Passed out before doing all 3 mushrooms yesterday
>All the challenges for part 2 and related to mushroom challenges
>Can't buy more mushroom challenge attempts
>Mfw will always be missing one Jack
Goddammit Hanke.
You have til the end of the month anon.
The plant flowers ones for Purple/Rock/White/Pink are still ongoing and the mushroom challenge ones (red/Blue/Yellow) just keep rotating between doing one mushroom two or 3 for me so far.
I was saying that I won't be able to complete all the Halloween Part 2 tasks like I did with the Halloween Part 1 tasks: >>1028666. Still don't have a red Jack though, for some reason. I saw a lot of people on Twitter somehow didn't get one of each variant for the first part even after plucking 16, hope that doesn't mean I won't get a single red.
I enjoy the fact that they changed the challenge music for the event, I wished they added more theming though, maybe changing the grass a bit?
It took Hanke 2.5 years to add weather and 6.25 years to add event-themed environments in Pokémon GO. Who knows how long it will take their Tokyo department to optimize the game to let them do that.
Update: Today's tasl gave me a red Pikmin, so I think I'm content with this event. Would appreciate if I could 4-star a Halloween mushroom at least once, though.
Haven't played since spring. Worth getting back into?
The events are starting to actually feel like events worth doing, but not much has changed overall.
>Halloween allows for 9 mushroom attempts incase you missed a couple during previous days
Based, guess I'll get to obtain all 30-something Jack Pikmin after all.
File: checkmywomb.jpg (258 KB, 1200x1200)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
thoughts? https://pikminbloom.com/news/november22-1stanniversary/
>broke the event so they had to cancel it

Niantic wtf.
I guess they did fix it but some people are still reporting problems.
File: super.png (85 KB, 332x349)
85 KB
>Beat a Halloween Mushroom with some random guy with 0 Jack Pikmin at 2am on Halloween Day, personally supplying 38k strength and beating it in 16:01
>11,520 points, get 4-star ranking and rewards
>Beat Halloween Mushroom later that day solo, supplying 41k strength and beating it in 15:01
>11,435 points, get 3-star ranking and rewards
At least I was able to get a 4-star ranking (plus special nectar from special fruit) 3 times that day due to the 9 mushroom challenge allowance, but goddamn that's some bullshit right there. Datamines do suggest that the mushroom rewards will be nerfed soon, but the difficulty will also be mildly nerfed, so maybe this was just a special farewell bonus before they rebalance mushroom challenges for recurring event mushroom bonuses.

This game is starting to feel more and more like Pokémon GO with the frequency of these events, which was probably already gonna be their endgoal since they now can just rerun the events from this year during 2023 while adding new events/new reasons to care about old event Pikmin without adding that much work to themselves. Don't know if I'd say that's a good thing for me, though, since I now have to care about two games-worth of events a few months after I started really getting back into GO. At least the amount of walking is mostly the same, though I seem to use way more data than usual, and my resources are effectively punished whenever I take a break from walking.
Anyway to farm flowers? Been playing for a while and get over 45k steps a week but never any flowers to plant. The anniversary challenge is yellow petals and I don't have shit.
File: shades.jpg (38 KB, 699x537)
38 KB
1.) When feeding Pikmin nectar, if they don't already have a flower, feed them one [white] nectar during the day time to get them to a bud Pikmin (walking during the day also turns all leaf Pikmin in your party into bud Pikmin after 10 minutes or so). Bud Pikmin give you 2 petals per nectar instead of 1.

2.) When you release Pikmin, you get 10 basic flower petals of the color of the last flower they had (shown at the bottom of its info screen). Wouldn't recommend doing in unless you've already maxed out enough Pikmin of that color you'll need for mushroom challenges at the time.

3.) Big flowers will still give you fruit from flowers other people have grown if you use plant flowers around them within 1 hour of them being grown (before the countdown gets to 21 hours 59 minutes).

4.) General Info: Once you get enough maxed out decor Pikmin, mushroom challenges will regularly give you two large fruit per attempt, at worst one, which means you'll get no less than 34 nectar for non-blue nectar (no less than 17 per attempt for one large fruit).

That's all I've got for you.
Ty for info, you're an absolute top bloke.
>tfw need blue nectar to plant
>every mushroom in the world seems to be fucking every other color except for purple

why is blue still so rare? its been like that since the game came out.
post mins
File: digthemtomb.png (226 KB, 1080x671)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
I can't complete this challenge because it doesn't count the steps I took throughout the day.
what phone do you have?
I have an android and use fitbit and then a third party app called FittoFit which transfers data from Fitbit (which is more accurate) to Google Fit. That usually adds the steps correctly into Pikmin
It took me forever to find a number sticker Pikmin, but I finally found one.
Rarest one I have so far. I've got several that need high friendship before they get decor.
it was an issue with the challenge itself not my phone or google fit, the latest update automatically completed the challenge so I got new challenges to complete thankfully.
Pikmin 3 Deluxe has been sitting in my closet for almost two years. I still haven't gotten around to playing it since I despise the original, and even the Pikmin Bloom collab is not enough to incentivize me to play it.
You can actually just download the demo to get the special backpack.

I had Pikmin 3 on the wii u and i forgot how much fun it is but damn that time constraint really stinks since i want to explore around and really study the area.
>You can actually just download the demo to get the special backpack.
I could do that, but I literally have the game with me, but I just can't find the desire to turn it on just to get an onion backpack from a game I hate.

>but damn that time constraint really stinks since i want to explore around and really study the area.
That was definitely one of my biggest issues with the game. It wasn't as big of a problem with the first Pikmin since those areas were generally pretty small and you aren't really punished for taking your time since you already know you have a fixed calendar of 30 days and also if you already know what you're in for. Pikmin 3 is often indirectly nagging you via the fruit juice system for not doing things as efficiently as possible, especially when in a world significantly bigger than either the first or second games. Really hope Pikmin 4 doesn't just rehash the old time elements from Pikmin 1 and 3, while also not making the day cycles mostly invalid like how Pikmin 2 went about it.
pikmin bloom is my first pikmin game, so when I tried the pikmin 3 demo I had fun, though I noticed that the time they offered was pretty limited despite the big second area, is the whole series like that? Should I emulate any of the games? I think I played the hey pikmin demo back on 3DS but I don't remember very well.
File: shachou.png (73 KB, 242x199)
73 KB
>pikmin bloom is my first pikmin game, so when I tried the pikmin 3 demo I had fun
Cool, glad to hear you enjoyed it!
>I noticed that the time they offered was pretty limited despite the big second area, is the whole series like that?
Not exactly sure what this means, since I don't know how much of this is related to the demo, since I haven't played that. If you're asking in general if the whole game is about crawling through a big area over multiple days, then yes.
>Should I emulate any of the games?
Unless you like precise Wii controls and have a Wii U lying about, you're better off emulating the first two on Gamecube, especially given the price those games go for (not the most popular series in the world at the time). The first one is a nice introduction to the series for players new to the game mechanics, but the second gives you enough of a tutorial for you to mostly know what you're doing in case you jump into the fray or you're not a big fan of the day mechanics. In the first game, your main obstacle is the clock, but the second game focuses more on difficult puzzles, enemy layouts and bosses.
>I think I played the hey pikmin demo back on 3DS but I don't remember very well.
Very big departure from the regular games. From what I've heard/seen, it's almost like an alt. Captain Toad that lets you do Pikmin things.
Basically for Pikmin 3 you have a in game "day" to complete your activities and explore. At the end of the day you have to be back by the ship (it may warp you over there or something but i don't remember) and any pikmin outside of your party are killed at the end of the day by the bulborbs.

Pikmin 3 is a little different from 1/2 which had a strict 30 day "time limit" before you got a Game Over. In 3, you can extend your time by finding the fruit to make the juice. One is consumed at the end of the day and i believe if you find every single fruit in the game you can have a max of 99 days on the planet, but i think you'd probably wouldn't need more than 30 if you're just doing normal stuff and working on the story.
It's a fun game
File: thisCantBeReal.jpg (75 KB, 547x692)
75 KB
>Plant 35k flowers in 12 days
Don't intend to sound like a bitch, but we just hit the freezing temps in the US. The next couple days probably won't be too bad, but I know it's gonna go below 20 next week, so I pretty much have to dump and restore all my stored up flower petals in the middle of my finals studying crunches to get all three of these Pikmin that probably won't come back unless they bring them back during every collab.
Flower planting sucks ass. Everyone loved the halloween event because it was just fighting the mushrooms. flower planting though isn't accurate half the time.

the planting needs to be reconfigured based on steps, not physical distance. because like what if you're working out inside all day or something?
That's kind of not the point of the game though is it, like Pokemon Go you're supposed to be going outside to play them, not walking around your house.
File deleted.
>Still have to plant 18k+ flowers
>Weather has begun to enter below-freezing range
There are still a couple warm days ahead, but I don't have much optimism that I'll make it when I have finals, a final project + presentation, and a pre-final exam to study for.
File: itsOver.jpg (9 KB, 498x378)
9 KB
*Meant to post this
Its a pay2win pedometer if that makes sense.
While I do like the fact that I no longer have to scroll all the way to the right to get to the "All" tab, the fact that it's new bothers me aesthetically. Also I got the Charlie Pikmin back on Friday and never posted about it; it was pretty warm that day.
File: ze2yediwfi4a1.png (755 KB, 720x769)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
New datamine is out lads
>Can now boost pikmin past 4 hearts to get stronger power
>new holiday post card/stamp pattern
>2023 Event; plant 2023 flowers (???) to get Pikmin wearing 2023 glasses
>you can give nectar to pikmin right from the mushroom battle screen
>New "mitten" decor Pikmin
>Santa and Snowman hat/costume in shop
>Mushroom ticket to join another mushroom battle after you've done your 3 daily ones
>"special" mushrooms have been update; Fire Mushroom can only be fought with Red Pikmin, Water only Blue and Crystal only with Rock
File: worriedLaughter.jpg (9 KB, 236x226)
9 KB
>>Can now boost pikmin past 4 hearts to get stronger power
Cool, not like I've already spent months getting tons of surplus Pikmin to 4 hearts or anything. Hope getting 40 Pikmin to 8 hearts isn't as tedious as getting Pokémon to lvl. 50.
There's a community day tomorrow... I don't think I'll be able to get tomorrow's badge since they announced a day before the event.
Technically it was in the in-game news a week ago, but they probably should've been more vocal about it.
File: 199.jpg (17 KB, 475x339)
17 KB
>end a super short time frame planting event, requiring you to plant 35K flowers the day before community day
It seems like they’re trying to get people to burn through their flower petals since a lot of players (including myself) have been stockpiling thousands per type from the weekly flower challenges. I’m personally not gonna use more than the normal flower petals (the October and November events made me burn through all my thousands of stockpiled, normal flower petals) outside maybe cherry blossoms since those are the easiest rare flower to propagate in the game.
File: newMushrooms.jpg (30 KB, 540x470)
30 KB
>Small mushrooms now take 10 hours to beat
I mean, I guess it doesn't matter now that mushrooms only care about team strength instead of beating it in the shortest possible time, but Jesus Christ that's a ridiculous amount of time for, at best, one fucking plum.
File: 9000hours.png (415 KB, 578x552)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
i got the update last night and was able to send them off before midnight. shit fucking sucks

10 hours later i get a whopping 6 nectar each from the small fruit i won.
by the way, this is with a 36 man team of 4 heart Pikmin, all with a regular flower. I don't think the special flowers will matter as much when it takes 10 fucking hours now for a small mushroom.
Jesus Christ, I've spent something like 50 nectar on this fucker a d I haven't even reached one golden heart. Why did they have to make this power creep shit mandatory just to hopefully be able to solo small mushrooms again?
I thought i saw that using special nectar would get it to about a 1/4th of a gold heart. Maybe they rolled that back from the initial launch
are there pikmin that can eeee
TIL that fruit retrieved from mushroom challenges (probably in general) that have a shining special effect give rare flower nectar. Probably should've realized this a while ago, mainly when they made mushroom challenges no longer give guaranteed rare nectar, but I've never had much of a chance to compare these two types of fruit next to each other since rare nectar hasn't been particularly common since that change.
File: sadLight.jpg (5 KB, 351x278)
5 KB
>Keep doing daily mushroom challenges with the one mushroom near my house, hoping something good will finally spawn
>Normal Crystal Mushroom finally spawns
>My best team would go in with at least 4500 strength
>Mfw need 9900 strength to get more than just an apple after 24 hours of waiting
>Mfw my 3-golden-heart Rock Pikmin suggests that my team wouldn't even exceed 6k strength if I brought 40 4-golden-heart Rock Pikmin with rare flowers
Mushroom Challenges are officially as worth doing as tier 5 raids in Pokémon GO, except even less people play outside the city and it takes a whole day to complete a single raid with pretty much all the Pikmin of that type you have. I can't believe Niantic made this game even less fun for me to play; they dare taunt me with these special nectar fruit rewards that I'll never be able to acquire, let alone ever benefit from using. Even during the Halloween event that make Mushroom Challenges trivial in difficulty, I still needed another person by default just to be able to get special nectar.
>tfw phone can't even handle pikmin bloom

God damn is this suffering.
i dont get why they keep thinking doing stuff like this is going to keep the playerbase.

Pokemon Go is a ghosttown with raids because its hard enough finding someone still playing much less coordinating them to do one.

I think i've only seen other players doing mushrooms a handful of times since the update to make them tougher. I was extremely disappointed that a very popular restaurant in town that had one sat there for 3 days with my Pikmin the only one fighting it.
File: pikprogjan1023.jpg (45 KB, 540x658)
45 KB
I barely give a shit about collecting all the 2023 glasses Pikmin. I'd rather just spend my time building up my current Pikmin.
File: blueFuckHQ.png (195 KB, 600x652)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
>New datamine dropped a couple days ago
>They're apparently going to add new colors of flower to old rare flowers, including plum blossoms
>Mfw cherry blossoms might get completely ruined as the S-tier rare flowers they are
whats new in the datamine?
File: Flower2.jpg (132 KB, 410x560)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
- New flower text:
>black colored flower, blue colored flower, red colored flower, yellow colored flower. white colored flower
- New types of flowers:
>Yellow Carnation, White Plum Blossom, Yellow / Blue Poinsettia, Dianthus and Gentian (white, red and blue variants), Anemone, Christmas Roses, Chrysanthemum (pic related, top-down)
- Models for rare Lunar New Year Pikmin added (basically the same as the other Lunar New Year Pikmin, but the decor is gold-foiled, no new color Pikmin), old Lunar New Year Pikmin should be available as invite rewards (presumably in addition to being found in the wild/claimed from quests)
- Code added for Pizza Pikmin (aka "Italian Restaurant Pikmin") and "Clover Rare Special" Pikmin (don't know how that's different from Four-Leaf Clover Pikmin)
- Skinny jeans
File: nickpanspoon.png (354 KB, 1080x920)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
post your favorite, strange, or funny postcards, censored since I can't remember if added from here or not.
I like this one.
File: 911pikmin.png (950 KB, 1080x839)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
Here's mine. A friend accidently sent the plane pikmin giving us an absolutely wonderful show
File: 20230124.jpg (106 KB, 633x592)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
File: boo_concern.jpg (34 KB, 851x771)
34 KB
>Took an hour to find these POIs because no one has ever taken control of them in Ingress
At least I now know about a weird convenience store chain that I can visit if I ever go to the East Coast.
File: 23-01-26_11-45-28-467.jpg (503 KB, 960x617)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
latest update has made the app much more smoother for me, it doesn't lag as often as it used to anymore, not sure what they did but its a good change
File: Fd8mbAXUUAEF2EE.jpg (254 KB, 1296x2163)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Do you think they'll update the game with the new pikmin types once Pikmin 4 comes out?
File: 1675617208399.jpg (155 KB, 1080x318)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Who thought this was a good idea.
I always use mushrooms to level up my pikmin but this is ridiculous
Most of my friends stopped playing because of this.
File: FoK9yWsXkAAoIQw.jpg (224 KB, 1200x1200)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
new event tomorrow
its classic Niantic "people are having too much fun, how do we fix this?"

They already nerfed the amount of hearts you get with going on expeditions/fighting mushrooms and they figured that was an easy in for selling those dumb mushroom tickets. What's funny is that people are likely doing less of them in general now; if they kept the damage/frequency you could do them before, people probably would buy more tickets so they could farm more of them.

Now its not even worth it unless there's a specific nectar/challenge going for them.

What's even funnier is that its going to be hard to have them be part of challenges too because of how long they take now, especially the large ones. I think they rewrote many of the Level requirement ones to just be generic mushroom instead of large etc. Same with event challenges that just require you to fight any mushroom.
Is a gold/Large sapling's pikmin color determined before or after you grow it? I'm not level 23 yet and want to know if I should save some so they have a chance to grow into Rocks
The worst part is that there's not much point to even improving your team by boosting your Pikmin to 4-golden-heart-tier. From what I can tell, it's impossible to exceed 3 stars with small mushroom, presumably impossible to get more than 1 star from normal mushrooms and definitely impossible to get more than 1 star from large mushrooms by yourself. It seems to be even more fixed with elemental mushrooms, caring more about quantity of Pikmin rather than friendship. Maybe things like the Shamrock Mushroom will give us a mild return--to-form with these decor events, but considering how casual everything is outside mushroom challenges, there's seemingly no reason to care about walking around with your Pikmin outside novelty.
I've noticed that with three people attacking the same mushroom, we still only get the second star. It's ridiculous
Something that I've learned recently is that flower planting in safe zones does fuck all. I assumed it would act as if they are planted but all it does is consume petals with none of the reward.
Once I get 300 unique pikmin I'll be dropping the game
if i walk in the same spot long enough will i create a massive OP garden..? i work security and walk like 15 miles a night but in concentrated areas.
No unfortunately not. I believe planting occurs on each individual "square" of the grid that makes up the world in game. (you can see the grid if you zoom in while looking at a pikmin to see where it comes from)
I hope they advertise pikmin bloom in the direct today like the last one did
File: Spoiler Image (106 KB, 382x431)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>Pikmin 4 at the start of Nintendo Direct
>Ice Pikmin (pic related)
>Literal Grub-Dog
Darn.. :( would’ve been nice to be the warden of a bountiful garden
Someone came along to help out.
All I got was 26 blue nectars.
File: 20221009_202333.jpg (18 KB, 540x540)
18 KB
>9 Valentine's Day tasks redeemed
>4 have been winged Pikmin and 4 have been white Pikmin
If I don't get rock Pikmin (and also red Pikmin, but that's even more out of my control) by the end of this event, I'm gonna lose it!
im starting to get a little tired of this bullshit every event. Its nice that they now guarantee you'll get all of them by completing every event but the randomness is still way too high.

They need to have direct 1:1 missions for these things (ie, plat 1500/3000 White Flowers for White Pikmin etc) OR have them done in the first 4 or 7 missions and then have bonus missions that reward you with something else (like the specialty fruit/nectar or a random pikmin you're missing or something

Like i get the idea is to make the event annoying so you'll pay money to get the missing nectar but its aggravating for the wrong reasons.

I wish they'd just go back to having them appear instead of the roadside pikmin for the duration of the event or a chance to find them randomly. the 10k planters they used to have for the events were shit but i don't think having something in the middle (like 3000 or 5000 steps) would be bad.
Finally got the rock present, now I just seen the red one.
File: 1675283393200079.png (98 KB, 307x307)
98 KB
>Did every weekly challenge +1 extra ticket (7 total)
>Still missing red present Pikmin
There's no way I'm getting another 30k steps this weekend with how busy I am. I guess it's over.
post your AR photos!
got 2 rock clovers in a row..bummer I love how they look wanted something different
At least they'll provide some decent power for when the green mushrooms release.
True they are nice for that
>Plant 2000 windflowers
>sprouting a new flower gives me like 5-8 windflower nectar
>regular mushrooms give me other nectar or the basic bog standard nectar

I guess maybe i'll just hold off on doing anything til the St Patricks Day Mushrooms pop up since those are supposed to give you windflower nectar
That's what I'm doing, especially since it snowed 9 inches a few days ago where I live. Without being able to farm mushrooms where I live, it's basically just luck whether or not you get white windflowers even if you only plant white flowers around the sprout due to their hybrid nature.
File: newDecorList.jpg (114 KB, 540x1454)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Post decor list.
File: bruh.png (397 KB, 600x771)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
>Did 18 green mushrooms as of yesterday
>Only one of them gave me white windflower nectar
>The other ones are all the types of rare flower nectar I don't need
Thankfully I obtained just enough windflower nectar to get all the quests from Community Day (even though it snowed), but I would've lost my mind if I were still stuck on Mission 17 until yesterday.
It's all so tiresome.
>start playing the game cause of a friend
>enjoy it, walked around a lot more than usual in the past week
>find a thread on 4chan
>huh they are talking about Halloween
>thread is 6 months old
I know why that is cause pikmin was never super popular outside Japan and it’s a mobile game that many already moved on along with /vmg/ being less active than the /vg/ counterparts but damn.
this is only our third thread since the game came out, would still be in our second one if it wasn't suddenly deleted without explanation.
>would still be in our second one if it wasn't suddenly deleted without explanation.
There was a lot of board traffic during that week, and since most of the time we don't get more than a bump per week, the thread died.
File: genuineterror.png (3 KB, 54x54)
3 KB
>near the end of a destroy green mushrooms challenge
>know that when that one's complete, i'll have to destroy more
>no mushrooms at home, so i go out and use all my mushroom tickets on green mushroome, way more than i need for the challenge i'm on
>fast forward a day
>log on again
>it shows me all the mushrooms i destroyed
>all of them at once
>and only THEN marks the current challenge as complete, starting the new one
>the extra mushrooms i destroyed didn't even count towards the next challenge
>i wasted all my tickets
here's another one, i like taking fancy pictures of em
I don't even bother with the mushroom challenges, they just give me an excess of pikmin I already have which decor category I already fully completed.
File: 1661393271772834.jpg (15 KB, 320x240)
15 KB
>Plant only blue flowers around sprout, hoping to get Baby Blue Eyes
>A cherry blossom flower (white) blooms instead
Since when was this shit a thing? Do other color flowers just have a random chance of sprouting white flowers now, or is it just normal flowers and cherry blossom flowers?
File: 168069593844869531.jpg (187 KB, 1440x1152)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
pikmin jumpscare
I'm curious my fellow Bloomers;
what do you think is the best way to do a seasonal event?

So far we've had:
>Christmas 2021 (Roadside Pikmin all have seasonal decor now)
>Lunar NY 2022 (10K Seeds which only appear after you finish growing one)
>St Patricks Day/Earth Day 2022 (Four Leaf/Forest Pikmin more common during event)
>2022 Chess/Fingerboard Events (Huge Seedling could be found/100 Step Gold Seedlings for doing event missions)
>2022 Halloween (2 Part missions; Part 1 could give the bottom 4 Pikmin, Part 2 could give the top 3 Pikmin)
>2022 1st Anniversary Event (Gold Seedlings could give any of the 7 Pikmin)
>2022 Mittens Decor (Do Missions/Weekly challenges for gold seedlings for the top 3 Pikmin)
>2023 Glasses Pikmin (Find 10k seedlings or pay for specific ones in the shop)
>Lunar NY 2023 (Easy/Hard Challenges concurrently; can find previous years + New variants)
>Valentines Day 2023 (Weekly Challenges/Mission seedlings; can grow into any of the 7)
>St Patricks Day 2023 (guaranteed chance of 4 Leaf Pikmin every X missions)
>Easter 2023 (Missions/guarantee of Bottom 4 for finishing all + new Missions halfway through w/no guarantee of the top 3 for finishing them all

I think we've seen plenty enough variations in the events, but I like
>100 Steps
>missions that revolve around just planting and not a specific type (like the "Windflower" one or this new "Bloom X flowers"
>guarantee that you can actually get all of them if you finish all the missions
>able to buy a specific one in the shop either during or after the event.

I think that way everyone wins, you can easily get the specific decor if you want, or straight up buy it if you can't get it or are unable to do the missions. The one that really sucked was the Valentines one since that specifically said the date and it seems unlikely they'd run it again without changing the wording. I'm also surprised the sticker pikmin didn't come back for the winter season.
File: myGlasses.jpg (6 KB, 259x194)
6 KB
>Sunday's update was extremely buggy for the first couple days
>Bugs have become more tolerable, but my mii still can't where glasses
This is unironically hurting my interest in this game.
So that's a bug? I was wondering why my glasses disappeared.
I can't fuckin see shit
To be frank with you, I haven't opened the game outside checking daily lookbacks since the update. Thank God I already got all 4 non-primary colored egg Pikmin before this awful update.
File: saitama_ok.jpg (18 KB, 375x305)
18 KB
>collect nectar from big flowers for that one event mission
>it doesn't count towards mission completion for some reason
Thanks nigantic. But seriously, am I doing something wrong here or is the game that badly bugged? I've been stuck on mission 4 for a while because of this.
The ones for me that worked was actually planting around them and blooming them myself. Maybe it doesn't count if you didn't bloom the flower?

The mushroom challenges are bullshit. I don't think there's any way to finish them all for free without buying tickets and so far all of the mystery eggs after beating the mushrooms have given me 5 fucking basic bitch nectar
I've had no trouble with that quest regardless of who sprouted the flower. Are you guys wringing the flowers of nectar or are you guys just collecting fruit?
>Are you guys wringing the flowers of nectar
Ah fuck. I forgot that was a feature. I'll give that a try next time I'm near a big flower. Thanks for helping my dumb ass out anon.
I recently got a new phone which means that I am finally able to actually play games and apps now. I've been getting back in to Pikmin Bloom but it appears that every single area of interest around me is now gone. Used to be I had quite a few mushroom raids and big flowers for me to plant, now there's only 1 mushroom and nothing else. I guess they changed the location of things? All the mushrooms and flowers where located around my local schools so idk if there was any news about them changing things due to these consernse, but now my walks are VERY VERY boring and I don't know how else to complete these chalaneges and quests since I can't find anything. Is there a map that shows the current location of big flowers and mushrooms? Or is there any links to news about why they made changes to flower locations? I don't want to missout on any content and I enjoyed watching those big flowers bloom.
No such thing for bloom exists, only thing that might be helpful would be a pokestop map finder on google since those things usually convert to flower buds or mushrooms.
Damn. Anywho I found my answer. Apparently they have a new policy where they don't want points of interest near schools anymore.
File: glassesOn.jpg (11 KB, 240x240)
11 KB
>v68.0 fixes glasses bug, among other things
I will now go back to playing your game, Hanke.
File: 168161411002771811.jpg (431 KB, 1436x2435)
431 KB
431 KB JPG
Excited to see what challenges they'll offer, since I've already gotten the community badges. Too bad I'll never get the very first badge ever.
the first community day badge was the one with the niantic ship which they're going to have available during this event.

The only other one before this was the Beta tester badge which..yeah you won't ever get that.

There was also one for the Sapporo Tour they just had last weekend so most of the entire playerbase is missing that.
there was a beta test for this game? man i really missed out by not adopting earlier
File: Bloom_badge_beta.png (238 KB, 468x397)
238 KB
238 KB PNG
yeah i think i remember seeing something about it originally but i never got the invite. it was a closed beta so you had to be chosen
Didn't you have to be in Singapore or something to participate?
File: goyvril2.png (1.43 MB, 1000x748)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Why isn't anyone sharing their friend code?
Just started today, here's mine:

Uh, here's an invite code too I guess:

>May Community Day is the day after Tears of the Kingdom
>its for two days though

Thats really strange? Is there a tie in? Its unfortunate they went after the datamining guy on twitter but i see someone occasionally posting about datamines. Anything interesting coming up?
>>Tears of the Kingdom
Don't care.
>>its for two days though
>Thats really strange? Is there a tie in?
How should we know?
>Its unfortunate they went after the datamining guy on twitter but i see someone occasionally posting about datamines. Anything interesting coming up?
The datamine Discord is still going strong:
Most of the stuff that's been uncovered recently are just upcoming event tasks and more stuff for people to buy (including sneakers that give a sneaker decor Pikmin mission). They've added seemingly finished models for Bridge Pikmin (pretty similar to Mountain Pikmin), and it seems like the golden shirt 1.5 year anniversary challenge will be to plant 3000 flowers each for the recent 5 community days and walk 10k steps.
File: seenSomeShit.jpg (23 KB, 640x356)
23 KB
>Open Pikmin Bloom right before Pokémon GO Community Day Classic
>Apparently need to plant 5k Baby Blue Eyes for 1.5 anniversary
>Only have 300 petals
>Decide to plant them while I walk around with friends
>They keep stopping to catch Swinub
>Eventually leave them behind to make laps around local parks
>Mfw only got 3k flowers planted with those 300 instead of at least 4k because of them
Thank God they reduced big flower time to 6 hours. Also thankfully I only have a scarcity of Baby Blue Eyes.
File: 168253925554513651.jpg (98 KB, 1440x1757)
98 KB
If this mf ain't a yellow easter pikmin I'm offing myself it's the only one I'm missing
sent ;)
my friend code is
0351 6253 4553
>finally get back in to game.
>rains all week.
Who else has a @ symbol pikmin
File: 1655230740084898.gif (3.74 MB, 600x580)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB GIF
How gay would it be if I printed up posters of my QR code and put them up around my neighbourhood?
6/10 on the gay-dar, especially since almost no one wants to play this game with other people in-person.
File: FxvkC3hXgAENS6e.jpg (61 KB, 1080x1024)
61 KB
I have obtained a total of 2 Pikmin from the roulette wheel after something like 40 attempts across May and now June.
I found a great site to use in case you want to find a specific place to get a decor pikmin, there's only three "sweetshops" in my city so no wonder I haven't gotten a single one, though most are considered bakeries or cafes instead for some reason.

based, thank you anon
So is the whole reason the skateboard pikmin not lasting a full month is just because of the chess pikmin?
This is going to kill my OCD
I mean there's no real worldwide holiday during the summer the app needs to celebrate the whole month for. I noticed that the chess event lasts from June 22 to July 20ish, so no 4th of July event.
I'm really hoping we get Ice and Glow Pikmin in Bloom.
Maybe you can only find green seedlings at night?
File: 168787333491811385.jpg (555 KB, 2000x2000)
555 KB
555 KB JPG
I will now play your demo.
They’re gonna have to program in a day-night cycle before they do something like that.
Now that pikmin 4 is on the way I’m getting back into this game. Used to post here a bit. Username was dadswrath if anyone remembers.


Friend code above
>Still on friends list
Hey man, been a while. Here's a tip on all the new content you may have missed:
Mushrooms are now way harder than they used to be, Pikmin can now effectively gain 16 more hearts (4 gold hearts), certain decor is now good for mushrooms during relevant events, and event ui has been dressed up a bit (I'd argue for the worse, stupid roulette wheel...).
Seems like some stupid changes. Glad the new decor pikmin look good though
File: 168848040984145142.jpg (226 KB, 1200x1200)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Pikmin 4 decor, the new pikmin types still haven't been confirmed to be added.
>it's basically a glorified pedometer atm
yeah and that's why I like it. This is a REAL walking game and I like that I'm rewarded for it with cute little decor pikmin. Just got a Rock Pikmin that's wearing a little bag of cookies. Cutest shit I've ever seen
File: I enjoy.png (181 KB, 500x916)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
based post, I've lost 30 pounds playing this game
Good work anon :)
File: 1689017625465.jpg (32 KB, 690x690)
32 KB
Played a bit during release but never got into it, started playing again recently and find it more enjoyable now. FC is 5874 4935 1035 if anyone wants to add.
Hey why wouldn't it be counting my steps when the app is closed? I've got all of the stupid bullshit turned on in the app settings.
is it synched to your Google Fit? (Im not sure how it works on iphones)

I use a app called Fit to Fit that transfers data from my Fitbit to Google Fit, which reflects in Pokemon Go and Bloom.

I have had problems with Fit before and usually uninstalling/reinstalling the game fixes it. You could also try logging out and logging back in.
File: IMG_1731.jpg (487 KB, 750x1200)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
>wonder why my Chef seedling has a grayed out icon despite me having all of the Chef hats
>turns out shiny Pikmin were added some time ago
Coming back to this game and seeing these random surprises is fun
Damn, that's pretty neat. Looks like it's only the og color chef pikmin for now but hopefully they add some more in over time.
How the fuck is this thread dead, Pikmin 4 is releasing today
I just started the game, wtf is the point of this aside from a step counter?
Collecting pikmin and sending them to die to the mushrooms.
>Game sucks
>No Ice Pikmin
>Same exact game loop for over 20 months
I hit max decor badge months ago.
I hate the damn roulette, never get the gold seedling. I'm convinced that it's not really 1 in 6 and there are hidden odds. I could just be a lucklet...
The game is dissapointed, nintendo just put effort in mario and zelda, a shame
File: IMG_3478.jpg (684 KB, 1283x2492)
684 KB
684 KB JPG
I just hit 35k steps in like 4 days of playing when do you unlock the mushroom
Level 15 I believe
File: pikminW.png (19 KB, 488x323)
19 KB
Had a sensible chuckle thinking this one up
File: 169018455409869041.jpg (621 KB, 2699x2699)
621 KB
621 KB JPG
Got max players plus one on a mushroom today, first time playing with five others, very rare encounter.
File: 1691002934329.png (503 KB, 1080x2400)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
>tfw phone can't handle pikmin bloom becaus it's so fucking shit.

Never buy an LG phone. For some ungodly reason they made it so that you can't transfer app data to an external SD card without pretty much hacking your phone so I'm fucked on all my games till I get a new phone.
Didn't they stop making LG phones like 3 years ago? Time to upgrade dude.
I ususally just do the cheapest option since I mainly just use my phone for calls and pokemon Go. I saw it was super cheap and I didn't realise till now when I have even less money to spend.
I'm gonna start this game tomorrow in the morning, do I need more people to do anything?
Having extra people isn't necessary to make progress in it but having more people in your area will mean being able to bloom buds faster and get better rewards from mushrooms.
You're actually in luck because they just pushed an updated in the last week that greatly sped up early progression so you should be able to get access to all features pretty quickly.
Also, as a point of advice for a new player, you should make sure to start using the radar once you get it because unlike the other items in game, you get a free recharge once a day which lets you get a few expeditions and a guaranteed seedling for one of the decor types around you.
Besides that, just keep in mind that unlike something like Pokemon Go this is moreso a pedometer that happens to have some gameplay rather than a game that happens to have a pedometer. You won't get much out of checking up on it constantly so just start planting flowers when you plan on going out and check up on it once you get back to see what you got.
Have fun and good luck on collecting plenty of Pikmin.
Set up a private area around your home or work, sometimes you'll forget you're flower planting, when you close the app it keeps planting and it'll let you know you're planting in your notifications tab.
File: piks.jpg (190 KB, 590x1280)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
thank you for the info, the game is pretty comfy at the moment. Will try to walk for the weekly mission this weekend and see if I can get a pikmin from the mahjong event too.
Finally got a new phone but I need a new sim card and have to wait till Monday to go get it. Can't wait to get back in to Bloom.
how do I get 4 hearts fast?
Heart nectar, you get it by completing weekly challenges.
How's everyone's luck been with the latest event so far?
Managed to get 4 types from my first 6 seedlings, so I'm feeling like I might be able to get the full set.
I'm personally just glad it's going better than the last one, considering I only managed to get three fucking decor types in a total of 12 seedlings.
7 seedlings = 5 differents. Missing blue and rock for now. This is my first event and just finished the 2nd "full circle" of the event, how many more missions I have available?
I got lucky with 5 of my 6 seedlings giving me different ones with one dupe yellow. I'm just missing red and blue now.
File: 169279019867714801.jpg (199 KB, 1549x955)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Gamescom is getting exclusive decor pikmin... I'm tempted to spoof my location to get them...
Question about expiditons: Lets say at 10am I do a route and then at 10pm I do the same route. Will items still spawn in places that you've already walked for the day or will I have to choose a new route?
Bros, this event has been slowly eating up my supply of legacy weekly challenge sunflowers. I'm down to only 700 sunflowers now!

Not sure how that works exactly, but I'm pretty sure if stuff appears in one area you've walked, you're less likely to get any stuff from that same area in the same week. At least that's been my experience.
I asked reddit as well so incase anyone was woundering: items appear at random when walking so if you do laps around a park for 2 hours you will find a lot of stuff. Spawn is not effect by time or anything so as long as there are open slots for items to spawn there will be a possibility though they do not know the percentage of spawn rates.
Here is my general loot from a day of doing laps around the place I work. It seems that the more crowded it becomes the less likely items will spawn, specially for fruit. So if you do do laps around an area make sure to pick up everything if you plan to do more or go back.
File: 169341972588658598.jpg (365 KB, 1536x2048)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
From nintendo live
I just took a 2 hour walk but only a few of my pikmin turned in to bud. I tried switching them out but for some reason the game didn't switch till I stopped planting flowers. Am I missing something? I thought walking effected all pikmin you had.
File: BulbFetishist.png (24 KB, 727x301)
24 KB
With it about to end I still have 1 more seedling left to grow but i'm missing 2 from the set
File: 169400786680784407.jpg (257 KB, 2699x2699)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I was sending postcards and I noticed that all my friend's miis did this...
>need to plant 1500 red spider flower
>have 18 nectar
>no red mushrooms anywhere near me.

Fuck this game.
I think it's nice that the new flowers they're adding help to more evenly spread out nectar rewards so you don't hit the caps as easily, but making them the monthly missions fucks over challenge progression since you have to start collecting nectar from scratch and pray that you get enough of the type you need.
Even worse, this latest challenge has fewer missions per stage which means less opportunities to get seedlings over the short window.
It's really started sucking all the fun out of getting these special decors because it's pretty apparent they're trying to sandbag your progression to get you to spend money on it.
Looking for friends to do weekly challenges with. I play everyday. Please respond.
sent you a request

Added. Should I invite you to challenges or will you invite me?
You can invite
How much have you guys spent on this game? I started in June this year and I've maybe spent 80$. I know that's whale tier, but this shitty game is the only thing that motivates me to leave my apartment to get active and touch grass.
9 dollars apparently, starter pack, petal boost, and event ticket.
I've been playing since launch so maybe 100 bucks total. It's all just been storage upgrades and I have enough to where I can easily rotate the basic colors each day, so one day I spend all petals of X color while refilling nectar for Y.
>any other color mushroom
Here's 18 of the special flower nectar
>blue/purple mushrooms
Fuck you; you get 3 blue and 1 special
What world do you live in where mushrooms give special flowers? Even when I 3 star a small shroom I get fucking nothing.
After an update a month or two back, ever mushroom is guaranteed to have at least one of the rewards be a special nectar
The issue is getting lucky with having the largest fruit be the one chosen, on top of the rng of how much nectar the fruit gives
Halloween Event news https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/oct23-halloweenevent/
New costumes? Sounds good to me
>Invite anons to flower challenge
>Everyone joins
>Invite same anons to steps challenge

how are your upgrades? max pikmin cap, flowers, etc
Sorry man, we all do 100k challenge not the 30k one.
I always solo the 30k steps challenge.
I'll do 100k next week then
Shout out to this guy who whips out his giant flower cock week after week, planting over 20k in 2 days and mogging the competition.
I think wish they would introduce harder weekly challenges. 100k steps can easily be beat with 2 people and not only is there only 1 flower challegn but it's also piss easy to do by yourself. I understand the game is supposed to be casual but it's also a fitness app so I think that giving a bit more push would be benifitial to both people's health and the game having more depth and challenge.
>remote raid passes

Thanm fucking god.
Yea it was the one thing I was wishing they'd had when I started playing in July because there is no one else in my area to do mushroom with
I wish we could add players that join in on mushroom fights, there's this one guy in my area besides myself that I always find fighting mushrooms or see that he has left a trail of flowers behind.
Same. I finally found someone and I can't add them. Can't you add people at gyms in pogo?
Good deal or scam?
If you play the game a lot and care then I'd say it's worth it.
That only seems good if by completing the 4th stage you are missing 1 decor and none of the golden/huge seedlings want to give you that last one. Doesn't seem all that worthwhile
>send walking challenge out
>Realize I did 30k steps again instead of 100k
My bad
File: 169628305774677412.jpg (262 KB, 1440x2808)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
huh... looks like a friend used their raid help thing on me, happy to help out at least.
Since they added the Mushroom call it seems like a good idea to get more friends for the game so gonna drop my Friend code/Qr
Adding mine as well. I play daily so please ask me for help cause I really want the halloween stuff.
That's the biggest issue with all these AR games, and specially Natic ones. They are made for Japan/cities so anyone outside of them are fucked. Pokemon Go is the only game that doesn't really have this issue, but you'd think for Bloom they would have made this more friendly to people in less dense areas, specially since they advertise the game like that. I get these games are about going outside and interacting with people but when you literally can't do half of it then there is no point.

Kind of. So like >>1115141 said the world is divided in to squares, I'm not sure of the exact details on how it works since you do still get points for the spaces you plant in the square. From what a reddit thread said, your squad is like a pain brush and the bigger the squad the bigger the brush. Either way, you generally can not plant in the same area for 5 minutes. walking the same trails or planting in the same area will give you a nice thicc patch of flowers so yeah, if you do walk in the same spots a lot you will start to see it grow really dense, however if you didn't know flower trails don't do anything aside from look pretty.
Manditory if you care. The extra nectar is pretty much needed because all the missions now do the bullshit of requiring you to plant flowers that aren't in season.
>tfw no one asks me to help.
cuz u smell
File: 1688162626430965.jpg (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
Completely forgot this thread existed for a couple months. Seems like some of the people I added a while ago still play the game. Hope you bros had a fun Community Day.
I worked for most of it, but I did get the badge.
I wish they would have a marker on last time played. with the global raid update it's become really hard to see who is and isn't playing.
Easy to tell, I have too many friends added so each Wednesday I remove any people who I don't recognize and aren't in a challenge, in the friends option it tells you if a person is in a weekly challenge or not.
Do giant mushrooms only appear during weekends or community days? One of my nearest ones turned into a normal one despite being a giant one yesterday, I was saving it till today :(
The Halloween sky is gone too, so maybe they're both weekend only?
Giant Mushrooms are only appearing on the weekends through the end of the month. So 14 + 15, 21 + 22 and 28 + 29
I really hope they increase the amount of Big Flowers. I know people who don't live in cities are just fucked but it's the only major mechanic I have to go out of my way to find.
Not gonna happen cause the game is tied to where pokestops are, and since big flowers also have areas where you are supposed to plant it seems like they tried to place them so that there was as little overlap as possible.
Yea I know it's never going to happen. The issue with my area having no stops/gyms is the main reason I stopped playing GO. At least with this game you can play the game without interacting with the Big Flowers.
>people call on me for help with mushrooms
>Used my 3 tries In town early in the morning
>Feel compelled to help anyways
I have used 6 mushroom tickets like this ..
If it's for halloween mushrooms then that's fine.
File: bulborbpost.png (665 KB, 810x580)
665 KB
665 KB PNG
>destroy mushroom
>get candy again
please I just want a couple more pumpkin seedlings so I can destroy mushrooms faster
File: 169733650969946752.jpg (491 KB, 2699x2699)
491 KB
491 KB JPG
Cool, got invited to the JP event somehow through a friend.
File: RemoteMushrooms.jpg (32 KB, 598x420)
32 KB
I'm loving remote mushrooms but I end up like this every day once i've completed 3
>10 Jack-o-lantern Gold Seedlings saved up so I could sprout them all at once
>2 Purple, 4 Flying, and 4 Rock

Game is secretly a gatcha
I've only gotten 3 of them so far and two of them are dupes. I've accepted that my luck is absolute ass.
Got nothing from this btw as a NA player.
I want the cat ears but I will never get them in time
It would be nice if we could chose what we wanted to spend the candy on.
As someone who did only Halloween mushrooms this whole event the only way I can see you getting all 7 is if you use Tickets because i'm not even close to finishing 5
THERE ARE 7 ITEMS???? god... can you post the 6th and 7th item? I think I'll get the cat ears but yeah I can't see myself getting the last two unless they keep giant mushrooms around after the weekend.
File: PikBloomHalloweenItems.png (221 KB, 904x442)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
Bat Wings and Pumpkin Head.

Was on the blog post for Halloween when I was looking to see if there was something past 5 because I could potentially get the 5th if my mushroom luck isn't terrible but yea you'd have to use all your mushroom tickets this weekend and you'd probably wouldn't get to 6
Yeah I ain't getting the wings or the pumpkin mask, fuck me... At least I got the previous 5 things. I hope they don't pull this kind of thing for Christmas, I don't have enough play store credit.
File: 169802614025166429.jpg (113 KB, 1035x1133)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Hey guys I went to the doctor today and apparently I'm down 20 pounds since may and that's when I started playing Pikmin bloom. Thanks for getting me into this
File: damnyellow.png (950 KB, 1799x1015)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
holy shit, thats actually really great man. congrats.
>final Giant Halloween mushroom destroyed
>get pumpkin seedling
fucking finally
I completed my catalog of both jackolantern and treat Pikmin today, jelly?
I did it weeks ago and have like, tripple of both.
Completed Treats but missing a White jacko. Meanwhile 7 Flying pumpkins
Got them all within the first 3 days
File: NovemberEvent.jpg (657 KB, 1200x750)
657 KB
657 KB JPG
I lucked out by having one of the few people in my area who played had a Halloween mushroom up still and it had my last Jacko
Is it safe to delete all of my old event pikmin or do they recycle events? I have waaay too many mahjong ones
The Jack-o-lantern pikmin were last year's Halloween so if we get another Mahjong event they will be useful for the event mushrooms. I'd personally get rid of duplicates of non events before i'd think of releasing any events.
File: 169854045199330690.jpg (64 KB, 642x585)
64 KB
New record, me included.
At the point all my decor categories that are near me are just 1 pikmin left and I can't roll the one seedling I need for any of them
Battery Pikmin are here! https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/nov23-batterydecor/
I wonder if we will get more 1 type only decors
Tried out the new "with Anyone" option for challenges. Set up the 100k walked before I went to bed and got matched with JP players so i'm halfway done
File: EdppZ59VoAIeeW5.jpg (139 KB, 900x1273)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Community Week begins November 27th and ends December 3rd https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/nov23-communityweek/
File: 170083581834629970.jpg (76 KB, 1436x915)
76 KB
Reggie reference?
File: sickbob.jpg (42 KB, 400x307)
42 KB
>Been traveling for five days to meet up with everyone in the family for Thanksgiving
>Definitely got some sickness from going to my sister's football game for senior night (could also be the 4-6 hours of sleep per day as well)
>Now I gotta walk around for a whole week right when the freezing temperatures are rolling in just to get another exclusive digital shirt
After day 1 I'm around 2/3rds of the way through part 2. Thankfully I'm not too busy this week, but this is still something I've been dreading since I got the 1.5-anniversary gold shirt. I really want those shirts though, especially since at least half of all my puzzle Pikmin for 2021 and 2022 have been purples, so I wasn't able to complete either of them.
File: Jessie Pikmin.png (47 KB, 193x258)
47 KB
Update: It took me three days and a lot of walking (it got me to lvl. 81), but I got it.
>get laid off
>work shitty dead end security job.
>sit in car all day doing fucking nothing.
>decide to walk the lot cause nothing else to do.
>everyone is cool with it. Still doing my job.
>some higher up comes in and sees me walking.
>No longer allowed to go on walks.
>Tablets, laptops and anything not a book or phone also banned.
>already know I'll be writen up for it.
>Literally nothing has happened in the almost year I have worked for this company.

All I want to do is fucking walk and now I'm being driven to acts of mass murder.
File: Winter Pikmin.png (3.6 MB, 1920x1080)
3.6 MB
3.6 MB PNG
The upcoming Holiday Event will feature the Mitten and Winter Sticker pikmin https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/dec23-mittendecorevent/
File: Fairy Light Pikmin.png (3.99 MB, 1920x1080)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB PNG
Fairy Light pikmin and electric mushrooms are now here! Electric mushrooms have a boosted appearance rate for the next three weekends (ends Dec 24th) https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/dec23-fairylightsdecor/
I haven't been playing this lately, I'm sorry bros
It always feels strange when there's no event going on besides the weekly mission. Managing nectar and flowers just isn't something that you naturally do.
One just started an hour ago lol, get those cookies now!
What does everyone think of the new "Plant flowers to get event tokens" that they are doing now? Personally I love it a lot better. Halloween was fucking ass trying to get candy or nectar.
It's certainly better than just being reliant on mushroom challenges, which I often forget to do all of them by the end of the day.
Im not much of a flower planter since my job's building is like a dungeon and the game doesn't pick up me actually moving there which only leaves weekend as planting time.

Mushrooms are easy to hit i felt so i liked that more. I suppose they probably get more out of people buying the nectar to plant VS buying tickets to go after mushrooms.
It's a nice incentive to plant, but I do still think it's a bit hard to complete each mission.
x3 bullhorns is so nice I hope they make it permanent or at the very least make it standard for all event going forward
I feel like it's a lead-up to extra bullhorns being sold in the shop.
File: Snow Decor.png (3.04 MB, 1920x1080)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
Snow Decor pikmin are here! https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/dec23-snowdecor/
"From now on, on days when the weather forecast in your area is snowy, you may be able to find seedlings for Snow Decor Pikmin, which are limited to blue and white Pikmin only!"
Does anyone have the rewards list for completing the missions? I'm at 9 atm but there's 11 left and I already think I'm not gonna make it.
I found this image
Oh... I guess I'll get all the mii stuff at least that's all I care about.
File: 170195411763150482.jpg (371 KB, 1440x1788)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
official twitter featured me yay
File: broImDying.png (324 KB, 527x470)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
>Been playing since day 1
>Am over lvl. 80 (could be close to lvl. 90 if I planted flowers more frequently)
>Got a bunch of new friends from the weird Japanese walking challenge
>They often invite me to mushroom challenges
>The vast majority of them have stronger squads than I ever do, regardless of level
I can't tell if it's because I play the game too casually nowadays or if it's because I haven't been grinding/using special nectar as much as I should be.

Congrats bro, you've finally reached peak-Bloomer status.
I had saved up all my extra detectors for this vacation and ended up getting 7 yellow seedlings in a row (one I already sprouted) not pictured are 3 huge seedlings
Merry Christmas PIkminbros!
sent u a gift ;)
god, i love pikmin bloom
Merry Christmas to all fellow captains and to all our Silly little plant dudes
File: Pikmin 2024.png (3.97 MB, 1920x1080)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB PNG
Start 2024 right with the New Year Event! https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/jan24-2024glassesdecor/
It looks like they're going to stick with the event-specific collectibles (candy, cookies, etc.)
thank you for posting fresh news, anon
I try to do my best to post the news as it pops up in the app.
File: January Cattleya.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
The new January flower is the Cattleya! https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/jan24-flowerforecast/
Community Day will be held January 13th and 14th.
I need new mii costumes NOW.
What's the point of gathering various kinds of flower nectar if they keep introducing new flowers to be the flower of the month?
Rare flowers still give the biggest boost for mushrooms. Or just save them for next season.
File: BulborbStare.gif (51 KB, 128x128)
51 KB
I'm not doing shit for damage on these mystery shrooms. Is that kind of the point? Not knowing what to go in with?
Yeah, you can't really do much damage to them until you have a couple of the decor pikmin that are good against them. I just use the first 40 pikmin I have on standby against them.
Holy shit I hate that they reverted the daily bullhorn count so much.
I was having so much fun sharing large mushrooms with the people I'd added through weekly challenges, and it feels so awful having to go back to hoping for randoms to stumble onto them to not get jack shit for rewards.
Why does Niantic have to keep being such greedy faggots and ruining the most enjoyable aspects of the app?
They should give you one a day and max out at 3, letting them roll over to the next day. Kind of like a login reward

That way you're still giving players some decent reward and encouraging them to interact with their friends/community more (and opening the fomo door of buying more bullhorns)

The 5 generic nectar a day is fucking nothing. With all the mushrooms I do from events and constantly bringing back fruits, I haven't needed regular nectar in probably close to a year now.
The worst part about it is that it's not even to encourage whales since you can't even buy more horns.
It's literally just to fuck over people that were starting to socialize with the new features that they added and gimp mushroom rewards (coincidentally during an event where mushroom health is excessively inflated and the required decor pikmin are in a shortage)
If they were just trying to stop people from immediately filling up mushrooms with their friends, it would make sense to either have the horns start at 1 and gain up to 3 from planting flowers, or starting with 3 and having it so that the amount of people you can call increase based on how long the battle has been going for.

As for the normal nectar, I know that feeling. The best piece of advice I can give is that you should just use it to feed your pikmin 5 times for the friendship bonus.
It'll get you plenty of gold hearts if you do it consistently, and fruits are so common you'll just end up getting it all back anyways if you go outside with any regularity.
File: purple power.png (70 KB, 326x248)
70 KB
Is there any actual point to setting Privacy Zones or do they just exist to quell people's paranoia?
I'm pretty sure there's easier ways to figure out someone lives in a house than a bunch of flowers in Pikmin
File: All about me.png (1.91 MB, 1170x1451)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB PNG
January's Community Day starts on the 13th! https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/jan24-communityday/
As an aside, I have no idea how most people are going to do this in my area with the expected high being 10°F/-12°C for both days.
Just walk around your house. It still counts steps, just not planting flowers.
File: file.png (542 KB, 649x788)
542 KB
542 KB PNG
it started
my bad, just noticed it's gonna start tomorrow
File: file.png (935 KB, 653x785)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
hurry up
If community day lasts for 2 days why not just make the steps fucking carry over?
It's weird because they did that once and then never again
File: file.png (23 KB, 637x154)
23 KB
File: file.png (522 KB, 641x676)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
I keep getting dupes of the glasses. It really blows the wind out of my sails when every single one is a repeat.

What *should* happen is the gold seedlings you get for each stage should be one specific color (or you a choice) so that you can possibly fill in by getting lucky on the gacha spin.

You'd probably still have most people trying to get more anyways so they can get better scores on mushrooms.

I'm not really a big fan of the "fight mushroom for new item" thing they've been doing, but I don't know of a different system thats any better.

Pretty sure our next event is the St Patricks Day mushrooms with the new "gold clover" variants. Wonder how that going to work out. I ended up getting every clover variant last year since it was easy to get the four leafs, but if these are "rare" like the alt Chef Hat ones, thats going to be a pain in the ass.
Got past 10k Party Poppers and the reward for past that is at every 500 after you get a Gold Seedling.

I have no idea why we couldn't have had Gold Seedlings before 10k in between the ugly clothing i'll never use
I know that feel
In every event up till now, I've always gotten fucked over with 6/7 types
I think that the events have gotten better in some ways and worse in others
The collectible currency in the Halloween event was particularly shitty, but it's gotten better with the introduction of being to gain them through planting flowers, deemphasizing the need to hope for getting lucky on the mystery boxes to get the rewards
On the other hand, the mushrooms have gotten increasingly shittier. In the mahjong event I remember getting loaded on nectar and seedlings because of how good the event pikmin were against the mystery mushrooms, meanwhile in this latest one you acn barely get two stars with a large squad of event pikmin, which gives utterly dogshit rewards
Personally, I'm pretty sick of how the events are structured overall, particularly in the way that mushrooms are such a big timegate to their progression
While the challenges can be interesting, I think that it would be more interesting to have the events instead focus on keeping a running total of the amount of monthly flowers you've planted and giving you rewards based on it, putting a better emphasis on going outside and searching for flowers to bloom instead of forcing you to hoard petals and sit around waiting for mushrooms to recharge just for the chance of possibly rolling a seedling
You had plenty of chances of getting gold seeds within rounds though
File: file.png (580 KB, 651x874)
580 KB
580 KB PNG
File: Lunar New Year 2024.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1080)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
Get in the festive mood with Red and Gold Lunar New Year Ornament Decor Pikmin! https://pikminbloom.com/en/news/feb24-lunarnewyear/
The event will run from February 1st to February 25th, and Red Envelopes will be the collectibles.
File: 170576223563181816.jpg (299 KB, 1200x1200)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Not a fan of this, I can't afford outfits and they give boosts to those who can.
As if the high prices outfits forcing you to choose between them and upgrades wasn't bad enough, of course they're jewing out even more with this.
At least it doesn't matter as much because of how sparse and shitty the pool of rewards for the envelopes is, making the reward pretty useless, but this is probably just testing the water to see if they can go further in the future.
File: February 2024 missions.png (363 KB, 1200x1280)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
Here is the mission list
File: file.png (885 KB, 641x787)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
File: file.png (296 KB, 644x570)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
File: file.png (564 KB, 648x809)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
File: file.png (1008 KB, 651x811)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG
File: file.png (546 KB, 654x815)
546 KB
546 KB PNG
>only way to get new seedlings is from weekly quests.

finally an excuse for all those tickets!
My thoughts exactly.
I honestly don't see the point in redoing weekly challenges unless you're in a desperate need for new monthly flower petals.
And it's not like it's all that hard to get those anyways if you actually go outside, especially with community days.
File: file.png (488 KB, 592x900)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
File: coolMoreStuff.png (40 KB, 862x438)
40 KB
Can't wait for them to add one more mushroom 2 miles away from me
I started playing a couple days ago and I'm having fun, the weeklies just reset, are these two people in the lead cheating, or am I just a fat ass? They had like 10k+ when I woke up this morning
I think this is the first time in months I've ever gotten all the event decor Pikmin (outside events that only add 3 or 4 new ones, pretty sure this one added 8). I was even able to get the one Valentine's Day Pikmin I missed last year.
People live in different time zones + I got 13k steps today alone, ur fat!
File: file.png (595 KB, 644x875)
595 KB
595 KB PNG
File: IMG_0333.jpg (1.22 MB, 1125x964)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
>this thread has been up since 2022
File: file.png (462 KB, 642x561)
462 KB
462 KB PNG
File: file.png (3.98 MB, 2902x1030)
3.98 MB
3.98 MB PNG
God I just to go back to normal mushrooms. I fucking HATE these mystery shrooms.
At this point I’m sick of collecting event decor Pikmin in general. Most of the time you need a full squad of 40 event Pikmin to be capable of doing anything of substance without 4 other peo0le picking up your slack. Half the time people 20 levels under me are doing more in mushroom challenges than I am because I just don’t care enough to plant 10-15k flowers per day and/or I don’t dump hundreds of special nectar into all the latest event Pikmin each month either.
I'm also in the same page of not liking Mystery shrooms + recent events.
Mystery Shrooms are just frustrating until you get enough pikmin to get timer down to something manageable but unless you get 5 people who have all their event decors on that shroom you aren't seeing 3/4 stars and I haven't seen a Giant mushroom go past 1 star in these last events.
I've also just not been a fan of the design of the event decor in general recently.
they really seem to be pushing the cards and sticker lately.
Ice pikmin when
If I were to guess if it were to happen i'd think they would wait until the 1st anniversary of 4 to add Ice
Pikmin Bloombros, we got too cocky…
Pikmin Doom...
PNF-404 has fallen, billions must plant
pretty sure in the datamine there were even more sticker pikmin coming too so we're not out of the woods yet.

honestly i'd love them to just put a pause on new ones and start doing "events" focusing on decor. Like bringing back the ice cream event and also making it so you can find like 2 seeds near sweet shops for instance.

I really liked that st patricks day event they did i think last year or the year before that really helped to farm out and complete the clover Pikmin. I know they have gold clover ones in the datamine (maybe for this year) but just stuff like that would really help to complete some of these tougher decors that aren't common.

They also should do some kind of event for the regional (Japan) specific decor or give the US/EU some kind of region specific one.

Pokemon Go has some but they often have events where they switch them up, or make them available rarely in eggs (in this case, they could do something like trading seedlings finally being implemented or if you have someone from that region in your weekly challenge group, you can get a regional seedling.
File: file.png (558 KB, 649x785)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
File: file.png (728 KB, 593x901)
728 KB
728 KB PNG
File: file.png (480 KB, 574x846)
480 KB
480 KB PNG
File: file.png (486 KB, 642x564)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
File: file.png (3.79 MB, 2536x955)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB PNG
File: file.png (987 KB, 589x836)
987 KB
987 KB PNG
File: file.png (556 KB, 647x857)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
I can't find any secluded curry spots.
Restaurant decor sole purpose is to make sure you can never isolate certain things.

At least how it feels
File: bluePikm.png (186 KB, 320x265)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
>2023: Collect Easter Egg Pikmin
>2024: Collect BUNNY Easter Egg Pikmin
Why must they make me pad my Pikmin storage will seasonal fodder?
File: file.png (534 KB, 647x817)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
File: file.png (513 KB, 653x570)
513 KB
513 KB PNG
File: file.png (3.2 MB, 1712x927)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB PNG
was curious to see if there was a pikmin bloom thread somewhere
i like how this has stayed for so long...
>was curious to see if there was a pikmin bloom thread somewhere
>i like how this has stayed for so long...
Don’t be so happy, it’s going to shut down pretty soon
>Need to plant 2000 baby blue eyes.
>Barely get any nectar for them.

I'm still confused on how big flowers work when it comes to the flower it gives. I thought it was supposed to give an in-season flower but it always gives me the same type.

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