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File: 20231224_160242.webm (2.93 MB, 1476x700)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
Another year with spider mech daughters!
File: 20231224_215231.webm (2.95 MB, 1018x442)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB WEBM
bonus spiders
Benny is my favorite spider
cute morris
>Love the designs
>Completely filtered by the equipment system
Having to sort through the hundreds of pieces of equipment you farm makes my head spin...
it really helps to have a system/method for going through gear but even then yeah, sorting gear is pretty tedious
being able to run stage 11 for clears/dumping energy without having to worry about the gear drops is top comfy though
At this point, if I glance at it and I don't immediately think "wow that's a lot of attack/speed/etc" I just trash it
>still don't have enough trashed gold attributes to cast my good gear
I just want to min/max my mediocre sets...
File: >autumn.png (443 KB, 572x653)
443 KB
443 KB PNG
also clarice is in the shop
Also Phantom! If you still don't have your speed booster to win pvp forever now's your chance
Happy new year everyone!
File: file.png (74 KB, 710x96)
74 KB
somehow still chilling
File: file.jpg (1.42 MB, 737x5684)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
>Grace getting a MA
she still carries me through most events when I feel lazy
>hot springs
lets go
Stopped playing for a long time but I still feel happy whenever I see this game still cling on. Enjoy your game and have a good year lads.
Thanks, happy new year m80s
File: 114375447_p0.jpg (1.25 MB, 1333x2000)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
>this is it! this is the run
>it was not the run
it keeps happening
i guesssss i'll just bring ruby sirius instead of feidy, i'm spending too much time on this as it is
god that dark zone was painful
thank you meguca
File: 1612221630981.png (2.42 MB, 1267x707)
2.42 MB
2.42 MB PNG
man, are they running out of ideas for Reception Room units? 3x of the same unit name?
File: i want her.jpg (89 KB, 861x760)
89 KB
One in each flavor, just like the raid boss.

Pros: we might get sunglasses Kraken

Cons: have to wait longer for Kale or whatever the third raid boss was called
I'm glad they decided to go with releasing all the colour variants, appeals greatly to my collection autism.
>Distant Trial
new game mode!
one of the rewards is the cat orb currency so I'm definitely farming that instead of doing actual cat orb battles
>new monthly bonbon xxl
Yes, YES
>roguelite mode
okay, seems pretty fun
>collecting distant trial blessings
>one of them makes 3/4 of your team effectively out of combat, while buffing the remaining AG
>entire run is a pain because the single AG doesn't make up for the rest of the team
>final boss was even worse, because it was the shackles, who debuffs your acc, gives itself stealth, and counters on deflect
i'm never picking this dumb blessing ever again
The statue Grace got (and the event currency) is the Venus de Milo, but with wings? I don't get why it has wings.
who have you guys been using bonbons on?
mine have all gone into MA rela, mel, and feidy because i like em
but i also just realized that all the xingyaos and kraken can ONLY use bonbons so that's a terrible thought
The MAs get really big bonuses from them, it's pretty much between them and, idk, Phantom. Kraken and green-element Xingyao get status acc which is ok but not crucial. If you use them a lot then consider getting the first data linkage which has the stat bonus but also has a team buff. Otherwise, bonboning them is more of a luxury for later, if you really like them.
File: 20240124_140526.png (1019 KB, 1079x528)
1019 KB
1019 KB PNG
BIG wings
that's a lot of sexo in one image
All you can eat fried chicken
>Golden Cuddle
I did wonder about the follow-up to deep sea beacon
i should've expected the story to be just as it was, but the ending was sweet
File: file.png (844 KB, 635x635)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
i can't believe it, i actually had a dream with ma feidy
it wasn't anything special, in fact it was mostly her in her armor zooming around some ruined desert rescuing people, but it was very vividly her at least and lasted a good while
>Pepe skin
Pepe has a skin?!
damn, she's cute
wait a minute, this pavo is an alt? i thought it was just fanart
i think we're not far off from CN in terms of new characters now, but i just want the new rela
Yeah there's some kinda mini-Pavo like what happened to Shyura. I kinda assume this is the dev's response to the Pavonis skin having her boobs downgraded all the way to to flat-chested for the censored Chinese version
>supernova rela next month
thank goodness we're still hanging in there...somehow
relabros stay winning
how the fuck are we doing this? bottom of the revenue list and yet we still have a consistent schedule
File: 90124074_p0.jpg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
>rela on 11th summon
>second copy took until 230
ow, guess i should've saved harder
good luck anons
yellow element what the fuck is this
they weren't anything special otherwise though, and the rewards were the same
>Yuyi UE gives attack boost with the bonus turn
Don't mind if I do.
File: 1703508814732107.png (576 KB, 1166x1256)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
>reading her reviews
Give it to me straight, is she still alive?
well, that's complicated, but the short answer is yes
the version we have is during a particular point in the main story
I'm even more confused now.
iirc yuyi released during the events of chapter 8, but then a lot more stuff happens in chapters 9 and 10
So is she still alive after?
>KR is going into maintenance mode
File: 1666252786422103.jpg (52 KB, 364x582)
52 KB
So I saw the news that KR announced its final chapter. Is it ending EOS-style or is it final like “Blue Archive” final style that is just end of Part 1?
based on what anon posted I think the KR servers are staying open but no more content updates of any kind
>30 more shards and i could buy the last copy i needed for r6
>get her on the last summon anyways
of course
File: GJutdNDWYAA_TW0.jpg (590 KB, 1920x1080)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
File: YAMETEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.png (229 KB, 407x413)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
>haven't played in several months
>0 gems in account
>really like neps
it takes a lot of time, but the permanent event archive gives a bunch of crystals and especially tickets which you should be able to convert to collab tickets
Wasn’t the game dying?
Server merge soon..
>no rise of the cat orbs this year
what a shame
look at that, we're still getting roadmaps too
nice that MA mel got an armament
File: bnnuy.jpg (384 KB, 2320x1066)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
>nice that MA mel got an armament
Finally I can buy her that cannon she wanted
Black Heart skill preview.
Purple Heart skill preview.
so I guess it really is just black/purple heart + gear as the freebie? shame, I wanted Blanc
Surely there won't be only 2? Missed opportunity.
well here's nep
all of their kits feel surprisingly tame
>all her attacks have reduced crit damage
Weird, Burst Thunder must be a loaded debuff/effect. Nep looks ok
>we're almost(?) caught up with CN so there's only a couple banners between this and factor pavo
I don't need another healer even if she gives dodge buffs right
>all of their kits feel surprisingly tame
agree, just plain first year kit
Have they made an artbook i can buy yet
there's almost never any official uploads of art as it is
once i found an official artist who uploaded some to pixiv, but aside from that there's been some direct game rips and that's about it
hey fellas played this for a week or 2 last year or maybe even the year before (during the kaguya woo toot toot event) and really liked the story (i teared up when mel got eaten or whatever it was) but stopped because of all the things to keep track of, and because i thought the game was going to imminently EoS.
is the game in a solid place? it looks like it is just from reading this thread. if its got some more life left ill redownload it. Thanks
Oh yeah and sweep being locked behind skip tickets blows ass
Will this turn into orange ticket after the event or will it dissappear after the event is over?
if you can call minimal profits but consistent updates solid, then yes we technically are. plenty of story for you to catch up to, and event stories in the archive

they disappear, use em
green tickets are always event exclusive
Is there a vmg pacific alliance or a way to see how active an alliance is before you join it? Stuck in an old dead one atm so cant check myself
Think I'm going to make a global character and play on that from now on. Ive got 15 days logged in on this Pacific account that I started with with kaguya and chihaya (I think they're my best characters) would I be shooting myself in the foot or should I just bite the bullet
thanks for your time
by global I mean american
started playing because of this on the pacific, almost level 30, any alliance?
done with main story (walled at normal 7-10)
doing perma events for crystals now, 28 to go and 4 days left, SEND HELP
>>1453845 here, post your friends code, I'll add you
I really hope there is a pacific alliance somewhere, but if there isn't, we can play together!
Here's my social security number
Sent you the request!
File: Spoiler Image (982 KB, 1280x720)
982 KB
982 KB PNG
what an edgelord
Thats so... surreal
what do you mean? it looks like gacha
no idea how to raise or use her though
there was, once upon a time. haven't heard from any of those anons in a very long time, best of luck to you both
thanks a lot! I've already rolled a second 5-star from the green ticket gacha! best of luck to you as well!
AG basically doubled their income in march according to the mobile charts across all regions so perhaps the time for artery gear to return from the dead is upon us
Are any of the /vg/ guilds still around?
Not to my knowledge. After next Alliance Exercise ends (~3 days, + 1 day of cooldown) I'll make an alliance - someone else already seemed to be interested in it, too.

We're playing on Pacific, so if you're there, post a friend code I'll add you!
Yes. Even the leader is still active. Surprisingly.
on which server? and if pacific, can you make any open slots?
American server. I'm not even American
that's fucked up, I'm sorry to see that
good luck to all of you
If you are new, change your server. Rule number 1 when playing with vg, always pick NA server no matter where you are from. Don't be like me in Guardian Tales.
I'll stay on Pacific because the other person I met is here. He keeps logging in, so I'll trust him. If he wishes to change and it's somehow possible without losing all my progress though, I wouldn't mind.
File: Spoiler Image (951 KB, 1280x720)
951 KB
951 KB PNG
The event shop is done! Bad news is, I ran out of energy to do this. I still think it was worth it though.

Will try doing Target Eliminations tomorrow, I think. No idea how to start.
go for Centaur first, most units need the speed gear she drops
try to only farm stage 7 and above since those drop the 6* pieces of gear
that's what I gather from looking at the prydwen guides - I don't have Alice though, and the only units I have raised proper are Quinn, 04 and Grace, the rest lag behind
I'll see what I can do
Found out most of my top tier units are actually not as good as I thought so at this point I'll only change to NA if you do pacific bro
I don't think my account has any timed special stuff on it considering I logged in for like 12 days total previously
I'm not changing in that case. Let's do our best with things we got!
After further inspection, I found out something. I can farm Centaur for gear, but I probably need Tech 3 Kanna (status infliction would help, but it is what it is) to do it. My team of Quinn/Morris/04/Sonya failed, so I'll be replacing Sonya with Kanna before trying it again. Unfortunately, because I missed blue chips yesterday, I'll need to wait two more days.

Because I like not having to wait for lots of time for no reason, I decided to start farming red chips. Somehow, I managed to clear all the way until stage 10 with this setup - Catcher support AG helped. Morris really is ridiculous, looping S3 into S2 back into S3 infinitely with leveled skills. Her skills healed around 4.5k HP, which was 41% of her own MaxHP, but 90% of the rest of the team. Everyone gets this donk for free and she's this good, that's insane.
And this is the result. It's probably overkill, but she carried me in terms of damage so far.
pulled alice
were back
congrats man
After I cleared out all the 3 stars and most of the 4 stars I had that I thought were useless to get warehouse space so now I'm in the process of recollecting all the ags I retired
>retiring low-star things instead of just buying wh space when there's no choice but to do so
I had a max dupe roko who i just learned is a great earlygame boss killer
It is what it is
Just from scrolling through her kit, she relies on corrosion status to do anything at all. Her S3 is 95% proc and S1 is 35% proc. To make statuses work on bosses, however, you need status infliction gear, which in earlygame you're just not gonna have. So don't worry too much, she needs gear to work in pve.
it's still screwed because most bosses have 50% status resist or something
oh wait, I have her
>Roko is the PvE god for early game players. The poison mechanic allows you to cheese through Harpist stage 9, darkzones and many more. Roko will be benched a few weeks after release as players are able to gear their units properly, but until then, Roko remains one of the best PvE boss killers.
I decided to go fuck it and invest in a setless bunch of +status infliction gear. Time to level/rank her up for that 3* metafag experience.
File: auto deploy.png (1.48 MB, 1280x720)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
A new season of All-out Battle has opened. You can turn in codexes that you get from normal battles in it (same ones that alliance needs, you get loads of them in EX event battles) there, and get 3 energy cans plus some goodies per 10. So naturally, I started to clear the event shop last second!

I'm also leveling a bunch of stuff on the side. Did you know that you can star up generic 3* robots using around 16 Event Skip tickets on Hard EX stages star them up to 4*, then use them as star up fodder? I've only found out recently. EXP farming is amazing.
Nep banner.
Nowa banner. Here we go!
File: Spoiler Image (954 KB, 1280x720)
954 KB
954 KB PNG
first pull
Anyway, event summary. Neptune drops on Nio and they have a drastic fight, then she gets back to Gamindustri! It's a really fun short story. Now for the hard part.

Nowa got pulled on the first try, so I made a point of pulling Neptune's banner for pity twice. The reason being was a free random 5* AG ticket at 150 (see here >>1457548 ) and pity pot at 180. Now the hard part. I don't know why, but I think that it's not possible to max all three units (Nepgear, Neptune, Noire) only with what the game gives you. I'm not 100% sure, of course, but this is the feeling the game gives me. Therefore, I'll be prioritizing Neptune first, with Nepgear second.

The event this time around does not give event shop currency directly. You earn a little through daily quests and achievements (play stage X times, beat X, etc), but it's not much. Instead, you drop tickets to challenge the boss with. You win the boss fight, you get to roll the gacha for Nepgear's upgrades.

...anyway, I have no clue how to do this boss fight. I rolled the previous difficulty with 04/Quinn/Morris/Suriel (needed a support AG though), but it looks like this one counters you with skills. 20k power required when my team only has 10k. Any help would be appreciated.

Now then, please share your feelings about the event!
Wrong screenshot. That one was meant to demonstrate that they bungled up Nepgear's description - it describes Purple Heart's kit instead. Guess she borrowed a little bit too much from her sister.

Here's the boss. Help help
File: got.png (1.71 MB, 1752x1616)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG
>doom because only 30 tickets and 10k crystals, not enough to hit pity on even one

>get nep in 20 tickets
>get nowa in the other 10
I didn't even drop enough to get their normal form costumes...
It seems you're really really lucky!
Another realized downside: I cannot farm second hardest stage of the boss on auto because my units would die without support AG. It appears I'll have to blast the boss around.... 100 times with 4 minutes each attempt over 13 days.

mega fug
Pavonis unique armament is here btw
Tfw can only beat boss second difficulty
account bricked its over
its ok, you just need to waste more fuel on it I believe in you

situation on my end:

>hit 2 pity on neptune banner, blasted the rest to 210
>want to go 270 for 4 pity and maybe more pots (bonbon XXL at 250)
>20 more perma events not done; each should take 3-4 fuel boxes
so now I'm stuck doing these on event AP and I still need to do chips for nepgear and nowa, go me
pretty sure it all works out though, so if it does, then even you should be able to clear the gacha pool if you only do second difficulty
(each perma event comes down to ~5 rolls, give or take)
File: capture.jpg (78 KB, 582x628)
78 KB
>Nio replaced Patricia
Bring her back, who else is going to inspect my quality for me?
Another daily update. I've left my alliance and will be able to make my own tomorrow. If there are no objections, I'll name it "wewlad".

Progress on permanent operations is going smoothly. I've found this thingy when I was doing daily annihilation. What can I even do with this? Two gold stats, one of them SPD, but it's 5*, not 6* and the set is not useful. Troublesome.
I've finished my Neptune rolls. Hit 3 pity at 270 rolls total. Not one of them scored a Nep on her banner, leaving me with Rank 3 Purple Heart. I will probably be able to obtain more BonBon XXL's later down the line to cover this - which means Nepgear's gacha is next. This means that I will finally be able to 6-star Neptune with her copies too.

I estimate that I have 50-ish more rolls in Permanent Operations and around 20 in Main Story (before I get walled by other content). I can get another BonBon from the Charge button if I spend around 70 more rolls, so if I go for another 90 rolls of pity, I can get two more Neptune ranks. I think it's out of my reach now, though. After I finish up Nepgear's gacha, I'll think about blasting the rest of my AP/stash on it. If anyone can offer any advice, please do so.

I hope you exited your alliance by now, Pacific bro.
File: file.jpg (163 KB, 1752x809)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
>Dialogue mentions gear wielding a holy sword
>Her UE is a holy sword
be glad it's not the other one
Pacific Server's alliance is successfully created! It's free to join, so get in. You get to funpost in the ally chat too.
Roko with her Corrosion status carried me here. The boss had 70% status resist. It didn't matter. I may have had to use a Rela on 04 to delete the initial swarm of enemies, but after that, defensive AG + Roko damage carried me. Final team was Morris/Nepgear/Roko/04.

I had no idea I could beat this!
File: video311.webm (1.56 MB, 640x480)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB WEBM
Here's another daily update! I've managed to complete all the Permanant Event content (don't look at To Glory, it has a troublesome EX-4 stage I don't want to do). It took quite a lot of time to do. This gives me a little under 34 rolls, which with a release of another Permanent Story in 2 days, 3 tickets from login rewards in 2 days + main story progression will push me towards first Black Heart pity, which will give me a final BonBon. That'll be it for this event in terms of rolls.

I've tried very hard to make Extra stage NewThx consistent yesterday. I've only found out that the best team around for it is Morris/Nepgear/Black Heart/04, as ailment procs on the boss with 70% resist are inconsistent at best. I'll have to do this boss today too for 150 event currency, what a pain.

After this mess, I'll finish up Nepgear's gacha and try to progress in Main Story as much as I can. So how is your progression? Are you doing well?
Recently got a 6* shield that basically doubled my siris' critical damage so I'm doing alright. Taking a break from farming centaur to get some thunder upgrade mats
so with this, we'll be two AGs away from CN server
i didn't even know white sakabula existed
Today, I've done it. Rolled the last 40 pulls on Noire's banner. Got TWO (2) Black Heart ranks, plus the one from pity, plus the last BonBon from the charge track. Amazed at such a display of love from the game, I promptly decided to rank Black Heart up further - she did, after all, have straight +ATK rankup bonuses. The final result is Neptune at Rank 3 (rolls spent: 270) and Noire at Rank 4 (rolls spent: 90). Noire LOVE

Today I've started work on max level Alice - the wiki says she's bread and butter for so-called cleave setups, which forego speed and health for the sake of more damage in terms of gear. Given that I have no gear to speak of at this time, I think it's a worthwhile investment. Here's hoping this pays off.

Special shoutout to alliance fren who generously donated three 3* skill level chips. I've leveled Roko's S3 up to the ailment boost with your help, man. Much appreciated.

Nice one, congrats!
>running Factor Nio banner again
Oh shit, looks like I will be unbricking my account
I have a ton of intermediate skill chips if you want to switch to those, dont know if you can refresh the same item request
this is base
Finished off Nepgear's gacha today. With 5 days to spare, too. Good going. I think that it's time for me to start doing Centaur Eliminations + Main Story soon. There's also Distant Trial to think of - no clue how to start there.

With Nep event coming to a close, there's a few things that need to be decided. First off, I'm gonna have (90x5 days) 450 more SEPlaneptune game disks, bringing the count to 810. I have no idea what to spend all this on, but I'm leaning towards fodders and EXP. There are a lot of things to level, after all.

Second, according to the schedule (source: none), F. Nio banner will be rerun soon. Normally I wouldn't care about anything other than a bunch of neppers, but it's a Nio (main girl) and she has a self-revive and an SSS PvE rating. Naturally, after spending 360 free rolls, I don't have anything except whatever's left of the main story to go around. We'll see how that works out.

Third, while rolling for all the other mess, I pulled Sirius and Oona. Their kits seem neat, but I haven't raised them at all - and what's more, they (kind of) conflict with Black Heart's niche in my roster, which is Green (green-ish?) single-target DPS. Coupled with CR Suriel (level 50 and tech 3 now!) being sorta useful, I'm not actually sure what unit to spend my 5* skill keys on (20 rn). I can bring those two up to speed no problem with the massive amount of EXP from Neptune's shop, but how useful are they? I don't know. If anyone has any experience with them, sound off.

I also got Ginga, but even if the tierlist says she's SSS-tier in PvE at first, after Purple Heart, who looks to be doing the same job, raising her seems kind of strange. Would Ginga + Purple Heart + Morris + Alice be an effective Centaur farming team? My guess is no because only Alice S3 offers a persistent debuff and I have no gear to compensate. Decisions...

I have 82 of those things and around nine useful 4-stars to raise at MOST. There is seriously no need.
>only Alice S3 offers a persistent debuff
Just checked and Centaur is SPD down immune. I can either slot in Foxy or fit in Nepgear's S3 magic. Just need +100% ailment boost from gear for both her and neptune somehow fffff
File: centaur test.webm (3.74 MB, 640x360)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB WEBM
Another daily post. I've started to make progress into Centaur elimination research. My first Centaur 8 auto seems to be really janky right now and takes a lot of time, but still works fine - you may observe it in this here webbum. I bought a Gavialis Cat Orb and put it on Neptune - it works wonders right now. This is where I'll put most of my sanity from now on until I get a decent set of gear. I've managed to complete the event 9-square that was expiring on 9th May by spamming elims too, so go me.

And that's it for today, pretty much. Because the elims take so long to do, I have about 25 leftover energy cans after all the dailys and elims. In fact, they're still running in the other tab. The goal of all this is, I wanna get some decent gear, then make a Centaur 9 auto somehow, then level it all up and blow up the main story for F Nio rolls.

I've almost forgot to mention, but I leveled Nepgear's Unique Armament to level 20. At 20, she gets a passive that reduces her S2 and S3 cooldowns by 1 if no allies have debuffs on them. That seemed pretty broken to me, so as a result now I'm a little bit poor. Maybe. It'll fix itself with time, probably.
Excuse me, energy.
It took me around 4 hours, but I've cleared this week's rewards from Distant Trial. This boss had 70% deflect on atk while debuffed + bonus turn riposte + every attack was aoe healblock+spd/atk down on one target. This boss took a lot of time and without CR Suriel, I would not have made it.

Excuse me while I fall unconscious
Today was not a very busy day, but there was a lot of planning involved. With the downtime at hand (and my massive supply of 4* skillup keys), I recognized that I should raise a bunch of useful 4* AG's. Thus, today I brought Maika and Corax to level 50 (6 stars + tech level 5, all chip stages are open on sunday) using the event currency - for EXP cat orbs and starup fodders respectively.

Maika is a Tank, who is oriented on giving all allies action bar boosts. When she gets hit, her allies get sped up, and when her ally gets hit, that ally gets sped up. To be honest, raising her seems pretty overkill with Morris and Nepgear, but I'm sure the game will throw a lot of tanky, desperate looking fights my way. Her information can be found here - https://www.prydwen.gg/artery-gear/characters/maika

Meanwhile, Corax is a DPS unit, who seems to focus on speed. She can grant herself speed buffs and Stealth, in addition being able to 100% stun targets with her S3. One thing to add though, is that all bosses are stun immune, so it doesn't look that helpful. Her information can be found here - https://www.prydwen.gg/artery-gear/characters/corax

I've also decided to completely invest in CR Suriel that was rolled earlier. The reasoning behind that is that I need a solid red DPS unit, which I can farm SPD/ATK/crit gear for and that has utility. My second pick for that was raising Rosemary - she technically does a lot more damage, but an ability to grant partywide debuff immunity and no-sell death once every so often is just too fancy to not take. After maxing Quinn's S2/S3 and CR Suriel's S1/S3, my 5* skill chips count rests at 0. The rest of the chips go into Sirius development fund and towards Unique Armament leveling. Sirius and Angelica are due to be raised next, former because meta (I bet she facerolls even without skill chips) and latter because I want a green SPD/atk/statusacc set user that's not Roko. Used up almost all of my purple chips!

And this is mostly it for now.
I think I'll skip Purple Heart. If she lands all her lightning stacks, S2->S3 looks mean, but I should start saving rolls for the pavo
File: harpist 7.webm (1.04 MB, 640x360)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB WEBM
Today! Today I rethought my farming priorities. After staring at the screen for minutes on end (as each Centaur 8 farming run takes approximately 3 minutes, with a chance of failure), I came up with a master plan to raise Verbena and replace Nepgear with her - after all, all her skills inflict DEF down (-70% somehow), including S1. Thus, she is now level 50/60 tech 5. I'll think on how to use her and what to do with her tomorrow.

I've also almost finished my second SPD/ATK/crit%/critdmg% set. I plan to use it on pure damage-dealer type characters like Black Heart, Sirius, Corax and CR Suriel. Right now I have 4 pieces done - they're not COMPLETELY okay, as some of them have +HP% and +DEF% where there should be flat ATK or crit dmg, and only one of them has a gold SPD stat. But all of them ARE from Centaur 8 or 9, which means it's time to farm Harpist 7. Here's my auto - it doesn't use the SPD set pieces yet. I wonder if this is good enough.
bit late but congrats by the way anon
newthx has always been an asshole, and even more than a year ago was a boss of one of the earliest events
I miss this game I wish I never quit.
then come back
Do the Cat Orb Puzzle rental teams use the stats (but not gear) of my own units? That's so weird.
File: 1713031716415264.png (3.66 MB, 3411x1736)
3.66 MB
3.66 MB PNG
So whats this factor thing about? Do i have to get 5 more copies of her before Nio is worth using?
Her copies give her bonus effects when you rank her up, and you can't Bonbon XXL her. But her main selling point is coming back from the dead and I think she does that from the start (unlike Factor Hokuto). You don't have to worry about maxing out Nio, in her case they're mostly nice extras.

I'm sure you know but you can buy tokens from the monthly chore program and trade them in for another copy too.
Thanks for the info. I thought the token stuff was weird but I couldn't find it in the standard shop. Found it now. Too bad I don't do enough chores to get anywhere near enough points for a unit. How come rela is cheaper?
Did you already buy a Nio? A character's cost goes up by 30 tokens every time you buy a copy of them.
File: 1698332060856693.jpg (497 KB, 2400x1080)
497 KB
497 KB JPG
Oh nah I meant in this shop. I'm guessing its just cause shes the newest or the oldest one there.
You're absolutely right. She's cheapest because she's newest, and then when Factor Pavo comes out, Pavonis will be 300 per 10 tokens, and Rela will be 450.
>work on 4 piece set like speed, riposte, etc
>a little voice in my head tells me to build lifesteal instead
Every time...
axed when
huh, i just noticed there's no new AG in the ticket shop now...that's a first
event's pretty cute though, but i've always been a sucker for mel content
I was wondering about that too. I guess there'll be an update next week? Weird though.
White Sakabula's kit is kinda weird

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