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File: 1677139407092550.png (114 KB, 2000x2000)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
Nussy is a japanese solo dev who makes roguelikes with high replayability and interesting progression mechanics
Buriedbornes 2 released recently and is available on Android, iOS, and Steam
Dev Blog: https://nussygame.com/en
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/curator/44681798
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=ohNussy
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/developer/yujiro-komine/id898511688

>finish 200+ chest run
>get like 20 reds
>it's all the same 1 book and 3 equipments over and over and over again
So that's how it is
yeah there's one 7* spell and three 7* equips in each dungeons so makes sense to only get those
All I hear is bb2 is trash and 1 is great. I might try the first one at work to kill time
BB1 is great but BB2 is better. I think that skill uses mindbroke people if that's all you're hearing
1 is a very simple game, 2 added more depth and some people wanted it to stay simple
I find the inventory stuff not enticing. Wish we had more to do than farming lab parts
ohNussy's bussy ToT
>I find the inventory stuff not enticing. Wish we had more to do than farming lab parts
Have you actually been using them though? For maybe the last week or so I've been forcing myself to get over my Elixir Syndrome and I've actually been taking items on runs and I now think the item system is okay. The BB1 loadout system was a lot more "player friendly" in that it never gave me Elixir Syndrome, but in BB2 you can start with a full loadout of 7* equipment and/or skills, or you can use Wererabbit and cheese the literal [Stat] Elixir items for +20% permanent stat gain multiple times. Some of the 6* and 7* items are very worthy of building around or using to heavily compliment your build, and you can begin the run with them

My hurdle is still the lab parts system. It's kinda cool in a lottery dopamine sort of way, but this feeling is few and far between. I dislike that I cannot remove good lab parts from my now useless Fairy. It sucks. As soon as I knew Fairy Powder was getting nerfed, I should have started putting lab parts on something else. The thing is, I thought Fairy Powder was only getting *nerfed*, which I was fine with. Instead, Fairy Powder is now a fundamentally different skill with a 100% different effect than it used to have. Ancient Shield is what got "nerfed". Fairy Powder got gutted and changed into a different skill completely. I did not see that one coming, and now I have good lab parts where I don't want them to be, and there is nothing I can do to change that other than hope to RNG I get acceptable replacements
Actually haven't. Using the no inventory keystone
Is there a list or database somewhere that tells you which 7* drops are from which dungeons? I know there's some google docs excel sheet and that it probably contains this information, but half of it would require me copy and pasting cells into DeepL to translate, and it is not formatted in a way that is easy to attain this specific set of information I am asking for
The google docs seems like it doesn't even have this info, so:
>Sword of Ix
>Lord of Demons
>Book of "Dragon Aura"
This is the 7* drop table for... I forget. I think it was Agonis but I can't be sure. Agonis or Temple. Whatever run I did last night, but I really don't remember what it was

>Apothecary of Woltland
>Queen's Embrace
>Book of "Eye of the Storm"
>Book of "Devil's Strike"
>Book of "Void Edge"
And these seem to be (some?) of the 6* item drops for that same dungeon, whatever it was. I checked my graveyard, but it's all Battlefield corpses and not run corpses
Actually, maybe it was the Nightmare dungeon, since that has Dragon Aura as a skill in the Buriedpedia. Really though, I don't know. I figured this information would already be documented so I didn't bother to remember
Lord of Demons is a weapon too right? Then it was Agonis, because disasters have more diverse loot tables for some reason.
The next time I do a huge run where I get what is clearly every possible red drop, I'll make sure to note it here. I figured the google doc would have the dungeons that equipment and items drop it, but it does not. It seems to only really track that info for Contracts. And to further compound this issue, I cannot check the Agonis dungeon Buriedpedia unless it is the currently active Disaster, which it is not
File: 1696128884023730.png (74 KB, 413x536)
74 KB
>Then it was Agonis
You are correct, though it appears as if I did not actually get every single drop, as I am missing one
2 blows the first one out of the water
I like how Nussy just reworks any job that he (I assume) can't bugfix.
What got reworked now?
NTA but Pirate job effect got changed, maybe more. I like the new one better though.
New dev letter
I wish each dungeon was more unique
It might be possible that your level also plays a part in the rarity of your treasures?

I normally do 70-80F farming runs, but I did a 100F farming run this time and I used the keystone that locks your level at 50. I have never had worse luck than this run. On my normal 70-80F runs, I can get 200 chests easily, but on this run I got less than 100, and they were mostly greens and purples, whereas when I do not use the keystone that locks you at level 50, I get mostly yellow, orange, and red

Maybe I just got fucked by RNG, but it's enough that I am never using the level 50 keystone ever again
I've had runs where I'm eating like a king and runs where I'm getting fucked in the ass by RNG. There could be some factor I didn't notice, I wish I could tell you how many fights I skipped in the bad ones.

I heard someone say that the floor cap also plays part, where if you go for 100F, the good stuff doesn't appear until much later.
>where if you go for 100F, the good stuff doesn't appear until much later.
The issue is that the good stuff never appeared at all. In my 70-80F runs, I'll start getting oranges exactly on 25F. There will be bouts where I get lots of treasures and then droughts where I get none, but I can consistently get ~200 treasures in a 70-80F run, with dozens of oranges and ~10-20 reds. The one time I used the level 50 keystone (which also bumped me to 100F) is the one singular time that I have ever had less than 100 treasures, with only 7 oranges and 2 reds, and most of the treasures ranging from green to blue. My luck was so astronomically bad that I really think your character level might also play some part in the treasure formula, though I will never be able to confirm it, because I am never going to use it on a treasure run ever again, coincidence or not
File: 1684038551349560.png (5 KB, 236x67)
5 KB
the MTL in patch notes is going wild
how do I unlock Pacifist? I cleared Pan, but didn't unlock it.
You need to get 50k score in one run.
so I need keystone that lets me get to about 35F?
I think 50k is doable without, if you take a lot of fights.
>100F dungeon
>Auto: Turn Capture for like 75F
>it only captured like 3 monsters
what even is the point of this skill
I wouldn't be surprised if it boosts the capture chance for the enemy instead or something, or reduces it instead of increasing.
>three 80F runs of Highway
>got 100% discovery in there
>no a single Explorer drop
scam game
I had to do 2 full treasure runs to finally have a total of 3 of them
based Nussy fixed bugs I reported and we finally have x3 speed, good update
>spend 20F and >1,000 stones rerolling for Remind
>get it one time
>click through it on accident because it's green
I cannot wait for the new reroll feature, holy fuck
just started playing this recently, loved bb1, just beat that fish teeth boss that fucked up my max hp
is there a specific dungeon i should be farming for lab parts
If you want to optimize your runs so you can get red parts every time in the shortest amount of time then caves are the way to go based on my experience.
You can finish them very quickly, and although they rarely drop red parts themselves, taking that character to the battlefield is basically guaranteed to give you only red parts every time no matter how bad you actually do.
The only caveat is that you have to more or less properly do caves. If you skip too many battles and your level isn't high enough by the end, the battlefield is very likely to give you some orange parts as well. Also I used the automaton on almost all my farming runs, but I don't think their bonus helps that much based on my experience with other races.
I think I'll mess around with the game on another account. See if I can break some things to find out how they actually work.
Gotcha.. I've gotten nothing but blues, greens and purples so far. What do I have to beat to unlock the forest?
>I've gotten nothing but blues, greens and purples so far
Lab part rarity seems to be at least partially based on the current rarity of the lab parts you have equipped, so if you are only trying to scale your rarity up, you should almost always choose the highest rarity part even if that part sucks for you. Someone here said that individual lab part stat lines can be 1-5*, and that technically lab parts go up to "10*", but only 7* is displayed. Additionally, it seems that lab parts will keep one stat line the same (or the same line with a bigger value) and that only one stat line changes at a time. I do also agree with the other anon that the Growth Prospect passive seems not to help very much, at least not if you already have full red parts it doesn't seem like it helps very much. I'm full red parts, and I get basically the same options whether or not I'm using Growth Prospect. When you complete a dungeon, you can take that character to Battlefield and this allows you to essentially get 2 sets of lab parts off the same character

>What do I have to beat to unlock the forest?
I think you should just complete the dungeons in order. If you click the scroll in the bottom right, a list based menu pops up, and this has the dungeons listed from "easiest" to "hardest". Keep beating dungeons, and you will keep unlocking new ones and also new unions
So what new fun builds should I use my current elf exec to farm labparts for?
Some sort of Wererabbit/Scavenger build. It's basically necessary in order to farm items. At the very least, you need "+1 Item Rarity" (from Scavenger) and the "Wererabbit" passive to reasonably farm items and contracts, so however you want to go about getting those, that's what you should do, whether it's on lab parts or on the race/job themselves. If you plan to play this game semi-regularly long-term, you will need this set up whenever new dungeons unlock

The new Union is going to be rabbit-based, and also, the new dungeon will almost require you to be Wererabbit or Scavenger:
>This is a special dungeon linked to the Union “Rabbit Transporter”. It is not possible to bring in inventory items; instead you will be given 5 “Rabbit-marked container”s. There are no camps along the way, and camps can be set up anywhere by consuming the “container”. How many “Rabbit-marked container”s can you leave until you reach the goal?
So in the new dungeon, there are no camps, but you are given 5 items to use to set up camps. Scavenger will replenish your uses whenever acquire a treasure chest, so that's a point in Scavenger's favor, and Wererabbit will replenish your item uses whenever you acquire a treasure chest, so that's a point in Wererabbit's favor. Unless the items they give you disappear on use (like the Conquest items), which would mean you almost necessarily must be Scavenger, but considering it's a rabbit Union, I'm going to assume that either Scavenger or Wererabbit will suffice

Though I suppose you could also use Exile Origin to get +1 use to all skills when moving rooms, maybe with the Foot Soldier job (+1 activation of "move" effects), or maybe Dark Elf (+2 uses to random skill when evade)
Good idea thanks
Anyone get a special sub dungeon boss to drop anything yet? I refuse to believe that they drop nothing and have no purpose
Fought myself in battlefield. I won
Nope. There is even an item that can start one. I dont get it
In the Contract list of the Buriedpedia, there are 8 slots at the very end (after the Disaster Contracts). There are 8 Disasters and there are 8 Unions... but there are 12 special sub dungeons. I just wanna know what the fuck the last 8 slots are. I've even tried to kill Diasters with what I presume to be "their" Union equipped, but nothing
how long do runs take you guys and what build are you using?
Im doing a 30 floors Pan a day and that still semms to take too long
A long fucking time. I'm still trying to get every item and every contract, so I do very thorough runs with wererabbit/scav scouting/teleport. I can get most things in one or two runs, but I'm only doing about one run per day. I think a run would "only" take 2-3 hours if I sat down and autism'd it, but I do the run in spurts throughout the day. I do more than 100F

I look forward to when I have everything, that way I can "actually play the game", but I kinda have a feeling that this will also be when I stop playing the game until the next update
File: 1678156579382539.png (4 KB, 197x86)
4 KB
>Rebel = only elites will appear
>Pacifist = elites will no longer appear
Using these together seems to result in Pacifist taking priority. Normal enemies still appear at a normal rate
What's the main difference between the new games and the first? Played the first on and off for years and I'm wondering if it's worth to have both or just play the old one
More depth. 2 is what nussy wanted 1 to be but outdated engine didn't allow for it
1 is better if you want to just keep brainlessly clicking at things for 30 minutes
BB2 is more of a "true' roguelite. Soulstones are in-dungeon currency only, used to reroll and craft things, and it resets every run. Items/equipments are used in a more roguelite/extraction fashion in that you get them from dungeons and can take them down with you and bring them back if you succeed. Lab Parts are 2 stat lines across 5 pieces and can no longer be moved around, so this is pretty much the true endgame, along with collecting all of the item drops which are unique to each dungeon with some overlap. Builds are different. Abilities have a vancian casting system or a "uses" system or a Pokemon "PP" system, however you want to label it

At first, I wasn't sure about BB2, but I can now confidently say that it is the better game with more replayability. It's much more difficult to acquire everything in BB2 than in BB1, though the Jail/Ominous dungeon is much easier
>About the developer's physical condition
at least it's not the Japanese common cold
Everything delayed by at least 2 weeks. Bummer, but no biggie
Exile is actually super based. I'm coming around on some of these Origins. I remember the first few days I thought anything other than Pacifist was useless. Wanderer, Pauper, Successful, and to a degree Cunning still seem pretty bad though
File: 1679912362033151.png (20 KB, 564x342)
20 KB
Anyone have a decent build for BB2?
I have tried out a few things, auto summoning necro (kinda strong but a little boring and cheesy) and a couple of str/dex builds that felt weak (could be picking the wrong spells/classes/race to make it work)
Honestly Im not sure what's good or bad yet so I want to work on something that could be used a benchmark for my shitty builds
This really depends on your personal progression. Lab Parts with good unique passive abilities, especially alongside 6* and 7* contracts, skill books, and/or 6* and 7* equipment can make some pretty disgusting builds that you can very easily and reliably assemble, and even more quickly if you have the keystone that starts you off in Savage

Personally, I did Ghost/Necro until Pandaemonium I think, then I switched to Elf/Executioner, and then after that I went to Fairy. Fairy Powder has been nerfed into the ground and has become an entirely different ability since then, but you can still make an early-game Fairy pretty easily with the Laboratory Pass Contract (Ancient Fire/Ancient Spark) and the Dreams and Dawn Contract (Spell Shield, 4* Rune Slot release). Ghost might be a better starting point than Fairy nowadays since Fairy Powder is now an enhancer rather than a standalone ability. Also, if you clear Pandaemonium with 50k points, you get the Pacifist Origin, and using that greatly increases the breadth of "viable" builds (outside of the Battlefield) because it removes all Elites
I havnt cleared pandemonium yet, so Im still at the early game
What spells do you go for when you play Executioner? Tried it a couple of times but felt a little lacking
Yeah the pacifist origin seems busted, my recent runs have been going poorly mostly due to elites gobbling up all my skill uses more then a lack of damage or survivability
I can't say I enjoy the lab part system being class AND race specific. Kinda feel forced to play a specific combo.
Unless I'm a retard, and you can in fact switch classes on the parts
>What spells do you go for when you play Executioner?
The Parry free skill with no runes in it is the backbone. Parry has been nerfed so the Parry free skill gives 70% Parry (with Genius) instead of the 95% (cap) Parry that it used to give, but you can find 25% Parry elsewhere, and 70% Parry might still be good enough. Also, I have not played Elf/Executioner since like week 1, but Backstep (50% Evasion, 100% Evasion with Genius) might be worth considering now? Or Parry + the Acrobatics Quick skill. Anyway, Parry and/or something that gives you Evasion is the backbone. Then you load up on skills that hit multiple times and/or enhance your crit rate, like Quick Shot (very high amount of skill uses) and Throw Blades, or Thrust with a Quick rune on it (though adding a rune to it will cause it not to benefit from Genius)

Perfect lab parts is certainly a longer term goal than it was in BB1. You cannot switch lab parts. They are locked to race/job combinations. The upside is that if you acquire a unique passive one time, you can essentially duplicate it because lab parts seem to always give you one of the same line you are already equipped with and then one of the lines are new. So if you have Elf as a line on the head, you can pretty reliably duplicate Elf to other race/jobs combinations. It's a lot harder to get a full set of perfect lab parts, and as "strict" as this new system is, I am glad that I don't have to micro manage a limited inventory of contracts and lab parts every single run I do
Oh, and also worth considering is Sword of Darkness. I haven't played since week 1 so I don't know if Elf/Executioner wants this
In Buriedbornes2 is there some way to put runes or even view skills on your summons? I unlocked Necromancer and it looks like all of the summon skills have 5 rune slots.
The only way is to use Shadow Servant, which is just a copy of (You)
I think all monsters get 5 slots on every skill just to work with looming threat, and summons are considered monsters
What's the difference between BB and BB2?
see >>1401379
There are many differences
It's been a few days now since I started playing and I'm finally getting the hang of things. I don't know what happened but before I would get so confused seeing words like Equipment Parts Shield Amplification +??% and today when I woke up it all made sense.

I didn't realize there were other dungeons. I thought it was Highway then Pandemonium but I've been going through each of them in order. I just beat Slums 12F and going to try Hell 14F next.

I'm also going through the unions unlocking what I want. I just unlocked Commodity Acquisition Lv8 from the Darkmoon Company so I can craft quick shot. Next I think I'll go for Dreams And Dawn from Folklore Archivization Lv8 in the Remnants of Grief so I can craft Summon Clay Golem because I'm interested in making a summoner build.
Ganbatte, anon
It's been 6 days but I figured out how to view skills on your summons!

First you have to have the summon summoned (I think) and then right click to open the menu, click on character, then there's the picture of the summon in front of your character and you click that, which will open up the stats for the summon and you can click skills and it'll show what the summon can do.
Is BB2 good yet?
It done been good, anon. If you got filtered on release, you'll continue to be filtered until you git gud.
I am having a lot of fun playing this game. This is now my go to game when I smoke weed.

>9/10 temple

I am ashamed of my progress.
File: 1690404167852414.png (60 KB, 424x302)
60 KB
So that's a no then.
I said it's always been good. It actually gets better the more you play it because you have more items and more skills to choose from.

What did you get filtered by? Are you a "muh remaining uses" pleb with less than 3 hours in the game, or did you get filtered by something else?
NTA but I'm getting filtered by runs taking a long time to finish. And is probably more of an issue with my build than anything.

Makes it easy to play while waging, however.
>Maybe I just got fucked by RNG, but it's enough that I am never using the level 50 keystone ever again
It seems like I was correct and that this keystone (locked at level 50) does indeed fuck your RNG

>It is not clearly defined because it varies depending on a complex set of factors. It is said that "the higher the level of you and your enemy, the more likely you are to increase your rarity".
pretty new player here
just beat pandaemonium for the first time
am I expected to clear this dungeon like 10~ times to get enought key stones to start pushing other dungeons up as well?
the run took more than an hour. is my gameplay just crazy suboptimal or something?
I feel like the average run time is wayyy too high for how much grinding I anticipate going forward, and I'm only going to floor 20
File: 1696069756834400.png (241 KB, 2000x2000)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
>am I expected to clear this dungeon like 10~ times to get enought key stones to start pushing other dungeons up as well?
If that's the way you want to do it, sure. I'm not sure there is any rhyme or reason to which Keystone you receive at the end of a dungeon
>he run took more than an hour. is my gameplay just crazy suboptimal or something?
Probably, but also the dungeons just take a long fucking time. I do >100F dungeons, and I complete 1 run every 1-2 days playing casually throughout the day. It's basically what I do on my phone when I'm not doing anything else or if I'm doing something boring.
>I feel like the average run time is wayyy too high for how much grinding I anticipate going forward, and I'm only going to floor 20
Yup. I'm right there with you. BB1 dungeons took significantly less time to traverse. Nussy did just recently add rewards for up to 1 million points per dungeon though, so that's another thing to aim for. At the end of the day, you have to remember that while this game is not a gacha game, it is still technically a live service mobile game. You are not intended to finish it, and more content will be releasing as time goes on. You play it when you feel like it, and you don't play it when you don't feel like it.
yeah that seems like a good mentality
just that I'm engaged with the gameplay and systems so I want to enjoy them but I'm getting worried about fatigue. will have to make sure to play it sparingly so I don't burn out I guess
suppose it pushes me to try and optimize for run efficiency which is neat in its own way
File: 2024-02-29_17-31-33.png (249 KB, 734x1039)
249 KB
249 KB PNG
>spend a bunch of turns pumping up my summon
>sweating bullets hoping nothing has recall
necro is so silly
is there some way to counter recall?
>is there some way to counter recall?
I do not believe so.
Is going really high floors still more or less a pointless waste of time?
It either was never a pointless waste of time or it was always a pointless waste of time, it depends on your personal goals and expectations for the game. 6* drops seem only to occur at ~20F or higher. 7* drops seem only to occur at ~50F or higher. Lab Parts rewards seem to generally increase in rarity (as an aggregate) up to 100F, where you should get full reds with 5* parts on each line. Nussy recently added a mission going up to 1 million points for each dungeon, and the reward is an item that currently has no use but will have a use in a later patch. I think the dev blog said something about redeeming them for keystones or something.

If all you want is to beat every dungeon one time, then there has never been any point in doing anything after you beat Pandaemonium and then the Disasters.
I'm just having a really hard time justifying sinking so much time into a single run with all the diminishing returns. I've spent several hours on a 60 floor run and like the only marginally useful thing I got out of it was a keystone to get even more floors. Minus maybe getting those unique traits for your lab parts and the contracts I honestly don't see the point to go really high. My build is usually more or less finished by 20 floors and from there on it's just a mind-numbing repetitive grind to get the end.
Nussy is good at making fun progression systems and bad at making it at all fun to progress
>I'm just having a really hard time justifying sinking so much time into a single run with all the diminishing returns
Like I said in another post, at the end of the day this is still a live service game that you are not really expected to "finish", and additional content will be added as time goes on. If all you want to do is finish each dungeon once and then come back every time a new content patch is added, then it functionally will be no different than a gacha game (without chores). You could absolutely choose to play the game that way.

>My build is usually more or less finished by 20 floors and from there on it's just a mind-numbing repetitive grind to get the end.
There definitely could be something added to dungeons post 30F or something to make them more interactive. What that is, I have no idea, but I agree that every floor after 20-30 is basically the same. Making a farming build does cause dungeons to be slightly more interactive, but every floor is still the same. You can even get to the point where you bring every part of your build with you and you don't even need to fish for anything, so you could say the entire dungeon is the same. To that end, it once again becomes a question of what do you personally want out of the game. If you don't want to engage in any of the progression systems due to them taking too long for too little reward, then you can AFK until the next dungeon and Union are added later this month. Otherwise, you can take it easy, complete 1 dungeon casually over the course of days, and treat it as the live service game that it is.

Or you can play BB1. That game is a lot faster to play, but you hit the ceiling much faster as a result. Everything is easier to acquire, so you can have your perfect endgame build in about a week and never need to farm for anything ever again.
Do Summons scale with genius?
could someone explain the setup for chest farming, do ineed alot of the items that expand floors? I've beaten each level once so far and the big dungeon like 3 times.
>do ineed alot of the items that expand floors?
Kind of, because:
>if you cannot get to ~20F, you cannot get 6* item drops
>if you cannot get to ~50F, you cannot get 7* item drops

>could someone explain the setup for chest farming
Most people use Wererabbit/Scavenger because that has most of the important pieces already. Then you need Teleport/Scouting, which most people get from the Explorer accessory slot equipment (it looks like a tricorn hat). Then you bring 5 items with you (one of them is probably Explorer). If you don't have a 5 slot bag, use a Conquest Notice and kill the Conquest monster, because those drop 5 slot bags every time you kill one.

The Wererabbit passive resets all of your items and makes them usable again whenever you pick up a chest, and this the crux of the build. Teleport makes it so that whenever you use an item, you refresh your current tile set giving you more opportunities to roll treasure chests on them. Scouting allows you to see all squares, even dark rooms, so you can see a chest if it is there. Scavenger has +1 Item Rarity, which increases treasure chest rarity, and he also has +30% item reuse, which has a chance to reset all of your items and make them usable again when you move floors, helpful in cases where you whiff on chests for the entire floor. That's basically the gist of the build. The Scavenger passive also refills the uses of all of your skills when you pick up a treasure chest, but honestly at end game I personally find this to be an essentially useless perk.

Anything you want to bring in addition to this is more personal. You really only *need* the Wererabbit passive, Teleport, Scouting, as many usable items as possible, and then (Item Rarity / Item Appraisal +%). Item Reuse +% is also nice if you can get it. Anything else is icing on the cake, so build it how you want. As an example, you don't even need to be using Wererabbit race because you could possibly roll the Wererabbit passive as a Head Lab Part.
alright I'm sick of farming
how do I set up an automaton build
surely I can just get autohotkey going with him
went to the battlefield for the first time
beat like 8 people
walked into the wrong guy I guess
That's pretty much the best spell in the game and is, as expected, the meta because of it, but the barrier to entry is just high enough that it's not literally every fight yet
If I get a bad lab part on my build do I just have to discard it
I put some not so useful rarity 5's on to try and increase the likelihood I'd find more, but since it always sidegrades I feel like it's detrimental to have a part there at all
should I just be leaving all my parts empty until a specific base I want shows up, then try to find a higher rarity?
Lab Parts rewards seem to generally increase in rarity (as an aggregate) up to 100F, where you should get full reds with 5* parts on each line, from zero. This is most readily apparent if you do Ominous. You should only really be getting Lab Parts that have a single stat line changed from what you are currently running, so as long as you are okay with at least one line, I'd say it's probably better to keep it and then eventually switch out the part you don't want. However, if you dislike both stat lines or you are otherwise experiencing RNG that you don't like, sure you can just discard the part. If you are climbing to 100F you should be able to somewhat "easily" replace it anyway. Or do a quick run as a different race/class that has a stat line that you want and feed it to the build you're using
What are the uses for gold shards?
>Buy entrance to all unions
>Then buy out utility section of shop
>Maybe buy skins or waste them on consumable items
Am I missing anything?
Are there any key upgrades unlocked later on like the one in BB1 that allowed free lab part swapping?
>Are there any key upgrades unlocked later on like the one in BB1 that allowed free lab part swapping?
There are currently no such things in BB2. In BB1, the Utility upgrades were borderline required, and you had a very limited amount of free gold with which you absolutely needed to buy certain upgrades, or you would be forced to either restart your account or pay real money

In BB2, I have purchased zero Utility upgrades, I probably never will, and I have thousands of gold saved up with thousands more still to earn
I'm glad that character slots are no longer a must-have and I don't have to keep a perma confused miner around to load into when I run out of soulstones.

Also, is silver farmable or just from one-time rewards?
>Also, is silver farmable or just from one-time rewards?
You wont be using silver, like, ever once you have items stored up, but they seem to be "farmable" via grinding weekly Union points and leveling those up
so, how good is this game compared to the first one? what are the biggest changes? can you still farm with miner?
>so, how good is this game compared to the first one?
There's a learning curve, but I think overall it is a better game and that it has more longevity if you are interested in progressing. BB1, it was very easy to get everything you wanted very quickly

>can you still farm with miner?
No. It's much more of a roguelite than BB1. Soulstones are only used inside the run itself and they are only earned inside the run. There is a Mining ability and there is a thing that summons a miner, but they are dogshit and it's more practical to just fight enemies than to farm Soulstones. Besides, there is a cap to their usefulness. Once your build is done, Soulstones become useless

>what are the biggest changes?
Too many to list. I should have saved my post from last thread. I don't want to type it out again. The biggest thing that seems to hang people up are "Remaining Uses". BB2 uses a Vancian casting system where each skill has a finite amount of uses (Pokemon uses such a system) and you die when you run out of uses. This is the number one thing that seems to be turning people off. Also, Lab Parts are now assigned to a race/job combination and you cannot move them once it is set there. Lab Parts aren't as much bullshit as they initially appear to be, but you can't just get the "perfect" Lab Parts and then freely switch them around willy nilly like you used to be able to
Can i share my account across iOS and PC yet?
>put Unopposed rune on my skills
>opponent resists my status effects
excuse me I was that my ailments couldn't be resisted? that they were unopposable even
the enemy probably had some kind of complete debuff immunity effect.
shit gets weird when you combine stuff like that, or "can't be crit" vs "always crit" etc. you basically just have to look it up to figure out which one wins
>go into savage
is this a mechanic for people using pacifist or smoke bomb? I feel like eventually I hit an enemy I can't deal with and my run just ends
>is this a mechanic for people using pacifist or smoke bomb?
Not necessarily. As far as I know, the only thing Savage that the player wants is that it causes 6*s and 7*s to be able to drop. It also causes 6* and 7* skills and runes and equipment to be able to be rolled. I don't think the % matters as long as it is enabled. Savage also causes the alternate boss to appear, which can help feel out the bestiary, or you can potentially capture it too. Personally, I use a keystone that begins the run in Savage, and I do not use Pacifist or Smoke Bomb, but I am always in Savage

>I feel like eventually I hit an enemy I can't deal with and my run just ends
I played with Pacifist pretty exclusively until I started really farming items. Bringing 6* and 7* items with you and/or having 6* and 7* contracts really increases the power level you are capable of attaining, and you are able to do it relatively quickly in the run.
>We plan to officially release v1.1.0 on March 21-22.
>Due to the pushed schedule, we plan to release the new union "Rabbit Transporter" and its three accompanying mini-dungeons "Transport - Highway", "Transport - High Mountain", and "Transport - Forest" from the time of release.
1.1 is out, decent amount of new content
So the new Union and Dungeons aren't in yet? This is basically just like a pre-patch sort of deal?
Go clear Ruins.
>no retroactive unlocks
Bummer. I'm playing Unicorn Overlord so I'll check it out later. Thanks for the heads up
I keep getting knocked out of stance
the battlelog doesn't say anything
any idea what could be doing this?
nevermind I'm retarded
I wasn't entering stance to begin with
nevermind I'm retarded
something is definitely taking me out of stance
kind of a problem because I can't turn it back on
>negative resistance sure seems strong now that it can cut hp stacks
How do you strenghen your current equipment? Is it even possible, or do you have to roll for another equipment like the one you have?
You have to do Duplicate Current Equipment + Strengthen Equipment iirc. Something like that
Alright. I'll check out what I need to buy to get those recipes from the start, thanks.
This game is vastly different from the first one, but I think I'm starting to get the gist of it now.
Yeah, there's a definite learning curve, especially coming from the first one, but I think I like it better and I can actually see myself playing this long-term, whereas with BB1, I basically binged it for a month, did literally everything, and never played it again
So uhh how do I backup my data? Do i just enter my userID when I'm recovering my account? Have to reset my phone and don't want to lose all of my shit right now
I go back and forth between Steam and my phone, and this is what I do
(using Steam as the starting point, but it doesn't matter)
>get backup code, keep it somewhere safe
>menu -> save data -> click the up arrow -> confirm
>switch devices
>menu -> return to title (we need title screen)
>save data
>"account recovery with backup code"
>enter backup code

I'm sure you can do it any of the other ways, but it feels safest to me to enter the backup code manually. Your phone will save it as a remembered text, so you only need to remember the first 1 or 2 characters of it, and then on PC you can just copy and paste it from a notepad or something
Spells like Absorption and Purify do. You might've had some passive effect too, hard to say.
I've got about 40f floors worth of keystones
when do I get to the next stage of gameplay?
I feel like there's a progression that looks like:
beat all dungeons > farm for keystones > farm for strong character > end game do whatever
when should I get a wererabbit scav?
>when do I get to the next stage of gameplay?
Unlocking everything. Farming for 6* and 7* items to take with you on your loadout. Farming lab parts
>beat all dungeons > farm for keystones > farm for strong character > end game do whatever
Basically. You need ~20F to start getting 6* items, and you need ~50F to start getting 7* items, and those include skill books and unique passive gear that you can build around and take with you to every dungeon

>when should I get a wererabbit scav?
Whenever you feel like you want to start farming for items
got my first cool head
who would it be best on? some sort of amorph? or should I leave it on my automaton to try and get something good alongside it?
This is super late, but it's not really that fantastic of a part. Just put it on whatever you're using. There are probably other parts that most combinations wants besides that. You should probably just use it on whatever you're currently using. You'll start getting good parts more often soon enough anyway
Any reason why I'm not seeing most enemy sprites? like 60% of them are totally blank, wasn't happening a few days ago
so the only thing that effects lab part drop quality is growth prospect, effective floor depth, and level? not score or savage or anything like that?
in theory, wouldn't the best way to farm lab parts be to get to level 100, then just equip an escape skill with auto:combat and speed to the end?
I am learning things
>died halfway into a 1million run

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