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the game is now a decade old, are you playing it? for how long now?
File: mddkod4n.png (2.53 MB, 1080x1553)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
New update dropped.
This blitz is fucking cancer. Anyone got a somewhat f2p team?
blitz is pay to win nowadays like grand party usually is
>boss that has 40lbs of buffs and debuffs
Thats just how this game is. Buy more gems asshole
been playing this dogshit since late 2016

it's crazy how bad and soulless it's gotten
File: image.jpg (264 KB, 640x1024)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Top or bottom?
Only the psy Shs.
Dont you have any gems?

Always Robin. Best girl
File: carrot.gif (2.04 MB, 1104x525)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB GIF
Carrot blesses this thread
I'd bottom for Robin. She deserves it.
But Nami needs to be topped. She deserves it.
Damn, I don't really want to do Blitz.
>still out of rank for global after getting the last chopper reward
Wow. How is this game still fucking going
its the anni blitz
lots of people have high multiplier
For people that got only Shanks, I use the second team in this vid and it works nicely
Changed the Robin support by legend Buggy for that 2x atk boost on Nami. I only got the qck variation on Roger so don't know if I can handle the psy one but this should do the work
Are these all modders or something wtf?
>Promising rookie
LionCrew? More like... LyingCrew
The forbidden combination of modding, macroing, and whaling.
File: 1547131437873.png (224 KB, 425x750)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
even with a full booster team you don't typically clear more then 10k a run unless you get one of the really good drops
so to get 6 million points that would have to be like, 700+ runs?
If we assume 5 minutes per run that would be like 50+ hours?
which is impossible because it hasn't been that long since the event started
so something dicey is going on
File: 1580029099223.png (916 KB, 1280x720)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
the co-op sugo has started
its in the co-op memu, and only lasts 2 days so be aware of it
I don't fully understand how this ranking works, I did 5 pulls for the Yamato but still have 1000 stones, do they all expire in 2 days?
>16 multis in now
>still 0/4 anni legends
I think so, gems are locked to each «season» so they will disappear after this I guess, or be locked until next spring coop quest
File: 1674775092709258.png (141 KB, 223x215)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
>co-op sugo
Man this is a fun sugo! Summoning until you get something good and getting rewarded for your luck not just with new units but also gems and tickets from ranking.
Got to top 1k and didn't even clear infinitum sea or finish the missions. Absolutely worth the co-op cancer
File: xy2jnzuq.png (169 KB, 249x389)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
>Co-Op Partner Player is waiting for battle to start [0%]
My Stock List isn't updating for the coop gacha, even though i've already done it twice. It still says i have 6/5 In Stock, and then it gives me an error if i try to do a multi.
God fucking shit Scamco, as usual.
File: 252_1699424530648683.jpg (111 KB, 1080x1080)
111 KB
111 KB JPG

Still havent touched. If it is like that thing they tested months ago... Heck that.
>Heck that
Same shit, different mode name. Just now you can either get stuck with a bad wifi shitter, or get carried by a whale. And then your game crashes on the last wave repeatedly.
I stopped playing a year ago with Yamato vs Kaido, I only came in to shoot multis or singles and I just came back in the ani.
From what I see there is a Co-op mode, you only get the gems from the missions or is there also more?
From clearing a coop stage you get a small tiny bite of it, all the worthwhile batches are from chopperman rewards.
You get a new kind of gem that lets you summon a lot on a coop banner and if you get lucky on that the ranking gives you a decent amount of regular gems
Great game mode guys!
you have to do coop on the first day
Hey, you little shit, fuck you.

Like i thought. Will pass for now.
>Hey, you little shit, fuck you.
That's better.
Been playing since month 2. My hot take is the game has actually improved in the last 8 months vs the last 4 years, but barely. The content and modes have more ffort put into them and you can use more units than sely just boosters in the last year. It's still dogshit compared to the golden years (years 2 to 5) but it's slowly improving again imo.
Yoshi is still in charge of the optc?
The 10 legends thing seems very generous to me, although I suppose it is for the tenth anniversary but I want to believe that the optc can improve from now on
i felt like this until they did this DOGSHIT fucking tm banner structure where you have to pull a 5+ version of a unit we already own but the skulls haven't been given out yet
its the greediest thing they've ever done imo, especially because they broke up the anniversary straw hat batch into the tm banner for the first time ever. absolute greedy dogshit bandai banners
>broke up the anniversary strawhat batch
nah we're not allowed to have more then 3 RR at a time along with the parade of new legends
I think it would have been less egregious if they didn't include the TM banner at the same time as the anni banners
we all know that every TM has to have its own dedicated sugo since its been ingrained into the very modes existence
if the banner were introduced after blitz ended it would have been annoying but expected
21 grandfest multis... only 155k points... Trapped in the 4k range while top 3k gets 40 gems... it's joever....
I did the same ammount of multis and ended up at 168k.
Am at rank 17xx and just hope the event closes before I drop further- was top 1k yesterday
Do they not do the guaranteed special up thing during celebrations anymore?
No, they removed it when they tweaked it so that feeding a dupe results in a guaranteed level up.
that sucks, it was the best way to catch up all the old TM units
File: 1581787878252.jpg (32 KB, 353x346)
32 KB
>get briliant idea to raise shitty f2p units to level 150 to use as coop captains
>exp requirement is 9 digits
I wonder what will be the banner for kizuna...
Will save some gems for it because something feels off to me
S-Snake legend, blud. Also all the support units will be thrown in which is pretty good.
Right, her. Guess will save the gems for like 5 or 6 multis.
Still missing Roger and Ace bros but that can wait
Co-op needs a veto button that forces your partner to skip his turn
I mean, Yamato will be probably boosted a single time and then you'll never use her again so its really not a big deal
File: 1682649616890125.jpg (323 KB, 850x1200)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
>s-snake in kizuna banner
>kizuna legends are notorious for being mediocre
no no no no no bros not like this
They are turning some of the OPTC illustrations into official cards it seems.
man the devs were pretty diabolical with the upcoming TM invasion boss
blowing away the bottom right and 1 turn of hunger on top of all the bullshit is designed very strictly for Robin and Jimbo
boa's power works on people's unpure thoughts about her when they see her, right? and thats why they don't work on luffy.
how are the child's powers working on the marines? are they all pedophiles?
The fruit works based on whatever emotion the user brings forth.
For Boa it's lust. For S-Snake is more about finding her adorable. If, for example, Blackbeard had stolen the fruit and eaten it it would be disgust.
Oda said something like this in one of the SBS in response to that exact kind of question.
but it's named the love-love fruit
how would eating the love-love fruit work for blackbeard's emotion being disgust?
sounds like oda just had to dodge the pedophile allegations
File: s snake.png (1.15 MB, 1250x793)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
The heart eyes are a dead giveaway
You're conflating love with lust, when love has a very broad definition.
So if I love my dog does that mean I'm immune to Boa's meromero?
If Wanda had the Love-Love power would I turn to stone over that?
If all those stoned marines had kids at home that they loved would that be the reason why S-snake works on them?
"hurdur pedo" is the most smoothbrained take
childless individual spotted
although maybe its for the best as you would be incapable of showing love for your own child
i'm not conflating them. i was pointing out the blackbeard example of disgust makes zero sense for a fruit named love-love, right? how does love fit into oda's example of blackbeard's emotion of disgust?
>decide to try the co-op shit 12 hours before it ends
>crash in half the matches
well at least i did the first 3. not like i managed to get boosted in the yonkou one
honestly its a shame because it's actually a really great mode but you sadly need friends you can communicate with and it crashes so much
the actual strategic elements in it are neat and reminds me of old optc days like invasions
>get stuck in a room with a fag that just finished the tutorial and is running around with tutorial Shanks and random variation of Luffy
>immediate game over
You literally should not be allowed to play this mode unless you have a full team equipped, a certain team cost, or reached a high player level. Goddamn these fucking geniuses at this company have done it again!
I just did 30 clears of the first fight with wave clear specials.
if the internet has taught me anything its people love to hate
once again, love in the broader sense can mean whatever bullshit you want
its not like i know how to play but at least i'm not using tutorial shanks
>account level 550 or something
Damn this tm will be fucking sad
File: 1597947069286.jpg (27 KB, 245x243)
27 KB
>get to 5th pull on Luffy's banner
>limited pool
>missing 12/14 legends
>get sengoku dupe
Uh im pretty sure i got the red poster login reward today, like it showed me receiving it on my login of the day, but theres nothing in my mail. Was i cheated and lied too again?
It was the LLB up item, not a sugo-pull.
any free to play teams to finish arena hawkins +12 and sasaki +12 ? and luffy/bonekichi/doji +11 ?
i believe its the only ones i haven't done from the colliseum
>blitz Luffy changes type on 5+ evo
I fed all my copies
Its not the end of the world since you would literally never use this Luffy over one of the many busted versions but I would have liked to know they were going to do that
Well fuck, that sure got me. Thanks anon.
>Lucci 6+ looks amazing
What were they thinking with the super tnd one, fucking faggots
>This Kizuna gives 10x insignia and heavily discounts skulls
Pretty cool. Hope my random alliance can do fine enough in it
Any alliance got a spot free?
are we looking at the same unit because he looks peak mid to me
also when the fuck did the devs change the game not resetting specials after a reset in battle?
I just lost my first TM boss because I used my specials in the wrong order and couldn't fix it
I just love def up removers, and one who just deletes the debuff is a really nice addition for me. Also, looks like a nice option for dex pvp teams
optc discord broke the game

you can add color to your names

and random game pics into your profile

the game code is fucked it seems
File: 1716437727180429.jpg (14 KB, 99x195)
14 KB
File: 1633520918077.jpg (1.65 MB, 2381x5000)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
Where's the Blitz rewards? The coop rewards?
How am I supposed to soommon for snek?
Damn, RIP the box theory.
Did they really split the Kizuna RR across three banners? What the fuck is this?
I have no idea how to deal with invasion bb. He literally throws every single debuff in the game and disables one of your characters permanently. I guess I'll just skip him
File: 1576779216789.png (306 KB, 756x803)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
East Blue CHADS stay winning one tapping the mofo
File: TM Fuck you.png (227 KB, 1784x248)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
I just don't count on him. Here are my teams for this tm, took some trial and error on the Kaido/Big Mom and Bb fight to get them to work. I use dreadnaught sabre on invasion to bypass the resilience. Also use Kiku & Izo on Kata since I don't activate Shanks ex.
They are present in all parts, but each one is boosted on one part. They fused the support and kizuna sugo but I'm not sure it's worth to pull. Still going 3 multis deep on part 1 for S-Snake
Dunno which part to pull. I do want Snake.
Brook seems to have the best support so I say part 2
File: 1716488811011778.png (232 KB, 596x1203)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
Oh well. At least we got her thinking the ancient weapons are "sugoi"
6 multis. No Snake, hell. Got Brook and Furanky tho and dupes for who, king, ulti and ulti/page
I did 10, no snake but picked up Tama
also got both brook and franky, some misc kizuna units and a number of supports I already had plus iceburg and laughing child
also got legend Ain and a lot of older Kizuna/support units
S-Snake was a secret red that got a special Luffy animation when turning red
when the fuck did Ain get a legend
When Z got a + with kizuna skulls. I remember getting her a few months ago
I want to recover my account but I don’t fucking remember the last crew I used
File: 1716526208405926.png (379 KB, 591x717)
379 KB
379 KB PNG
Happy Birthday Carrot
File: 1716486826135591.jpg (290 KB, 870x1883)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
File: 1716579800465824.png (182 KB, 534x545)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
Man, gems have really dried up now. Couldn't tell it was an anniversary
If you need to remember when it’s anniversary, just look at the gem sale promotions ;^)
File: RNG.png (2.64 MB, 1440x1627)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB PNG
> build the recommended full INT team for countering PSY
> still lose
pirate rumble is just rng entirely huh
what is she doing here
I've been getting a thumbnail of some random early game peon and thought something got misaligned from one of the teams, but I guess it's just that the spaghetti code is finally starting to unravel.
>the time they forgot to add more memory to the server and the game just dies and goes offline for days
Take me back
File: littlewife.png (1.87 MB, 1344x1621)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB PNG
well you see, I really wanted her... but I feel like she wanted me, as well
>jozu and pudding in 2024
where did you even get your recommendation?
I admit Jozu is ass but only because I'm missing urouge sadly. Pudding is supposed to be meta for both pr and festival since she got buffed
Incredible how Ace&Sabo are still required for all these GV teams and I never pulled them
I dont even look for recommendations, just try things. no wonder people fall for my slasher team sometimes because they see Fuji/Kizaru and they must wonder "wtf is this guy doing"

I really need to bet on PR banners for some of the units worth 20, i am really missing a lot, especially for int.
At least i got the Elbaf giants which i love. They fit well with int Gear 5

I have been noticing some using Pudding and Bonney because of removing ct.
>pull dupe Halloween Perona from rare ticket
>feeling lucky
>another multi on Snake and

Hell yeah.
Pudding is more useful in cerebral teams. Jozu is just not really that good anymore. Moria also fell off hard because half stats are resisted by a lot of new units. You lack a lot of damage and probably could have used Shiki on your starting lineup over Pudding considering how many slashers they have.

I’d say INT is actually kinda shit right now unless you have S Hawk. They were so bad that in grand party they had to give them +10 ATK and +10 DEF. PSY have just been generally good for a long time now.

You could try Luffy, Kid, Apoo, Shiki as your starters. Then your other options if you have them:
>PF RR Conis for more debuffs
>V2 Kata for debuffs
>INT RR Brook for lots of stats (unit no 3683) really slept on unit that I’ve used
>Killer or 6+ Bonney for CT rewind
You could also try the new Buggy legend if you have them since INT has a lot of driven units, they can be a pain in the ass
File: IMG_3538.png (1.14 MB, 1284x2778)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
>19 multis deep
>zero anni units
I’m going for 20 but fuck this has been shit
I have gotten Roger and Ace so I canºt complain as much.
But I had like 12/14 units missing in the limited step on part 2 and got a dupe for Sengoku.
Now I'm just waiting for more gems to go from 15th to 20th on part 1.
Hey, Choose your Sugo is up.
You can choose from:
>Yukata Ulti
>STR Superclass Doffy
>Summer Vivi
>v2 Snek aka SuperSTR Luffy
>SuperSTR Sabo (the one that changes to SuperPSY in 6+)
>v1 Jack
>Lucy (the one people argued five years ago whether he should be counted as v1 Sabo)
Personally, I think I'll go for the STR/PSY Sabo, since mine's already at 4+2/3 LLB
I dont even know who to pick, none of these have useful LLBs for me
All LLBs are "useful" in the sense that for every 5 legends you level up to 150 you get 5 gems from the Collection.
File: 1597279828113.jpg (36 KB, 480x360)
36 KB
Uh is it just me or can action specials bypass interrupts?
>launch DEX Ace's special
>Blackbeard blows away crew and buffs
>Ace's special is launched, I have his orb boost but everything else is as it was at the start of turn
Im trying to beat the rumble bosses that give out rainbow gems, are there any recommended teams i can use on them? I tried fighting the Chopper master one and i basically timed out on it with all the healing they did.
>10 multis deep for Roger
>last multi literally gave me a dud animation and a fucking Zoro VERSION 1 as the only red poster
>the super limited poster was just fucking Kaido
Roger is shit anyway. No good support units, bad requirement for his Ex and if you use him as a co-captain, for example with an DEX Ace captain, all you're getting for attack power is a type boost.
Nice enough for farming exp and berri, but there's alternatives for that
Will prolly go Ulti, since i am one dupe to llb to 130.

From those PR wise... i guess people use Jack a lot, but that needs to lv130 at least. I barely see Bullet anymore.
Vivi i do see her because people use her to speed up ct because of THAT fucking Luffy.
Cat/dog is another you need to 130 to be useful.
I think the devs coded the action specials so that you couldn't reset and redo the minigame if you messed up
but like everything else in the game it doesn't really work properly
File: 1653780448459.jpg (643 KB, 671x679)
643 KB
643 KB JPG
the important thing to remember about the solo matches is that they are effected by the current blocks buffs so when certain classes are buffed it can make certain matches almost impossible given they already cheat cotton candy in solo
right now cerebral has a defense buff so Chopper and Pudding are tankier then usual
Although since theres no cost for playing and no penalty for losing you could just keep throwing yourself at any given match until RNG favors you, unless you're getting swept 0-8 you'll win eventually
If you wait for block c where free spirit and psy are buffed you'll probably be ale to steamroll most of the gems matches
>Sugo Dex choice

Hell. I dont have Doffy, is it even worth for PR?
I am inclined for Black Maria/Ulti for another dupe. Only missing Nami/Carina for the perfect waifu cerebral team, S-Snake fits well here.

And yeah, kizuna started, so did the store sale for all skulls. Will prolly get skulls for Str Oden. The few insignia left i dont know yet, maybe for some characters missing one or 2 skulls
Are there any characters that can remove the damage after every action besides taps?
Shirahoshi/Manshery got me killed because of the heal
Dex Roger with Dex Yamato Support is busted af
you are supposed to heal up with your s-snake friend super type and then do a bunch of specials
No, he needs llb to be interesting. I would still advise to go for legends you don’t have unless they’re incredibly useless or you need a last dupe to unlock certain llb
File: 1695402605014877.jpg (444 KB, 1923x1581)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
Best units to 6+ with kizuna skulls?
Already upgraded shank's crew
Choose your Legend #2: DEX Boogaloo:
>Festival Hiyori
>Summer Zonji
>v1 Queen
>v1 Nami
>v2 Doffy
>v1 BB
I see. Will go for Maria/Ulti since they are useful for the cerebral team and i can raise them to 120. I could get Queen to 130 but whatever.

Depends. Talking more of PR
Qck Kaido and Str Oden(for slash team) for sure
A lot are only worth at certain levels. Like Cracker and Carrot. Carrot works well in a qck slasher team with Roger/Oden.
Psy Katakuri
Dog/Cat, slasher/cerebral at least 130 to be useful
Barto/Hakuba, 130 driven/slasher, a tank with that def
Dex Kid, i guess
Int Shanks that was supposed to help counter psy
Nami/Robin. I forgot about this one, to be fair they dont seem bad. Obviously if you have Robin/Koala or Nami/Carina just forget it
Aokiji is there too, but i think you need it to 130. Same as Xmas Chopper. Both work on shooter teams

Shit. Just remembered how WB/Marco was my first legend like 2 years ago or something. Dont know about their + tho
and which one is the highest on the tierlist?
will they finally add earth type to the game when they add that shitty new admiral?
File: elements.png (274 KB, 840x889)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
either this is an elaborate joke I'm not getting or you're in the wrong game
Ryokugyu already has a legend anyway
thats why i said "will they finally add earth type?" as in , adding more than dex/strenght/whatever else we got,
i didn't remember rykogyu being added
Only thing I'd want them to add is a tag system. So instead of everything being "if Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji... etc are on the crew" it would just be "if a Straw Hat Pirate is on the crew..."
Could even limit it by saga so it would be "if a Straw Hat Pirate from the Enies Lobby Saga is on the crew..."
Would make everything more thematic and organized.
he's a TM legend iirc and a pretty forgettable one too
not only is he really mediocre he was also oddly not available for like 4 months after his debut
almost like he got mixed into the wrong banner pool and it took that long to fix it
>this qck selection

Lol. Will go either Law or Ben for llb unlock, or even Maria since she needs 3 dupes to 150.
So for those who want to know (me included, so I can check), the QCK Choose your Sugo selection is:
>Ben & Roux
>Black Maria
>TND Law
>v1 King
>Christmas Quadtits
>Christmas ShiraSherry
>Soba Mask
>TS Luffy
This time I've got two units at 4+2/3 to choose from, the Princesses and Soba, and neither is LLB expanded yet. Should I flip a coin or something?
Wish I could have been in a real alliance...
Oh well, too late now.
Forgot about PKA. Still managed to get the ticket. thanks Zori

I doubt they will touch Soba but who knows. I like Christmas ShiraSherry, they deserve a +

Just be a loner like me.
>Just be a loner like me.
I still need the gems though. Next multi on part 1 is guaranteed super sugo
we have only 3 guys playing in my alliance too and are still somehow s3

there must be a shit ton of dead alliances in this game
File: IMG_3076.jpg (540 KB, 1170x1051)
540 KB
540 KB JPG
>how long
since the year TSL got his 6+, but coming back fresh
Any alliances have space?
Psy batch
>Strawguy nobody will remember by the end of the series
>The Ssops Jr and Senior
>Wano Lraw
>another Shanks, The Red Hair crew
>Sonji and Danji issues

This one is tough for me. Will probably go Ray/Bagan since they need a little boost and they are good on free spirit and even Cerebral(+free spirit) teams.
Would love more Kuzan, but he is so far to make him useful... and needs skulls.

Surprised for Shanks/Buggy being here. They are very good for slashers
So I guess every Straw hat is about to get a “memories” legend? This is gonna be a long day
If Usopp, Franky and especially Brook can get good ones, please. Oh right, and Jinbe, keep forgetting he is one of them.
I'd believe it, they've kind of hit the wall in anime scenes to shill, especially since they wasted Lucci diablo on a mid as fuck 6+
honestly "memories" units could be a means to go back and give some of the early arcs some love
they won't but one could hope
Oh boy, which typing should the new Cotton Candy Multiplier Chopper be this time?
After a break I'm not even in an alliance anymore. It makes the desire to grind tickets for skulls pretty low. Not particularly easy to search up a random grind alliance that is either auto-accepting, or doesn't have a full application list - which is a stupid way of doing it too.
Simper pol 9 was good times when I was on it.
I got into that one because of the extra blitz rewards and this kizuna has been great to catch up on a ton of 6+ I missed during 2 years away from the game.
It's worth it to be in one but disappointing when you're the only one even close to try-harding
FireCHADS was great when I was on it too.
>Two duals with Shanks
>Two "father and son team-up" duals
No unit one step away from MAX LLB, so the question is: do I pull Shanks Crew to be one step closer to finally getting them to MAX that could've been useful this past PKA, or do I get Kuzan to LLB lvl.4 and his Rumble Special expansion, despite the fact that I don't even use him anyhow?
I'm leaning towards Shanks Crew, because of that "never using Kuzan" thing.

Dude just keeps getting stuff. He got in few months 2 new psy versions and a + in an old Int unit

With Shanks crew you are always closer to get another 5 gems in the collection, but getting dupes for this seems easy.
Kuzan, i guess the unlock would be nice. But pulling a good shooter team you need what? that raizo/the ninja girl unit, Fuji/Kiz and Uta at least?
>>The Ssops Jr and Senior
It's one of these two for me.
Leaning more into Rayleigh duo
>Well it's been a year of PKAs and Super Colas, lets see how much I've hoarded and how many ships I can get to lvl 12
>169 super colas from doing what I can as f2p
>42 ships waiting for upgrades
>Each needs 20 Super Colas to max for a total of 840
>Not even counting the ones I've never bothered to gem buy
So just about a fourth, meaning three more years to be able to upgrade them all. Not all that surprising considering I'm only now getting close to max llb'ing most of my regular garden variety legends, and that's been around for... how many years again?
dont forget about stat rerolling when ships are maxed and trying to max those out
but that only takes regular cola maybe? I dont even remember
File: 1000007361.jpg (1.52 MB, 1080x2316)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB JPG

so if you"force out" an opponents last two characters, and they have nothing left in the bench, you automatically win
I already said,i am scared of the "force out" mechanic for future characters. Things like "ignore def" or "shield" started as a way to overcome certain characters, and they started okay, but then they exaggerate and they have to create another thing to overcome previous and it never stops.

In this case, if you force out the 2 free spirit characters and if you defeat the ones available while the other 2 are out, you also win.
In GP is worse, his burst at max is all enemies 6k dmg + 2xdmg while ignoring def and 3 free spirit out for 15 seconds.

Cannot wait for a Shanks, or current manga villains to force out or a "pass out" for any type of character.

If you have Int team with this Gear 5, the little Mihawk and people to boost ct is a killer against free spirit.

I should try to put this Luffy in some Fighter or powerhouse team. Hell, probably any team since he has a shield lv 7 on
File: 1699115679758504.jpg (77 KB, 680x673)
77 KB
Its too late to join this blitz but if you want back in the firechads after we'll have you
We took a high level (1000+) rando as a fill-in after I didn't get a response here a few weeks ago but they are still sitting at 0/0 so their dead meat
I did ask for it a while ago because I knew I was going to be dedicated.
But I'm not sure how long I'll keep playing after anni. It's kind of a toss up.
Also don't know how it works to change alliances during a kizuna. Does the score reset or carry over?
Day Five of Choose your Uber:
>v2 Jack
>vWhatever Big Mom (the one with Hera)
>Film Red Chopper
>TND Kid
>Summer Reiju
>"Dual" Blackbeard
>v2 Sanji
Going for Big Mom, since surprisingly she's the only one at 4+2/3 llb.
Otherwise, I'd suggest for everyone whose Buggy isn't at least at llb lvl.3 to get him, so he's closer to his CA expansion, making farming all the easier. Unless you already have Nami/Carina, in which case go fuck yourself.
Also, I know it's for consistency, but
20 and no anni legends, that's me done I don't think there's any point to continue pulling
File: mfwIactuallyhavetwo.png (92 KB, 800x446)
92 KB
>unless you already have Nami/Carina, in which case go fuck yourself
>missing that BB
>can get either Moria or Jack(the 5th TND) to lv3
>Boggy would leave me a dupe to lv3
>my dick is "choose Reiju you fag"

She would be 2 dupes for max, so....

Rip. Thats tough
Keep going gangstah that shit staying here for another month.
I think you you straight up can't leave or be dismissed from an alliance during kizuna
At this point why though? I've missed all content for them, by the time I get them they won't even be boosted anymore
Choose your Uber #6, back to STR
>Sweet 3
>Arlong Pirates
>v1 Big Mom
Lots of duals today, huh. I've got three of them at 4+1/3, both Luffy ones and Saboala. I guess as the oldest, Saboala has the best chance of getting a LLB expansion.
Nice now I just need Luffy
Because.. they're the strongest units this game has ever seen?
I must have either missed your response or you didn't send an join request?
I got flooded with rando's around the time and stayed open for a few weeks before picking the highest level one right before blitz started
Shame, I prefer having people on the team who are actually interested in the game
File: 1603369660645.gif (42 KB, 224x209)
42 KB
you're being a bit disingenuous
only about a dozen of the ships are worth leveling due to overlap in purpose or just being mid even after maxing out
I certainly hope you aren't wasting resources on the dinghy, dreadnaught, rocketman (account bricked), literally any of the single type/class ships, sexy foxy, or flying dutchman
Whats the best ships to bet on? Dont care much for exp, i would rather stay low to get free stamina on treasure maps for now

Is Tesoro's good?
I never bother to Garp challenge or voyage yet, so i ignored this.
Dex 2nd round

The 4 princesses
My waifu/Fatnbe

I will go Kaido. Never got him.
Izo i guess, i dont have it. But i have a couple i could get lv up.

I wish that both Luffys, Mihawk/Perona and Saboala get +.
Damn, I actually have my Lucci at 4+2/3, if I got him, I'd be max LLB just in time for him being relevant in the game.
Maybe I should actually try this Kizuna, for these last few hours, so I can get his skulls.
>Maybe I should actually try this Kizuna
I checked around for the teams I'd need, never mind, double Buggy'ing the lowest diff.
File: IMG_20240602_173926.jpg (40 KB, 264x234)
40 KB
He used his black hole to suck up all the free gems and is selling them back to us at ridiculous prices
Trying to recover my account
Does anyone still have me added?
IDs can only have 9 digits bro. It won't let me input more than that
Personally I prioritize the utility ships over the meme damage ships
Obviously this is after 5 starring their stat bonuses
Merry go gives you -1 bind and despair
Flying Merry gives you -2 despair
Coated Sunny gives you -2 bind
Whale sharks gives you -1 paralysis
Regular Sunny overlaps with Tesoro's boat with -1 bind and atk down, so it depends on how much you value the Sunny's ship special to boost attack otherwise Tesoro ship has more benefits
also tesoro's ship has been bugged for ages and gives you the chain extension for free but you didn't hear it from me
I don't have you added but maybe this info will help you get your account back?
>I don't have you added
Nevermind, I DO have you added. It just didn't tell me until I tried to send an invite.
Doesn't give me any extra info on your account except that you have me as a friend though
Thanks, i heard nothing. I guess i can get Tesoro's, have more than enough tickets for that
Gem ones i will have to pass for now, still need to do more multis this month.

And i forgot there was a ship for sell in the kizuna shop lol
Choose Your Sugo #8, second round of QCK:
>v2 Momo
>v3 Hiyori
>v2 Brook
>SuperClass Katakuri
>Halloween Hancock
>v2 Magellan
>v2 Kaido
>v2 Nami/Onami
No max llb'ing for me today, and I just recently got the Kozuki siblings so I already have the whole batch. I think I'll go for Magellan, I'm still using him in my QCK Rumble team, and ten more levels mean higher stats.
File: IMG_3751.jpg (483 KB, 528x575)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
oh shit bajs, i pulled the alt art
File: 246_1711971511851299.jpg (191 KB, 1200x497)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
>some of the PKA rewards are only for 9 days

Fuck. I will probably miss some free gems, the ticket and llb.

Anyways, i need to do math. I have 2252 insignias which means i could get all the discount skulls i am missing, but i dunno. I need to spare some for the next 2 monthly sales hoping is Str Oden one of them, if not i need 250 for him.
Prolly will leave a skull or 2 in some units i dont care, like Germa Judge, Akainu, Shiki.

And according to the characters i need to evolve, if i wanted them all i would need 11 red crystal skulls, 15 blue, 8 green, 11 yellow, 11 purple.
Shame they "forgot" to do sales about these damn skulls, but they thought it would be a good idea to end ambushes when it was a way of getting them

I dont have Hiyori, but dunno. I still need to do some multis and see if i get another Momo dupe to lv3... But another dupe for Kaido would be also good for one of my qck teams, but Tesoro i really need to get more dupes for it ffs.

I never used it, same way i have int Moria but never used it. Is it his haste?
>Is it his haste?
Yeah. But to be fair, I put him on way back when, when he was part of the meta, happy that I could actually build a meta team for a change, and didn't really change all that much since.
Now that I've pulled the Kozukis I could build a separate QCK Slasher team around Roden, and experiment with the rest of QCK units, but honestly I'm going through the motions at this point, I might even leave the game before the next GP starts.
>Lucky enough to get the first two Lucci skulls within five pulls on each box
>Third Skull took a moment, but fourth one only took 50 tickets (out of 300)
>Pull until 150/500 (literally 70% of the box) until the fifth Skull
>Keep pulling for the Yamato Skull, get it with only 30-something rewards in Box 6 left
>Don't get any more from Box 7 anyway
How can you not love Kizuna?
Alt art is usually worse, dunno how they do it. But ta hell your luck

Right. Brook is another one on the qck with haste(3 teammates).
>Qck Slasher
Yeah. At first mine was Roger/Oden, Cracker, Tesoro, Carrot, Shiryu and whoever to make the 8 qck and 5 slashers because of ROden bonus. I would see specials after specials, it was ridiculous.
Then got Momo, had to remove Tesoro. Cannot remove Carrot, love her frontal attack and ct reduction. Now i realize Hiyori has a 20% special reduction, i will probably get her lol

I also need to mess around with Brook, even Zoro. I also wish i had qck Smoothie

I always love missing a skull. My case was Luffy which is only worth for this pka
If you need regular skulls, just buy them from Ray shop.
I know I'm in the minority but that's one of the reasons I prefer tm over this shit. Doesn't help that most of the time I get shit luck. Having to empty all the 6th box to get that 5th 6+ skull or going 1800/2000 tickets deep in a box 7 and not getting any of the 2 skulls for the kizuna unit isn't uncommon for me
File: daughterwife.png (407 KB, 750x720)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
I got Sugar, sure I could've gotten the only one I'm still missing (that being Momo) but with this, I'll be able to max LLB her tomorrow and god knows how much I love her
So where does that new G5 Big Head Luffy come from, anyhow?
The INT egghead outfit Luffy.
Ah, thanks.
Choose your Uber #9 - PSY #2
>v2 Uta
>v1 Momo
>v2 Sengoku
>EXP farming Marco (v3?)
>v2 Franky feat. Chopper
>v3 Rayleigh
>v1 Chopper
>Stampede Luffy
I actually only need one dupe to max out the Straw Hats, so I guess they're it.
>dont have Momo and Marco(even thought of getting this with medal despite 600 ffs)
>can finally max a character, either Furanky(this fool will prolly get a + someday so..) or xmas Choppah
>could get luffy to lv4

Well, options. I will definitely wait until almost later this month. The next few multis will make for the decisions
Is it just me or is the database not showing supports to the newest units right? I was looking for pure paralysis reducers for my low-level PKA farming team, but no matter which unit I choose, when I filter the list of attachable support by any specific ability, the list turns empty, even when I know for sure it shouldn't (like how Rayleigh should show up for Luffy whenever I filter for Bind, Despair or Para reducers).
Only thing that showed up when I tested things out was STR Opera popping up for v2G5 when I checked for Despair reducers - he's attachable to all Fighters, so I think I know what's going on.
Especially since when I looked for supports for Egghead Drip Zoro, there were a few Zoros on the list of all attachable ones, and I don't think I need to explain why that's wrong. All those Zoros support either DEX or Slasher units, so I posit that when the newest units have been added to the database, they have been "registered" or whatever with their Types and Classes, but not as the specific characters, which is why supports attachable to those specific characters aren't being found, and supports that *are* those specific characters that just happen to support those specific Types/Classes are.
For now I guess I'll put the Super Nami on either Zoro or Luffy and just stall one turn on BB's Jesus stage, since he drops two turns. I'd put Ray on Luffy but with Stage 3 CP0 dropping three-or-less turns of both bind and despair before Stage 4 brings paralysis, he would be wasted. Same goes for TS Sanji.
speaking of the new Luffy, am I misreading or is the evo notable worse?
like the int version boosts current atk and orbs to 2.5, while the dex version just boosts atk and orbs themselves
feels like the int version has more of a niche, like on the new PKA
Final Choose Your Sugo, INT #2:
>v2 King
>v2 Queen
>v3 BM (the first Olin one)
>Spoopy Perona
>v2 Marco
>v1 Bonney
>v2 Shanks
I think it was the NY Super Sugo that gave out Queen dupes like candy for me, so he's at 4+2/3 now, so I guess he's it.
Nice, could get him to lv3. But i could get Bonney to lv4 and eventually get the one missing skull which could be useful with inteam with Gear5 and she is max potential ability which is nice
I was so close to keep going on part 2 as well but glad I figured it was better to fish for Super Sugos on part1
20th was just dupes but I can't complain with pulling every anni unit, even if it's after all the boosted events.
>get bitched at for years about how TM was excruciatingly slow and frustrating to play through
>make decent progress at fixing it
>proceed to shit out PKA, bringing back almost everything that made TM excruciatingly boring to sit through
I fucking hate these devs, man

Love my hunch getting right again. Waited because of a hunch, got Fuji/Kiz dupe on limited ticket.

I still want to pull more on this part. Already have for another 5 multis
Is this GP infinite refresh/retries like last time or no?
We are back to the regular shit.
RIP. Namco said Anni is over and it’s time to start grabbing new players by the balls.
>enemy Int Luffy launches captain skills and nukes my team + blow away
>activate my own captain skill
>IMMEDIATLY refills enemy captain skill and launches it a second time wiping the rest of the team
this fucking game mode I swear
File: gear-5-one-piece.gif (1.33 MB, 498x453)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB GIF
>fucking str team with DAT Luffy, Jack, Kid, Kuma, wtv
>try qck slasher team with Roden, Carrot, Tesoro, Cracker, Momo, bench Shiryu and a Franky and Robin worth 1 point to make number
>set new Shanks as leader(lv4)
>As usual this qck team get ct fast
>Momo binds all team, Carrot raises 25% ct, Roden was 4th and 50% ct and immediately i burst with another 17% ct
>it restarts, another round of specials for my team while they do nothing
>do another burst and another round

My sides.

This gave me an idea of trying this with a psy slasher team. Like Oden, Smoothie, this Shanks, Kizaru, Law. Bench Kappa, Gaban and Streusen. I would remove the last one for that rumble psy Zoro if i had tho

Yeah... Thats Gear5, both psy and int are a pain because they get free burst if you damage them too much

Int Gear5 really changed int team. At least for me.
Same way for Str, now that i finally got dat Luffy it was a game changer for me. More with Coby. Hell, even fireworks Ulti is useful
When's the next big celebrations where I can pull super sugos?
Probably the 8.25 Anni in August.
i took a break for a while and i'm a fucking freak who actually enjoys rumble and GP so i'm glad i got the actual good str rumble anniversary locked legends so far. just need to pick up str dragon kaido
Coby + Blackbeard + STR G5 is an absurd combo and wins fights more than it should. It's insane.
Is it impossible to recover accounts? Bandai are being cunts
yeah, glad I had mine linked to fagbook
Tried to recover it, obviously didn't remember what was on it after 2 years, and they said the friend code and name and level wasn't enough info.
I love how the Boas just use "confuse". This team is funny against free spirits

Funny, so far havent used int gear5 in this gp. Like psy one(not the +) barely use him in any gp or pr, just havent used much psy teams either.
In free spirit teams would rather use Luffy/Yamato

I like these modes. Is just GP limit retries that are unnecessary, at least until 9th win or something
Last time since it was infinite tries i used the opportunity to fuck around with teams. I do miss that now
>they said the friend code and name and level wasn't enough info
of course, you can just get this info from literally anyone in your friend list
The after party anni celebration. And then after that, the after after party celebration. Then a week later, the "we ran out of things to celebrate but we need an excuse to have 4 separate sugo banners" celebration
Haven't played in a long time after uninstalling. It's been at least 6 months. I know my player ID but not much else, what are the odds of recovering my account? Been wanting to play it again, but with the sugo rates I don't know that I'd care to start over.
You'd need to show receipts of purchases you made, along with pics of your box. Just dont even bother playing, it is no where near worth it and the rates are still as garbage, and every other week is just a dump of sugo banners on top of sugo banners. If you really got an itch, just play modded.
2/4 coop matches crashed so far.
So glad they haven't fixed it already, it's understandable, since they HAVE to make a million sugo fest banners each week
can't be wasting precious dev time on silly things like coop not crashing
I forgot coop existed.
Managed to get 500 turtles in the allotted time, and since I still had tries leftover I guess I didn't even need to drop meats on PKA like I did early on. Kind of bullshit that the Super sugo exclusives that dropped in the middle of last PKA and therefore weren't even boosted (I think?) were already down to 75% chance of an extra drop though.
Meanwhile I got up to 5 wins in GP and after that my list of opponents was all G5 Luffies, so I just stopped checking it.
File: file.png (220 KB, 640x720)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
I'm looking to start this game. Is this a good character to reroll for?
>start this game
I want to farm co-op but between the countless crashes and the partners just disappearing midquest, it's impossible...
they really need to consider scrapping this mode, its probably damaging the games already bad reputation
It is a good start. At the end, it doesn’t really matter unless you want to go for the big dick damage on super kizuna, which is an event we get every 2-3 months.

The new tm legend Usopp looks really good, specially for pvp. Looks like dex are coming back. But now we have to go 4 multis deep to get a guaranteed tm unit. So thanks Bamco I guess, will try my luck with a discount and then finish the 30th ani part 1 sugo
Went 4 multis deep chasing Nami/Carina. Didn't get them.
Guess my plan for now will be to ignore every major release and dump what I can on TM sugos until I get them.
I did get both Usopp and the kids though. Shame I'm only on the Grand Line tier this month.
>Went 4 multis deep chasing Nami/Carina
>got them
>already had them
Like Dex needs coming back.
And i sure cannot wait for this Usopp and Nami/Carina combo

I also need to start pulling on tm banners. I think the last time i did a multi was on Greenbull banner and got him in that one multi

Sure but, having a 6 star Gear 5 should also be your goal because of his revive
>tried this
>got Kaya and nothing else
Did that anon 10 years ago drop broggy (fuck shit bigger tits) in the end?

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