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No Battlebots thread? Champions II is airing right now.
Just so you know people here only care about the main series, we had a general thread here and weekly commentary threads on /pw/, they should be filming season 8 of the main series pretty soon, but they won't release it until January. Buy I appreciate that you've shown interest in robot combat atleast.
this is better than main show/season
no filler or drama or seeding fights just straight to knockout action with best bots
>shredditbro redemption arc
noice. can't wait for the newest season.
File: rusty2.webm (1.61 MB, 1920x1080)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB WEBM
Can a fight end in a draw?
>Just so you know people here only care about the main series
Meh, I'm having fun with it. Looking at the winners so far:
>Shreddit Bro
Talk about a hell of a redemption arc. I thought they'd be one-and-done versus Skorpios, but their durability has improved since WCVII, and are actually playing up to their potential. Real shame they're probably gonna be smoked in the main tourney.
Whiplash ended up in a much more dangerous pool of bots than Shreddit Bro did, with several bots that were in the tourney last season within. But it executed damn well, and the last fight with Black Dragon was a solid one.
>Free Shipping
Oh hey, Gary Gin did a thing in the modern era. Neat. It did kinda luck out with getting a fairly easy bracket, and having Deathroll lose to the flippers and having Gigabyte catch fire after its match, but hey, a win's a win. Slushies for all.

On paper, Cobalt should roflstomp its way to punching a spot in the tourney in the next episode. But weirder things have happened.
Do we tall about battle bots stuff here or /tv/?
I'd say either here or /m/. Both fit, /m/ moreso honestly, but /tv/ is a shithole subhuman board that's worth avoiding.
The format for the slugfest puts a decent amount of extra strain on the machines so weird ahit seems inevitable, maybe Cobalt will have something go wrong in a way that requires more time than is available to fix, though yeah it's likely to push thru hard and fast as long as that doesn't happen.
not many good matches this series, but I'm enjoying the jobber redemption arcs. also LOLCOBALT

next week episode looks good though
Where is Rusty !?!
File: 1685064595356726.jpg (43 KB, 900x900)
43 KB
I didn't even realise anyone had remade the thread.
>Free Shipping vs End Game
Definitely feels like a feeder match for End Game, barring miracles I think End Game takes this.
>Jackpot vs Whiplash
The only match I can see going either way. I think Whiplash have a good shot if they go with the lifter config and break Jackpot's weapon.
>Shreddit Bro vs SawBlaze
Ludicrous match up. Pic rel.
>Tantrum vs Ripperoni
Tantrum can take a hit, the question becomes how many can they take? Tantrum but it'll be close

>End Game vs Whiplash
I think we'll see a repeat of their previous match here just without the OOTA. End Game wins.
>SawBlaze vs Tantrum
Tantrum gets exposed again as the weakest nut winner. Pic rel.

>End Game vs SawBlaze
Whoever is lower wins. My heart says SawBlaze, my head says End Game. I think next year they should consider bringing the bounties back so that the opening rounds aren't such massive jobber fests.
gr8 season m8 i rate it 8/8 what was ur favorite fight?
Battlebots :: champions >> battlebots

golden bolt >> giant nut
Faqriuq is going give me a heart attack with his dramatic pauses on split decisions announcements
SawBlaze vs Tantrum decision was controversial
I mean sawblaze won the fight until last 20 seconds but the count was on the button Tantrums win should have counted.
i started a thread on /tv/ and no-one replied.
it was so sad.
The NHRL world championships are also being streamed right now.


Lot of successful control bots this time.
that was fun! that semifinal Emulsifier knockout was amazing

reminds me of ye olde Robot Wars from decades ago, but with a lot more engineering refinement. these guys aren't just glass cannons any more
they already made a clip of that fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmkHZ_S9e6Y
>fat bald gay manbaby crying for 12 hours
Can't stand NHRL
Did anybody here ever do robotics competitions in high school? I did a bunch of extracuriculars and we basically just goofed off and got drunk when we went out of town. Robotics was the best one because the teacher didn't really care what we did as long as we showed up for the competition. Fun times. We somehow made a national meet in Houston and there was controversy because they invited streamers and e-celebs to hype up the event (I guess) and they proceeded to just get drunk and do drugs and there were rumors they were sleeping with the teachers and students. Apparently it was a problem they had for years do to the size of the event. This stuff brings me back.
File: IMG_20230216_093857_350.jpg (158 KB, 1176x1280)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>Robot Wrestling
*looks at paper*
*winks at camera*
*commercial break*
Wait I thought the threads were on /pw/ during the season
I'm disappointed at Spectrum or whoever puts these shows On Demand; wanted to watch from the beginning, scrolled down till it looked like episode 1 of the giant bolt...
Because the name was different I ended up watching the finale first. :/
3 judges score based on a 33 point split. It cannot
Games threads on /peedub/
Season-long discussion here
It works because of the relative speed of the two boards
whatever happened to that youtube channel that was uploading all the battle bot fights. one day it mysteriously dissapeared...
DCMA'd I'm afraid.
Spectre was the chink show, in BB it's Quantum
No, Spectrum is the name of my cable tv provider.
They let you watch some episodes whenever you want, but they screwed up the order so I accidentally watched the finale of the bolt thing first.
Just don't tell the Jannies.

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