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I know the japanese tourism and animation industry have a lot to thank toriyama for, but something underrated is how much the martial arts industry has to thank him for
fact is it wouldn't be nearly as popular of a hobby as it is if this show never existed since it's the thing that inspired so many kids to get involved

so ITT we will discuss all things related to our training and self improvement and helping each other
exercises, training routines, diets, motivation, etc.
work hard, study well, and eat and sleep plenty
There's a possibly interesting topic. People who were heavily influential or inspirational towards martial arts without ever actually taking part in them.
Sylvester Stallone is obviously a boxing fan, but Rocky has inspired a lot of people
not even just in the area of learning to fight but also about picking yourself up out of a bad situation. Even if you're in your 30s and it hasn't worked out for you, it's still possible to get yourself into a better situation if you have enough guts to do it.

the weather is getting nice now, make sure you take a few minutes to sit outside and just quietly enjoy the sunshine every day, even if it means walking away from your work for a little while
don't be so busy making a living that you forget to have a life
File: sadgoku.jpg (34 KB, 1024x576)
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>Possibly most positive focus thread since board started
>Homage to one of the greatest martial arts inspirations ever
>Less enagagement than straight up troll threads
I have actually taken some training tips straight from Dragonball. Training with weights on, that's a given, but other stuff too. Try to do as much yard work barehanded as possible, which admittedly isn't much. Pulling weeds & picking stones mostly but it does toughen up your skin and build grip. Eventually Roshi tells the whole gang to stop using vehicles/nimbus, to travel by foot everywhere, try to walk to as much as I can. Do 1 big monthly grocery shopping trip for refrigerated stuff, then walk to the market the rest of the time for nonperishables. Try to train everyday, even if it's not always physical, gotta work the brain too, another turtle hermit tip. So if it's a rest day, I will try to read or watch at least 1 type of instructional.
File: 1000025286.jpg (142 KB, 982x368)
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Forget pic
my karate teacher said whenever you have chores make it a workout
figure out a way to turn the movements into an exercise
Bruce Lee said this too. Like getting dressed on 1 foot. A good one I do all the time, do dishes in horse stance. Shit, I might even drop into it in front of my computer for a bit when working.
Bumping this based thread and saying that watching the original Dragon Ball turtle shell training inspired me to start doing some of my pushups with my backpack full of books on.
Basically it discovered me weighted pushups before knowing anything about weight training.
have you considered gong fu style tea as part of your mid day break?
I think the modern relationship with caffeine is not a good one, slamming 200-300+ mg twice a day as quickly as possible to try and chase a buzz from it

but it would be better used in the minimum effective dose along with a relaxing practice to help refocus and reenergize naturally and gradually
having an afternoon tea in this way is going to give you down time to relax and help you with your patience. And you can moderate your caffeine consumption more effectively this way as well as rehydrating, instead of committing to a few hundred mg and having a hard crash later, just sip cup by cup until you feel alert but not manic
And this is a reason why I never thought to become a pro, because you train for be a better version of yourself and feel good, and people underestimate the damage that a fight can create to your brain, and the stress you create a pro train regime
i'm glad that the "hero spirit" will be censored in the coming years.
I made my decision once and for all when I went to a pro MMA fight and the two guys were wrestling and the crowd was booing them
and I thought, it may not be much to look at but those guys are fighting for their lives in there and this crowd just boos them because it's not exciting enough
is that what this "glory" people talk about means? trying to win the approval of drunken buffoons?
if that's glory then I don't need it
Okay but, Goku went pro, no? I absolutely agree with these posts. Think the point is the distinction between a fighter & a martial artist is the motivation. A fighter cares only for fame & fortune. Where as the martial artist is more concerned with health, happiness, and a passion for the hobby. Fighters want to prove themselves to an audience & martial artists want to prove something to themselves. Goku, technically speaking, went pro. But his pro status was merely incidental to the level of challenge he sought for himself. He would & did just as happily fight a tough battle, with no audience, merely to know only for himself, what he could accomplish. So while yes, I agree, competeing for the sake of fame/fortune is by & large, a shitty investment for most people, if you really want a challenge in the form of a tough fight, then competeing is the way to go.
>tl;dr: To each their own.
Bumping this thread
Roshi has amazing motivational words throughout early dragon ball
bumping because of based roshi
And the themes stayed throughout the series
His way is the reason vegeta struggled so much and always felt like he was being left behind
All vegeta did was train, he mistakenly thought more = better
But goku had the balance of hard training and good restful relaxation
Allowing his body time to recover means his workouts would be more productive, unlike vegeta who did much higher volume and saw diminishing returns on his effort

Once vegeta becomes a family man and learns to relax is when he was finally able to achieve the same heights in power just as easily as goku does
>Once vegeta becomes a family man and learns to relax is when he was finally able to achieve the same heights in power just as easily as goku does
Blew my fucking mind, you're right! That actually makes a lot of sense because he does nothing but over train, meanwhile Bulma is the nad smashing ball & chain that slowed him down just enough to chill the fuck out. Also worth noting that Dads get a T boost immediately pre&post baby. Don't know the specifics. Probably something about the hormones of pregnant women/infant children triggering a response in men because mom to be is in a heightened vulnerable state & need greater protection/sustenance.... Dude, could trolling around maternity wards boost T? Will I get in trouble for just huffing rando newborns & soon to poo preggos? I need to know... For science. Dragonball was truly ahead of its time. Lol.
don't sniff other peoples babies, man
it's not right
File: GranpaGohan.jpg (89 KB, 1280x720)
89 KB
Too late, it's all consensual.
Having a "point-break/transformation" to win a fight doesn't happen in reality, not even in the most exciting ones
I developed a skill that was able to temporarily enhance my physical attributes in a pinch, but it took time and practice cultivating
I would think about something that caused me a sense of existential dread like trying to comprehend eternity
essentially I'd look into the void and induce a panic attack, but I became able to trigger it quicker and quicker through practice until I effectively gave myself the ability to flood my body with adrenaline at will
File: eddie_hall_500kg.jpg (159 KB, 1280x720)
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159 KB JPG
Eddie Hall used something like that for his 500kg deadlift record.
holy fucking cringe
>he said on the martial arts board of the anime website
man I keep screwing up my diet, I just went out and got 2 donuts
it's freakin 1:30 in the morning. I dont know why I do this.
File: IMG_3619.jpg (38 KB, 395x315)
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I think you meant to say, holy fucking based!

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