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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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File: rooftopping.china_.jpg (110 KB, 640x480)
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I would do this with a climbing harness and a lanyard system. Fuck free climbing shit though.
Wytebois be thinking that this is an extreme sport when it's just a regular day at work for a Chinese construction drone.
Climbing tall buildings attached to a rope isn't extreme. You'll just look like a larping hobo
Pussy cope
what is the sport to this?
I would argue it's more similar to chess in the sense that yeah it's not physically demanding, but it's more about the mental aspect and needing a solid clarity to not fuck up and even once or you die
Mental clarity and having a dysfunctional amygdala are two separate things.
Rooftopping is largely safe if you take standard routes, pretty much anyone can do rooftopping regardless of fitness. The pic you've shown pretty much has them climbing a ladder, they're just high up.

The real kings of extreme sports are free soloing and wingsuiting which have high mortality rates and require a high level of physical and mental ability. The majority of people will never wingsuit or free solo in their life. Whereas people are rooftopping every day, for work. This does not make it extreme.
Want a job?
Way too retarded to not be having some basejumping parachute with you just in case you fuck up so you can kick off the building for some speed and get the chute prepared and off you safely go somewhere.

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