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Why do KO rates differ so much?
Source for this graph? I had researched this before & got much larger numbers for UFC. Around 60%. For this graph to be true I am thinking it must be meaning only standing KOs?
I think you only researched KOs and submissions without including decisions
Slightly different rulesets favoring either striking or grappling styles. Additionally they may draft talents from different backgrounds, like ONE being a Muay Thai promotion dressed as MMA.
If you delibretly make lopsided matchups there are more likely gonna be finishes
>level of competition
For regional shows like LFA and CW, there are a lot of guys making their debut or very early in their career. So a lot of guys who haven't realied yet the sport isn't for them because they tend to quit, or have bad defence, or are naturally chinny.
>what kind of fighters promotions are looking for
This is more so a theory to explain why Bellator is so low, the UFC generally looks for and is more favorable to finishers (look at how Jon Fitch go cut after one loss, but Carlos Condit stayed on the roster after 5). Meanwhile Bellator tries to get whatever other high level fighters that aren't in the UFC. Which includes UFC reject that were let go for being boring, like Phil Davis, Ryan Badder, Corey Anderson and the aformention Jon Fitch.
Nearly all street fights end with a KO/TKO
Professional fights don't end they way as much

The correlation would suggest the higher the skill level the lower the instances of a KO
And on its face that makes sense because defense is an easier skill than offense so although offensive capabilities increase with pros the defensive capabilities increase more

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