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File: 8674860.png (39 KB, 1080x1080)
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after analisys of over 300hours of video it was found that 96% of fights are only punching in the face/head

learning boxing is the most important skill for self defense

do not let anyone get close to you either, if you lose control of the distance atack first.
>after analisys of over 300hours of video
Spending 300 hours on training anything would be more beneficient for your defence
>96% of fights are only punching in the face/head
Because that's what most people instinctively do
>learning boxing is the most important skill for self defense
Idk, I would gladly see some statistics of which martial arts give you most advantage in self defence, not just "most fights are punching". Nevertheless, I'm almost sure drawing a gun works the best.
>do not let anyone get close to you either
Therefore you should learn a push kick and not only boxing
>this entire thread
this is not my study, this was made by the creator of the best self defence style in Brazil Wesley Gimenes

yes, like you said what people percieve as you is your face so thats where all people aim for

boxing is the best because it is what you'll use 96% of the time

about guns no wonders retard, ofc pullinga gun is safer than trading hands lol ... what kind of retarded coment is this?
>about guns no wonders retard, ofc pullinga gun is safer than trading hands lol ... what kind of retarded coment is this?
Drawing a gun gives you over 80% chance of your attacker immidiately stopping his attack and very small chance of him winning unless he has drawn a weapon before you did.
we're talking about martial arts not guns here
Self defence: be bigger, stronger, fitter, hit harder, hit first

Everything else is if you can't pull that part off, and at that point you basically dun goofed
dog shit tier advice, know absolutely nothign about anything never even watch fights on any gore side ... kys faggot
>Buttblasted grappler/fairy kicker turd
>Wesley Gimenes
Do you train with him?
I wish I could but in my city we only have the FSAKM.
>96% of fights
define what fight means

that's what people who throw around stats always fail to do
I suspect you're counting sucker punches as a fight which is just as dishonest as when the gracies counted the police arresting people in their stats for fights so they can say 90% of fights go to the ground
>be bigger, stronger, fitter
Unironically invites trouble from people that want to proce something, specially with alcohol inbolved.
I didn't think anyone takes "self defence styles" seriously
File: aee.jpg (35 KB, 640x640)
35 KB
>96% of fights are only punching in the face/head
You could have asked us instead of wasting 300 fucking hours. Everybody know that.
Just STFU retarded macaco.
The only real martial art is getting a gun license or other means of real self defence, everything else, from boxing to judo to mma is a sport that has about as much carryover to self defence as bodybuilding or rowing or tennis.
Actually even less carryover because it teaches you tunnel vision in a fight.
I personally love Krav Maga. Fundamental skills like punching and kicking are done as warm ups . From day one we did cardio. Other skills like knife and gun defenses were shown . Going to the ground and grappling was discouraged because in real life that's only good for one on one, not multiple attackers. Last of all Krav Maga is proven, as it's used by God's people the Israelis.
blades, knives, swords, and spears are the true weapons of warriors. Guns are good for distance fighting, but once you run out of ammo, you are defenseless against zombies.
Funny enough Israeli style they don't carry a round in the chamber so there's a 0% chance these suckers would get a shot off in you by the time you are on them
Not a martial artist, have been in 1 real fight and a couple "scraps" in the past. If I could have chose a background in grappling or striking right there, I would have chose grappling easy. If you're in a fight for your life striking might be more viable. But if you're in the typical drunk/high guy is mad about something and comes at you, people are yelling about calling the cops with their phones out, beating the crap out of the person is not on your mind. All I kept thinking was that if I rock this drunk jack ass in the face and he falls and cracks his skull on the curb, I might be charged with manslaughter. I can knock his teeth out right now but one of these dumb asses filming could edit it to look like I started it, and I get taken in for assault.

It was a lot easier to yank him to the ground and pin him till the cops came and arrested him. I am decently in shape now, but was not at the time, thankfully the guy was off his rocker and had downed 20 beers in a few hours while I was sober DD

The issue I'd see with grappling is if you're in an unfair fight against multiple people really trying to kill you. I'm sure an experienced BJJ guy could handle 2 drunk guys. 2 muggers with a knife is questionable. You pin one guy while the other shanks you in the kidney?
And that really goes into why fighting back isn't the best form of self defence. Cardio is, lol. Better to outrun the 2 guys with knives than try and properly box them
>And that really goes into why fighting back isn't the best form of self defence. Cardio is, lol. Better to outrun the 2 guys with knives than try and properly box them
In specifically the situation you mention (multiple attackers), I would agree; the difficulty of a fight is roughly proportional to the square of the number of adversaries, but the difficulty of running away is roughly constant.
However, generalizing that to say that cardio is better self-defense than fighting back isn't entirely appropriate. I've heard it said that the set of people you can't outfight likely has a fair amount of overlap with the set of people you can't outrun, and I tend to agree.
Realistically, the best self defense is securing some kind of wildly unfair advantage: superior numbers, a weapon with reach or range, or some kind of insurmountable environmental barrier. Failing that; it seems reasonable to surmise that running becomes an increasingly good idea as you grow more outnumbered.

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