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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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08/21/20New boards added: /vrpg/, /vmg/, /vst/ and /vm/
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File: Xs_logo.png (317 KB, 1364x1411)
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As a small but mighty board, /xs/ has their own Soccer (not an extreme sport, I know,) team that fights other boards. This is done by making a computer play pro evolution soccer. Most recently, our former boardmates over at /pw/ won. Our roster is largely unchanged from the early days of the board: so I'm putting it up here for people to give feedback on. If there is a meme or shitpost you like from your threads (especially you guys, fight bros,) please hit me with it and what you think no longer represents the board. This is all autistic as fuck, I know.
File: roster.png (42 KB, 780x433)
42 KB
Here's the current players. Notably:
-411 #16 finally got deleted and no longer autoplays on the catalog
-some of the skating reps are lame
-not a lot of concrete martial arts shitposts
>players that should be on
>players that should be off
Aggressive Inline, Tendonitis
Add "Gun" as a goalkeeper.
Turn Hakuho into PUNISHED Hakuho
Oh shit, didn't see this before, change Hakuho to Terunofuji and call it "Exploding Knees"
Yeah, I am not helping
Indeed, hakuho in a janny suit would be neat.

Something to represent the floor hugging sports would be nice

In any case, next ( possibly final) match is in around 1 hour vs /m/. Basically need a win and a r9k win afterward to go forward

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