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/xs/ - Extreme Sports

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>trying to decide between going for a walk or playing disc golf. Played disc golf yesterday for reference.
>Plot twist: I am going to do both.
Disc golf is like the least extreme sport imaginable, at least in regular golf there's the possibility of braining someone with the club.
I play regular golf too, I take regular golf more seriously so it’s not always as fun. Disc golf is purely for fun so it’s always really enjoyable.
discs heavier than 150 grams are banned in japan. rumor has it someone was killed by a frisbee there a few years ago

also anthony barela is mentoring cupcake this is going to end badly for us
Neither are extreme sports
great go tell the janny to take the thread down then
>alt sports removed
>not traditional enough for sp
>not extreme enough for xp
>just want to talk about throwing plastic far without resorting to posting on r*dd*t
beat an, albeit over the hill, legend of the sport at a c tier last weekend
when someone gets brained with a disc it sounds exactly the same as when a disc nails a tree
>can hardly walk for two days
>pain migrates around knee for five weeks
Pivot on your heel, anons.
that’s something i’ve been working on for a while. it’s difficult on hyzers to load onto my heel, but delaying my reachback as long as possible has actually made the most difference on the pivot. the robinson brothers both like to pivot off the ball of their foot more than not from what i’ve noticed but yeah most high-level golfers go on the heel.
Forehand bros ww@
File: golfers-elbow800-1.jpg (46 KB, 800x426)
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