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File: SLAP.jpg (204 KB, 1048x1553)
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/xs/'s thoughts on the topic of professional slap flighting?

If some of these bigger guys get the first hit off in a proper fight they will do more damage than pro boxers

Although I do not know how they train. How exactly do you practice for this sport? Just slap each other? Lmfao
Hakuho Sho instructing teppo
This "sport" is gonna be an interesting case study in finding out if retards can suffer any decline from cte.
Something tells me these guys don't do that
That's about the caliber of person I'd expect would watch that bullshit.
It's a joke and Power Slap got pulled off TBS after one season kwab
T. Intimidated bitch
If they want to harden up the heel of their thumb to give killer slaps then they should
You can't even do the fucking meme right you absolute braindead fuck. No wonder you like Power Slap, you probably breathe through your mouth.
t. Chad
T. Quivering pussy
I know you are, but what am I?
The dumbass stuff you /pol/jeet street shitters come up with is the most laughable copium ever.
File: 1713508253887252.webm (2.23 MB, 688x848)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB WEBM
I find it interesting how incompetent the body catchers in Powerslap are compared to the slav tournaments. In Powerslap they just allow people to drop on the floor and bang their head.
It's such a farce to do the bar minimum to appease the local atheltics commission. Dana clearly wants footage of people rolling around on the floor.
You've got nothing, go practice more Power Slap and get more CTE while you fantasize about Dana's jizz in your asshole
White power!
top quality slappage
Gayest shit i've ever seen

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