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- What is ESSENTIAL to have and to understand regarding Self Defense?

- What is the best Martial Art or the combination of Martial Arts for Self Defense?
Zip code kung fu. This is the ancient art of having good income, living in low-crime areas, and staying far away from shitty people. You won't want to hear this but it's true. If you are actually serious about staying safe and avoiding violent crime, get the hell out of the ghetto. Yes this hard. Yes this will take superhuman effort. Yes you will need to shovel yourself out of generations of shit. However, this is 1000% more effective than "learning to fight real good."

BTW if you have the income to live in a decent neighborhood, the cost of gym dues, expert coaching, and weapons is probably trivial next to the cost of your mortgage. It is brutally unfair, but it'a true.
My particular brand of karate based on the traditional Okinawa style through a modern lens is the best but in the absence of having me able to teach you explore the principles of Greco-Roman + strikes + just stand up
It is certainly NOT boxing or some such thing

The key is to control the hand fighting and distance, use your hands and elbows to strike inside the Clinch
Use your legs to target the lower body with stomps and ashiwaza

You will use your hand fighting to pepper him with pot shots in order to set up big throws that put him down and keep you standing, then stomp him out of it calls for it
I've done modern/sport martial arts in the past, I've done traditional arts, I've done the gay, modern self-defence stuff, and I recently started at a dojo that does a very strict, traditional form of Okinawan Karate.
I'd say you really need a mix of the lot. There are too many blindspots between them, but they all have their strengths, as well.
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>- What is ESSENTIAL to have and to understand regarding Self Defense?
Learn about the places you are going to, learn about what not to do, learn how to deescalate situations, always inspect the people around you and read the room, be aware of closed spaces, pay attention to where doors are, learn how to use your environment and every day objects around you as basic fighting tools, maybe even carry non-letal stuff like tasers, flashlights, etc.. If you do have the opportunity to run without the guy following or throwing/shooting something at you, do it, leave as soon as possible. If you do get into a fight, when it's over and the faggot leaves, leave the place immediately, he might come back with even more faggotry. If you do get caught by someone and he has buddies, use everything around you in your favor, throw things, use everything to put distance between you and them, get them in a line or something, be the most dangerous prey you can be, but remember, anything you use against them, can be used against you, in fact, you are giving them a reason to use it. So only do it if you feel that might end the conflict. As far as actual fighting goes, be very direct, keep it simple, keep kicks to a minimum as not to lose your base, and when done, get the fuck out. Refrain from using lethal force if not needed, you might ruin your life. And lastly, use all the prejudice inside you to judge your potential opponents, it's better to feel judgmental and sorry later than feel regret after getting your ass beat or hurting someone badly.
>- What is the best Martial Art or the combination of Martial Arts for Self Defense?
Most conflicts start with hands, so Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA with some adjustments due to no-glove is a good base, add some Wrestling/Judo/BJJ to the mix for grappling defense, and learn some armed combat stuff, maybe do some studies with objects around you, even a broom can teach you a lot

At the end of the day, the best self-defense is not needing it.
- What is ESSENTIAL to have and understand in relation to Personal Defense?
Situational awareness is law, there's no point in being armed if they catch you by surprise. Crowd? Stay away. Bars? Sit with your back to the wall. Queues? Be careful who's behind. Walking on the street? Cross the street if you are suspicious of someone coming in front of you and don't be shy about running. Someone watching you? Watch again and leave the place. Did they start a fight with you? Attack first and run away.

Every day we have stories of winners of fights who were killed hours later.

- What is the best Martial Art or combination of Martial Arts for Self Defense?
It depends on your reality, revolvers for residential defense works very well in my country, but going out on the street is "technically" a crime. Knives are also very good and can be carried easily on the streets, learn how to use them.
Empty hands? It's complicated but any martial art that has a pressure test should work, but either way you will be at a disadvantage against an armed opponent.

For the record, I'm from Brazil, not the one that appears on TV, but it's still Brazil.
This is a moot, misleading question. And everything lies in asking the right question.

And the question here is "what martial arts best suits ME AND MY BODY?". Get it now?
Random bullshit and road rage violence can happen everywhere. Don't fool yourself
100%, absolutely fair. Just to be clear, in no way am I saying "don't train" or "it's OK to be complacent if you're middle class". I'm just saying that managing lifestyle risk factors is way more effective than fightin' good.

In regards to road rage stuff specifically, have a quality vehicle with good suspension, good brakes, and plenty of power. Keep it maintained. Have a CCW and a high quality holster. Put a couple thousand rounds through it. Attend a Shivworks course. All this has a significant (but not insurmountable) economic barrier for entry.

I dunno, I guess my point is just, don't underestimate the scope of the problem. Learning to fight good and owning weapons is awesome and everyone should do it, but you're still gonna get got if you live near trouble. People buy a gun, drop in the glove box, and think they're safe. Or they train up to be a pretty good boxer or whatever and think "boom, done and dusted, I am un-victim-izable".
Most countries don't allow concealed carry. Tbh I wouldn't even worry about training half as much if I could just carry a small Glock or pepper spray/ shotgun for home defense

Yes a lot of it is situational awareness, de-escalate but don't look like a victim

Sometimes nicer areas tend to have more home invasions and burglaries. I read about several here where the victim was a meek family man and he got beaten up whilst his family were tied up. I've also seen footage of home invasions where a good 1-2 to the intruders coming through the door made them revaluate their decisions...

But at the end of the day if enough people want to hurt you, you're getting hurt. I don't care if you're MMA heavy weight champion with a concealed carry, two guys with baseball bats who sucker hit you, and it's bye-bye
Fast draw
Putting aside the obvious de-escalation/avoidance/awareness/street smarts stuff, you need:

>1 good striking art
>1 good grappling art

That's it for the average drunk or homeless guy who starts shit. Then you can add weapons stuff later.
In an unarmed situation my plan is to do everything I can to get a good liver punch in. I’m sure I will take damage and quite possibly lose but a solid liver punch will drop anyone. Follow up with a flurry of kidney punches and gtfo

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